but i made some changes and im posting it again

so @gabriellajane posted a tangled au on ao3 and of course i, resident trashbag of this fandom, before the second chapter could even b posted drew this mess 

….i also made some doodles with lil hcs of mine on this au cus im a mess but ill but it under read more cus they are honestly terrible

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anonymous asked:

maybe you should try to get your own opinion of her tho. "i heard that.." isn't really a fact, it's just what people say about her. i'm trans and mentally ill and Ive followed her for years and never noticed anything like that. chances are people either overreacted or are clinging onto something that happened a looong time ago that has been apologized for (people do change!). that being said, just don't agree with my opinion either without doing any research. people lie to make others look bad

(i think this is abt sixp/encee ?? if not im sorry!) ik ppl can change!! and i am happy to rb the post again if they did (properly) apologise. 

I saw some of their posts a while ago demonizing young children w mental illnesses and ppl with schizophrenia for their horror stories and that made me just…a little weary? Believe me, i am skeptical when ppl come into my ask box telling me things w/o a reliable source but if someones uncomfortable i’ll delete a post, its better to be safe then sorry i guess?? 

thank u for ur opinion n have a good day!!