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All right- so I’ve made an update on my blog for how others can contact me if they’d like to speak to me directly. I am always available via IMS, but I can also be found via my personal blog, discord, and skype. 

I posted information about these accounts on my blog to be found via the pop-up links. The biggest change has been made with my skype, thanks to an issue happening on my computer that is for some reason locking me out of my account. (Stupid skype.)

Anyway, I am going to copy/paste what is on the pop-up below the read more here, for those of you who can’t see pop-ups on themes. But I do hope you read them if you have any interest in talking/ or rp’ing with me outside of tumblr!

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For those against trending about JR and The CW

I completely respect your choice but just ask yourself these questions: Has anyone truly apologized for the deliberate baiting, for going into the forum and blatantly lying to the community, has there been consequences to those responsible? The long-term goal is to have better representation than what statistics are right now across the board right? How can we ingrain this goal to the industry? By doing passive trends and not calling out those people? We can do it but at the end of the day the entertainment industry WILL see that JR and CW got away with it and nothing happened. What is to stop The CW, JR, and those writers from that show from doing it and/or allowing it again in another show/projects? 


The short-term goal is the key. When the short-term goal is accomplished which is having those people be held accountable, the industry WILL turn heads and know that they could be next. They WILL remember what happened to those people and I know that changes will start to happen and even more talks about why tropes need to stop. We have proof of what they did for over a year and we must use it to have the industry know why the continuous out pour cry from us still. That we are not letting them get away with it until there are consequences handed out. Many still believe that is just for Lexa and that we are “angry teens” since that show is aimed for a “younger audience” (now having more mature content which they need to label as such). By having this short-term goal accomplished then we can turn to the long-term goal because the industry will be aware of why it matters and why we need it. We will continue the long-term goal until is not needed in the industry but first the short-term goal has to be met.


There is NO JOB GUARANTEE in the entertainment industry. Actors and Crew work on different projects all the time and are always ready to lose a job. They signed up for that job and know that they will not always be working because SHOWS END SOONER OR LATER.

BUT once again I respect your choice just try to look at the bigger picture and see that we can make history together. We are almost there. We have made sponsors drop and ratings are down. We are close.

****please feel free to share, add, make me change wording, post it around twitter because there is where it inspired me to write this since some are not wanting to participate in this trend which is important to make it worldwide in the top 10*** (btw I have the flu so im under medicine and idk if I made mistakes or is misinterpreted)

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