but i loved the holmes brothers


Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.


Hey brother, do you still believe in one another?
Hey sister, do you still believe in love I wonder?

Sherlock (BBC) Masterlist

- These are all Reader inserts!

|Sherlock Holmes|

Sherlock x Reader - These Words of Mine 

Sherlock x Reader- Jaw Kisses

Sherlock x Reader- Insecurities of Mine

Sherlock x Reader -  The Other Morstan

Sherlock x Holmes!Reader x John- Sidekick 

Sherlock x Reader - Tiny But Mighty

Sherlock x Reader - Keep Breathing 

Sherlock X Reader- Where My Heart Used To Be

Sherlock x Reader- The Idiot on Baker Street

Sherlock X Reader- These Wounds Won’t Seem To Heal

Sherlock x Reader- This Secret I Keep

Sherlock x Reader- The Painfully Obvious 

Sherlock x Reader- Remember How It Felt?

Sherlock x Reader- Dreams Made Alive 

Sherlock x Reader- Her Name Was Mary

Sherlock x Reader- Everyones Eyes On You

Sherlock x Reader- He Started This!

Sherlock x Reader- A Little Love and Whole Lot Of Laughs

Sherlock x Reader- Affirmation 

Brother!Sherlock x Sister!Reader- She’s My Sister

Sherlock x Reader x John- Bitterness Kills

Sherlock x Reader- Our First Kiss

|Mycroft Holmes|

Mycroft x Reader- You’re Still Here

|John Watson|

John x Reader- The Softest Touch

John x Reader- Tenderhearted 

|Eurus Holmes|

Eurus x Reader- The Art of Insanity

New Family - Requested

Requested by @tanovic54321 :  Can u do a fluff Sherlock imagine where his gf accompanies him to a family thing & she brings her sons for the first time his family (& him)meet them & slowly people realizes that the two little boys are tiny versions of Sherlock & Mycroft?

Pairing: Sherlock x reader.

Word count: 1,169

Warnings: This is mostly focused on the kids.

A/N: As someone who has lived this kind of situation (as in the kid’s point of view) I figured it would be too much to have many people there, so I reduced it a bit.


It was a big step – a huge step, more likely – for Sherlock and (Y/N)’s relationship. They never expected to get that far and so they decided to keep the kids out of it.

She had two young boys, smart and sympathetic, highly functional kids. Sherlock knew about them and even liked them in spite of having met them only two or three times maximum.

“Are you sure about this?” She stuttered. They were outside her home and the kids were inside. Sherlock wanted to take them all to a family thing.

“Of course I’m sure,” Sherlock assured, acting offended by the question. “I’ve never been more sure in my life.”

“I’m sure the correct word is ‘surer’, Sher.” (Y/N) chuckled.

“Surer sounds stupid.” Sherlock beamed, “Now call the boys and let’s go.”

(Y/N) hesitated but eventually called them. Sherlock noticed how the oldest one was clearly bigger than the other, not only in height but also he was chubbier. The younger one had a curly mess on his head, and he seemed to be skinnier and shyer.

“Michael, Shepherd, remember Mister Holmes?” (Y/N) asked as she pushed the two boys out.

“How do you do?” They both asked in mechanical voices.

“Nice to see you again, lads.” Sherlock greeted back.

“Mommy, is he going to take us to jail?” Shepherd, the younger, inquired.

“No, not at all,” Sherlock replied.

“Obviously,” Michael snapped, “he only takes criminals to jail. If you knew how to properly read, you’d know.”

“Enough, Michael.” (Y/N) warned. The kid shut his mouth but he kept the superiority pose.

“Where are we going, Mister Holmes?” Shepherd continued.

“I’m taking you to my country house to meet my parents and my brother,” Sherlock explained calmly.

“Why?” Shepherd asked.

“Because he’s mommy’s new boyfriend!” Michael huffed.

Shepherd gasped and tried to act surprised. Before (Y/N) could reply, Shep punched Michael’s arm.

“We had to keep it secret!” Shepherd cried.

“Enough!” (Y/N) split them. “Are you sure you want to take them?”

Sherlock giggled warmly. “Yes, my mother will love them.”

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“God you are just so beautiful, what are you doing here?” a detective from Scotland Yard, flirts with you. You skipped school to hang out with your older brother, Sherlock, for the day after he called you about a case early this morning. From the looks of it Sherlock was regretting it as you were surrounded by guys

“Really is that the best you could do?” Sherlock bursts from where he stood next to the body

“Oh come on Sherlock, don’t be like that” you tease

“Would you like for me to call Mycroft?” Sherlock threatens and you sigh knowing that he will do it

“Sorry boys” you step away from the group over to the body

“I love you Sherly” you give your brother a side hug, he just huffs mumbling for you to not call him that but you know that he loves you and will always be there to protect you. Plus he also loves your hugs.



Gifs not mine.

A/N: This could link to one of the other reader inserts ‘The Baby Is Coming’ but you don’t have to read that to understand this. I hope I haven’t made Mycroft or Sherlock to OOC. Enjoy! xxx 

Exhausted was an understatement. You knew that childbirth was very painful and tiring but nothing could have prepared you for that. However, the long nine months and incredibly painful birth was all worth it as your little boy was born. Sherlock was stood by the window nursing the babe. He’d insisted that you slept but you wanted to stay awake because the Holmes parents, now grandparents, were on their way. You assumed that Mycroft would probably stay at the Holmes residence but you didn’t know whether he’d be forced to pay a visit to the hospital. Sherlock was tense. You could tell he didn’t want Mycroft to come but you did. You wanted a close family and although Mycroft was a fairly distant and an unsociable person, he was the uncle of your child and you wanted him to be involved.



“Yes mother,” A voice said from the other side of the door. The voice belonged to Mycroft Holmes. “The nurse said that they were in here.” The door opened slowly and in came Mycroft and his parents.

“Congratulations!” Mrs Holmes exclaimed and came over to your bedside. She kissed your cheek and then rushed over to Sherlock and kissed him. Mr Holmes gave his congratulations whereas Mycroft stayed in the doorway.

“Have you decided on a name?” Mycroft asked.

“Arthur Hamish William Holmes,” You replied with a smile.

“My little Arthur,” Mrs Holmes said happily as she took the boy from Sherlock. “I say that we’re too young to be grandparents."  

"I for one accept my age,” Her husband replied but she just chuckled. After holding Arthur for quite a while, she finally passed your son over to grandfather Holmes.

“Finally a grandchild,” He said. “We knew Mycroft would never have children and we finally gave up hope with Sherlock. Then he met you, Y/N. You both produced a lovely little baby boy. My grandson.” He was full of pride.

“Would you like a hold?” You asked Mycroft.

Sherlock was about to object but his brother did first. “No thank you,” He said. “Babies are not really my forte and I have a good view from here.”

“No I insist.”

“I don’t-”

“Mycroft Holmes, you will take the baby, hold the baby, and enjoy it.” You got out of bed and you took Arthur from Mr Holmes. You then passed him to the child’s uncle. Mycroft was terrified. He was almost shaking. Mycroft was in charge of the whole country (practically) but that was no problem and he was as cool as a cucumber. Give him a child and he will panic.

“I think we should all, with the exception of Mycroft and Y/N, get some coffee,” Mrs Holmes said. “No objections!" They all got up and left. There was no arguing with Mrs Holmes.



Mycroft watched helplessly as you fell asleep. He had hoped to hand Arthur back you but tiredness had took over you. He couldn’t give him to anyone else either. He was stuck. He walked over to the window, which was where Sherlock had stood earlier. Mycroft looked down at the boy. Arthur’s eyes were wide open and he was looking up at his uncle. Mycroft’s expression softened. He began to realise how important this child was to him. He was trusted with little Arthur and he would do anything to protect him. Mycroft was the one who taught Sherlock to not care however the 'iceman’ himself was now making exceptions.



Sherlock entered the room. He saw you asleep in the bed and then saw his older brother looking down at Arthur with admiration in his eyes.

"I may appear harsh,” Mycroft stated. “However, I promise that I will do everything in my power to keep Arthur, you, and Y/N safe.”

“Were you not doing that already?”

“Yes but that was out of 'brotherly compassion.’ Now it is out of… Out of… Love.” Love was a hard word for Mycroft to get out but he did it all the same.

Sherlock chuckled. “I’m flattered.”

“I’m serious.”

“I’m the father. Am I not able to keep my wife and child safe?”

“Yes but what happens when it comes to cases? When you’re getting into other people’s business and you put yourself and them in danger? Or when you’re bored so you get high? Who will be there to pick up the pieces? This isn’t a game, Sherlock! These are people’s lives!”

“I’m a changed man now.”

“I’m trying to help, Sherlock!”

He sighed. “Then thank you. Also, Y/N would like you to be godfather as well as John.”

“Just Y/N?”

“Fine! I guess I think you’d be fit too…”

“Then I am honoured.”

Jealous brothers - Request

Requested by anon: a sister imagine where she randomly showed up in his flat w/a companion after years of not seeing each other ‘cause she’s a genius agent of sort & the reason she’s there is to say she’s getting married & he goes on protective brother mode even getting mycroft to find out some dirt on the guy but apparently he’s perfect. In the end Sher finds out the guy keeps her right.
& anon: where their little sister is dating someone and neither of them deduce it because they think it’s impossible for her to be so grown up, but John figures it out because he understands humans. And Sherlock and Mycroft are completely shocked and get really protective of her.


**No incest**

Word count: 2.377

Warnings: Jelly Mycroft and Jelly Sherlock threatening very gory things.

A/N: Tom Hiddleston who? I wanted to write something light for the angsty stuff that’s coming this week. Also, how else would I express my undying crush on Tom HIddleston but by basing this character on him?


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“What are you doing here?” Sherlock inquired instantly as he caught sight of the girl – woman – sitting on his chair.

“Hello, brother.” She spoke sarcastically as she stood up, “I missed you too, and you look great.”

A warm smile grew on their faces and soon they were hugging. Sherlock let out a raspy chuckle and pulled away.

“It is marvellous to see you, sister.” Sherlock spoke truthfully.

“Brother? Sister?” John asked from behind Sherlock and the woman.

“John, this is my sister (Y/N). Sister, this is my friend Doctor John Watson.” Sherlock introduced them proudly, acting for once like a regular human being.

“John Watson,” she pronounced, “if everything I heard about you is true, I should call you my brother as well.”

She hugged the doctor warmly and, although John hugged her back, he couldn’t help but to mouth a “What does she mean?” to Sherlock who, of course, gave no answer.

“Does Mycroft know you are here?” Sherlock inquired once she let go off John.

“That question is awfully stupid, Sherlock.” She snapped sassily and Sherlock rolled his eyes.

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Mycroft is insecure

A beautiful but sad moment in TEH is when Mrs Hudson interrupts the silly conversation of the Holmes brothers and says:
“He’s secretly pleased to see you, underneath all that.”
I think that in this scene Mrs Hudson outwits both brothers again and again.
And after that last spot-on observation, Sherlock looks at her lowkey impressed and remains silent. 

This means that Sherlock sees the (double) truth in her words and doesn’t deny it. 

On the other hand, Mycroft asks her with a sudden mood shift for the better : “Sorry, which of us?” to which Mrs Hudson replies: “Both of you.”

This is fantastic physical acting by Gatiss here. Mycroft tries to look indifferent and above all that, but he actually feels contentment and great curiosity. 

The fact that he, Mycroft Holmes, fails to instantly understand which one of the two Mrs Hudson meant and can’t keep himself from asking an almost childish question tells us that his insecurity about Sherlock’s feelings clouds his judgement. 

The sad thing is that, unlike Sherlock, Mycroft doesn’t know whether his young brother actually cares about him like he does. Despite all the hostility, Sherlock knows deep inside that Mycroft loves and looks after him. 

When Mrs Hudson responds “Both of you”, Sherlock turns to look at Mycroft playfully, but it is loving and affectionate. He looks at him straight in the eye, which means that he’s finally eager to become more open with his older brother and he would like it if Mycroft did this too. He’s like “See, the goldfish reads us better than we can read each other, brother mine”.

Mycroft may be able to see through Sherlock very easily, but he can’t do it when he’s personally involved. He is afraid that Sherlock truly loathes him. He fears that this is not just a childish sibling rivalry or that Sherlock never forgave him for some deed of the past. He’s very insecure and yearns for some sort of brotherly affection, so he literally clings to whatever information Mrs Hudson might give him. Does Sherlock care about him? Is the “seemingly insignificant” landlady right? Is he loved?!

Mycroft needs Sherlock just as Sherlock needs him, if not more. 

I require a hug. 


“My name is Quintin Daniel Holmes." 

(London Spy ⇔ Sherlock ⇔ Bond!Verse CrossOver) ~ PART: 1, PART: 2