but i loved that she was crying for pam

tbh that scene where Pam is crying about her torn wedding veil because it’s the one thing she was supposed to be able to control and Jim cuts his tie in half right in front of her so she’s not alone is the most important wedding scene I’ve ever witnessed

I’m rewatching the office and I just saw the episode where Pam doesn’t do the corporate graphic design program after the “Women in the Workplace” seminar.

She’s talking to the crew about how silly her terrace house dream was and that she’ll never have her dream and then she starts crying and just ugh.

But what’s so amazing is that Pam grows so much after this point, after Roy, and she finally gets the courage at the end to go to Austin with the love of her life and actually chase their dreams together 😭😍

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Jackie x Donna ★/☆/☾/♡ (sorry if this is to much, but I am loving these so)

☾ - sleep headcanon

Jackie is always the little spoon, ALWAYS. She likes to be cuddle because Donna is always warm and her breast feel soft against her back, it makes Jackie feel safe. 

When Donna does’t feel like spooning, they sleep like this, with Donna being in the dude’s position:

★ - sad headcanon

Jackie hasn’t seen her mother ever since she told her she was with a woman. She also knows Pam keeps telling people Jackie hasn’t found the right partner yet and that’s why she is not married. 

It sometimes make her cry out of nowhere, just to remember that. 

☆ - happy headcanon

“Every night it’s girl’s night!”, Jackie says as she gets ready everything she needs to give a make over to her girlfriend. Donna just rolls her eyes but smiles as Jackie tells her about her day while they are doing each other’s nails on their bed.

♡ - romantic headcanon

For Valentine’s, Jackie starts giving Donna a small gift every day until the 14th. While Donna always makes big plans for date night for the day.

They are always trying to surpass their own game every year, which makes it more fun for both of them, and bigger the surprise for the other when they see what their loved one has planned for them.