but i loved it. and i love night news now

So Trump said that something happend in Sweden the other day, and everyone are just as confused as me. So I looked at the news and besides the song competition “Melodifestivalen” where a 87 year old man went to the finals, I read this awesome thing about a moose who fell in love with a wooden moose. XD Trump, look what’s happening in Sweden, forbidden moose-love <3 Also two males. 

Edit: The man who made the wooden moose is now crafting a baby moose for them XD

One Long Tour Ends and Other News

So before I do the replies I would like to once again thank everyone who participated in the tour! It has been great and I hope we get to bring our sims together soon again! Also thak you @pixeltrashcan and @tabbyrh for all the love you have been sending last night! Love you guys! Also, I’m so glad you liked the concert posts, Nicole! Good to know I didn’t completely mess them up! :D And now, to the replies:

something-wicked-sims replied to your post“This Time I Actually Have an Explanation For Why These Are So Late……”

I’ve graduated to “the hot wine of your life” in tags! I’m so excited!!!! I STILL SEE YOU GUYS SHOEHORNING. KNOCK IT OFF. I don’t have time to write more irrelevant Klein scenes, I’m too busy straight drooling over Emilia. I won’t have to worry about Yulian much longer, because I’m going to kidnap her and spirit her away into the night to join my harem. Reese and Faye are already there.

Faye is in someone’s harem? Aaaaaaa, how exciting! Wait, is that where all the hot sims go? Even Ryder? Maaaan, that has to be like the sexiest place on earth. I want to visit! :D And of course you are the hot wine of my life! It’s only natural you should be tagged accordingly! :D

something-wicked-sims replied to your photoset“29th November, 2016 Avarice Acres, Newcrest Catherine waited until…”

I really love that bear using the laptop in the background.

Lol, it is a little personal joke between me and my BF. In our fav library they have a plush teddy bear sitting next to the librarian, complete with glasses and name tag proclaiming him to be a librarian. When I build Avarice Acres I asked BF whether he liked it and he replied: ‘Nah. There is no teddy next to the cashier’s desk. Sucks.’ So that’s why there is a fucking teddy bear next to the desk. He is a designated cashier. :D 

something-wicked-sims replied to your photoset“@neutralsupply Reliving old band memories could be fun in the right…”

These neon red go-go boots though

They. Are. Fucking. Awesome. I was trying to do that picture so everyone gets the same attention… but the boots completely stole the show. Nothing on that picture matters but the boots! Love them! :D

something-wicked-sims replied to your photoset“30th November, 2016 Death Way Hall, Windenburg ‘It’s damned cold…”

Reese, baby, I can keep you warm. I know just the thing. He’s about 6'4", pale as a ghost, sexy…

And ofc the game undressed HER sims.

Hahahaha. He is keeping her warm in Nicole’s save already. She is all lonesome in mine, poor thing :( But hey, even my game could recognise her sims are too sexy to stay dressed. :D

something-wicked-sims replied to your photoset“@pixeltrashcan Even my game knew your sims look best au naturel! :D…”

Nicole’s sims all naked as shit. I’m done. *walks out*

ALMOST naked. They are ALMOST naked on this pic. That’s to keep you all from having an heart attack when you click next on the previous post! :D

something-wicked-sims replied to your photoset“Reese stumbled along a winding forest path, pulling Bean and Peaches…”

Something about her and hot springs… everyone wants to get her babes nude.

Well, I mean, have you SEEN them? Come on, Reese is only the start. Bean is like a total babe. I can’t get enough of her. And Peaches? My heart, they all belong to your harem to shame Faye and make her depressed over her own appearance. :D

something-wicked-sims replied to your photoset“&#152;â&#128;¦fucking over. I canâ&#128;&#153;t do anymore. I need a breather,â&#128;&#153; huffed Hedaâ&#128;&#153;s…”



neutralsupply replied to your photoset“The restaurant was small and cosy, nested on the riverbank with a…”

LOOOOOL poor Gavin

There is absolutely no way I would ever use the words ‘poor’ and ‘Gavin’ in one sentence. He was my first Arjun. (Yes, I now use Arjun’s name to mean ‘hated person.’ A less hated person is ‘Marco.’ Example: ‘Gavin is a total Arjun, but Jackie is less of a Marco now, when she is married to Frey.’) :D

lifeasasim replied to your post“Shuffle Tag”

Thanks for tagging, Jules! Can never go wrong with the Beatles!

Right?! Even my depressed iTunes knows that! Beatles are my ultimate chill band. Their music always makes me happy no matter how sad or angry I am at the moment.

pixeltrashcan replied to your photoset“Hi there!  So, today I had the cutest, most amazing day, thanks to you…”

Ahhh start wars is so Reese

Really?! Aaaa that’s so awesome! I’m a complete Star Wars geek down to the point of dressing up for theatre premieres. My obsession had gained me the nickname ‘Darth Jules’ with my friends. Now all I want is to see Reese dressed in a Star Wars tee next to a Darth Vader lamp or something! The cuteness would slay me :D 

pixeltrashcan replied to your post“List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours or if you are…”

my love!!!!

Lol, another Caleb fan. I guess me and Jade are sailing this Fable ship alone, until Fable does something overly alpha-maleish and Jade leaves me alone again. *sigh* :D 

pixeltrashcan replied to your photo“Hello, Lucky boy How are you today? Are you coming out? I quite need…”

he is such a babe

Isn’t he? I totally love his face. I don’t know how he came to be, but he is officially one of the sexiest sim I ever made in all sims games, next to Heda and Shadow. My babyyyy :D

And I just love these three comments. I almost died of laughter when reading it this morning:

pixeltrashcan replied to your photo“One more of Audrey because I love her face here :3”

she is so cute oh my god!!!!

pixeltrashcan replied to your photoset“When, all of the sudden, everything you though you knew falls to…”

Audrey is my girl crush

pixeltrashcan replied to your photoset“I took a taxi to the address Audrey gave me. The driver stopped at the…”

girl crush over

Hahahahaha. Come on, she really is kind of great. I hope you will get back to loving her later in the story. It’s a real mess what they got themselves into. Hope Audrey will shed some light on it and make you fall in love all over again. :D

pixeltrashcan replied to your photo“Introducing Harley (Quinn) Brezalek the dog who stole my heart the…”

Awe she is so cute

Careful there. She enslaves people with her cute eyes and dreamy expressions, but she is the destroyer of words! :D

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“Reese stumbled along a winding forest path, pulling Bean and Peaches…”

I thought these characters looked and sounded familiar. Lol I’ve reading Pixltrashcan’s story too!

Lol! It’s the best! I absolutely love her stories, even if she breaks my heart and makes me want to take certain sims and make them kiss by any means necessary. :D I can’t wait to read more of About a Boy, because, damn it, having her sims in my game just makes me want to know their stories all the more! And I man have fallen in love with few of them… all of them… whatever :D

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“&#152;â&#128;¦fucking over. I canâ&#128;&#153;t do anymore. I need a breather,â&#128;&#153; huffed Hedaâ&#128;&#153;s…”

I prefer Rum! Lol You can mix that with anything!!

Hahaha. I’m more of a plum brandy kind of gal myself. Also whiskey. Big whiskey fan. But you rarely get good ones here, so I’m prefer to go with something Czechs actually know how to brew: beer and plum brandy. :D

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“It should have been impossible to fill in a space as big as this with…”

This is so awesome!!!

Thank yooou! I’m very happy with how all the concert shots came out! I’m glad everyone seemed to like them too! 

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“The restaurant was small and cosy, nested on the riverbank with a…”

Smoke on the Water was the first song I tried to learn on the guitar!!

It was the first song I remember from my childhood. Like the first memory of music I have is Smoke on the Water playing on my cousin’s radio. It has a special place in my heart since then. :D

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“The club was so small it was hard to breathe in under twenty minutes…”

How do you get all those sim to cooperate with you for your screenshots!?! Lol You’re a magician!

Hahaha, I assure you I’m not. And they were NOT cooperative at all. :D All I did was put down a shitload of teleporters, teleported all the sims to the right positions (and summoned a big crowd, because the good guy sims 4 is trying to save my computer and only allows me to have max 10 sims on one lot) and had them all pose. Then I took the shots. It was a long and boring process that often ended in tears and me wanting to throw my computer out of the window, when the game froze for a moment and all the posed sims took off before settling into their poses. I did think about the fake crowd to do the trick, but to be honest I though this looks better. I like seeing the faces of the sims surrounding the stage. It’s more… lively somehow. But yeah, it will be a few months before I think of posing the sims for another concert post. :D 

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“&#152;The bar-sensor thing failed. All out things failed. Itâ&#128;&#153;s official,…”

My first cassette tape was Girls Girls Girls!!! Lol I wore that shit out!! I was 13!!

Hahaha. Well, to be honest I didn’t even know the band before Jack and @beverlyallitsims introduced me to it. I know, shameful. But since then I have downloaded the album and have been playing in non stop for the last three weeks. It’s amazing! 

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“Jack slid under the security tape right after the encore and tried to…”

Is there a story behind Zombear? I need the backstory on Zombear!!! Lol

Hehe. Well, I did not get the chance to tell it yet, but of course there is. It was a Christmas gift for Heda from the love of her life, Shadow, when they were teens. She has kept it with her since then and it has become kind of her good luck charm. She always travels with it and sleeps with it at home. I will definitely add it to the main storyline too soon, when the band returns from tour. :)

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“Using the excitement of the crowd to his advantage, Jack made his way…”

This reminds me so much of days at the pool hall rocking out to bands as a teenager. :)

Man, those are the best memories! When I was a teen I still lived in my dead town in a dead country, so we always travelled to Poland and Czech Republic to gigs with my friends. Long drives and zero hours of sleep, followed by a concert were the best things! Now going to a gig results in day’s worth of pain and tiredness. Getting old is a bitch. :D 

tabbyrh replied to your photoset“28th November, 2016 The End Music Bar, Magnolia Promenade ‘I don’t…”

Someone’s stressing!

Urgh, tell me something about it. His own importance is blinding him to the fact that his volunteer is actually giving him some great ideas. OMG, just chill dude and take some good advice, before you complicate everyone’s life even more. 

tabbyrh replied to your post“Ducks… That’s All”

Ducks are awesome! Geese on the other hand are disgusting!!!

Hahaha! I don’t know I never had problems with geese. It’s the swans I hate. They creep me out so much! Those black devilish eyes staring at you and they have those little creepy horror teeth! Plus, every time we go to feed the ducks they steal the bread from them. Swans are evil, I’m telling ya. :D

anonymous asked:

I'm so excited to hear more news of Sha Ka Ree. It is honestly my favorite Star Trek wip story right now!! I love the way you set up the plot, I love the planet with its longer days & nights, quirky plants and beautiful caves, I love closed-door fics and I LOVE your characterisation! So grateful to you for creating and sharing such goodness with us<3<3


Seriously!!! I haven’t been able to respond until now but I read it during my breaks at work and I just… Thank you????

Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it. I know we’re all supposed to say “I write for myself!” and “I’d do this no matter what” but comments/messages like this are the reason I didn’t give up while writing that hell scene. Knowing even one person, let alone multiple, are actually enjoying this thing… it’s just the greatest affirmation. And the greatest motivation. And just the greatest. In general.

SO thank you so so so much!!!!!!! Really it means the world to me. Bless your heart. I love you. <3 <3 <3

itsreyxshades  asked:

You are going to love the MOVIE ! And want it more !!! I saw it yesterday and I want to see it again ! Jamie killed it in every on his scenes, so damn sexy !! Stay in your seat until the end of the credits 😁

You guys are killing me!! I love your comments on the movie and everyone seems to love it more compared to the first one! The news of the London premiere is all over London radio right now and they interviewed one girl whos been waiting in line since 4PM YESTERDAY! Guys it’s soooo cold in London I don’t know how she survived last night!! 

I’m glad you enjoyed the film!! I can’t wait to see it!! xx

Thought(s) of the night:

- Grantaire instinctively sitting against Enjolras’s long legs when they meet up at someone’s place and there’s not enough chairs/seats for everybody. 

- Enjolras inevitably starting to play with Grantaire’s ridiculously fluffly and soft curls at some point during the evening (literally the one thing that nature granted to Grantaire: his hair). 

- Grantaire humming sometimes, and making another noise completely different when Enjolras pulls on them teasingly/sternly if R decides to say something assholish. 

- Grantaire only raising his head and smirking at Enjolras, who pulls on them just a bit harder. Grantaire hiding his nicer smile by turning his head and nuzzling Enjolras’s leg instead.  

- Grantaire being happily spank/canned/whipped way later in the evening, after being thoroughly kissed against the door for fifteen minutes.

(Grantaire wearing a light collar around his throat the whole time. the whole day, in fact. the whole week. his whole rest of his life.). 

Think of Me

“Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful blue eyes?”

“They’re purple.”

Pairing: NicoMaki

Word Count: 4,812

self-indulgent Gravity AU written last night;;; im uncreative and I love the movie too much so the plot is basically the same. 

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10x18 “Book of the Damned”
Jacob Styne and the Family Crest

You know, even though this guy and his “family” was bad news, I can’t deny that cinematography wise they did some really pretty stuff with him here. And the family crest - which reminds me a bit of the crest from the “Thule” - sure features something we saw Jacob framed with here in a very beautiful way as well… He wasn’t the only one with wings though… And no, I’m not talking about Cas here.

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Against the wall.

|Requested: No.
|A/N: Smut warning. Leave your opinion and/or request here.
|Character count: 5583
|Word count: 1077

Another Mike’s night off and another night that he decides to take me to a club that is on the news right now. I love hanging out with Michael, but I hate night clubs, everyone very close to each other, the smell of alcohol and sweat makes me sick and always has some slut hitting on my boyfriend. But as a relationship is a two-way street, so here we are.
- Thank you for coming, baby. - Mike told me, sitting next to me in the bar chair, while we waited for our drinks.
- No problem, love. I just don’t like the place, but doesn’t bother me one bit if I’m with you. - I smiled and kissed his cheek.
Our drinks arrived, we talked a little, Luke and his girlfriend, Calum and Ashton arrived soon after and we were all having a good time.
- I’m gonna go to the bathroom, don’t go too far from here so I can find you later, okay? - Mike said.
- All right love, don’t take to long, ok? - I gave him a quick kiss.
- Yeah.
The dance floor was just there, close enough to Michael to find me when he get back, the boys and Luke’s girlfriend were on my sight, so I decided to go dancing while waiting for him. After just a song, I felt a pair of hands grabbing my waist. By logic and by how the person got me I thought it was Mike. It wasn’t.

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