but i love your fat

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prompt: beca and chloe are dating and chloe gets jealous cause a lot of girls hit on beca. one day she gets so jealous that she gives beca a hickey to mark her territory. bonus points if fat amy comments on it! Btw i love your blog your drabbles give me life haha!

Chloe’s never been one to flaunt her relationship in front of everyone else.

As long as Beca knows how crazy she is about her, that’s all that matters.

But when so many girls flirt with the brunette that Chloe can’t even keep count of them all, a tiny amount of flaunting is in order.

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playlist: the key to my heart is ur credit card number ;))))

(AKA I don’t love you. I just like your fat wallet and your low availability)
Rich Girl - Hall and Oates
Money Power Glory - LDR
Big Spender - Peggy Lee
Sugar Daddy - Fleetwood Mac

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Just wanted to say that I love your art and I especially love your Alistair. Every time you post something new it genuinely brightens my day. In fact, I love your Alistair so much that he's replaced the game's image of him in my head. I appreciate how you draw him bulky but with the sort of soft, undefined lines you get with actual work rather than gym time. And who doesn't love fat mabari?Sometimes I dig your dimply Alistair out of my archive just to make myself smile. Thank you very much.

He’s perfect and I love him 😍❤️


Wow! It must be so exhausting to have this sort of hate in your life, man! Whenever I’m feeling low, I can just look at this and think: at least I’ll never be this needlessly angry; at least I’ll never feel the need to hate someone for loving themselves. This person actually feels the need to search out girls who are happy with themselves and their bodies in order to try to tear them down. Why? Who hurt you? Because you should probably get some help with that. That anger will kill you long before a few extra pounds will. I am beautiful and healthy and literally none of your business. Oh, and by the way, these glasses are flaming, hon 😘✌ peace

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What do you recommend to loosing weight off your thighs?! Because my legs are toning very nicely and I can see the muscle coming through but I need to get rid of that extra jiggly bit of fat! You are very beautiful and I love your ig and tumblr ❤

Hey doll! :)

For women we store excess fat in our hips and thighs, so not so much a matter of exercise for this in particular it’s more so to do with either what your eating or the portion size. Most people eat pass the point when they are full, even if they are full they continue eating. What happens then is the place where food goes closes off because it’s got all that it needed, so the rest of the food will get stored instead of digested and for women the place it goes to is hips & thighs. So you have more fat then you think in those areas, but your not overweight or out of shape or anything like that, it’s most likely because your food portions are too big. But don’t feel guilty about it most of us do it, my mum, when she cooks gives us big portions and I always eat it all because I feel it would be rude not to haha, luckily she hardly cooks. 

Obviously if your eating unhealthily then that’s the reason for the extra jiggle, but I’m not assuming that you do, so it’s probably just the food portions.

The natural design of the human body is to eat when we’re hungry and stop when we’re satisfied, but many of us conditioned to eat until we think we’re fill - or even worse, until whatever food we put on the plate is gone. In reality, when you’ve eaten enough, your stomach sends a signal - a sensation that say’s ‘I’m satisfied - that’s enough’. Most people experience it as a gentle, clear satisfies sensation in the solar plexus (the area below your ribcage but above your stomach). If you miss this feeling, you’ll notice that when you are full each subsequent bite becomes less enjoyable than the one before.

If you have trouble knowing when to eat here’s a scale 

The Hunger Scale

1. Physically Faint    2. Ravenous    3. Fairly hungry   4.Slightly Hungry             5. Neutral  6. Pleasantly satisfied  7. Full  8. Stuffed    9. Bloated  10. Nauseous - Everybody is different, but as a general rule, you’ll want to eat when you notice yourself between 3 and 4 on the scale (when you become fairly hungry) If you wait till you get to 1 or 2, your body will go into starvation mode and you’ll end up probably eating more than your body needs and storing the excess as fat.