but i love your fat

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I can't believe people are being so mean to your fat girl pride that's so rude, and they have it under anonymous? punks. you're beautiful and wonderful and perfect size if it's good to you then fluck what they say. I'm a big girl and I'm proud and fluck every flucker who says otherwise bunch of punks. anyways keep up you're so inspirational ❤️

You’re such a gorgeous princess, I love your blog. Fat girls unite! I’m so glad you’re proud of yourself, you should be, you’re a stunner xo

This is the part of me have always been afraid to show. But the whole reason I’m here on Tumblr is to push myself out of my comfort zone and force myself to face the things that scare me, to strip down all the things I hide behind and to learn to love what’s left underneath, and to inspire others to do the same.

So here you go. My disproportionate ass, my lumps, bumps, jiggly bits, cellulite, and of course, stretch marks. This is who I am. It’s not perfect but it’s me.


I hope you love yourself. It took me till I was 19 to realize I’m beautiful no matter what. That confidence is prettier than anything else. That any man would be lucky to have me. That not everyone that’s looking at me is thinking mean things like she’s fat or ugly. It took me so long to finally say I love myself the way I am. I’ve lost weight. I’ve kept it off. & god damn I’m pretty sure I look good for weighing 185 lbs. I don’t mind my body. I’ll wear what I want. & only I should give a shit about my clothing choice. If I wanna wear that fucking bikini? I will. Short shorts & crop tops? I’ll fucking own that. I’ll look fucking good & ducking eat tacos the whole time. SO FUCK YOU. I love myself. I hope everyone who’s insecure with their bodies finds the peace they need to love themselves. You will never improve your body or mind with a negative mind set.. I promise. I couldn’t lose weight until I learned to love myself. Now I’m getting healthy & I fucking love myself. So if you have anything rude to say. Go ahead. Cause posting pictures like this is me asking for it, right? No it’s not. & might I add making another person feel like shit about themselves for having body positivity & self love makes you less than a human. Not them. GO LOVE YOURSELF BABIES FUCK EVERYONE WHO HATES YOU. THEY AINT SHIT. But you’re the shit 💕💕💕💕💕


Love…is an awesome force. It can make us do things we never imagined possible. For you see, we don’t actually choose love, it chooses us. And once it has, we are powerless to do anything about it. Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses with me in toasting my brother…and the love of his life.

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Once when I was 6 years old on Mothers Day I gave my mom a mothers day card that read "Dear mommy, I love you so much, happy mothers day, p.s. youre fat" and i feel so bad for it now i mean she doesnt care but my god younger me was vicious


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Hi! First of all, thanks for everything, i love your blog! So, i have really really low body fat, but i still have low belly fat. I train my abs and do my cardio. I want abs, but i dont know what else to do... by the way, my nutrition is on point

Are you in a caloric deficit?

Your nutrition can be healthy but if you’re not in a caloric deficit you won’t lose any fat.


However, if you’re in a caloric deficit and you can’t get rid of this stubborn fat, I recommend you to do some HIIT trainings: they work!


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your ridiculous. YOU NEED TO STOP LABELING yourself the way you do. FAT IS NOT SOME SORT OF LABEL. ITS A THING. LIKE.FAT GODDESS?ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I love your blog and all. But stop. Your basically welcoming all fetish blogs no matter what.

How fucking dare you.
First, I can label myself however the fuck I want. Fat is a thing but you know what else it is? It was an adjective that was used to hurt me for so long. And now it’s an adjective that empowers me to embrace the body I still work to not hate. It’s the word that makes me feel like everything is finally ok.
I know not everyone is comfortable with referring to themselves as fat, and if anyone were to ask my not to, I wouldn’t. There’s nothing wrong with me reclaiming the word.
Second, FUCK YOU. How dare you blame me for the harassment and violations that those shitty fetish blogs put me and any other plus size, fat babes through. Do not fucking blame me for their shitty behavior. I never gave them consent to sexualize me, and my simple “No” should be enough. And regardless of what I call myself they wouldn’t fucking magically stop and go away.
And last lol it’s you’re.
Bitch bye and unfollow me.

could you do a jack barakat one where you’re dating and he’s feeling insecure about himself like about his worth and his tummy and his face and his dick and you comfort him no smut

AN I’m actually updating the next day? What is this black magic? That’s right friends, I don’t work tomorrow so I can stay up as late as I usually do woo! Also I’m starting my 5SOS imagines up again! I took a really long break, don’t know why, but I did whoops. But yes, they are back in motion, and if you wanna check them out, click here. No text message also it took like 4 hours to write this because I’m super distracted I’m sorry. It’s 4AM whoops. Enjoy lovelies xx

Your POV

“No I’m not, I’m fat and gross. I don’t know why you’re still here.” Jack huffed and slumped down on the couch we were on. Sometimes he got like this, he refused to believe anything good about himself.

Jack and I have been dating for a while, and sometimes Jack felt like he wasn’t good enough for me. Which is totally weird since I should be feeling that way. But I don’t. I feel like we complete each other.

He’s always a happy guy. Almost always. He makes jokes, he makes people laugh when they need it most, but sometimes he has trouble seeing his own self worth. And that’s where I come in. If he’s there for me when I’m sad, I have to be there for him.

“Love, you’re not fat or gross. You’re perfect. You’re perfect for me.” We were lying on Jack’s bed, and he was telling me what he was thinking while I laid in his arms and told him how much he meant to me.

Look, Y/N.” He grabbed his tummy fat and showed it to me. “Do you see what this is?”

“Uh, your skin?”

Jack smiled out of annoyance and gave me a look. We were sitting up now, leaning against his headboard. “No, it’s fat. It’s fat that I put on me and it’s fat that makes me gross.”

“We’ve been over this,” I sigh and pull up my shirt. I grab a handful of my skin and show it to him. “Everyone has extra stuff. Look, I can grab more than you. Do you think I’m fat?”

He looks at my face, but then looks away. “Well - no, not really.”

“Right. So if I have more fat than you, and you don’t think I’m fat, then how can you be fat?”

He sighed again and slouched down. “It’s just how I feel.”

“I know love,” I frowned and put my arm around him. “It’s going to be okay, okay? I’m here, and nothing you say is going to make me love you any less.”

“Except that you want someone who’s bigger than me.” Jack hid his head under the blanket as he was speaking so all I heard was “Except that you wanna have a honey bee” which didn’t make much sense.

I followed him under the blanket and hid there as well. Jack looked over at me and stuck his tongue at me playfully. Even if he wanted to get rid of me, he never showed it. Not even in his lowest of lows.

“What did you say?” I asked him.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, trying to hide from me under his arms.

“Lies, I know you said something.”

“Just drop it okay?”

“I’m not going to drop it, Jack. If I drop it, then I’ll never know what’s bothering you and I’ll never be able to reassure you how much I love you.”

Jack said nothing and continued to hide under his arms for a good while. I messed with my thumbs while I waited for him to tell me. I knew how hard it was to get things off his chest. Jack always internalizes things. He keeps them locked inside and pushes them away until he can’t anymore and they end up pouring out like a flood.

“Y/N,” he spoke up. I turned to face him, propping my head up with my hand.


“Do you think I’m small?”

“What do you mean?”

“Like too small to please you.”

“Ohhhh,” my mouth formed an o shape of recognition. That’s what he said. “Of course I don’t think you’re too small, what gave you that impression?”

“I just don’t think I’m enough to please you,” he sighed.

“Jack.” I put my arms around him and held him close. “You are enough to please me. Haven’t you heard of that saying? It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it? That’s completely true. And even if it were about your size, if it helps, you’re the biggest I’ve had.”

“Really?” Jack looked at me, hopeful that he wasn’t terrible. It broke my heart to see him like this. He was so sad that he felt like he didn’t deserve to have anyone close to him. That’s the part that broke me. How could he not see how perfect he is? How can he not see what a beautiful person he is?

“Really.” I gave him my most supportive smile. He smiled back weakly. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his shirtless body. I didn’t ever want him to feel like he wasn’t good enough. He is. He doesn’t even need to try to be good enough. If two people love each other, that’s all they should really need. Who cares about status or whatever is keeping you from being together? All that matters is here and now and that’s all that should matter.

“Y/N?” Jack asks me, bringing us both out from under the blanket.

“Yeah?” I look up at him, trying to see if there was anything I could do about the sadness behind his chocolate eyes.

“Do you think my nose is too big?”

I was kind of taken aback by his question. Never have I ever thought anything on his face was out of place or just wrong in general, so this surprised me. “Not at all,” I said quietly. What can I do to help him? I just want to help him so bad.

“Someone told me that it looks like my nose doesn’t belong where it is.”

“What the fuck, did you punch them?”

“No, I just walked away.”

That made my blood boil. How the fuck did Jack not punch that asshole in the face. I was seriously going to get up in my nightware to find the son of a bitch. No one talks to my Jack that way. “Who was it?” I asked, my rage evident in my tone.

“I don’t know,” Jack whispered. “Are you mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you. Not at all. I’m mad at that asshole that did this to you. Now this is going to bother you for a long time.”

Jack nodded and snuggled down into the covers. I snuggled my head on his chest.

“I don’t know why people have to be such assholes all the time. Your nose is perfect where it is. It’s not too big, it’s not out of place. I love everything about you.” I sighed and started to play with his fingers while I listened to his breathing. “I love your hair, and how sometimes it falls over your eyes and the way you shake it out. I love your eyes, and the dark brown color to them and how they sparkle when you find something funny or beautiful. I love it when your eyes crinkle up at the corners when you laugh to show true happiness. I love your body and how it’s long and cuddly. I love your lips and how soft they are when I kiss them. I love it when your hands caress me. I love it when you tangle your legs in between mine when we cuddle or when we sleep together. And I love your penis. There’s nothing wrong with it. It works just fine and it feels even better. I love you, Jack. You. All of you.”

I took a breath after laying out what I was thinking. I looked up at his face when I realized he hadn’t said anything. His eyes were closed and his breathing slowed. Jack had fallen asleep in the middle of my speech. I smiled. He looked so cute while sleeping, I decided to leave him and fall asleep as well. So I did.

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On workouts we don't wear pink you wear black because going to the gym is a funeral for your fat 😎

Haha this is actually cute because I love and admire Sharee so much and on previous asks I’ve said that pink because it’s my favorite color but I only have pink workout clothes but I usually end up dressing in black :D 


I’ve been seeing so many gorgeous girls in fatkinis, but they’re always high waisted which is done to hide the belly :( come on ladies, bare that belly. LOVE YOUR FUCKING BELLY. IT’S CUTE. 

when I was fat it was really hard for me to put on a bikini so I know the high waisted one is sort of a transition, but please please please learn to love that part of you. before I lost a shit ton of weight, that body positivity would have been SOOO valuable.


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My cat likes to eat potato chips and cheese popcorn. She's eaten a chocolate chip cookie (when my mom was in the process of eating it) and has taken a pice of pizza from my dad. She's a junk food cat, is very fat and we love her

i want to fight your cat

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You're so perfectly cute, I'd love to get fat for you with just your smile as a reward for me plumping up

Aww! thank you. Nice to know I can be that motivating ;)

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no offense but do u wanna see a picture of my cat she's rlly fat and fluffy lmao

i would love to see your cat. i always want to see cats