but i love you very much bb

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 

bb - bis bald - bye for now
bd - bis dann - see you
bissn/bissl - bisschen/bissel - little bit
dad - denk an dich - thinking of you
eig - eigentlich - actually
einf - einfach - simple/just
ev - eventuell - possibly/perhaps
gn8 - gute Nacht - goodnight
hdf - halt die Fresse - shut up
hdl - hab dich lieb - I love you
hdgdl - hab dich ganz doll lieb - I love you very much
hdgdlfiuebaedwuwz - hab dich ganz doll lieb für immer und ewig bis ans Ende der Welt und wieder zurück - I love you very much for ever and always to the end of the world and back again
ida - ich dich auch - I [love/miss/etc] you too
ild - ich liebe dich - I love you (romantic)
irgendwann - iwann - sometime
irgendwo - iwo - somewhere
irgendwer - iwer - someone
jz - jetzt - now
ka - keine Ahnung - no idea/I don’t know
kb - kein Bock - can’t be bothered
kd - kein Ding - no biggie/don’t mention it
kp - kein Plan/kein Problem - no idea/no problem
lg - liebe Grüße - best regards
lw - langweilig - boring
mfg - mit freundlichen Grüßen - best regards
mmn - meiner Meinung nach - in my opinion
vllt - vielleicht - maybe
wg - was geht? - waddup?
wmds - was machst du so? - whatcha doing?


161229 GD, Seungri and Taeyang Instagram:

I am going to say a few words to our V.I.P Japan now. Today in year 2016, is where BIGBANG10 JAPAN DOME TOUR comes to an end.
Although it seems like an usual day but it is sad/regretful that today is the last day, and the vibrant vibe still fills the air. Thanks to all the love and touching moments that everyone has given us, the 5 of us lived through a blissful year and able to welcome the new year.
Thank you.
It may take a while before everyone can see the 5 of us perform together again, but we hope to present a better self and bring brighter smiles to everyone in the coming year. It has been much hard work for everyone this year.
Coming 2017, hope everyone will have their dreams come true.

I love you.

Thanks Osaka
Feeling very blessed/blissful today, I will continue to work hard in the coming year as well.


Translated by: bb.translations

The signs according to people I know

(Written from a Scorpios perspective)
Aries: shy, smart, very hard working and super adorable!!!
Taurus: you tend to stress yourself out often. Just relax bb. If someone asks you to clarify, its because they don’t understand what your saying, but they want to understand. Don’t say “never mind”
Gemini: woah, I know we’re not supposed to get along very well but your chill as hell
Cancer: very emotional, but probably my best friend. You put your heart into it and I love you so much. (PS you don’t owe anyone anything)
Leo: hot damn bb I wish I had more of your attention. Everything about you is perfect like I cannot even put into words how I feel about you
Virgo: chill asf def comes w own personality and doesn’t give a crap. Can entertain for hours
Libra: lots to say, can hold a conversation like nothing and always down for parties
Scorpio: uhm, like the best kind of people ever (lol)
Sagittarius: fun, like to spend money, very careless
Capricorn: dark and to yourself but def my best friend ever. Very attractive personality wise
Aquarius: love the rules, very strict but one on one you can be very carefree
Pisces: energetic and crazy, can’t handle staying in


月島 明光 (Tsukishima Akiteru) ☆ ★ ☆ Official Anime Character Design Sketches
↳ “it’s, well, because it was like that in high school. i want to be somewhere where i can really give my all, until i’m satisfied.”

greengableslover  asked:

16 and 32 :)

16: Talk about a ship you initially disliked
Jaime/Brienne. Initially I thought it would weaken Brienne’s character but you amazing fic writers convinced me otherwise!

32: Share 5 must read fics

AO3 links! :) The four Jon x Sansa links are very much nsfw. Like, for real, don’t click if you’re not ready for smut. Because beautiful jonsa smut is apparently my jam. :)

the coat thief by @gretahs (Finn and Poe love story told hilariously and beautifully from BB-8′s perspective)

heavenly creatures by @misshoneywheeler (gorgeous Jon x Sansa smut that is sexy and emotionally healing all at once!)

Lion-Hearted Girl by @subjunctivemood (Jon x Sansa public bedding that is lovely and nuanced)

Burn with me by @jonnsansa (Jon x Sansa alpha/omega pairing that gets me every time I read it)

Don’t Tell Robb by Jade Masquerade (Jon x Sansa, they’re not related, adorable and sweet first time story)


Bravat’s Theme for your Cellphone!

Bravat || Kuroshitsuji

pls if you use it take a screenshot and send it to me i would love to see it

Me watching “Very Nice”

Wait whats going on here?

Whats this lil shit doing?

Wait is that.. is that??


anonymous asked:

Does kled have many biases when meeting new people? How he initially acts or if he looks for a certain thing in their behaviours when he's getting a first impression? Love your kled btw it's too good for this world :D

SLAMS MY HANDS ON THE DESK…!!! Thank you so much anon!! ;  ; im very glad you enjoy my Kled….. iysghdifygs I’M PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS YORDLE, QQ

But to answer your questions! He does, oh yes he does. He’s deceptive in which people don’t expect him to observe and retain. He tends to memorize people’s habits, so he can catch onto lies and acts incredibly quick. So if people attempt to impress him, it tends to do the opposite. Kled values honesty and integrity, both with others and yourself. So he tends to gravitate towards people who are centered, who are honest with themselves and with others. And he tends to immediately frown on those who are deceptive or sneaky. People who are arrogant or those who boast about their control of others, Kled frowns on them both.

Kled usually defaults to two behaviors. If he’s feeling like having fun, he’ll fall back to the almost cartoonish way that Noxian propaganda portrays him as. He’ll exaggerate his anger and be even more standoffish, just to see with how much he can get away with. If he gets a good feeling about the person, he’s the one to make a move. But normally, he’s standoffish, cold and skeptical (also very observing).

It’s very difficult to be his friend, or to really get close to him. But honestly? It’s worth it. Kled loves unconditionally and very deeply, despite his flaws. He’s completely and utterly loyal, if a bit blunt.  

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HAPS B MY DEARIE 🌟🎉🎂💋💞 you’re officially 2 decades old and entering grandma territory now, time to get out that cane. The world and I (especially me) are very blessed that you exist!! I can’t believe it’s already been ~half a year that you came into my life, but it feels like you’ve had a place there for so much longer. You are the sweetest human being and deserve all the wonderful things in life, and more. MY CUTIE PATOOTIE BEAUTIFUL SKYE, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BB. 💋💋💋💋💋

amber im….. what have i ever done.. what could i have possibly ever done in my past lives, to deserve meeting an angel like you in this one? thank you so much for blessing me with your presence, your friendship and your love!!! i am yet to meet another soul that is as pure and wonderful and good as yours. i love you so much ambi bambi~ thank you again and once again for the beautiful bday gift! i hope we can be continue being friends for a long time *hand you your cane* you’ll be needing this too ^^ 💞💞💞💞💞💞

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I'm surprised Buffy never tried to set Giles up with anyone, she'd have fun with that and she seemed happy for Giles about Jenny before everything happened

i feel like after jenny died buffy felt responsible for that, and she wouldn’t want to link herself to giles’s love life again in any capacity, which is…kinda devastating because as much as i hate that jenny died, i also hate that buffy 100% blamed herself for it because bb. no. you’ve got enough guilt as it is

but omg if jenny and giles had been a gorgeous slow burn through s2 instead of getting together in the beginning and giles being all dorky about it, buffy would have teased giles Endlessly about jenny and tried to set him up with her all the time. i think it only weirds her out when she’s very aware of his sex life

Marry Christmas - Terrornuckel

This was so much fun to write, I hope ye enjoy, send more prompts at your leisure. Also, the title is not misspelled, I’m just punny, lmao.

Brock loved christmas eve, in fact, he always had. But this year, it was his very first christmas eve with Brian, since his boyfriend had moved in with him at the beginning of the year. Of course, they had spent christmas together before, but this time, it felt completely different, more special, knowing they would wake up together on christmas morning in the same house, their house.

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happy 22nd birthday to the big voice big heart bang minah! we’re always in awe of how you never cease to give it your all no matter the circumstances. congrats to your solo debut and win! here’s to another amazing year full of success and happiness #vitaMINAHday

bellethiel279 replied to your postBlack Honey: Pt. 6 [conclusion]

I love this so, so much! The ending was perfect. I fell in love with the story from the first few lines. You’re an incredible writer! I’m so glad you share your work with us!! ❤❤❤

Originally posted by gif-007

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I’m just here to share my love for my otp with fellow fans. I’m only going to keep writing, and I hope you keep reading! :D

Your kind words are very appreciated~ <3

Headcanons | Star Wars + Hugging

Hello children, I would like you to meet my wifey, PhiPhi <3 She is an adorable angel and I love her very much. We might adopt you all one day.

P.S. This does not have to be romantic. It can be platonic as well. It’s your choice :)


- Hugging will feel unnatural to her at first; however, after discovering friendship with the help of BB-8 and Finn, she finds comfort and security in the action.

- She believes that hugging is a powerful way of conveying one’s affections without the use of words, the latter more difficult to her, and so she often embraces those who invoke such deep love in her heart.

- You see her hugging only a handful of people–mostly Finn. The day she hugs you, you feel like crying because Rey’s hugs are completely and utterly special, and it feels wonderful having her love.

- Rey giggles when she hugs Finn; but almost cries when she embraces Leia, for she looks at the General as her mother-figure, especially since they have both lost Han.

- Rey is still working on cuddling. Being in someone’s arms for too long makes her feel a tad uncomfortable. She will only cuddle with the select few who she trusts completely.


- Finn loves hugs! He adores expressing emotions, since he has spent his last twenty-three years smothered by the First Order.

- Finn’s the kind of young man who, when extremely emotional, will wrap his strong arms around his closest friends (which includes you :D) and just pick them up.

- He is not ashamed to have emotions; when he is sad, or his friends are sad, he’ll want to cuddle and talk it out. His voice is quiet and soothing the whole time.

- Finn likes to spin you and Rey around when he hugs you after a successful mission (Poe might be a little jealous).

Poe Dameron

- This man is the king of hugs. He hugs everyone; he is brimming with affection.

- Likes to come up from behind and hug people he’s closest with. Often kisses Finn’s shoulder to show love–with you, he gives your neck a quick peck just to make you giggle.

- Forehead kisses–lots of them.

- Has hugged General Leia countless times; she is never not taken by surprise. She loves them, though; however, deep down, she wishes her son could have been this affectionate.

Kylo Ren

- Stands rigid and awkward the first time he is hugged, despising the way it makes him nauseous–but in a good way.

- When he eases into the practice, he hugs you a lot, though in private. He has a way of marching up to you which at first intimidated you, but when he swept you up into his arms rather than getting violent, you were just left utterly speechless.

- Wants to hug Phasma because she’s the same height as him; he’s too tall for everyone else (also because Phasma is amazing).

- Tends to hug more when his mask is on, so he can hide his clear display of emotions and his traitorous blush.

- Refuses to admit hugs are nice. Pretends he hates them in front of everyone else but you. But he secretly misses his mother’s warm and loving hugs.

General Hux

- Has sadly never been hugged before. His father has proudly patted his shoulder only once, and that was when Hux became a General in the First Order. Intimacy, either mentally or physically, is very foreign to him.

- Will not initiate the hug. When you first hug him he reacts much like Kylo; he has no mask to obscure his emotions, which are a maelstrom of mild disgust, panic, and is that a trace of bliss?

- Eventually, he learns to endure it. Knowing he will be very cross if you ever hug him in public, you only ever hug him in secret–but it is overall a rare occasion. He still acts uncomfortable, almost stuttering afterwards, but secretly he likes it.

- Awkward pats on your back–he never quite puts his arms around you. Still has a stern expression on his face, but his eyes swim with differing emotions.

Captain Phasma

- Is rarely afraid and possesses impressive composure. She will not fear physical intimacy, and as long as there is an important connection between you both, she will, on occasion, embrace you.

- I am afraid she will not love you, either as a friend or a romantic partner; but she will respect you and when words are not adequate enough, she will either pat you on the back or shoulder, or hug you.

- Holds you when you are close to Kylo Ren or General Hux, which can almost be perceived as an embrace–it is her protecting you, and conveying the message that you are never to be harmed. She does not trust Kylo’s instability, or Hux’s impassiveness.

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(same anon who requested gifs) ahh your gifs are definitely one of the best! and thank you so much for making that post anyway, you are so attentive and kind! still really good to have those pictures because in the video the moments just pass so quickly haha! ily❤️ it is truly wonderful the way you treat people

You’re too kind for loving my grainy not very HQ little bbs. 🙈You’re welcome!! 😊so happy you still like them. I was cracking up at Scott while making these, memes could be made of his faces. lol

I ❤U too Anon, could not be more grateful for this support.