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✨At long last, the challenge begins!!✨

I had you guys send in a cookie and a character, and with that combination my challenge is to create an outfit for the character based on that cookie.
Photos and idea for the challenge both come from this post!!
Additionally, you can get a peek at some snazzy, snazzy high resolution versions on the world of Tweets.

Now, without further ado, it’s cookie time!!

A perfect choice for him!!

I love lemon cookies so much, and I also love Undyne with a disproportionately large part of my being…so these two went together well.

When they’re not making a big, unsettling, murderous grin, they’re being a smug little buttface.


These are SO much FUN to make!!
It’s fun trying to make an outfit and overall piece that matches the look and feel of the cookies.
(and by the way, my first four choices… *cough* may or may not have something to do with character favoritism. *sweats*)

Thank you to everyone who put in the requests for this first batch!! I can’t wait to do the rest!!💕




“Shit shit shit bastard fuck.”

I’d woken early, which wasn’t something my body often allowed me to do, but that day I did it with no qualms at all.
It had taken me around ten minutes of routing through cupboards to find some bandages, quickly wrapping my wrist up. I’d never seen my own skin in such a bad state. The purple was so dark it was almost black, patterned by red droplets of blood that had crept their way to the surface, and yellow bruises that were so bright they were almost luminous. Beneath all of that, was a burnt red colour that almost seemed to highlight the rest of the new colours upon my arm.
So I’d wrapped it up, ignoring the pain and just covering it.

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anonymous asked:

Welcome Home (Finale) or Once And For All

Um? You come into my home? And make me choose between those songs? How rude? My answer is yes, both of them.

Welcome Home (Finale) is heartbreaking and so so so important and Once And For All is incredible and motivating and so so important. So yes to both and I will not choose.

So, I was bored and severally suffering from Olicity withdrawal and decided to go back and watch a few older episodes.

I started with 3x01 and I forgot how much I completely adore the first 20 minutes before it all blows up.

I mean really, we start with the LOVE FERN

Their little smiling faces, so in love and their complete lack of personal space.

And Digg and Roy’s faces in the background.

They totally had a bet going on how long it would take these two to get their act together.

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Phira’s Birthday Round-Up

Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! I had a really relaxing birthday, and I am very grateful and lucky to be a part of such a lovely community. Even with OUAT changing so much, with many of us drifting in and out of aspects of the fandom, with all the drama we experience, I’m glad to know you all and have someplace I can come to that’s like this.

I am still blown away by the incredible gifts that people made for me. Like, I know I was weird and I asked and had a list and shit like that, but I honestly was not expecting so much amazing stuff from so many people. As a way of thanking you all again, I want to put all of your incredible gifts in one place, for me to find and for me to easily share with everyone else.

CS fans, there’s lots here for you, BUT ALSO we’ve got some lovely new prizes for Team Trashcan!

(If you made me a gift and it’s not on this list, please let me know. Tumblr’s activity isn’t showing me all of my @mentions, so it’s entirely possible I missed it!)

Captain Swan


In Time by @justanotherwannabeclassic
My obsession with past CS finding out about current CS knows no bounds, and this story absolutely hits that spot for me!

Never Forget You by @katie-dub
Basically, it’s like Katie looked at my wishlist and said, “Okay, cool,” and crafted the CS fic equivalent of the perfect tea blend or something. There are so many tropes and favorite things in this one, it’s amazing.

What If? by @dassala
Friends-to-lovers, and it’s absolutely adorable. And smutty. Adorable smut. And ice cream.

Waterfalling in Love by @acaptainswaneternity
Friends-to-lovers and bed-sharing, plus not-actually unrequited mutual pining. There’s no way to go wrong here.

Slowly. Gently. by @stardusted-nymph
This M-rated CS smutlet is incredibly sweet and romantic, so if you’re looking for a little bite-sized ficlet to get you in a good mood, this one’s for you.


The Rise and Fall of the Storybrooke Book Club Banner by @optomisticgirl
B knows how much I love this fic of mine, and I love this banner so much! This fic felt like it should have been a movie or a TV episode or something, so this feels like the DVD cover that would go with it.

Soulmarked Edit by @hencethebravery
This edit is so soft and sharp at the same time, and I love how it pulls together both aspects of the story, as well as Emma and Killian’s distinct personalities and their particular relationship.

Rescue Me Edit by @killiancygnus
Holy HELL, this edit is absolutely incredible, and while I’ll let my dear sweet Frantato keep her secrets, I am boggled at what kind of magic she must have used to create it.

Captain Charming


A Shadow in the Bright by @mahstatins
The confused and ardent pining here kills me, but the consensual sex pollen part is absolutely beautiful. Oh goodness.

a classic spring break fling by @spartanguard
Killian and David can’t keep their eyes off each other (can’t blame ‘em!), and their friends just keep pushing them to participate in ridiculous spring break contests. Love it!

Hold Me in this Winter Weather by @the-reason-to-sail-home
I love Tessa’s fic The Cuddlist and had forgotten that a whiiiile back when she was taking prompts for @podeverafter, I’d requested professional cuddling + Captain Charming. She surprised me with it for my birthday, and ahhhh it’s so fluffy and warm and cozy and sweet!


Untitled Sketch by @winterbythesea
This almost-kiss had a significant portion of the CS writer’s hub screaming incoherently.

Untitled Sketch by @ladyciaramiggles
This actual kiss increased the incoherent screaming even more, oh my god.

blush once and i’m yours | magnus x alec | oneshot | 2.9k

Alec Lightwood was a blusher.

Magnus Bane, however, was not so much of a blusher.

So when Alec managed to make Magnus blush, they were both shocked to say the least.

Or. Alec makes it his sole mission to get Magnus to blush.

read on ao3 

for sandra @howisalexander, happy birthday bub, hope you have a lovely day.

anonymous asked:

Hi love your writing and how you capture the characters <3! I was wondering if you can do some headcanons on fall dates with 76 and Jesse? Thanks again for all the writing you do :)!

Thank you so much! I appreciate that!

Fall is my favorite season so this is kinda self-serving but whatever lol

Jack Morrison

  • Will take you apple picking
  • Apple cider in gallons
  • Laughs when you get lost in the trees
  • You punch him gently in the shoulder and insist he find your way back
  • Knows exactly where you both are but pretends to be lost
  • Takes you up a hill
  • The two of have a beautiful vantage point from there
  • You watch the sunset and eat your fill of the apples you’ve worked very hard for
  • Ends the evening with a bonfire
  • Did you know he plays guitar
  • You do now
  • After the fire dies the two of you point out constellations and tell each other the stories behind them

Soldier 76

  • Can’t exactly go on dates
  • But tries anyways
  • You carve pumpkins inside your apartment
  • Then you roast the seed and eat those while watching Hocus Pocus
  • You make an event out of lighting the pumpkins
  • Turn all the lights off
  • Cover all the windows
  • Ta-da!
  • You have a discussion over whose is better as you sit in the dark

Jesse Mccree

  • Wears flannels
  • Takes you to a corn maze
  • Hayrides
  • Legit finds a farm with all of this and more
  • He accidentally steps on a pumpkin and gets his boot stuck
  • You laugh and send a picture of him to Ana
  • Seriously loves the corn maze
  • Tries to get you to cheat by walking through the field but you won’t let him
  • Insist on the “true” experience
  • Stocks up on so much apple cider it’s scary
  • Always forgets he hates candy corn until he eats it again
  • Loves the season so much, he likes walking around and looking at the changes in the trees
  • Will spend hours raking leaves and jumping in with you
  • Leaf cuddles tbh
Dating PrettyMuch (Headcanon)

Originally posted by austin-porter

All of The Boys

  • being loved and best friends with all of them despite who’s your favorite
  • them always showing off their dance skills and singing skills
  • you tagging along in the studio and booth all the time
  • them bringing you practically everywhere (interviews, tours, etc)
  • You spending a night or weekend at the house and having an epic sleepover
  • the fandom loving you as much as they love you back.
  • wearing their clothes (it’s a must) 

Originally posted by bestbeanz


  • him constantly wanting to cuddle, kiss, or just feel you, in general, 
  • you guys being called “goals” or the “it couple”
  • a hell of a lot of random compliments from both parties.
  • him being so embarrassed by all the fetus pictures despite you loving every one of them
  • him being a total gentleman at like all times (even if you guys are being playful or mad at each other)
  • wearing his glasses sometimes because he thinks they make you look adorable and sexy af
  • He puts you on a pedestal and is insanely protective (despite not showing it)
  • “Babe be careful.”
  • “Brandon, I’m trying to get the cereal you guys keep on putting the top shelf.”
  • “I can get it for you babe; I don’t want you to hurt yourself”
  • constantly being teased by the guys
  • just overall so cute and perfect

Originally posted by prettymuchies


  • playing in his hair ALL THE TIME (like seriously look at those luscious locks)
  • definitely cuddling and watching anime together
  • him trying to teach you how to skateboard and his hand dance thingies (I don’t know what its called)
  • Him loving to fall asleep on you
  • him making you laugh at the worst times ever or just in general
  • The whole relationship would be full of laughs and just both being childish and playful af.
  • you making him flustered or blush like all the time
  • being clueless to when girls like him and why you would get jealous at times.
  • always taking pictures of you and doing edits cause your his muse
  • getting kicked out of places because of you, him, or both
  • just an adventurous and playful relationship because he would bring out your inner child.
  • you do sometimes have to be the mom 

Originally posted by zionclub


  • yo he would be so protective
  • he would legit treat you like a baby and you would hate it but love it lowkey
  • He would also have you in his hair like all the time (like playing in it, washing it, etc)
  • spontaneous dates like all the time
  • Corny but cute nicknames
  • Excessive PDA
  • him also being a huge gentleman
  • always talking to you about his family and how he misses the city and wants to take you with him one day
  • The boys calling you “Mom” since he’s the “Father” of the group
  • Him cooking for you and helping you clean
  • lowkey gets annoyed or mad when the boys are too touchy with you.
  • You being one of the only few who gets to see his not so serious side (even though he’s not that serious, to begin with)
  • You would always feel safe and protected with him.

Originally posted by austin-porter


  • having one of those relationships where you guys are assholes to each other and everyone is confused
  • but you guys love each other through thick and thin
  • both having temper problems 
  • like one second everything is chill and you guys are yelling at each other arguing how cute the other one is
  • play fighting is like always 
  • messing with each other and making the other mad because you guys think it cute
  • always teasing each other (sexually and not sexually)
  • him slapping your behind and you being annoyed
  • him getting jealous of EVERYTHING 
  • yo my guy would be a huge jealous type 
  • hella overprotective
  • just being a relationship that only you two would understand
  • almost forgot HELLA HICKES (from both parties)

Originally posted by prettymuchs


  • my guy is a freaking beanstalk and he knows it
  • he’s always making jokes about how he’s taller than you (even if you’re pretty tall yourself)
  • him bending down to kiss you or just to piss you off
  • playing with those dreads of his.
  • the both of you just randomly breaking out into dancing (especially at the worst moments)
  • having dance battles (whether you’re good or not)
  • making him get stuff out of reach.
  • “Hey babe get that for me”
  • “It’s not even that high up”
  • calling him daddy long legs 
  • the best piggy back rides EVER
  • he likes laying his full body weight on you just to be a jerk
  • peppering your face with kisses
  • everybody thinking he’s all quiet but you and the boys know how obnoxious he can be
  • he hella sneaky and everyone thinks he’s so innocent (BUT WE ALL KNOW)

Here’s the final result of one of @zappyspiker‘s amazing headcanons. This time, I worked with colours ‘cause I thought it would be better, and for once, I like it.

So, for the little story, one of the headcanons was “Atsuya has his heart quite set on being in Gryffindor and wastes no time telling Shirou that Hufflepuffs are for losers and Ravenclaws are for swots”. And I just imagined Shirou telling him that he didn’t need to be mean with them. x3 Of course, we can’t change Atsuya~ (Btw, they’re both in Gryffindor !)

Ah, also… I added one of my headcanons here. Atsuya loves so much the scarf Shirou offered him that he didn’t take it off…

I hope you like it zappyspiker ! >3<

“Why you follow me”

Putting them all together in one post!

Anonymous said: I really really like your art and you seem like a really cool dude

Thank you so much! Who knows… maybe i’m a mysterious person.. or both!


Thanks!! Looks like we have something in common, Anon!

Anonymous said: bc I have good boofers!

How sweet! Does that mean my blog reminds you of your pups?!


WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I try my best to show Ross’s mischievous personality as much as possible! I’m glad you like it!! ( •ᴗ•)♡

Anonymous said: Because your blog is about Midnight Lycanroc and I like how you draw it 

Thank you! I’m glad you like how I draw lycanroc! ;∇;

Anonymous said: you amuse me.

You’re welcome..?! A mysterious anon…

Anonymous said: I saw lycanroc n it was kool 


Anonymous said: Cause Lycanrox is the coolest.

I think so too Anon! B)

Anonymous said: I wanna date the dog

Oh my.. It seems you have a competition ahead of you!

The four posing as Arachnid soldiers are ultimate squad goals though

We have the incredible brave and patient Sean, Zahra who can probably hack her way through any tech, Craig who’d probably break you into two if you mess with him or his friends, and then you have MC who is basically the Endless.

They can both build and demolish a nation in record time without breaking a sweat.


Sarcastic boyfriends

For @swilmarillion

There is a story behind this. 

Or not really.

I saw these t-shirts and just felt that the boys REALLY needed to wear them. Melkor would probably gladly wear that shirt to work (or to family parties just to piss of Eru and Manwë) while Mairon would only wear a shirt like that to and from bed (the few times he sleeps) and that is why his hair is loose rather than in his regular pony tail. 

Thank you so much friend for the absolutely lovely fic you write us and for always going along with my ideas and I’m just overall sooooo happy that we started talking to eachother <3 My life is richer with you in it <3

Also in case you can’t read what the shirts say here they are typed out:

Melkor - “I’ll try being nicer if you try being smarter”
Mairon - “I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong”

Sidenote: Mairon did NOT want this picture to be drawn and made my photoshop crash 8 times before I finally managed to finish it


happy munday, my beautiful sunflower babies !!

you deserve to feel and to know that you are loved & appreciated for all the days of your life bc you matter so, so much ♡
& if any of you are hesitating abt posting munface selfies or cosplays bc of insecurity, don’t even give a damn about what society labels as “beautiful” and go be your own kind of beauty bc beauty comes in so many different shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, etc. there’s no one like you … never has been nor ever will be !!
i think you’re all beautiful when you leave behind a bit of your sparkle that no one else could ever claim, so just be fearfully and wonderfully you


miramickey  asked:

.... .... .... I saw it coming. It was just to good to be true. Why do you hate us so much? Bucky is right. Both of them are dumb as hell. Pepper is precious angel and must be protected at all costs. Now I am excited to see how they are going to fix this one.

Bucky is 100% right haha they are both being dumb, and I love how he just tells Tony straight up. Like YOU HAVENO VALID REASON TO LEAVE but also STEVE SHOULD BE HERE TELLING YOU NOT TO GO

Bucky is a Good Bro