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Literally yours and TT's relationship is seriously goals and despite my massive crushes on the both of you and envy that I'll probably never have something so pure and true and wonderful, seeing all the cute stuff the both of you post makes my day. I love seeing long distance working so beautifully.

((OOC: Thank you, that’s sweet of you!

I do hope though, that TT’s post yesterday/today has shown you that things are never ‘pure and true and wonderful’, and that if you want a relationship to be successful, you have to work at it. Don’t listen to rom-coms and bullshit in TV shows, because real life just isn’t so rose-tinted. Don’t be envious, especially of people whose lives you don’t see “offstage”. Everyone has their baggage and issues and strengths and weaknesses.

That being said. A few people have made small comments that I’m sure are jokes, but I want to be very clear that although it took a while before TT and I became official, it doesn’t mean they’ve put me through anything upsetting or hurtful. 

TT is wonderful, and our open communication has meant that our relationship is always an honest conversation, and we listen to each other and understand each other. Regardless of what our relationship status was, TT always showed me how they felt, and made me feel secure and happy in all the ways that matter.

They are such a good person, and their indecision over our relationship probably affected them more than me *weeps*. So yeah, I’ve not been suffering like a tragic heroine, as much as I do love drama. TT is sweet and funny and loving, as well as being crazy and a little shit, and I’m so goddamned grateful.

The person you should really feel bad for….is JESSIE. For dealing with both of our shit. XD))

Ruin Everything (Richie Tozier x Reader)

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Request: Hoi! I just watched IT, and I loved it! So much! could I trouble you with these two prompts for a Richie x reader (Because I fell in love with him) “We were partnered together for this project and we both forgot to do it, now we have to pull an all-nighter at my house” au and “Time to ruin everything.” (The first one from the second list, and the second from the first) (At least that’s how they showed up on my dash, so technically second and third) (Lel sorry)

Authors note: I hope you enjoy this!!!! Feedback is appreciated!!!!

Your heart was beating frantically as you approached Richie’s house, backpack over your shoulders and papers sticking out of every zipper. Your hair was disheveled and your cheeks flushed from running. Rapping your knuckles against his front door, you rock back and forth on the heels or your feet as you pulled on the straps of your bag.

Richie sluggishly opened the door, his tired eyes magnified behind his big ass glasses. He gave you a small smirk as he leaned against the door, your wide, panicked eyes enticing him.

“What’s cookin good lookin?” Richie snorts out, noticing the way you rolled your eyes and let out an annoyed huff.

“We forgot about the project Tozier!” You shout, hand reaching out and pushing his chest lightly.

“What project?” He scrunched up his nose in confusion.

“The one for history dipshit! Its due tomorrow!” You push past him, walking straight into his house. You could see the look change in his eyes, confusion turned to realization turned to mild panic.

“Oh shit… Welp, time to ruin everything.” Richie shrugged before grabbing your hand and pulling you into his room.

His room had posters adorning every wall, multiple radios and headphones scattered across his dresser and empty cigarette cartons laying around too. You didn’t notice how Richie stared fondly at you or how his heart started racing, maybe you thought it was because of the project and not because of you.

The night was full of lots of procrastination and dirty jokes, long hyper focused sessions and sleepy conversations. You didn’t even realize you fell asleep until the sun peeking through the curtains woke you up abruptly. Richie’s snores were coming from the ground next to you, his face laying on a sheet of paper.

“Richie.” You whisper as you rub your tired eyes, pushing him lightly. He hummed in acknowledgment, eyebrows twitch upwords for a quick second. You let out a breathy laugh, as you stare adoringly at him.

“Get up, we have school.” You try again, pushing him even harder. His eyes flutter open as he lifts his head slightly, the random notebook paper sticking to his cheek.

“We better get a fucking A on this shit.”

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I've heard many times that Qui Gon would have been a better master for Anakin, but I'm never really be convinced (especially considering the Qui Gon from Jedi Apprentice). Can I ask for your thoughts? I always love your meta and consideration, they're very well put and accurate!

Ahhh, thank you for being so sweet and saying such nice things!  I enjoy just talking in my own space and all that for its own sake, but who doesn’t like hearing from people who enjoy their stuff and want to talk to them?  ♥

I will say, to be fair, we don’t know that much about Qui-Gon and Legends is, well, some of it is uhhh Not Good At Star Wars.  We pretty much only have The Phantom Menace and Master and Apprentice.  Both of which convince me pretty firmly that I personally don’t think Qui-Gon would have been a good fit for Anakin.

In TPM, the big thing is that Qui-Gon immediately throws Obi-Wan over for Anakin.  Now, he does this to Obi-Wan, who is much more likely to understand why he’s doing it and I don’t think their relationship was terrible, he touches Obi-Wan’s face as he dies, that’s not someone who doesn’t care.  Master and Apprentice also comes in strong with how Qui-Gon felt very much for Obi-Wan, it’s obvious that he loves him.

The problem is that Qui-Gon got so wrapped up in the idea of Anakin as the Chosen One (but let’s be fair, he was right about that) that he stopped seeing Anakin as a kid.  He kind of ignores Anakin as a person–he treats him with kindness and care when Qui-Gon’s talking to him, but then just sort of leaves him on the ship when they’re leaving Tatooine, we don’t really get an indication that he checked on Anakin.  In further fairness, he may have, Anakin would have been so eager to please and fit in that he would have said YUP I’M FINE and Qui-Gon, used to people who spoke up about their needs, wouldn’t have realized anything further, not when he’s got millions of people’s lives depending on his mission.

But further he doesn’t seem to actually tell people that Anakin was a slave, we have no indication that Obi-Wan or the other Jedi knew about that.  And I get it, Qui-Gon didn’t want it to hold Anakin back, but I think it shows that he really didn’t have any idea what to do with Anakin as a kid, rather than as the Chosen One who really, really needed to be trained.

And most of all–can you imagine putting Anakin in Obi-Wan’s place?  Can you imagine what his reaction would have been if Obi-Wan had cut short the end of their Master/Padawan relationship because he had a shiny new Padawan that he was interested in now instead?  Again, Obi-Wan is not Anakin, he was not wounded by this the way Anakin would be, but I’m not convinced that Qui-Gon wouldn’t still have done the same thing, because he saw Anakin as The Chosen One, rather than Anakin.

That might be a bit harsh on him, I might not go so hard on the idea, except Master and Apprentice really kind of left me with the feeling that Qui-Gon, for all that he’d been watching them all over the years, never really cared that much about Anakin.  Reading the story, it’s obvious that he loved Obi-Wan deeply.  Reading the story, it’s obvious that Obi-Wan loved Anakin deeply.  And… that’s about it.  Obi-Wan enjoys being around Qui-Gon, but he’s much more focused on Anakin, his thoughts are of Luke and Anakin.  This is further backed up with Time of Death, where Obi-Wan’s life and emotions are centered around those two.  In contrast, Qui-Gon’s thoughts are more middle of the road, but I didn’t get a sense that he really cared about Anakin.

Again, in further fairness, Qui-Gon never actually spent much time with him while alive and watching someone as a ghost is not the same as actually interacting with them!  But when I would go over and read There Is Another, I would feel how much Yoda felt about Anakin.  And it just felt really, really missing from Qui-Gon’s story.

If someone wants to write a fic about them and develop the relationship, sure, go ahead!  But what I get from canon is someone who tends to not really get that other people have these intense feelings, someone who pushes his Padawan forward because he wants a new one (with good reason, but all the same it’s still true), someone who I don’t think would have been the emotionally invested in Anakin as his dearest friend on a personal level that Obi-Wan was, someone who would have seen Anakin as being the Chosen One so much more than being a person, and so would have allowed far more leniency with Anakin’s foundation cracks than he should have because, well, he’s the Chosen One!  I think Anakin needed Obi-Wan’s balance of those things–understanding of how he was different and still putting down structure and limits for him.

I do think Obi-Wan was probably too young to take on Anakin the way he did, but overall?  I WILL FIGHT THE INTERNET that there was no one who was a better complement for Anakin, no one who had a chance to really reach Anakin on a personal level, the way Obi-Wan Kenobi did!

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Prompt: Logan turns into a chicken sandwich and the others need to figure out how to change him back (yes this is a serious one)

This was so much fun to write, thank you so much.
I based the whole thing on THIS VIDEO (Cake by Tomska) because I love it so much and…it just fit so perfectly

Warnings: Food mention, some swear words, nudity at the end

Word count: 836

5pm, the whole house was quiet.
Thomas went out to meet up with Talyn and Joan to spend a day at a museum, Patton managed to get Virgil to take a nap with him since both were exhausted and Roman just got back from working at the Café.
He was hungry, exhausted and-

Just as he stepped into the kitchen, a plate with a chicken sandwich caught his eye, sitting on the table.
‘Oh bless you Patton’, he thought, confident that the emotional trait prepared it for him. He stepped closer to the table and picked the plate up.

„Put me down, right now.“

With a tiny shriek, Roman put the plate down right away again.
„How- what-“

„Roman, it’s me. Logan.“

Oh lord.


Several minutes passed, after Roman sat down on a chair, the Logan-Chicken Sandwich on a plate sitting on the table a few centimeters away from himself. Princey crossed his arms on the table surface, narrowing his eyes.
„First of all“, he began to speak,“can I eat you-“

„No you can NOT eat me, Roman!“

„But I’m hungry!“

„ROMAN! If you EAT me, I will die!“

„Point taken. Second question!“

Hearing a sigh from the sandwich felt so …odd.
Logan obviously was in a bad mood and fed up, already.

Putting his hands together, Roman took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a second, before eyeing the delicious looking Sandwich again.
„Why are you a sandwich?“

„I would rather not talk about it. Now, after answering your questions, are you willing to help me?“


„Oh my Lord, Logan!“
The Royal looked up from the piece of paper he’s been scribbling on for at least 5 minutes. Impressive, really.
„You are DELICIOUS!“

Actually, no, not impressive.

„You still can’t eat me!“



Patton and Virgil both stopped in the kitchen, looking equally tired and confused.

„Logan?“, Patton cocked a brow, rubbing the bridge of his nose lightly in between his fingers, „really? Again?“

Disbelieve made it’s way onto Roman’s face.
What did he mean with „Again“?


„So“, Virgil had a cup of coffee in his hands, leaning against the kitchen counter with his hip,“you insulted a wizard and he turned you into…this.“

„A delicious treat THAT I WANT TO EAT!“

„ROMAN! What is going on with you today?! You are acting up! But yes, I did. I made a remark about his ridiculous looking hat.“

Roman furrowed his brows, scrunching his nose lightly.
„Maybe you need to learn a lesson?“

„Which would be?“

„Well, you’re not very generous!“

„You. Can’t. Eat. Me.“


Patton’s disappointment was clearer than a crystal ball, his arms crossed over his chest. It was, in fact, not the first time it happened. The problem was, that both couldn’t remember how they fixed it again.

A sleek and mischievous smirk painted Virgil’s lips, who put the cup away and left the room.
To the question where he wanted to go, his only answer was:“I got an idea.“


„When you said idea…I did not expect you to put googly eyes on me, Virgil.“

Patton had to leave for a few minutes, holding back his laughter until he was out of the front door. Just stupid that all three of them could still hear him.

„Well“, Roman leaned back in his chair, tapping the table with his fingertips,“at least I do not feel the urge to eat you anymore. Things looking at me with big eyes make it difficult for me to eat them.“

Logan really didn’t want to be a sandwich anymore.


„And now you just put a tie on me. Please don’t, mayonnaise on ties doesn’t look good.“

Virgil groaned and took the tie off again, before grabbing his cup of coffee and taking a sip from it. With a sad face, he made his way to the coffee machine to make himself another one.
In the meantime, Patton came back again and sat down at the table as well, making up theories together with the others, on how to change Logan back. How they could fix it.

Nervously, Roman shifted and cleared his throat, before standing up.

„If you excuse me“, he shyly looked at Patton for a moment,“the porcelain throne calls for me.“

„Just call it the fucking toilet, Roman.“
The snarky remark from Virgil got completely ignored, as the Prince stepped out of the kitchen. Suddenly, there was a bang behind him and a person appeared, dressed in long, blue robes, a hat and a long beard. Out of shock, Roman turned around with a yell and instinctively punched the wizard, who instantly fell unconscious, turned to dust and disappeared.

The good thing was, Logan was back to normal again.
The bad things were a) Logan didn’t think he’d break the plate and b) None of them expected him to  turn back to normal, without wearing clothes.

„See? You should’ve kept the tie.“

At least Virgil had a good day.

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Imagine Ben gently brushing Rey’s hair and styling it into her trademark 3 buns for her. Not because her arms hurt and she can’t do it herself, but just for the intimacy. ❤️ Hope you feel better soon, treat yourself well.

Thank you so much, for both parts. ♥♥♥

(I especially love this because of braiding being a form of intimacy in Alderaanian culture and I like to think of Ben being raised to view touching a woman’s hair as breathtakingly intimate and his hands just shaking the whole time.)

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THREE CHEERS FOR THE NEW YEAR!!! The Chinese New Year, that is. (ok, so it's still a month away. But if I ask now there'll be plenty of time to answer the questions sent in before this one) Anywho; which creatures of the zodiac do you believe the axis and allies resemble most? And ,unless this is too much, which of the 12 do our lovely admins favor? :3

The Admins both favor the tiger, since that’s our year <3!
You guys can also check out the Chinese Zodiacs: Here

America: Dragon

England: Pig

France: Snake

Canada: Horse

Russia: Rooster

China: Rabbit 

Germany: Ox

Italy: Sheep

Japan: Dog

Romano: Rat

Prussia: Monkey

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soonyoung in bed

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  • a switch
  • a mean
  • did you see how he goes from
  • sweet baby boy
  • to the baddest ever
  • make outs are either him on top or you on his lap
  • if he lets you suck in his neck
  • and lets a out a whine
  • you know you’re in charge tonight
  • into overstimulation
  • both giving and receiving
  • wants to see how much he can take
  • whines a lot when he subs
  • whines get louder and louder the more he gets desperate
  • don’t even think about using toys tho
  • not really into that for himself
  • loves handjobs
  • so like imagine one night he’s the sub
  • and you give him a hand job
  • and stop when he’s about to come
  • and then you ride him
  • and as you’re about to deny his second orgasm
  • he begs
  • “i’ve been good, please”
  • and he sounds so wrecked ?
  • bye
  • if you don’t let him cum
  • get ready
  • he’ll get revenge next time he tops
  • smooth transition to dom soonyoung

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could you please tag the q slur? thanks so much and love your blog!

Absolutely not. You’re picked the wrong person to try this on. 

You wouldn’t ask a gay person to tag “the g slur” or a lesbian woman to tag “the l slur.” You wouldn’t ask anyone to tag either of those words that way, I’m guessing, even though they both, historically and currently, are used as slurs across the world in different contexts. That’s because you recognise that gay and lesbian are identity categories that are reclaimed/repurposed by the people they now belong to–i.e., gay and lesbian people. It would be, among other things, very rude and disrespectful to request that these people tag their identities as a slur every time they dare to utter the word. 

It’s possible you don’t know queer (LGBTQ+) history, or that you’ve been misinformed or misled in your learning of it by people who have an agenda re: removing queer from our vernacular and our articulation of identity. But in case you’re not aware, what you’re doing–asking for me, a queer guy talking about writing queer characters on my own blog, to tag queer as “the q slur” (note: notice that it’s not even asking for “cw: queer,” we’re not even allowed to say the word)–is a silencing and shaming technique used by gaytriarchy/TERFs/purists for pushing out “unsavoury” people (essentially, anyone not strictly binary gay/lesbian) from the community. 

The proliferation of “queer is a slur” ideology is not an innocent attempt to protect hypothetical vulnerable people from having to see a triggering word–that’s what tumblr saviour is for, because it picks up words within the text itself, not just in tags. If you’ve already blocked “queer,” “queerness,” etc. in your system, you shouldn’t be seeing posts that use the words. If the word queer is personally triggering for you, you should have already tailored your online experience in a way that is safer and more comfortable for you. You don’t need a special tag provided so that you can avoid the word. It’s not like pictures of spiders, or eyes, which might be posted without text. Therefore, I’m suspicious of anyone asking for such a thing. 

That’s because the proliferation of “queer is a slur” ideology is an attack on vulnerable (often the invisible, under-represented, and equally–if not, at times, more–oppressed) members of the community: bi/pan people, transgender people, questioning people, genderqueer and gender-nonconforming people, people who don’t fit neatly into preexisting labels, the people on the fringes of the community away from the mainstream spotlight and “acceptance,” the people who don’t like specific labels/sharing their personal details, and essentially anyone who doesn’t feel “gay” or “lesbian” describes their identity accurately and prefers to use queer as a way of describing themselves (although I’ll add that I know gay and lesbian people who also use queer to describe themselves, so there’s a crossover worth recognising). 

Riddle me this: if queer people aren’t allowed to use their word to describe themselves, what can they use? The other labels don’t fit them or their needs. Perhaps the desired solution is that they either assimilate, or be silent. If queer people are only allowed to use the word if they carefully tag and apologetically signpost that it’s a dirty word, a dangerous word, a hurtful word that it’s bad to be called or to say or refer to anyone as, how is that not wildly homophobic/transphobic (queerphobic in general) and overall a really toxic, twisted thing to do to people–and especially, as the demographic skews on this site, young people who’re looking for education, acceptance, and community re: their identity? It’s evil. 

Another issue with the “queer is a slur, don’t say it” ideology is that it’s heavily US-centric, which is offensive to me as an Australian, because here, in my country (and many others around the world, by the way), queer is the word for our community as a whole: queer community and LGBTQ+ community are synonymous. Yes, queer had a history as a slur, but it is no longer predominant in living culture as a slur. It’s also offensive to me as an academic, because in the professional scholastic circles that study, analyse, document, discuss, debate, and, importantly, fight to get LGBTQ+ history, culture, lived experience, stories, etc. acknowledged, respected, remembered, and passed on, the overarching field is called queer studies. Queer has always been here, and these days, it’s the norm term in many places. 

Additionally, the persistent attempts of certain people to redesignate the word queer as a slur and nothing but a slur, instead recognising it as the reclaimed term that it is, by claiming (obstinately, repetitively) that it’s a slur is intentionally deceptive. It ignores that 1. reclamation is a thing and that queer was/is reclaimed by the people who need it; 2. something can simultaneously be a slur in one context (i.e., to one person who has had a bad experience, or when said as in insult) but not in another (i.e., the thousands of people who self-identify with a word and have spoken in great number about how important it is to them); and 3. you don’t have to want to use a word about yourself to respect that it’s important and useful to someone else, and to respect their right to self-identify on their own terms. Essentially, this behaviour illustrates a desire to turn queer into being exclusively a slur, which is, I think, quite telling about the agenda of these people. 

Like I said before, slurs are contextual, which means that someone calling themselves and their community queer is fundamentally different from some fool bigot from outside the group calling someone queer. This is important, because reclaiming slurs is a powerful method of self-preservation and survival for oppressed people. (Ask yourself: who are the people that are hypothetically being “protected” from the word queer? It’s certainly not any of the queer people I’ve talked to, all of whom are actually hurt and upset when the word is treated like a scarlet letter).

If a woman calls herself a hag, for instance, because she loves witches and thinks mainstream beauty standards are bullshit and instead wants to embrace the concept of ugliness and undesirability and the power that comes from freeing herself from male fantasies, that’s totally fine. But if a man, for instance, goes, “You hag!” to her, that’s totally different, because that’s intended as an insult. But this woman, who now loves the word hag and loves the connotations she’s created for the word, instead feels empowered when she thinks of it or hears the word said, about her or to her, and the man’s insult is powerless. She goes, “Yeah, no kidding, I’m a hag! I’m glad to be a hag! Also, get a life!” By embracing the word, it doesn’t hurt her. That’s how reclaiming works. 

The only line I know from Game of Thrones is a quote that exactly describes how reclaiming works, which is why I know it! It’s a very good tool for explaining. It goes: “Never forget what you are: the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour, and it can never be used to hurt you.” When you own a slur, it becomes your word, and not theirs. They will have to find a different word if they want to hurt you, and then you can take that too. You can take everything from them and they are powerless. Their only option is to give up, or give you more words. By asking queer people–or anyone who even mentions the word queer–to stop using it, or to use it shamefully, with a tag, to acknowledge at every use how hurtful and bad the word is, is asking queer people to give away their word, and therefore their armour. It’s an erosion technique. It makes the vulnerable more vulnerable.That’s unacceptable. 

If you don’t want to be considered queer, that’s fine. If your concern is that some people don’t want to be called queer, that’s true. But it’s also not a major issue in actual offline life (as far as my experience goes) and certainly not a solid argument for using “the q slur,” because queer people aren’t calling non-queer people queer. If you don’t identify as queer or with the queer community in any way, then you can safely assume that queer people–including myself–are not including you when we talk about the queer community on our blogs. We’re talking about our people, our history, our lives. If you don’t want to be part of that, because you don’t want to accept or associate with our name for ourselves, that’s your business and of course that’s respected, but it means you don’t get to have a voice in the queer community (our community) and you certainly don’t get to ask that we not have a community or even a word for ourselves. If you want to be included when we’re talking about queer stuff, you have to at least accept our word for ourselves with the same dignity and respect you have for other identity labels. If you uninvite yourself from the party, you can’t ask us to not have the party because you don’t like parties. 

You’re not the first time I’ve gotten this kind of ask, but I’m hoping that you’ll be the last. I’m not going to tag queer. You thanked me a little early, but you’re welcome for the lesson all the same. I’ll add some extra reading in as well, in case you want to read more: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. They’re only brief tumblr posts on the subject, but I mean. There’s literally hundreds of books of queer studies/queer theory out there, so there’s no shortage of things to read further if you want to look them up. So.

tl;dr: no, and it was kind of rude to ask. I hope, since you love the blog and respect my work (?), you’ll take this on board and not ask anyone else in the future. 

oh my god claire is literally my lesbian knight in shining armor i love her so muuuuuuccchhhhh

I mentioned my aversion to playing fe4 because I didn’t want to have to marry Ayra to a man and you know what the darling did? she went and hacked the game so both lachesis and ayra have 0 love growths so i can pretend they’re married to each other, buffed the replacement units for the kids (so i can use the female hero!!! she has love growths at 0 too). god bless her…. now i can actually play this game in peace 



Imagine Leonard is soft when it comes to you. And no one really understands why.

“Y/N and I go back. As in way back.” Leonard admitted to Raymond with a sigh. Raymond blinked a couple of times, as he put two and two together. “You loved her didn’t you, Snart?” Raymond raised a brow.

 “I loved her so much to let her go. She deserved better than me.” Leonard mumbled,as his lips twitched. “So maybe its not a coincidence that you two have reunited. Maybe you’re destined to be together!” Raymond smiled. “Fat chance, Romeo.” Leonard shook his head. 

Then, you enter the deck and upon seeing Raymond and Leonard, you ask them what they are talking about. And the both answer in unison. 


The End! 

A lot of people think i’m sad that markhyuck got separated in this comeback/unit just because i ship them. Listen. In all honestly, i ship them in the friendly way A LOT more than romantic way. I’m aware that they are best friends, i still love cute fics about them and write them myself too, but i know they are just bffs. And that’s the reason why i’m so sad. Cause they are best friends and they had been best friends for so long, you can see how much they love each other and care for each other, you can see how they always hype each other and how they became each other’s support in many ways. Separating them in a time like this, when both of them really need to rest….i don’t know. It just makes me so so sad…🙁 and mark once said he misses donghyuck so much even if he can’t see him just for 10 minutes…😔

sorry if the fanart spam’s getting annoying

i wanted to draw some flapper shit and a fanart of our dear little queen ( i l ove he,,,r so fuc,,,kin,,,g m,  u,,,ch ) SO WHY NOT BOTH !


Are you kidding me!? I LOVE getting these! Just seeing these fan-art things in my inbox just makes my day! I love the art any of you send me! No joke- any time i see fan art of ANY kind in my inbox the largest smile on my face!


SHE LOOKS SO AMAZING! thank you so much for taking the time to draw this!! No words can express how much i love this!! 

(And im so glad you like our Queen dear~! )

Okay here’s the dealio, peeps

I have to take these two really intensive tests so I can get into the teaching credential program. Both are hours long and because I screwed up, I’m taking them in three weeks. Starting tomorrow, I’ll probably not be on here very much, if at all.

I feel really bad because I love you guys but I’m stressed the hell out and I need to pass these or I’m basically screwed.

I’ll be on periodically to check my messages but that’s about it.

Again I’m really really sorry

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Hello there~ Scenario of a female reader, being childhood friends with Bakugou and being Shinsou's girlfriend. Where Shinsou doesn't like the way sometimes Bakugou talks to his girlfriend (cursing and stuff) and sometimes being so jealous for the two of them get along so well too? She notices and tells him it's everything alright for him not to worry about anything~ that they love him very much!! fluff in the end ;D

Interesting! I hope to do this one well ^^


Bakugō Katsuki/Shinsō Hitoshi 爆豪 勝己/心操 人使

You had known Bakugou since the two of you were very little.

You grew up in the same town along with Midoriya, and you went to the same elementary and junior high schools.

Bakugou and you both had dreams of becoming heroes when you grew up. And what better school to attend to train to be a hero than U.A.?

It was your dream for a long time, one that sometimes felt way out of your reach. That is, until it was time to take the entrance exams.

It was tough, but you and Bakugou both made it in. The two of you were overjoyed (but of course Bakugou acted like it was nothing) and were more than ready to start your new lives at U.A.


You had grown accustomed to attending U.A. by now, but sometimes it just hit you that you were actually attending the U.A.

The only thing different about this week in particular was that it was time for the U.A. sports festival. Of course, you knew it was a major event and you had already been preparing for it for quite some time.

During the event, you were surprised by how well a certain purple-haired boy from the general studies course was doing, especially in the tournament.

After the sports festival was over, you’d had several opportunities to talk to the boy, whose name you learned was Shinsou.

Your feelings for Shinsou grew and grew, and eventually you realized that you were, in fact, in love with him. But he could never feel the same way, of course, because things don’t work out like that.

You were proven wrong, however, when Shinsou confessed to you after school one day. Just like passing the entrance exams, you were overjoyed.


Shinsou loves dating you. He loved you and how happy you made him feel. But there was one thing that annoyed him just a little bit, and that thing was Bakugou.

He was well aware that Bakugou was your childhood friend, but sometimes he just didn’t like the way he spoke to you. He was always yelling at you and calling you names, and Shinsou wasn’t happy about it.

Still, he decided it wasn’t any of his business, so he never talked about it. That is, until you started avoiding him and talking to Bakugou more and more.

Shinsou wanted to let it slide, but he felt like something was off. Were you actually attracted to Bakugou and not him? He knew that was unlikely, but he still had his doubts.

He couldn’t help but at least ask you about it.

“Hey, ______, do you wanna hang out after your training today?” he asked casually. It would be nice to hang out, but Shinsou’s true intentions about asking were to find out if you were going to be with Bakugou.

“Actually, I already made plans with Bakugou. Sorry, Hitoshi, maybe tomorrow?”

Shinsou shifted uncomfortably. “Listen, ______, I don’t like the way he talks to you. I know he’s your friend, but you shouldn’t let him speak to you like that. You deserve better than that.”

You laughed shyly. “Thanks for worrying, Hitoshi. But, really, it’s fine. Bakugou’s always been like this and I really don’t take it seriously. I get that it might sound bad, but it’s not and he means no harm.”

Shinsou was silent for a while, then spoke up again. “…Why have you been with him and not me recently? We’ve barely even talked these past few weeks and whenever you’re free, you use that time to be with Bakugou. Why is that, ______?”

You frowned. “Hitoshi, I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner. It’s actually because your birthday’s coming up soon, and Bakugou and I were trying to find the perfect gift for you. I’m sorry for making you worry, but I can promise that the gift will be worth it!”

Great, now he felt stupid. “No, I should be the one apologizing, ______. I shouldn’t have been so jealous like that. Really, I’m sorry. I’ll trust that Bakugou is a good friend if you say so.”

You smiled. “I’m glad. Maybe you two can even be friends!”

Shinsou chuckled. “I’m not so sure about that, ______.”

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What do you like in yordles so much? I get that they're connected with magic on other level then humans. But is that the reason you've been getting more of them?

((JK I fukkin love Yordles. And Karthus likes them too. Heck, there’s one in his own little private harem protected circle of souls that he picked up during a harrowing I think. I think they’re fun to draw, don’t take this as an example LOL. Both Karthus and I treat them as a different race. I don’t really get it when people think they’re all like… eternal children?

Karthus probably likes their proclivity to magic, as you said. He thinks their chaotic nature can be swayed to his side as well, if they’re already troubled. He doesn’t underestimate them.

As for getting a lot of them- I don’t think I do? At least compared to other blogs. It seems like humanoid and yordle blogs, with a few exceptions, don’t seem to mix too much?? I think I have.. 1 thread with a Teemo that came back recently. I know I have a few yordle blogs following me too.


I’m back, finally! So sorry for this long absence!! I really wanted a break here segfsg sorry,,,,

It’s also late for this, but Happy New year!! ;o; Hope you’ll have a great year and so much good luck and happiness guys!! I love ya so much…

I hope I’ll do some animations, illustrations and many stuff this year dgdfghdf (oh, maybe i need to post the updated commission info too but i’m too busy aaaaaa)

So yeah, about this art, it’s a vent that I drew yesterday with Arrietty Ells, my persona, but don’t worry i’m okay now haha, but I’ll continue this for a Lyrics Comic, hehe, so it’s okay to reblog, of course. c:

I’m actually doing a Stronger than you parody, both inspired by the Original and Frisk’s Response one!

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honestly? what mark is doing rn is fine with me. cool, have fun. but what  hate is the side of his fan going ‘’owwie too much!!!’’ ‘’take a break!!’’ but he did. last thing he did was WKM a while ago. you all act like jack is innocent lmao. he’s not, since you know him and robin do a lot of anti. you cant shit on one youtuber without shitting on the other. i had to follow my FRIENDS because of how this is actually hurting me. i almost cried so much last night bc of the thought of my friends hating a man over something. also, apparently his fans spam jack and ethan. since when? proof? where? BUT ALSO THATS NOT MARKS FAULT. THATS HIS FANS FAULT FOR NOT KEEPING THE SHIT IN HIS. OWN. FANDOM. if it its so bad, they both can make a announcement saying hey please dont do this. honestly,,,,i love mark so much i grew up with him around 2013 or 2014.. but all of this makes me not wanna be near him AND THAT HURTS ME SO MUCH?

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Happy birthday!!! The best of wishes(You and Sweater Guy also share the same birthday and I find it precious that both of my fluff sources were born on the same date) I hope whatever your heart desires comes true and you have a wonderful year full of joy and rest. Keep being the lovely author you are who graces us with their art. Also, never forget to rest and don't overexert yourself. I hope your fiancé showers with gifts and a fun day!

Wait really?????


Thank you so much for the kind wishes~! You are so lovely and wonderful. I’m working on a fic to post later today that’s working title is “what happens when lock writes for 4 hours straight on one project without planning because of birthday impulses” and I hope that you all enjoy it as a thank you for the kind birthday wishes like this. I’m doing my best at what I love and I’m so blessed to have you coming into my askbox to say such kind things to me.

(Unfortunately, my fiance closes at work today so I won’t see him until late. Tomorrow, though, we’re going out to dinner~)