but i love you both so much


I know I know there’s way too much text but there’s SO MUCH to love about this story: (1) ‘a ghost story that my daddy tells me’ wtf baby Jared; (2) ‘I should have slept for probably 12 hours’; (3) ‘just us and… plants’; (4) the fact that it’s S1 and they’re both about to pass out from sleep deprivation (look at Jensen’s wide eyes in gif 2 he’s like DO NOT SLEEP DO NOT SLEEP). Also the Texan accent but for that you’ll need to watch the video (it’s worth it).


You know in December we all did our top 10 robron kisses lists? Well, we’ve had another 9 (yes?) kisses since then so why don’t we fill this miserable void time by doing it again?

01.  The Woolpack pre-SSW kiss, because it is hot af, and they’re all over each other, and for Robert it’s all “I can’t wait to marry you and do this forever”, but for Aaron it’s just his gorgeous horny boyfriend again and he’s so willing to just go with it. 

02. The SSW kiss in the woods, because that’s just a blissfully perfect scene, rounded off with a perfect kiss, and they just love each other so much.

03.  The Reunion kiss, because they’ve both waited so long and it’s so gentle and full of promise and it’s like they’re getting another first kiss, which is different but no less “them”.

04. The Wedding Dance kiss, because a) it’s in public, in front of their families and friends, and neither of them are remotely bothered or embarrassed by it, which says everything about how happy and content they are, and b) Robert reaches up to cup Aaron’s cheek and tries to deepen the kiss, 100% ready to just go for it right there in the middle of the pub, before they’re sadly interrupted by Chas. 

05. The Goodbye kiss, because it’s so quiet and soft and gentle, but there’s so much love and fear and need there. They’re just clinging onto each other for dear life.

06.  The Portacabin kiss, because they spent a whole day using farm work as foreplay and they knew as they were walking up there that as soon as the door closed behind them they were going to fuck, and Aaron is definitely in charge and Robert is so pleased and they’re so damn hot.

07. The Night-time Bar kiss, because even after one of the worst fights of their relationship and one of them ending up in a cell, they still look at each other like that. They’re both admitting that the only place they want to be is with each other.

08.  The Engagement kiss in the hospital, because they’re so happy and in love and engaged and everything is good in the world.

09.  The First kiss, because they’re so greedy for each other and they’ve been dancing around it for long enough and it’s like it can’t go another second without happening.

10. The Deleted Christmas kiss - so you may have noticed that most of these are not just one kiss, but two kisses and I will forever be annoyed that this one was deleted and that Charity got in the way of the second kiss because it sounds amazing. They love each other so much!


happy lesbian visibility day everyone!! so far this year i’ve grown to accept and be much more open about my sexuality and i’d like to thank all my lovely friends (both online and irl) for being so accepting and amazing as i’ve become more open about my identity <3 <3

special shoutout to the @skamwlwnet for giving me a community of amazing wlw that i can always go to for support, i love you guys so much!!

Though about Killing Stalking

I read Killing Stalking today… or I should say I spend my whole night and morning to read it. And holy shit it’s horrible, disgusting and there’s more violence, both physical and mental, than I have seen anywhere. But it’s also very interesting if you don’t think it’s just “sick love story” I see someone taking it - both fans and antis. It’s very interesting “study” of how constant violence changes you, how it might courage your “darker side” or your mental unstability. Also this is classic Stockholm syndrome case and I don’t understand how anyone (yes, anyone) can find it hot or even hope they stay together. 

Then again I have to take some of that statement back, because the case wasn’t that different when it comes to Hannibal and that show was brilliant and murderhusbands just works. Of course there’s lot of fiction, lot of false truths and so much coloring in these series that you can’t compare them to life. And there is also big difference between those two thing since constant raping, beating, making someone absolutely depending yourself isn’t big part of Hannibal, but whole series of Killing Stalking bases on that. 

Anyhow, I find it kind of far fetched when some people say that Killing Stalking is promoting rape culture and it’s teaching how this kind of behavior is acceptable, sexy and trendy. It really doesn’t and if this manga is making you think so, there is something already wrong in your mind or how you have been raised. This is dark story of serialkiller, who has mentally lost his mind and keeping mentally unstable, rape victim with unrealistic crush as a hostage. He, of course, developes a Stockholm syndrome and at that point (chapter 20) when he is given the option to run, he is too far gone to do so. Being with his kidnapper has become his reality and anything else is too scary. 

So, please, do not make this kind of behavior sexy or romantic or anything like that. It’s suppose to be sick and it suppose to stay that way. There is no “true love” and anything regarding that. It’s facinating manga about abuse of all kind and it makes us unconfortable and makes us question lot in ourselves. 

It’s art. And it’s not promoting anything. It’s not love story either. Keep those in mind.

Honestly, I’ve been super obsessed with Hamilton as of late and Jamilton fanfictions seem to take over my life at this point BUT REGARDLESS this is my favorite song from the musical and so I did an animatic 


ever thought about how lena’s mother died it very well could have been from violence if she died when lena was only 4 years old ever thought about how lena’s mother and father (both it seems like before lena was even an adult) and then lex and now jack and even lillian (because lillian doesn’t love lena but lena’s never said that she doesn’t love her. that’s what makes it hurt so much–lena loves lillian)

basically do you ever think about how much trauma lena’s potentially gone through. and that’s all that we know about “i’ve had a lot of loss” sTOP HURTING MY KIDDO

hey my buds, just an update about what’s going on in my life:

As of Friday, our writers room on Shannara ended for the season which means as of this friday, I’ll be grinding on the unemployment train. That means lots of looking for jobs and shows with openings (which could take months and months and months to pan out) and lots of looking for freelance work as well as trying to gear up support and content on my patreon and coffee pages here, give y’all some content worth supporting, and trying to get all of my own writing projects to a point where they can actually be useful to my career or as publishable content and not just drafts. I will be both really busy and around a lot more so hopefully that starts making my voice and my blog of some value to you again. As always, your support on this long and often frustrating but amazing process is so ridiculously appreciated. Thank you and much love. 

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I was listening to Seventeen and thinking of lesbian JD and I started BAWLING. it means so much more to me now. my girlfriend and i are both 17, and i can't express how many times I've wished that we didn't have to be nervous about kissing in public or that i could talk about her to people without worrying whether they're homophobic or that we could just be regular teens in love without having to worry about what the world says. so thank you so much, this is everything i needed.

ugh this rlly gets me dude. i have felt ALL of these feelings and it sucks. it’s all that internalized homophobia bullshit that makes you doubt whether your relationship is ‘normal’ or 'appropriate’ enough for something like public affection. know that it takes YEARS to fully reject the heteronormative crap that we are fed from birth; power to you for starting that process. im sure you and your girlfriend are beautiful and i wish you all the love and joy in the world!!!!!!! 💕

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Hi. How's it going 😊 I have a question. I've been a Christian for over a year now and I love it. It feels good to have faith again and believe in God. It literally makes me happy. I have a boyfriend and we're both Christians but we're still doing it... if you know what I mean. I'm asking if we're sinning becuase we arnt married and could be why God presence isn't felt so much :/. Sorry for the crazy question. God bless you x

Hi friend,

I’m so glad to hear that you now know Jesus. :)

As for your question, it isn’t crazy at all! Here is an article on what the Bible says about sex before marriage. 

I will tell you that (and I’ve mentioned this once or twice before on this blog) my husband and I also had premarital sex. 

However, (and this is something I have not mentioned on this blog before) please know that just because you are already having sex does not mean that you cannot stop, repent, and then wait until marriage.

This is what my husband and I did. 

We were already engaged, and we had started reading the Bible together. Sex was a conversation that came up often, and we poured over what God said about it. Eventually, after lots of prayer and studying His Word and talking to one another, we decided to ask God for forgiveness and then make a promise to Him (and to each other) that we would wait until marriage to have sex again. 

So. Read His Word and study up on what He says about the subject, pray both together and individually, and then talk to each other about what you want to do. 

Sending prayers up. 

All my love,


[Why I Love] - Chpt. 10

Negan x Addison 

[Summary: Negan can no longer handle the tension between him and Addison]

A/N: ( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;) – i’ve pretty much outlined my chapters up to this point, so it may take me some time before I post the next one, depending on how bad the writer’s block is hahaha xx 

(gif by @normannipples

“What are you two doing here?” 

Naomi and Jade both stood in front of my door with mischievous smiles on their faces. Jade was holding onto three glasses, and Naomi revealed a bottle of wine she had hidden behind her. “We call it the new wife initiation” 

"New wife initiation?” I laughed. 

“Yep, you’re one of us now. I think that deserves a toast”. They walked inside, taking their seat on the floor. One of us now. That still sounds weird to me. Jade poured the drinks, as Naomi handed me a glass. 

“I just want you to know that you’ve got friends here” She admitted. I gave her a smile. She’s been so supportive and nice to me, even when I haven’t exactly reciprocated the same kindness. “You guys are awesome” I replied.  

The three of us toasted, taking a sip of our drinks. We were having a great time talking about life, love, and all the things we missed about the old world. The night and wine eventually turned us into three giggling girls, time passing by quickly without any of us realizing it. 

“So, have you and Negan…?” Jade raised her brows suggestively at me. 

“Uh..no” I admitted taking a sip of the wine, nervously tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 

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Can I have sidon headcannon when he first see his S/o wearing an zora wedding dress

- oh goodness someone help this man he is WEAK

- the compliments come falling out his mouth so fast he’s even slowing down the ceremony

- sidon do you take- “s/o you look so stunning!! I could look at you all day, I love you so much!!” ahem, do you take s/o to be your- “oh how did I get so lucky? you’re the most beautiful of them all! you’re amazing!”

- he is a Proud Groom and he wants to show them off to the world

- would not be embarrassed about asking people to take pictures of the both of them so he can treasure the moment forever

-mod makar

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I feel like Dark and Warf are the most dangerous especially to each other. I love the idea that they can warp reality to the point of disaster, but are both precise and selfish enough to keep things in balance. And that because they are equally powerful they DESPISE each other, constantly trying to one up the other. I love my scary drama queens 🖤

yES absolutely! they’re very powerful beings, that much is for certain, but their personalities and interests often clash. like, dark gets annoyed with how childish wilford can be at times. and wilford constantly pokes fun at dark for being so stiffed and sophisticated all the time.

wilford is definitely the one you will mistake underestimating, whereas dark you can see how powerful he is from the get go. but heaven forbid should these two ever team up…

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Aaaah so me and my boyfriend of 4 months both got a crush on our close friend and we finally told them and they felt the same and had the cutest excited squeal and ahh they're both so wonderful I love them so much aaah

Honey that’s so lovely!!!!! Tysm for sharing, i hope you and your SOs are very happy together!!! Xoxo

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who do you think are the most underrated awakening and fates characters?

Thanks for the question anon :) For Awakening, I think Miriel? So many of the Awakening girls are popular but I don’t see much love for her. Maybe it’s cause she’s more serious or that she’s such a glass cannon in game… but I still love her a lot.


I feel like since both of these girls aren’t designed as ‘sexy’ or ‘wife’ types they get put on the sidelines, which really sucks.  

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Hey I hope you are having a wonderful sorta end of the weekend (as it's Sunday rn.) I noticed in one of ur last posts you said u we're getting discouraged by the mer-pirate mchanzo comic, and just wanted to let you know that even if you do not feel satisfied with the turnout or just don't feel like continuing the piece that I still really love your art and want to thank you for sharing it with everyone. You have a very unique and great style - both on ur nsfw and regular blog. Thanks again!

Thank you so much Anon, that’s really kind of you! I am, honestly I did not think this would be as frustrating to draw but I don’t want to give up, so I’ll keep trying to make a nice page worth posting. You have motivated me to try again this evening, so thank you for the encouragement!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

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I've sent you something like this before so I'm a little embarrassed about doing it again! But I just wanted to thank you for such wonderful art! It's a lovely style and is so cute! You're one of the artists I follow that inspires me to practice and maybe post more of my own art sometime soon. You're awesome!

Don’t worry, anon, with these sick shades on, I’d never tell you messaged me before! :D But, no, serious, thank you so so so much! It makes me so happy to hear my art inspires you ;____; let’s both practice and pierce the heavens with our pencils someday! 

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Hey so I'm usually not too crazy fond of genderbends unless they're done super well (a lot of them are really meh), but OMG your Kairi genderbend that you posted today (both versions) is SOOOOO GOOOD! <3 Easily some of my favorite Kairi art. It works so well since she's already predisposed to being a tomboy, so she makes a great boy! Much love! <3

well i do enjoy re-drawing stuffs XD

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So oughta curiosity who's your favorite demon king and who's your favorite demon king to write? Have a frabjous day!!!

Okay, so I think that ones that are referred to as the Demon Kings are:

  1. Mephisto
  2. Amaimon
  3. Lucifer
  4. Astaroth

Right? Rin and Yukio don’t count for whatever reason? 

Well. If Rin and Yukio do count - my favorite person ever is Rin. So I love writing for him too. 

If Rin and Yukio don’t count - the Mephisto is the answer to both my fave demon king and fave to write. I feel like I capture him better than I do the others. (I don’t think I’ve ever written for Astaroth though. But considering we only see him for like what - 20 minutes? I don’t know him that well. But - if you guys want me to start writing for him I will try.) 

I haven’t seen much for Lucifer. And Amaimon is too…monotone, in my opinion. (I used to be crazy for Amaimon - but it was just a phase I suppose.)