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Bts reaction: You sulking on your bed because your butt is too big for the underwear you just bought - fluff and Smut-ish *requested*

This request made me chuckle i hope you enjoy!


When Jin walked into your shared room and saw you laying on the bed pour in the face he thought something was wrong. But when you told him your reason for sulking he would chuckle.

Baby you’re upset over something like that? You nodded in response. Baby how about you show me the underwear on you and I’ll give you my opinion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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When Yoongi got home from the studio to see you lying face first on the bed he was confused. Y/N you ok? You would look up at him with a huge pout on your face. No I’m not ok at all he’d raise an eyebrow at you before asking what’s wrong

The underwear I just bought doesn’t fit because my butt is too big. He would smile at that kitten, I don’t think that’s such a big deal, you can just buy new ones. You nodded at that but Yoongi continued plus I think you look better with no underwear at all ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Ahh Jagi why are you so pouty? When you told Hoseok about your small- whoops- issue he would sigh in relief. Ahh ok, i thought it was something bad. You would whip your head around to look at him Hobi it is a big deal!

He’d start chuckling at that. Y/N we can go buy some more tomorrow ok?

You nodded and smiled, though still sad about spending all that money. Plus your were to embarrassed to return the ones you didn’t try on. “Plus Jagi, who says you need underwear when I’m just going to take them off anyway?”  you gasped and chucked your pillow at him, while he only chuckled.

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this little shit

When you walked into your shared room and flopped onto the bed he would be confused. But he would wait for you to tell him what’s wrong. After a few minutes sulking you looked up with a pout . “So you going to tell me what’s wrong?” you nodded before explaining your problem.

“Well are you sulking because your butt is too big and you insecure or about the money you just spent?” you sighed “both i guess.”

“Well baby girl, you shouldn’t be insecure about your ass, most girls would kill for that.” he smirked and you snorted. “And the money isn’t really a big deal.” you nodded and sighed sitting up to give him a hug. Plus baby girl if you are still unsure about your ass, i can show you how much i love it”

You could probably imagine what happens after ;)

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When Jimin came home from practice to find you sprawled on the bed with a huge pout on your face he’d sigh‘What happened this time baby?”you sat up to look at him before saying“Chim i have a butt like yours.”his eyes would widen and he’d let out a surprised laugh“what?”you chuckled at his reaction.“My butt is too big for the underwear i bought Chim”

At that he would burst out laughing“Baby you should be proud of that!”you couldn’t help but chuckle at his reaction“I think it’s the workouts, and being with you, i am getting cursed with the Jibooty.” it was his turn to pout this time. 

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Tae was beyond confused to find you in nothing but a tee shirt and some panties sulking with more underwear scattered around you. Y/n are you ok?  You’d slowly sit up and looking him dead in the eyes Tae! I tried all of them every. Single. Pair. And none of them fit my butt! and at that you would flop over with a pout.

Y/n baby, you act like a big butt is bad. Sure the underwear don’t fit, we can get you more. And plus I like how you look with no underwear at all so…..

You’d raise an eyebrow Tae! Don’t turn my struggle into your turn on he’d only chuckle

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When this boy came home to find you struggling to pull a pair of too small underwear off he would be both confused and slightly turned on. You need some help there y/n?

When you saw him biting his lip you’d groan and chuckle. The underwear I bought today is too small, so yes can you help me? And then maybe just cause I love you I’ll reward you?

Needless to say You’d never seen this boy move so fast. And you can guess the rest ;)

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Hope you liked it lol


Jungkook x Reader

Summery: After a stressful day at work the only one to help you blow off some steam is Jungkook.

W/C: 1554

A/N: I haven't made one of these in literally FOREVER (well since I started this blog) and I just felt like it okay? okay here some Smut.

It was a rough day. As much as you loved your job you could hardly stand the clan of women you worked with. They seemed to push their relationships in your face, and even though you too were in a relationship, it was just the kind you didnt want in the public eye. Dating an Idol was hard, but for you and Jungkook to get any where in your relationship you had to keep it quiet. You were frustrated both mentally and sexually. At this point though, you were so mad at everyone around you, you felt not even Jungkook could fix it.

You got home and stormed pass the living room where alot of the boys sat munching and watching tv. You headed to your room, your heels hitting the floor a little harder than you intended. The boys hated it when you were anything other than happy and you knew your name was being whispered behind your back, especially since you didnt say hello to any of them.

You walked into your room to find Kook laying on his bed propped up on one arm, in nothing but grey sweatpants while playing video games. Tae and Jimin lounged on the floor in front of him. Jungkook looked up and gave you a sleepy smile while welcoming you home, his chest bulging  at the way his body was turned now. You looked at him with angry eyes. You weren’t mad at him, you were mad you weren’t under him.

“Out.” You said looking to the other two as you tossed your purse down with a light thud. The three boys all looked at one another but didnt question you as the game was paused and they rose to their feet.

“Out.” You said even more threatening as Tae hesitated to say something to you but instead nodded and followed Jimin out, closing the door behind him. You reached for the lock and looked back to Jungkook who looked at you with worried eyes.

“Jagiya, whats wrong?” He said moving on the bed so he was sitting up and facing you now. You watched as he moved focusing on his member that roamed freely under his pants.

You didnt say anything, only reached behind you to slowly unzip the back of your dress until if fell effortlessly off your shoulders leaving you in nothing but your black strapless bra, matching panties and the guarder that held up black panty hoes. Kook bit his lip as he’s eyes wondered down your body, his member already starting to show.

You stepped out from the ring your dress had made and walked slowly over to him. With every step you took you unclipped another clasp on your right leg until you reached the bed. You lifted you leg and place your high heel on the bed right next to Jungkook. You watched him as your thumb hooked under the thigh high stocking, slowly bringing it down to expose your smooth leg. He wrapped his hand around your thigh and placed a kiss to the inside. You ran your fingers through his dark hair and watched as he carefully removed your shoe and the rest of the stocking. He stood causing you to place your leg back down but stand on your toes so you weren’t lopsided.

He dipped down taking a steady hold around your waist before lifting you up and carrying you till he lent you down to rest on the mattress. He kissed you as his hands trailed down to the clips and before he move his hand to unclip them he pulled his mouth from yours. He looked down at you with loving eyes and bent back over to lay kisses on your jaw and neck, each kiss he would undo another clip until they were all undone.

He moved back up to kiss you passionately before once again tracing your jaw and neck, but this time he didnt stop. He kissed down your cleavage and across your stomach till he met your still clothed leg. His kisses trailed down your leg as he removed the stocking, sending chills up your spine. You continued to watch him as he kissed back up your leg till he took the top of the guarder that was still around your waist between his teeth.

“Jagiya?” He whispered. You rose an eyebrow at him and took his cheeks in-between your hands as he moved his body back up yours. “I don’t know how to undo this.” He said even softer. You couldn’t help but giggle.

You knelt so you were now almost eye to eye with him as he stood in front of the end of the bed. As quickly as you could you undid the belt and smile while biting your lip as he unclasped your bra. Once again he laid you down while crawling on top of you and quickly crashed his lips to yours, he was obviously hungry for you now. You held your hands to his cheeks, feeling his cheeks heat up with every time your mouth reconnected with his. His tongue quickly slipped into your mouth and the feeling of him pressing harder in-between your legs made you moan. You moved your hands from his cheeks and ran them down his chest letting them gracefully hit each muscle that now popped out of his skin till your hands met the band of his pants. You hand was stopped before you could enter his pants. Jungkook brought your hand up so and placed a kiss on your knuckles.

“Today is about you, baby girl.” He said repositioning your hand over his heart.

He kissed you again before sitting up to  remove his sweatpants, finally exposing his fully erect member. His lips met yours again almost reading your mind that there was already enough foreplay and you’d much rather become connected with him as fast as possible. You rotated your hips searching for him and soon Jungkook was pulling out of the kiss to line himself up with you. Once he entered you a smile broke to your face as you tilted your head back. You lived for that first connection the two of you shared because every time was like the first with him. He started off slowly, kissing you gently before he sat back up and pressed the back of your knee until it was close to your cheek. He knew exactly what he was doing as he purposely positioned you in a way that he felt confident he could get as deep as possible.

Deep he got, that was forsure. Every pump a wave of pleasure would shoot through you and eventually biting your lip to keep from making to much of an obvious noise wasn’t enough and your teeth sunk into your arm that you placed over your mouth. Your hands found his back and pressed hard against it knowing you weren’t allowed to make any marks on his skin, but the sound of his staggered breathing as he pushed further into you made it near impossible. Just as you started to feel your orgasm approached he instructed you to roll to your stomach to try and prolong this moment as long as possible.

“Jungkook” You said breathlessly as he squeezed onto your behind hard and started pumping into you again. His shaky breath made you shutter again, your orgasm coming on even faster this time.

“Not yet baby.” He said and somehow he had managed to get under you with out leaving your body for more than half of a second.

His arms pulled you down so your head rested in the crook of his neck. One hand held onto your hair while the other held its firm grip over your back. Though you were on top it didnt stop him from pumping into you as fast as he could. This time you ignored his rule and bit into his shoulder to try and keep yourself from moaning too loud as your orgasm threatened for the third time.

“I love you so much.” Jungkook growled into your ear as he pulled your head away from his shoulder.

No matter how hard you bit your lip you couldn’t fight the whimpering noise coming from your chest as you climbed your orgasm. Jungkook Pumped into you harder and harder until you gave one final harsh breath and your entire body erupted to release your orgasm. The feeling of your shaking in his arms pushed Jungkook over the edge too and as he rode out his high your body continued to shake and the pleasure once again rose in the pit of your stomach due to your body being so sensitive to his pumping still.

This time you couldn’t hold back your moan as you rode your second high. You could hear Jungkook chuckle lightly now wrapping two arms over your bare back. He carefully pulled himself from you but still hit a sensitive area causing your body to jolt at the touch. He laughed again placing a sweet kiss to the top of your head.

“Do you feel better?” He said kicking the sheets over the two of you.

“Mmmm yes.” You said with heavy eyes as you traced a circle over where his heart continued to beat at a quick place.

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You're like the sweetest person ever. And I love how passionate you are with your characters, yet still goof around with them <3 You are an inspiration, as both artist and person.

Aaaah this gorgeous message ;-; thank you so much you beautiful person ❤️❤️ this made me smile so much ;///;

boyfriend pjm
  • jimin would literally be the cutest boyfriend ever
  • he’d be really shy in the first few months
  • but after the 4th month he would be so affectionate
  • C O M P L I M E N T S 
  • 26/9
  • this boy will compliment you every chance he gets 
  • cuddles
  • so many cuddles
  • forehead, cheek, nose, and neck kisses
  • lots of kisses everywhere’s
  • light PDA in public, i.e handholding
  • but in private
  • you can’t keep your hands off of each other
  • you both spoil each other 
  • so much
  • lots of gifts
  • he was so many photos of you on his phone
  • your his lockscreen background
  • cooking together 
  • him dancing for you
  • dancing with him
  • d a n c i n g !
  • he loves when you watch him dance to
  • manly because he knows it turns you on
  • especially during his hip thrusts
  • H I P T H R U S T S 
  • jimin is a switch don’t fight me on this
  • will be your daddy and your boybaby ;)
  • soft moans
  • loves to go down on you
  • anyways :)
  • he’d treat you like a queen/king
  • he’d be supportive of whatever you do
  • hanging out at the dorm
  • and having the boys tease you two
  • but you guys tease them back
  • basically the boys absolutely love you
  • watching the boys fight over who your going to name your first born after
  • getting a pet together, maybe a cat or dog
  • skyping when he’s on tour
  • basically jimin is the cute bean ever
  • and the best boyfriend

ksj | myg | jhs | knj | kth | jjk



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Re Reunion: ' “Will skater Nikiforov please take to the ice,” the announcer called, sounding a little exasperated. ' I love this line so much. I imagine it being a combination of "Yes, we know you two are in love" and a Yurio style "OMG STOP IT YOU TWO"

It’s pretty much ‘We are all very, very happy for you both but we’ve called you three times now Viktor and we will have to start deducting points for a late start if you don’t get a move on’ 。゚(TヮT)゚。



Basically, Reiko figures out Hinoe is actually a youkai and Hinoe considers eating her (A MONSTER LADY’S GOTTA DO WHAT A MONSTER LADY’S GOTTA DO) but then some birds steal her hairpin and she’s like “OH NO MY PRECIOUS HAIRPIN” and Reiko’s like “aw if it’s that important to you I’ll help”.

Then she, with truly amazing aim, throws a stick at the bird and makes it drop the pin, dives heroically into the water, retrieves the hairpin from the bottom of the lake and is like “lol hey youkai lady i’m only giving this you if you lead me out of the forest btw”


Nyanko-sensei doesn’t really get why Reiko sassily blackmailing her is specifically is what made her fall in love, but as Hinoe points out, this is because he is too pedestrian to understand the complicated heart of a lesbian:


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have you ever listened to poison & wine by the civil wars? i think it's a lisbet and ivar song when they're a bit further down the line, maybe even now

Ooooh I just put this on and I like it! It’s actually quite fitting for them at this point in the story:

I wish you’d hold me when I turn my back
The less I give the more I get back
Oh, your hands can heal, your hands can bruise
I don’t have a choice but I’d still choose you

Oh, I don’t love you but I always will

Very much captures what they are both going through right now. I’m actually getting a bit emotional hearing it haha. These little fucking lovebirds.. holding so much back from each other yet still wanting to press forward. Dang, I might make some progress tonight now.

Thank you!!

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So I've been thinking about this for a few days but you know how TFP Megatron just goes off on his own after being controlled by Unicron? I've kinda got an au thing where he gets a human buddy after they've both been captured by some other species and they have to work together to escape. Then the human just ends up tagging along with him (much to his reluctance) and he ends up getting attached to them after a while and loves his little human and wouldn't let anyone harm them!

Literally all I want from any Transformers canon is to have one of the Decepicons get a little human buddy of their own and have a memorable road trip-esque story arc that blossoms into a beautiful friendship.  But have I gotten that???  NO!!!  >:|  

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Do you think Kylo/Ben could die in episode 8/9? If not what are your reasons? Btw love your blog!!

Yes, I think it’s possible. I **highly** doubt he would die in TLJ. His story arc will not be fully realized, and we have to remember that he has to serve the main heroes in this story as much as himself.

His plot needs to help resolve both Rey’s and Finn’s, as well. So, I think we will see him live through at least TLJ.

I think it’s possible he could die in 9, but I think it’s very unlikely.

Star Wars is dark for a kid’s tale (which I love about it!), but I don’t think they’re going to end the Skywalker line in total tragedy - that’s a level of dark I, personally, wouldn’t even want to see.

Whatever happens, it’s VERY important that he informs Rey’s arc and stays central in the Force plot of things, for obvious reasons. I’d say the main thing that convinces me he’ll live - besides being the last Skywalker - is the themes of balance/yin and yang, conflict, and moral ambiguity that seem to be present in this story, in particular. I think Rey is going to find herself a bit lost at some point and Kylo - having been there before - will be able to assist her through that. And -whether romantic or not - I think they will carry on through to the end in a partnership in the Force, and I imagine the both of them together will be the founders of some new Jedi Order. Through the dark and light in both of them, they can begin to set up for a better, more balanced future of the Jedi. I also hope they will stop all this “NO FAMILY, LET’S-TAKE-YOU-AWAY-FROM-EVERYONE-YOU-LOVE-IN-CHILDHOOD” nonsense of the Jedi.

***THIS is another reason I think Reylo will become romantic - it makes a point from here on out that the Jedi can and will have families from this point onward in Star Wars. It suits not only the plot in context of these two characters searching for love and belonging, but it also helps set up a new kind of Jedi order in a very clear, discernible way that audiences of all ages can grasp easily and without too much explanation.***

So yes, I think Kylo will live through to tell his tale - albeit very sad and still regretful over what he’s done. I think he will likely end this story nearly dying, though, and that he will have been willing to sacrifice his life to save others.

I also think he and Finn will have a moment of finding mutual respect for each other, which I am looking forward to. I want to see Finn have to face that challenge, because I think it will be greatly SYMBOLIC for Finn. Once he faces Kylo I think it will be symbolic of him finally accepting his Stormtrooper past, and letting go, to realize that the Resistance IS where he is strong, a leader, and where he belongs. Being able to accept Kylo in his redemption is likely symbolic of Finn being able to accept that he came from the FO - it is a part of what defines him, and a REAL part of who Finn is as a person. Even if he is afraid or ashamed of that origin - it is a part of him. I think Finn will have to face that in TLJ, and I hope to see it resolved - in part - by his confrontation with Kylo - whether in TLJ or Ep 9.

Finally, I think that since Leia will not survive, and Luke is kind of… well, seemingly quite dark and menacing in the marketing… I think that Kylo has to be the ray of hope for the Skywalkers. That through the darkest hours of the Skywalker line, he was still able to shine through and find that goodness that lies within - to overcome the curse of that Skywalker name and redeem it for the better.

Basically, it’s a space fairy tale

So, in short, I think Kylo has a long way to go in serving the characters and plot, and that he likely will survive to the end.

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hey i'm really excited for bitn and I love the characters so much!! what clubs/sports/hobbies do they all do? I know you've mentioned some already but i'm really curious about characters like jordan and others we haven't heard that stuff about!

jordan, lucas, & noah both founders and are the sole members of the antiques club

lucas & avery are on the football team; avery is team captain

nadia is cheer captain & president of the school’s GSA

mona, benji, & RJ are in the school paper

benji & mia are also in tech!

mia’s also the girl’s volleyball team captain :0c

I love online interaction because you can be so choosy. I am having a minor mental breakdown over…. I don’t know what? I’ve got a headache behind both ears and they’re kinda ringing and everything is just Too Much. But I am perfectly happy to do online things, it’s just people irl that are Too Much. I can’t tell people irl to stop talking and leave me alone because then I’m a bitch. But online I can just say “brb, need to do something” and I just sit and breathe for a minute and I’m good.

The Hard Worker- Jughead x Reader

Request: Hey I was wondering if I could get a ship and maybe a imagine that goes with my ship for my birthday? I have red curly hair, blue eyes, and I’m 5'8. I love photography and going to to concerts. Most of the time I’m home or at work I like my time alone so I can concentrate. I don’t really do anything other than work and photography. So yeah thats pretty much it thanks I would love to have a both but if you can only do one its cool thanks again.

A/N: Thank you so much for this request. I decided to make this a Jughead ship and he is also a compulsive worker! I hope you enjoy.

Warnings: None

Word count: 665

Jughead loved you and there was no doubt about that, but he’d started to begin feeling like he was watching you from the outside. You’d first met him at a concert that Archie had dragged him to. He hadn’t wanted to go at all, as big crowds were something he near despised, but boy was he glad he did go. From the minute you stumbled out of the mosh pit and into his arms he knew you were special.

But now; that fun-loving girl that Jughead had met just a few months ago was beginning to drown in work and was consumed by her school grades which worried Jughead to no end.

He lay on his stomach on your bed with his head rested on his hands, watching carefully as you scribbled something into a science text book, running your hands through your fiery red, curly locks in a stressed manner. He knew just the thing to calm you. “Y/N guess what” you heard Jughead say. You sighed in slight irritation that he’d interrupted your thinking but spun round on your chair anyway. “What?”
“Guess who got two tickets to (your favourite band) next weekend!” Jughead exclaimed, waiting for you to jump around in excitement, but you didn’t. “Jughead I work at the restaurant on weekends you know this!” You sounded somewhat angry and his face displayed a hint of hurt which made you somewhat regret your tone. “I was thinking maybe you could get the night off, just this once?” He sounded so hopeful. “Well you thought wrong, I need the money.” And with that you swivelled around again on your chair in attempt to continue your homework, but it seemed you would not be able to.

Jughead let out a huge sigh. You heard him mumble something but couldn’t make out what it was. “What?” You asked him, willing him to speak up. “I said this isn’t you Y/N!” He exclaimed, you were somewhat taken aback. “What isn’t me? This is me trying to make the best out of my life and get good grades, and I’m sorry if you don’t like that but it isn’t going to change.” You told him, but you weren’t angry at him. You were more angry at yourself for the flicker of pain that crossed his face at your words. Jughead didn’t speak, he just stood from your bed and made his way over to you, placing a finger under your chin and making you stand to his height.

“I get that Y/N. I really do.” He whispered. “Do you think I wanna end up like my dad?”
You suddenly felt bad. Jughead’s dad was what you were scared of becoming and you hadn’t even realised it. “I don’t, I want to be so much more for you.” He told you, and your heart melted. “But that doesn’t mean I have to cut every source of joy from my life. You need to cut yourself some slack Y/N. You’re the hardest working person I know and I couldn’t be prouder, but you need to reward yourself.” You slowly began to nod your head. He was right, you did need to cut yourself some slack. “You’re right.” You whispered to him and he let out a low chuckle. “When am I not?” He joked and you rolled your eyes, placing a light hit on his shoulder, but he returned it with a light peck on he lips.

“Come; lie down with me.” He said, his hand pulling you slowly towards your bed where he lay and pulled you down beside him. You nestled your head into his chest and inhaled his comforting scent, allowing yourself to relax for the first time in God knows how long. “So the concert?” He asked, still sounding hopeful.
“I suppose I could have just one night off.” You giggled, and in that moment you realised how lucky you were to have a boy like Jughead by your side.

A/N: sorry again that this was short but I like it. Don’t forget to send me your requests!

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i didnt see this answered anywhere and im on mobile so sorry if you have but how are you both deciding how to do the emails is it just the mods do their respective characters or do you talk about the responses or just have a vague outline and play off of each other?

Both of us think this is a great question, we both love it so much! 

So what we’ve been doing is we communicate about general plots and ideas for where the story goes, but we don’t share letters with each other before hand so the reaction is more genuine. This is a much of an acting exercise as it is a writing exercise. 

At the moment we are on a phone call with each other and this has made it a lot easier so we may do this more often. 

- Mod Evan

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This is kind of a sad ask, but do you have any recs with self harm or abuse aspects in them, preferably longer fics. Thanks a ton, love, and I cherish your account.

Hello! No it’s not sad at all, I understand the need to read heart-wrenching fics like these sometimes ( ◡‿◡ ) I wasn’t sure if you wanted jikook-centered fics alone, so I included some with general/platonic pairings :) I hope this helps! And thank you so much, I truly cherish lovely anons like you ♡


Title: A Little More
Author: sue_bts
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Angst, Smut
Summary: Jungkook and Jimin are dating, or at least they were. Jungkook wishes his mind would shut up, Jimin wishes his stomach would stop nagging him for food. They’re both ruined. And it never seems to get better.

Title: Disgusting
Author: fiddle_styx
Rating: Teen
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Jimin’s the type of person to have a smile on his face, with scars on his wrists. The type that’s secretly falling apart, more cracks appearing as the days go on. The type with too many demons all in his head. Whose so close to the edge, so feed up, so tired, so sick of reality, that ground below the cliff would bring every ounce of relief that he needed. Would be as if he were sinking into a soft bed, after a too long day. He was ready to let go, but there was a hand on his wrist, pulling him back and he wanted to stuggle, wanted to scream, too cry, but the grip on his wrist held him tight. Till he never thought of the cliff again.

Title: In the Gap Between Tall Buildings, I Found a Rainbow
Author: kazegafuite
Rating: Mature
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: Jungkook was miserable, angry at the world, wrecked and lost, left alone with nothing but a dangerous mind and too many thoughts to handle. Until Jimin found him. He found him in pieces and he collected them all in his own tiny hands, to glue them back together. To fix him. But sometimes it’s just too late.
Warning: Major character death

Title: Think Again
Author: snatchim
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut
Summary: When Jungkook finally sees Jimin again he realizes Jimin is still the same hurting boy he once knew. The same boy that needed saving and loving, the same boy who still needed to be saved and loved. But was Jungkook willing to save him or love him… again? Or was his self pride and future more important than the boy he once loved?


Title: Perfect
Author: wittykitten
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Summary: BTS was all Jimin had dreamed about, but too soon everything went wrong. The fans’ comments with the members so-called jokes, Jimin’s entire world tilted on its axis, leaving the boy alone and disgusted with himself. But of course, there’s always a way to fix things… even if the consequence is life or death.

Title: Still Wishing For Better Days
Author: PinkuPrinceu
Rating: Mature
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff
Summary: Here he is, at 3:36 in the morning, glaring at his reflection. Glaring his lack of abs, his soft cheeks and that one pimple he’d managed to get. Or Yoongi finds Jimin in the bathroom and all the members take care of him.

Title: Unwanted Attention
Author: rayleigh_callister
Rating: Teen
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: When Jungkook starts to act strangely it’s only a matter of time before the others discover the cause.

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I am loving all the tea you are spilling today. It feels like there are very few people defending Colin from the haters (both c!sers and s!qers). It's tragic that a fictional couple is more important than actual people. It's fiction, it could be whatever and however you want it to be. And here's hoping that when ouat is finished Colin will be free of this toxic shit.

I will always be ready and willing to defend Colin, because he’s a sweetheart and he deserves fans who appreciate his great qualities and respect him as a human being. I love that guy so much. He makes me smile with his adorable and his silly and his him. I just want nothing but good things for him. I mean, celebs will always have haters, but I hope he knows those are just crazy people and his fans still adore him and stand behind him <3

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ok so firstly hi! i am a level one daenerys x jon shipper on the show bc i love parallels and metas. and i dont read fanfics or even the books...but i am a hardcore fan of them being together its just purely one of the most brilliant otps in any tales ever. I LOVE UR BLOG SO MUCH BTW. you are most kind and u answer questions wholeheartedly... so that is my testimony and my super random question is: in THE boatbang scene (i love ur choice for that name lol) what would both of em possibly wear?😅

Omg thank you so much for the kind words ilysm??!?!?!

I am so glad you like my blog and can love Jonerys with me :’D

Well for the infamous boatbang haha I don’t think that they will be dressed special if I’m being totally honest. However I do think Dany will be wearing something akin to a nightgown, so maybe something closer to the kind of dresses she wore in Essos. Which obviously Jon wold be totally enamored with <3

I read in a supposed leak awhile back that Dany would be wearing her hrakkar pelt. But the leak overall sounded really dramatic and not real so I don’t believe it, as much as I wish I could. That being said, the hrakkar would make sense since they are traveling into the coldest climate Dany has ever been exposed to!

As for Jon, I expect he’ll be wearing his Stark leathers, but without that new metal gorget we’ve seen this season and without his big fluffy cape. 

My wish for the scene is that Dany’s hair hangs loose, because that’s when I think she is most beautiful. And I think timeline-wise, it would make sense. Think about how last season, episode 1 Melisandre looked ROUGH and had her hair kind of disheveled because she was facing a crisis of faith. Well for us now, Dany will have just lost Viserion and be facing her own crisis. So I think that her polished, regal look might be left by the wayside. 

And speaking of hair, if she doesn’t get lost in the moment and pull Jon’s hair out of the manbun, I am going to be mad at the lost opportunity hahaha.

Thanks for sending this hun :D

Two of my colleagues (in their 50s and 60s respectively) started talking today about how much they love Sign of the Times so I was telling them about the album and both of them excitedly asked me to bring it in next week so they can listen to it!

The best thing was that one of them was like “he’s really making his name as a solo star isn’t he?” and the other said “well people always talk about how rubbish One Direction are but I really like what I’ve heard of theirs and I don’t think they’re any worse than Harry”

And they asked me to make them a mix tape of my favourite 1D songs so they could get into more of their music! It was really sweet and given that I had no part in initiating the conversation it’s interesting to see how people who aren’t the public’s idea of a One Direction Fan are reacting to their solo efforts

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I sent my girlfriend a picture of the sun all excited and she was like "she thinks the sun pretty, but I think she's prettier" and I died because she's so perfect for me and I'm so in love that it hurts. This is the first time I've ever been in love with anyone and it feels amazing, I love her so much and I've only been with her for a few months, but I think she's the one. I hope she's the one, we'll see in a few years, but I hope we stay together because I think I want to marry her.

Oh my god??? That’s so sweet??? I love and appreciate you both and I hope nothing but good things for you


Okay so these are the two outfits I’m trying to choose between for the ROH show! I really like them both but I’m just not sure. I like the first one but I’m worried that it’s…I dunno…too much maybe? But I’ll let you guys help me decide. Option 1 (left) or Option 2 (right)?