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i know y'all saying you don't want an english album (i don't want it either) but then you gonna love it and support ist, just like the thing with the chainsmokers...

I’ve already said that; no matter what I’ll support BTS, that’s not the point. 

The point is; I hate when people say shits like that aren’t true, I don’t believe there are any Armys/Armies would actually want BTS to make an English album, any true Army would/should know that BTS has been working hard already and learning new language ain’t that easy… And now imagine them working twice hard as they used to, even the idea of it scares the shit out of me.

I also, that’s my personal opinion, didn’t like the “Best of Me” song because it wasn’t like BTS; it was Western music and if I wanted to listen to Western music, I would stan One Direction or any other Western groups. 

But I stan BTS, I want to listen songs like; “Tomorrow” “Let Me Know” “Rain” “Hold Me Tight” “I Need U” “First Love” “BS&T” “One Day” “Spring Day” “Autumn Leaves” “House of Cards” “Run” “Butterfly” “Love is not Over” “2! 3!” etc…

BASICALLY, I want to listen to BTS; I don’t need Western songs, BTS is BTS… I love BTS because of they are themselves, they don’t need to change; we will love them no matter what.

I don’t want them to Westernize and change their music style just because “we want” them to make an English album (!) 

It’s my opinion but I am %100 sure that there are lots of Armies/Armys would agree with me on this.

My summer consisted of hiding amongst the wildflowers, and hoping you’d think to look for me. I sang with the birds and befriended the bees. It was quite lovely, actually. Until the storm rolled in. Sudden white flashes filled the sky, and the gray-blue color i’ve always been fond of took over the happy haven. The rain pelted against my skin, as if it were warning me to go back; as if it were telling me to uncross the line and forget my useless intentions. What I meant didn’t matter, it couldn’t change what had happened. You never came. I wilted like the flowers, and I drowned like the bees.


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Ik you talk about Darcy being a tiny little newborn but what if she came out big like 9/10 pounds ? And she just popped out with the cutest little chubby cheeks !!

Well, I should clarify that I talk about ALL babies as being tiny little squishies no matter their size, hahaha. D isn’t actually all that little technically. She’s pretty much bang on average and gets lots of sweet little rolls pretty quick! But I get what you mean! That would be precious. They’d just love kissing on them all the time. D actually ends up having big babies when she’s older! Both of her kiddos are over 9 pounds and I bet have the CUTEST little rolls and softness. 

ALSO. Can you just imagine their SHOCK if she came out that big?  Their just looking at each other like, “Oh my gosh. I can’t believe I did it!” Just cooing so fondly at all of her little wrist rolls and chubby cheeks. “I don’t think you’re going to fit into the clothes we packed for you, lovey. That’s okay though. We’ll figure something out, huh?” It would be so sweet. :’)) xx.

I was tagged by @dreamsarelikedragonflies. Thanks so much, Eva <3. 

Rules: tag 10 followers you’d like to get to know better. 

Name: Iris

Nicknames: Etude, that’s what I like signing as in my open letters. 

Star sign: Pisces, but don’t assume I’m a little fluff bunny ball of love and shyness. Oh nonono, not at all. 

Sexuality: straight, but I support all people, no matter what. 

Height: tall enough for my age, short overall. 

Hogwarts House: Slytherin, but I’m not evil most days. 

Average hours of sleep: what’s sleep?

Dog or cat person: dog. Definitely dog. 

When I made my blurg: August of this year. 

Follower count: 1,400. Thank you to everyone following me!

Why I made a tumblr: I’m a writer, I write, and I want what I write to be read. I only found the poet side of me later on, thank you, tumblr, for showing me this side of myself. 

Reasons for my url: You can hide from problems in the dark, but when the sun rises, you either have to face them, or suffer. 

Alright y’all, I’m tagging: @killed-by-my-own-breathing @alex-a-roman @sapphiredwolf @dark-blade-wonderland @urlkwen @dolores-hazy @leesacrakon @momfriendlogan @withering-wildflowers @inrumford @oh-wow-i-write 

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I'd love if you did more creepy Pokemon entries

I’ve been meaning to write a post on this, but I might as well do so now so I can still answer your message and explain what’s going on.

Things have been rather awful lately. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve experienced some of the most horrible days of my life, and the worst of it is only a matter of time. I’m grateful to my followers, and I really enjoy running this blog. I love Pokemon, the fandom is great, and I appreciate that you enjoy my edits and would like to see more. I just don’t have the desire or energy to partake in anything related to tumblr or fandom in general. I’m not deleting my blog, so for now I’ll just put it on hiatus. 

Thank you for understanding.

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Hello, i have a little question about Santa 2017. Should i write in "Anything special" field that i can gift a fanfic only but not a drawing or smth else? I totally don't understand this year system(

Everything you put into your SS entry is NOT about what you will do, but what you WANT! So that box is for any special or specific details you may want with your request.

For example, in my request box I may have put that I wanted demo in a sweater,
and in my special box I may have added that I’d love for his sweater to have a sticky bomb pattern!

If you put info in your entry about what you will be able to do with someone else’s entry, then that’s ok, but it won’t matter.

Once you are sent someone else’s gift wish, you just create their request however you like! As long as it’s art, sfm, or writing (fanfic), then you’re golden!

things some girls do that are cute

-scrunch up their nose when they smile/laugh

-long hair: put in ponytails. bonus if the ponytail bounces

-curly hair: just cute no matter what ?? 

-short hair: b e d h e a d

-running a hand through their hair absentmindedly when they’re thinking

-also having short hair but it’s kind of grown out past its shape so their hairs just really floppy

-wear clothes that are too big and the sleeves go over their hands

-flannel shirts

- b l u s h i n g

-get really excited about things they like and their whole face lights up when you mention it

-being happy

-love their pets a lot

-squint when doing makeup like it’s the most complicated thing ever because tbh it is

-sing/hum under their breath thinking no one can hear

-love their friends a lot

- ;) 

girls are such a blessing oh my g o d


I just hear the news about Nelsan Ellis and I became so sad at the though of him gone.

I seen him in another shows, but True Blood is one of my favorites shows and his character is one of my favorites.
Nelsan Ellis did an amazing job with Lafayette and send a very nice message to the viewers: be who you want to be, no matter what, even if shit happens, you rise up stronger, cos’ you are the baddest bitch in town.

So with this post I don’t want people to grieve, I want to celebrate his life and encourage you to be whatever you want, look however you want and love yourself and anyone else.

R.I.P sweet boy
With love D. ❤

Beginner Witchery

Disclaimer: Witchcraft is NOT a religion! It is a practice, or skill. Anyone of ANY religion can be a witch!

There are a few steps to becoming a witch, and the first is taking an interest, which you obviously have and its led you to my post. Many things lead people to magic! Maybe you’ve always felt a strong connection with Mother Earth and her lovely inhabitants, or maybe your friend is a witch and recently has been open about it with you. The second step is exploring the craft, Reading witchy books and blogs, and gathering information. The final steps are to start calling yourself a witch and start practicing witchcraft. Those steps are interchangeable, it doesn’t matter what comes first.

When it comes to learning more about witchcraft, a lot of baby witches ask me the million dollar question… “What do I study first?”

Theres no exact order you need to follow. I’d advise you to be respectful to magick, to the elements and to mother earth. Start being more aware of all she gives us, if you aren’t already.

Here are some things you can do/look into to get yourself started:

  1. Witchblr. DON’T UNDERESTIMATE WITCHBLR. There is so much information on witchblr, its really amazing. 
  2. History of witchcraft. Studying the roots of the craft is so interesting to do! Its really cool to hear the origins of everything we do.
  3. Crystals. Crystals are my FAVORITE, my collection is always growing and i pick specific ones to carry based on what i need the day of.
  4. Divination Methods. There are several ways to divine, and its really nice to get some insight from your spirit guide/the universe. Studying the origins of these methods is also really interesting.
  5. Herbs. Herbs are awesome and you can use them for everything, be it magick or mundane. They are great for using in spell jars, teas, baths and etc.
  6. Dreams. Study what they mean, why they’re important and how you can benefit from listening in to the deeper messages they hold.
  7. Keep a dream journal! Start recording everything you can remember as soon as you wake up.
  8. Grounding. I think everyone should ground themselves at least once a day, it makes you feel so balanced.
  9. Celestial Bodies. Each planet has a different energy, and you can use these energies potentially.
  10. THE MOON. The moon has so much energy its so powerful and i love feeling it shine on my skin. Its phases have significant effects on us and on our spellwork.
  11. The elements. Each element brings a different energy, and when you cast circles you typically call on each element. its nice to know about these energies and find which ones you click with the most.
  12. Altar Tools. 
  13. Deities. Study the different pantheons, see if one appeals to you. if not, its ok, not everyone works with them.
  14. Meditate. Get in tune with yourself. Thats the best thing you can do while on this spiritual journey.
  15. Sigils.
  16. Talismans.
  17. Different Alphabets
  18. Types of spells
  19. Types of magick
  20. Famous witches.

A few more tips from me:

  • Keep journals. yes. plural. one for dreams, one for your general day to day feelings and to record your growth spiritually, one for the crystals and herbs you collect (or one for each), one for your studies. You CANNOT record too much! Take notes on everything.
  • never do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.
  • Never rush ahead of yourself. Take your time with learning about the craft, you will thank yourself in the future.
  • Use what you have! You don’t need supplies to be a witch or have a successful spell. Its all mental and about your flow of energy. you just need YOU.
  • your craft is your own, do not feel pressured to be more like witches you admire, do whatever feels right to you.
  • unless you follow a specific tradition, there are no rules in witchcraft. There is a lot more freedom in witchcraft than you may realize.
  • DOn’t ever shame other witches. Best example: Some witches curse, some don’t. 
  • i know i said this earlier, but be respectful. always remember to thank mother earth for everything she supplies us with.
  • Always say goodbye to any entities you call into your circle.
  • NEVER be scared of spirits. they are all around us, all the time, they only make themselves known sometimes. fear can feed them and help them grow in strength.
  • don’t worry about a title, you don’t need to scramble to find our what kind of witch you are. you will just know eventually based on what you do most in your practice, it will take some time.


Please add to this so any baby witches can see what you have to say and be informed!! You can also submit a post to my blog.

I will add to this post in the future, i hope it was helpful.

Blessed be!

some pick-me-up prompts
  • “Hey, nerd! …go kick their butt.”
  • “You are loved.”
  • “Morning, lovely. I see you got out of bed… I’m proud of you.”
  • “You’re like fall… I love fall.”
  • “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy.”
  • “Picture yourself as a cat. Are you fluffy, hairless, big, small? What color are you? Well, no matter how you are, I got news buddy, all cats are cute. You’re cute. Your flaws are cute. Your personality is cute. Your mistakes? You guessed it, cute. Now, you wouldn’t treat a cat badly, right? You’d feed it, love it, support it, right? …‘cause if you wouldn’t then I’d whoop your ass, so you better love yourself no matter what, cutie.“ 
  • “Someone, someday, is going to write a sappy poem about you. And even though it’s super cliche, you will love it to pieces. You’re so adorable.”
  • “I hope you have a wonderful day.”
  • “You are your worst criticizer, seriously, all those things you’re worried about, they are absolutely fine.”
  • “Have you eaten in the last hours? Drank enough water? If not, do it now or I will… fight you… with my love…. yeah!”
  • “Keep going, love.”
  • “Look at you, god… you’re amazing.”
  • “It’s okay, you’re allowed to cry, just let it all out.”
  • “You’re strong and I care about you.”
  • “I love and support you.”
  • "You’re numb. You’re tired. You can’t seem to do anything. You want to give up. Well, I’m here to say, please. Just one more push, just one shower, one tiny task, one more day of looking after yourself. It’s hard, but I’ll be here on the other end, I’ll be there when you close your eyes tonight and you picture me, with the biggest smile on my face. One more, for me, for you.”
Shoutout to autistic students

-For those who will struggle with a new routine

-For those whose executive dysfunction takes a toll on their grades

-For those who aren’t allowed their stim toys/get them taken away

-For those afriad to stim in public

-For the self-dx people who need accommodations but can’t get them

-For those that feel the need to overwork themselves to show their worth as a human being

-For those who get in trouble for taking care of yourself

-For those who aren’t taken seriously

-For those that just feel /wrong/ at school

-For those struggling to find good friends

-For those who struggle focusing

I believe in you. You won’t be in school forever, you can make it. I hope you have a good school year filled with happy moments (and happy stims) even if you “could have done better” you still did it, and that’s what matters to me. I love you guys, good luck!!! :D

Ok honestly, despite the various discourses that happened before (and are happening?) I truly love the miraculous fandom and especially the show!So uh, that’s why i wanted to use the #HeartsforAstruc as a platform to give my appreciation to the people who work so very hard to bring us this great show!

I know Hawkdaddy wanted Season 2 to be full of surprises so I can understand why the spoilers would really hurt :c 

But despite it all, thank you, Thomas Astruc for creating this wonderful show, and thank you for being such a kind and loving fandom dad <3 We’re honestly so spoilt by how much love and appreciation you shower on us! We’ll support you till the very end! >:D 

No matter what, you’ll always be in our eyes, absolutely miraculous!

It’s almost that time of year again. :) SamSepticeyeDay. Last year we had an amazing turnout and I promised that we’d make this into a annual thing.
So here’s what you can do to join.
On August 30th
A) Draw a Sam or write the word Sam on your wrist. OR
B) Draw a Sam elsewhere. OR
C) Both of these.
No matter what you do though, make sure you take a picture or screenshot of it, post it on any social media platform. (Tumblr twitter, Instagram, ifunny ect.. ) And tag it one or all the following: #SamSepticeyeDay #SamSepticeye #Sam #jacksepticeye #therealjacksepticeye.
I will be looking for the tags again and once again will be making a compilation video slideshow of the pics after.
I’m super excited about this just like last year and I really want to get this to as many people as possible. Help me spread the word! I love community projects and I can’t wait to see what happens! :D Love you guys!

  • Sherlock & Molly | Losing    youtube link (to like and/or comment and/or add to playlists)

dedicated to @miabicicletta & @nyah86. I admire you both so very much. This is my way of thanking you for the Sherlolly delights you always provide us with :D

Please, if you like it, take the time to like and/or comment on the Youtube Page of the video. You would make my day. This is what my little editor’s heart feeds on. Give it love. It gives love back :D 

But back to the matter at hand.

I’m a wreck. TFP killed me with feels. I AM NOW DEADED.

The video is simplistic. This is THE SCENE (subtly shortened) and interspersed with significant moments to explain how it would always come to this. I am not very clear, am I? Ugh. This is why I edit. It’s easier than writing.

Basically, I tried to illustrate that, yes, obviously, Molly always has been the outrageously overlooked pressure point that would ultimately turn Sherlock into an agonising mess. I kind of knew there would be something of that nature coming our way but, DAMN. I didn’t think the writers would be so in sync with my thoughts on the matter. Why am I even surprised? They wrote the whole thing after all. Come on, Mathilde.

The sound is decent but I would advise headphones and HD to maximise the experience. I hope you will enjoy it. 

Took me ages to finish it, but actually didn’t take any time at all. I knew where I wanted to go but Premiere turned out to be EXTREMELY uncooperative. Every time I would add something on the timeline or make a change, it would take one or two minutes to load so I could have a look. ===> #nightmare. This is the last time I’m using 1080p files. Good quality, yes. But GOD at what cost. If anyone has any advice on the matter, please, feel free to get in touch. I’m presumably not doing it right :D


UPDATE: Thanks to @theleftpill, the problem is officially resolved. Thank you so very very much. You saved my sanity. 


Hurray for Craig Armstrong. One of my favourite film score composers. I’ve used two of his creations. One from Moulin Rouge! and the other from The Great Gatsby. Both beautiful. Moulin Rouge! is my favourite film, as a matter of fact. An actual slap in the face when I was twelve. And I cry at the end. Every time. Not kidding.


Death Scene - Moulin Rouge!
Gatsby’s Death and Portico - The Great Gatsby

Oh, dear. The music from the two death scenes of each movie. I am a cheerful person aren’t I?

Disclaimers: I don’t own the songs or the clips used in this video. This is purely a work of fiction, no profit gained.


I respect all the work that’s put in to every Game Theory episode. I really do. So much thought and effort can be seen in every single theory they make.

But if someone were to ask me why I’m a fan of MatPat… I’d show them these.

For the short while I’ve been watching GT and been part of the theorist community, each time he tweeted one of these, I was going through something difficult, and he said exactly what I needed to hear.

So for anyone who sees this post and is going through a hard time (whether you’re into Game Theory or not), let me say these things to you:

I am so proud of you, no matter what.
You are irreplaceable.
Self-care is not selfish.
You are loved.
It’s okay to feel lost. Life is complicated, and that’s not your fault.
The best answers take time.

‘ultimate guess who’ anon fic recs

for those who missed it, @mlficwritersanon​ set up a fun guess who challnge. buncha writers wrote fics anonymously and readers are supposed to guess who wrote what! super neat idea.

anyway, i finally read thru all these and felt like reccing the ones that stood out to me =D/ not gonna be as detailed as my regular recs since i read most of these a while ago, and forget a lot of details xD;;;; sorry. i’ll do my best tho ;0;/ 

and for the record, all of these are reveal fics. that was the theme. :]

[listing these in reverse order, cos a lot of the ones at the end got buried by newer fics ;0;]

A Revealing Interview  Alya Césaire uncovers more than she expects to one afternoon when she interviews Chloé Bourgeois for the Ladyblog.
- this is a alya/chloe fic, in which they have miraculous. it’s rly cute ;0; 

We Were Lovers In A Past Life –  Alya’s kryptonite? Blondes and stripes.
 alya/chloe, with miraculous again. but different! this one ended my life. good shit :’D

Tomorrow’s Troubles – But that was a thought for tomorrow. Those were all thoughts for tomorrow. Melancholy was for tomorrow and so was responsibility.
- ladynoir/adrinette. THIS ONE PUNCHED ME OUT THE FUCKIN SEAT. I HELLA REMEMBER THAT. it was really good. ;0; it’s aged up. that is all i’mma say.

Dredging Up the Past Sabine reminisces about her time with the ladybug miraculous.
- s
abine + marinette mainly [also adrien and tom are in it~]. THISSSSSSSS FIIIIC IS ALL OVER AN OOOOLD HEADCANON!! previous ladybug!sabine was a really popular headcanon early on! This fic is nostalgic to me cos of that, and it’s a fun read. xD I loved the reveal hahah. this was cute.

i’m like dropping hints that i’m ladybug – “…I’m Ladybug.” (In which Marinette tries to get Adrien to figure out her secret identity. She was not counting on him being this oblivious.)
 Adrinette. This one is p fuckin great xD i remember cackling a lot. I liked how it ended up panning out too xD well played, anon //salute

If Only It Were That Simple –  Ladybug and Chat Noir have been partners for three long years, growing closer by the day. One night, Adrien argues with Plagg, as he often does, about not being able to tell Ladybug who he is. He just didn’t plan for Ladybug to hear.

Premier Amour  It has always been said that you never move on from your first love.
 adrinette/ladynoir. gfdfkjgjdfk this one is really sweet. it’s got a tiny bit of angst, but it’s good angst.

The Fox is Out of the Bag –  “Could uh, could you maybe forget about this?” she asked, eyes flitting around the room as if looking for an escape route.
"The whole transforming in front of me thing?” he said, raising an eyebrow.
DJWifi. Lmao this is short and funny. 

Those Freckles on Your Butt – It turns out that Adrien has a thing against modesty and Marinette gets a fateful eyeful.
- adrinette. //sobbing// was this fic written for me? b u t  t s //more sobbing//  no but really this is p damn funny :’D 

My Boss is a Vampire… Well, sort of – There’s something weird going on with the Agreste couple, and Nathalie is determined to find out.That, or she may just be paranoid for no real reason and is coming up with theories that mean nothing. Who knows.
- NATHALIE. MY FAVE BABE. This is another really funny one. :’D [also dem ot3 vibes yaaaaaas]

dropping hints Ladybug asks Chat Noir for boy advice. This goes about as well as expected.
 ladynoir. THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. i really liked this one. i cackled at how the reveal went down here tbh. smh@lb… [also think i might know who wrote it 👀 … too bad i am not participating in the guessing lol] 

Orion’s Belt – Here, kitty kitty.
- Ladynoir/Adrinette. pfff WHOEVER U ARE THIS DESCRIPTION SUCKS. tryin’a sell ur fic here!!! lmao. anyway yea this fic is super cute! just. really cute and sweet. good shit anon :> …except for that description :’D [but it’s really good so read it lol]

No Matter How You Spin It – They were bound to find out about each other eventually. It just figured that it would happen at a time where privacy came at a personal cost to both of them. (Or that time that Adrien nearly died twice on his 18th birthday.)
 ok so this is adrinette, but y’all, chloe legit steals the spotlight anytime she steps into the narrative lmfao. i love her :’D bless this fic. bless this fuckin chloe xD

It Had To Be Her… –  Adrien is used to listening to Chloe’s “secrets”. He’s not used to them changing his life… What he thought would be a simple conversation about his friend’s unrequited celebrity crush turns into one of the most revealing conversations he could have ever imagined.
 adrien&chloe. YOOOOOOOO IS ADRIEN AND CHLOE ON THE FRIENDSHIP MY DAMN JAM? IS IT ALSO THE FUCKIN BREAD AND PEANUTBUTTER OF MY SANDWICH? YES IT IS. sorry y’all i just get a lot of feels about platonic chloe/adrien lmfao. this is really cute ;0; 

I Used To Make You Smile, If Only For A While – She was the first person he’d unmasked for and THIS was her response?
 alya/chat [+ lowkey ninette]. holy ambitious premise batman. this is…so good??? and i could see it happening? like legit my fave alyadrien ‘how they hooked up’ set up here, but holy heck this was a rough read. like, i mean, due to the situation and just the charas…i just wanna hug everyone, poor complicated bebs ;0;

Mint Two-Lips –  Marinette thought she would never taste anything sweeter than Adrien’s sweet, minty flavored lips…until she tasted the exact same flavor on Chat Noir’s mouth.
  adrinette/marichat. sjhdfjkhfjkshdjk SOOOO i don’t usually like kiss reveals cos of the whole unfaithful angle [cheating is an instant turn off for me], B U T!! this one does it right! so i was pleasantly surprised :’D i liked how it worked out in the end too. nice play, anon c:

must be love – What’s a girl to do when she finds out her crush and suitor are one and the same? Ladybug finds out that Adrien is Chat completely by accident, and then proceeds to… have something of a crisis.
- guys it’s ladrien, come on … also   a  ng   s t  //laysonface// like i was dead before i even got out the gate on this one lmao 

Just Asking For Some Privacy – “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?" 
- marinette, chloe, adrien, alya. o m f g. this fic lfdjkfsd these kids. what a mess lmao. i love this

Between The Lines   So he found who she is in the most unexpected way… now what?
- Adrinette. “No, that’s the problem.” FUCKIN CACKLIN’. this is p clever and funny xD  i think the writer’s first language isn’t english, so there are a few places that are a bit off, but it’s p easy to read anyway and it’s p fuckin cute, so it’s worth it xD

Tea and Sweets – When you’re sad, sweets get rid of that salty taste on your tongue. But he doesn’t have any sweets.
- Marichat. AGRESTE. FAMILY. ANGST. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. my jam. hel lo . this was, like the name, incredibly sweet. and made me want tea lol. thANKS

alright that’s it!! i honestly wanted to add a few more than this, cos all the fics are pretty damn good, but i wanted to keep the list as short as i could xD;; [i managed to fail in that anyway, cos i think i recc’d almost exactly half of them…] 

but yea, pls also go check out the others in the collection!!  =D/

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What are the dads body type preferences?

Craig: Ideally I think that he would love someone who is in good shape so they can keep up with him on runs. However, I think that Craig wouldn’t mind a little bit of pudge on someone whether they’re a boy or girl. He loves nice toned legs on his partner. He doesn’t mind how tall or short someone may be and on women he prefers B and C cups . 

Brian: Brian doesn’t really have a preference in body types. He is very body positive considering he too is on the pudgier side and just loves a partner who is confident in their own skin. Brian doesn’t worry about anyone being taller than him since he towers at almost 6′4″, however in the case he finds someone taller, he’d be quite impressed by something like that. But in all honestly though, butts( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Damien: Damien has a preference for people with average to slim body types. To him someone who is more petite (not necessarily weight wise) is really cute but he also likes partners bigger than him. He likes the options of being able to either carry his partner bridal style or to be the one being carried. In the end, as long as his partner is healthy in terms of their body type and other genetic variables, that’s what matters most.

Hugo: Thick thighs save some freakin’ lives. Hugo has a thing for thicker or more musclely partners, but of course even the most voluptuous or really toned figure doesn’t beat having a brilliant mind! A little stomach pudge is ok in his books. If you happen to be a woman he prefers B to D cups but he doesn’t discriminate if y’know what I mean. Honestly, he just likes someone that makes a great cuddle buddy while he reads to them. 

Mat: Slender figures happen to fit his fancy. He loves a tall partner with a slender and/or fit frame. Many dancers for example may possess this body type. In the case that his partner may be taller than himself, he doesn’t mind that. Good news if you’re in the itty-bitty titty committee, this dad prefers A to B cups.

Robert: Robert honestly finds most bodies attractive, its all a matter of first impressions. Breast size doesn’t matter on a woman and on everyone a cute butt is a plus. He knows there’s beauty in all kinds of bodies and the variety gives him different experiences in bed. Shorter partners tend to be most preferred by this bad dad, he likes the dominance over them. 

Joseph: He likes a shapely but average built body type especially on a woman. Height doesn’t seem to be a problem when it comes to partners. When it comes to men, Joseph thinks average to in shape body types are attractive. Toned shoulders and arms on both men and women are admirable. This dad also has a thing for perky breasts. We’re looking at you Mary.

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M and S family with their child telling them they love them for the first time ?


Shu: “You love me? What other sweet words can you tell me?”

Shu is pleased by his child’s declaration of love for him, and he would affectionately pat the top of his child’s head with a warm hand. Never in a million years did he think he would have an adorable offspring that would be willing to tell him how much they love him. It’s music to his ears, so he hopes his child will never stop saying that to him.

Reiji: “You were created by me, so it’s only natural that you say that.”

Reiji chuckles when his child tells him that they love him for the first time, and it makes his heart beat at a slower rhythm. The love and attention that Beatrix did not give to him as a child made Reiji very bitter when he grew up, and he never wanted his child to feel in that way. He’s strict with his child, but that won’t stop him from expressing his love too.

Ayato: “Hehe, of course you love me! I’m the best dad out there!”

Ayato takes pride in his child adoring and respecting him greatly. He’d ruffle their hair playfully and continue to boast about himself, boosting the love his child already had for him. His child see him as their idol, and Ayato is more than happy to take that role from everyone in the world. He’s not afraid to let his kid know that he loves them too. After all, they are Ore-sama’s one and only child!

Kanato: “Don’t ever say you don’t love me because I will love you forever.”

A small and genuine smile is plastered on Kanato’s childlike face and he offers his child a piece of candy in return for their affection. Now that they were older, Kanato interacts more with his child than when they were a mere baby, after the exchange, Kanato makes his child leave him and play somewhere else. He doesn’t want his child to further delve themselves in his happiness.

Laito: “Is that true, my little dove? If so, then Papa loves you more.”

Laito gets into a little “I love you more” fight with his child all the time, and it usually ends with him admitting defeat just to make his child satisfied with the debate. When his little vampire runs off to go and play, Laito notes that he will always love his child no matter what they decide to do. He’ vows to be the father that Karlheinz couldn’t be to him as a kid.

Subaru: “W-What did you just say? I d-didn’t hear it properly…”

Subaru is slightly flustered by his child’s sudden words filled with extreme love and adoration. When his child repeats the words again in an excited way, Subaru would just pull them into a tight hug and refuse to let them go. They were being too cute for him to handle, and he doesn’t know how else to express his love for them except through physical actions. He’ll always love them as well.

Kino: “Hm? Love me? Since when did you learn about that?”

Kino pretends that he isn’t phased by his child words and it almost looks like he brushed them off. When he sees the slight frown forming on their face, Kino would drop the cool act and kneel down to his child’s level, brushing the hair out of their face. He tells them that he will always be by their side in the future, and that’s all his child will ever get from him as an “I love you too.”


Ruki: “If you say that again, I’ll have to increase your studies since you love me.”

Ruki teases his small child with the empty threat of giving them more lectures, and when his child is nearly traumatized by it, Ruki would lightly hit their head with his book and say, “Just kidding.” He likes seeing his child react to things in an interesting way, so it is not rare for him to tease them. He’d walk away with a smirk, knowing his child is staring at his back in shock and awe.

Kou: “Aww! Daddy loves you so much too! You’re so cute, you know?”

Kou is gushing over his child’s little confession, and he can’t help but pinch their cheeks with his fingers. He’s one of those parents that will never want their child to grow up. If he had it his way, Kou would want his kid to remain a sweet little kitten forever. The world is too cruel out there anyway, and Kou will always give them whatever they wanted or needed.

Yuma: “Aww shucks, yer gonna distract me from my garden now!”

Yuma lets out a warm and hefty laugh and he lifts his kid up to have them perch on his arm. He’s so overjoyed to have such a swell and loving kid, and he is grateful that they entered his life. He may not believe in God, but he won’t deny that his kid was a definite blessing to him. Nothing will ever make him change that belief.

Azusa: “Oh…I love you too…my precious…darling…”

Azusa can’t get enough of his child’s candy-coated words. He never wants to forget this moment, and a gentle smiles takes over his face as he sighs in content. He would pat his child’s head and ask them to never leave his side, to which they would reply that they would never even imagine doing such a horrible thing to their dear father. Azusa has his child wrapped around his pinky.

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