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This is an appreciation post ! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends !

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Is it OK to not want to have sex with anyone with a penis? Bc I see all these posts being like "if you're in love with someone their genitals don't matter" and idk that's probably true but I'm aromantic and attracted to cis women and afab woman-aligned nb people. I truly believe that trans women are women, and I've met lots of trans women and amab sapphics, but I've never been sexually attracted to any of them. I'm sorry if I sound gross but this has really been affecting my mental health lately

im cis so if im wrong w any of this or out of line please lmk!!

i feel like there’s a few things to consider here. firstly, how do u know that you’ve never been attracted to a trans woman? i think it’s a pretty common misconception that you can tell that a person is trans just by looking at them, but this really isn’t true!! 

the second thing i think is worth thinking about is that every trans woman is different, bc every single woman is different!! to say that u aren’t attracted to any trans woman might be a little broad, imo. (i’m not trying to define ur attraction or say i know better than you!! idk i think it’s just something to think about)

idk i think that what you’re saying is what a lot of people, including me, have felt like at some point or feel now, and i think that a lot of it comes from transphobic ideas that we maybe don’t even realize that we have. we live in a transphobic world, and it isn’t possible to not be influenced by that. i think that looking at how our internal biases affect what we think and how we feel is really important, and that in recognizing these biases we change a lot of attitudes/behaviors that we didn’t even realize were based in transphobia to start with.

at the end of the day, though, you should never have sex with someone just because you feel like u should or are pressured to!! pls know that i’m not advocating for this, just that you maybe try to look at how transphobic attitudes are like woven into us and try to work on them (which is something that most if not all people, definitely including me need to do!!!) and see if that changes anything as time progresses

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are you still taking requests? if yes, more "detention princess" please? if not, thats ok :)

Of course I can! Thats such a funny ship name I love it! I hope you enjoy the little detention princess story! I had a lot of fun writing it!

“Where is my princess!?” Janna called, and hopped in through the door. Star giggled and sat on the top of the stairs. She peered through the railings and smiled at Janna. “Princess!” Janna grinned and ran over.

“Janna wait!” Star giggled. “I’m trapped in the tower! You have to slay the dragon!” Star pretended to faint and Janna laughed. She looked behind her and saw one of the laser puppies dressed as a dragon. The sloppy stitching showed Star had made the costume by hand, no magic.

“Wow! You’re getting good at this earth girl stuff.” Janna smiled. “I should get a professional like you to sew up my clothes.” She smirked and Star blushed. She sort of his her head behind the rail and motioned for Janna to continue.

“Just slay the dragon and save me.” She mumbled. Janna laughed and made a big rawr, before scooping the pupper up and attacking him with kisses.

“I am going to slay this adorable puppy-dragon with kisses.” Janna pet the dog and Star smiled down at her girlfriend. When she wasn’t pulling pranks and being a bad detention-girl, she was really cute, and sweet. And when she WAS pulling pranks and such, Star found her irresistible. “Now, I am able to save the princess.” Janna smirked.

Star smiled and threw a blanket down to act like rapunzel’s hair. “Climb up to save me!” Star giggled. Janna rolled her eyes.

“Can’t I just go up the stairs?” Janna asked. Star made a face and Janna rolled her eyes. “Okay, up I come.” She agreed. Janna grabbed the blanket and pulled herself up over the railing. “Hey there.” She smiled, stealing a kiss from Star.

“My hero! You saved me.” Star smiled. She was about to get up to take Janna’s hands, but the human girl slipped on the blanket and fell off the side of the staircase. “Janna!” Star called. Without thinking she jumped off the side of the railing.

Janna got up and rubbed her head, but then Star landed on top of her. “Janna! Where did you go!?” Star cried.

“Down here.” Janna groaned. Star smiled and stood up, so she was standing on top of Janna.

“Oh! I found you!” Star smiled.

“If you could get off of me?” Janna asked. Star giggled and helped Janna up. “Does this still mean that I save my princess?” Janna asked, wrapping her arms around Star’s waist. Star giggled and covered Janna’s face with little kisses.

“Yes! You saved me!” Star grinned and jumped up so Janna would catch her and hold her bridal style. “My hero!” She sang. “Now! Bring me off to the kingdom!” Star demanded. Janna laughed a rolled her eyes, she carried Star over to the couch in the living room, and dropped her down so the princess bounced.

“This is your kingdom? Or did you wanna go to Mewni?” Janna asked, putting her hands on her hips.

“No, being the princess of the couch is good for now.” Star declared. Janna smiled and Star pulled her down on the couch to sit across her lap. “And a princess needs her queen! So that we may rule the kingdom of cushions together.” Star smiled. “So, fair lady Janna, will you be my queen?” Star asked.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Janna smiled, and gave Star a deep kiss.

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I love that people caption their pictures. I find it a lot easier to read that way when there are a lot of pics. :) Nothing wrong with wanting to try something out. And if you try it a few times and decide its not for you, that's OK. Don't feel pressured to do anything you don't like.

thanks nonny, i may try a few more. i just don’t think i’m like the best story teller and i have like 0 set aesthetic set on my blog rn so i’m just in a weird place when it comes to my legacy at the moment.

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Is there any particular song that reminds you of harry? Id love to hear it if you do :)

I feel like I have a few! Some are ones he tweeted about that were already faves of mine so like “Come Away With Me” is a Harry Song now for me haha, also “Time” by Pink Floyd. 

“Songbird” and “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac make me think of him haha. Also, “Like Real People Do” by Hozier is another one that I love, “Ramble On” and “Going to California” by Zeppelin haha, ok I’m going to stop cause this is borderline embarassing…………..”My Love” by Paul McCartney…ok I’m actually done now

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I hope you don't mind me asking, but I've had a really badcouple of weeks recently, with a long standing cold and stress of the most important exams of my life so far in June, so I was wondering if you could maybe cheer me up a bit and write about how Bangtan would cuddle? Lots of lovely fluffy detail would be great if possible! Hope you're feeling ok, love you and your blog 💕

  • jin: wants your head to rest on his chest as you hold him. most often the big spoon. he places kisses onto the top of your head. he loves to hold and play with your hands, smiling as he entwines his fingers with yours
  • yoongi: relatively relaxed and quiet, except his hands explore you, rubbing your back or playing with your hair. not usually into spooning but would want to be the big spoon so that he can look at you and touch you. pretty much just wants to get lost in the comfort of your presence
  • hoseok: might nuzzle into your neck and kiss you from time to time. lighthearted and warm, maybe with some giggling or smiles. will hold you tight like he never wants to let go. loves touching you and being touched. will give and accept cute praises
  • namjoon: naturally protective, will pull you into his chest and hold your head to him. doesn’t move much, prefers the close and stable embrace and shared words of love and adoration. loves being the big spoon
  • jimin: prefers to be the little spoon. when you’re not spooning, he wraps his arms around your middle and tries to be as close to you as possible. he loves if you play with his hair and kiss him wherever your lips may land. he adores the words of innocent praise you offer him. sweet, soft, and incredibly comforting
  • tae: safe, warm, and lighthearted like hoseok, but more playful at times. would be either the big or little spoon, he really doesn’t care. will play with your hair and place small kisses all over your face. lots of smiling and giggling and adorable nonsense. holds you tight, like a kid holding a puppy
  • jungkook: despite his love for being the youngest and for being taken care of, I feel like jungkook would love to be the big spoon during spooning. he knows he’s strong and likes to showcase that with his s/o. wouldn’t move much, pretty much just holds you tight and gives you the occasional kiss to the cheek. will grin a lot and sometimes tries to annoy you by messing with your hair. overall very sweet and gentle despite his strength

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Do you know what is funny? Antis are always telling us that Harry and Louis aren't together and it is obvious because "they haven't even seen each other the whole break" because there are no photos proving it, then they turn around and claim "Louis always sees Freddie, just because there aren't pictures doesn't mean it didn't happen". Too bad for them, Louis isn't actually in the same place as his kid, but he is however in the same places as Harry a lot. Thus, they can't be right and we can be.

I love this argument hsjsjskslsls there’s no pics!! You don’t know!! Well Barbara, you just played yourself there cause a coin has two sides and unluckily for you we’ve been flipping it and I won every time 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Briana use “the son” of a millionaire to promote clothes and diapers. To earn money. She doesn’t work (OK being a full time mom it’s like working but she doesn’t do that neither), so she profits from her child. And the father of the child doesn’t care or “can’t” do anything about that, even if he claimed privacy and has the money and the lawyers (Singer) to shut down the SM of any of the family. So. There are your role models.

Isn’t just… Honestly. Fucking diapers, man. She does absolutely nothing, 98% of time the kid is with her mom or someone else (minus the father, he’s the only one that doesn’t get that lol) and he’s just ok. Like, yeah take my money buy a new face and car, it’s all cool. Custody agreement? Nah, that’s good. What am I some type of millionaire? Oh wait… (honestly, thanks god I’m not naive to fall for this like antis cause thinking Louis wouldn’t care about his kid like that yikes. That’s not someone to look up to. @god thanks for making me a larrie and believing Louis is so much more than that) 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:are you expecting something to come out this evening since it’s tuesday

Hm idk it’s been a while since things followed the same pattern as before, but if something /is/ happening chances are it’ll be today or Friday like they love to do 

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do u think bts has a good vocal line? bc sometimes im embarrassed to stan bc of that,,

ok if im being completely honest, i love the vocal line and i think theyre all amazing but yeah, there are def a lot of groups with better vocal lines. we should keep in mind bts were originally meant to be a rap group and on that part they completely deliver. it doesnt bother me cause i think most group have either a stronger vocal line or stronger rap line, depending on their focus? like you know there are groups with amazing vocals and pretty weak rap lines. most groups are not completely balanced. ALSO the bts vocal line were not originally singers when they were scouted by bighit i think? like they had to learn to sing, some of them at a pretty late age ALSO the vocal line are all either amazing dancers or actors and all have great visuals as well so stan bts stan talent

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I was just on a plane from Australia to LA and rip there was so much turbulence and I already hate flying over water please calm me with your amazing writing. so I'm incorporating it into a prompt for you: a turbulence filled plane ride

“Stephanie, if we die, just know I’ve always loved you.” Matt said through gritted teeth and dug his nails into the arm rests of his seat as the plane gave a particularly jarring shudder. “I know, Matt, we’re married.” Steph replied with a level of serenity that Matthew envied, calmly reading her book as if the plane wasn’t shaking and dropping occasionally like it was about to fall out of the sky and kill them all.

He threw a sour look at Stephanie only for another shudder to pull a frightened squeak out of Matt. “How are you not freaking out?!” He whispered frantically and shut his eyes tight. He wasn’t really the praying sort, but damn if he wasn’t above begging some deity, any deity, for his and Stephanie’s life. “I’m a realist, I know the plane is unlikely to crash.” Stephanie said and Matt felt her gently pat his hand.

The plane gave a particularly alarming shake, and even with his eyes closed he could see that the lights flickered. The other passengers were letting out quiet little noises of worry all around the couple, and frankly that did nothing to help the oncoming panic attack Matthew could feel creeping up on him. The plane jumped again, and Matt felt Stephanie’s hand tighten unexpectedly on his. “…okay maybe this is a little scary.” She admitted quietly, much to Matthews surprise.

Of course, in the face of Stephanie being afraid, Matthew felt his own fear disappear for a moment; just long enough for him to open his eyes and see the quick flicker of worry cross his wife’s face before she went back to smiling calmly. “You okay, Steph?” He asked cautiously, rubbing the back of her hand with his thumb. “Of course.” She scoffed, only to belie her casual tone as another jolt made her wince. Matt’s earlier fear was a distant memory to him now at that little movement, and he barely even felt the plane’s turbulence.

“It’s fine, Steph, don’t worry.” He soothed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling Stephanie in closer. “You said it yourself, it’s unlikely our plane would crash.” Sure, he may have been on the verge of puking from fear earlier, but as soon as Stephanie was scared he’d suddenly lost all fear, a phenomenon he’s noticed happen a few times over the years. “When did you get all brave?” Steph teased, resting her head on his shoulder and curling up as close as their seats would allow. “Well, you make me brave.” Matthew replied and kissed the top of her head, completely unaware of the silent ‘Misson success.’ that went though Stephanie’s head as the scared expression fell off her face for a second and was replaced with a somewhat smug smile.

Ok so- we don’t talk really much BUT-

I love birthdays, and today I had a lot of free time, and I heard u like Erza and cats and I LOVE ERZA too and when you reblog something u often tag it “my talented mutuals are talented” and I always found that really cute and THERE ARE SO MUCH “AND”s but the thing I wanted to say is

Happy bday @black-cats-bring-good-luck 

I was tagged by @denerim, thank you! ♥

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  • Last movie I watched: What We Do In The Shadows
  • Last song I listened to: 21 Pilots - Heathens
  • Last book I read: The Ugly Renaissance by Alexander Lee
  • Last thing I ate: Cinnamon corn flakes + milk ♥
  • Where would you want to time travel to?: Like @denerim said, renaissance Florence [I just love renaissance so much, ok]
  • Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: *cough, cough* Reyes Vidal [what a surprise]
  • If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: In Provence, in my cozy little house with lavender garden and at least three cats

• Tagging: what do you mean I have to tag 8 people, that’s too much @lunedin, @ferelden-doglord, @akhuna, @lenkalost, @martyelise, @8-bit-heart [I tag you a lot, don’t I :’)], @va-fail, @anariettas and everyone else who wants to do it. :)

As always, no pressure. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to. ;)


Victuuri Week - Day 4 - Free for all (Cooking!)

Yuuri makes the cutest bentos and Viktor spends the whole lunch hour taking a million pictures of them for instagram (after he wakes up from the initial passing out from the power of love)

HC: Victor is a Nerd

Screenshots were provided by @kukapanda with permission for me to use!

Ok so you know how in Ep. 1 we get a glimpse of Victor’s apartment.

In the blu ray version, they changed how his apartment looks. It’s still very stylish but it is much more cozy as well.



I strongly support the headcanon that although Victor is forgetful and can be very ditzy, he loves learning, is super book-smart, and very well-read. 

Victor’s the type of person to hold all the Weird Facts and blurt them out at the most random times.

Victor also genuinely likes receiving books as presents.

Victor’s the one to drag Yuuri into bookshops and he never leaves one empty-handed.

Victor’s the type of person to murmur deep poetry into Yuuri’s ears when he kisses him. 

Victor is the biggest nerd.

*whispers* someone write a fic where Derek saves Stiles from a fire even though it’s terrifying for him to do because it reminds him of his family and then Stiles is all surprised and awed by it and Derek realizes that Stiles the secret love of his life almost died and then KISSING



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WHAT are you bestist favouriteist and longest klance fics or voltron fics that you can recommend

aaaa!!! ok so i have a really bad memory so i just picked out a few longish ones that i distinctly remember liking!!

so baby, pull me closer by redburn

this one is !! just amazing!! there’s a brief nsfw implied secition but i can overlook that bc the writing is beautiful, it the does enemies to friends to lovers trope and the pining trope justice.. it’s just really beautiful as a whole

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts, thebrotherswinchester

ok. i have a lot of feelings about this fic. i read it in one sitting and it left me sOBBING and completely reevaluating my life, it was just.. so soft? aaa i don’t know how to describe it but it’s one of my favourites, anon.

Foreign Scenes by bwyn

this fic is completed now, but every time it updated i was… over the mOOn ok?? the chemistry between the characters is.. incredible.. it was just so fun and raw and wONDERFUL?? it made me want to write again !!!

The Hustle by morvish, sinelanguage

vvvvv good im !!!! listen, i’m going through my bookmarks and clicked on this one to refresh my memory and now i’m rereading the entire thing, so that should sTRONGLY indicate that it’s Good. read for Ultimate Pining

Baby, Take Me High by yeahyouresocool

soft pining at a carnival,,, do i have to say any more??? this fic made me really happy it was just?? so lovely?? at some points i had to stop reading for a few minutes and pull myself together jkfjg

First Day of My Life by eso (cazzy)

!!!! bed sharing !!! texting !!! i love tropey fics but i love them even more when they’re done well, and this one is just!! good content m’guys

Red is the Coldest Color by EnglishCivilWar

see,, i think i know what pining is and then this fic!!! just comes and blows it right out of the water!! i generally tend to read au fics more, but this is canon compliant and sO. GOOD. also as a sidenote i love the characters so much

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way by mayerwien for strikinglight

this is one of my favourites, partially because of the setting, partially because of the writing itself, and mostly because i loved the character portrayals. they were just.. teenagers!! they were complex and silly and i loved them!! there was something about this that just,, resonated with me. it was really, really lovely

i’m riding higher than the sky and there is fire in every kiss by nikkiRA

ok i think its obvious by now that i’m hopelessly in love with roommate aus so i’m not always objective about them, but i pROMISE,,, this one is is sPECIAL and fUNNY and !!!! read it!!

Better than coffee by peralta

another cafe au for the hell of it, and also because im love the pining so much, and keith here is !!! mY keith you know??? god fanfiction is amazing

Sweeter Than Pumpkin Pie by konekat for kenbrah (OliviaxxMarie)

i know i recommend this one a lot, but it’s just.. so soft and in character and makes me feel at ease ya know??

Location by inelasco

i either really love wormhole/start of s2 fics or i don’t, and i really loved this one. i love lance’s character being focused on, and this one does it so well.

i hope u like some of them!!!! (btw proofreading is for the weak im sorry for any mistakes!!!)


a birthday message from wonwoo to @seveanteen   ♬ ♫ ♪ ♡