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Summary: You and Yoongi hate each other but somehow you still have feelings for him. 

Pairing: Painter!Yoongi x reader

Genre:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u kno 

Words: 5k 

A/N: I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ fanfictions so I decided to write one. I hope you like it. I apologize for any errors.

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Ok. As an army, I love BTS and will support them in everything that they do but I have to point out some things that some armies do that annoys me and I find to be very childish.

- Solo stan, you can’t t claim to stan BTS but only support your bias.

- Ask for other members doing Vlive. This should stop. Hoseok haven’t done a solo live in over year because y'all wanted to be ugly

- Telling them what the fuck to do. They’re GROWN men and have free will.

- The way you guys treat Namjoon, most of his solo stuff have the lowest views and that really bothers me. Y'all continuously do him dirty and even though you guys do that to him, he continuously work hard and tries to give us good materials and mostly tries to please us.

- Ageshame other armies. Ummm apparently some of you think that if you’re 18 and up…you’re too grown to be an army or even like KPOP.

- The way you guys treat Hoseok, I’m still mad about you guys voting for Jimin and Jungkook to be on that show knowing how much it meant to Hoseok. Completely ignoring the fact that Hoseok is probably the best dancer in BTS and that he teaches Jimin and Jungkook some stuff.

- The way you guys ignore the hyung line and only pay attention to the maknae line. Honestly, I’m tired of following and liking BTS fan pages and y'all posting the same 3 members and act like bts isn’t made up of 7 people. I get so surprised when they show Namjoon, Jin, Hoseok, and suga some love. I started following pages that are dedicated to individual members because the fan pages aren’t really fan pages.

- Bringing up BTS to outshine other groups. Like, why are you talking about BTS on an article about EXO?

- Can y'all also stop making excuses for black face and racism in Korea ( This isn’t about BTS) but y'all keep saying “ Stop trying to westernize Korean.” Ok but blackface is still racist. Korea has technology….they know that it’s wrong but continue to do it…just because you like Kpop don’t mean you can make excuses for racism.

- Fetishizing Asians, ok. I’d fuck all seven members if could but it’s not because they’re Asian. It’s because they’re attractive and talented and are pretty fuckable. Some of y'all, over here dating and fetishizing Asians because you like BTS. Some of you are willing to hurt your Asian friends for this.

- Jungkook isn’t BTS, y'all annoying as fuck with this. Especially younger fans.

- The way you guys swore up and down that the members are babies and needs to be protected. come on sis, they’re grown men. All of them. I’m gonna ruin the perfect image you have of them but the members
- Gets horny
- Watches porn
- Masterbates ( yes, your perfect little Jungkook touches himself)
- Pee
- Take a shit
- They’re human beings

You are free to disagree with me but honestly, these need to stop happening. It’s irritating. I’ll probably go back and add more to this list.

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Hi! Can you please do a RFA+V reacts to an MC that constantly trash talks Rika please ❤️

A/N: God damn I hate Rika lemme at her ~Admin 404

if y'all are reading this and actually like Rika im sorry but she can catch these fists

(EDIT DUE TO ALL OF THE RECENT V/RIKA DISCOURSE: seriously guys i do respect if you like Rika, but you have to respect if I dont like her, okay? We’re human, we like and dislike different people and that is okay. Just be respectful, because honestly? Attacking others due to what they like is just /fucked/ up, okay? I love you all so please;; ^^;;)


           -MC please stop that

           -He like WORSHIPS his cousin

           -Even after everything is done he still does and he just

           -Why would you say such nasty things about his cousin??? MC that isn’t alright

           -Throws fits all the time. Full on will pout and throw himself to the floor until you apologize

           -HATES IT

           -Loves you, but hates the things you say about his cousin

           -He’s very loving to absolutely everyone and cannot wrap his head around why you would say such mean things about his own family???

           -You work on keeping your opinions to yourself and he’s so proud of you <3

           - but you mainly hold your tongue because you love him and yandere yoosung is scary




           -He thought Rika was really sweet!

           -Of course he was closer with V than he was with Rika and all, but he never saw a reason to dislike her

           -Every time you go to say something bad about her, he’s right there with a finger to your lips

           -“No MC, you don’t talk ill about people, it makes you ugly on the inside”

           - you talk bad about jumin though so like um should we talk about that zen

           -Now yes, you’re allowed to have you opinions, as long as you express them without hate

           -Hate is very strong, MC, don’t just throw it around

           -Eventually you just…kinda stop? Because you don’t end up saying anything anyway since he’s always right there to remind you that it’s bad to talk about people


           -She wasn’t very close to Rika (Since she joined the RFA late and all)

           -But she thought she was a nice and kind person

           - so pure so innocent

           -So when you say something negative about her the first time she’s surprised

           -First, she never expected you to be the type to talk shit about others

           -Second she just can’t see why you would say such things about Rika???

           -Most of the time she just lets you say what you want because they weren’t close enough to know what she was truly like and defend her

           -Like she can’t confirm nor deny that she’s crazy, it’s your opinion and she can’t change that

           -Isn’t the type to talk shit but she’s definitely down for a little gossip if you wanna tone it down a bit

           -As long as you take into consideration other people’s feelings  *coughYoosungcough* and don’t say anything to intentionally harm someone, whatever MC


           -“MC you shouldn’t talk like that”

           - i can talk how i wanna thank you very much mr trustfund kid

           -He obviously knows she’s done some bad things but he can’t talk ill about her

           -Sure he used to have feelings for her and all but that’s not what keeps him from being negative

           -He’s just not the type so see a point in it

           -What will talking shit bring you? What will it fix? What use is it? There is no use for it

           -You can talk all you want but most of the time he just stays quiet and lets it slide

           -But some of the words that come out of your mouth MC, how can such a pretty mouth say such dirty words

           - lets see how dirty your mouth can get, wink wonk im soRRY

           -Just please don’t say anything extremely rude, he doesn’t like it, people deserve some sort of level of respect


           -Preeeetty sure he’d hate her at the end of it all because???

           -She brain washed his brother and all this shit?????

           -No thank you

           -Wouldn’t say anything when you say negative things about her

           -Gets quiet and just nods

           -He doesn’t bring anything up but if you’re already talking about her, he’ll input his opinion if you want it

           -Actually thinks it’s a little funny? Because you’re just so feisty and just bring it up randomly

           -Y'all could be laying in bed, 2 AM, almost asleep, and you just whisper “god I hate her”

           -And he can’t help but laugh because it’s just so out of nowhere

           -Just wow MC, you can hold a grudge can’t you?


           -MC that was the love of his life at one time

           -Yes, he knows that she’s crazy but he still loved her

           -Yes, he loves you now, but still

           -He isn’t the type to hold grudges or to really talk ill about someone

           -Understands that you’re angry about everything she’s done and everything she’s put him through

           -Lowkey takes it as a compliment because wow you love me this much to hate this person

           -But is also like “MC hate is a strong word- MC YOU SHOULDN’T CALL ANYONE THAT NAME THAT IS A BAD WORD”

           - okay but listen v,,,,, am i wrong???? no i am not

           -Just quietly listens to you rant and say what you want most of the time because you’re allowed to have your own opinions

           -But you can’t help but apologize because?? He’s so sweet and it’s kind of heartbreaking to talk about his past love that way when it was very obvious he really loved her


           -“Fuck her she’s crazy” “I know right?”

           -Seriously I think he’d talk shit too

           -Like sure at one point he was like “THIS IS MY SAVIOUR” but once he’s gotten help and like out of her control

           -Wouldn’t you talk shit too??

           -At the beginning I’m sure he’d get angry and tell you to just knock it off

           -But as time goes on I think he’d start to realize how terrible she really is

           -So go ahead MC, trash talk all you want

           -He’ll just nod along or tell you some things you didn’t even know about her

           -Loves the fire you get in your eyes when you talk about it though because WOW

           -You care about him that much??? To have these feelings towards her??? That strongly???

Poc: Idk but there’s way bigger threats in this game like Paul and the showmances so Ramses and Dominique being blamed for everything is very telling

White ppl/anons in tag: Oh wow everything is about race now huh! I’ll have you know, nigger, that I, a white person, do not find targeting poc at all racist! Not one bit! Hhaha maybe if ur fave Dominique wasn’t such a sketchy bible-thumper she wouldn’t be on the block stay mad haha! Paul and Raven 4 the win uwu I love the social king and queen!


Confessions to the Types (Personal INTP Experience)

Note: This doesn’t apply to everyone at all. Don’t be offended when/if I say something negative about your type. This is all based on personal experience.

ENTP: yknow we could be besto friendos if you stoppED LEAVING ME ON SEEN/READ/OPENED ALL THE TIME but really, you’re simultaneously cool and a loser and its really interesting

ENFP: I love all you guys but i dont like to tell y'all because you’re gonna make fun of me if i do. but really, you guys are so headstrong and im so glad im friends with you

ENFJ: im so glad you like me because it seems like you guys are really selective and picky about the people you hang out with even though you have tons of friends which i respect

ESTP: this doesnt apply to all estp’s because i know only one and he’s a loser and defies the stereotype and everything but marry me please your hands are so warm and mine are always cold and it makes me happy when you let me warm my hands on yours because thermodynamic equilibrium is my aesthetic

ESFP: the thought of you makes me sad because you were so welcoming and friendly when i first transferred here and i really liked you but then you just stopped talking to me and hell, im not going to try to tag myself along with someone who doesn’t want me around

INTP: there’s always like a deep connection between us whenever we discuss or habits, interests, hobbies, etc and it makes me happy even though we all can be absolutely asshats once in a while

INTJ: okay, i dont usually mind you but i also kinda hate you because youre so snobby and it makes me really uncomfortable and PLEASE shut up about your grades and how amazing and smart you are because WE KNOW about your pride. otherwise, youre fine and its really fun to annoy you when we dont agree on something

INFP: yall have so many friends and honestly, i dont think some of you deserve it. i mean, sure youre nice and all but i will never forget how you said you’d never leave me and then did exactly what you said you wouldnt a month later. and now you continue to befriend all my friends. leave me like you meant it

INFJ: we dont talk much anymore and that’s partially my fault because i dont know how to respond to a lot of things you say without making it awkward for you but as far as i know, youre really cool and it makes me happy that you strive to succeed and succeed to strive, yknow

ISTJ: i know we dont talk over social media much and thats my fault because i stopped responding because i dont know how to respond to one word replies but irl i love talking to you so much and youre chill to hang out with whenever and if i ever leave the house

For the rest, I don’t know for sure if I know anyone of the types (I probably do but I don’t want to mistype) so I just didn’t do it for the sake of trying to stay truthful. Again, all of these don’t apply to EVERYONE of that type. This is all based on my personal experiences.

Just wanted to share with y'all how lucky I always feel to be surrounded by QTPOC who are creative, understanding, sweet, radical, hilarious, fashionable, so so cute, and good hearted! Not many people have that, but I do, and it means everything to me. I love who I am so much, I love who my friends are so much.

…And in case anyone’s wondering, Derek and I are dressed up for a fancy Seattle art exhibit we were invited to be a part of. Of course, we were the dreamiest people at the opening party! We got lotsa compliments on being regal, fancy, and Filipinx (💁🏻).

I’m gonna personally fight every person who hated on Folie a Deux and made Patrick associate it with bad memories, that album was incredible smh

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Isn't JD a whole ass serial killer who forced himself on Veronica more than once, stalked her, planned and actually tried to kill her after she broke up with him, literally tried to blow up an entire school just because it was "society"? If you're against terrorists in real life, then congratulations, you fucking stan a white terrorist who thinks he has a right to kill because every school has some bad seeds.

AhA Dear anon you made me fucking snort, first of all you’re a coward and if you REALLY wanna discuss something like this you would get the fuck off anon.

Anywho you must think I’m some idiot that doesn’t realize how much of a fucked up person JD is. I NEVER said anything to praise his actions or anything saying they were fine or alright. I know what JD did and I know he’s a pile of shit.

I don’t understand why I got this ask though, if it’s because of half the JD’s I do draw then yah I guess I can understand. Well obviously you haven’t been following my blog for a while or you’re just a shitty person who loves to spread hatred against people who like versions of FICTIONAL characters.

Most of the JDs I draw are part of an au where he gets mental help. There. All I have to say about that.

Plus, you miss the ENTIRE point of him in the musical and movie.
See how fucking stupid that sounds? Because I like the movie Heathers, especially JD doesn’t mean I’m fucking okay with terrorists. You cross the line because actual terrorists? Way fucking worse, I could write you a list buuuuut most people are here for my art, not my views on terrorism and politics.

Back to how you missed the whole point of the movie. You were right how the school symbolized “society” and right there you should have stopped. It was a dark comedy movie, ever hear things like “Blame it on society” or “They’re like this because of society” or “Society’s standards are too high”… Etc, etc..?

The movie was making fun of society, slapping it right in the face. Or well, attempting to blow it up. Which JD failed in because you can’t get rid of society!!!

Last thing I have to say- stop fucking trying to compare fictional things you don’t fully understand the purpose of to things in real life that actually do harm, like terrorists.

~MTMTE Beach Day~

While we were at the beach over the weekend, @zenxenophilia and I came up with all of these ideas for what a beach day out with the MTMTE bots would be like! They’re on a secluded beach using mass displaced forms and their human friend is there to make sure they all have a good time! :D

So I’m going to do a few bots and give some headcanons on what they’d do at the beach and she’ll add some more to this post on her blog! I’m a little rusty lol but I hope y'all like this~!


  • Rodimus loves everything about the beach. He doesn’t even mind the water (though after the trip he comes to regret this)! He wants to do all the games during beach day, especially the more competitive ones. After all, he’s the Captain so he has to win all the games! His favorites are chicken and volleyball, the last one which he gets a little too aggressive about. There’s one point where he accidentally hits the ball straight at Megatron’s face. That’s not even how you play, Roddy! It doesn’t matter to him, in Rodimus’ mind that was a victory, the biggest one of the day.

  • He’s constantly trying to get the less enthusiastic bots to enjoy the beach day, which usually back fires on him. To his credit, he just wants everyone to have a good time because he knows a lot of the stuff happening on the ship lately has been extremely stressful. His amazing crew all deserve a day to just relax but of course, his idea of relaxation is different from the others.

  • Has a particularly fun time antagonizing Megatron. There’s one point where the older bot falls asleep on his towel and Rodimus (sniggering all the while) goes over and completely buries him in sand. Megatron simply thinks the wind got the best of him until a few days later when he sees that Rodimus posted selfies he took with the slumbering sand Megatron all over the ship. Lovely.

  • Sort of playing off his desire to win all the games, at some point during the day, Rodimus learns that Skids has become excellent at everything beach related (of course). He becomes rather jealous and declares (loudly, much to the embarrassment of Ultra Magnus) that HE is the Beach King, not Skids! The two end up having  a series of competitions through out the rest of the day, sometimes partnering with Swerve & Drift. At the end of the day, the human declares the winner Rodimus simply because THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS RODIMUS WE WANT TO GO BACK TO THE SHIP ALREADY, IT’S NIGHT TIME! Rodimus smugly wears a paper crown he made for the rest of the day.


  • Drift also loves going to the beach but he’s much more calm about it than Rodimus. Mostly, he’s just pleased to see everyone spending time together, especially with the human. He mentions something about bonding and growing closer spiritually and that’s when Rodimus begins to tune him out. Poor Drift is then dragged along to do every crazy beach activity with his Captain and best friend.

  • His favorite game is volleyball though. He’s excellent at it once he learns how to play and between him and Rodimus, the two are pretty much unstoppable. When he’s not indulging Rodimus in beating the other ship members in games, Drift spends most of his time sunbathing or chilling with his human friend. He loves hearing about their experiences with beaches (assuming they’ve been before) and watching them swim in the ocean, having a good time. He enjoys being able to relax for once and not having to worry about the Lost Light crazy shenanigans.

  • Drift is also the one who takes all the pictures of the beach (aside from Rewind video taping everything). He only cares about things that he considers aesthetically pleasing though, like sea shells and random birds. Also a lot of pictures of the ocean and the sunset, which while beautiful, never include the actual crew. After the day is over and Drift shows everyone the pictures, most of the crew are annoyed because he didn’t get anything actually IMPORTANT.

  • Drift would be one of the bots to collect sea shells, probably keeping them and learning from the human how to make jewelry out of them. He finds it interesting and ends up making everyone a sea shell necklace, which his human friend actually wears all the time. If anyone says anything about the necklace (*cough* Whirl *cough*), the human gets upset and stands up for Drift.


  • Cyclonus is not as enthusiastic as Tailgate about going to the beach and spending all day watching everyone else make a fool of themselves (and by everyone else, he means Rodimus). Still Tailgate is just so excited to spend time with him and their human friend, he can’t help but give in and come along. He doesn’t participate in any of the games despite Tailgate’s begging though. However at one point, Drift does hit the ball a little too hard during Volleyball and it goes sailing towards Cyclonus, popping on one of his horns. That counts as playing right? ;P

  • Tailgate gets confused about a lot of things involving the beach and their human friend. What’s a sun tan? You burn?! What do you mean you can drown?! DON’T WORRY HUMAN, HE’LL PROTECT YOU! It takes a long time explaining on the human’s part before Tailgate stops worrying about them so much. Cyclonus still keeps an eye on them both though. 

  • Tailgate loves the ocean and especially enjoys watching his human friend jump the waves. When he learns about sharks though, he becomes frightened. They sound horrible and dangerous! But then at one point, he actually sees a shark and is amused at how small they are. He just thought they’d be bigger? More intimidating? But they’re more cute than scary up close. What silly Earth creatures. X’D

  • Cyclonus meanwhile, does find himself admiring how beautiful the beach is. When Tailgate shows him a sea shell he found later on, Cyclonus even can admit how pretty it is. He does eventually join Tailgate and the human on their quest to collect as many sea shells as possible, keeping a few for himself to remember this moment by.


  • Rung is the Mom of the trip honestly. When he learns that they’ll be going to Earth for a beach day, he makes sure that he is as prepared as he can be. He questions the human on what the beach will be like and what is necessary to make the trip most enjoyable. As such, when they get to the beach, he pulls out everything under the sun from his subspace. Suntan lotions, extra towels, snacks and water, books, basically anything he could think of to help the human. :3 

  • He spends most of the day watching the others and smiling at how cheerful everyone seems. He brought along a beach umbrella (due to the human’s suggestion), shielding himself from the sun and the sand being blown up by winds. He also brought along a datapad to read during the trip and is perfectly content for the first time in a long while.

  • He also encourages the human to take breaks and not let themselves be worn out by everyone dragging them along to different activities. When they want to calm down or maybe take a short nap, they go to Rung because he’s peaceful and quiet and not grumpy unlike some of the others (*squints at Megatron*). He doesn’t say anything directly about it, but Rung adores this time with his human friend and can’t wipe the smile off his face for the rest of the day. 

  • Rung does NOT appreciate all the sand though, that’s for sure. It gets everywhere and for days after the beach trip, he still has trouble getting it out of his seams. This is also the reason why he stays away the water and all of that salt. It’s too exhausting trying to clean up the sand, much less salt from the ocean. At one point, Swerve is a little too excited during a game with Skids and ends up tripping, causing Rung to be covered in sand. Everyone finds it hilarious except Rung who gives Swerve the Disappointed Stare. 

Ultra Magnus:

  • Speaking of sand, Ultra Magnus HATES IT TO HIS VERY CORE. It’s everywhere! There’s so much of it and he can’t get it out of his seams! It gets into everything and it’s so weird feeling too. He doesn’t like when the wind blows the sand because it lands in his optics more often than not. So needless to say, he’s rather upset about the whole trip and thinks it’s a waste of time - at least at first.


  • Once he finds a spot to chill away from the rest of the loud crew, he starts to calm down. The sand still annoys him but he begins to notice just how gorgeous Earth actually is. Even the breeze is appreciated after a while, with the hot sun beating down on them all. At one point, he asks Rewind to record the sound of the waves beating against the shore and though he never explains why, Rewind has a feeling that the big bot is using the sounds to help him fall into recharge.


  • He takes everyone’s safety on this trip very seriously. Swerve compares Ultra Magnus to a human life guard, which confuses him until he talks to their human friend and finds out what that is. Despite it originally being an insult from Swerve, Ultra Magnus takes on the role with pride. He watches the water for sharks (mostly for the human) and makes sure they go out with another bot. He knows they can swim but they’re so small and delicate and those waves are so big! It doesn’t help when one time they get hit too hard by a wave and go under for a moment, nearly giving Ultra Magnus a spark attack. Even though they come up laughing and just fine, he’s still worried for them for the rest of the day.

  • It takes the human coming over and spending time with Ultra Magnus (see why Rung has to get them to rest) for him to be able to de-stress. They show him a little hermit crab they found crawling along and he hesitantly admits that perhaps not everything about the beach is horrible. Rodimus exhausts himself with all the games (but only for a short time of course) and joins them as well. The human enjoys seeing the two talking and even catches a faint smile on Ultra Magnus’ lips when he unintentionally makes Rodimus laugh after mentioning something Megatron did earlier in the day.

    I can’t wait to see what you add to this Zen~!


🌸 Usagi Tsukino 🌸
- Everything in this outfit was thrifted except for the top. can’t wait to upload the other outfits but I still have a lot of pending posts and I don’t wanna spam y'all. What do you guys think about this fit? 😃


got the sailormoon screencap from @sailorcivilian

ig: elaychi

Unpopular opinion: 2016 was actually an incredible year to me, so many cool things happened!! I’ve become independent, I learned and experienced tons of things, I’ve overcome my problems and finally I achieved what I’ve wanted for so long: I am truly happy with who I am as a person! I learned how to be happy and how to stay happy, I learned what’s important and to what extent. I realised that everything is a choice and there are literally no limits!! I finally see that every minute spent on whining and crying under a blanket is a wasted minute!! There’s literally no point in being stuck in one place, life moves forward and so should I!! Every failure is a test of persistence and determination, the key is to never stop looking for solutions!!

tl;dr Bring it on 2017, I’m ready



We have now officially reached the drunk enough to say shit you ort notta said part of the evening. And we have so many new people showing up, and said to myself, damn self, there are so many pretty people showing up tonight. And then I realized why: it is because LITERALLY EVERYBODY HERE IS ATTRACTIVE

I am not making this up. When objectively removing existing friendships and awkwardness and social niceties and power imbalances and general Reasons It Is A Bad Idea, I would most definitely bang everybody in this building.

So naturally before making suhc a statement I needed to double check the entire roster. And make sure I wasn’t leaving somebody out or making someone feel bad. Or anything like that, because even if I didn’t want to bang you all I still almost entirely like y'all and don’t want to cause no hurt feelings. We’re still a family and I still love you okay? But I went down the whole list and. I was right. Literally. Everybody. At Overwatch. Is like 100% bangable. Some over 100%.

For the purposes of this I am leaving Bastion and Orisa off the list. Because Orisa is a youngun and probably doesn’t have a grasp on such things yet and Bastion seems to be like… three? Four maybe? Mentally? I mean given that we just had to explain porn I think there maybe issues with the concept of sex, much less consent. But it’s definitely not just an omnic thing, as you will see.

So look. We’re gonna go straight down the fuckin list and I will Mathematically Prove This To All Of You.

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Thank You All!!!💋💋💋

Thank You to all my supporters followers likers fans haters and friends, I love y'all sooooo much! I’ve only been in the industry for just a short time and I have officially hit over 300 followers!!!! Y'all truly know how to show love! I will continue to give y'all a glimpse into my freaky nasty slutty creamy lifestyle!😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

@krisamaevu the BADDEST BOSS BITCH ina game! I love you and everything you do for this company!

@kiingreapa If it wasn’t for you I would have never been apart of this amazing @savagehustlers family

300 and counting…..

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Losing Your Virginity To Ethan Would Include

• Candles everywhere

• A shit-ton of foreplay

• Neck kisses

• Him walking you through everything

• Taking things incredibly slow

casually skips the legitimately smutty part because I honestly suck at writing things like that

• Cuddles afterwards

• “How do you feel, Babe?”

• “Amazing.”

• More neck kisses

• More “I love you"s than you can count

~ As per usual, no idea how to close these….. sooo I hope y'all like this one, it’s quite different compared to other lists I have😂 but yeah stay in school you guys

the ship's goin' crazy

so its been two days since we’re fed af with kd moments i swear im doing this because its fcking too much. ksoo arranging/fixing idk whats he doing to jong’s mic killed me //bcs he kinda look like he gonna kiss him aw. And what is really gold to these recent moments (well everythings gold tho) is that jong’s choices in those questions link everything that they did or said before ㅠㅠ AND OMFG DONT EVER FORGET THEIR PENGUIN DRAWINGS ITS A FUCKING FAMILY PORTRAIT Y'ALL.

we all know that kaisoo has a new concept; being highkey. (Those subtle moments… d e a d) i love it when they do things together or having a moment together like they dont care anymore.

And im hoping for more kd moments for japan fanmeeting day-3. ㅠㅠ i love them so much

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Really the summary of Danny's story in defenders is: omg you're all so COOL y'all have such amazing powers man can we be friends? I'll get food! What food do you like? Nvm I'll get everything. Also this is colleen I love her and trust her she's amazing." And for everyone else he's that kid brother who's annoying them and following them around but HEY YOU CAN'T TOUCH HIM, WE can knock him unconscious but YOU don't get to touch him and ends with big bro Matt giving him Responsibilities TM

I KNOW HOW DO PEOPLE NOT GET IT AND THINK HE’S THERE TO BE ANNOYING/USELESS when he actually was the center of the plot rotfl *rolls eyes* but I KNOW HE’S JUST SO LOVELY AND HE JUST WANTS TO BUY HIS FRIENDS SOME FOOD I JUST —- ;_____; danny rand offering food to everyone he likes is my aesthetic okay ;___; dslkgjalk