but i love turians

Small things I loved about Andromeda, all minor things about the world;

- canon gay turian couple
- a human that was raised by two Quarians - her godparents - and honours them with the name ‘vas Hyperion’
- everything about Sahuna ama Darav, Jaal’s true mother
- lesbian human/turian couple in the Vortex. They have no lines. But they totally gon fuk.
- literally nothing will ever make Evfra happy ever. he is the most eternally miffed cabbage man
- Rorik and Ljeta
- Vorn and how he’s a total dork. Flower Crown Krogan.
- how Bradley gets mad if you wear N7 armor, you ungrateful piece of cheese
- how you can canonly make your Ryder a dork of gargantuan proportions
- distressed Krogan really wants gingerbread cookies. someone bake for him. where’s Sahuna
- Jaal’s family home. life in an Angaran family is like eternal bumper cars. you cant not run into someone

Why did Bioware deprived us of such an amazing pair as Macen and Avitus? Why, we needed this fluff couple! I need my turian fluff!
How do turians even blush tho? What color do they blush in?? BIOWARE I NEED ANSWERS!!