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I think that Kara is not as polished, which I love about her. This is kind of a rough-and-tumble crash course, quite literally, into being a superhero. She has no idea what she’s doing. The first few episodes of this season have felt as some points that she’s just this rhino charging into things and seeing if they’ll fall down. She’s learning to harness all of that. There’s not much sexuality there. She does love and feel so much emotion, but she’s not overtly sexual. I feel like Wonder Woman has so much more control of herself and it’s this sophistication that Kara is still trying to find. I think the fact that she’s called girl means that there are some days that she has it figured out and some days that she doesn’t.

Sun conjunct Mercury: God radiates from my mind 
Moon conjunct Mercury: Communication is soaked in emotion 
Venus conjunct Mercury: I love to talk, I love people 
Mars conjunct Mercury: Talking energizes me, it activates my spirit 
Jupiter conjunct Mercury: Words tumble from my mouth 
Saturn conjunct Mercury: I have to think long and hard before I speak 
Uranus conjunct Mercury: I’m so clever I don’t know what I’m talking about 
Neptune conjunct Mercury: The more I speak, the more I can confuse people
Pluto conjunct Mercury: My words echo in unconscious worlds


Red, The Blood of Angry Men

Hi I was wondering if you could write a fic of newt x reader? The reader is a metamorphagi and show her emotions through her hair. So when she sees newt for the first time her hair changes from her normal black hair to a deep red because she finds newt to be attractive. And newt finds it cute idk somewhere along the line lol

I love color theory and this was so fun to write!

“Y/N! WAKE UP, IT’S TIME FOR BREAKFAST!” Your best friend yelled in your ear. 

“Mm, 5 more minutes, please” you plead, rolling over in your bed. 

“You’re going to miss care of magical creatures,” they singsong in your ears. You jolt awake 

“I’M READY!” Your friend laughs as you tumble out of bed. 

You quickly run to the bathroom and fix yourself up in the mirror, your hair is a bright orange which shocked you a little. You walk out of the bathroom and your friend bursts out in laughter. 

“What’s so funny?” you ask, 

“Y-You l-look l-l-like an o-orange” they laugh out. 

You roll your eyes and drag them to the great hall. On the way, your hair turns back to black, your normal hair color. You silently breathe a sigh of relief. You admit being a metamorphagi is fun at times, like pranking people, but it’s a big hassle when your emotions are on display for everyone to see. 

Luckily, not everyone knows what each color means, so most don’t actually know what each emotion means. You ate breakfast quickly, wanting to get ready for Care of Magical Creatures. It was your third year which meant you were allowed to take it. You absolutely adored creatures, the tips of your hair turned a gold yellow just thinking about it. 

You ran back to your dorm and grabbed all the books you need and a few extra, just in case. You made your way to class early and waited outside the classroom, eager to start class. Your standing peacefully when you hear a loud crash and some running. 


That voice was definitely not the professor, it sounded like a young boy instead. Your hair started turning a little purple out of curiosity. You opened the door and saw a brown-haired boy chasing around a niffler. The niffler saw the open door and scurried towards you, you quickly scooped it up and held it in your arms. 

“Now, what do you think you’re doing?” you question the niffler with a playful tone. 

The boy stops in front if you, his hair was floppy and messy, his tie was undone and around his neck, he had his wand behind his ear and his white button up was ruffled and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. You stared at the boy, admiring his freckles and the dirt on his nose. 

“Um, excuse me, but you’re holding my niffler,” the voice snapped you out of your thoughts. 

How could you forget about the little troublemaker in your arms? You looked down and saw it all cuddled up in your arms. “Oh right, so sorry,” you apologize, handing the niffler to the boy, the niffler looks back at you with a sad expression.

You giggle and pull a coin from your pocket and hand it to the niffler who happily stuffed it in its pouch. When you looked up the boy was staring at you wide-eyed. 

“Um, can I help you?” you ask, feeling a little self-conscious.

“Oh sorry, forgive my staring but, your hair just turned from black to red,” he said with a hint of shock in his voice. 

Great, this cute boy thinks I’m weird because my hair changes color, stupid me being a metamorphagi. 

“I don’t think you’re weird, I think you’re amazing,” he whispers in awe. 

Oops, you thought out loud again, your face turned red to match your hair. 

“So, um, what are you doing in here without professor supervision?” you question, trying to change the subject. 

“Oh, I come here a lot, you know, I annoy people,” his head turned away for a split second, “And animals are much better comfort in my opinion.” he turned and went back to put the niffler in its burrow. 

“By the way, how did you know that the Niffler liked shiny objects?” He asked while walking to the bowtruckles. 

“I love magical creatures, I’ve always found them interesting. I was so overjoyed when I got enrolled in this class that I came early,” you reply excitedly. 

He smiles at you, noticing your hair growing golden tips on your still deep red hair. 

“What’s your name? I’m Newt Scamander, ” he says as he holds out his hand. 

“I’m Y/n L/n, pleasure to meet you Newt,” you take his hand and shake it, a little longer than needed in all honesty. People started to walk in and take their seats including your friends. 

“Well, I better let you go off with your friends. Nice meeting you, Y/n!” he said, turning back to the bowtruckles. You turned around and saw your friends deep in conversation. You sigh and turned back to Newt, 

“Actually, I think I’d rather stay with you, if you don’t mind?” you ask. His back was turned but you could see he was grinning. 

“Of course I don’t mind, I’d love to be your partner,” he winced a little after speaking but it only made you giggle. 

“By the way, I did some research on Metamorphagi a couple of years ago. I was in the library and found a book on special abilites some wizards have. If I remember correctly, bright red means anger and dark read means um love. Am I correct?” He sheepishly asks. You start to blush and fidget with your hands before answering him. 

“Yes, that could be correct,” you confess, wanting to disappear at that moment. 

“Well, I think red is a lovely color on you, Y/n,” he gives you a smile that makes your hair turn red again. 

“Damn you, Scamander” you playfully roll your eyes and walk to a table. 

You notice the tips of your hair turning gold again. Let’s just say you were very excited for this class. 

I cant stop singing Red and Black from Les Miserable. Help me, or dont I love les amis so much

204. We are not allowed to send fake anonymous love letters.

A/N: Dedicated to Anon. Without you, we wouldn’t know how bad James are Remus are at writing love notes. Well done.

James startled in his place when a giant book bounced on his bed directly in front of his view before tumbling off the side of the bed and landing on the ground with a resounding THWAK.

He looked up quickly to see Remus standing at the edge of his bed, his arms folded tight, and a deep frown etched on his face.

“Are you,” James paused, his eyes glancing at the fallen book on the floor before continuing hesitantly, “okay?”

“If I have to write one more word about why werewolves are dangerous,” he started, his eyes going darker with every word, “I’m going to find Professor Creed and show him just how dangerous werewolves can be.”

James flinched slightly, putting his own book away as he said, “Yeah, this assignment is bloody ridiculous. It won’t be a surprise when Creed isn’t invited to stay to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts next year.”

“He better not be,” Remus answered with a huff, sitting down against the edge of James’ bed.

“What do you want to do?” James asked, willing to put aside anything he needed to get done to spend time with his friend, “Sirius is at detention for back-talking and Peter is being tutored, but you and I could pull a prank on someone without them.”

“I think that any prank I’d come up with now would be too violent,” Remus admitted, “And likely have dire consequences that get us into loads of trouble.”

“Well,” James shrugged, “I’d stop you from doing anything too violent, and you know me. Loads of trouble isn’t something that’s likely to deter me from doing something I want to do.”

Remus smiled softly, letting out a brief chuckle, “I suppose that’s true.”

James lifted his fingers as he started counting off the list of ideas for pranks they could pull, “We could find Snivellus and charm his robes to be a different color again. Or we could reorganize all of the books in Creed’s office so he has to re-do them in the order he wants them in. Or we could pretend to be ghosts and hide in the bathroom stalls and freak people out when they’re trying to go.”

Remus shrugged, tilting his head as he thought about the merits of each different idea. He opened his mouth to comment when a bright pink slip of paper caught his eyes on the edge of James’ nightstand.

His mind diverted from their previous conversation, he pointed to the paper and asked, “What’s that?”

“Oh,” James rolled his eyes after looking to see what Remus was pointing to, “Just some dumb secret admirer note someone sent me this week.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “A secret admirer note?”

James nodded, “Yeah, I guess someone saw me playing last week and decided they wanted to send me a note to tell me I was good and stuff.”

“Why is that dumb?” Remus asked confused.

James snorted, reaching over to grab the paper and handed it to Remus for him to read.

My Dearest James,
You’re swift on a broom, as fast as can be.
I wish there was some room, so you could fly with me.
When I see you on the field, you make my heart soar.
I can’t wait until the next game, where I can watch you more.
Your Secret Admirer

“That’s,” Remus paused as he tried to think of the right words.

James suggested, “Creepy? Slightly stalkerish?”

“I was going to say terrible and a little over the top, but your words work too,” Remus admitted with a laugh.

He handed the note back, watching as James threw it on his nightstand, not wanting to deal with it at the moment, when the idea popped in his head.

“We should write secret admirer notes.”

James scrunched his nose skeptically, “Okay? Who do you want to write a note to?”

“No,” Remus corrected him with an eye roll, “Not serious secret admirer notes. We should write some as pranks.”

James eyes lit up as he jumped up from his spot on his bed, “That’s a fantastic idea! I think that I have some parchment in my nightstand if you want to grab some.”

Remus crawled to the edge of James bed and looked through his nightstand to find the spare parchment, “What are you grabbing?”

“I think Sirius has some ink I want to use,” James mumbled, looking through Sirius’ chest.

It was long before he let out an “Ah-ha!” and turned around, holding a small bottle of ink triumphantly.

Remus reached out, grabbing the bottle from James and looked at the label on the side, “Glitter Ink. Why on earth does Sirius have this?”

James shrugged unconcerned, “Why does Sirius have anything he has? I try not to question it too much.”

Remus snorted, handing the bottle of ink back to James along with the parchment.

“You should write the note,” James decided.

“Why?” Remus asked.

“Your handwriting is better than mine.”


“So, we want them to be able to read the note.”

“If you write slowly, people can read your handwriting too,” Remus paused before adding, “Besides, if you write in cursive your handwriting looks like a girl’s.”

James scoffed, “No it does not.”

“It does a little.”

“Ugh, fine, I’ll write the notes. Give me that,” he took the quill from Remus’ hand, ignoring his smug smile and dipped the quill in the ink.

“Who should we write the note to?” James asked.

They sat silent for a moment before they both answered simultaneously, “Snivellus.”

James started.

My dearest Snive-

Remus grabbed the parchment out from under James and crumpled it up before throwing it away.


“You can’t write Snivellus,” Remus scolded him, “That makes it obvious that it’s us.”

James nodded, “Sorry, you’re right. Force of habit. Let’s try that again.”

My Dearest Severus,
Your large sulking figure reminds me of a bat,

“This is supposed to be a love note,” Remus reminded him.

“Just wait and see,” James promised him.

When I wake up in the morning, I wonder where you’re at.

“Oh-kay,” Remus said slowly.

“You’re turn,” James prompted him.

“My turn?” Remus asked incredulously.

“Well,” James sighed, “I’m not writing this on my own. That would be weird.”

“Yes, that’s what’s weird about this whole situation,” he answered sarcastically.

“This was your idea!” James reminded him.

“Fine, fine, just let me think for a moment.”

Remus was silent, his lips moving slightly as he muttered to himself before saying, “Alright, write this down.”

I wonder if my fingers in your hair could go through,

“That doesn’t even make sense,” James complained.

“You hush and write,” Remus ordered him.

Would you let me touch it and maybe use shampoo?

“That’s gross,” James declared, “I feel dirty now.”

“That sounded a lot less sexual in my head,” Remus admitted.

Laughing James said, “You’re terrible at this!”

Remus argued, “You are too!”

They both laughed together, looking at the terrible note they’d written, unsure what to do with it.

“Should we finish it and send it?” James asked.

“It feels…wrong,” Remus said.

James nodded, crumpling the paper up and throwing it into the waste basket, “Let’s start from the top.”

Remus put his hand on James’ arm, stopping him from starting and suggested, “What if we write love notes to Sirius and Peter instead? I think we’d feel less creepy and we could see their reactions better.”

James nodded, “That is a great idea. To My Dearest Sirius it is.”

“Hey,” Remus added as James began to write, “When we’re done with this, let’s go reorganize Professor’s Creeds books in his office.”

James smiled widely, looking like a Cheshire cat that got the cream, “There’s nothing that would delight me more.”



“C’mon Sirius, we’re waiting for you,” James reminded him, leaning against his four poster bed.

“I’m almost ready,” Sirius grumbled, rifling through his trunk to find his money pouch to throw in his bag.

The four were about to leave the castle grounds to head to Hogsmeade and were waiting on Sirius to finish grabbing his stuff before they left.

Remus hummed disapprovingly and lectured, “If you would organize and clean out that trunk every once in a while, you’d actually be able to find your stuff when you looked.”

“My organization system is fine, thank you very much,” Sirius clipped out, sniffing a pair of socks he pulled out before making a disgusted face and throwing the socks in the corner where his hamper was.

James rolled his eyes and glanced over at the head of Sirius’ bed, where a slip of parchment caught his eye.

His heart pounded as he recognized the writing and he eagerly jumped forward to pull it out from under Sirius’ pillow.

“What’s this?” he asked teasingly, waving the letter in the air.

Sirius looked up to see what James was holding and froze in his spot. His eyes went wide briefly before he shrugged casually, “It’s just something I’ve been meaning to throw away.”

“Oh yeah?” James challenged, “Is that why you keep it under your pillow? Do you sleep with it every night? Read the words before you fall asleep?”

“What is it?” Peter asked eagerly, stretching his neck out to try and see what it was.

“It’s nothing,” Sirius said, “Now give it back.”

James opened the parchment, turning to Remus and winking before he read:

“My Dearest Sirius,”

“Stop it,” Sirius said, “It’s stupid, I know. I’ve been meaning to throw it away, but just haven’t. You don’t have to –,”

“When I see you swagger into the Great Hall in the morning,”

“Oh, is that what they call it? Swaggering?” James teased.

“Ha ha. Okay, you got me. Give it back now,” Sirius said humorlessly.

James continued:

“I can’t help but to think that your body needs a warning.”

“A warning for what?” Remus asked, his eyes sparkling more than normal, “for the days that you decide to have an impromptu breakfast chili with extra beans and spice?”

“I stand by that breakfast,” Sirius answered firmly, placing his hands on his hips.

“Your rock-hard abs are something I desperately want to see,”

“Rock hard abs?” Peter squeaked out with a guffaw, “What rock-hard abs?”

“Har har. You’re all hilarious,” Sirius said as the other three laughed.

“Wait,” James said, holding his finger up, “It gets better.”

“If only you knew what you do to me.”

“I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing,” James said. 

Remus laughed as he walked over to Sirius and thrrew his arm over the other man’s shoulders, “It think it’s sweet. You do something to them.”

Sirius scoffed, ducking under Remus’ arm and taking purposeful strides over to James.

Seeing that Sirius was coming his way, James quickly jumped away, walking around the room to get away as he read faster:

“Everything about you is supremely divine,
My only wish in life is that you could be mine.”

Sirius caught up to James and snatched the parchment out of his hands.

James jumped onto his bed, taking a bow to Peter and Remus who began to applaud and finished, “With lots of love, your secret admirer.”

“Bravo!” Remus called out, “A true work of art!”

Sirius barked at the others, “Alright, alright. You all had your fun! Now get out of here.”

“You still haven’t found your money pouch yet,” Peter reminded him.

Sirius waved them away, “I’ll find it and catch up to you guys in a bit.”

“Works for me,” James said with a shrug, jumping down from his make-shift platform and nodded to the others to follow him.

“We’ll see you and your rock hard abs soon,” he said with a wink, bouncing out the door.

Remus laughed and added, “Don’t take too long swaggering to where we are.”

Peter laughed, waving good-bye not bothering to try and add anything.

As soon as the three were gone, Sirius let out a deep sigh.

He walked over to his trunk, glancing at the letter briefly before folding it nicely and placing it in a small compartment at the bottom of his messy trunk.

No one had to know.

It always ends the same way, you see. And the worst part is, every time it only takes a single, half-assed sentence, and everything tumbles into shreds of poignant emotion. My world ends, and then starts again the next morning when I make eye contact with an anonymous face on a train leading into oblivion.
—  It was never anything more than the idea of love 
Cheers to the New Year Fic Rec

This is only the second fic rec I’ve done, so bear with me! I just wanted to do this to start the year off with some love and positivity. 

Fluffy Stuff: 

  • Kiss-Cam! // @captainsamell - Life long friends Oliver and Felicity caught on a kiss cam during a baseball game. || Too cute for words. I absolutely love this!!
  • Everything Changed (…in the Bathroom) // @spaztronautwriter - Oliver and Felicity get trapped in a bathroom at a high school party; the past and their feelings come bubbling to the surface. || How do I love thee… let me count the ways. Honestly, I could say it a million more times, I’m in love with this fic. It’s so freaking wonderful. 
  • Snowfall. // @sentence-fragments - Oliver rescues Felicity after her car gets stuck and she takes a tumble into a ditch… while wearing a wedding dress. || This is so awesome. So cute. So sweet. Such an interesting story and I can’t wait to read more!! 
  • Moose and Augie // @peacefulboo - Felicity and Oliver meet when her daughter takes a liking to his dog. || This is literally cavity inducing, but in the best way. Olicity + children + cute animals is already such a weakness, so this pretty much killed me.
  • Along the Way // @mogirl97 - Felicity’s trip to the most important interview of her life hits a few bumps… but at least this cute guy at the diner is willing to help… Wait is that Oliver Queen, playboy billionaire? || This. Freaking. Fic. I swear every chapter i read I’m sitting there screaming “will you two just kiss already!!” i love how much they are helping each other though and how easily they develop crushes and feelings. It’s so amazing. 
  • Cat Burglar AU // @machawicket -  Oliver is a thief who ends up on Felicity’s balcony while trying to sneak away || This is so ridculously cute and funny. I love the idea of Oliver using his skills to be a cat burglar and Felicity being her silly cute self and flirting with him even though he’s freaking trespassing. Lmao it’s awesome. 

continues below the cut - 

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what I love? Luke and Leia, terrifying Jedi twins, being protective of their rough and tumble smuggler who's secretly a giant softie

hahaha omfg yes, because Han Solo has cultivated his Han Solo ™ image for absolutely YEARS and there are some quadrants – this is BS (before Skywalker) – who knew him as the best fucking smuggler in the history of the galaxy and also a famous fighter and also the universe’s greatest lover and lando has obviously helped with this because before the frankly acrimonious break up they delighted in making up more and more absurd rumours about each other. did you hear that han solo took on a wookie in single combat and won (technically true, though the wookie was Chewie and ‘single combat’ was more ‘Chewie was so so drunk he couldn’t actuallly stand and somehow Han dragged him back into the Falcon’) or lando fucked a saarlacc pit so well it stopped eating people (again, sort of true: they call his ex gf the saarlac pit)

and han solo wasn’t the sort of name that made people quake in their boots but it was the sort of name that people might respond to wth a bit of respect. people had heard of him. people would hear han solo and raise their eyebrows and a toast, maybe, or else they would spit on the ground and curse his name

then along come the skywalkers. and suddenly its not careful with that han solo will find you or han solo could outrun anything; it’s careful don’t hurt han the skywalkers will come after you or you can’t badmouth him, he’s leia organa’s husband and have you seen her she’s terrifying – 

the first seventeen times the skywalker name gets him out of trouble he is pissed. big-eyed luke with soft floppy hair somehow the terror of the galaxy; his princess – okay, no, he can understand why people fear her. after a while he gets used to it. starts calling himself han organa, because that way he can rock up to any bar in the land in his grubby old smuggling gear and be guaranteed a constant stream of drinks. 


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- Song Drabble  - We The Kings - Sleep With Me -

jungkook x reader

fluffiest of fluff

425 words

@sarraemo nymph wished – “Baby sleep with me..will I see you when I open my eyes..I want you to want no one else other than me” Can u do it with jungkook :3

This golden maknae will be the death of me. -.- Why am I so cringey!!! ?? TT lol! I hope you like your gift love! ^^

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Switch With Me

Gency week, day 5 - Role Swap!

Previous and next of the week!

I had a bit of a trouble with this prompt, but then I thought Body Swap au! Because who doesn’t love a body swap au. (And don’t lie to yourself, you know you love it!)

And I forgot to mention, but this was partly inspired by Zee’s lovely art and the discussions in the gency discord server! :)

Appropiate tags: Body Swap, light fluff, feeling stuff. (You know. Stuff)

Please enjoy!

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Namjoon’s fingers hovered over the keys as he thought about what to say. Nothing really sounded right to him. How can I tell her? Should I tell her? He sighed. The guys were right, he didn’t know anything more than anyone else who followed your blog. So he made a pact with himself. 

I’ll get to know her. But should I give her my number? He asked the empty air as he chewed on his lower lip. Finally putting his fingers on the keys, he logged into Tumblr. 

To his surprise, he had a message waiting from you. 

Hopefully you liked the post! He smiled at the simplicity of the message, but he loved how you would reach out to people. Regaining a bit of courage, he started to type. 

Loved it

Are you a Namjoon bias too? Your quick reply startled him at bit. It was rather late in Seoul, so he began to think you weren’t from South Korea. 

You could say I’m bias towards him. I’m actually pretty close with BTS, so I think the way you portrayed him is pretty accurate. 

He sent the message and suddenly there was no reply. Maybe she is just another fan girl. He thought to himself as he was about to log out of Tumblr. 

That’s cool. You responded, but it wasn’t the usual freaked out message. That threw Namjoon for a loop. 

Yea, they’re nice guys. Another long wait. Namjoon sat there, wanting to type something, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. 

That’s good to hear. I’m not a super fan, I want them to have lives, so if you’re close to them, can you tell them to take a break here and there? It’s upsetting to see them push themselves so hard. Namjoon felt his breathing catch. Here was a girl that was just looking out for him and his friends. He tried to stay completely calm as he thought of what to say, but you beat him to it. 

Enough about BTS, I want to hear more about you! If you’re close to them, that means you’re probably in S.Korea which means it’s late lol 

Namjoon smiled. You wanted to get to know him. Rather than asking a shit ton of questions about the guys or trying to get in with the group, you stayed rather distant. He shook his head and began to talk. 

The two of you messaged late into the night. Both of you learning more and more about the other, until finally Namjoon had to go to sleep. He could see the sun peaking through the blinds and knew the managers would come in and wake them soon. So he said his goodbyes, but before he left, he gave you his number. 

It’s easier to contact me that way. 



I don’t know what to save you under … I just realized we never introduced ourselves lol 

Namjoon stopped for a moment. If he told you his name, you would figure it out! 

I’m Y/N :) 

He had to say something. 

I’m Joon, it’s nice to meet you. 

Lol that must be confusing for you and Namjoon, you guys have practically the same name! 

You have no idea lol 

Namjoon let out a sigh of relief and shook his head once more. He looked at his blank screen as he hoped you would text him. This was about to get interesting. 


Komm Susser Tod
  • Komm Susser Tod
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • End Of Evangelion

I know, I know I’ve let you down
I’ve been a fool to myself
I thought that I could
live for no one else

But now through all the hurt and pain
Its time for me to respect
the ones you love
mean more than anything.

So with sadness in my heart
I feel the best thing I could do
is end it all
and leave forever
whats done is done, it feels so bad
what once was happy now is sad
I’ll never love again
my world is ending

I wish that I could turn back time
‘cause now the guilt is all mine
can’t live without the trust from those you love.
I know we can’t forget the past
you can’t forget love and pride
because of that it’s killing me inside

It all returns to nothing, it all comes
tumbling down, tumbling down,
tumbling down,
it all returns to nothing, I just keep
letting me down, letting me down,
letting me down,
in my heart of hearts,
I know that I could never love again
I’ve lost everything
everything, everything
that matters to me,
matters in this world

I wish that I could turn back time
'cause now all the guilt is mine
can’t live without
the trust from those you love
I know we can’t forget the past
we can’t forget love and pride
because of that, its killing me inside

It all returns to nothing, it all comes
tumbling down, tumbling down,
tumbling down
it all returns to nothing, I just keep
letting me down, letting me down,
letting me down
It all returns to nothing, it all comes
tumbling down, tumbling down,
tumbling down
it all returns to nothing, I just keep
letting me down, letting me down,
letting me down

Cruel Beauty (book review)

Author: Rosamund Hodge

Rating: 5

Date started/finished: Janaury 14 - January 15, 2017

Fave quote: 

“You deserve all that and more. It made me happy to see you suffer. I would do it all over again if I could.” I realized I was shaking as the words tumbled out of me. “I would do it again and again. Every night I would torment you and laugh. Do you understand? You are never safe with me.” I drew a shuddering breath, trying to will away the sting of tears.

He opened his eyes and stared up at me as if I were the door out of Arcadia and back to the true sky. “That’s what makes you my favorite.’ He reached up and wiped a tear off my cheek with his thumb. ‘Every wicked bit of you.”

- Nyx & Ignifex



I would like to start by saying that this book has a gorgeous cover. It’s the reason I picked it up in the first place. I was wandering through the bookstore (I was killing some time because I was waiting for someone) and came across this book. After I read the blurb and did some quick searching on its reviews, I didn’t even think twice about buying it. 

Cruel Beauty is a sublime read. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book and wasn’t able to put it down; finishing it in about two sittings. The story is basically a re-telling of the classic tale Beauty & the Beast with a mix of Greek Mythology. So if you’re fans of both like I am, then you are going to devour this book. 

The book starts of with the main protagonist Nyx Triskelion, saying the gripping first line:

“I was raised to marry a monster.”

If that wasn’t a great first line, I don’t what is! I loved how it was straight to the point, and definitely gives off an impact to its readers. The premise is basically: Nyx is betrothed to the evil demon ruler of their land, Ignifex, since birth; after her father made a bargain with the him a few years ago so that his wife could bear children (Sounds familiar? Yep, a little bit of Rapunzel in there…). So Nyx dedicated her whole life plotting to kill her future husband. But the moment the two finally meet, she finds herself beguiled by his unexpected persona and the attraction–even the love she began to feel for the demon prince–was inevitable. 

What I loved about the book: imagery: lyrical descriptions that seem to float off the page and suck you into the enchanting world Hodge has created. Characterization and dialogue: lovable characters that you can’t help but get attached to. I loved Ignifex and Shade’s characterization, and I love how Nyx is very strong and straight forward. She’s not the typical good girl or princess in fairytales but is actually filled with a lot of hatred for her family and I think that’s what made her relationship with Ignifex so interesting. They’re alike in some ways, which destroys the Beauty & the Beast trope since both of them are a quite wicked in a way. 

In my opinion, Nyx and Ignifex’s relationship is to die for. I loved how they banter and fight non stop; trying to kill each other even, but it’s quite obvious they were already falling in love with each other. Ignifex is portrayed as attractive as hell (lol the pun. cause he’s a demon and all), and evil. But the mystery that surrounds him makes you think otherwise. 

Plotline: wonderfully timed thematic sequence and beautiful conflict resolution.

Setting: I like worlds with history, magic, and mystery. And Arcadia was the epitome of that. I liked how it played an important role in the overall conflict resolution as well. 

What I didn’t quite like: There are some parts that are quite confusing. It’s near the end though I won’t mention since I don’t want to spoil anyone. It makes sense… but I have a few questions about it which I would like to clear out.  

Overall, Cruel Beauty is perfect mix of dark romance, danger, and historical mythology that would definitely catch your interest. I loved how everything was weaved into the story line so effortlessly and how every element seemed to work together like a well-oiled machine. Cruel Beauty is dangerously beautiful and would have you staring into space, thinking about the characters right after you turned the last page.

A gorgeous read. Highly recommended!

- Kaye Allen


The tension was unbearable as Christine cried silently in the corner, distraught over Erik’s confession that he didn’t want nor like children. She had just discovered that morning she was pregnant and Erik’s reaction to this news hadn’t been great. He knew now was the time to come clean and really explain why he was so afraid to have children. Sighing, he ran a hand over his face, shutting his eyes tight as the words tumbled out of his mouth.

“Christine, what I said about children isn’t entirely true. There is more to it than that…The reason I don’t want children is because…” He sighed shakily and gulped, “I am terrified that the child would end up looking like me. And that is something that I would never be able to forgive myself for.” He didn’t even watch to see her reaction, instead stared at a spot on the ground. He felt the mattress sag next to him as she sat down and felt her hand rest over his hand, but he still did not look at her.

“That’s truly what you’re afraid of? That the child will look like you?”

“You have no idea the fear and the… shame that that brings me. If I can barely look at myself in the mirror without feeling repulsed, then how on earth would I be able to look at my own child?” Christine said nothing, the only noise in the room being the wind that whistled through hidden cracks in the ceiling. When Erik felt his hand being pulled, he did not question it, only allowed Christine to lead him away to wherever she was headed. He was not expecting her to take him to her walk in wardrobe which contained the only mirror in the house and he physically balked, restraining against her pull.

“Christine, what are you doing?”

“I need to show you something.” She opened the shuttered doors, flicked on the light switch and took Erik around the corner. It wasn’t very big inside but it was enough for Christine and she loved having a floor length mirror that reflected the light even more. She pulled Erik in front of the mirror and he looked away, avoiding his reflection as if it were the plague. “Please, don’t.” Christine went to stand behind him, threading her arms around his stomach that tensed underneath her touch before running her hands up to his chest.

“Look into the mirror, love. I want you to tell me what you see.” She said soothingly.

“I am not playing this game!” Erik barked back, but calmed immediately when she placed a gentle kiss on the top of his spine.

“Please, love. Just look.” It took him a while but he acquiesced and grimaced in disgust when he saw his reflection. It looked worse than it ever had done, his skin pale and taught in places, it didn’t take him long to look away.

“I see an ugly, disgusting man who has corrupted you and has already probably corrupted the little being inside of you.” He spat out moodily, clenching his long fingers into tight fists. Christine poked her head out from behind him and snuggled under his arm, pulling it over her shoulder so that she could rest her head on his chest.

“That’s funny because I don’t see that at all.” She murmured, threading her fingers through his own. “I see a wonderful, beautiful man who gave me everything I could ever ask for. I see a man who has suffered so much hardship and yet finds the love inside him to share it with me, someone who doesn’t deserve as much as she has been given. I see the man I fell in love with and the face that I adore because it makes you who you are.” She then stepped in front of him and took his face into her hands, placing kisses against his deformity. “I love every ridge, every bump, every blemish, I love your lips, I love your eyes.” Christine then placed a firm kiss against his lips, trying to ignore the saltiness that lingered from his tears that he hadn’t realised he had begun to cry, “And my god Erik, if our child does inherit your looks then I will know I have been truly blessed because I have two beautiful humans in my life. I will have a child that reminds me of my husband who I love beyond belief, who I will love utterly even if there were the slightest blemish and I will teach our child that they shouldn’t have to hate who they are because of how they appear. Just as I am now telling you that your appearance doesn’t make you some evil, corrupted ‘monster’ as you called yourself all those years ago. It makes you, you! And that is someone who is very beautiful.” Erik choked on a sob, trying desperately to keep back the tears and failed miserably as his knees buckled and fell to the floor, crying into his hands. Her hands found the back of his head and stroked his soft hair until he ceased to cry, then did something remarkable. He placed his hands on her hips and brought his lips to her stomach, kissing it gently as if it were the most delicate surface of all.

“I swear, I will love this child and protect it with my life, Christine. Even if it does look like me. I will love them fiercely and will never let them doubt themselves.” Christine smiled a watery smile and bent down to meet him, capturing his lips on her own.

“I know you will. That is what makes you beautiful.”


My in-laws have decided to turn their home into an AirBnB, and I’m just so psyched for them (and anyone who has occasion to stay with them)! Their ranch is absolutely breath-taking, and even more amazing is the unbelievable fact that it was built by them and the occasional contractor, by hand, piece by piece, room by room, acre by acre, spanning over more than 20 years and on a teacher’s salary. The canyon is secluded, sprawling, home to lakes and ponds and hiking trails and more wildlife than you can shake a stick at. There’s also the small lakeside cabin built in the woods about a mile from the main house! Love this place so much!

Also featuring Callie-Wampus the spaniel, and the red horse is Cayenne…not sure about the second horse. There was talk over Christmas of goats joining the family soon, and I know the woodshed is full of tumbling, rumbling barn cats. Oh my god, I want to be here like yesterday.

Person: God, I hate Zen. He’s so full of himself.
Me: lol ya Zen is the worst.
*hundreds of Zen selfies fall out of my pocket and onto the floor*
Me: oh god. Umm. Uh, these aren’t mine. *starts picking them up* I’m just- I’m holding them for Jaehee *even more tumble out of my pockets. I am drowning in Zen* I….oh my. Oh god. Oh geeze.

i think the reason we cling to the myths and legends that hold hands across our skies is not because we are a people meant for disappointment; we do not want immortality, to be carved into the earth so deeply that our names tumble from the lips of everyone who crosses our stretch of earth.

no - i think the reason we mere humans love the gods and goddesses and their children is because they, too, are broken. they suffer. they bleed. and maybe their blood falls to the earth like honey and ours is just rusting, and maybe their skin looks a lot more like armor than this tender flesh -

but, oh, how beautiful it is that they can feel the lashes of tragedy over and over and over again, and they can still stand with their broken backs erect and their bloodshot eyes filled with fire.

i think humans love the myths of old because we, too, want to be strong.

—  grief isn’t just meant for the mortal // (h.q.)
Secondhand Soulmate (Stiles/Derek)

Secondhand Soulmate. Stiles/Derek. Teen. 5/6.

Not always, not even most of the time, but sometimes –  24% of the time, statistically speaking – people meet their soulmates and live happily ever after.

THIS isn’t that story.

This is the story of Stiles Stilinski, whose soulmate died before he was born.  This is the story of all the sorrows and heartache Stiles experienced, all the bullying and oppression from those who should know better but didn’t.  This is also the story of the friendships Stiles made along the way, of the battles he fought – and won – and the love that endured through it all.

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summary: “They were a precariously stacked house of cards, and it only took one beat of his heart to send it all tumbling down.”

request: @jaeshhi - angsty taehyung smut based off the house of cards lyrics but the guy gets attached instead on the girl

pairing: taehyung x oc

word count: 2,211

warnings: angst + sex + language aka my fav combination of things

a/n: it’s not overly detailed and it’s really more plot driven, but I hope you still enjoy it!

If Taehyung was forced to pick what he loved the most about her, if he could only pick one thing, it would be the look her eyes when she climaxes. He was enchanted by the way her lips parted and her face filled with bliss, sure. He loved the way she would grip at his skin with fingertips and sharp nails, the way her muscles contracted and tensed with his touch. But nothing could beat her eyes, which always filled with stars and a glint he could only describe as dangerous when she unraveled under his ministrations, under fast fingers and wild hips.

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