but i love to watch her walk away

Salma Hayek Apparently Said 'The Craziest S**t' To Three 6 Mafia On Their Big Oscar Night
Perhaps the worst conversation starter in the history of time.

“Salma Hayek walked up to me — who I was super in love with because of “From Dusk Till Dawn” with George Clooney — and said the craziest shit: “You know your brothers and sisters are dying over in Africa because of all this jewelry you’re wearing.” Because I guess we had those big ole watches they gave us on, and these platinum necklaces. So I was like, “What?! What are you talking about? I don’t have no brothers and sisters in Africa!” And like that, Salma Hayek killed my hard-on. I just went limp. I told her it was nice meeting her and walked out away from that.”

Lets revisit..


the four princes who stand with Soo. 

                                                            (and the one who won’t.)

some observations on 3.13
  • did they tell the tadpoles? tango was in the background of their snowball fight when bitty is talking about the team knowing
  • that’s incredible that jak is an a his first season. definitely blurring some realism lines, but he’s a wonderful young man and only deserves good things
  • not over jack wearing rubber gloves, sudsin’ it up in the sink. please imagine the tadpoles just standing there, watching him with fascination because nhl star jack zimmermann is hand washing dishes in their frat house sink
  • george looks so proud (as she should be)! she’s his mom away from home <3 
  • suzanne is such a sweetheart, trying to be interested in what interests her son, getting as passionate about it as he is
  • speaking of, get. it. suzanne.
  • bittersweet little reminder during their walk that they can’t be out to everyone, but i’m so happy they can be out to the people who matter
  • the zimmermanns love bitty, love that they are together, want to have dinner with him as jack’s boyfriend, and bob is looking out for jack. what a glorious direction of events ☀️
  • very interesting the insinuation that bob knows other closeted players and that maybe players were dating each other. i think that’s probably the last we will hear of it, but it’s so good to know this isn’t unknown to good guys like bob in the league
  • maybe i’m wrong and maybe it’s wishful thinking, but if bob and alicia knew about kent, maybe it was a little more than “hooking up a few times”. it just has never sat right with me that that’s all it was to jack. i’ve made my peace with the fact he wasn’t in LOVE with kent, but i just can’t deal with him not caring at ALL
  • god jack and bitty are so fucking sweet. jack is literally going to spend thousands of dollars on their fines omg
EXO Reacts To Their Children Running On Stage To Their Mom

A/n: You’re performing and they’re supposed to be watching with the kids from the crowd.

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You were looking for your daughter’s eyes as you sung a very slow and emotional song. Your eyes teared up and a tear fell down your cheek.

All of a sudden you see your daughter running away from your husband, Kai, and him chasing her.

She ran up on stage and clung to your leg.

“She’s so damn fast. Your daughter is cheetah and I am sick of it… Love you.” He said breathlessly from the bottom of the stage before blowing you two a kiss and walking away defeated and tired. 

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Your comeback song was one for the history books. It was catchy and a nice dancing song. Holding the mic and following along to the dance moves, you laughed as you saw your daughter running towards the stage.

She ran up and started dancing in front of you and the crowd.

“Aishh.. why are they both so cute?! I can’t take it!!”

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Your son ran up on the stage during the part of your song where you danced with another guy. 

“AH! NO! UMMA! APPA NO!” Your son pointed to the man behind you and screamed again, “APPA NO!”

“ THAT’S MY BOY! I’m only laughing now because I know that once we get home I’m going to be in sooo much trouble.”

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You had won an award and were going up to to accept it, passing your sleeping daughter to your husband. 

Once you had gotten up there you started to thank everyone until you heard an ear piercing cry from the front row. You watched as your daughter ran with her little legs, poofy dress flapping against her knees, up to you. 

The crowd awe’d and clapped.

“I’m glad you all find this cute.. God, I’m screwed when we get home.” He thought to himself.

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You were dancing to your group’s new song on stage when you noticed your husband running after your son. Your son was too quick and made it up on stage to you before Chen could catch him. 

Chen stood there with a blank look on his face.


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Your daughter had way too much energy today and neither you or Lay had any idea why. So when you had to perform her favorite song off your comeback album you had specifically told him to make sure she didn’t run on stage.

What happened?

She ran on stage.

Lay was breathing heavy with his hands on his waist.

“How the hell did she get so fast?! What have I raised, an animal?!”

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You were accepting an award when your son attached himself to your thigh. Looking down at him you smiled and went to pick him up, but you stopped when you saw your husband stumble up the stairs to the stage.

The man who presented the award to you asked Chanyeol to speak since he was so eager to come up here.

“Ah yes.. I love my jagiya and I am so extremely proud of her!” He said smiling, hiding the fact that he knows he’s gonna get lectured from you.

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Your son apparently didn’t like what you were wearing as you were performing on stage. Running up to the stage your son took off his little tuxedo blazer and held up in front of you, pouting. “Appa say umma clothes no no!”

Suho looked at you from the beginning of the stage and smiled widely.

“Please don’t kill me jagiya.”

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You were singing a duet with a male partner and you two got closer to each other during the performance. That was until your son ran in between the middle of you two, pushing the man away from you. 

You looked at Sehun who was at the bottom the stage, winking at your son.

“Good job son! That’s my boy!!”

There was so much in that moment with Richonne that I wanted to mention:

-Their slight height difference.

-Rick saying ‘see you soon.’

-Rick’s hand on her waist (and then her backside; of this I am certain).

-Michonne closing the distance between their bodies.

-The Kiss!

-Them looking at each other with desire, gratitude, adoration and love.

-Michonne gently stroking his face.

-Forehead touches.

-Nose touches.

-Her holding his upper arm.

-Rick saying ‘thank you’.

-His voice sounding deeper after The Kiss.

-Her watching him walk away.

Then I realised: it was probably their first kiss since everything happened and Rick most certainly wanted to ‘stick around’.

Leave me here with my life ruined, please.

You were about to leave Elizabeth’s room to go out and take yourself shopping. As you opened the door to leave, Elizabeth stops you to hand you her credit card. “Go buy yourself something nice, love.” She gives you a kiss on the forehead and you make your way to the elevator.

James being the ghost that he is, he suddenly appears next to Elizabeth as they both watch you walk away. “I am not aware if she has informed you, but I am having her for dinner. She will choose me, Elizabeth.”

“Oh please, James. I can give her eternal life. I can take her anywhere she wants. Tell me, what do you offer?” Elizabeth says as she’s lighting a cigarette.

“This hotel can be hers. I have people that will cater to her every need. I must have her! If you do not let me have her, see to it that I will have you killed.” James gives Elizabeth an evil grin.

Elizabeth was definitely annoyed about James threatening to kill her if she doesn’t let him have you, looking at him in disgust.

Instead of responding back to his remark, she blows the cigarette smoke in James’ face and walks away.

You felt so special having a beautiful woman like The Countess and a handsome man like James fight over your love. They’re both powerful and strong willed people, which is a quality you look for in a lover. They can give you whatever you want in their own way and you can see that they both care for you deeply. They’re both willing to give you the world. No matter who you choose, you have the choice to be with that person forever. Making a decision will not be an easy one to make.


Request: Hej i was wondering if you could do an Elijah x reader imagine in which the reader babysits Hope and Elijah watches them playing and later that night they both lay in bed and he tell her he would love to see her with a baby

So i’m sorry this is so short. I’m kinda having writers block and i’m trying but i feel like everything i write is horrible.  

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“ELIJAH” Klaus called running all around the house looking for his brother. Elijah turned his head to look at Klaus when he heard him calling. “I need you brother. You have to watch Hope while i go kill some people” Klaus said calmly.

“I would absolutely love to but i have i date.” elijah said walking away from Klaus and towards you. Klaus grabbed Elijah’s arm pulling back back towards him again. “What do you want from me. The baby is yours not mine” Elijah said annoyed.

“We’ll watch the baby. Go do whatever you have to do” You said from behind Elijah. Klaus gave you a sweet smile and a baby while Elijah gave you a disbelieving look. You always liked kids and always loved hope. Elijah and you had been dating for around 7  months now and you had been there for it all. Hope’s first word her first steps. you loved Hope. she always made you smile and put you in a better mood.

“Thank you love” he said before walking out of the door but not before he had to say some snarky word. “You see brother it’s not hard being a good person” he yelled.

“What do you know about being a good person.” He yelled after his brother knowing very well he would have heard him even if he was whispering. He turned back around to face you and gave you a look saying he wanted you to explain rather quickly.

“I love Hope. she’s a good kid and it’s not like you don’t like her so why not.” you said bouncing the baby around a little making her laugh. You tickled her tummy and put her down so she could run around.

“There are so many other things we could be doing right now other than babysitting my stupid brothers baby” He said walking away from you and sitting on the couch. You walked back to him and sat next to him placing your feet in the table in front of you.

“I know what other things you wanna do and i’m not in the mood.” you started but were caught off by a screaming baby. You ran to Hope to check if she was okay. She had a cut on her arm and was bleeding. You quickly picked her up and ran to Elijah. He gently took her from you and went to put a bandaid on her.  He came back to see you looking sad on the couch. He handed you her again but you refused to take her.

“What’s wrong” he asked and sat down with Hope on his knee.

“I don’t know. I just feel like… i had her for 3 seconds and she got hurt. What if i ever have a child what is it just gonna get hurt every single day.” You cried. Elijah put his arm around you and pulled you closer.

“You’re not gonna be a terrible mother. I had her too. It’s both our faults. Actually it isn’t anybody’s fault. She’s a kid, kids get hurt sometimes.” he said trying to make you feel better. Hope noticed your tears and leaned up and kiss your cheek. Both you and Elijah laughed at the little girl.

“DINNERS READY” Elijah yelled from the kitchen. You were on the bed with Hope in Elijah’s bedroom. When Elijah realised you hadn’t heard him he went to check on you. In there he saw you with your back against the headboard and Hope on your lap. You were singing with Hope and having fun. He stood by the doorframe and looked at you both. You were the only thing that made Elijah feel human.

“Oh hey. I’m over my little fit so i’m just having fun. Although if she gets hurt again i’m not coming back here.” you laughed making Hope laugh loudly. After dinner Elijah had gotten Hope ready for bed. He came back into his bedroom where you were laying on the bed exhausted. Elijah put his arm around you and looked deep into your eyes.

“I think you’re gonna be an amazing mom.” he said. The words were like music to your ears. And that night you both went to sleep happy.

Caught 2 *Isaac Lahey Smut*


A/N: Its late as all hell but shit…its here. Please enjoy the second part of Caught. Love you guys

“Lahey!” Y/N marched into the livingroom where Isaac sat perched at the edge of the sofa watching a football game “We need to talk.”

“About?” He asked uninterested, never taking his eyes away from the TV.

“You know…” Her words trail off in hopes he’d figure it out.

“No, I don’t.” Isaac lied. Y/N walked over to where Isaac lounged, snatching the remote from his hand she turned off the 60 inch flat screen and stood in front of it, gaining his full and undivided attention.

“3 days ago you came home from work a bit early and…”

“Ate you out like it was my last meal?” Isaac smirked raking his eyes up and down her body “Yeah, I’m starting to recall.” Her outfit was simple enough. One of his shirts fitting her like an oversized dress, stopping at her mid thigh and shorts, and yet he was hard.  Isaac firmly believed she wore his clothes better than he ever could, and his cock agreed.

“Yeah? Well that won’t be happening again…ever again.”

‘Like hell it won’t’ Isaac thought glaring up at Y/N “And might I ask why? And I know it’s not because of a bad performance.”

“I have a boyfriend.” Y/N blurted.

A tense few seconds of silence ensued before Isaac spoke again. “Come again.” He had to have heard her wrong. Y/N, his Y/N had a boyfriend. “Break up with him.” He demanded. Isaac wasn’t sure where this overwhelming possessiveness was coming from. He’d never considered himself the jealous type. He’d passed a fair share of his conquest down to his friends, but it was different where Y/N was concerned.

“What? No.”

“No?” Y/N wasn’t able to put the proper amount of distance between herself and Isaac so that he became nonthreatening. He’d pulled down so that she was pinned beneath him in what seemed to Y/N in an instant. “Break. Up. With. Him.” Isaac hissed.

Isaac sat on the couch watching the door. He could hear the jingle of Y/N’s keys as she tried to get into the apartment. For three days, three whole fucking days she was MIA. After their fight, she’d managed to get away  He was ready to pounce when an unfamiliar man walked.

“You must be Isaac!” He damn near squealed upon seeing Isaac “I’m Kris Y/N’s boyfriend. I’ve heard so much about you.”

Isaac struggled not to growl. This was the infamous boyfriend? Isaac didn’t think Kris was Y/N’s type. He was a little too bubbly and airheaded. Not too mention Kris looked like one of the saps that would stroke his lover’s hair, whispering sweet nothings as he “made love” to his partner. His Y/N liked it rough. Biting, scratching, choking, spanking: That’s what she liked. What she yearned for.

“Aren’t you gonna say ‘hi’, Lahey?” Y/N emerged from behind Kris.

Isaac had planned to give Y/N the cold shoulder making it known that he was pissed, until he laid eyes on her. Y/N had never been one to dress up…for anything. Her wardrobe consisted of sweatshirt, leggings, T-shirts, and jeans. Isaac was positive she didn’t own a skirt, much less a dress. But sure enough there she was, standing in a short bright yellow sundress. If Kris wasn’t there he’d have surely ripped it off her body like some sort of animal. For that, Isaac was almost grateful. It would’ve been ashame if he’d torn to shreds perhaps the only dress Y/N owned, not to mention she looked absolutely ravishing in it.

A strange look spread across Isaac’s face; one that scared Y/N. He looked like some sort of sex starved predator. He made no effort to hide the tent that was forming in his sweatpants, or his eyes from roaming Y/N’s body. She shifted uncomfortably. The dress didn’t seem so short before, but now she was trying to tug it down. Y/N quickly ushered Kris into the kitchen, praying he didn’t notice Isaac semi erection.

“I’ll be right back, babe.” Y/N said “I have to talk to Isaac.”

Isaac stood and walked silently to the bathroom (there place of gathering when privacy was needed from guest). He waited until Y/N followed im to close and lock the door behind them.

“What the hell is your problem?” She whispered. Being annoyed, Y/N made the mistake of shoving him against the wall. “You’re being a fucking asshole.” She hadn’t realized the danger she’d put herself in.

Isaac responded by lifting Y/N onto the sink, and lacing his hand on her throat he gave her a firm squeeze. Not enough to restrict her airflow, but just enough to send a warning. The other he placed on her thigh digging his claws into the soft flesh. He breathed in familiar scent of her arousal, smirking at the realization that she was enjoying this. Y/N was enjoying him being rough with her, as he knew she would.

“You are soo fucking disrespectful.” Isaac growled. Reaching under the dress he tore away her panties causing a loud cry to escape her lips “Careful now Y/N, we don’t want Kris to hear us, do we? Do we? She shook her head.

“I didn’t think so.”  Taking his hand away from her throat, Isaac was able to pull down his sweatpants revealing his swollen angry cock. Y/N stared down at it in a mixture of awe and terror.

“Isaac wait.” She pleaded. Kris is still here

“I can’t.” Isaac sank to his knees, taking in Y/N her scent and the sight of her wet folds he gave her  clit a firm like “I’ve barely touch you, and look how wet you are, sweetheart.”

“Fuck Isaac.” Y/N whined. Tangling her hands in his curly hair she pulled him closer grinding her pussy into his face.

Right as she approached her peak Isaac pulled away, wiping her juices off his face, and standing.

“AH- No.” She cried reaching out for him, but he’d moved just out of her grasp “I need…”

“You need what?” He asked. “You need to cum?”

“Yes, please.” She moaned

“Tell me you won’t see him again, and I’ll let you cum.” With his arms folded across his chest, he smiled down at her mischievously. Y/N wouldn’t say no to him. “Promise me.”

“I won’t see him again! I promised”

“Tell me you want me to cum on my cock.”

“I want to cum on your cock, so bad Isaac. Now fuck me!”

In one swift motion Isaac plowed into Y/N. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and dug her fingers into his shoulders. Isaac gave her a second to adjust before picking her up from the sink and pushing her against the door.

He repeatedly slammed into Y/N, enticing loud cries of pain and pleasure. Loud enough for her dick of a boyfriend to hear and come running. From outside the bathroom a loud banging could be heard as well as the smacking sound of flesh colliding, Y/N sopping pussy, and a mixture of her cries and Isaac’s groans.

“He’ll never fuck you like can. Do you understand me?” Y/N was unable to answer being that her she was too focused on reaching her climax “Answer me or I’ll stop!”

“No.” Y/N whimpered as Isaac’s pace began to slow “Please don’t stop.”

“Tell me what I want to hear.”

“He can’t f- AHH” Isaac unexpectedly slammed into her one time

“Louder!” He roared.

“He can’t fuck me like you can!”

“You’re damn right he can’t” He started jackhammering into Y/N’s pussy. The wetness from it running down thigh.  Her orgasm crashed over her like a wave. A particularly loud wail fell from her lips, as she clenched and spasmed around his hard cock.

Isaac prolonged her orgasm, moving at the same pace even after Y/N came. She’d become overly sensitive and was begging Isaac to stop if only for a few seconds, but her plea fell on deaf ears. After he came then she’d have her break. He’d hold back his climax for as long as he could to punish her.

“It’s too much!”

Y/N second orgasm was quickly building as Isaac mercilessly pounded her. A well aimed thrust at her g-spot sent Y/N over the edge.

“Take it like a good girl.” He felt her cunt contract around him, trying to milk his seed. He howled (literally) as ropes of hot cum shot into her awaiting pussy.

Y/N shivered as her climax began to subside. Isaac used the door to support her weight, resting his face in the crook of her neck he began to talk between breaths.

“Think Kris heard us?” Y/N could almost see the smirk on his face.

“You’re such an ass, that was your plan all along, huh?”

“Yup.” Dick

“Well, jokes on you.” Y/N had a smirk of her own plastered across her face.

“And how is that?”

“Well everyone knows how incredibly insanely Isaac Lahey gets when some guy has the audacity to even look at what Isaac Lahey thinks belongs to him. I just wanted to make certain you were interested, and that was the only way I knew how. Kris was in on it too.”

“Seriously?” How could he not have seen through Y/N’s trick? Clever girl “Do you know how close I was to ripping his throat out?”

“So you think I belong to you Mr. Lahey?” She scoff

“There’s nothing to think about, sweetheart. You belong to me.”


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Always wondering.

I'ts the girl that comes In your life for some
Odd reason. You know in your soul she’s the one for you. You know in your mind you could love her like no other. You know in your heart you want to wake up with her for the rest of your life. . But your to afraid to let her know. so you watch her walk away hoping she will come back another day.


It didn’t make sense to anyone else but her. She looked at him and spit insults to his face as she watched the love he had for her fade. He pushed her to the side and walked away and it’s like she could breathe again. She knew that as long as part of him still loved her, she would never move on. She had to ruin everything to put herself back together. Three months later, she feels worse than she did before. She didn’t know she loved him too. She didn’t know.
—  I was wrong

Your not freak

Jimmy x reader

You watched from the back row as jimmy came on stage. He saw you and smiled. Winking at you as he began his act. You loved him, all of him. You weren’t small minded like others who feared or hated the freaks. They weren’t even freaks, they were people.

As he continued his act these girls in front of you began talking. “He’s cute”
“Yeah but look at those hands”
“You call them hands!” One looked at her friend.
“Imagine him in bed” the first one whispered. Making you slightly jealous.
“Look at him though, Sally”
“Don’t care. I’m going to try and get him after the show” she giggled to herself. You got up quickly and walked away, outside.

Jimmy watched you and got worried as he finished and bowed. Going the long way around he came out the front of the tent. Seeing you he came over and hugged you. You smiled at him. “I’m sorry I left the show. It was to hot in there” you lied not wanting worry him. He nodded and kissed your cheek. “I’ll get ya a drink” he said and let to get you one. The girl from I side the tent saw him and went after him “hey” she smiled at him. He looked at her confused and nodded to her. Wanting to get back to you.

She talked to him for at few minutes. He wasn’t rude. He talked back to her as he got you a drink. You got worried about that girl as he took longer and longer. You walked around to where Jimmy was and saw the girl with him. You couldn’t hear them but you saw her lean in a kiss him.

You felt sick but then Jimmy pushed her off. “Really!” The girl said, very pissed. “I’m not good enough for you. You freak” she yelled at him. You got angry then and stormed over. “No your not. Bitch. He’s mine” you told her. Taking his hand in hers. “Well then your a freak too!” She told you and then left you two.

“I-im sorry…I…” he started before you kissed him. “You aren’t a freak. And you shouldn’t be sorry. She should be” you told him before hugging him and kissing him. “I love you” you both said at the same time

Jealous | Stiles Stilinski x reader

Warnings: smut (duh)

Stiles pov
I watched her as she stood there. Laughing at someting Derek had said. Touching his arm. I felt anger rise inside of me. I should be the one making her laugh. I should be the one she’s touching. She might not be mine, but I’ve been hers since the day we met. I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked over to them and dragged her away.

Y/n pov
We were all hanging around in Derek’s loft when you decided to have a little fun with Stiles. You had been in love with him since you first met but he never made a move. You started flirting a bit with Derek just to see what would happen. You were laughing at one of his jokes when a furious Stiles dragged me away. You smirked as he ordered me to get in his jeep. We drove in silence until we reached his empty house. He hadn’t even closed the door yet when he pushed you up against it. “What was that back there?” He barked. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said innocently. “Don’t play dumb with me. I know you were flirting with Derek.” “What are you gonna do about it?” With that he smashed his lips on yours. You hungrily kissed him back, all the tension that had build up inside of you finally came out. He ripped your shirt of, exposing your bare chest. His hands instantly flew to your breasts, massaging them. You started undoing his belt as he kissed your neck, leaving marks where ever he could. His cold fingers started travelling down to where you most needed him. “Please Stiles, I need you.” He wasted no time as he took of his boxers and hiked up your skirt, pulling down your panties. You wrapped your legs around him as he positioned himself at your entrance. He started slowly thrusting into you. “Please Stiles, faster, please.” You pleaded. He picked up his pace, hitting your g-spot with every thrust. Your moans encouraged him to move even faster. “Oh god, Stiles.” “That’s right, say my name. I bet Derek can’t make you feel this good.” “N-no, only you, Stiles.” A smirk played on his lips as you felt a knot in your stomach. “Stiles, I’m close.” “Me too baby, come for me.” You threw your head back as you hit your high, your toes curling. Stiles came not long after you, you felt is seed spilling into you, a bit of it running down your legs. He carried you over to the couch, pulling you even closer. “I love you.” He said as he caressed your cheek. “I love you too.” He smiled as he kissed you. It was sweeter this time but still filled with passion.

Whiskey Lullaby (Teaser)

I watched her walk away, the sound of her footsteps fading with each passing second. I couldn’t even find the strength to go after her. Not after her words. They had struck hard and good, right here, in my chest, straight into my heart.

I felt it shatter, the moment those words left her lips, the whole damn world stopped on its axis. The sound of my breaking heart loud in my ears, almost deafening. I stood there, mind numb, tears filling my eyes, my bottom lip quivering with her hurtful words.

“It’s over. I don’t love you, Dean. I never did.”

My life was over. I knew it. There was no going back after this. There was no going back from Y/N L/N. Life, as I knew it, was over. There was nothing left for me in this world. Nothing at all.

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He stood in front of the door with his back to me and asked:
“Why’d you do it?”
Tears were falling as I replied:
“Because you were in love with her like I was in love with you and I couldn’t watch the one person I loved fall in love with someone else.”
There was a silence. He turned around and looked at me:
“We had something great and you just walked away without any explanation, if you would’ve told me—”
“No, you don’t understand. If I would’ve told you it would’ve been the same. Nothing would’ve been different. You would have still chosen her because in the end who the hell would pick me?”
He was crying now:
“I would’ve have picked you…I loved you…I..I still do, I love y–”
“No you don’t Jack. You don’t love me and you never did. You loved her. Don’t try to deny it, because if you really loved me you would’ve fought for me but you just forgot about me like you never met me.”
“I never forgot you, I thought about you everyday…”
“Everyday huh? You say that, but while I was crying for weeks you were out with her having the time of your fucking life. Don’t tell me I hurt you because you did far more damage than anything else that’s happened in my life. It was easier for me to walk away because it hurt less, because I knew sooner or later…you were going to do it to me and that, my darling, would’ve killed me.”
I turned my back on him and left him standing there hurt knowing that if he said those three words again I’d fall apart.
—  Love is fucking complicated.
Came for you (Fell!Poth)

Chapter 1:

Fell!Goth was walking to her home. When she turned the corner she saw Fell!Palette talking to original Goth. It was 4th time that Fell!Goth saw him with weak copie of herself. It was really hurting Fell!Goths heart. She felt jelaus a little bit… Fell!Goth slowly aproached to Fell!Palette and Goth. When she heard Fell!Palette told “I love you” to Goth , she felt like someone choped her heart. Tears apeared in Fell!Goth’s eyes. She slowly got away from here. She was walking for 10 minutes and finally get home. After Fell!Goth entered the house, she locked the door and kneel down. Fell!Goth and Fell!Palette were living in this house together. But Fell!Goth was all alone here, she started to cry. She didn’t know what to do now… expect to cry.

 Time skip.

  It was night,Fell!Goth was siting in the couch, eating ice cream and watching movie.. like all depressed persons do. Suddenly she heard someone unlocked the door and came in. It was Fell!Palette. 

 "Why did you locked the door?“ he looked at Fell!Goth.

 ”… “ (no response) Fell!Goth sat up from the couch.” Are you hungry? Meal is ready.“ Fell!Goth walked towards kitchen, Fell!Palette followed him. After a meal they sit in the couch together. Fell!Palette finally couldn’t stop himself. "Okey, What’s matter with you?! Why are you acting like i hurt you?!” He grapped Fell!Goth’s scarf and pulled him closer “Are you ill or something…?!” “Palette… do you like seeing me suffer..?” Goth calmly asked.

 "What was that know?“ Fell!Palette looked at her face. 

 "Don’t act like you don’t know what am i talking about” Fell!Goth pushed Fell!Palette and yelled “ I SAW YOU TODAY WITH HIM! WHY DID YOU CHEAT ON ME? WHY DID YOU.. ” at that moment she felt someone slapped him. Fell!Goth fall down to the ground. 

“This is why you were acting like that?” Fell!Palette said in angry tone “I can do what ever i want! And about you… You are just toy to me Not. Any. Other. Thing.! Got it!” He shouted at Fell!Goth.

 Fell!Goth stood up and run towards door. Fell!Palette tried to grap her arm but he couldn’t. Fell!Goth slammed the door and ran away. She was running and tears were dropping from her eyes. She already get Waterfall, but didn’t stop running. Like she was running from her own life. Fell!Goth wanted to stop but she fall down again and her head hurted so much. Slowly everything turned black and she passed out. 

 Time skip 

 "Hey are you okey?“

 Fell!Goth heard someone’s voice it was familiar… 

"Oh,  Are you hurt? Don’t worry i will heal you." 

The pain in Goth’s face and head started slowly disappear. Fell!Goth tried to open her eyes, but her mind was still blurry. Her eyes were half open so she could see who was helping to her. Fell!Goth saw someone was looking like … a shadow? There was black fog around Fell!Goth. She was in someone’s arms. It was smiling at him. Fell!Goth slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep….


 Well it was first chapter of "Came for you”. I hope you liked it. Sorry about my english. See ya in next chapter. Fell!Palette belong to @angexci Fell!Goth and original Goth belong to @nekophy Fanfic by me

My Pizza Man

Requested by: @castieltrash1

Drabble Prompts: “Wait a second, are you jealous?” AND “You know, it hurt when I realized you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with her.”

Pairing: Cas x Reader

A/N: this one’s a liiittle bit longer than a drabble, so I put most of it under the cut. enjoy!

NSFW Warning


“I learned that from the pizza man,” Cas said, finally pulling away from Meg.

Sam and Dean stared at the two of them with wide eyes and jaws hanging open in shock. You, however, watched with glassy eyes, tears threatening to spill as your hands clenched into fists at the sight of them. Not trusting yourself to speak without your voice breaking, you marched off, walking away from all of them and ignoring their shouts as the boys called after you.

“Y/N, you can’t just take off like that,” Dean said as he jogged up next to you.

“And Cas can’t just suddenly make out with a demon when we’re in the middle of a mission,” you snapped, wiping your eyes as you leaned against the wall.

Dean watched you for a moment, the gears turning in his head before he finally spoke up. “Wait a minute, are you jealous?”

“Shut up, Dean,” you grumbled, walking away.

Later that night, back at the bunker, you buried your face in your pillow, sighing. Of fucking course he likes a demon. That’s just fucking great, isn’t it? you thought.

“Y/N?” Cas’ voice came from behind your door, making you sigh. As mad at him as you were, you could never flat out ignore him.

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Young Love (Carl Grimes x reader)

Carl stared at his sleeping girlfriend, Y/n. The two had fallen asleep while watching movies the night before. Y/n’s (E/C) eyes gently opened to meet Carl’s light blue orbs. She sighed, lovingly. “Hi.” He whisper, reaching down and taking her hand in his, playing with her fingers. “Hey.” She whispered back. As the two continued to lay together in the family room, Rick, Michonne, and Daryl, walked in. “Ah. Young love.” Michonne cooed. The pair blushed. “It’s like a damn romance novel in here.” Daryl grumbled, walking away. “I think it’s cute.” Rick said, walking after Daryl, Michonne after him. Carl rolled his eyes, playfully. Y/n giggled. A perfect way to start a day.

The Only Exception

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Dad left a long time ago, mom raised you on her own, the two of you taking care of your grandfather’s old farm. You promised yourself you’d never fall in love, but when you met the man who lived in the next house over, something inside you changed.

Word Count: ~2,100

Warnings: abandonment, daddy issues, alcoholism, character death, fluff

A/N: This was written for @sdavid09‘s Winter Tale Teller Writing Challenge! My song was The Only Exception by Paramore and my AU was Farmer/Country. I hope you like it!!

*I’d like to take a minute to bask in the glory of this gif… Please excuse me. My crisis is showing.

Originally posted by themegalosaurus

You watched your father’s truck speeding away, leaving nothing but a cloud of dust and your mother crumpled on the ground in his wake. Walking to her, you sat beside her trembling body, one hand on her back. She swore in that moment she would never fall in love again, never make that mistake twice, and she made you promise to do the same. You told her you wouldn’t leave, would always be right by her side. Surely you couldn’t fall in love if you simply never met anyone to fall in love with.

As you grew up, you took on more responsibility around your grandfather’s old farm. You watched as your mother consumed at least half a bottle of liquor on her own day in and day out, drinking herself to sleep each night. She claimed it was the only way she’d ever be able to live without him. Her bed was too cold and lonely, she’d say. The alcohol supposedly helped keep her warm.

You lived that way for twenty-five years - taking care of your mother, hating your father for what he’d done to her, waking with the sun and working all day until the lack of daylight stopped you. Each night went the same way. You’d make a measly dinner, using whatever you could find around the old stone house. Your mother didn’t go out often, certainly not often enough to keep adequate groceries in the house, but you made do. Then, you’d watch as your mother drank her poison of choice the same way a fish needs water. She’d stumble to bed, grumbling and groaning about how she’d wake up alone tomorrow the same way she had been for the past two and a half decades. The cycle would repeat itself every day until one of you changed it.

Today was your day to make that change.

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