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bayonetta AU where rosa and balder are alive and bang all day and buy a house somewhere where they can watch the sunset and they give each other those weird squashed nose parent kisses and balder has a tiny paunch because rosas pussy cooking is too good and rosa loves wearing marlene dietrich trousers and they go to high society dancing clubs 

Ma se noi ci invetassimo una storia tutta nostra? Solo per noi? Che nessuno capisca e possa provare a distruggere?
When you try your best
But you don’t succeed
When you get what you want
But not what you need
When you feel so tired
But you can’t sleep
Stuck in reverse
And the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can’t replace
When you love someone but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
—  Fix You, Coldplay.

Pikment recruitment. Olimar needs to get way into the atmosphere to get these big guys’ attention. Basically, imagine everything you loved about flying around the world map in Pikmin 1 & 2, then picture it being tied to gameplay rather than just stage selection. 

I love Pikmin

Hello MG
You answered my ask today about getting through SAD and I just want to say thank you! Winter is always really hard, but I know there will always be people to help me when it’s difficult ^^

Also, have you ever seen the show Leverage? It’s on netflix and it always cheers me up on bad days ^^ It’s your typical Robin Hood crime show where the bad guys steal from the rich ti help the poor and I love it


I’m so glad, darling, and also oh my god you’re so beautiful??

Yes, I’ve seen Leverage, it’s so much fun! Hardison is my favorite. :-D

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cstia, leksaklark, alycia-careys, and commander-lexa?

@cstia: i just followed this blog today actually, and boy am i glad i did! their edits are beau-ti-ful. really really lovely! absolutely loving their url too! *fingers crossed* we get some costia flashbacks this season ahhh

@leksaklark: sammy’s blog is to die for! her icon is super duper pretty. and her sidebar gifs oh m y god. eliza is so gorgeous it hurts it hurrrrts

@alycia-careys: diana runs a fANTASTIC blog! her posts are always top notch. it’s truly hard not to reblog everything she posts, oh man

@commander-lexa: clarke’s smile in her icon ahhhh, somebody hold me. s1 clarke was so great- you know what else is so great? mUIR’S BLOG! her updates bar is gorgeoussss. and her posts are super lovely. cant believe i wasn’t following her before!

Italian Love Vocabulary

Inspired by Russian Vocabulary: Love by  wonderful-language-sounds.

piacere - to like
mi piaci - I like you
amare - to love
ti amo - I love you (committed)
ti voglio bene - I love you (literally ‘I want you well’ - can also be used with friends, family etc.)
adorare - to adore
ti adoro - I adore you
mancare - to miss
mi manchi - I miss you
ti voglio - I want you
ti penso - I’m thinking of you
frequentare - to date someone
flirtare con - to flirt with
innamorarsi - to fall in love
baciare - to kiss
baciarsi - to kiss each other
sposarsi - to get married / to marry each other
essere sposato (m) / sposata (f)  - to be married
lasciare - to dump someone
tradire - to cheat / betray someone

amore - love
San Valentino - Valentine’s Day
Buon San Valentino - Happy Valentine’s Day
appuntamento - date
cotta - crush
bacio - kiss
dichiarazione d'amore - declaration of love
amore a prima vista - love at first sight
colpo di fulmine - love at first sight (literally 'bolt of lightning’)
matrimonio - marriage / wedding
felicità - happiness
innamorato (m) / innamorata (f) - in love with someone
gioia - joy

carino (m) / carina (f) - cute
bello (m) / bella (f) - beautiful
mio caro (m) / mia cara (f) - my dear
amore mio - my love
dolcezza - sweetie

Perché l’amore non è innamorarsi di un bel sedere o di un fisico perfetto. L’amore non è andare in giro e vantarsi perché si ha una ‘fidanzata perfetta’ o un ‘ragazzo sexy. L’amore non è fermarsi alle apparenze. L’amore è andare oltre: l’amore è scavare nel profondo per trovare l’anima, non fermarsi alla taglia del reggiseno, o dei jeans. L’amore è scovare quello che c’è dentro al nostro corpo, che è solamente l’involucro della nostra essenza.
—  Amici di letto.
Resta con me. Resta perché sei la cosa più bella che mi sia capitata. Può sembrare banale,ma lo sei. Resta perché da quando ci sei tu, sorrido sempre. Resta perché la tua sola prensenza mi fa dimenticare qualsiasi cosa. Resta perché non sopporto che te ne vada anche solo per un secondo, figurati una vita. Resta perché ti amo!