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Never stop drawing BBxKO. Is tied with my OTP of BBxBlitz from TFP. I love your art so much! >.<

Trust me friend as long as i am here
Bee/Knock Out will never end
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New Chapter!!!

Hello!!!  Another monster chapter is completed and posted!!!  This story is seriously such an adventure to write!!  I love it.  So if you’d like to check ti out please let me know what you think of it!!!  Thank you guys for reading and lending your support!!  

Who You’re Meant to Be

Rating M

Summary   Alec Lightwood has had a complicated life so far. He was given up by his parents before he ever got to know them. This caused him to live a life of fear, anguish, and never belonging until he met Magnus Bane. After nine years of a steady life he is again thrown into chaos making new discoveries about himself, his past, and the life he’s known. Malec. AU. All Human.

Ho soltanto capito che soffri di meno se non ti aspetti niente.
—  Dr. House.
Non potrei andarmene nemmeno se potessi
perché qualcosa continua a tirarmi verso di te
dal primo momento in cui ci siamo amati
dal primo momento in cui ci siamo toccati
—  Major Lazer feat. Ellie Goulding & Tarrus Riley - Powerful.
I woke up an Aries, headstrong and ready to set the world ablaze, instead I jumped off the edge of a cliff and swam to the ends of the ocean, saying hello to every fish I came across. I took a page from Jonah’s book and kissed a whale as he tried to swallow me whole.
I woke up a Taurus, amiable and healed. There were no scars on my soul and I let the soft Earth caress the soles of my feet. The forests bid me a warm hello as they engulfed my body in waxy vines and made the storms in my soul disperse.
I woke up a Gemini, playing hide and seek with the two sides of my self. My old heart was wired shut, encased in hard diamond so I cracked it open and let the secrets flow. I bid myself a warm welcome,
it has been so long since I last loved myself.
I woke up a Cancer and tied up my loose ends with the strings of my past, my, what lovely gifts I give. A wok brimming with broccoli, carrots, and my mother’s words filled my soul,
it is time I give myself the nourishment I have always waited for from others.
I woke up a Leo, I woke up the wind and the sun, I was the universe’s alarm clock. I challenged the mountains resilience and showed them the meaning of true strength because despite all the muck of existence, today,
I still woke up.
I woke up a Virgo and I cleansed my mind of my own toxic presence. For the entire day, I had a make out session with Nirvana and teased the stars about their dust and how it would be well for them to be like me and realize their true potential.
I woke up a Libra and put everything on my scale. I cut out the people who breathed life into things I hated, turning my insecurities into the undead. I learned the only enemy I need love,
is myself.
I woke up a Scorpio, fierce and full of love so profound that as I twirled in dark caverns, Fire was born. I covered the ones around me in a soft warmth and caused one thousand days of Sun.
I woke up a Sagittarius, and I created the seasons with gusto, gave the Autumn my brown eyes, let the winter embody steel resilience, gave permission to the summer to borrow my smile and the tender spring received my blessings.
I woke up a Capricorn, and I listened to the laughter of the hills and valleys. I made a necklace of my favorite archipelago and wore her around my neck as unnamed planets gravitated around, crowning me.
I woke up an Aquarius, and taught the numbers their names and places. I taught the words their meanings and gave validation to my fears as I declawed them one by tender one.
I woke up a Pisces. I watched as the flowers mimicked my growth and the oceans grew jealous of the depth in my eyes. I listened to the wind try to enchant me and gratified the breeze with a kiss on my cheek. Today,
I woke up Me.
And finally gazed at the Beauty of the past twelve days.
—  B. Damani || Zodiac 

bae: come over

me: nah i cant, ducktaped to my friends basement ceiling at a lan party

bae: im horny

me: Look, I’m stuck here. I’m sorry, but I can’t satisfy your needs right now. Maybe another time, but I’m kinda tied up right now. Talk to you later love.