but i love ti

Io li proteggo ancora i ricordi che ho di te,
io ti proteggo ancora
e non importa cosa fai tu,
io ti penso sempre.

Susanna Casciani.


i have no misconceptions about where you end and i begin
but when my mother told me
that the light in my eyes has never been brighter
than when she saw me when i was with you
i realized that we have begun to blend
little bits of you stick with me—your laugh,
a smile here and there,
eyes i could swim in for hours.
they haunt my memory day in and day out
and while we may not say those three words often
or even at all,
verbal validation is not necessary
because i can feel your love in my stomach when it ties itself in knots
every time i hear your name.

“love” and other unspoken promises

-k.o. (via rememberyourstardust)

Passive Me, Aggressive You.


Out of My League Fitz And The Tantrums // Naked Love Adam Lambert // Sleeping With A Friend Neon Trees // Cross My Heart Mariana’s Trench // I Love You Avril Lavigne // Not A Bad Thing Justin Timberlake // Tongue Tied Grouplove // (I Can’t) Forget About You R5 // I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends) Neon Trees // I’ll Be Yours Those Dancing Days // Forever Unstoppable Hot Chelle Rae // Dreams Passion Pit // Still Into You Paramore // Young The Summer Set // We’ll Be Alright Travie McCoy // Young Blood Naked And Famous // Closer Tegan And Sara // Candyman Christina Aguilera // Ain’t it Fun Paramore // Can’t Keep My Hands Off You Simple Plan // Practice Makes Perfect Cute Is What We Aim For // Almost There Opus Orange (Feat. Lauren Hillman) // Prettiest Thing Oh Darling // Love Like Woe The Ready Set // The Only One Hot Chelle Rae // Here’s To Never Growing Up Avril Lavigne // True Love P!nk (Feat. lily Allen) // Unconditionally Katy Perry // Tear in My Heart Twenty One Pilots 

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Can you name a few of your favorite Superfruit/Pentatonix blogs? I need more to follow.

omg id love to and im also gonna tell u why theyre my favs bc im in a good mood

grazie-mr-grassi is so sweet i love him a lot

tis-superfruit is very funny and also very nice

saucy-grassi is going to burn in hell for her fanfics and videos but i love ha 

crackedrosegold MY QUEEEEEN 

pentaholictonic is very very very very nice 

yesgorlt is so funny i h8 her i want to be her 

babyhoying my child

Malia Tate Fanmix

Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift

The rest of the world was black and white
But we were in screaming colour

Six Shooter - Coyote Kisses

She said, “You think you’re so tough?”
Baby, put your hands up

I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy

I don’t care what you think
‘Cause as long as it’s about me

Fighter - Christina Aguilera 

Made me learn a little bit faster
Made my skin a little bit thicker
Makes me that much wiser
So thanks for making me a figher

Teeth - Lady Gaga

Tell me something that’ll change me
I’m gonna love you with my hands tied

Daughters of Darkness - Halestorm

We came to battle baby
We came to win the war
We won’t surrender ‘till we
Get what we’re looking for

If You Could See Me Now - The Script

I’m trying to make you proud
Do everything you did
I hope you’re up there with God
Saying that’s my kid

Warrior - Demi Lovato

I’m a warrior
And you can never hurt me again

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hey could you not add captions to your reblogs, esp of art? keep it in the tags? thanks

I do add tags a lot more now but seeming that I’m on tumblr mobile a lot it’s hard to add them because they don;t show up all the time. Besides the ones I comment are the ones that personally move me, whether emotionally or humorously. If an artist doesn’t want me to comment on their stuff I don’t, for others who love them I do.

ALSO I do what I want. Tis my blog, homie. Ba-bye.

Pretend Boyfriend

I brutally enjoyed writing this request. God, it’s been forever since my first Demers & I almost forgot how much I loved writing him. [He & Wilson are tied for my fav.]

Just a reminder: Even though my requests are “closed” does not mean you can’t still request. I already have my 20requests that I will write during this “closed” period, so you send in requests now [or later if you prefer] for when the “closed” period is over with.

Just getting requests always brightens my mood.

Anyways, hope you enjoy. :)



Love your stories! Will you please write one where a girl takes a chance/prays that Jason Demers isn’t an a-hole and approaches him pretending to be his girlfriend to get away from a drunken pig that won’t leave her alone? Or you can reverse it and have him approach her to get away from a crazy puck bunny? Thanks in advance!!


“He’s still here?”

“Yeah, I can’t seem to shake him off,” you grumbled, constantly glancing over your friends’ shoulders. You were hoping that being cornered in the room by a group of your gal friends would act like a shield and protect you from your drunken ex, but at the same time, you cornered yourself. It was far from the perfect plan, but it hopefully gave enough time for you and your friends to think up a new plan before he drunkenly arrives.

“Do you see him?”

You landed on the soles of your bare feet and shook your head. You had to take off your heels to drastically reduce your height and hopefully blend more in with your friends. “No, he seemed to have disappeared.”

“Maybe his drunk ass just stumbled out of the mansion or got lost in one of the dozen of hallways?”

“He might be drunk,” you sighed, “but he’s not the dumbest drunk.”

A head suddenly poked between two of your friends’ heads and you violently jumped in fear of it being David. “What’re we doin’?” a wasted Jamie inquired, glancing at all the girls in the circles. Normally, he wouldn’t be so nosy or obnoxious, especially around a group of hot females, but like said, he was wasted – most likely thanks to Tyler, who was somewhere. His eyes continued to scan the girls until those brown orbs landed on you and sadness filled them. “I saw David by the piano.”

You groaned, running your hands through your hair. “Fuck. He’s getting close,” you murmured, a pained look spreading across your face.

You were hoping to have a fun night, chilling out with your cousin – Tyler – and his Dallas Stars teammates, but… this wasn’t a Stars party. It was someone else’s, and since everyone were practically mutual friends here in the Dallas – or at least amongst the hockey players’ personal cliques – David was inevitably invited. Hence, your drunk of an ex-boyfriend knew you were here and wasn’t gonna leave you alone, which was nothing new.

You,” Jamie waved a shaky finger at you, “go find Demers. He’s helpful in this kinda situation since he used to have a crazy ex.”

That plan sounded nice and sound and all, but… you were never acquainted with Demers. Actually, you were never acquainted with any of the Stars players, except for a few tonight.

You lived in Houston, Texas – over a three-hour drive – but you used to live in Dallas, which was why you had many friends and that crazy ex here. Growing up, you never got close to your cousin since he lived up in Brampton, Ontario and never visited. You two got slightly closer when he was traded to the Stars, because even though you moved to Houston by that point, you still had to show him around in the beginning. And, since he clicked with the captain pretty soon after, you were eventually introduced to Jamie and then inevitably Jordie.

You and Jamie actually became closer than you ever did with Tyler, so he was the one who invited you a bit more often to parties up in Dallas, but none of them had as many Stars players as this one did. There were a few familiar faces, but most were familiar only because you were dragged to a few Stars game in the past and you did a quick research of the players right when Tyler surprisingly invited you to this major party.

“We never met before, Jay,” you whimpered to Jamie, but he already had his drunken mind set in his plans.

“I’ll go distract David… and…. Go!” Before you could utter a word, he pulled back and stumbled off towards the piano.

“You heard Jamie. Go.”

With hands encircling your wrists, you were practically flung out of the circle. You glanced back and caught the encouraging – even suggestive – looks of your friends before you turned around and did a quick scan of the area. You didn’t even know where Demers was, and by the looks of it, David was closer than you thought.

Fuck,” you hissed under your breath as you moved towards the central staircase of the gigantic mansion. Maybe, with the broader view from there, you could hopefully find the man. When the coast was clear on the main floor, you tilted your head back to look up at the balcony and that was when you spotted the man idly leaning over the railing and animatedly talking to what looked like a couple, turning his head towards them and using hand gestures.

Many times, when you were at a few Stars games, your gal friends liked pointing out the hotter players of the team, bringing up their non-hockey images on Google when you didn’t know who, and… Jason Demers was one of players that caught your attention the most. Since you were related to Tyler, you couldn’t find him attractive, and with Jamie being like your replacement cousin of Tyler, you didn’t take an interest in him.

It was mostly the eyes that attracted you. The lightest blue that just popped out at you whenever you saw his face. Kinda like his personality, according to some – it just popped out at you.


Will he actually be okay with you… What were you gonna do; ask him to be your fake boyfriend? Just long enough for when David came stumbling around? Will Demers be okay with that?


Shivers ran down your spine and you practically ran up the stairs. It was now or never, and you just hoped that Demers was sweet as you imagined he was with the way he acted on social media and from the very few stories you heard from Jamie.

Please. Please. Please.

The couple seemed to have left and Demers just stood leaning over the railing with a beer in hand. He straightened himself up and turned around to walk off in the direction you were speed-walking over to him.


Your heart hammered in your chest as you reached your direction. “Hey, Jason, baby!” you exclaimed, wrapping your arms around the man’s waist and pressing a kiss against his cheek.

To think he was shocked was an understatement. He froze in his step and looked down at you, his eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. “Wha–”

“There you are, Y/N.”

You stiffened and did a side-step, so that you were pressed against Demers’s side and facing David, the drunken blonde. He had the ability to make himself look sober when he was completely wasted, but it never lasted long.

David,” you breathed, tightening your arms around Demers’s waist. “Funny seeing you here. This is my new boyfriend, Jason.” You forced a hand away from his waist to gesture towards the utterly confused man. “You must know Jason Demers from the Dallas Stars.”

David’s eyebrows took a dip and confusion filled his ugly, dirt brown eyes before they were replaced with anger and jealousy. He bulked up and crossed his arms over his chest. He looked even more sober than before. “You are dating Demers?”

“Yes,” you responded. You plastered a smile onto your face as you looked up at Demers with pleading eyes. “Right, babe?”

Demers’s beautiful light blue eyes flickered between you and David before he slowly nodded and looked over at David. “Yeah. We’ve been, uh, dating for a month now.”

“Y/N, leave the poor man alone,” David said, roughly grabbing your forearm and yanking you towards him. “You’re more full of BS now than you were when we were together. C’mon.”

You whimpered in pain, knowing his grab marks was going to leave a nasty bruise on your wrist, but you were suddenly pulled into a stop when a strong arm wrapped around your waist and another hand landed on David’s hand, shoving it off you.

“Get the fuck off of her, man,” Demers sneered, taking a step back with you by his side when David’s hand was off you. He actually pushed you a little behind him, taking a protective stance in front of you. “I told you I’m dating her, so don’t you go manhandling her. I think it’s time for you to go home.”

The whole sober facade crumbled and David waved his hands in the air. “Whoa, whoa, whoa now! No need to get all handsy, man!”

Demers looked over his shoulder and hollered over for one of the many bodyguards loitering around the mansion. “I think this man had too much to drink,” he said to the bodyguard. “He was gettin’ handsy with my girl. Mind escorting him out?”

With a grunt and a nod, before you knew it, David was out of the mansion.

You collapsed against the railing, dipping your head and obnoxiously sighing in relief. When you picked yourself up, you lifted your head and weakly smiled at Demers. “Hey, I’m sorry ‘bout that, but thanks for helping me the crazy ex,” you said then held out your hand. “I’m Y/N, by the way. I’m Tyler’s cousin.”

“Jason Demers,” Demers replied, slipping his warm hand into yours. Now that you weren’t distracted with the crazy ex, you had time to notice the muscles running down his arm from his polo and the way his dark brown hair was messy from what seemed like him running fingers through his hair. He was surprisingly better looking in person. “And I don’t mind; I once had a crazy ex of my own.”

You both shared a smile and even held each other’s hand for a few seconds longer than necessary.

Once the hands were dropped, you stepped back and shyly tucked your hair behind your right ear. “Well, I guess, I should, uh, get back to the party…”

“What are you talking about?” Demers inquired, going back to leaning and dangling his arms over the railing like before. “From what I recalled, we’ve been dating for a month. Couples don’t just leave each other hanging like that. Chill out with me up here – it’ll be your payment for me pretending to be your boyfriend.”

You actually liked that idea more than going back to the party. You mimicked his stance with your shoulders brushing against each other. “I guess so,” you said, mock sighing.

“And maybe we could, uh, go on an actual date – you know, just another payment for my acting.”

You bit your lower lip and looked into those light blue eyes that sparkled with hope and cuteness. Your lips broke out into a huge smile and you nodded. “Yeah, I’d really like that… I mean, since I’m so into paying back… debts… and… Oh, fuck it.” You moved forward and pressed your lips against his.

Demers kissed back without the slightest hesitation. When you pulled away, he let out a sharp breath, looked down at the people on the floor below, and ran his fingers through his hair, murmuring, “Good payment… Good, good payment…

os-uchuujin asked:

Hello Berliac! Since you live in Berlin is there a way to purchase your comics at a local comic book shop? I am living in Berlin as well.


Unfortunately I dont sell my books in Berliner stores, that would make them too expensive for the public. I’d love to sell them at spätis, though.

You can either buy them from my online store, http://berliac.tictail.com , (buy many and pay one shipping only) or depending where you live you can also pick therm up at my studio, I swear to god I’m not a pervert:

In that case, write to the email on the sidebar and we can arrange a meeting, just don’t forget to bring some cheese for the rat in my toilet. Tschüssi!

(there goes another potential reader)

nepetapounce asked:

You know, I've always liked SouRin especially when Sousuke was first introduced, but I think because of your art work of them I have come to love them WAY MORE than I did before: like nearly tied for favorite Free! pairing- right next to MakoHaru.

Ahhhh, thank you so much :) I’m glad that my obsession is dragging other people down with me >:D


“E poi fate l'amore.
Niente sesso, solo amore.
E con questo intendo i baci lenti sulla bocca, sul collo, sulla pancia, sulla schiena, i morsi sulle labbra, le mani intrecciate, e occhi dentro occhi. Intendo abbracci talmente stretti da diventare una cosa sola, corpi incastrati e anime in collisione, carezze sui graffi, vestiti tolti insieme alle paure, baci sulle debolezze, sui segni di una vita che fino a quel momento era stata un po’ sbagliata. Intendo dita sui corpi, creare costellazioni, inalare profumi, cuori che battono insieme, respiri che viaggiano allo stesso ritmo, e poi sorrisi, sinceri dopo un po’ che non lo erano più.
Ecco, fate l'amore e non vergognateve, perché l'amore è arte, e voi i capolavori.”


oh danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling / from glen to glen, and down the mountain side / the summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying / ‘tis you, ‘tis you must go and i must bide.