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All this week I posted the draws at… 11 pm? maybe later? I don’t know but here, two stargazing boys for you. (Sometimes I try to shade… only sometimes)

So, yeah, the holy week tomedd week is over and damn to be honest I never tought anybody would join me in this. It was only a silly jokeeee aaaahhahsjgaud I


let’s talk abt how, in the first few episodes of supergirl, cat has kara’s name ALMOST right - she’s just pronouncing kara wrong. but then, as the season goes on, she mutilates it more and more until it becomes “kira.” she started off pretty much knowing kara’s name and ends up calling her the wrong name altogether. it’s like, she starts feeling closer to kara, starts caring about her more and more until she’s like NO, this is unacceptable, cat grant does not get attached to people, especially not meek, stupid little assistants, so she starts purposely fucking up kara’s name to put emotional distance between them

Chapter 2

The two remain on the floor. Elise was now lying with her head on the lap of Natasha, who was making caress in her hair. Elise had her eyes closed and Natasha was looking tenderly to her.

- I’m afraid your heart will never return to normal, Elise - Natasha smiled and put her hand on Elise’s chest, feeling her heart.

- Shit, you are doing this to me - she opened her eyes and sat facing Natasha, giving her a small kiss on the lips.

- And you make my stomach fell like it is full of butterflies - Natasha grabbed Elise by the waist and pulled her close. Elise put her arms around her neck, pulling her even closer and started kissing her.

The two were stuck together. Natasha was with her legs opened and Elise was sitting in the middle of them with her legs fitted around the Natasha’s waist. The touch of their tongues caused shivers in both of them. Elise clutched Natasha’s hair and she moaned with lust. Natasha took several bites on Elise’s lips, what made her pull her closer. Natasha stroked her face, back, legs and then began to touch her boobs, over clothes and Elise gave a loud groan when Natasha squeezed them and she started kissing Natasha’s neck and biting her ear and also to stroke her boobs. Natasha began to take Elise’s shirt off when the doorbell rang.

- Damn - Elise swore and Natasha started laughing.

- Must be the pizza, I get that - and Natasha rose packing her clothes and looking at Elise who threw herself on the couch - Do not move, little monkey - and laughed.

Natasha took the pizza, a remnant of wine that was still in the bottle and put on the coffee table in front of the couch. Elise did not move, she was lying with her head on a pillow and with her feet dangling off to the couch. Natasha leaned over and gave a peck on her lips.

- Shall we eat? - Elise sat promptly while Natasha opened the pizza box and handed her a slice.

- Hmmmm, I love this pizza - Elise said as she chewed - I was starving - and shw already had another piece of pizza in hand.

They ate and talked normally, as if all this had not just happened. When the pizza was finally over and Elise looked pleased, Nat took the things to the kitchen and tried to clean it a little. A few minutes later she returned and found Elise sleeping on the couch.

- How can you do this, Elise? - Natasha crouched next to the Elise’s face on the couch. She was in that half-awake state, where you are only semi-aware of what’s going on.

- Hmmmmm what? - She murmured.

- How can you be so beautiful even when you are sleeping? - Natasha kissed her forehead and she seemed to open her eyes for a moment.

- I should go home, Nat.

- Well, I don’t think you’ll be able to get home in this state - Natasha was also drunk and she wanted Elise to spend the night with her - Come, I’ll let you sleep in my bed - and up her from the couch.

While Natasha practically carried Elise into the room she noticed that Elise did not take her eyes off her.

- What is it, little monkey?

- You’re very beautiful, you know that Ne-go-van-lis? - Natasha laughed, because clearly Elise was trying to unwind the weather playing with her surname.

- You need to sleep, you know!? It’s way far from your time to be in bed - Nat said continuing laughing and Elise released herself from Nat’s army as if she were mad. At this point they were already in the room and Elise sat on the bed and hit her hand on the matress for Natasha to come join her.