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I will always love One Direction. But, I wish media would let it rest for now. I remember everywhere Niall went after “This Town” came out, it seemed like the song, and embarking on a solo career, took a back burner to questions about the band returning. 

Today, asking if they’ve spoken to each other is one thing, but playing a lengthy 1D montage while one is on a program to promote a solo album is just…unnecessary.

They’re not going on shows and giving interviews to talk about 1D. Leave the past in the past for a bit. Give them all time and the opportunity they deserve, to establish themselves as solo artists, without harping on about what was. Start the 1D talk again when the ten year reunion is imminent.

I’m having some major Trini and Jason feels right now. 

Like, when they first started as a group, Jason had thought that Trini hated him. With a burning passion in the I-hate-you-please-never-speak-to-me-again way, especially with the way she interacts with the others compared to him.

Until one day, when Jason is about to leave his house to go do something, Trini shows up at his front door. He’s so confused and has no idea what to do, and Trini looks like she’s about to change her mind and leave but instead she just asks him if it’s okay if she hangs out and he’s still so ???? but lets her in anyways. 

He asks her whats wrong, thinking that she’s probably just going to ignore him but then she starts ranting about her parents, and how she’s trying so hard to make them proud of her and he’s quietly listening suddenly Trini just blurts, “The only good thing about me is that I’m a ranger!” 

It makes Jason so sad because Trini is so kind and patient with Billy and she jokes around and has fun with Zack and is such a good friend to Kim and is honestly there for all of them in any shape or form they need and then Jason gets furious that Trini believes the only good thing about her is when she’s the yellow ranger. 

He just goes off (he doesn’t yell but his voice does raise a bit when he’s trying to prove his point) and he tells her how he’s sure he would’ve died if it weren’t for her helping him fight Goldzar, and he talks about how important she is to the group and how important it is to him that she knows that they care.

When he’s done, Trini just stares at him in shock for a few seconds before she hugs him and mumbles, “Thanks, Jason, I really needed that.” 

@feynites #uthvir would be absolutely annoyed that the auction got taken down #they’d tell thenvunin that his distractions worked tho #and that they just lost the bid because they were busy with ~him~ #not that they want to encourage his behaviour of course #certainly not

some angel food distractions because the headcanons for this au are amazing :3


I finally got my proper art signed by Graham, Adam and Dean *cries* Last time I met Adam and Graham I only had my sketchbook for getting signed, but I was able to get a print for myself and a little copy for them too. And I keep going back for Jed each year because I just like showing him what I’ve drawn since I last saw him tbh XD

-Adam is such a sweet little bean, every time anyone shows him fan art of Ori he looks so happy. We chatted about his dog and the upcoming marathon for a bit. And he filmed me and @heartoferebor​ in our Dwarf cosplays! I exist on his phone now and it’s like !!!!!??!! 

-Graham is just lovely, I’m always slightly intimidated by his status as an actor but he’s so kind and gentle around fans, and seemed really happy at Tufty-Dwalin. Dean wandered over to Graham’s table while the print was being signed and asked me in his relaxed Dean manner “oh that’s cool, did you do this?” and Graham said something about it being really lovely and his face lit up when he got his own copy (I think he called me darling but the general emotions of the day made my memory fuzzy).

-Dean is so chill, I sort of panicked and ran off after giving him his copy of Fíli because I didn’t know how to start a conversation (*cue regrets that will keep me awake at night*), but he seemed really happy when he got his own print. He recognised that I’d drawn it in Photoshop and said he was glad I found Fíli so inspiring.

-I wish I could have a small pocket!Jed for general encouragement because he’s just so kind and full of energy. He remembered my art from last year and said I have a very distinctive way of drawing Nori; hearing that was so uplifting for me. And he asked if I was doing illustration professionally and that I should make an art shop, sweet man.

Agh such nice people, I still can’t believe it.


With Spring coming to a slow end, and Summer right around the corner, I think it’s a great time for a celebration and happy memories! It’s been a long time since I showed some love, and I just want each and everyone of you to know just how thankful I am for you still being right here by my side, through whatever it is we all go through, and have been through. I want you to know that I’m proud of you, and that you’re doing so well up ‘til now! I pray for your good health and happiness all the way through the bright months ahead ~ Thank you, and thank you again!


@aemint / Above all the good things that I’ve received, you’re most definitely my biggest gift of them all, and you know it. You’re the person I’m most thankful for. I love you.
@hyvnakim / I loaf you so much, you’re always there for me when I need you, and I hope you know that I’m most definitely here for you just as much. Ride or Dies, fo’ life.
@jonghyuna / I miss you these days, but I still love you the mostest toastest, you know that, right? Come back to me, we have much more memories to make, puppy ~
@chansunganon / Stay with me forever and ever and ever and ever, boo.


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also, i love you. thank you for being amazing.

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thank you for staying by me, cuties.
if we haven’t spoken, i’d love to be friends..
i mean- really love.

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If it isnt too private can we know thw general story on how you met your gf? You dont come by a relationship youre totally in love like that often.

sO UH iirc we met kinda through her art and my streams? b/c she  had drawn “”’fanart” (i feel Really Weird calling my gf a fan now LMAO), and i was like HOLY HECK THIS IS SOME GOOD ART like i loved it so much, and then she showed up in the chat on one of my streams and i like. basically called her the Fuck Out but in a good and positive way b/c her art is so nice

and so i followed her tumblrs n stuff and we got to talking and???? yeah????????? i remember the first thing she messaged me was a pun

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Hey Marc! Im an avid reddit user at arrow and I can safely say that we now love you more than ever. You have successfully managed to please both fanbases (the arrow redditors that want a dark gritty sueprshow) and the tween/teen fangirls that want a drama show. I love the fight scenes at arrow and the dark tone and it seems that the oliciter fan base loves how the bits and pieces of olicity teases. Heck, just add oliver looking into felicity's eyes and they will be pleased. Great job on the show

I’ll take it!  Thanks so much!

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You're my sun, my moon, and my stars. You're my galaxy upon yonder, and the beautiful reflection in a moonlight sonata. I want you in my arms, now and forever. If I could write you a million poems to show you how much you mean to me. Although there is distance, I am always with you. I love you with all of my heart. You're what keeps this heart strong and moving forward. I sing and write for you alone, you're my muse, and my music. You're the light in my life. To the moon and back, I love you.

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(My apologies! Regular request) NSFW please. MC is a sexy lingerie model. Reactions from the Lords and retainers plus the side fellas ( please include the ninjas).

Under the cut bc this is long af

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Request: Make the most expensive outfit for an award show with one of the BTS members (prefered Namjoon but any member is possible) kisses and love from me <3

Author’s note: well boy i did it. this is everything i would see included in the day before / preparing for an award show with namjoon and it totals to $1739.06 -admin tal


Default Guidelines:

  • 4 members per request (but we’re doing all members right now)
  • one group per request
Possible Art Improvement!

Again, sorry for a slight lack of dailies! I’m working on them though, I swear! <3 Anyways, earlier I looked at an older sketchbook of mine’s first page! I looked back at one of my more recent drawings, and I thought it’d be interesting to show!

This is an older drawing I did on Christmas!(This was before I improved on things like proportions, size, anatomy, detail, etc.
Dem legs)

This is something more recent! Its a bit messy of a sketch, and I made this during class without ref, but I still love it! And I think it’s really nice seeing I’ve been getting better at drawing!

Long post, but meh. I plan on doing more things such as making another blog or two soon in the future, and I’ll try and get a Daily out today. For now though, I hope you have a great day~!

I get contacted by women and girls who are now interested in science and women will write me and say, ‘If I’d had this movie when I was a kid I’d be an engineer by now.’ It’s important to be able to show women in science, women in STEM. I’d love to do more of that. … the more you show of women in these professional careers, it really helps.
—  Ghostbusters director Paul Feig on the importance of depicting women in STEM on screen

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Now I have a question for you, do you watch Ghost Adventures? Idk if you do but I Love that show! Don't know why, just do xD

YES. Ghost Adventures is one of the best paranormal shows I’ve seen! They have personality, they’re very passionate about what they do, and I love that. They also have time for fun, I mean, look at this: 

Originally posted by misha-collins-any-way-i-want-him

(I told some friends that if I don’t make it into animation, demonology or being a paranormal investigator are some backup plans lol. Some want to get me exorcised while others say they’ll join me. XD)

My Little History with Jashi

So I started Season 5 of Samurai Jack, like everyone else. When I saw the daughters of Aku, and how they focused more on Ashi in the beginning. I thought to myself “They’re going somewhere with her.” Not now. But I’ve seen enough shows to see how this goes. 

Anyway, I’ll admit, I was a bit disappointed when I saw all the daughters get axed a couple of episodes later after encountering him. I guess a part of me was expecting more development within the girls. Mainly Ashi, considering how they focused on her at times during her training. But after seeing her “die”, I was just like “Oh well, guess I was wrong. Shame really. Wanted to see where they would go really.”

But then Episode 4 came out and was “Oh, fuck no, nevermind, she’s still alive we’re good.”

And thus began the… Bonding(?)…Development(?) Honestly I didn’t know to call it. What type of relationship do you call it when you try to get along with the person that just tried to kill you last episode? Anyway, as they interacted I found it funny how Jack trying to get Ashi to open up. While Ashi just kept giving Jack a glare. (Which I dubbed the constipation look. Lol, Damn it BnH XD) Anyway, throughout the episode. I didn’t really see anything between the two. At least not at first. But sometime throughout the week, I figured, “Eh lemme indulge my curiosity” cause my crackship mind was at work and I honestly wanted to see what Tumblr had to offer. 

When I got on Tumblr, I was kinda surprised (Though thinking about it now, not really) to see that there was a bit of Civil War going on as to whether or not Jashi should be considered Platonic or Romantic. The argument being Jack is literally 50 years older than Ashi. Despite his lack of aging. Oh yeah…forgot people would consider that a bit of a problem. But the hate for it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would. At least in my opinion. 

To be honest, I didn’t really ship it either at first…Okay that’s not necessarily true. I DID, but again that was my crackshipping mind at work. Plus I found their interactions cute at times wherever possible. But unlike most people. I was amongst the few that was completely with wherever Jack and Ashi’s relationship went. Be it Platonic or Romantic. I was fine with the end results. 

But then Episode 6 came out.

…Can I just take a quick moment to say how much of a Cinnamon Roll/Bae Ashi became that one episode? Seriously, having her meet the people that was helped by Jack over the years. And her realizing what she should finally do. It just touched my heart legit. And seeing her convinced Jack not to commit suicide did it for me. And apparently I wasn’t the only one. 

Imagine my surprise when a few days after Episode 6. I get on Tumblr today and find a lot more Jashi ship pictures. As if majority of people had an overturn on their views. Who knew that all it would take was one simple episode to change the fans’ minds. 

Don’t know if I ship Jashi seriously now…Oh who am I kidding? I probably do. But one things for certain. I love how closer the two have become. Regardless of their relationship status. 

Different direction

Hi peeps, I’m doing okay but I wanna talk about something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now.

First of all, thank you all so much for the support and love y'all have given me. I’m very grateful for each and every one of you.

But I’ve decided to step away from VLD for a while. Still love the show, still love shallura, but the fandom and everything is stressing me too much to enjoy it.

I didn’t mean for this artblog to just be one thing, y'know? That doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing shallura! I just want to draw other things, diversify. Do fun things for me.

I understand if you followed only for vld/shallura art, and I won’t be upset if you leave. I appreciate your time here! And, hey, I’m still fine with you reblogging my art and I’m fine with chatting about shallura! I just may not make a whole lot of content atm.

TL;DR Gonna do other things, still love shallura, and thank you so much for all the love and support

Peace and Love,