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Hi there! I love The Summer and the other day when i read the last chap and read your authors note "For reference, @phansdick is Dan, @insanityplaysfics is Phil." I realized something. Maybe you two are actually Dan and Phil and you've been writing anonymously fanfictions about yourselves! OMG PLOT TWIST! YOU'VE BEEN DISCOVERED! AH! (please tell me that is true)(i wish)

OH SHIT RACHEL WE’VE BEEN FOUND OUT. DISPENSE THE LIFE RAFT WE GOTTA JUMP OFF THIS SHIP! hahaha omg anon I wish this were true! Wouldn’t that iust be beautiful? I can’t imagine Dan or Phil writing kinky fic about themsleves though tbh HAHAHA Dan would not be able to resist making at least one joke or pun. 

On a more serious note; thank you! I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the story! It has been an absolute pleasure to write. 

I’m definitely gonna call @phansdick the Dan to my Phil, though. I love her to bits ugh you guys don’t evEN KNOW. She’s wonderful.

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Queer tv series couple: *are together for more than 5 years*

Heteronormarive fans: “Ugh why they are shoving this  forced gay shit in our faces”

Hetero tv series couple: *girl and boy have just met, have sex, immediately become a couple.

Heteronormative fans: “Ah, what a lovely couple! I ship them so hard, they are so perfect!

Queer tv series couple #2: *boy meets boy, they blush, touch each other’s hands, months later become a couple*

Heteronormative fans: “Why they are forcing this gay shit again? Why everyone needs to be gay nowaydays?

Hetero tv series couple #2: *girl in the bus, guy seats next to her and blushes. One stop after, she is gone, they never see each other again.

Heteronormative fans: "Oh my god, they are so cute!!

Queer character: *I’m a girl who likes girls, and I’m okay with that.

Heteronormative fans: ” Not every character needs to be gay!“

Hetero character: *I’m a girl who loves boys, I’m not like the other girls, because I’m cute, popular and funny*

Heteronormative fans: "Aw, she’s so sweet!!

Queer tv series couple #3: *give a couple of pecks and pull apart.

Heteronormative fans: "Disgusting, I don’t wanna see that pornographic shit in my TV”

Hetero tv series couple #3: *literally have sex in an open field*

Heteronormative fans: “Wow, so much chemistry, they are perfect together!!

Queer character: *dies*

Queer fans: "We are tired of seeing the only representation we have being killed off! Stop killing us in real life and in fiction, please

Heteronormative fans: "Stop playing the victims! In this show, everyone dies! It has nothing to do with the fact that they are queer!!”

Hetero character: *dies*

Heteronormative fans: “I’m not watching this show anymore! If "x” character (white,cis,hetero) dies, we riot!!“

Moana/Ariel (B2) 

That’s it @magicsophicorn , I ship it. I had never even considered drawing these two ocean souls together, but now that I have, I love it.

 This is was so much fun to draw. 

Thank you for submitting! Also, requests for this couples meme I reblogged are closing today! (11/01/2017) 

college! au shidge

I may not yet be in college but I am however still a student and really I just pulled these from my butt and accidentally ended up writing a fic ok anyways

  • shiro’s staring dumbfounded at his best friend’s little sister who managed to jump three whole years into his grade like H O W
  • them at the library and pidge cursing her smolness and shiro just hoists her up on his shoulder to the right shelf
  • for some reason they have a lot of classes together. A LOT.

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there are some ships that are just ~pure~ like kanej and bluesey and pynch and jessa. they are just sweet and teenage and lovely and hesitant and wonderful and capital P Pure™

but then

then there are sjmaas ships

like feysand and nessian and rowaelin and elorcan. where i want them to tEAR EACH OTHER APART physically and sexually and mentally and then somehow be brought back together by dramatic plot twists and excessive makeup sex.   

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  That’s it. I’m sending these boys down to the second floor. I AM IN RENOVATION HELL AGAIN!
I live on the fourth but they’re renovating the second and I CAN HEAR IT ALL DAY LONG. The amount of headaches I’ve had over the past week is ridiculous. And I actually really rarely get those.

Ugh… screen redraw, because.
….. I might have fallen a bit for Mr. Eyebrows……. who am I kidding I’m hopelessly lost *curls up in a corner staring into space*

The first time Wanda says ‘I love you’ to Bucky…
  • by this point she and Bucky have been hanging out a lot
  • she thinks she may be in love with him but she doesn’t have much experience to go on—she loved Pietro, but what she feels for Bucky is nothing like that—and he’s pretty sure he’s in love with her but he doubts she could ever feel the same way
  • so they’re stuck in this cycle of tentative friendship mixed with eye-contact that lasts too long and not long enough
  • and of course no one else on the team notices their walking-on-eggshells-relationship because both of them are so subtly connected, even they  have trouble recognizing the tie between them
  • but they are friends, they feel close, and they might be in love with each other, too afraid to admit to anything, yet
  • on this particular day Bucky goes on a mission with the rest of the team and Wanda stays behind—because, hey, she still doesn’t trust herself not to blow up a few more innocent people (one day she’ll get back out there)
  • and her goodbye to Bucky sort of gets lost in all the pre-strike planning, so he leaves her with nothing more than a sad half-smile and a whispered, ‘I’ll see you later’
  • and she doesn’t freak out or get worried because this is routine, this is what they do, and everything seems to be going well, she checks in on the team’s progress through the comms., and nothing seems amiss and she realizes she sort of misses Bucky even though she can hear his voice clearly over the line, words never directed to her, but there, reassuring…
  • before she can register what’s going on, the comm. lines fritz out and back in again
  • Steve is yelling about an explosion and some unexpected guards 
  • there are too many voices overlapping
  • and Wanda’s heart pounds in her chest because even through all that static and panicked shouting she knows Bucky’s voice when she hears it and she doesn’t hear his voice
  • her hands shake as she tries to ask what’s going on, but everyone’s too busy trying to deal with whatever problem arose that they ignore her
  • she can feel the color draining from her cheeks and her heart feels like it might claw its’ way out of her ribcage, that’s how hard it’s beating and through all the thoughts and emotions flurrying in her mind, one phrase plagues her
  • I never told him, I never told him, I didn’t get to tell him
  • because only now does she realize that the possibility of losing Bucky absolutely terrifies her, it makes her want to kick and scream in refusal, makes her want to curl into herself and escape all the dread and the longing and the grief and all the while the team shouts orders and Wanda can feel the walls closing in and she knows if she doesn’t get out of there soon she will wipe out the entire computer system
  • she runs out of the room, not noticing the tears streaming down her cheeks, and she runs and tries to calm down, she runs and tries not to think the worst
  • he’s okay, he must be okay, everything’s okay, he’ll be back soon please please please please
  • when the team finally returns from their mission Wanda realizes she’s been holding her breath and the group shuffles into the conference room grumbling about what went wrong or what could’ve been handled better
  • but Wanda’s only looking for one person, her hazel eyes wide and shining with tears and hope and fear and when she sees Bucky’s bloody face she almost falls down, sobbing with joy that he’s standing and he’s here he’s here he’s okay
  • of course Bucky gets super worried and is like ‘Wanda are you okay what happened Wanda what’s wrong’
  • and she runs up to him, throws her arms around his neck and hugs him like he might disappear, so tightly and fiercely, her small hands clutching his shoulders and after he takes a moment to get over the absolute shock that she’s touching me she’s hugging me she’s holding me because Wanda always had a thing with touch and displays of affection
  • he holds her just as tightly, not really sure why she’s crying into his chest, trying to calm her but also being really confused and just happy that she’s so close to him and in his arms and Wanda’s blubbering something he can’t make out, but it seems like the same phrase over and over and he goes ‘Wanda, shh, darling, calm down, what’re you trying to say?’
  • so it takes a few tries but finally she says something coherent and he realizes she’s saying I love you I love you I love you and she doesn’t know what else to say but that
  • but she’s getting so worked up she starts saying the same three words in all the languages she knows and Bucky is bursting with happiness and astonishment because this beautiful creature is chanting that she loves him, she loves him, and he tries desperately not to cry before saying back to her
  • ‘I love you, too, Wanda, god, I love you’
  • pulls her closer as they hug and cry together
  • and the rest of the team just stares at them like wtf is happening rn while one of them (probably Sam, or Natasha, or maybe both) just smiles and mumbles something like, finally  
Why I can't read fanfiction at school
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> *school gives us free time to get on our phone* I might as we'll read that smutfic<p/><b>Friends:</b> hey what you doin?<p/><b>Me:</b> *hides phone* nothin<p/><b>Friends:</b> oooohhh you texting you boyfriend let me see *all try and get my phone*<p/><b>Me:</b> closing out of fic and deleting history while they try to get it* fine here<p/><b>Friends:</b> ugh your not even doing anything you so boring *walks away*<p/><b>Me:</b> Ok NOW time to read<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

love is in the air