but i love this scene too much

I think that relationship between Eva and Jonas is so underrated. Yes, he lied and she cheated, but they were such a good couple. That scene where he was sitting in front of her house and waiting for her, and when she asks him if he would give up smoking for her and he answers that he would do everything for her sake shows how much he loved her. And she loved him too. 

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you guys are truly an awesome artist @cubedcoconut and @blushmallet! you have your own beautiful recognisable style, always captured the BEST scene+moment for your fans, and convinced this ol' dino to use this freakin tumblr just to follow your arts. now I just open your blogs everyday, hoping for any updates while making this face :3 dang!

Thanks so much for being a fan! I love blushmallet too :3

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Salty rant: meta exists because they use phrases like "nothing is new under the sun" "what do we say about coincidences?" "universe is rarely so lazy" to excuse themselves to recycle dialogues and scenes. They're not clever. Mirror? What's a mirror?

We gave them too much credit I guess. I don’t have problem with meta-ing. I love metas because at least metas tell a better, free of plot holes story. But Really after all the disaster..TPTB aren’t really clever.. Welp we have to live with that for the rest of our lives.

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I have to confess that when I first saw the scene between Snow and Killian I thought Snow had kissed him on the lips! XD and I was like "WHAT?? SNOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!" But I watched it again and calmed down.. But I really loved that scene..The "I'm so happy it's you" + the cheek kiss + the hug.. I never thought I needed but I'm happy they gave us this interaction between mother in law - son in law and I'm waiting for more! What do you think Shira? I love your answers <3

LOL. And thanks! 

Well, I got a question about them a while ago, saying that they never actually shared a scene together alone. And after that ask I realized that damn, the anon was right! But I also said that what bothers me more is that Emma practically doesn’t have so many scenes with her mom too. But now after seeing the Hook Snow scene I realized how much I wanted one without even knowing that I wanted one. And I also need a name for this friendship ship!!! Maybe captain hope? (unless there is already one that I don’t know of). So yes, that scene was my favorite in the episode! I’m so happy Snow is happy for the both of them! That Hook matters too and it’s not just about seeing Emma happy, but also him.


Finally ….After that crash I redrew it ^^

I saw a little bit too late that I drew the wrong dress

In Trickstar Star wears the other green dress …Well sorry for that ^^(also in the two lasts panels They are smaller …. wierd..^^’‘‘)

So this is how I turn a normal scene into a starco scene ^^

I already reached 1000 followers Thank you so much for that!!!Love you guys !!<3<3<3

I think I won’t draw a lot for the episodes next week cause I’ll be in Paris until Thursday T_T




“Give me a hug?”

Happy Hug Day everybody! o(〃^▽^〃)o