but i love this scene so much


female awesome meme ♡ [1/10] female characters who are unfairly hated 

isadora smackle (girl meets world) - intelligence, compassion, integrity, courage, that army is the real you. no matter what you look like. 

The Wrath of the Lamb

And we’re finally here, the finale. This post will be THE LONGEST one in this whole series, so prepare yourselves!

…that’s what she was going to do?? Damn.

This little scene was cut. Excellent thinking from Reba in that situation!

A surprise appearance from Dolarhyde!

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Okay so, this is officially my first digital piece- kinda besides crappy first tries ages ago. I did all the line work on paper because I can’t figure out how to do so on my app without screwing up! Haha, anyways to the important bits!

So this little kylux piece is based on the first chapter of Here Comes Your Man by @hollyhark. I love this fic for many reasons, and that like tender first scene after they do it is pretty much amazing and sweet. I had to draw the armbands because I love the concept and have always liked wearing bands on my arms over my nonexistent muscles lol. I added the smoke after, to kind of represent the way even then on their first night things are already going up in smoke (The heavy fire theme throughout the story is also something I love about it) I’m not that great at much of anything digital art related yet so bear with me! I know the shading on the sheets and pillows is kind of awkward. :/ I hope this is okay to look at, I’m not sure how great it really is haha, but I hope some people enjoy it! <3 Thanks for the inspiration Holly! <3

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I just saw your 'Jack Posts' and can I just say thanks! I say way too much shade on Jack and it's so nice to see someone explain why he's so interesting!

Thanks! Tbh I’m not a fan of how the fandom handles both him and Bitty in general. There’s so. much. fluff out there that takes away their characters flaws and shortcomings in favor of something so positive that after a while I (personally) don’t see the point? 

He’s a really good character. He’s gruff yet calm. He’s stubborn af but v intelligent. He’s a formerly fat boy who’s now a thick hockey player (which I love because he’s a guy who doesn’t want to take up space but he’s always thrown into center stage and he DOES take up space). I absolutely love scenes where he’s eating while chirping someone or laying down shit calmly for comedic effect. It’s just so real? 

I talk about it some in one of my fics, but he’s constantly negotiating fact from fiction. And I wish more people would explore his relationship to various media (not just THE MEDIA ™). Stuff like what inspires him in his photography, what kinds of films does he enjoy (don’t just say documentaries, there are a million and one topics and subgenres within that), more about how he loves alt rock and country and not just “dad rock”.  More about how his parents were while raising him and how he is with his mom. 

And yea, I wish more people would actually talk about the overdose. I know for some people it really squicks them that people water down Bitty coming out because it takes away his relatability. I feel the same way about Jack’s back story. I want stories about him slipping, stories where he struggles again at some point and has to recenter himself. I would LOVE stories about his freshman year of college when it was just him and Shitty as the “losers”.

((I write this as I listen to “Constant Headache” by Joyce Manor on repeat because it’s such a Jack song)) 

So yea, I’m glad you liked the top layer of the post! 


Ahhh, just look at the amazing commission of Jack and my Overwatch OC Trish Danvers from talented @replica-004​ ❤ ❤ ❤ Words cannot express how much I love it!

I even wrote a short fluffy drabble about this scene ;w; (and I was struggling with that for a week, because apparently it’s easier for me to make them suffer)

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Quintis Wedding Countdown
Day 1 - Favorite Season One Episode: 1x19, Young Hearts Spark Fire

“I chose in the moment to live honestly, and if you don’t feel the same way yet, I’m OK with it.”
“You’re confident.”
“In this I am.”

It’s hard to narrow down to one episode per season, but I love so much about 1x19. The bookend Happy/Toby scenes on the roof, his insistence that she not run from acting on her feelings in 1x18 (the kiss), profession of love, gorgeous foreshadowing for the eventual proposal, and an amazing profession of faith. “I choose in the moment to live honestly, and if you don’t feel the same way yet, I’m OK with it.” And the visuals in that final scene on the rooftop will leave you breathless.

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So for my nanowrimo project I pictured the main character to have darker skin. It's fantasy and in this world race isn't a real factor in anything. I know if I leave it unsaid the default will be white. My question is how do I draw attention to a detail like this when it doesn't have much impact on the plot or themes of the story. It's told in first person so I find it hard to incorporate naturally. Actually how to I describe main character image at all in first person?

Hi there, love!  Thanks for messaging :)  Congrats on taking on NaNoWriMo, too.  I wish you much luck and 50,000 words!

So, describing first-person appearance has always been a common writing struggle.  That’s the sole reason we get all those horrible scenes where the protagonist looks at themselves in the mirror, just now noticing their deep, hazel eyes and perfect complexion.  That’s not believable, and nobody thinks it’s clever.  It’s just easy, so it’s the solution people stick with.  But I have a few ideas for you.

First, I’d remind you that in clarifying the race of a character, skin color is not the only factor to consider.  Hair texture, bone structure, and eye color are also key racial characteristics.  You’ve stated that your race is set in a fantasy world, so it doesn’t necessarily match up with real-world races – so figure out what characteristics this race has (beyond just dark skin) and incorporate this into your description.  It will also help to create other (even minor) characters of this race, to help solidify the concept of the race in readers’ minds.

Okay.  With that out of the way, I’ll get back to my main point: how to describe your protagonist’s race and appearance.  Some options:

  • Just let them say it, early on.  First chapter, boom: “The pink shirt contrasts against my brown skin.”  “I look back toward the sound, black braids spilling over my shoulder.”  Or something to that effect.  Your character isn’t nervous or surprised about their race.  They’ve been black their whole life.  So be bold with it, and incorporate it fairly often into the description, just because it takes a little bludgeoning to make sure readers aren’t defaulting white.
  • Give your protagonist a reason to be aware of certain traits.  Perhaps meeting someone new, receiving a compliment, or just getting ready in the morning – give them some purpose behind analyzing their hair, skin, or other features.  Maybe they’re getting into bed and they pull their thick curls into a ponytail; maybe they’re out at lunch and some of their braids are unraveling and it’s really pissing them off.  Whatever opportunities you can find early on, and continually throughout the story, will help remind your readers who exactly they’re looking at. 
  • Have the character compare themselves to another person.  When we look at a new face, the traits that stick out to us are often the least familiar ones – for instance, I’m fairly short and have a long nose, so someone who’s really tall or has a tiny nose is going to stand out to me, because it’s not something I see in the mirror every day.  When describing a secondary character, consider the traits your POV character will notice.  Use phrases like, “much taller than I,” “hair unbelievably curly,” “eyes a shade of blue I’d never seen,” to emphasize such features. 
  • Remember that race is a part of your character’s identity.  Let them be aware of it!  Even if your race is fictional, race is more than an appearance – it’s a culture, a background.  At least one of their parents shares their race; they’re not the only black person they know.  This fictional race has its own history and its own name.  You only have to go as far into it as you want, but if you really want to assert a protagonist of color, it helps to add some information to their race.
  • Remember to describe white characters’ skin, too.  If you really want to keep from “normalizing” white skin, don’t let it slip under the radar.  If you take note of POC skin, also take note of white skin.  Don’t let Character A be the girl with golden brown skin and Character B just be… the girl.  You don’t have to go into detail with minor characters, of course, but that’s a good rule of thumb for characters who have more than one scene.

That’s my basic advice, but I’m not a person of color, so this is only the perspective of a white person who reads up.  Of course, if any of my followers disagree with what I’ve said, be sure to let me know and I’ll correct any bad information.

I hope this helps you, anon!  If you have any more questions, my inbox is always open :)  Happy writing!

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask me!

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do you think the animators will add some extra stuff to eremika confession scene like what they did to nanaba's death scene .tbh i wish they would add a hug or something

eh nothing that extra hopefully tbh
like I love eremika to death, but I’m against the anime taking huge steps like this, it will not make me happy and it will get more backlash than anything
and before worrying about the fandom backlash, I would very much like to have that scene in the manga with the right build up

chapter 50 is literally perfect as it is and I want to enjoy it without any problems if possible

I do hope for a better closure after the chapter though, so an additional little conversation would be awesome <3
also I’m all for animating the scenes that we know for sure actually happened off panels, like Eren carrying Mikasa from the horse to the medics, we only got the scene where that scout is telling Eren to lay her down gently
I mean, DID HE CARRY HER BRIDAL STYLE ??? asqssfds

or a scene where Eren is keeping an eye an taking care of Mikasa while she was sick, because we know that too happened for a fact

see now that’s the kind of content that I want and will not feel guilty for getting because it’s very canon compliant

This scene

got me like

beacause it made me understand just how deep did Agni love Soma, and I’m not talking about “oh they love each other so much I ship them” because what Agni felt went beyond that: Agni loved Soma like a father would love his child, always trying to protect him and to help him choose the right thing but at the same time he loved him just like a child would love one of his parents, Soma was the person he admired the most, he kind of wanted to be like him cause Soma was the example everyone should follow, always ready to try and make other people happy with his smile and cheerfulness.

I’m so sad he died and I’m afraid about how this will impact Soma’s character in the future

mrlevelingthinner: ryuji and mishima make such a huge deal out of calling her once but by the end of the game you’re dropping 50 bucks a night every other night just to get massages

They better be goOD massages if she’s gonna charge me 5000 yen to hang out a pop. Not that I have a single complaint so far about it all. I want to cheer this teacher.

I just seriously love the charming utter loser vibe of the whole scene, it’s so tangible that Ryuji was thrilled and amped for this, there was no way this wasn’t happening, he even got a fake address, he was IN, then he hears a female voice and his palms get sweaty, his knees grow weak, and so much spaghetti falls from his pockets. I want a Ryuji and Akihiko OVA where they go flirt with girls and Ryuji goes into cardiac arrest while Akihiko wrestles with his own tongue to get out one word that makes sense.

Princess and the frog is a good movie

-Majority of cast is POC
-most of the music is jazz, which is super fitting
-one of the characters gives up her love interest to help her friends
-some of the scenes are so pretty like look at this fucking art it’s beautiful
-Some encouraging af words
-also character motive?? Lots of motive
-shows interracial friendship between a poor black girl and a white rich girl, their friendship is major to the plot and never actually points out the difference in colour.

Cons? They kill a character

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That parentlock concept of family naps reminds me of that art where Sherlock is in his chair, john is in his lap, and then their baby is in John's lap and they're all asleep

oh my gosh…….😭 cute…i was imagining sherlock asleep somewhere in the afternoon like the big languid gay he is and darcy age like 3 or 4 misses his dad so he wiggles into his arms n wakes him up on accident and sherlock sees the tiny curly mop of hair like “who’s this? is that my darcy” but then also he notices john watching the scene unfold with fond eyes bc he loves his family so much and sherlocks tells him to join them & he does even though he wasn’t tired

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Is there any tokyo ghoul scene you would like to draw or have someone draw for you?

I would draw everything if I knew how to draw 😂

But I would choose this one. This is my fav panel from Eto, I’d love to have like a colored full version of this ;-; I love her so much

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Oh this chapter- I loved it (and it was hot!) but poor Jack. He's such a quick learner but sometimes he learns the completely wrong lesson.... Pitch is a pretty good and attentive dom in scene and it seemed like he was going to do at least *some* aftercare this time but Jack just noped out too fast. Right now I'm not sure which of them would have a harder time with proper aftercare. Anton needs to knock some sense into both of them.

Jack’s bright, and his mind works quickly, but yeah, he often comes to the wrong conclusions or learns the wrong lesson, that combined with his habit of internalising things as being his fault (something absolutely encouraged by Lune in general) means he just makes these epic leaps to ‘this behaviour means X, and it means I have to respond like X.’

Pitch was definitely going to offer aftercare (at least more of it) this time. In fact, one of the reasons he didn’t touch Jack a great deal during the edging was because he knew he could make up for it afterwards. Instead, we get a Jack that’s hurriedly pulling away, a Pitch that’s wondering if that’s what Jack truly needs, doubting it, and also kind of doubting himself as a Dom? (Something he’s not used to doing like this). It’s a mess. Pitch has a lot to work on right now, especially as Jack’s reaction/s here are pretty much entirely down to how Pitch has treated him in the past. (Along with Jack’s reticence to ask for clarification).

Oh yeah, pretty sure Anton will be finding out in the very next chapter, tbh. His ears have been burning for a while now. :D