but i love this picture very much

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Promptis and FenHawke for send me a ship :>

*uncontrollable giggling* EEEEEKKK

Who said “I love you” first?:

Promptis: Noct - hands down. Pretty much in daze. Like - he couldn’t believe it.

FenHawke: HAWKE! Hands down - was like - 2 weeks after they were official

Who would have the other’s picture as their background?

Promptis: PROMPTO - oh my god Prompto - he changes it out every other day or so. Noct sleeping, Noct yawning, Noct smirking, Noct fighting, Noct, Noct, Noct :P

FenHawke: Uh - DEFINITELY Hawke - he’d make a collage :P

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

Promptis: Noct does - and they’re usually very suggestive. Hehe… :P

FenHawke: Fenris - hands down.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

Promptis: Prompto gets a kick out of Noct’s deadpan stare - but it also surprises him when Noct is geniunally thankful - Noct gives them too (“flowers, chocolates, etc.) Mainly because he loves seeing Prompto freak out.

FenHawke: Hawke allll the way - he’s always coming home with something - and each gift is because “this reminded me of you, so I had to get it.” :D

Who initiated the first kiss?

Promptis: Noct absolutely did it first - he was literally just like - “that’s it” and went for it - Prompto forgot to breathe. :P

FenHawke: Well - we actually saw how it happened - so Hawke? I guess? :P

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Promptis: Prompto haaannndddss down. And Noct gets SO PISSED. He’s sleeping soundly and Prompto just attacks him with kisses until Noct wakes up.

FenHawke: Hawke and Fenris both do this - mainly depending on who gets up first. They’re both early morning people, so they switch on and off. :P

Who starts tickle fights?

Promptis: Oh my GOD, Noct does - all the freaking time. He CANNOT get over the way Prompto laughs - it’s the most adorable thing. He adores it.

FenHawke: HAWKE HANDS DOWN! Fenris gets PISSED - but it’s mainly because he’s irritated that he can’t stop laughing - and Hawke just has to do it at the worst times - when he’s all broody :P

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

Promptis: Oohh, these guys do this to each other alllllll the time. Usually it’s Noct who initiates - but Prompto absolutely does it to.

FenHawke: Both - equally. And it’s not even for “fun” it’s literally to save time lol - especially on Fenris’s end hehe.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

Promptis: Prompto would do this if it didn’t mean interrupting Noct’s “royal duties” - so usually it’s Noct who comes strolling in with a lunch that Ignis made.

FenHawke: Fenris would LOVE seeing the look on Hawke’s face every time he brought him lunch - the guy gets so overjoyed, and he can’t get enough of it - but he never lets it show :P

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

Promptis: Prompto was about to have a freaking heart attack - Noct was a bit more casual about it, though he was certainly nervous too. It was really Prompto who was about to pass out though.

FenHawke: Ummm..neither. The two were just so - comfortable with each other from the start that there really was no super nervous stage.

Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Promptis: NEITHER!! They both fucking jump into each others arms and evacuate the home until they can get Gladio or Ignis to kill it. Lol They hate bugs :P

FenHawke: Hawke is a fucking scaredy cat - Fenris always takes care of the spiders LOL!

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

Promptis: Prompto is a ridiculously bad drunk - super clingy, loud, and WAY too affectionate - definitely Prompto.

FenHawke: HAWKE! He’s so PROUD of his elven boyfriend - he can’t BELIEVE that he gets to be with this GOD of an elf - he is so LUCKY to have him.

Thank you for the precious ask my darling @mituni14! :D :D :D :D :D

Just wanted to say a wee Thank you

My 16 days of Outlander Revisited posts featuring Sindy Claire and DDPJamie have received so much appreciation, support, and love over the last few days, that I am quite overwhelmed!

Thank you so much 😊 I’m so glad that I can make you all smile.

I’ve been having so much fun, digging through the back catalogue of Doll Fraser pictures that I have, to create fresh ways of looking at the Season 1 episodes.

And it has inspired me to finish the series. Before Christmas I had managed to cover up to Episode 1.12’s Lallybroch, but now I am determined to complete what I started….

So all new Doll Fraser scenes are coming…..VERY SOON! 😏


Visited @redbeanjean’s amazing town of Twinleaf today! It felt amazing to be in a town that you could tell had so much time and effort put into it! I especially loved the house pictured above and the beach! The amazing atmosphere of the town was great as well, and I enjoyed just sitting there and taking it all in. I’d definitely recommend a visit to Twinleaf! I’m currently developing my own town of Rosedew and it was very inspiring to me!

Drop your Dream Address if you’d like to be part of my Dream Town Diary Project!

DA of Twinleaf- 6E00-0026-FF82
DA of Rosedew (WIP)- 5D00-0050-15B9
Dream Town Diary Entry #3


Preorder time! This listing ends on March 30th at 10pm EST. Only a day left! https://www.etsy.com/listing/519684477/cain-elf-variant-preorder that’s a link to where he’s available on Etsy. In the pictures he’s on a dollfamilyh 72cm body. The eyes are 16mm acrylics and his head is 9 inches around. He’s available in white, normal, tan, and grey. If you are interested in a layaway, pm me so that we can make arrangements. I listed only a small run so please go snatch him up before I sell through, and boost if he’s not to your taste so he reaches those who will love him. 💕 Thank you so very much! #bjd #artdoll #balljointeddoll #sd17 #gothicangelbjd #Cain

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please omfg please elaborate more on dally! idfc what it is but anything! i love your writing so much and you just have this spectacular understanding of him ❤️ thnx christina!

(i literally just had a conversation about this the other night, so here’s my expanded analysis)

honestly, the way i picture dallas’s background, he was definitely mistreated and misguided from an early age. i’m going to assume that he lacked any amount of parental love and affection, did not have siblings, which is why johnny becomes the little brother symbol to him, and learned how to survive and take care of himself by way of the streets.

gangs were very heavily prominent and notorious in ny during the time of the book. people were crueler and harsher and not as accepting as they are today. dallas was most likely sucked into this environment at a very, very young age. pony says he spent three years on the wild side and was arrested at age ten.

from being raised by gangs in a cold and harsh environment, dallas’s initial character was shaped and formed based on the way he was treated as a person. at ten, which is gravely young, he saw the inside of a jail, which further twisted him as an individual. jail made him cold and mean, and further hardened him beyond feeling anything except for surviving.

his life in ny was the epitome of cold and ruthless.

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You make my day, I go through your pictures every day!!! I hope you're doing good!!!!

Oh !!!!!!!: O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very very very veeeeeeeryyyyyyyyyyyy much!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh8O8!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m so glad!
Your love is too much for me!

I’m really glad!!!!!!!!!

Thank you !!!!!!Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


lovely @k-raftboeck tagged me in this last selfie, last song and phone-background thingy, thanks a lot 😘

i don’t take selfies very often though, this one’s a bit old… my background pictures are Gustav and Alma Mahler (with children) and the song is Schumann 2nd symphony with Harnoncourt.
I tag @norwegiancinnamonrolls @earthtosake @smile-stephan @printzess-blog and @wie-sagt-man-noch 😊


I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


Kubo-sensei has a self insert and I love it

Okay, I haven’t looked around, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned this, I haven’t seen it at the very least. But look at this wonderful, loving woman. Look at her with her fly af fasion.  

Okay. Yes. She’s awesome, and her hair is hidden under her hat. I was talking with a friend about how much I love this woman’s fashion, and I googled her and then, this next picture came up to the left of the picture above. 

And just like. Yep. She’s literally Yuri’s Mom. That’s perfect and A+. Okay, I’m done, peace.


This is not something I’ll be able to express clearly, but it’s just been too much of an emotional rollercoaster for me to stay silent about.

Anyone who is familiar with the inner working of One Direction is aware of how tumultuous Louis’ upbringing was. From the divorce of his parents at a young age to the tremendous stress Mrs. Deakin was under in order to raise her five children on her own and the fatherly role Louis was forced to play even after Troy was in the picture, this is a family that so richly deserved the payoff that Louis’ fame brought them.

But throughout the entirety of his career, Louis has never forgotten the individuals who got him to where he was, and at the very top of that list was (I cannot believe it’s ‘was’ now) his beloved mother.

Johannah was a mother and wife before there was ‘Louis Tomlinson of One Direction’ and she remained that way afterwards, keeping us entertained with her posts gushing about how much she loved her ‘little stars’ and always having a throwback picture of Louis to share with us. She enjoyed the stability Louis’ fame bought to the lives of her and her family, not the riches. Louis has expressed countless times the foundation she provided him with and the strength she gave him in order to become the man he is today.

Regardless of your opinion on Louis’ personal life, his relationships, his talent, his heart, or even his looks, please take the time to really think about what he has gone through over these past few hours. Losing the woman who raised and defended your every breath is one thing, but to have it happen so close to the holidays is nothing short of torture.

Louis will turn 25 in 15 days. This will be the first birthday, Christmas, and New Years celebration he will have to face without his mother.

Please, do not turn this into an opportunity for more babygate/Larry/Louinelle/Modest/Simon discourse. This isn’t something conjured up to get a reaction out of us, this is a tragedy that needs to be acknowledged and respected.

It doesn’t matter if Harry, Niall, Liam, or Zayn choose to post something or stay silent about it. The boys were so close, it’s bound to be hard for them to handle as well.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Tomlinson-Deakin family. I lost my grandfather to this disease earlier this year and know that it’s one of the most devastating on the planet.

Leukemia is a monster that forces you to watch your loved one waste away to nothing right before your eyes, but the saddest part of this situation to me is that you always know when you’re about to lose the one suffering.

Whether it’s that urge you get to just call and check in or the refusal to fall asleep in the chair next to their bed, you always realize afterwards what the signs were. Louis has known about this disease amidst this press shitstorm and he’s kept a smile on his face and continued to pour his energy into making others smile. That’s the mark of a selfless person, and my only wish is that he’s getting the support and comfort he needs.

Looking back on 2016, I’m very glad that I was dragged into Mystic Messenger hell towards the later part of the year. I was able to somehow stick and develop an art style that I really had fun with. I love splashing colors and details around, and I’m glad it fits so well with the crack comics I’ve always been wanting to do. On another note, people say I also look like my art ((im guessing it’s mostly the meme faces maybe HAHA ♥))

I’m very delighted and honored to be able to make you all happier with my art ^__^ Thank you so much for all your support ♥ I hope you will continue supporting me for the next year as well! Happy New Year, everyone, and stay safe!

Some thoughts under the cut to keep things short ♥

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The series of interviews conducted by Dr. George Henry with lesbians in the ‘30s illustrates a contentment in the lives of many of these women that would have frazzled the censors had that picture been reflected in the media. Many of his interviewees were self-actualized individuals, living to their full potential in mutually productive relationships. They say things such as:

I’m doing the work [as an editor] I always wanted to do and I’m very, very happy. I’m very much in love with the girl too. We click… She has had the most influence for good in my life.”  — 20-year old white woman

If I were born again I would like to be just as I am. I’m perfectly satisfied being a girl and being as I am. I’ve never had any regrets.”  —  26-year-old black woman

Our relationship is just as sweet now [after eleven years] as in the beginning.”  — 29-year-old white woman

Since we have been living together our lives are fuller and happier. We create things together and we are devoted to our [adopted] baby.”  —  30-year-old white woman

I have a great confidence in the future. I think I’m going to be a very well-known artist… Homosexuality hasn’t interfered with my work. It has made it what it is.”  —  30-year-old white woman

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America, pg. 112 by Lillian Faderman

I love this picture to death. The expressions are just so very perfect.

Yugis barely believing what he sees with that teary and surprised expression and Atemu just smiling reassuringly at him. Everything in this picture is on point!

It gives me so much feels really.

Puzzleshipping is easily my most emotional ship by far.

Source: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=59010842

Writing is Hard, Part 3: Phone Sex

Summary: You and Dean try something in order to write about it.

Read Part 1 Part 2

Warning: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 3000ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

“How many are we up to now?”

The phone rests warm between your ear and shoulder as you glance down at the screen. “Almost four hundred followers,” you tell him. “Not exactly famous yet.”

Dean pauses, and you picture him sprawled out on a motel bed very much like yours, just two states over, glass in hand and flannel shirt crumpled at the foot of the bed, undershirt clinging tight to his chest.

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Drug Wars (Pt. 2)

mafia!Jungkook x Reader

“She’s a babygirl Yoongi, and I think I’m in love with her.”

Warnings: There will be very explicit sexual content, violence, drugs, graphic descriptions of everything,so please don’t read if you’re easily triggered and please don’t do drugs.

A/N: None of these pictures are mine, credits to the owners. There are mistakes, I’ll reread it later. Enjoy!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 | The Real Drug War

University was finally over and this was the last gathering you had to attend – your friend was celebrating his birthday at a downtown club and the two hours you spent there were already too much. It was almost impossible to breathe in there, one guy kept following you the entire night and the cocktail you were drinking was making you sick.

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#well loved books

Booklr and bookstagram is full of perfect, off the shelf books- and thats fine- but not all books look that way. In fact, if you’ve really read a book, especially if you read it as a child, your copy is likely to be very battered. 

On the very few occasions I have shared photos of books like this I have been told off by people for not looking after my books!

Well, I for one have had enough *inspirational background music begins* and I ask you all to stand with me and post photos of your well loved books!

From December 12th to December 18th post pictures of those books you read so much they fell apart!

You could just post one picture, or you could get involved with this mini book photo challenge;

day 1- Old Favourite 

day 2- Gifted

day 3- Oldest book

day 4- Book and tea

day 5- Imperfections/annotations

day 6- Broken spines

day 7- If you could only save one book from your burning house…?

Tag your pictures with #well loved books or #welllovedbooks on instagram. 


Once Upon A Time ♔ second generation

Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring and integrity, they think of you.