but i love this pairing

@grechka34 hey boo sorry for the late reply! but here goes nothing

1. Sasusaku (my ultimate otp of otps! i will forever love this pairing ❤️️❤️️❤️️

2. Sakumahi ( a new series i just got into and this is by far the most tragic and yet most amazing pairing of the series its the m/m version of sasusaku hahaha 😂😍😘😜❤️️)

3. Mukuro x chrome (also a drfinite fave couple. I loved this series so much but this pairing was so pure and sweet like jajdlk;jflajfldsja 😍😘😍😘

4. Jerza ( although i no longer follow fairy tail this pairing was the only good thing out of that series that I thoroughly love 😜😘😍😜😘😍

5. Zutara ( one of my fave ships back in the day when i used to watch avatar. Too bad the producers just turned katara to fodder with aang lol 😂😄😂😄)

6. Ichiruki ( I so couldn’t keep it top 5 bc this is by far one of my favorite bonds too bad Bleach is trash and the author was too pressed that only this pairing kept bleach relevant 😂😂😂😂

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I've noticed MiMos awkward rs too...Momo is just so cuddly with everyone BUT Mina...And that makes me ship them harde tbh 😁 Thats also why I ship 2Yeon- There's like 0 skinship between them. they've hugged on camera like 3 times and it feels awkward whenever they behave like other ships. At times it seems like Jeong goes out of her way to ignore Nayeon lol... I know JYP tells 2Yeon not to be "so in your face" but still...Jeong could be a bit less cold 😒 I love their Tom&Jerry dynamic tho👌

2yeon are a frustrating pair because when they do show skinship you can hardly ever notice and you have to get a magnifying glass out just to be able to see what’s going on. They’re always in the background of stuff. Like in the background of the Knock Knock video where they’re all creeping up on Momo, Nayeon just hops on Jeong’s back. But it makes their moments more memorable when we actually get some interaction, the same goes for Mimo.

Be Safe, I Love You (Part I)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x reader, Reid x happiness

Summary: Set somewhere vaguely in the season 12 universe, without all the current bullshit that’s going on. Reid is dating the reader, who he is very much in love with but has yet to introduce her to the team. JJ figures out that he’s seeing someone but promises not to say anything yet. 

Word Count: 852

Warnings: brief mention of violence, murder, all the regular ‘ol Criminal Minds stuff

“Babe,” you heard Spencer’s voice whisper softly. “Babe.” “What?” you asked, the sound of your voice muffled by the blankets that you had wrapped yourself in. “I gotta go. Prentiss just called everyone into work.” “What? Spence, babe, its like - ” you rolled over and looked at the clock. “6:30 in the morning. On a Saturday.” He sighed. “I know. But Prentiss wouldn’t have called us all in if it wasn’t important.” You propped yourself up on your elbows and looked him in the eye. As much as you wanted to be annoyed and make him stay, you couldn’t. You were a nurse who understood dedication to one’s job and had had more than your fair share of unexpectedly early mornings that interrupted your time with him. “Okay. Call me once you get settled and be safe.“ You know I will,” he replied and kissed you gently. “I love you Spence,” you said as you settled back into the blankets. “Love you too.” Your heart wrenched a little every time you watched him leave - Spencer’s job was dangerous and you never knew what might happen to him while he was off on a case. But such was the life of dating an FBI agent.

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sitting here currently debating whether or not to buy another pair of those lululemon shorts (which i love so much 😍)

• so expensive!
• with me being unable to save any money for the last 3 months (due to an excessive of new/higher expenses), i really shouldn’t be spending money on things i don’t need.

• new shorts!
• i’d definitely get good wear out of it. i currently wear my pair like 3 times a week! sah good 👍🏼
• i basically live in activewear for 85% of my life.

i’m heading into the city tonight (which i don’t do very often), so it’s ideal to get them now. also, what if i keep debating and putting it off and they get rid of this style? i’d be kicking myself.

Been a while since I’ve done one of these, so send me a fandom and I’ll tell you:

  • The first character I fell in love with
  • The character I never expected to love as much as I do now
  • The character I like the least
  • The most attractive character
  • The funniest character
  • The character I’d slap
  • Three pairings I love
  • One pairing I don’t love
  • One pairing that’s a guilty pleasure
  • One thing I like in fanfic
  • One thing I dislike in fanfic

Viktor Nikiforov is rich. He buys designer things. He owns an awesome apartment/penthouse. He’s rich enough to do whatever he want. He’s a celebrity. And look at how he travels. This is a first class/business class seat. It’s wide, comfy and we all expect Viktor to travel this way.

However, after meeting Yuuri, Viktor flies economy. We can tell from the narrower seats.

He could’ve easily upgraded to a first class seat if he just paid more money (which he as a lot of). But instead, Viktor FUCKINGDiva Nikiforov values being with Yuri above his own material comforts. He’s leaning against Yuuri and smiling. It’s one of those genuine smiles where you KNOW he’s enjoying himself. He’s much happier in this picture than he is int he one above because he genuinely looks at peace here. 

I just think it’s beautiful how Viktor sacrifices his upscale lifestyle (and EVERYTHING BASICALLY) to be with Yuri. That man loves Yuuri a hecka lot. 

I really love the idea of Altean!Lance especially when paired with BoM-suit-Galra!Keith yes hello sign me the fuck up but I think I prefer him with his normal hair colour rather than white.


“From the beginning to the end, stand by my side and don’t let go.”

I started the first one before the finale dropped, and here we are! The two pieces are sequential (the end of a pair skate lift), so even if their costumes changed, Victor and Yuri are moving continuously between the two drawings! They move forward together on the ice and in their life. ;u; 

“Holy crap…”

So… I love @therealjacksepticeye’s playthrough of OXENFREE. This is based around the first time loop (which happened inside a building actually and not outside welp). also i wanna play around with noise effects and wrap tool. :P

the first two chat bubbles are his reaction to the loop btw, and the third one is his choice. :PPP


i cannot and will not be stopped so here take these best friends

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