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Consider The Coconut - Lin Manuel x Reader

Request: If requests are open, can you write a fic where Lin gets too used to stealing y/n’s chapstick and then he accidentally uses it when it happens to have a color tint to it. I’m sorry if that was confusing! But I hope that made sense and that your day goes wonderfully!

Word Count: 1585ish

Author’s Note: Sorry this request took so long! I hope whoever the anon was who submitted it enjoys it! Thanks to @secretschuylersister, she’s the best and helped me a lot with this one.  #bestofwivesandbestofwomen Also, this video is important. And as always, let me know if you see any mistakes. 

Warnings: Fluff

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Laconic (Kuroo Tetsurō)

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Summary: In a world where everyone’s first words to their soulmate are tattooed on their soulmate’s forearm, you are cursed with the vaguest, most simplistic tattoo in history. And you hate the word “hey.”

Genre: Fluff + Soulmate!au

A/N: This is my first fic for an anime and I’m not even an anime blog (whoops lmao) but I saw @lazyhaikyuu’s post and I just couldn’t help myself!! Enjoy the 2.8K words :)

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kaysno  asked:

ot6 where Jeremy goes back to art college know that he has the funds but everybody thinks that the hot men picking Jeremy up from school are actually his sugar daddies?

now for something a little more lighthearted.

Word Count: 1700+

“Seriously,” Jeremy insisted. “You don’t have to do this.” He was clutching his art bag close to his chest, dreading the moment when Geoff would pull up alongside the curb and let Jeremy out.

It was one thing to be twenty-five and going back to fulfill his dream of earning his fine arts degree, but it was an entirely other thing for your more or less partners to drop you off personally like they were taking their kid to school.

“Nonsense,” said Geoff, waving off his concern. “Besides, we want to share this experience with you! Now you go out there and show these people what an artist you are.” He parked the car. They were right in front of the main building.

Jeremy slipped out of the car, slamming it quickly but not before Geoff said, “Have a good day!”

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icecoldparadise  asked:

prompt: as platonic or romantic as you want ( i literally dont care cuz itll be cute either way) Virgil getting his first valentine from one or all of the other sides.

Hello, it is I, your friendly neighbourhood writer, back with another fic. This is, again, a lot longer than intended. I try to write a short, cutesy little thing and it turns into a monster fic. :( Anyway.

Tag list:  @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch@lizziepopanime​ (Anyone else wanna be tagged, just gimmie a shout.)

Virgil had forgotten what February held. Valentines day.

It was only the second, but Roman was already fully immersed in preparation, although for what Virgil didn’t know, he seemed to be making a big deal out of something- and Patton was heavily involved. He couldn’t remember if it was normally this big of a deal- before the Valentines Day video, he had almost constantly stayed in his room, away from the others, so perhaps Roman and Patton’s enthusiasm was normal.

One thing he was almost certain wasn’t normal was the fact that Logan seemed to be getting in on it; hovering around the other two, pointing things out, making quiet suggestions. Virgil tried to tell himself that it was fine, they’d accepted him, they realised he was a necessary part of Thomas, but they didn’t love him. Not like they loved each other, and Valentines day was about making the people you love feel special, so it was no wonder they had accidentally forgotten him.


He loved them. He loved Roman and his loud, dramatic… everything; he loved Patton and his warm hugs, open arms, caring and sunny attitude; and he loved Logan, with his facts and debates and pointing out where they weren’t taking care of themselves in his own way. But they didn’t love him. And that was fine.

He didn’t say anything to them, he would let them have their day and then act like nothing had happened. But it would be nice to get gifts from them, gifts to show they cared, and it would be nice to make something for them, from him. Before he knew it, his hands had made bracelets for them all, in their colours, the colours he associated them with; light blue and yellow, red and white with bits of gold, dark blue and black. And then he looked at them. And laughed. They were stupid, flimsy, useless things. Why would the others, with their amazing creativity, logic, emotions, why would they want something he had made?

Virgil rolled over to glare at the clock on his bedside table. Nine O’clock. Why was he awake? More banging on the door answered him. He groaned and rolled back onto his front.

“Virgil? Rise and shine, kiddo! I made pancakes for breakfast!”

It was Patton. Obviously. But why was he waking him up this early? And why pancakes? They were only for special occasions….

He rolled back over to stare at the clock again; 14/02. Valentines day. He almost panicked, had they noticed he wanted to be included? God, he was so pathetic!

“Virgil, c’mon, I know you’re awake, don’t you want pancakes?”

Yes. Yes he did want pancakes, and their presence and to be happy and feel loved. But they didn’t love him and this was a day they could spend together; he wasn’t selfish enough to intrude on that. Patton continued to talk through the door, and Virgil continued to ignore him, until:

“Patton, go and make sure Roman doesn’t burn the house down; I’ll talk to him.” 

Logan. Logan was now here. What were they doing? He sat up to listen.

“Virgil? I know you’re awake. Please come out, we have been planning this for a while. I know I do, and the other two as well, want to to spend the day with you. It is Valentines day, although I am sure you are aware of that, a day that is commercially advertised as a day for those in romantic relationships, however if you’ll remember last year, when we all did the ‘Valentines Day’ video, there are many types of love, and this day should be a day to celebrate all of them. Therefore we would like to spend the day together.”

There was a pause and Virgil wondered why Logan was telling him this. Did he want to let him down gently?

“All together.” Logan finally continued, “Including you. And you can attempt to spend the day in your room, however I believe that Roman and Patton would then move our celebration into your room, which I’m sure we ca both agree is not a good idea.” He paused and then, quieter, “Please come out.”

Virgil stared at the door in disbelief. They loved him? They wanted to spend valentines day with him? Really?

Logan sat outside the door in hopes that Virgil would reply or exit the room, so far neither had happened. Roman skidded up next to him,


He shook his head, “Nothing.”

“Well, that just shan’t do!”

Roman shoved open Virgil’s door and entered in his usual grand manner, Logan jumped to his feet in time to see Virgil’s shocked face and Roman picking him up bridal style. The shriek that Virgil made at this was probably heard by Patton, in the kitchen.

Logan watched as Roman, still carrying Virgil, strode out of the room and down the corridor. Silently and in a slightly shocked manner, Logan closed Virgil’s door and chased after the other two. He reached the kitchen to see Roman unceremoniously dump Virgil in one of the chairs and slide into the opposite one. Patton, who had been flipping pancakes, was also watching this, confused yet still with his normal sunny atmosphere.

“Virgil!” Patton said, as soon as he regained his voice, “How nice of you to join us!”

And then the laughter started, Virgil to Patton and then Logan found himself and Roman joining in, loud laughter that filled the air, and made their eyes water, their faces hurt, the kind that you only laugh with the people closest to you.

They had been planning this day for weeks, Virgil later discovered, a day to show him how much they loved him despite his occasional over protectiveness of Thomas and to apologise for all those times they had made him the villain. A day of apologies and love. And they had made gifts for him- a handmade fidget device from Logan, another cat pillow from Patton, and a collage of all the happy memories they had made as a four from Roman. They loved his bracelets and all wore them almost constantly, only taking them off to wash.

And for the first time in… well forever, Virgil felt loved.

Neighbour Part Two | Jimin, You

Part One | Part Two | Part Three 

Part Two of my Father!Jimin AU! I hope you like it! :)

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If I know what love is, it is because of you.

Every day after that was a new adventure, how was your body going to react when he smiled at you this time? Was it going to go into overdrive again and prevent your fingers from working? Or were you going to lose your breath and have a heart attack?

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anonymous asked:

Omg... But pls can we get more HCs about BatB!Otayuri???? (I also may or may not have been also invested in Christophe as Lumiere...)

You got it baby~

  • Otabek as the beautiful young man in a small village, living with his ever-supportive mother inventor and longing for something beyond the comfortable life he has.
  • JJ is Gaston, the handsome yet conceited hunter who tries his best to flirt with Otabek whenever he sees him around (and, you know, fails every time)
  • Emil as Lefou, eagerly supporting his man main JJ (and being the lovely gay man BatB deserves, bye @Disney)
  • Yuri as the poor kiddo-turned-beast for being a rude little shit to the haggard old lady who rocked up at his door one night. He was just trying to follow ~stranger danger~ rules, and yeah he may have been rude, but a bEAST? REALLY? vengeful little witch smh
  • Yuri having really fluffy, cream coloured fur because even as a beast he is a pantene model i s2g
  • PHICHIT AS CHIP, (phichip am i right ladies), just generally being the light of my life and the cheeky little stowaway because he needs to get the #scoop on what’s going on outside of the castle
  • Yuuri as Mrs Potts, the gentle and maternal babe who’s looking after Phichit and Otabek (but also knows when to put Beast!Yuri in his place because I may be a porcelain teapot but you will respect me young man)
  • Christophe as Lumiere, keen to show the hunky Otabek around the castle and entertaining his lovely Kazakh guest (and also sneaking behind curtains making out with other members of staff because hey, even a candlestick has to get some right??)
  • Seunggil as Cogsworth, 10000% DONE with everyone’s shit ffs
  • Viktor as the Wardrobe, because he gets to hear all the gossip as well as style the handsome new human hello
  • Otabek initially not being too intimidated by Yuri, overcome with adrenaline because he will do anything to keep his mother safe.
  • Initially being defiant and also refusing to sit with Yuri at dinner, because You’re keeping me prisoner here and you want me to play nice and have dinner with you? 
  • “Sorry kitten, that’s not happening.”
  • After the whole wolf situation, the two beginning to open up as Otabek gingerly and carefully patches up his wounds. Yuri is genuinely touched, because no one has ever been so gentle with him - not even when he was a young prince.
  • Otabek hearing Yuri’s long explanation about what exactly happened to him, only to sit back with raised eyebrows and an impressed exhale.
  • “Kind of harsh.”
  • “RIGHT?!”
  • Otabek falling in love with all of the books on history and literature and philosophy Yuri has, even though the latter had always thought they were the most boring thing in the world (until Beka starts reading the books out loud to him with a light in his eyes Yuri falls in love with.)
  • Yuri being a nervous wreck when it comes to their ballroom night, absolutely breathless at the sight of Otabek in gold. 
  • Yeah. Gold suits him.
  • Otabek being the one to easily take the lead when they dance, despite being smaller in size and lesser in experience.
  • …uh yes jj not dying and just recognising he’s been a dick ok
  • Otabek laughing at Yuri for days when he’s turned human again, because despite being the hairiest creature alive before, he cannot seem to grow any facial hair whatsoever 

New chapter -Tom Holland

A/N: Aight, here you go. Alarm part 2! Please don’t hate me. I hope this came across as I wanted it to. Enjoy!

Tom Holland and Y/N broke up!

Dream couple broke up?!

Couple goals, not anymore! Do we still believe in love?

What happened?!

I came out of the store and put the envelopes into my bag, I brought for them. I looked left and right before crossing the street and wrapped my coat around my body. It was cold winter morning in London and I was walking down the street to the subway when I saw him. It had been two years since I saw him last in my apartment. Face to face. I tried to avoid the media as much as possible but couldn’t outmaneuver him completely. He was a rising star after all.

After our fight, I made him leave. I changed my number and even moved to a completely new place, so he couldn’t contact me even if he wanted to. After all this time in which I started from zero again, I was happy to realize that I wasn’t feeling hurt or heartbroken anymore. I was just sad that something so beautiful ended that way.
He was walking Tessa and was looking down to his phone and while I was debating whether to say hi or not he looked up and took that choice away.

His mouth dropped and he stood his ground while Tessa was confused and pulled at her leash to keep going. I smiled halfheartedly and raised my hand to wave at him shyly. When he still didn’t move I gathered my courage together and decided to walk over to him.
“Hey!” I greeted him and left my hands in my pockets so there wouldn’t be an awkward should-we-shake-hands-or-not-moment.
“H-…uh..Hi,” he stuttered and scratched the back of his head and looked down again.
“You look…good,” he complimented me and I cracked a half smile.
“Thanks! Can’t say that about you though. Tough shoots?” I asked and he nodded while chuckling nervously.

“Yeah, you know how it is. Never done two movies at the same time. It’s kinda kicking my ass.” He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair like he always did when he was nervous.
“Alright. Nice to see you again,” I said politely and was about to turn away to leave when he stopped me.
“Y/N! Can we-…uh talk?” He asked suddenly and I shot him a look over my shoulder. His face was pale, only cheeks and nose slightly red from the cold. One hand holding the leash of Tessa, the other one going through his hair every now and then. His eyes not able to look into mine longer than a few seconds.

“Sure,” I answered and he let out a breath of relieve.

“My apartement is around the corner, we could go there. Have a coffee-…or, or not. I mean if it’s weird. We could go to a café but I don’t think that you would want to have pictures taken with me. I mean, it’s up…”

“Your apartement is just fine, Tom,” I said and when I said his name his head shot up and he looked into my eyes, with an expression I couldn’t quite define.
“Yeah. Uh…just around the corner,” he said after gathering himself and lead the way.

My heart skipped a beat when I realized which one was his apartement. I knew this door, these steps, this doorbell. We almost moved in here together. We were sitting at the table and he made some sugary tea which we were sipping in silence now.
“So, did you finish college?” he asked as if we were best mates catching up.
“Yeah. I did, a year ago actually. I’m working now.”

“You do? How is it going?”

“Really good. If I keep receiving orders I could open up my own office in a few years. How about you?” I asked him and pushed my hair out of my face which were falling over my shoulders.

“Always rolling. As always,” he answered and we both fell into an awkward silence where we neither could look at each other nor dare to make a sound.

“I’m sorry.” He finally broke the awkward silence and I looked up to see teares in his eyes.

“I know,” I said and stirred my tea again for no reason.
“You really broke my heart,” I added not because it would change anything but because I had to say it.
“I know. I really am sorry for everything I caused you. The last thing I wanted was to hurt you. And yet, I did,” he said and I could hear his knee bounce under the table nervously.
“Well, I am fine now. I’m happy,” I said and gave him a reassuring smile. I took the mug into my right hand to take a sip, while I hid my left under the table.

“That’s good. Really.” He looked up with a sad smile on his lips and ran his hand through his hair again. “I wish I could say the same. After…we broke up, I couldn’t deal with the thought of never seeing you again. You changed your number, your apartement. It, it was like you never exsisted,” he said and I could see his hands trembling. Was it a bad idea to come here? To dig up the past? I could feel the tension grow between the two of us but neither one of us dared to say something for quite some time and the only noise was the rain hammering against the windows.

“I never got to thank you. After all I did, you still protected me from the press and did not tell them what really happened. Thank you. Even though I would have deserved every bit of hate from the media and my fans.”,he said and started fiddling with his fingers.

“I did it because I just wanted to get out. Clean cut, without the drama. And it wouldn’t have changed anything, would it?” I shrugged my shoulders and tugged my hair behind my ear to keep it steady.
“I’m sorry,” he repeated and suddenly his hand was lying on mine and I flinched away.
“I know this is unbelievably stupid of me to hope but I still wish a future for us. It was a mistake that will never happen again. And now that you finished college we could always be together. You could work from where we are and it would be…”

“I’m getting married.” I blurted out and interrupted him mid sentence. His mouth dropped and his eyes widened, trying to understand what I just said and I panicked.
“I’m engaged. He was my neighbor at my new place. I’ll be marrying Chris in a month.” I pulled my left hand out from under the table and laid it on top of my right, showing the diamond engagement ring on my ringfinger.

“I-…Congratulations,” he said, while staring at my hand and was still not able to process what I was telling him. Another awkward silence spread between us and I felt incredibly awefull.
“I should go,” I said and stood up while shouldering myself into my coat at the same time.
“Thanks for the tea. It was nice to see you again.” I said and was about to rush out when he gathered himself together.

“No, wait! I-…Are you happy?” With him, he wanted to add but even though he did not say it , I knew what he meant.
“We’re not going to do this Tom.” I shook my head and he shook his head as if he was waking up from a trance.
“Of course. That was-…I’m sorry. I’m happy for you,” he stuttered and I shoved my hands back into my pockets.
“Good bye Tom.”

~POV change~

Tom thought that he would never see you again after you rushed out of his apartement. Fled, really. He was devastated to a point that he could not breath after you left and he had to sit down to calm his nerves.
Weeks past and Tom came home from the grocery store when he found an envelope in his mailbox. He took it inside and what he saw when he opened it, made his knee tremble and a gasp escaped his mouth.

Dear Tom,
I’m sorry that I fled that day. You deserved a more detailed explanation but I was afraid and certainly not ready. This may seem bizzare to you but I would be really happy to see you at my wedding. No I’m not delusional like most people thought when they heared what I had decided to do. I need you to see that I am happy, so you can move on and be happy too. If you still care for me just a little bit I’ll see you at my wedding. I hope you do.

Love, Y/N.

Attached to the letter was an invitation.


It was past midnight. The wedding was almost over, only family members hanging around, chatting in distance, slightly drunk. Tom didn’t have the courage to show up earlier, with the mass staring at him and your family judging him. He was wearing a casual tuxedo when he arrived at the  place and he was hoping that you did not leave yet. The darkness allowed him to melt in with the shadows so no one recognized him while he made his way to the tent, which was arranged beautifully. He was sure that you loved it. As he entered the tent his heart sank for a moment when he couldn’t see a bride. It was very bright inside, white and gold were the dominant colours. It wasn’t overpowering but still elegant, just how you liked it. Music was playing in the distance creating a cozy and peacefull mood. It was empty until someone appeared from the other side of the tent and stared directly at Tom.

He was taller than Tom, had darker hair than him and piercing blue eyes. Handsome for sure. Tom knew right away that he was the groom, no doubt. As of the groom, he knew exactly who was standing infront of him.
“You came,” Chris said and walked slowly towards Tom with an unreadable expression on his face.
“Even if it’s almost over,” he added when they were standing right infront of each other and Tom nodded slightly.

“I’m Chris,” he introduced himself with no anger or hatred to Toms surprise and reached out his hand for Tom to shake it.
“Nice to meet you. Congratulations,” Tom said awkwardly and shook the grooms hand.
“I know that this is not the most common situation. Having the ex at a wedding who just happens to be a moviestar,” Chris said and shoved his hands into his pockets while looking at his feet, his shoulders tense.

“I know. I wouldn’t have come if she didn’t want me to.”

“Yeah.” Chris furrowed his brows trying to find the right words but it was pointless. He let out a sigh and looked up into Toms eyes.
“Look. I know what happened between you two. I was there to pick up the pieces and put them back together. It was not my intention to marry her, hell we were just neighbors at first but we developed feelings. Really deep ones, rooted, based on trust. And that’s why I was okay with her inviting you. She is finally happy. The smile on her face that I saw today was the most genuine smile I have ever seen from her. But she needs to close the chapter which you guys left open, for her own health and happieness. So please don’t ruin it.” Chris was genuine and kind while asking him but Tom did not miss the threatening undertone.

“I won’t.” Tom couldn’t say more, there was a lump in his throat.

“Alright. I’ll go get her,” he said and patted Toms shoulder awkwardly.
“And thank you. For coming,” he added before leaving to get you. Tom followed him with his gaze and when he turned around the corner he saw you. There you were in a long, white, silky dress, elegantly hugging your curves in all the right places. Your hair was in a updo, only some streaks falling down softly from the sides, showing the affects of the long day. You were holding a glass of champagne and currently laughing at something your friend said, throwing your head back, eyes wrinkling slightly, showing your white teeth. A genuine laugh, from the bottom of your heart.
When Chris reached you, your smile changed. It was still genuine but filled with innocent love and understanding. Your eyes were glowing and in the golden light you looked like an angel to Tom. You wrapped your arm around his waist and leaned against his side while he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, his hand resting on your arm. You looked up to him and leaned in to give him a kiss and that was the moment Tom couldn’t bare looking anymore and looked away into the distance. His heart dropped a beat and he felt like someone was strangling him.

When Tom gathered himself together and dared to look up again he saw you directly looking at him. Your mouth slightly ajar, your hand still resting on Chris’ arm. You broke the eyecontact first and looked up to Chris. You cupped his face with one hand and Tom could see you say something to him which made both of them smile. You leaned in to give him a quick kiss on his cheek before you pulled away and walked over to Tom, while Chris led everyone out of the, almost empty, tent.
“May I have this dance?” you asked with a playfull, soft voice and reached your hand out for him to take it and a sad smile appeared on Toms face.
He took your hand and rested his other one on your waist while yours was on his shoulder. You put your chin on his shoulder and closed your eyes while you slowly stepped back and forth to the music in the background.

“I’m happy that you came,” you finally said and he chuckled nervously.
“You look stunning. Wouldn’t miss it,” he joked halfheartedly and made you chuckle too while your cheeks blushed.
“Shut up. Don’t jinx it!”
You two fell into a peacefull silence where time seemed to stop and it was only you two. It was in that moment you had a realization. You were happy. There was no more broken pieces in your chest. Finally, after two years, you felt whole and at peace. You were happy with who you were and with whom you’d spent your life with.

“I forgive you, Tom,” you whispered into his ear and you could hear him holding his breath while his body tensed up.
“And you should forgive yourself too,” you added while pulling away. The dance was over.
“Because if you don’t, you’ll never find happieness and I believe from the bottom of my heart that you deserve to be happy. No matter what happened in the past. I’m happy now, you should try it too. I should even thank you, for helping me find my soulmate. Even if it happened on bad conditions.”

You could see him tear up and so were you.
“I love you Tom. Always will,” you said and started backing away with a peacefull smile on your face.

“I love you too. Always will,” he answered and you could see a tear escaping and rolling down his cheek.
And with that you turned around and left the tent to go to your newly wedded husband whom you loved more than anything in the world. Finally the chapter was closed.

Tom was left behind but the strange thing was that he felt light. Like a weight was lifted from his shoulders and he could finally breath again. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes before turning around to also leave the tent and his past behind.

He finally could start a new chapter. Both of you could.

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Listener - Request

Requested by anon:  Being Sherlocks first girlfriend and him only listening to you during one of his boredom cravings? Thank you so much!

Summary: Reader realizes Sherlock doesn’t listen to her unless his bored, which makes her feel a bit down and Sherlock notices.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,505

Warnings: Nope.

A/N: It’s been a while since I write in the “you…” format (whatever it is called) so I’m curious as to what reaction you’ll have.


Originally posted by silent-micka

Sherlock Holmes, the most famous high-functioning sociopath and your boyfriend.

He was a lot of things, but a good boyfriend wasn’t one of them. For instance, his high ego about his intellect made it hard for him to give you a decent compliment which resulted in: “Your… shirt looks nice, although that colour doesn’t really fit you”, “Your un-used mind amuses me” and “I’d rather keep you at home than out on a case, you might ruin it… And I also want you to be safe, although no one is really safe. Bye!”

However, you were enamoured with him. His aureate language and his multiple talents had you head over heels, without mentioning those small but highly appreciated moments in which he would actually show affection to you.

It was weird, and nobody understood how you could date a man like him, but that’s exactly what love does: it turns you into a stupid person. Sherlock would remark that as constantly as possible, making sure to add a “maybe that’s why my IQ is becoming lower… because of you” Which was as romantic as he’d get.

You’d find yourself brooding about him when he and John were on a case. He had had a few love affairs in the past, nothing to worry about, and they had proven to everyone that Sherlock Holmes could actually feel; after all you were his first girlfriend. However, there was still something off about your relationship. An effervescent feeling, down your gut, that begged you to re-think.

But what was it?

It took you a while to find out, but once you reached the denouement, you couldn’t help but to feel a tad bit down. Sherlock wouldn’t listen to you unless he was bored, and yes, he didn’t truly listen to anybody else but him and sometimes Watson, but you weren’t just anybody.

“You’re upset.” He observed, although he hadn’t moved his gaze from the book he was reading. You looked back at him, sitting in his seat, crossed legs and tilted head. He was like a fine piece of art, and yet, your broken heart made you focus on the conversation.

“I’m just tired.” You muttered and gave your back to him once more, pretending to be rearranging the books at the nearest shelve.

“Tired?” Sherlock chuckled, “If you were tired you’d be yawning, or at least looking sleepy. You’re not tired.”

“Well, you’re the expert.” You sighed and walked over to sit in front of him. “Tell me, Mr. Holmes, what do I have?”

“I think that’s a question you should answer to.” Sherlock commented, putting the book down.

“Are you telling me the great consultant detective can’t deduct his girlfriend’s thoughts?” You provoked him, “The first time we met, you said I was clear as water to you. So tell me, what do I have?”

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Summary: the lyrics to the newest song written by Namjoon raise suspicion in Yoongi, what happens next…..
Genre: Fluff
Words: 1.6k
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

“When is this going to end, my eyes feeling like they’re going to sink into their sockets, how many more lyric checks and concept checks do we have to do?” Yoongi said to Pddogg in a huff while crossing his arms across his chest.

“Just one more song Yoongi-ah, Namjoon really wants it in the album for some reason, here take the sheet, he was scribbling on it like a madman, I think we’ll have to clean it up.” Pdogg said while sliding the thin sheet of paper across the boardroom table to where Yoongi sat.

“Illegal? Is it a diss track?” questioned Yoongi squinting at the title scrawled in a neat hand on top of the piece of paper.

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For Love & Money Pt.1


Words: 4361

Genre: Fluff, Slice of life, Casual writing, (maybe eventual smut), Arranged/Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger. 

Notes: I got tired of writing so much angst haha. So this is completely the opposite lol From one extreme to the next, I swear. Oh yeah, I’m trying different styles of writing and different OC types…so the story’s a bit saucier. But yes..there is minimal pain in this story…enjoy~ 

Originally posted by bwibelle

Ringg Rinnggg.

“Honey is that you?” It’s your mother’s chirpy voice on the other line - you furrow your brows.

“Is everything okay? Your voice message said it was an emergency.” Suddenly your back is pushed against the wall.

“Yes…yes. Everything’s fine. Your father and I are fine.” Your mother hesitates. “It’s just that I was wondering if you would like to go on a dat-”

“A date?” The stranger presses their body against yours as their lips meet your neck, trailing kisses up and down. “No thanks mom.”

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You’re something special ♡ Grayson

Request: ‘‘Heeyy your ims are so deep🌊 I don’t even know how to call em in other interpretation. BTW can I have a G im where he watches her every action imagining how badly he want her to be his girl, and in one day he just tell her all the things he want (And pls don’t forget about kisses u describes em soo f👑 amazing)‘‘

Response: Thank u lovely! That’s so sweet ^.^ Okay guys, so this imagine is honestly one of my favorites I’ve written, I think, (hope that doesn’t sound cocky lol) but yeah, I think this one turned out pretty okay :) so let me know what you think xx

Warning: English is not my native language, so if there are any vocabulary/grammar mistakes, please ignore them. I try my best :)

Graysons POV

My eyes almost hurt when I look at her. She is so beautiful. She looks like an angel, and she doesn’t even have to try. It may sound cliché, but I admire everything about her. Since I saw her I can’t stop thinking about her. She is so gentle, the way she talks and the way she treats people… I wish I could tell her all these things, but I don’t want to her to think that I’m a desperate stalker, trying to get attention from girls.

It’s a normal day of school and I’m sitting in class. When the bell finally rings, I look at my phone and see that it’s almost three o’clock. Normally around this time on Friday Y/N is in the library, looking for books she can read in the weekend. Or just books to help her studying. Don’t even ask me how I know this, because it’s actually embarrassing. I grab by bag, leave the classroom and rush into the library.

I silently open the door of the library. It’s almost empty. Of course, it was Friday. Not many people went to the library at school when it was almost weekend. I walk through the library that is stuffed with bookcases, peeking my head around every corner to see if she’s here.

And when I see her my heart skips a beat. She’s sitting at a table with a few books around her, reading one of them with the tip of her pen in her mouth and her hair up in a bun. I quickly grab a random book and walk to the table where she’s sitting. I sit down and open the book, glancing down at her. She looks up and her beautiful red lips curl into a sweet smile. It only last like two seconds, but it felt like an eternity. I smile back, probably looking really goofy.

When she starts reading her book again I try to look as if I’m reading mine too, but my eyes keep flickering back to her. She looked incredibly pretty today and smelled so nice. Even from where I was sitting I could smell her perfume; vanilla with a touch of something sweet, maybe flowers. She didn’t wear a lot of make up; just a bit of mascara and something on her lips.

Her eyebrows were full and her cheeks were a bit chubby, but I actually thought that that was really cute. And even if she did wore a lot of makeup I’d still adore her. She could even throw on a garbage bag and still look gorgeous.

I look at her rosy cheeks and the freckles on her nose and wonder how her skin would feel like. Probably very soft. And her eyes… they were so friendly and had the most beautiful colour. I could stare into them forever. I wanted to touch her and wrap my arms around her with her head resting on my chest. I wanted to make her feel safe and loved.

I lick my lips at the thought of how her naked body would feel pressed to mine. But not even in a sexual way; we could just lay together, feeling calm and at peace. I would love hearing her heartbeat and her warm breath against my neck. I casually stroke a hand through my hair when I feel my cheeks burning. If she could only read my mind… I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, I wanted her to be mine so bad.

Your POV

You couldn’t believe that Grayson Dolan, your crush since freshman year, was sitting in front of you. You always thought he had been a cute guy, but you knew he didn’t read and you found it odd that he was in the library. Sitting in front of you. On a Friday afternoon. With his book upside down. God, he was so adorable. The book he was holding looked so small compared to his large hands. He had such beautiful hands. You wondered how they’d feel holding yours.

‘Enjoying your book?’ you ask with a little smile, while you catch him looking at you. He blinks and immediately looks back into his book. ‘Me? Eh yeah, it’s pretty good,’ he chuckles nervously. ‘It’s upside down, you know?’ you giggle and turn a page in the book you had been reading. His cheeks turn even more red than they already were and he turns the book around, so that he could actually read the thing. A few minutes pass and you feel him looking at you. Whenever you look back at him, he quickly looks away.

After about half an hour you’re done with your studying and as bad as you wanted to stay in the library with this beautiful human being, you really had to go home. You grab your stuff and stand up from your chair. Hesitantly you put your bag around your shoulder, not knowing if you should say goodbye or not. Why not? you thought. ‘Bye, Grayson,’ you say and walk towards the exit of the library. Grayson quickly stands up too.

‘Wait,’ he says and before you know it he grabs your hand and stops you from walking. You look at your hand holding his. It looked so tiny compared to his hand. He lets go of you, looking a little embarrassed. ‘Yeah?’ you encourage him, looking up. ‘I know that we don’t talk that much, which is why I completely understand if you say no, but I think you’re a really nice girl and I was wondering if… if you would maybe want to go on a date sometime? Are you free tonight?’ he asks with a sweet voice.

You inner self starts screaming, but you remain to stay calm. Was this a dream?! ‘Yes… Of course,’ you answer, shrugging your shoulders. You never really had plans for the weekend, except if you counted watching Netflix with a bag of Doritos. He looks relieved and smirks. ‘Nice! Should I pick you up tonight? At seven?’ ‘Sounds great,’ you say happily.               


The date had been perfect so far. He had picked you up at your house and brought you to a chic – but not too chic – restaurant. The food tasted amazing and the whole atmosphere was just so lovely. There were candles burning on the table and the interior was very cute. There was even a live band playing in the background.

You guys got to know each other better and just talked about everything and anything that crossed your minds. It actually felt like you had known each other your whole life, which was a very nice feeling. After dinner you went to go to the cinema. With his hand on your thigh he looked at you during the entire movie. And when you looked back at him you expected him to kiss you, but he didn’t.


He stops the car in front of your house, steps out and walks to the other side of the car to open the door for you. He sure was a true gentleman. You take his outstretched hand and together you walk to the door of your house. You turn around so you faced him, and realise you were actually standing really close.

‘Thank you for tonight,’ you whisper. He smiles and strokes a hair out of your face. ‘Thank you. I had a very nice evening. Maybe we could do it again some time?’ ‘I would love that,’ you say, almost drowning in his brown, husky eyes. ‘I should probably go… Thank you, again. Have a nice weekend, Y/N,’ Grayson says. But you don’t let go of his hand.

‘You could come in for a minute, if you want. My parents aren’t home, so…’ you say, trying to look innocent. ‘Yeah, sure,’ Grayson says, his eyes growing a little wider. You open the door and walk to the living room, with Graysons hand still holding yours.

You sit down on the couch, with Grayson next to you. Again, his face was just a few inches away from yours. You could see his little moustache hairs and smell his minty breath and cologne. It sent shivers down your spine. Slowly he leans closer to you, until his nose is touching yours. And when you think he’s about to kiss you, he pulls back. You stare at him, a little confused. Did you do something wrong?

‘Y/N, I want to say something to you…’ he says, looking down at his shoes. ‘Yeah?’ you say, placing a hand on his thigh. He looks back at you, with the cutest smile on his face. ‘It will probably sound very cheesy, but… I am so happy that I met you, honestly. This evening was just perfect. At least for me it was perfect. I like everything about you, every little thing, and I think you were meant for me,’ Grayson says. Your heart flutters at his words and a big smile appears on your face. ‘Grayson…’ you start, but he stops you. ‘Wait, let me finish this, before I forget what I want to say,’ he chuckles.

‘All I can think about lately is how much I want to kiss you. You’re the only one I want. I love your laugh and I love the way you make me laugh. I want to be the constant in your life, if you let me… you’re something special,’ he says while he cups your face with his large hands. ‘Oh Grayson,’ you whisper while your smile grows bigger. ‘That’s so sweet. I – I’ but he interrupts your stutters by gently pressing his warms lips against yours.

He opens your mouth and slides his tongue between your lips. You let him dominate you however he wants. You gasp for air as his hands slowly trail down your body, from your back to your waist and then to your thighs. You close your eyes while his kisses are getting deeper and rougher and he starts kissing your jawline and neck.

You dig your nails into his scalp, trying to contain the pleasure. His fluffy hair strokes against your cheek while he pleases you. He tenderly starts sucking your neck and you feel him smirking while he listens to your soft moans. After a minute or so you slowly start pushing him away, before it got too intense.

You wanted to take things slowly, since this was your first date with Grayson. You never even kissed on a first date, but oh well, Grayson Dolan was an exception. He pulls back and looks with loving eyes down at you. ‘I can’t wait for the days when I get to kiss you every morning and every night,’ he whispers while he entwines his fingers with yours. You giggle and you couldn’t even describe how perfect this moment was.

My pastel prince

Summary: Pastel!Dan gets the amazing news that his boyfriend, Punk!Phil, is moving to his town. Dan gets bullied by his classmates and Phil finds out about it, but that Phil knows, doesn’t work out very well for Dan.

Excerpt: Dan had never been the reckless type, always choosing to take the safe route, not doing anything out of the ordinary. That excludes his wardrobe by the way, as that mainly consists of pastel colored sweaters and jeans. Also flower crowns, if he didn’t have one on his head, something was seriously wrong. Dan wasn’t very populair because of the way he liked to dress and he didn’t have any friends because of it. He did have a boyfriend however, but he lived about 250 kilometers away. Okay, maybe Dan did do things that were out of the ordinary, but that didn’t matter, right?

Genre: fluff, little bit of angst
Warnings: violence-bullying, implied smut (but nothing happens really) 

Word count: 13.042 

A/N: Holy shit! I’ve worked on this for half a year, it’s my baby! I really really hope you enjoy this. Giant shout out to Manon for proofreading and being enthusiastic about the story nearly every step of the way, you helped a lot <3
(Sorry about the title by the way, I’m apparently creative enough to create 13k coherent words but cannot come up with a less unoriginal and corny title)

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Originally posted by fymarveluniverse

Tony Stark x Fem!Reader

Length: 1253 words

Warnings: mentions of sex, female pronouns, mentions of contraceptives, swears

“P-Pregnant? You?” Tony Stark, the self-proclaimed genius and well-known billionaire, stuttered out. His girlfriend, Y/N Y/L, smirked as he awkwardly began to ramble on, “Y-You’re pregnant? As in, you’re with child? A baby?” His hand was nervously twiddling with the tumbler, something he seldom did.

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Bts reaction to when they have a crush on you and they get jealous when another get close or flirts with you.

Yayay so I opened tumblr up today and found my first request by anon
I hope you enjoy this.
And thanks again

Credits to gif owners

Request:Could you do a reaction where they have a crush you and jealous when another member gets close to, flirts with your, or feel like you notice things the others do more than them?

Rapmon was most of the times a pretty chill person for an idol, so you never thought of him having a crush on you.
Jimin kept insisting that he had feelings and that they should act a bit more lovey dovey to prove his point.
So you didn’t expect rapmon to drag you out of the room when jimin started flirting with you
“I don’t like it”
“You don’t Like what?”
“I don’t like others flirting with you, I should be the only one”

Originally posted by daeguboy

Jin was amazingly handsome and any girl/women would fall for him, but it seemed to him that you wouldn’t, everything he tried you seem to just ignore or simply miss.
So when you simply complimented jungkooks new hair colour, he became extremely jealous, he wouldn’t be scared to voice it infront of everyone.
“I’ve changed my hair colour too, I’ve got a whole new style going on here, and you only notice jungkook…”
“Oh you look amazing as always”
He would blush and keep it at that for now, but maybe I’m the future he’ll confess his sweet feelings.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga seems like the type to not care but if he was crushing on you really hard, then every little detail of you and hoseok working on your new duet would, well piss him off.
Every move, even if the two of you were on the other side of the room, he would take note, he would sit there not saying anything for a good 20 minuets and then when he heard you laughing with hoseok on the floor, he would snap, no one should make you laugh like that and it seemed like hoseok was flirting.
“Hey, Y/N can we talk privately”
“Yeah sure, what’s up?”
“I like you, and i don’t Like how your so close with hoseok.”
Hopefully after this, you’ll accept his feelings.
(Let’s be honest here if any of bts confessed I would say yes)

Originally posted by meanyoongis

J-hope has always had a crush on you, since the day you walked through those doors with Jin, Jin was your best friend and he knew that, but every interaction that you had with him, made him extremely, extremely jealous.
“Has our jinni learnt a new dish today, it’s so nice, maybe you should cook more often.”
Interactions Like these made him loose this mind, he’d grab you and pull you into his room, not too roughly cause he’s a gently pumpkin.
“You know I can cook too, I don’t like how it’s only jin hyung that gets compliments.”

Originally posted by jaayhope

Jimin never knew how big his crush on you was until today, out of all days today you decided to come over, you couldn’t have waited until all the members were gone and it was just the two of you, so when you hugged and giggled into V’s arms it made him well…. mad.
He would look at the two of you with a stone face until v had to go and work and all the others decided to sleep and it was just you and jimin.
For some reason jimin always made your heart skip, and you made his heart skip a beat so when he closed the gap and decided to sit right next to you, it made you die inside.
“Finally, It’s just the two of us, you know I can make you laugh and smile like that too”

Originally posted by jimiyoong

V has always got a smile on his face so when he looked at you and jimin with and ice cold expression it did surprise you, but you didn’t question it because maybe he wanted some space, it seemed like everytime you would giggle or smile at jimin his expression got worse, he was dying in the inside because of how jealous he was, already making up conclusions in his head, and thinking that you and jimin were dating.
He wouldn’t be scared to ask you, so when you went to the kitchen to get some water, he would follow you.
“Y/N do you like jimin?”
“No he’s just my friend why do you ask?”
“Because I do, and if you liked him I wouldn’t have said anything”
(Whatever happens after this, you can use your imagination )

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jungkook might be mistaken to be scared of women, but really he isn’t, especially not with you, he would drop lots of hints of his little crush on you, he would get you Valentine’s Day gifts and really anything to show his heart, and for the past 2 years it was only him who got you a Valentine’s Day gift, so when suga decided to get you something mainly because he forgot your birthday gift and felt horrible as a best friend, suga got you a single rose with a ring around it.
This got jungkook thinking that you were dating suga, which wasn’t true because to be honest you liked your little relationship with jungkook, this year you decided to confess your feelings for jungkook, as a gift to him.
But when you were crashed into a wall by a very tall, very handsome and very upset jungkook it startled you.
“Omg jungkook? You scared me”
“I’m sorry, but it’s not fair”
“What’s not fair?”
“How suga hyung gets you one rose and your already with him”
“Umm jungkook , me and suga are best friends nothing else”
“Speaking of roses, do you wanna see my gift”
He would raise an eyebrow with confusion
You would lightly kiss him on the lips and smile.

Originally posted by jkguks

Hopefully you enjoy that, anon and you didn’t say whether you wanted a gif reaction or not do I decided to make it into a gif reaction, cause it seems like people enjoy that more
Please keep requesting, I love doing these and a reminder that I do all types of requests from fake texts to reactions a and scenarios.
Request away~
Anyways bye

Originally posted by bangtoori

Green isn’t your colour.

Just read your recent one it was really good can you do one where the reader gets jealous of Camalia so she kisses Shawn when ever Camalia is around thank you.

An old one, but a good one. Sorry for it being posted so late!

Inspiration: Me, as i don’t like showing my emotions or how i feel…

Word Count: 2072

Originally posted by smendesgifs

Walking through Shawn’s apartment, I knew Camila was here but I lost them when I was making some lunch and they disappeared to who knows where. I’ve met Camila before and I do really like her she is a lovely girl and is someone my age but lately Shawn and Camila have been hanging out more then I realise. 

Over the past few weeks, I have been feeling like I could be sick whenever Shawn is not around. Not as in cough cough sick but a sick feeling. I brushed it off at first thinking, not knowing why. Then I was thinking maybe I’m getting to attached and I have never been that kind of person so I started distancing myself, not coming over as much or replying to some of his texts. I guess that is probably when I realised how close they actually were.

Shawn’s normally quick to figure out when something is wrong, which probably irked me more then it should’ve. I still wasn’t letting it go. I started googling my symptoms thinking that for sure I just have some weird long virus. After finding nothing apart from diseases I could get in the jungle, I started looking into some relationship advice and problems.

Turns out, I’m jealous. Me. Jealous. I have never been jealous.  Never. When I first read this, I didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t have been true, why would I be jealous when I knew that Shawn wouldn’t do that. Then a few days passed and I hadn’t heard from Shawn and the thoughts of jealousy and that weird feeling in my stomach started to come back.

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A Gentlemen's Preference

TITLE: A Gentleman’s Preference


AUTHOR: fyreyantic

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki being your sugar daddy.


NOTES/WARNINGS: A bit long because I couldn’t find a way to split it up. Thank you people who leave nice comments - you make my day.

Cassie would talk to Loki just about every day - even if it was only for ten minutes or so. She started finding his oddly formal way of writing strangely charming and the cautiousness Cassie had had initially was slowly abating.

It still felt strange. There was the feeling of an elephant in the room. Strictly speaking this wasn’t really about making friends or starting a conventional relationship. But Cassie just enjoyed talking to him and tried to just enjoy things as they were. Worrying was for another day.

Cassie still hadn’t heard from the catering company about the money she owed them. She wondered if they had the wrong contact information. Looking further into it would have been the responsible thing to do but there were so many other things to deal with.

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adorable  -  mark

Originally posted by stal777

request; Can I request either a Mark or Haechan extreme fluff?? Like so fluffy a guinea pig would choke but like you’re already boyfriend and girlfriend you’re just at home cuddling and some great stuff happens •u• ~ Mae 🐶🎀🐼 

summary; mark has a lot of love for you~~~~~

genre; fluff all the way….maybe too much fluff but oh well

a/n; thank you Mae for requesting!! 


-when you realised that mark liked you

-something in your brain was telling you one message loud and clear

-cAN i get uuuuuUUUUHHHHHHHH


-not that

-but it was telling you that he’s probably the one who loves you the most

-and when i say loves you the most

-i mean it

-like he loves everything about you

-your eyes your hair your smile your cheeks eVERYTHING JIRHJEKFL

-and he had to keep that inside for quite some time too


-you two met in college and stuff yadda yadda yadda 

-and one day while he was in the library he just came to this conclusion

-fuck i like y/n what do what do what do what do what do wHAT DO WHAT DO WHAT DO OGH OFIJDFKBF”



-”honey this is an intervention what is going on? are you ok–”



-mans wasn’t ready 

-mans wasn’t ready to hear you say that you liked him too 

-i mean who wouldn’t fuck he a whole cutie i mean come on lOOK AT THIS PIECE OF CANADIAN MAPLE SYRUP CANDY 

-maple syrup yum 



-after a couple dates

-you and mark became a thing??? like??

-it happened so quickly too??

-you jeno and mark were round his place just playing mario kart and 

-”hey y/n wanna be my girlfriend?”

-”yeah sure”

-and obviously jeno is concentrating on the game

-but stopped

-and just looked to the both of you like


-”jeno you just got blue-shelled you’re welcome”


-oh come on jeno getting blue-shelled is the funniest thing ok?


-you and mark obviously live in different dorms cause of gender separation caused by the college for SOMEWHAT OBVIOUS reasons but that really never stopped anyone so yeah

-so some nights when you two are done with the day 

-you just slip and slide and glide and trip on over to his

-you don’t actually trip but i was on a roll with the rhyming so its allowed g


-you head on down to his dorm like nearly every day 

-on one condition

-you go in 

-and you two just cuddle 



-he just wanna cuddle you to death and squeeze your cheeks

-so there was this one time that really got to you 

-like fuck 


-so there you were

-mark was just laying on the bed with you in his arms 

-like nearly half asleep cause it’s like 9pm and he just came back from class 

-aww poor kiddo

-and in his sleep (kind of sleep) state

-he would mumble some damn cute things


-”y/n you’re like a cherry cause you’re so sweet…..”

-and he would just be playing with your hair and it’s just wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowowo


-”and y/n…..your hair is always so nice….”

-and you’re there trying not to make your cheeks explode cause boi the colour they were going dAMN 


-you were wondering where he was going with this

-so….after the last couple compliments

-”your eyes are so pretty,,,,,”

-”oh and you always smell of apples”

-”and you make me so happy too…”

-you kind of realised where this was going and decided to skip a few chapters ahead

-”hey y/n…i–”

-”love you? is that what you were trying to say?”




-”love you too mark~”

-and now mark was just as red as you 





-and so mark is there just like 

-”wait what just happened oh my god you said i love you oh my gosh i love you more wtf im so soft for you>????!?!?!??!?!!??!!???”

-jeez now im soft for mark 

-mark just hugs you that little bit tighter now

-cause you fully understand that now 

-he loves you a lot

-and you love him back

-when will i ever have a relationship like this jdkhkhJKHLKJHLKJH


Originally posted by minpuffs

Summary: You had thought moving into a new city and starting a new school would be easy. That was until you met your neighbour.

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook + fluff/drama/futuresmut? lol idkk 

Word count:?? 

A/N : First ever bts scenario… and only part one of the series (who knows?) hopefully it won’t be too bad? Tell me if I should I continue?? Thank youu!! 

Part I  Part II  Part III Part IV

You were Y/N and you were new.

You’d only just moved into Seoul and to say you weren’t nervous about going to a new school for the first time would have been a lie. To say your life was interesting would have also been a lie. You were a simple woman who like most hated Mondays, owned a cat and simply wanted to get this entire ‘school’ thing over and done with.

But unfortunately, life had a way of screaming back in your face to tell you that some things just weren’t as easy as that.

‘Y/N, you’re going to be late if you don’t leave soon!’ Your mum yelled at you from downstairs and you blinked, her voice only breaking your train of thoughts and you glanced quickly at the time, cursing inwardly because you were not going to be late on your first day.

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Protect You

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

~ Jongdae x Reader

~ Fluff

~ Jongdae comes over and comforts you from the thunder storm

~ (I’m in a Jongdae mood and I needed to write this or I would implode ihgbnhjki)

The weather had been beautiful recently. The golden sun shinning bright in the heavens. Days on days with gorgeous weather. No need for jackets or umbrellas.

However, always after nice weather, is the downpour. A strong storm. Make sure to take cover, wear something warm, best to stay in for the night. You wish you could.

“Y/N please can you clean up tonight? I need to get back to my kids,” begged your boss “I promise I’ll add this to your paycheck.”

You nodded your head unconvincingly but understandingly. Your boss could notice, but she gave a small forgiving smile and left you to clean the empty café.

The café was only small. One side with long wide windows showing the passers by going on with their days. The other side is a brick wall, filled with small paintings and decorations. There were multiple circular tables spread across the floor with pastel coloured chairs to match the theme. Behind the till are huge chalk boards, displaying the menu, written by yours truly.

You enjoyed working here. The pay wasn’t great, but that didn’t matter to you.

What mattered to you now was getting home before the storm starts. The sky was already turning black and the clock was ticking down. You scraped up your hair out of your face and let out a puff.

“Let’s do this.” You mentally cheer yourself.

You wished you had an umbrella now. You were able to clean the whole café in less then an hour, but the storm approached fast. The weather was glorious in the morning, no need for an umbrella right?


The rain was lashing down, bouncing a foot high off the ground as it drops. Your feet jumped over puddles and ponds, like you were dancing in the rain. If you sang, your mouth would be full of water by the time you got to the chorus.

Entering your dark apartment, you strip off your soaked clothes and dress yourself into something warm.

You make yourself a hot drink to heat yourself quicker. Blowing onto the liquid to warm your freezing red nose.

You were about to fall to sleep on your soft sofa then suddenly.



To put it lightly, you didn’t like thunder at all. It scared the hell out of you. Living in a tall apartment block didn’t help either.


Your body jumped as each thunder strike ripped through the midnight sky, lighting up your dark apartment for a short moment. Every time you dosed off to sleep…


You would jolt awake again.

You angrily rub your tired eyes and took your phone from beside you.

Three times it rang before he answered.

“I wonder why you’re calling me huh?” You couldn’t see your boyfriend of eight months but you could tell he was smirking.

“Jongdae please can you control your power… you know I don’t like thunder.” You pout.

He chucked “I’m sorry my love, the promotions are going really well, we just found out we sold over one million copies of our album. I think the sky knows how I feel right now.”

You congratulate him. You weren’t able to see Jongdae often due to his work, even times like this were rare.

“I know you have to work tomorrow but it’s been a while since I saw you…” you hesitate “can you come over?”

He was silent for a while before he responded.

“l’ll be there in ten minutes.”

You placed down your phone and prepared another hot drink. Just how he likes it. You grabbed more pillows and blankets. Lit a few candles and placed them on the windowsill.

Knock knock.

Jongdae knew the key to your apartment but he always knocked so you knew that he was here.

He walks in drenched from the storm. You giggled at his appearance.

“I think you need to get Junmyeon to help you out.” You joked.

He smiled, “then get Sehun to dry me off?” He joked back earning a loud laugh from you.

Once he got himself dry, you lead him by the hand to the sofa. You both wrapped yourselves in blankets, till you couldn’t move. Arms and legs woven into each other.

One hand was sheathed around your waist keeping you close, while the other was combing through your hair.

You talked about your days at work and the future together. Small soft kisses in between. Moments like this didn’t come around often, so you both treasured them dearly.

The thunder had calmed down and so did you. As a strike would occasionally hit, Jongdae whispered sweet things into your ear to relax you. Followed by his lips pressing to your blushed cheeks.

The thunder had passed. You both lay there together in a mess of fabric and limbs.

Jongdae’s eyes fluttered open and looked at you. He took in your beautiful features and lineaments. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have someone like you.

He pressed one final kiss to your forehead and softly breathed out,

“goodnight Y/N, I love you, I’ll always protect you.”