but i love these pictures so much


It’s been a while since the last time I drew my Lapis/Peri fusion, Larimar. I finished these two days ago ! Despite the fact I started them 2 weeks ago and then forgot :d

I’m glad I didn’t choose Aquamarine as a Lapidot fusion because if the rumors about the new gem are true my fusion will still be legit lmao - Anyway I had my reasons when I chose Larimar, . The elements and colors are perfects, and then I recently found its meaning…Plus it’s my favorite gemstone !

Now, about the picture itself…I just wanted to draw random expressions. I also wanted to draw her with Steven because she would love him so much haha

I’ll probably add more sketches of her, I just didn’t finish anything except these.

Oh. And by the way  :

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nao_S9cmE3E My headcanon for her voice. I’m a huge fan of Alice Francis and her voice sounds…perfect ?! I love thinking about Electroswing being a good theme for a Lapidot fusion (I kept listening to this kind of music when I made Lari for the first time)and I’m glad I found out I’m not the only one.


Hmm? What am I doing? Oh you know, just collecting pictures of the biggest dork in the series. 

Masterlist (By Character)



1. Date Shenanigans
2. Watching the Sunset
3. Reading to Them (Child!Noctis)
4. Making Out
5. Step Parents (Child + Adult)
6. Agile S/o
7. Morning Routine
8. Falling for Someone on the Way to Altissia
9. Telling Luna He can’t Marry Her


1. Learning to Shoot
2. Making Out
3. Going Dark Side
4. Morning Routine


1. Arguing
2. Making Out
3. Morning Routine


1. Falling for Someone they Dislike
2. Making Out
3. Going Dark Side
4. Tough as Nails S/o
5. Rejecting Someone
7. Domestic Life in General
8. Domestic Life with an S/o
9. Morning Routine
10. Short S/o
11. Meeting their Siblings’ S/o
12. Losing Purpose

The Girls.


1. Going Dark Side
2. S/o Sneaking in


1. Meeting their Siblings’ S/o

The Nifs.


1. Pets
2. Pregnancy
3. Falling for Someone they Dislike (Part 1) (Part 2)
4. Arguing
5. Making Out
6. Racing
7. Flirting
8. Freedom (From Angelgard)
9. Doctor AU


1. Going Dark Side
2. Winning Over Someone Shy (Ft. Luna)
3. Cohabiting


1. Sick S/o
2. Arguing

The Kingsglaive.


1. Falling in Love
2. Dealing With an Orphaned Kitten 
3. Final Words


1. Final Words

Individual Characters.




“See look, they are WAY cooler than I am. Look at that. Sexy. A dreamboat. Get a new lock screen you egg!”

Red is quick to snap a picture, drool pooling between his fangs.  “asgore’s beard, this party is where it’s at.  that one can be my general phone background.  i’m keepin’ the lockscreen.”  He calls out toward the table, “hey, stretch.  did’ja say you wanted this?”

“yep,” comes the muffled reply.

“wellll, i might could be persuaded to not post this on the undernet.  but you’re gonna have to admit i’m a hell of a lot sexier than stretch.”


anonymous asked:

Harry's little stache is my favorite I love it so much. In the pictures where's he's wearing his little bee sweater at Gucci and when he's in LA with his yellow shirt his little stache is so cute and it fits him really. You can't stop the boy from growing facial hair, and he doesn't have to shave if he doesn't want to. You go baby, grow that little stache

the snl beard was vaguely terrifying but the stache is cute and i support it

han-dameron  asked:

I love your inej and kaz!! they are my favourite fanart ever!! I was wondering if you used any references and if you were going to draw anymore six of crows soon? lots of love from an aspiring artist

Thank you so much! I actually didn’t use a reference, and I do not recommend that! References are so important I’m a pest for not using them.. I do sometimes have pictures/drawings that I’m inspired by but apart from that not really. When I started though I used references way more and now I’m kinda of used to it and can usually tell if something looks off. I’d definitely like to draw more art from SoC over the summer holidays!

Hi there! I’m Yuna!

I’ve had a sudden influx of followers from @violetwitchcraft‘s blog (thank you so much for that, lovely!), so I wanted to make a short little post to introduce myself to people who may not know the personality behind the reblogs!

  • My name is Yuna! 
  • I’m a 25 year old witch and tarot reader!
  • I’m a spirit worker and spirit companion! My spirit fam is pretty quality!
  • I really love Sailor Moon. LIKE REALLY LOVE SAILOR MOON
  • Feel free to blacklist #inspiration if nature pics aren’t your thing; I tend to reblog pictures that inspire me in my craft and practice!
  • I’m always down to meet new people! Please don’t be shy, I’m always excited to talk about magic, tarot, spirits, and nerdy stuff!

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay on my blog!

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There was so much I tried to post Saturday night, except tumblr decided to eat ALL THREE of my goddamn posts. So here’s the majority of my Snapchat story, with some other videos mixed in, of the 2017 Ironman Texas race.

Pretty sure someone was chopping onions a handful of times nearby while I was spectating. Those fuckers always show up at Ironman finish lines…