but i love these idiots


Truly, I mean it, we mean it. The chance of you seeing this is 0% but it doesn’t change how much your existence mean to us, your baby birds. Thank you for your smiles, your laughter, your tears, your honesty, your talent, your bright sunshine rays, your love, & your precious, golden heart. I have no idea what in the world we did to deserve you, but we are so freaking thankful. We love you so much; please never ever stop being you. 


FOX Says Farewell To Bones | Season 12 | BONES

I’m feeling like this is the week I should rant about s14. And especially “The Brick Gulch Chronicles”, considering the new writer.

I enjoyed “The Brick Gulch Chronicles”. Not my fav episode from that season but I did not dislike it either. It was enjoyable.

But what my orange, lazy heart truly loved was this line:

“No! You listen to me! I have been dragged along I don’t know how many adventures and no one has ever asked what Grif wants!”

Yes. Yeees.

I know this is Brick Grif speaking but it makes me think of Grif the Draftee. Of Grif who was forced to take care of his sister in a young age. Of Grif who never wanted to be a soldier in the first place but ended up fighting again and again. Of Grif whose life was messed up from the beginning.

I like this Grif who finally snapped. I like that he is speaking up for himself, making the others aware that he is there and that he deserves his treats. Let Grif have his pizza and his naps. Let him have his breaks. Allow him to achieve what he wants.

And don’t forget that Grif never wanted to be in the army in the first place – but he is still fighting.

Did I mention I love this poor and loyal idiot?

Every time I listen to “Satisfied” I cry because it reminds me of me and my little sister (like, me as Angelica and my sister as Eliza). And then I realize how much I love that idiot because I would do the same thing Angelica did and idk I want to cry so bad

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I don't know if you do snowbaz fic, but if you do for the first sentence ask: "I wouldn't have a problem with you wearing those pants, Baz, if they weren't so /unfair/."

“What exactly is so unfair about them, Snow?” Baz asks giving his skinny jeans an incredulous look.

Simon makes about five unintelligible noises, and just waves a hand frantically at the area of Baz’s thighs, “Just….there…that…all of it.”

Baz sighs, and turns to walk back up the stairs, “I guess I can change.”

He hears Simon strangle behind him (probably from the view of his ass), “No you can’t change!”

Baz just smiles and mutters to himself, “I’m in love with an idiot.”

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Idk what to feel abt jackbum anymore they don't seem to interact as much as they used to. I'm starting to think that I'm an idiot for believing that they could be in love with each other. I'm doubting the whole ship tbh 😥


I mean… What do you want anon? hahaha

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Hi. Sorry for asking. After Robert and R kiss/slept together, you said you wanna take a break from here. How you feel that time? anger because robert had cheated or disappointed because robert broke the promises or fuming at ed for creating that story. And how you are being positive now? Tbh, i want your spirit so much.

Oh, anon, you know I am a very emotional person. I was so disappointed after watching that episode and I needed to step back to calm down and sort my thoughts a bit. It was probably a bit of an overreaction, I am not gonna lie, but I just needed the space for the total of two days that it lasted. I had and have gread people in this fandom to talk to about this and so I was able to find my positivity again.

I am still angry and disappointed at Emmerdale, but also at Robert. I love him so much and I know he’s an idiot who copes with stuff in the worst of ways somehow. I feel like the episodes were not written very well, everything just felt off somehow. I am not excusing his behaviour with this, I think unfortunately it was very in character how he reacted, it just wasn’t written very well in my opinion. BUT I also think that a Robert who has Aaron in his life - and you can discuss what Aaron said to him to no end, but the fact is that Robert thought they had broken up at that point, he felt like he was no use to him, that is what he took from it - would never cheat on him. That is my truth still and will continue to be my truth. He thought he lost him, his worst fear of not being enough, of not being strong and the reason for Aaron to pull through, broke him temporarily.

I do feel like they  could have shown it better and I fear what Emmerdale will do with this and to Robert in the future. But right now I am still absolutely sure that Aaron and Robert are destined to be together, that they are the strongest and happiest when they are together. And I want and need to believe that we will see that again.

I don’t know if that helped you, nonnie, but please feel free to come to my ask box any time to discuss this further or with anything else.

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i see you talk about your mutuals a lot. I was just wondering what exactly mutuals were, seeing as i'm an uneducated idiot. sorry to have bothered you I love your blog so much thank you bye *scuttles away nervously*

Omg no you totally haven’t bothered me! Please don’t apologise for asking questions, it’s the best way to learn <3

Mutuals are when you both follow each other! It’s a fun way to make new friends; you can tell when someone is a mutual with you as any of their activity appears blue (so when they like/reply/comment on something you’ve posted!)