but i love them separately and i love this friendship so so much

Rick and Michonne’s love is so pure.

It’s one of the things I love most about their relationship. 😊

Some people say there’s no chemistry, but I think what they see as a lack of chemistry is actually just pure, uncomplicated love. These two people are so perfect for each other…they don’t fight (even when they disagree it’s not a fight). The physical attraction between them is real but but they’re also very much attracted to the strength and resilience in each other. They don’t disrespect or demean each other and they don’t try to change each other—each of them loves the other exactly how they are. Their relationship is healthy and there’s nothing problematic about it. Separately they can function just fine without the other but together they are so much stronger.

They have such an unbreakable bond and a strong foundation of respect and friendship, that their relationship appears to be effortless and some people confuse that with a lack of passion. They really do have the most pure, uncomplicated love between them and it’s so beautiful to see.

They are not perfect people but imo their relationship is perfect.

I love Richonne so much 😭

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NaruSaku: The Most Tragic Ship

We see so many ships in pop culture. Ships like those of tragic love who suffer from circumstance and fate which is either ended by death or separation. These are ships people call tragic. These are the ones people feel sorry for and describe as one great big tragedy.

But you know what? There is no ships more tragic in any literature than the ones that had all the signs pointing to them only to get tore down just when they could’ve made it. The ships developed, making so much sense, but are then forgotten and tore down in a heartbeat. Ships like NaruSaku.  

NaruSaku, to this day, had to be one of the most perfect and realistic ship I’ve ever seen. Out of all my other ships (and I ship many), this one was the one that truly felt to me like a real relationship. It was healthy, it developed through pure and thorough friendship with themes of the possibility to win over the person you love with selflessness and for a person to move on from someone who never treated them right because they deserved better. It made sense and didn’t need to be too dramatic or exaggerated to reach that point. Not only that, but it fit the very series own themes: “Even if things look impossible, you can make it if you never give up.”

I will never understand why NaruSaku sunk. I believed in this ship so much there was once in a point of time I would’ve laughed at the idea SS or NH ever materializing. The idea was legity laughable, especially SS. It’s ridiculous just how much I believed in this couple. The day Naruto ended and the ships were revealed … I remember thinking there was no way it could be real. NS was foreshadowed and focused on for so long. My initial reaction wasn’t even anger or sadness. It was disillusionment. Complete and utter disillusionment.

Even with this series about the new generation, I’m never going to let that tarnish what NS was. It was a ship a perfect balance of selflessness, devotion, development and maturity and that is the real NaruSaku. It should’ve been canon. Not NaruHina and especially not SasuSaku. The fact these two ships got that honor is pure asinine. The ending screams they should NOT have happened. At least not the way they did.  

Forbidden love or separation love stories are not the most tragic. It’s the “almosts”. Nothing is more sadder than the ships that was a missed opportunity. And personally … NaruSaku was the most tragic one of all.

I love Jen and Colin more than my heart can contain tbh. And this Comic Con has been a true blessing. I literally find myself staring at the gifs of their interviews so fondly and smilingly for like minutes, I literally look so stupidly in love. They are both greatgreat people in every way and their friendship is amazing. And yeah, we really are truly blessed to have a ship like that on this show, and to have incredible actors like them who are actually close irl playing their chracters, who love their ship just as much as we do… And it all makes me love Captain Swan even more as well although I feel like it’s not possible anymore. I just love them so much. Them as separate people, their characters, their ship and their friendship. And I’m just so happy and glad.  ♥

i love jessie and christy so much like they love rhett and link so much and have been by their sides through everything, the move to california, their tv show, their rising youtube popularity, a gaggle of kids surely as nerdy as their fathers… and more than that, they decided to put in the effort to love these two wild souls. like they saw them, all weird and tall and dorky, they saw that they never left each other’s sides, and they were like no, i’m not scared of this intense friendship, i’m not afraid i’m gonna break it up, i’m gonna be in your life, mr dork, and you’re gonna like it. and they do like it, rhett and link do like them, so much. they raised beautiful families together and neither jessie nor christy ever (to my knowledge) tried to separate the two of them. they just went along, loving them, allowing them to blend their families until it was four parents, five kids - a happy, weird, busy little home. and they know their husbands are living this ridiculous “spotlight” life, that their jobs are to make fools of themselves on the internet, and they’re like okay whatever just come home to me at the end of the day. they’re not into being on camera too much, but they don’t let that stop their babes. like i love them, wtf. love those gals. and tbh they’re probably just as weird as the guys, we just don’t know it. they’re beautiful and powerful and kind and gentle and loving and sweet and raised beautiful families and support their husbands so much and i love them a lot, never think otherwise.