but i love their style and wow

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Hello! Found your blog through someone who's reblogged your art. I just felt compelled to let you know that you've got an incredible art style! Your works are absolutely gorgeous to look at it. The faces you draw, the colors, the brush strokes,... I found myself staring at each image for a good amount of time, wow... I'm in love with your artworks! Health to your hands! :D

oh dear i love you

for real, why are you so good woah woah

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So I was going through tumblr and saw one of your posts and was like, "Haha! Wow! What a cool art style! I really love this!" Then I kept going and was like, "Wait, why does this look so familiar?-*GASP* Is THIS?" and I looked at your URL and was like "HOly CrAP It IS!" I'm so glad I found you again! I love your art man! I mean, to this day I still think about that Birthday Party comic.

I’m afraid I don’t remember but thank you!

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You've really got a unique style down. Very lovely. I have to ask, how many years have you been drawing? Just going through your blog I enjoyed seeing the improvements and passion within your art.

First of all, your message made my day and it’s so so great to hear something like this. Secondly, your stuff is honestly so good, like— wow it’s an instant follow, tbh I took one look at your icon and was like “yeppppp” and your blog just confirmed it, which makes this message so important to me you know?? It means so much.

To your question, I started drawing one year ago~ I’ve been working on my technique very intensively since then, bc I’m currently at university but it’s only a light course and doesn’t keep me busy at all, so I have time to draw, which would be great if my endurance was actually good enough to draw for longer than like, ten minutes at a time hahahah. I’m always frustrated with my progress and “style” though, so hearing that you enjoyed seeing the improvements (where are they though?) makes me really happy, especially coming from somebody such as you.

Thank you so much for writing, again it makes my day. I’ll be following your stuff closely from now on, I’m very interested indeed.
And on a side note? Was it the Noctis post that drew your attention to my blog? Because if yes I will try to draw more FF in the future. Such a great game~

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Listen  I know Yuuri is tiny and shy and precious, but he’s an athlete and I love the idea of him being unexpectedly physically strong. Also, he is strong already but he works out extra just because he realizes that Viktor really likes it when Yuuri scoops him up and carries him. Yuuri is small okay he’s got a slight build, so when he’s like “okay Vitya I’ll take you upstairs” to a drunk Viktor and just bends down to scoop him up bridal style, anyone in their vicinity will be like “what the fuck”. 

Also I don’t think for a minute that Viktor in general wouldn’t be super appreciative of Yuuri’s very toned and solid arms… he’ll drunkenly pat them with this pleased smile like “Wow! Yuuri you’re so strong! I love your muscles!”

Viktor internally is like “ah yes they’re perfect for carrying me around more”. Meanwhile tiny sweet boy Yuuri “I only lift weights so I can carry Viktor Nikiforov safe in my arms” is pleased with all of the attention because Viktor is just so appreciative and he can’t help but preen a little under the praise.

[yuri on ice blog: @viktorkatsuki]

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Heyheyhey hi I love your art more than I love myself and bippidi boppidi you should draw leo/guang-hong (you totally don't have to I would just kill to see them in your style)


And you’re right! I really should draw them……………………..



I made this for the competition that The Beatles Story Liverpool is running to create a piece of art inspired by Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ✨

au where Mari and Adrien are astronauts just because I wanted to draw them in space suits

@powerdragonmoon I redrew them better and in half the time B)

EDIT: I just hit 1000 followers!!!! Definitely going to have to celebrate :D