but i love the evil twisted ones

Go watch 3% on Netflix RN


Lots of representation. You’re asian? Represented. 

Your mother is a redhead and your father is black? There you go honey.

Tired of romance centered drama? Yeah, 3% doesn’t need it. (did ppl know you can put a young cast together w/o a love triangle happening out of the blue? Some writers are propably shocked right now).

Wanna increase heart beat activity? Shit, I think I actually got myself a heart condition, wtf, the SUSPENSE… I still can’t breathe right.

Everyone is shady af. I don’t know, I love shady ppl.  Everyone has their own demons and shit.

Deep complex characters. I mean, Ezequiel???? He’s so complex, he has this evil side, but also, a soft one. I’m so confused by him.

The plot twist. If you saw it coming, I’m gonna bake you cookies and brownies for a month.

Bon Bon the Birthday clown is Kim Possible So the Drama.

Okay, so the mid season finale preview for Star vs the Forces of Evil have just aired and I can’t be the only one who see the similarities between these two. I mean:

A blond main character get jealous when their best friend is going to a school dance with someone else 

and deals with some kind of threat 

And question their feelings for their best friends 

While the other main characters and their love interest are having a good time 

With them ignoring important phone calls 

Seriously, did the staff watch a lot of Kim Possible or something? Starco is already compared to Kim and Ron relationship so it can’t be that far of a stretch. Honestly, the only thing that would make this crazier is if Jackie was like a evil robot, a double spy from another dimension, or some kind of shapeshifter disguised as Jackie to separate him from Star  which I highly doubt even though any of these theories would be one of the most mind blowing twists ever!

  • Russ in Episode Three: Oh, hey Doug. How am I going to be possessed today?

Oh shit! So Ford isn’t evil! He realized he was wrong after Arnold’s death and is the one who started the awakenings! Ha! He’s the reason Maeve was able to escape and why Dolores and the others remember! He gave them their reveries back!! HA! Now that’s a twist! I honestly believed he was the villain!

And his not being surprised to see Bernard alive. Because he knew Maeve would fix him! He knew Bernard couldn’t actually die! HA!

And he even sacrificed himself to really start things! I love this show!!


JILY CHALLENGE | @peggdaniels vs @emberscas
➥ fairytale au + once upon a dream by lana del ray

Me and Lily are soulmates and we’ve been reincarnated for dozens of lives already, but here’s a plot twist: only one of us remembers our previous lives. The other one is oblivious and we don’t believe one another at first. This time it’s me who remembers and I have to do everything in my power to convince my love, that we belong together. We find one another in each fairytale, and we had a lot of adventures, but we never get to live happily ever after, and that’s because of the evil sorcerer, Voldemort. He always kills one of us but I hope to defeat him this time. And maybe we will finally get our happy ending.

Don’t Fall in Love

Request: 14 w/ Peter?

Prompt: 14. “This is why I don’t let myself fall in love.”

Warnings: none

You were one troubled person. Everyone on Neverland was in fact. But you had this special twist. Unlike the others who seemed to have had poor parents, you didn’t have any. Instead you ran around town, left foster homes, and got with guys. Not in a hook-up sense, but you had many boyfriends back on the Mainland. Many who treated you poorly. Because of them you were afraid to fall in love with anyone ever again.

Thought that didn’t apply to you when it came to Peter Pan. The evil boy dressed in dark green and brown. The boy who ruled Neverland. Seeing him, you absolutely lost it. He was attractive, charming, funny to you. He was humorous when it came to you and somewhat nice. He wasn’t this sweet little thing to just you, no. He was still harsh at times, treating you like any other Lost Boy. But he still had his sweet moments.

“I’ll be off dealing with someone Shadow brought in last night,” Peter informed you before you ran off  with a Lost Boy to do another task.

“Okay, have fun with that,” you giggled lightly before kissing him. 

Peter left afterwards, and you ran off with the other Lost Boy.

The sun was setting, and Peter wasn’t back yet. You never worried about Peter in the sense that he was in danger, just that he was doing something he shouldn’t be doing. It was only your mind thinking that he’d do the things previous lovers have done to you.

You searched around parts of the forest, holding a torch so you could see when it became nightfall. You called out Peter’s name a few times but nothing. He usually would appear behind you and spook you for fun. But none of it came.

Finally, you found yourself at the cages. There you heard talking. As you approached closed to the cages, your realized that one was on the ground, open. A girl around your height was far too close to Peter. She was cuddling him basically while they were standing there. Peter was doing nothing.

“I’ve been so frightened, but you make me feel safe, Peter.” The girl cooed, looking at him. 

You growled almost from jealousy and hurt. You were the only one to call him Peter.

“Really? I’m glad, Wendy. I want you to feel as safe here as possible. I care about your safety.” Peter got too close to her for your comfort. His lips were almost on her’s. 

“What the hell?” You screeched, making the two jump apart.

“Y/N?” Peter tilted his head as Wendy only stared in silence.

You were fuming, hot tears already falling. “This is why I don’t let myself fall in love anymore!” You ran off, dropping your only form of light. You ran into the darkness of Neverland.

You ran and ran, wiping your eyes and trying to focus on where you were. It so dark though. You could only see silhouettes of the trees and plants surrounding you. But you had had enough by now. You sat against the tree, sobbing.

Peter knew of your past. He knew you’d been cheated on, used, abused. Every horrible thing a boyfriend could do to you just about. And yet he went off and did one of those things to you. This shouldn’t had been a shock, however. Lost Boys warned you that Peter was never a faithful person. You should’ve listened to them.

“Y/N, there you are,” Peter’s voice rang through your ears.

“Get away from me,” you sniffled as you tried to crawl away from him in the dark.

“Y/N,” he sighed, holding you still. “Listen, I can explain.”

“No. I saw what I saw. I saw you and her holding one another. I saw you nearly kissing her before I interrupted,” you raised your voice. “God, I should’ve listened to the Lost Boys!”

“What? What did they have to say?” Peter got defensive.

“They told me that you can’t stay faithful. But you know what? I had faith in you that you could, but I was wrong. I was so terribly wrong! Now leave me alone,” you shouted, standing up. 

“Y/N, it was an act!” Peter stood up with you. “I need her for a prop. That’s all she is: a prop. She’s a missing girl; kidnapped. I need her so her brothers will get this possession I need in order to keep Neverland alive.”

You glared at him as tears were still slowly falling. Peter placed a soft hand on your cheek.

“Please, I could never hurt you. I love you too much to do that. I really do. I needed to, I guess you could say, butter her up. Make her feel welcome for the time being. She doesn’t realize that she is still in trouble, and I need her on my good side right now.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me the truth the first time?” 

Peter wiped some of your falling tears away. “I don’t know. I was being stupid, I’ll admit. Please forgive me?”

You stayed silent. You thought it through, debating on whether or not he was telling the truth or just saying what you wanted to hear.

“Y/N, please, I can’t lose you.”

Something pinged inside you. You could hear Peter’s desperation in his voice. His actual fear; something he never showed.

“Fine,” you simply replied. “One condition. Find a way to make it up to me. And it has to be good.”

“Anything for you, my love.” He grinned in the night before kissing you firmly. “Let’s head back to camp, yeah? Wendy is all set in her own cabin away from us.”

You smiled up at him. “Yeah, let’s go.”

You both walked back, hand-in-hand. Your tears dried, and you couldn’t help but lean into Peter as you two made it back to the Lost Boys.

anonymous asked:

I'm rlly surprised nobody sent this in bc we would all love to see this plot twist, but for the evil smirk drawings, how about Mahiru with 1A?

The requests for the evil expressions were already closed when you sent this….^^; But here, please accept this normal smiling Mahiru I drew awhile ago, I wasn’t gonna post it cause I was just practicing….but there is a reason now. :D

you can see all the other evil smiles here though! 

Besides an evil looking Mahiru would just be too unnatural for me. It was already A STRETCH to do most of the ones I did. yikes.  

  • Loki: I killed my bio-dad, who apparently abandoned me to die when I was a baby, because I was trying to prove that I am Asgardian and not a monster. Although in doing so I became the monster.
  • Kingpin: I killed my father because I got tired of him being physically and verbally abusive to me and my mother. I've been unable to control my anger ever since, not that I'd want to. I find it useful.
  • Kilgrave: I killed my parents because they experimented on me and gave me a superpower that twisted me into something of pure evil. I also no longer have a moral compass, but who really needs one?
  • Ward: I killed my parents because they were abusive and I'm a sociopath who can not accept blame for my own failures. It's really their own fault for being shitty parents.
  • Kylo Ren: I killed my father, who loved me and forgave me for killing billions, because he made me want to be a good person again.
  • Loki: ...
  • Kingpin: ...
  • Kilgrave: ...
  • Ward: ...
  • Kylo Ren: What? I really don't want to be good. I want to be evil, you know, a Sith, like my grandfather before me.
  • Loki: The same grandfather who chose the light side in the end?
  • Kylo Ren: Um, yes...
  • Ward: Dude, you have issues. Have you considered therapy?
  • Kingpin: I recommend art therapy.
  • Kilgrave: Oh yeah, that's nice, very calm and relaxing.
  • Kylo Ren: SHUT UP! I HATE YOU ALL!!! *proceeds to wail on everything with a lightsaber*
  • Everyone: ...
  • Loki: Yeah, let's not invite him again.

What I love about Hannibal Lecter is how utterly human he is.

He’s twisted and he’s damaged in deeply ingrained ways, but he’s not genuinely evil. He isn’t complete in life without those he cares about. Because somewhere inside is that little kid who lost his whole family and failed to protect his sister. Because somewhere inside is that young man who was rejected by a loved one when she saw the monster he had become.

He wants to consider himself above all others, but deep in his soul he wants what we all want;

love, comfort, acceptance, and not to be alone.

Since a lot of messages pop out of my tumblr about a request for a Starco Wedding thingy, I decided to make one. But this one is a bit different. Starco Wedding with a twist.. XD ~Star ran away from the isle from a forced mirrage and went straight towards her true love and best friend who were just in time to stopped the wedding.~ I know its a bit off since its not an actual starco wedding but its close….. right??? Oh i dunno… ;-; *hides under a rock* huhuhuhu…. ;-; *sobs* hold me… ;-;


love is one of the most beautiful things a human can ever experience. it can bring the dead to life, sight to the blind, can heal all wounds. bring evil to its knees and shine light into the darkest places. love is like god. powerful. and clearly not ceasing to exist any time soon.

then there’s first love.
first love is a fucked up and twisted illusion. it’s inevitable. you can never love without having a first love. a first kiss, a first heart flutter, a first “I love you” under your breath. the first feeling that you associate with those romance movies, thinking to yourself, wow, this is real. this can actually happen. it’s looking into their eyes and seeing an entire lifetime ahead of you with them at your side. it’s putting all of your emotions and feelings into the hands of this person because you don’t know any better. your heart falling into first love is the equivalent of a brand new book falling into a pair of hands for the first time; once you open that book it will never be the same, the spine will have indents in it, there will be tears in the pages, it will get dirty after having hands and eyes graze over it over and over again. it will be returned to the library over all a completely different book. just like your heart will be completely different once it is returned.
you will be destroyed.
you can never love without enduring the fucking hell that comes after your ears are no longer virgins to the words “i don’t love you anymore”. sitting up late at night, thinking of literally nothing but that person. whether it be thoughts of fucking fury and wishing horrible things unto the person who destroyed you or reminiscing on the exhilarating breathless moments of being in love with the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with, they’re still on your mind. and you can’t shake them. new relationships are hard and confusing because all you seem to do is look for them in this new strangers eyes, and become terrified when you can’t find them. you can’t grasp the idea that there are different loves. second loves.
first love does not mean last love

first love does not mean only love

first love does not mean love.

SADISTIC 4 - OH YM GOD I can’t believe I accumulated enough songs for another one of thes/e so watevs here you go. My god. Anyway, songs for sadistic stuff you know blahblahblah - you can find the other sadist installments 1, 2, and 3 on my 8tracks channel

01. Twisted Nerve (The Whistling Psychopath) - Bernard Herrmann //
02. 10 Simple Murders - The Future Kings of Nowhere //
03. When You’re Evil - Voltaire //
04. The Horror Of Our Love - Ludo //
05. Meant To Be Yours - Heathers the Musical //
06. Love Me Dead - Ludo //
07. Arsonist’s Lullabye - Hozier //
08. Death Is Just Around The Corner - The Addams Family Musical //
09. Tear Your Apart - She Wants Revenge //
10. The Killing Type - Amanda Palmer //
11. Auto-da-fé - Candide //

One of the best villain entrances ever. And this is pretty much the only time I am not going to make disparaging remarks about the fishing lure cape and the hair doily because in this moment, for our first introduction to the Evil Queen…it actually works.  It’s ridiculous and over the top and there are at least ten EQ outfits that I like more than this one, but for this moment they needed something iconic. Something that had hints of the cartoon Evil Queen but gave us a new twist.

And I love the completely over the top glide down the aisle.  Complete with menacing music and cowering extras.

It’s just epic, you guys.

You know how the destiel fandom goes through phases of having that one fic that everyone aggressively recs and that you absolutely have to read as it’s the best thing ever? “300 Things”, “Painted Angels”, the perennial “Twist and Shout”….

Well, there’s a new fanfic favourite in town. “Down to Agincourt”.

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itsjustsleeping  asked:

Hi! A few months ago you posted a theory about Jessica/Mary being misconfused. You explained the idea that Mary was the one dead and not Jessica, so Jessica was the one dealing with Rollings under Mary's identity in order to protect Alison. Do you still believe that?? I think it's a brilliant idea and it can still fit with your new theory. Melissa killing her own mother thinking it was her evil aunt would be a great plot twist!! Thanks again for the time you put on that new theory!

It’s possible. I used to be 95% convinced that was happening, but now I’m 20%. I fell in love with Mary in 7A. Mary was constantly shit talking about Jessica and I just can’t understand why Jessica would talk bad about herself (if Mary is Jessica).


Originally posted by cassammydean

Summary: Written for @torn-and-frayed ‘s “Songs of Supernatural Season 1″ challenge and inspired by The Death Riders-Mary . I use the song loosely, touching on the dark and twisted nature I feel exists in it. 

The man you once loved is no longer the same. Something dark was within him. Something predatory and evil. You knew you should resist, but can you when that face is still the face of your Dean?

Characters: Demon Dean x Reader

Content: Angst

Warnings: Rated T for some adult situations, Mild Language. Nothing Explicit

Word Count: 1k+

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I was tagged by the most darling @marthanna​ to choose my ten favorite characters (and with descriptions I guess). Thank you for tagging me! This was so fun! <3

  1. Ja’far (Twisted): Ja’far is so dear to me as he is everything I want to be. He is optimistic, hard-working, kind, and always does what is right. Despite what bull he had to go through, he never gave up his morals and followed the Golden Rule. He brings me hope (as I’m a logical thinker), and I really love how emotional and relatable Dylan made him.
  2. Voldemort (A Very Potters): If you know me, you know I am Starkid Voldemort. We’re evil and put ourselves first but have that connect ability to that one person. That and his dramatics and flare are goals. Plus, I really want his cape. He’s such a fun character, and he and Quirrell together really are the best part of the show.
  3. Sirius Black (Harry Potter): This is another character that I very much am. We’re both chaotic neutral and, once again, have a thing for the dramatic. He is incredibly loyal and oh so loving to his friends. Despite the circumstance given to him (being sorted into Gryffindor and disowned by his family), he was still caring to those close and continued on. Plus, he and I are both snarky as hell.
  4. Hermione Granger (Book Harry Potter & AVPM/AVPS): I felt I needed to specify as I’m not a fan of movie Hermione. But when I was a child and reading the novels, I related so much to Hermione. We both had giant hair, big teeth, weren’t the easiest to get along with, and more interested in our own things (whether it be studies or just playing on your own) than in friends. And for her, she made close friends and formed a trio. As a child, I wanted that. I didn’t have friends, so I lived through her. I felt like an outcast and not desirable, like the Starkid Hermione, but I kept doing my own thing. Hermione is so strong and reminds me a lot of myself as a child.
  5. Alexia Tarabotti (Parasol Protectorate): From Hermione, I grew up into Alexia. Alexia isn’t traditionally attractive, speaks her mind, and incredibly rational and kinda lacking in empathy. This completely fits me, and she is another character whose strength I admire. If you haven’t, please read the series! I highly recommend.
  6. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji): Okay, so this character holds a special place in my heart. Despite how much I hate his current “character development” and how he is treated by the author, he was a really interesting character. His setup is great. He had so much potential to be explored (and sadly we will never get that). So I love him still, and I just develop him with more plausible ideas with some friends now as the series aggravated me to no end at a certain point (and hasn’t gotten better).
  7. Leading Player (Pippin): Leading Player is such a complex character. They represent the ambition of Pippin, but I think they’re darker than that. As I described to some friends, you get to see the transition from being a chaotic neutral-like character who moves Pippin along in the tale to a chaotic evil one. I think they represent a bit of the struggle everyone faces to be extraordinary and how we all have dark thoughts. The character is such a joy to watch and there is almost something threatening about them.
  8. Miles Tuck (Tuck Everlasting Musical): My sweet forever grumpy cat son. All memes about him are hilarious, and in the show, he’s hilarious and so tragic. Like when he just picks up and kidnaps Winnie or doesn’t shoot a guy because his mother told him not to. But OH DAMN. Time makes me sob every time. Even in Story of the Tucks, you realize that oh maybe he isn’t just a grumpy cat son. And he actually has sweet moments with Winnie, and I don’t know. I have a lot of feelings about him (and hot damn. Robert Lenzi’s voice always makes me swoon).
  9. Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland): So years and years ago, I fell in love with the Cheshire Cat, and a few years later, my friends decided he was my Disney personification. He is a great character who never takes sides, causes more confusion and madness, and just is super fun. What’s not to love about this chaotic neutral cat?
  10. Evan Hansen (Dear Evan Hansen): A new favorite, but I REALLY fell in love with his character. Although it was a bit painful to watch the show and some of Evan’s choices, I just sat there and saw myself in Evan. I was Evan in high school. I was talking to my friend (who is a stage manager), and we were talking about how the show reminded us of a similar incident that happened when we were in high school. And for me, I felt like Evan at that time. I was depressed as hell, had terrible anxiety, and I just felt alone. And by means, we are pulled into the heart of the campaign for someone who just committed suicide. To me, it was painful but I enjoyed watching him go through this struggle and then get to the realization of it all in Words Fail. And the ending…I love how he was treated in the Finale with the not typical happily ever after. But as someone who is in therapy and had a not typical after high-school experience, I relate. I get it. And his perseverance to happiness and inner peace is just something that people need to look forward to. Evan is so many people. And people really need to watch this show.

I’m tagging @9puzzlepiece9, @abookandadog, @browniespoints and anyone else who wants to do this. :)

Movie recommendations are needed

Hey everyone out there I really hope anyone who sees this will message me, reblog this with their recommendations, etc.

Hey there I am a horror movie fan.

No, not the old pure blood guts and gore (at least not most of the time, I 💘LOVE See No Evil with the WWE guy KANE in it).
I love supernatural movies, suspense movies with twists or scares or supernatural elements. I like found footage films, as long as they rnt TOO shaky with the camera work, cause that can give someone a headache man.
I like things that have an element of mystery to them, ya know? I like the alien abduction movie on Netflix called something like “Close encounters of the FOURTH KIND” or something.. It was really pretty good, sort of shot in a documentary/found footage kind of way.
I love movies like that.
The Quiet Ones, Dark Skies, Blair Witch Project, The Last Exorcism, The Taking of Deborah Logan, and all of the Paranormal Activity movies (up until I think the 5th one) are all movies that have shooting styles I enjoy.
There are a lot of movies like that that I have watched and liked, and very few that I didn’t like.

If anyone here can suggest a good horror flick that is similar to these styles of movies or is supernatural and/or really suspenseful then I would be so appreciative.

I love all my followers, all of the nice Tumblrs out there, and I will now tag some in hopes of them responding to me. @ask-the–creepypastas @creepypasta-murders @creepy-creepypasta @deadlytales @creepypastafactory @devin21321 @fifteenhours-creepystories @murderousminds @go-to-sl33p @FUCKING-EVERYONE


But not just any overlord. I’ve got the idea from “Overlord”, a light novel by Kugane Maruyama, illustrated by So-Bin and incidentally also animated by MADHOUSE in Fall 2015 (I only watched the animated version though).

Basically it started like your typical gamer-trapped-in-game-world story, but the twist is that the MC, a laid-back salaryman in real life, played as an Evil Overlord in the game with a bunch of very devoted non-human NPCs as his underlings. One of them (and the most devoted, obsessed, MADLY IN LOVE with him) was a succubus.

It’s such a perfect setting for VillainAU!Saigenos and I think I’ll expand more about this, but for now…

I CAN’T HELP TO SIN OKAY (bless @empanadadooblez​ for their delicious arts that inspired me <3 )

Nami and Luffy's Children

The Sweet and Energetic one (unknown) 

The hard headed, but loving beauty (bleach) 

The one that turned Evil (unknown) 

(I just gave myself feels)

The only responsible one (Takes care of his niece often) (Blue Exorcist) 

The airhead (Unknown) 

The Twins (that always bicker and cause nothing but trouble) (Sword art online S1) 

The Devious one that has everyone twisted around her finger (unknown)

The beauty of the family (Karneval) 

The baby that hurts himself way too much, because of his craves of adventure (Blue exorcist) 

The fighter (Highschool of the Dead) 

The glutton (unknown) 

The Klutz (The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)  

The adorable weirdo that has no boundaries…. at all (My little monsters)

The Aggressive Tsundere (Toradora) 

This was a request from an anon and I had a lot of fun making it <3! I believe that if Nami and Luffy really were to have kids, it would just be one big clusterfuck. God knows how both of them will raise their children XP

Anime of gifs are put next to the title of children, please feel free to add the names I don’t know!