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What Is The Shape Of Your Monster? – Get Out and Thought-out Horror

Get out.

No, I’m dead serious. If you haven’t already seen Jordan Peele’s Get Out yet, I need you to do me a massive favor. I need you to bookmark this page, close this page, and absolutely do not read this page— or any other essay or article on Get Out— until you’ve finished watching it.

I’m not just saying this because this essay will contain major spoilers for a movie that is best enjoyed going in knowing as little as possible— I mean, yes, it will— but most of all I just want as many people to see this movie as possible. It is by far the most socially relevant American movie to come out this year, at time of writing, if not one of the most socially relevant pieces of American art of the past decade.

It’s also just a very good movie.


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Wonder Woman + Blame

Wonder Woman is the story of a demigoddess who wants to save the world coming to terms with why it should be saved. In hero stories, the default is always that these are innocent people and therefore they deserve to live. 

But what if they’re not innocent? What if no one is.

That’s the complicating factor that Wonder Woman presents. It’s a beautiful, tragic/hopeful nod to the complex reality of war and peace. This is a long one but bear with me. I promise it goes someplace interesting.

Diana: Once I find and destroy Ares, the German armies will be freed from his influence, and they will be good men again, and the world will be better.

This is Diana’s mission statement. She believes the stories her mother told her about men’s innocent nature whole-heartedly and will do anything to return them to that state.

Diana: Who took this from your people?
Chief: [Guestures to Steve] His people.

Steve introduces himself to Diana as “one of the good guys.” But, as much as she comes to know his goodness and integrity, she also comes to know him as a liar, a killer, and a smuggler. Now he’s implicated in genocide. He’s the one of the bad guys in someone else’s story.

Luddendorf: Peace is just an armistice in an endless war.

The writers took some artistic license with this so-called quote from Thucydides, but it accomplishes two things. One, it shows that Diana has been well-tutored in ancient philosophies of war. Two, it sets up the idea of an armistice as a negative outcome of war. Since we have the benefit of history, as viewers we know the WWI Armistice is a direct cause of WWII. 

Diana: They don’t deserve our help, Steve!
Steve: It’s not about deserve! Maybe we don’t! But it’s not about that, it’s about what you believe. You don’t think I get it after what I’ve seen out there? You don’t think I wish I could tell you it was one bad guy to blame? It’s not! We’re all to blame.
Diana: I am not.
Steve: But maybe I am. Please. If you believe that this war should stop, if you want to stop it, help me stop it. Right now.

This is Steve Trevor’s mission statement. He understands that people can be evil, but he still doesn’t want thousands more to die. As a soldier, he has done horrible things in this war and others. He has perpetuated the endless fighting — an inch gained in WWI is two inches that have to be reclaimed. And yet. This war has to stop, and Steve will do anything in his limited power to stop it.

Chief: [Looking at the aircraft] What is it?
Steve: The future.

Steve looks at the plane full of explosive chemicals and describes it as, “The future.” The future holds more horrors than even The War to End all Wars imagined. He knows this. But he still believes in sacrificing his life to save today. To save the very people who will use these kinds of weapons in the future. That is goddamn tragic and beautiful and unsettling.

Ares: They start these wars on their own. All I do is orchestrate an armistice that I know they cannot keep in the hopes that they will destroy themselves. But it has never been enough. Until you.

Ares is not responsible for WWI. I don’t understand the confusion around this because the screenwriters say it blatantly. Diana is right that Ares is involved, but he is “not who [she] thought [he] was.” He isn’t to blame. He isn’t a mind-controller; he’s a whisperer. He hasn’t infiltrated human society to become an emperor, only an advisor. Humans are to blame, and humans will be their own undoing. Ares is trying to prove himself right, so, of course, he wouldn’t directly intervene whether or not he could.

Ares: Yes, Diana! Take them all! Finally, you see. Look at this world. Mankind did this. Not me! They are ugly, filled with hatred. Weak! Just like your Captain Trevor, gone and left you nothing. Pathetic He deserved to burn. 

Diana suffers loss, and she strikes out — a vengeful god. Ares is gleeful. He has to undermine what Steve means to her so that she will complete her transformation into Destroyer God, Hater of Humans. That, of course, pisses her off. So he tries another tact. Nevermind Steve, what about the worse possible vision of humanity? 

Ares: Look at her [Maru] and tell me I’m wrong! She is the perfect example of these humans and unworthy of your sympathy in every way. You know that she deserves it. They all do. Do it! 

A woman who kills in horrific ways for pleasure. Someone who poisoned herself, mind, body, and soul. She does deserve to die. She’s a psychopath with no redeeming qualities (props to the actress, though, for her epic villain laugh). And yet Diana chooses not to destroy her. 

Now, Diana does kill. It’s part of her character. But she does not kill when she doesn’t have to. If she were in a dire situation where Maru has to be killed to save others, you betcha she’s going down. But Ares is asking Diana to be judge, jury, and executioner. The thing is, she can be. She is not to blame. But she won’t. Because Steve, her representative of humanity, loves her and believes she can save the world. It’s a promise between them. And a promise is unbreakable.

Diana: You’re wrong about them. They’re everything you say but so much more. 
Ares: Lies! They do not deserve your protection!
Diana: It’s not about deserve. It’s about what you believe. And I believe in love.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. This screenplay has taken Greek mythology and twisted it into a Christian parable. Turn the other cheek. Love thine enemy. All that jazz. But separate from that, Diana’s choice to love is the right one because of what it represents about our own history.

At the end of WWI, the Allies win. They believe with everything they have that the people of the Central powers deserve to pay for the carnage and destruction. Despite people like Vera Britton advocating for both sides to realize that war itself is the evil and an armistice at such a steep cost cannot possibly lead to lasting peace, the Allies take their pound of flesh. And so the German people let a genocidal maniac take over their country. That’s a bit of simplification, but do some Googling and the gist is there.

Now, what happened after WWII? The Allies rebuilt East/West Germany. The Allies rebuilt Japan. WWII was objectively more horrible and deadly than WWII, but, afterward, there was no armistice. (There wasn’t peace, either. The deconstruction of colonialism in the midst of the Cold War saw to that.) But WWIII hasn’t happened yet. Nuclear weapons haven’t been used again. Chemical weapons use is treated as a horrific act, not an everyday incident. That’s huge

War is perpetual as long as we perpetuate it. Everyone has a justification. And, yes, no justice, no peace. Sometimes you have to go to war to make things right. But at some point, the passing along of blame has to stop or there will never be peace. The hardest thing in the world is to love your enemy if they have wronged you. The hardest thing on this earth is convincing people to love each other enough to share their wealth, their privilege, their protection, their lives. It seems impossible to teach people who hate to love. But, in the end, that’s only thing that will save us.

Ares represents hate. He hates humans for reasons even Diana acknowledges as valid. But Diana can know and understand that hatred without giving into it. She has a complex view of human nature that allows her to retain her idealism. Hate doesn’t have the power here. Love does. That’s why she can destroy Ares. That’s why the German soldiers can breathe fresh air and hug strangers from the other side. In that moment and for a time after, love wins. 

As for the rest of this “century of horrors”? That’s “a different story altogether.”

Diana: I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then I glimpsed a darkness that lives within their light, and learned that within every one of them there will always be both. A choice each much make for themselves. Something no hero will ever defeat. And now I know that only love can truly save the world.

The thesis of this film is that war makes everyone complicit. Everyone is to blame. There are no innocents for a divine hero like Diana to save. But she does what she can because she believes in us and our better angels. Yeah, this is just a superhero movie. But that is an important message, and, sadly, an all-too-rare one.

Hey so like, everyone mad about the Joseph endings from Dream Daddy? His writer is a queer horror writer. That is legit, his thing. THATS WHAT HE DOES lmao. Like he likes horror so he made his route horror. Sure you COULD point out issues and “missed opportunities” left and right but. The game is good and sweet without that. And with him it’s like a compelling treasure hunt almost with how everyone is searching for his secret ending. And as for his normal endings?

Yeah they suck. They’re sad. But they’re also real. That shit happens, a lot. And it sucks right? That a game all about dating dads and it going smoothly everywhere else had this in it? I don’t think so. I liked how real it was. It was sad and it sucked but it also wasn’t the end of the world. Your daughter was there for you and it’s implied you move on.

Also for all those complaining about Mary I should say, Mary goes out and gets drunk, and she flirts with men, but she never sleeps with them. The bartender says so in one of the walking Mary home scenes, the one you get from dating Robert. Mary is just as miserable as Joseph but she never cheats, unlike Joseph who actually DOES cheat on his wife with Robert. And if the canon thing about being a demon is true? Reason she neglects the kids is cause they aren’t kids but lil demon things. Which if I was her, yeah I’d ignore them too. All in all it’s just.

Can you guys all maybe just chill for two seconds. Instead of getting so so angry and so upset and jumping to reasons and conclusions. The game is not exactly what we expected sure(though from the Game Grumps and Vernon I knew a twist had to be involved somewhere) but it’s still good. If you want you can ignore the entire cult ending thing and/or altogether. You have six other dads to love.
The game isn’t bait, the game isn’t homophobic, the game isn’t a trick. It’s just a dating sim. And all dating sims have that one weird evil crazy path cause that’s kinda their thing. So ya know. There’s my piece I guess.

flvffs  asked:

please, tell me a little more of your feelings on cersei burning the tower of the hand (if this is already in your tags, i am so sorry: mobile gives me the useless "there is nothing here")

Are you. Sure you want my feelings on this. Because I have. A lot.

Ok, so, one of the things that I love about ASOIAF is that it’s a story about stories.1 The Frog Prince, the Evil Queen, the Beast, the Huntsman, the Wicked Stepmother, Cinderella, Snow White, Red Riding Hood, the Witch – they’re all here. GRRM takes these timeless stories and twists them and turns them, telling them from the POV of the villain and other distortions. We glimpse their dim reflections over and over in GRRM’s dark funhouse mirrors, in Sansa and Arya and Lysa and Quentyn and Sandor and Tyrion and so many others.2 But obviously the character I want to talk about here is Cersei.

Cersei’s story is shaped and I would even say weighed down by fairy tales and famous literary figures. She is the Evil Queen, she is one of GRRM’s Wicked Stepmothers, she is Guinevere and Lady Macbeth and Clytemnestra. 

But I think one of the most interesting fairy tales Cersei embodies is Rapunzel, the Maiden in the Tower. Rapunzel, “the girl with the impossibly long golden hair” “is a story about sexual desire and obsession and cruelty. […] ‘Rapunzel’ is largely a story about feminine power.” And Cersei’s story is her navigation of power in a world that actively denies her power, and it all ties into the Tower of the Hand. 

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Kidnapped/Captured Prompts

Anonymous said:Hello, same ask as the one for kidnap/capture fics. I forgot to clarify if they could possibly for Hero and Villain characters. I just really love those prompts… Anonymous said:Could I possibly ask for some more kidnapped/captured prompts?

Anonymous said:Hi! I love so much your blog, the prompts are all I ever looked for. May I ask some dialogues for the prompt evil wizard x kidnapped princess? Old but gold XD. Thank you so much! 

Anonymous said:More pirate prompts please! Maybe with a the captain from the pirate ship capturing one from the Navy?

1) “You have no idea how much I once admired you,” the villain said softly. “I wanted to be just like you.”
‘Then don’t do this!’ It came out muffled by the gag as the hero twisted against the restraints. ‘I was busy - it wasn’t a slight against you.’ A dozen different explanations that went unheard and ignored. 
“God,” the villain laughed giddily. “You really are quite something, you know?” They wet their lips, eyes gleaming with excitement. “So let’s see what makes you tick.”

2) “You, me, alone in an interrogation room with no witnesses,” the hero purred. “It’s like it’s my birthday.”
The villain eyed them warily, even as their body language stayed deceptively careless. “Well, I’m flattered. I’d have picked a nice hotel room myself, but there’s no accounting for poor taste.” The hero had been trying to apprehend them for years, always shiny and golden in the public eye, but in the private…obsession was probably the word. Wherever they were, whatever they did, the hero seemed determined to stop them. Honestly, it was like they had no life of their own to be getting on with. 
Alone in an interrogation room with no witnesses really wasn’t a comforting thought.

3) “I’m just saying,” the princess said. “You can’t be all that omnipotent if you have to resort to capturing girls to get what you want. Isn’t there a spell for that?”
“Magic doesn’t quite work that way,” the wizard said tightly. 
“Can you do anything cool? Can you turn into a dragon?” 
“Because I was once kidnapped by a prince who could turn into a dragon, and honestly I’ve kind of missed flying. We still write sometimes.” 
The evil wizard stared at her in annoyance. 

4) The wizard’s spell was difficult to resist. It fogged her brain and left her will cloudy, more and more so as the days slipped by. Imprisoned in her own chambers, what a joke!
“We’re only keeping you safe,” the queen assured her. “Stop fighting what is best for you.”
She never would.   

5) “You naval types are always the same,” the pirate captain said. “So proud until you’ve been hung out on deck lashed with no food and water for a week.”
The naval captain kept their gaze straight ahead, jaw clenched. 
The pirate captain grabbed a fistful of their hair, pulling their head back, lips pressing against the navy captain’s ear. “Or maybe I’ll just start with your crew. Make you watch one of them walk the plank each time you don’t give me what I want. Perhaps both. What do you think?” 
“You’ll have to kill me and all my crew before I ever tell you anything.”
The pirate smiled. “I wonder if your crew feel the same way.”

6) “You must feel so hurt, so betrayed,” the pirate captain murmured. “Years of loyal service, and your crew sold you out in a second to save their own skin…not that it helped them of course.”
The navy captain’s ship, and its crew, was a smouldering wreck on the horizon sinking fast. The navy captain could stil taste the acrid thickness of ash on their tongue, feel the blood beneath their finger nails. Their throat lodged tight. “You gave them your word that you would let them go.”
“I have no words or promises of honour for unhonourable men who sell out their captain. You, on the other hand…you have quite the reputation.”
“Then you know I’d never sell out to you,” the navy captain spat. 
“You don’t recognize me, do you?”

Drew’s Great Big Beauty and the Beast Review









Let me start off by mentioning how much this movie means to me. I’ve kind of made my niche on the internet by dreamcasting Disney movies as if they were live action. I’ve made a ridiculous number of edits, I mean I’ve spent hours, days, probably weeks on this stuff at this point, and many of these edits have been focused on Beauty and the Beast. Live action versions of Disney movies are like… my Thing. And, to be totally honest, this really is only the second faithful adaptation. Alice in Wonderland was a total reworking of the Alice story, not really a cartoon-to-live-action like this. Maleficent completely retold the story from a different angle by making one Disney’s most vicious villains not only sympathetic but good. Cinderella is so close (and so good, I might add) but visually it’s vastly different from its animated counterpart, especially when it comes to Lady Tremaine and the Fairy Godmother, and it’s not a musical. The Jungle Book is the closest we’ve seen to a real and true “live action remake” as opposed to a live action reinterpretation. But here we are. Disney did it. They took one of their most beloved animated classics and straight-up made it into a live action movie without cutting any songs or really very much at all…

And oh boy, did they knock it out of the park.

I love this movie. This is what I’ve been waiting for.

I love Emma Watson as Belle. I think she’s a wonderful choice, I completely buy into her as Belle. She’s beautiful and intelligent and spunky. Her singing is fine. She’s not Kristin Chenoweth or Sutton Foster, but Belle doesn’t need to be. She’s also not Meryl Streep or Daniel Day-Lewis, you know, Emma doesn’t go through a massive transformation and disappear into the role, but she doesn’t need to because she’s already so much like Belle. Still, I don’t find myself watching it thinking about Emma playing the role, I think of her as Belle, which is the goal of acting really. I love that this Belle is so active. I love that she is continuously trying to find a way to escape from the castle. The addition of the laundry machine and teaching the young girl how to read is so good because it actually shows us Belle’s intelligence. In the animated movie, we know Belle’s smart because we’re told Belle’s smart. She reads books and, sure, she acts rationally and she certainly shows the poise of an intelligent person, but this new scene gives us an active example of her intelligence and creativity while also demonstrating the oppressive and small-minded nature of the townspeople. Emma’s Belle is charming and smart and lovely, and I think she captures the essence of Belle perfectly.

All that being said, our two male leads really steal the show for me. I’ve seen the movie twice now and each time, one of the leading gentleman really jumped out. The first time I watched, Luke Evans felt like the true shining star of the film. His Gaston reminds me of Jason Isaacs as both Captain Hook and Lucius Malfoy. He isn’t just vain… this guy is a legitimate narcissist, it seems like his mind has truly been twisted by the war. This Gaston is even more evil than the one we left behind in the world of animation. Gaston has always been terrifying because of his charisma. The way he’s able to charm the people of the village is chilling and this time around we see even more of that trait, paired with a darker and more violent streak particularly illustrated by Gaston tying up Maurice and leaving him for the wolves. Plus, both times I saw the movie the audience gasped in horror when Gaston stomped on Belle’s lettuces.

The second time I saw the film, I was specifically watching for Dan Stevens’s performance as the Beast and man, this is good stuff. The Prince at the beginning is such a drama queen. He’s so over-the-top with his costuming, wig, even his gestures are extremely theatrical. The make up at the beginning is particularly brilliant, burying the Prince’s face in streaks of blue and silver so he still feels like an obscure figure that we don’t quite see. When Belle first meets the Beast, this is all still evident. The way he hides in the shadows, even his lines of dialogue, it’s all very dramatic. And then as the movie progresses, you can see this flair for melodrama fade away as he becomes a more grounded person. He becomes gentler, kinder, and his intelligence, which has always been there, comes forward. By the time we see the Prince again at the end, you can tell that this is the same man but he has been changed. The animated film’s human Prince always felt disconnected from the Beast for me. Sure, they made the eyes the same, but it was hard to see much else because we just see so little of him, so he always felt rather vanilla. That’s not the case here. When the Prince transforms back to a human at the end, this feels like the same character we have watched throughout the film. I’m sure this is aided by the incredible motion capture and CGI work, because the Beast is animated superbly, but Dan’s performance is just stellar.

The objects are perfect. There’s only one shot that I think feels odd (when Belle is carrying Lumiere with Cogsworth walking in front as they lead her to her room) but other than that one moment, I never second guess them as objects. They feel and act real. Lumiere’s movements in particular are incredible, right down to his close up at the start of “Be Our Guest.” I was worried about Plumette before seeing the movie because the bird design is so unusual, but it makes sense since they needed her to be able to fly to get around, and doesn’t feel out of place at all in the movie. Mrs. Potts and Chip are also beautifully animated, they always feel like real and solid objects with weight to them. Their relationship is wonderful, so loving and caring. Chip’s line, “OK. I’m older” is one of my favorite little moments of the whole thing. Cadenza is a wonderful addition to our cast of characters and I did not expect his relationship with Garderobe, but they were an excellent surprise. And Frou Frou! I love that Frou Fou is Garderobe’s and that he becomes Cadenza’s bench and is therefore the link between the two throughout their years in the curse. They’re just so sweet.

Maurice has been an under-reported character in all of this, and that’s a shame because Kevin Klein knocks this role out of the park. He is absolutely wonderful as Maurice. He is fatherly and kind but he has also clearly made mistakes as a parent and that is kind of embraced and understood in the storytelling. He is sincere at all times in a role that is pretty exaggerated in the animated film. If Maurice’s arrival in the tavern had been played exactly like the original, it would have felt campy, but Kevin Klein’s earnestness grounds the moment in reality. Not to mention his quips about snow in June and “apparently that’s what happens around here when you pick a flower” are delivered brilliantly.

Let’s talk Lefou. I don’t like this Lefou, and here’s why. Every other character in this film feels developed in a natural way. It feels like we are learning more information about these characters that has always existed, we just didn’t fit it in the first time around. Lefou, on the other, doesn’t feel like a character who has been developed but a character who has been rewritten. They clearly got the seed of an idea to make him gay but felt squeamish about making him evil and gay (and rightfully so), so they wrote this redemption arc that feels forced and really doesn’t actually go anywhere… Lefou’s turn during the battle with the castle objects doesn’t actually do anything, so the whole thing feels arbitrary. After seeing the film the second time, my friend and I spent probably an hour and a half just talking about Lefou and came up with a brilliant solution to this whole mess of a character… more on that in a moment…

Incorporating the Enchantress into the story is very compelling. I think it’s very obvious who Agatha is throughout the movie, but it gives the sense that she wants the spell to be broken, she wants the Beast to learn his lesson, which is very interesting. Having her arrive after the spell has completed and actively reverse it is a riveting choice, and I actually felt like we were missing a moment with her where she realizes that she made a mistake. When she was watching the separated loved ones reunite, it seemed like there was a seed of remorse that was not addressed.

The character development is very well done across the board, but I think something this movie did that was important and contributes to its success is the development of the spell itself. I think this was one of the most brilliant moves the film made. The eternal winter around the castle explains the sudden weather changes in such a short period of time while still using the seasons as an emotional storytelling technique like the animated film. The wolves are also clearly part of the curse here – I would have actually liked to have seen them included in the finale sequence, either transformed into humans like the objects, or else disappearing like mist with the rest of the eternal winter. Having the castle crumble every time a petal falls from the rose is so smart as well; it explains why the objects know every time a petal fall while also representing their and the Beast’s disintegrating humanity. But the best part of the curse’s development was definitely the memory loss. Adding the simple line to the opening narration about removing the people of the castle from the minds of the people who loved them was absolutely inspired. This one quick line explained a huge loophole that the animated film left regarding the presence of a massive castle in the woods and a royal family that apparently the entirely world did not know about. But even better than that, it created some wonderfully emotional reunions at the end. My friend beside me gasped so loudly when our favorite teapot exclaimed, “Mr. Potts!” and the moment with Henri Cogsworth and his wife(?) was so hilarious and, in my opinion, subtly hinted at our second LGBT character in this universe. Which brings me to the Lefou thing.

Here’s what my friend and I came up with: in the opening sequence, we see Cogsworth lurking in the shadows telling the Prince that “it’s time,” we see Lumiere handing the Prince a candelabra, we see Mrs. Potts chasing after Chip… in the midst of all this, we could also show a masked jester entertaining a few people at the ball. When the Enchantress arrives, a lot of people run out – presumably that’s where Mr. Potts and Mrs. Cogsworth escape and why they’re not included in the spell – and the jester leaves with them as well. At the end, the Pottses are reunited, the Cogsworths are reunited, and then Lefou recognizes his old beau, Chapeau the violinist/coat rack, and joins the finale back in his jester outfit. It makes total sense for Lefou to be “the fool” of course and explains why he falls into the abusive friendship he has with Gaston, since it would parallel the relationship he probably would have had as a jester for the similarly self-centered Prince. This adds two quick two-second shots to the opening scene, one of the masked Lefou juggling or something and one of him fleeing when the Enchantress shows up, and about twenty seconds at the end for the reunion and revelation and, in my opinion, is so much less problematic than writing our first ever LGBT Disney character as an evil sidekick with a forced redemption arc – this way, he had his memory erased, just like everyone else. Just our little idea but I think it could have blended into this world quite smoothly. Alas, here we are.

Moving on! The finale is absolutely gorgeous. The whole ending sequence is my favorite thing about the whole film. The fight scene is fantastic and then from there to the end, everything is so marvelous. We know the objects are going to be okay in the end, but seeing them all finally lose the battle they’ve been fighting and become motionless household objects is… emotional! Then the Prince’s transformation is brilliant, giving the perfect nods to the original film, and each character’s subsequent change back to their human state is perfect (Cadenza’s teeth!), especially when Mrs. Potts and Chip go sliding down the steps. And then when she says, “You smell so good,” oh my gosh. Whoever contributed that line is a genius. I go all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Then we have the wonderful and funny reunions and then the final dance sequence, where Emma is beautiful and Dan is looking good in bright sky blue and rococo curls in his hair. Audra McDonald sings flawlessly and we have that beautiful moment between Mrs. Potts and Maurice that made my little shipper heart do a backflip, even if there is a Mr. Potts now. I’m still not sure if I’m on board with the growl, but I adore the line about the beard – apparently it was written for the original film and Paige O'Hara even recorded it! But it interrupted that finale sequence so they never used it. I think it works perfectly here, it’s so cute.

The first time watching, I felt the pacing was so odd in the film, with some abrupt transitions that didn’t quite work. I felt that less so the second time, maybe just because I was expecting it, and sometimes I actually liked the sudden change. I also don’t fully understand the shuffling of scenes at the beginning. The animated film goes (1) “Belle,” (2) Belle and Maurice at home, (3) Maurice leaves for the fair, (4) Maurice arrives in the castle, (5) Gaston proposes, (6) “Belle (Reprise),” (7) Philippe comes back and tells Belle to the castle. The movie rearrange this so almost all of the village scenes happen together, reordering that sequence as 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 4, 7. Because of this we end up going from Maurice’s whole scene in the castle, back to the village for about thirty seconds with Philippe and Belle, then right back to the castle again. This made the whole sequence of events feel rushed even though each moment was given about the same amount of time, or more, as the original film. Additionally, I felt some of the filming choices from a cinematography point of view were weird. There were several times that we were zoomed in on a character, usually Belle or Gaston in the village, and it felt like the shot was kept tight to hide something but then there wasn’t anything to hide… it’s a hard thing to articulate, but I definitely noticed it through both viewings.

The design of this movie is amazing. Breathtaking. Thousands of beautiful costumes and such detail – human Cogsworth’s buttons have the Roman numeral numbers on them! Not to mention the object designs. Lumiere’s candlestick form is clearly inspired by the Broadway production, which was an absolutely brilliant choice. Garderobe’s wardrobe form is A THEATRE, it has box seats and a stage with curtains as her mouth piece! Even the villagers are designed with such care, memorable and reminiscent of the original in many places – the man with the scissors and the guy with the mustache, the Baker is very similar to his animated design… I would have liked to have seen blonde silly girls to contrast them more distinctly with Belle, but they are what they are. The set design, from the village to the absolutely incredible castle, it’s all so, so good. I love the little flowers painted on the doorway to Maurice’s cottage and I loved the magnificent, baroque-meets-gothic design of an extremely unique castle. I know people are up in arms about the yellow dress, I know it’s not perfect, but it doesn’t stick out so horribly in the movie and it moves so beautifully in the ballroom scene. And honestly, I’ve never cared about the yellow dress, the blue dress is the one I’ve always loved and I just think the live action interpretation is glorious. It does not feel like a costume, it feels worn-in, it feels natural, like it’s just Belle’s favorite dress, and I just love it so much.

Speaking of detail, they named the village. And they named it Villeneuve. As in Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve, the original author of the fairy tale. Come on. That’s fantastic.

Let’s see, some of my other favorite moments that jumped out at me that I wanted to mention… the whole “Gaston” scene in the tavern is awesome, maybe my favorite scene besides the finale sequence. I love that Lefou is going around paying everyone off to boost Gaston’s ego, I love the dance, I love the use of Tom, Dick, and Stanley as cronies throughout the entire movie, I love lifting the young woman and then lifting Lefou, the whole song is fun and funny and exciting and the new lyrics are just amazing - “Then I shoot from behind!” “Is that fair?” “I don’t care!” …That’s exactly what’s going to happen in the final battle. Ugh. So good.

The moment in “Something There” where the Beast moves to Belle’s end of the table, she puts down her spoon, and they both sip their soup out of the bowl… that hit me in a way the animated movie never has before. It’s amazing symbolism. He can’t eat with the spoon, she’s not going to lap it up like an animal, so they find a way they can both eat the same way. They’re meeting each other halfway. That’s some good stuff right there.

OH, and I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned “Be Our Guest!” Come on. They went hard with that. They put on a full Broadway production on the table in front of Belle! The way it just kept growing bigger and bigger was delightful. Plus I love that the grey stuff is designed after Be Our Guest Restaurant’s grey stuff, complete with the silver and grey chocolate caviar beads.

Replacing the animated film’s bookstore, which never really made sense in a town of people who think reading makes someone weird, with a small shelf holding a dozen old and worn books that Belle has read over and over is just such a wonderful touch. I love that Belle’s favorite play is Romeo and Juliet because she’s barely read anything else and I love that the Beast’s reaction is to roll his eyes at her selection. I would have liked to have seen the giving of the library be a little more deliberate and a little less off the cuff, and I definitely missed the “promises you don’t intend to keep” line, but I’m so satisfied with the choice to make the Beast a reader. Having “a very expensive education” totally makes sense, and what else would he have had to do with all that time? They each develop the other’s literary taste! What’s better in a relationship than that?

The new songs are lovely as well. “How Can A Moment Last Forever?” is so much better than “No Matter What,” I wish it could logically fit into the musical instead because it’s really, really good. “Days in the Sun” is so sweet, it’s nice to have those moments with the young prince and each of the objects and even Belle, and honestly I can’t stand “Human Again” so I’m good with this one, plus the lyrical nod to “A Change in Me” is nice. But “Evermore” is clearly stealing the show as far as the new songs are concerned. What a great song. I still think they could have done a little tweaking to the lyrics in order to still use “If I Can’t Love Her” but if we’re going to write a new song for the Beast, I’ll take this one. (But can we not digitally lower Dan Stevens’s voice next time? It sounds like a computer singing at some points.) I also loved all of the new/old lyrics that were incorporated into the songs we were familiar with. They felt fresh without being forced. The new “Gaston” lyrics are definitely my favorite, but the new lyrics that Mrs. Potts sings in the finale are touching. Plus, using the Broadway songs as underscoring was really nice, especially “Home.”

I’m just so delighted with this movie. Everything from the original is there but now there’s more. The stove is there. The coat rack is there. The footstool is there. They just paid so much attention to detail and did this movie the justice it deserved. I’m already prepared to call this my favorite movie. Easily. By miles. It’s beautiful and just absolutely everything I was hoping it would be.

  • Russ in Episode Three: Oh, hey Doug. How am I going to be possessed today?
See You Down There

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Requested: Can you do that imagine where jason and Y/N having a baby please ?


I gave you direct instructions which you have failed to fall through with. There is no excuse. You have ten seconds to fuck off.” Jason’s voice was stern, terrifyingly calm but underneath was an undying tone of anger for the man and his inability to complete a task.

I knew at that moment he wasn’t bluffing, when was the last time Jason Mccann had ever bluffed? And the trembling man before him obviously knew no better.

Or maybe he did - for he was in this situation after all as a cause of his reckless behaviour. Jason trusted the man with his shipment, directly told him to be here with his guns at seven sharp. Yet here he stood at Nine forty five with no guns and a terrified expression.

Sorry buddy, but you had this coming.

“Please Mr Mccann. You have to understand, I have a family!” 

“So do I.” Jason stated, directing his eyes over to me and my swelling belly. “That’s why when I’m told to do something, I get it done. I will not risk not coming home to them for filthy pleasures.”

“It was one time. I-I didn’t mean to!” The man pleaded.

“Last time I checked you don’t place a bunt in your mouth and smoke it on accident.” Jason spat. “That shipment was really important! My client was expecting me to deliver it hours ago but because of your ignorance, I lost an ally tonight.”

“Please Jason-” The man pleaded to which jason lifted a lip and snarled in anger as well as in warning. The man’s eyes widened, making quick to correct his error. “I mean, Mr Mccann. Don’t kill me. Don’t you have a heart!?”

Ooh. Wrong move buddy.

Suddenly, Jason’s lips twisted into an evil grin - one of menacing amusement that was somehow blank but full of meaning all at once. “A heart?” Jason questioned. “I used too.” He chuckled. “But you see, there’s a problem now. My heart was stolen by a beautiful woman who is now carrying my child. It lays in her hands.”

That’s when Jason directed his eyes over to me, a look of love but that stern professional glare shining straight through, informing me that no matter how much he loved me, he meant business. “So tell me baby girl. What do you think I should do?”

A sudden wave of pain rush through me. It was dull but still much noticeable - something I had found was a very common thing in pregnancy. Decided to ignore the flood of discomfort for this really wasn’t a good time to complain about my pregnancy, I glanced around the room finding every pair of eyes burning sternly through my head.

Jason was the first I saw, a look of patient love but professional demeanor. Then the gang members guarding the room caught my eyes next. They all looked on with stern eyes, ready to pounce at the request of my decision, but the man sat with pleading eyes, begging to be spared.

This wasn’t a decision I was appealed to make everyday, so my mind at this point was rushing with thoughts of indecisiveness and fear.

This man had a family to go home to as well as his own gang to run, but over all he did us wrong and disrespected not only our request, but Jason himself. And no one disrespects my husband and gets away with it. I know Jason was giving me the choice to make for myself but deep down, I knew he hoped I’d declare this mans death.

And who was I to upset my husband?

“Kill him.” I spat.

The man’s eyes widened in shock, head whipping from side to side in fear as two guards began approaching each side of his body. “No! No please! Please! Don’t do this!!”

The two members of Bizzle gang roughly gripped ahold of the mans shoulder’s, ripping him up rather aggressively. The man’s cries and screams echoed through the entirety of Jason’s office, who must I say had a large and satisfied grin on his face.

Slowly, Khalil and Za dragged the man away kicking and screaming, yelling profanities of all sorts over his breath. But One sentence in particular managed to catch me off guard, his words burning through me and panging me with worry. A pang that was physically felt as a second wave of pain endured me.

“I hope your and wife and child rot in hell!” and at that moment, I watched as Jason’s face visibly twisted from one of satisfaction to a firing rage.

It was no less than point 2 seconds before Jason had flung his body out of his chair, face red and burning with anger. “Bring him back here!”

And not wanting to anger the boss, Za and Khalil dragged the boy back, holding him down on the chair forcefully. Jason leaned forward, his face mere inches from the man. His once honey eyes presented black and I was honestly scared for the man myself.

Jason snarled, teeth visible as he spat his words. So harsh that they sent shivers down my spine. “You will regret ever meeting me, let alone wishing death upon my family. I may be a murderer but I am a child of god. And so god help me, if they’re going to hell then I’m going with them. Just not going anytime soon.”

Then he smiled, one to send even the strongest of men running. A psychotic, treacherous smile. “See you down there.”

And with a swift movement he had drawn his gun, clicked the safety off and pulled the trigger all before I could blink. The sound rung throughout the room and I flinched ever so slightly at the echo of the shell clattering to the ground.

The sight before me had bile rising up my throat, pooling in my mouth. The sight usually wouldn’t phase me but this pregnancy was making it hard to keep anything down. Blood splattered the room and the mans body lay lifeless on the seat, a hole of nothing in the center of his forehead with blood oozing down it.

It was all too much and I was found doubling over besides me. My breakfast was fast to exit my body, relieving the nausea’s feeling pooling in my stomach.Though Jason was quick to run over to me, a hand on my back as I began to stand straight again.

“You okay baby girl?” He questioned with a sincere tone. He was used to my constant nausea episodes and found it quite normal that I had thrown up.

But yet again, another wave of pain fell over my body, a burning cramp riding up from my stomach, extending as far as my torso reached. This one was a lot stronger than the last, and I was found once again doubling over, but this time in pain.

A groan of misery was emitted from my throat, a hand reaching up to clutch my stomach. Everyone in the room stiffened, eyeing me with worry as I stood back to lean on Jason’s shoulder.

“It hurts!” I yelled. “Jason it hurts!”

He was quick to grab a hold of my body. He lifted both my arms, wrapping each around his neck with both arms around my waist to stabilize me. His eyes held worry with a glint of fear - something you never saw Jason feeling. “What is it baby?” He frantically asked. “What’s hurting?”

It took everything in me to muster up the words “M-My stomach! It hurts!” I Groaned. “I think I’m having c-contractions.”

Jason’s eyes widened as he glanced down at my stomach. He had read the pregnency books I asked him to read after a litle begging but none the less still asked, “What does that mean?!”

That’s when It hit me, and I began announcing the words we had been waiting to hear ever since the day I  found out I was pregnant. “I think I’m going into labour!”

Just like Jason’s, everyone’s eyes largened, and I almost wanted to slap them for just staring at me while I groaned in pain.

“Well don’t just stand there, do something!”

And then everyone was off. Jason began instructing the gang to start up the car and grab my hospital bag from upstairs, a few rushing around to follow Jason’s orders while others proceeded to cancel all jason’s meetings for the rest of the day.

But Jason instead stood by me, his forehead leant against mine with his eyes closed.

“I’m scared.” I announced.

Jason licked his lips, lifting a hand to caress my face. “It’s okay baby girl. Just breath.”

“But I’m not ready.” Tears brimmed my eyes and I felt like I was about to colapse right then and there.

Jason shook his head. “Shh.” He cooed. “You’re ready. More than ready. You’re going to do great. Just think about it, in a couple of hours were going to be right back here, but this time with a beautiful baby girl.”

I chuckled. “Boy.”

“Baby, It’s a girl.”

“I think It’s a boy.”

Justin shook his head, a smile present on his face. “It’s going to be a girl. I can feel it.”

There was a few more seconds of smiles before I once again groaned in pain, lighting everyone back to the situation at hand. Jason opened his eyes, looking down at the bump then back to me with excitement. I just wanted to kiss him, hold my baby in my hands and never let go.

“Y/N.” Jason whispered.

“Yeah.” I hummed.

“Let’s go have a baby.”

Hawaiian Changeling Child

I have a character that I have changed from white to Native Hawaiian to have a POC lead but that has brought up with some issues with her backstory. The main one is that she has a twin brother who is a changeling. Reading your wonderful site I can see a couple of problems with this, white baby being made POC, Stolen POC babies (The biological twin does appear later and not forgotten about.)  and the main one of him being a security expert and fake breaks into places, like a legal type of thief. I want to keep the twin bond but but if there are two many problems I can just change him into an adopted white younger brother.

Security expert who fake breaks into places to make them better isn’t a terrible problem, but I’m not Hawaiian or Polynesian so I can’t really speak for any exact stereotypes here. As always, you can mitigate this by having multiple native Hawaiians in the story with a variety of roles.

Stolen PoC babies for Indigenous people, on the other hand, is huge. I am talking “guides for what makes a fit parent are conveniently rewritten to steal Indigenous kids” levels. Canada had a mass theft of Indigenous children in the 60s, called the 60s Scoop, so it’s not ancient history at all. This is an Indigenous issue that needs a ton of sensitivity, and if you do want to keep PoC leads then really dig down to which ethnicity doesn’t have a massive adoption crisis in modern day North America.

That all being said, I’m going to specifically talk about some unfortunate implications in the changeling myth, and how you’re reinforcing something you might not be aware of.

Changeling children often end up describing textbook autistic kids, to the point some people believe changelings were describing autistic children. 

Changelings ask strange questions, don’t understand “human” (allistic/non autistic) rules, they have odd sensitivities, rituals, preferences, and sometimes have very superhuman-like abilities. These are the same traits autistic people have.

The main narrative for autism in America right now is that autism “steals” normal kids away, and the goal of various “therapies” for “intervention” is to “find the normal kid underneath autism.” That normal kid doesn’t exist in somebody autistic. But by the way you’ve framed the myth, that normal kid does exist and was stolen.

This isn’t as big a problem so long as the changeling is treated respectfully by the prose, and the end result is “three people, one a bit weird, all become family.” However, if there’s some sort of twist where the changeling is bad, working to destroy things, etc… you’ve basically taken an autistic coded individual and made them evil, reinforcing a narrative that hurts the community deeply.

Regardless of whether or not you keep the character as some sort of PoC, do understand the potential history of changelings, how you’ve created your own changeling, and how you treat them within the plot. This can fight a little bit with PoC representation, because I would love to see fewer “gifted but weird autistic white boy” narratives and more PoC autistic narratives. White boys are terribly over-represented whenever autism is discussed, to the point PoC and girls/AFAB individuals often don’t get diagnosed. People legitimately don’t think it’s possible for us to be autistic thanks to how closely tied autism is to boys.

~ Mod Lesya

2CT upsets me tbh

What Ciel is going through is terrible. I don’t want him to suffer anymore. 
For what reason is all of this happening? I respect Yana Toboso and I love her work unconditionally, but this twist is so cliché and full of plot holes… 
There are so many contradictions that I’ll have to write a post apart from this to explain all of them. 

I see people going crazy about Real!Ciel already, and that hurts me. I don’t care if he has a beautiful face and resembles Vincent, he is not our Ciel. Our Ciel might be a liar, but he’s the one we learned to love and after all we’ve been through I won’t leave his side.
Real!Ciel is evil, he caused Agni’s death and almost killed Soma. He wants to hurt our Ciel in so many ways… I won’t forgive his cruel acts no matter how bad our!Ciel did in the past, because it’s him that I want to protect. 

Real!Ciel is bad, keep that in mind. And Ciel’s friends will understand that for sure, nobody is gonna leave his side no matter what, because they love and cherish him. 

Finnian, MeyRin, Bard and whoever will escape that little brat’s insanity… they will protect Ciel at any cost.              

Go watch 3% on Netflix RN


Lots of representation. You’re asian? Represented. 

Your mother is a redhead and your father is black? There you go honey.

Tired of romance centered drama? Yeah, 3% doesn’t need it. (did ppl know you can put a young cast together w/o a love triangle happening out of the blue? Some writers are propably shocked right now).

Wanna increase heart beat activity? Shit, I think I actually got myself a heart condition, wtf, the SUSPENSE… I still can’t breathe right.

Everyone is shady af. I don’t know, I love shady ppl.  Everyone has their own demons and shit.

Deep complex characters. I mean, Ezequiel???? He’s so complex, he has this evil side, but also, a soft one. I’m so confused by him.

The plot twist. If you saw it coming, I’m gonna bake you cookies and brownies for a month.

that scene in monsters university where randall is wearing glasses at first but mike is like “take those off u look like a dweeb” and randy is like “okay!!!” and when he takes them off he starts squinting is like…..the biggest reveal of the century…..biggest plot twist…..he wasnt born evil he just needs glasses…..

I’m probably confusing the hell out of some of you by swinging between hating Joseph’s character development and loving it, so let me clear a few things up.

This game was advertised as a warm and cozy dating sim targeted towards a sector of people who are used to being the punchline of a joke. And I get it, the overarching cult aspect adds depth to the plot. What good visual novel doesn’t have some unexpected evil twist and all that. But the creators purposefully got everyone’s hopes up and deceived som every excited people into thinking that Dream Daddy would have a lighthearted, utopic storyline. That there wouldn’t be any gimmicks. They made Joseph out to be as likable as possible. Hell, if you listen to the pre-release interviews, Leighton and Vernon frequently say “you’ll love him.”

Also, I’m areligious, but it still rubs me the wrong way that they made the guy with “Christian” as one of his distinguishing characteristics into a creepy motherfucker and potential cult leader. They could have gone so many places with that, and for a while there, they were on their way. A portion of society assumes that LGBT+ people can’t be “properly” religious, and Dream Daddy had a chance to smash that stereotype into the ground with Joseph Christiansen. He could’ve been an MLM religious figure with genuinely good intentions. But no. Instead, they made the token religious person into a scumbag at best and a deranged murderer at worst.

All of that aside, though? Disturbing characters who put up an angelic front are one of my weaknesses. And the way they worked remnants of the cult into the seams of the game was, yeah, subtle and well done. If a few things were different and the creators didn’t mislead everyone, I would like the dark twist a lot more.

corensv  asked:

Now I'm kinda curious. Why can't you see Fiona and Scourge together?(Neither can I. But probably for a different reason then yours :P) You don't really have to answer if you don't want to. I just like hearing the reasoning behind stuff like this. Nice to hear how other people see characters.

Okay,I was waiting for this question. I’m going to say what I think (yeah you read right MY opinion, NOT EVERYONE will have the same ideas so don’t throw hate on me) ((also English it’s not my language so, sorry if I make mistakes))

First of all we have to know who are we talking about, Fiona Fox (Gal that was first good, then bad then good again… oh no, she was evil all along, need to keep that in mind) and Scourge (”Sonic’s evil twin” who was born in a twisted world and had to grow up without attention or love, what made him the villain he’s now). I can see how people blindly ship them because they are cannon on the comics and they kinda get along and work well together, I thought that too, for a long time. Then I was re-reading Sonic Universe to remember the good old times and I saw this line:

This… THIS. I realized Fiona’s true intentions, she wasn’t there to help her loved one, she was there to get him and finish their job, some job for Dr. Finitevus that we never got to see because SOMEONE… *coff*kenpenders*coff*

We know Fiona’s past, she can’t trust anyone.

This is why I belive that she’s just using Scourge as backup for her plans, he’s really powerful and she’s not stupid, being his girl allows her to get close and manipulate him. Here’s an example of how Fiona can change Scourge’s mind when she wants to get something:

She’s not trying to help him, she’s just telling him to do what was part of her plan to begin with. This reminds me to mention the fact that Scourge alone did all that stuff, think how Fiona might feel knowing that she can use him for different works.

To finish with her, we’re talking about Fiona… I can’t see her really loving anyone as far as the comic’s stories went with her development. Sorry if there are some Fiona fans, I’m not saying she’s a bad character, well she’s… You know what I mean.

And about Scourge… Well…

 He’s clearly attracted to her, there’s no doubt of that. But I’m talking about a character better developed and with more personality (in my opinion) For me he’s just too cool to be with her. And we saw how he’s easily manipulated, I find funny the way he thinks he knows or controls everything and obviously that’s not the case.

 Now, knowing how Fiona feels I can’t stand people saying this

I get the part of “they’re evil” but I don’t care. Sally and Sonic have a proper relationship, they get along, they respect and trust each other, you can see the love between the two (Sorry Sonamy fans, I’m talking about Archie Comics and it’s cannon) You can’t say that it’s the same relationship but evil, even with their personalities the should be able to show more love, all their interactions are calling each other “babe” and hugging with an edgy pose. This may be because the short time we got with the characters, they’re not the protagonists so I get that it’s not the same

This are my reasons why I can’t ship them (and some more, but this is too long already) and I get kinda annoyed when people say they are a great couple when they’re just… Together. 

Okay, that’s it. I said it.

What I love about Hannibal Lecter is how utterly human he is.

He’s twisted and he’s damaged in deeply ingrained ways, but he’s not genuinely evil. He isn’t complete in life without those he cares about. Because somewhere inside is that little kid who lost his whole family and failed to protect his sister. Because somewhere inside is that young man who was rejected by a loved one when she saw the monster he had become.

He wants to consider himself above all others, but deep in his soul he wants what we all want;

love, comfort, acceptance, and not to be alone.

anime recommendations

I copy-pasted this list from one I made in a Discord server I’m in because I figured I ought to share the love for some shows and movies I enjoyed over the past several weeks. This is only a small part of my growing list, but it’s a good place to start for some older shows and ongoing anime this season. Enjoy!

//I’m only picking out a few this season… There’s so much to catch up on plus my huge backlog of good ones from a while back that I gotta settle for a short list. But if you guys want some recommendations, here’s the ongoing ones I’m totally hyped up for, plus some extra guff that I’m actually surprised that I like: 

~Kakegurui - sexy, dark, risque, insane anime about gambling in a very privileged high school.

~Made in Abyss - awesome, beautiful adventure story with a unique world and art style.

~Welcome to the Ballroom - dance sport! bright, gorgeous, well-animated, and has a very optimistic vibe.

~Aho Girl - 12min per episode about the shenanigans of a dumb girl and her childhood friend that has to deal with her shit. very light, absolutely hilarious.

~Hajimete no Gal - fan service up the wazoo but honestly got me intrigued as to what the hell they plan to do with a first episode that silly and stupid… i can’t believe i’m more interested in this than Fate/Apocrypha, and i’m not even a huge fan of… well, fan service. honest.

~New Game!! - second season of New Game!, where they make… well, a new game. for those who don’t know, it follows Suzukaze Aoba, a young character designer fresh out of highschool, who’s working in a game dev studio. first season was pretty fun. also Hifumi is best girl.

for some of the older ones I’ve finished and loved:

-Kyoukai no Kanata - supernatural story set in the modern day. beautifully animated, as is Kyoto Animation’s standard, and has a few interesting twists. be sure to watch the movie AFTER the anime: I’ll Be Here - Mirai-hen

-Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) - surprisingly deep, incredibly well-paced alternate World War I anime that stars a young “Imperial” (alternate world German) girl who rises through the ranks in the Imperial Army… also, there’s magic. It’s got some philosophy in there that’s very interesting, and it doesn’t get bogged down by politics between the universe-next-door fictional factions because that’s in no way the focus of the story OR the world-building. love it, would recommend it to death. great anime for any patriot.

-Tsuki ga Kirei - light, wonderful romance story that takes every imaginable trope in romance and does it beautifully and poignantly. best anime of the previous season. it even beat out AoT and My Hero Academia in some circles. i’ve never felt so fuzzy and warm watching an anime in my life.

Plus, of course, movies like Koe no Katachi and In This Corner of the World. Prepare a lot of tissues and something cute next to you if you’re gonna watch those. //

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend me some horror films please? I haven't seen many and I trust your taste.

Serial Killer: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Wolf Creek, The Silence of the Lambs, Peeping Tom, Schramm: Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer, Angst, Seven, Dahmer, Zodiac, The Alphabet Killer, Cherry Falls, and The Snowtown Murders.

Supernatural: The Conjuring (1 + 2), Sinister (I have yet to see the second movie), The Possession, Poltergeist (the original), The Exorcist, Dolls, The Babadook, Lights Out, It Follows, Rosemary’s Baby, The Shining, The Others, As Above, So Below, We Are Still Here, Lake Mungo, Session 9, Carnival of Souls, Hour of the Wolf, Trick r’ Treat, The Amityville Horror (original and remake), Carrie, Drag Me to Hell, The Ninth Gate, Candyman, Boogeyman, Ghost Ship, Lost Voyage, 1408, Freddy vs. Jason, An American Haunting, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Silent Hill, Dead Silence, Paranormal Activity, The Haunting in Connecticut, The Lords of Salem, Dark Touch, Unfriended, Baskin, Here Comes the Devil, and Stir of Echoes.

Horror of Humans: Sleep Tight, Preservation, Dread, Martyrs, Alice Sweet Alice, Der Todesking, Red State, You’re Next, The Invitation, Creep, You’ll Like My Mother, The Last House on the Left (original and remake), I Spit on Your Grave (original), Salo, Cannibal Holocaust, The Wicker Man, The Body Snatcher, Meadowoods, The Cremator, Maniac (original and remake), Children of the Corn (original), The Hitcher (original and remake), Nekromantik, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Vacancy, American Pscyho, I Dismember Mama, Twisted Nerve, The Collector, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, The Loved Ones, High Tension, The Stendhal Syndrome, The Theatre Bizarre, Subconscious Cruelty, Berberian Sound Studio, Little Deaths, House of Wax, The Defilers, When a Stranger Calls (original and remake), Mother’s Day, Inside, Prom Night (original and remake), Misery, Hostel (1+2) Secret Window, See No Evil, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, Megan is Missing, Eden Lake, Pathology, The Strangers, Kidnapped, Orphan, A Serbian Film, The ABC’s of Death (1+2), American Mary, Excision, Would You Rather,  The Green Inferno, Nurse, A Clockwork Orange, Frontiers, Cabin by the Lake, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, and Urban Legend.

Monsters, Aliens, Witches, Zombies, and Vampires: The Mist, Låt den rätte komma in, The Witch, The Blair Witch Project, The Cabin in the Woods, The Evil Dead (original and remake), The People Under the Stairs, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Wrong Turn, Mark of the Devil, Martin, The Descent, Motel Hell, Splice, Cloverfield, The Hunger, The Hills Have Eyes (original and remake), The Fourth Kind, Leptirica, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Gremlins, It, Sometimes They Come Back (and the sequel), Interview with the Vampire, From Dusk Til Dawn, Dark Skies, The Langoliers, The Craft, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Jeepers Creepers (1+2), The Skeleton Key, 30 Days of Night, Lake Dead, The Lost Boys, Jennifer’s Body, The Crazies, Pontypool, Quarantine, and Deathgasm.

Franchises: Final Destination, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, Scream, Friday the 13th, Halloween, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, V/H/S, The Purge, August Underground, I Spit on Your Grave (remake and sequels), Ginger Snaps, Pumpkinhead, Hellraiser, The Human Centipede, Saw, Leprechaun, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Insidious.

Non-horror horrors: Antichrist, Compliance, Funny Games (original and remake), In a Glass Cage, We Need to Talk About Kevin, Irreversible, Deadgirl, Man Bites Dog, The Girl Next Door, Gummo, I Stand Alone, Happiness, In the Company of Men, Benny’s Video, Mysterious Skin, Come and See, The Act of Seeing with One’s Own Eyes, The War Zone, Fat Girl, Bully, Kids, and Wake in Fright.

Other: Cabin Fever, Antiviral, Repulsion, Arachnophobia, Bug, Jaws, Pet Sematary, Tremors, The Uninvited, Baxter, The Happening, The Ruins, and Lake Placid.

I just made the list until I was sick of writing it, but I hope you find some treasures!


JILY CHALLENGE | @peggdaniels vs @emberscas
➥ fairytale au + once upon a dream by lana del ray

Me and Lily are soulmates and we’ve been reincarnated for dozens of lives already, but here’s a plot twist: only one of us remembers our previous lives. The other one is oblivious and we don’t believe one another at first. This time it’s me who remembers and I have to do everything in my power to convince my love, that we belong together. We find one another in each fairytale, and we had a lot of adventures, but we never get to live happily ever after, and that’s because of the evil sorcerer, Voldemort. He always kills one of us but I hope to defeat him this time. And maybe we will finally get our happy ending.

Why do we all forget about this bit?

So in a lot of analyses of Guts and Griffiths relationship,or Griffith in general I’ve heard some people say that with the exception of Griffith diving in to save Guts during their first run-in with Zodd- all other actions of his can be tied into his pursuit of his dream or the serving of some self-centered motive.

And everyone is entitled to their own view of course, but then what about this-

in what way was he serving his dream by leaving in the middle of an important meeting and pissing off a sizeable number of his potential benefactors- simply because he wanted to check on Guts and Casca?

Is there a good reason? Is there an ulterior motive? Is there really?

What about-

Was he only mourning the loss of a powerful soldier he needed in order to complete his dream here? Was this anger and a tantrum thrown at loosing a powerful tool too?

Oh and this was an act to get Casca to fall more obsessively in love with him, Right? so that he could use her for his dream?

He’s obviously just playing her. This isn’t about trying to hide your pain to comfort someone else. No it’s fake.

Surely Fake.


there’s no other explanation for it surely.

The point I am trying to make here is that sometimes there are evil characters in fiction who masquerade as good until the BIG plot twist or climactic reveal.

Griffith is NOT one of these characters,

His complexity comes from his duality. From his ability to care, to feel , to be swayed by his affections and uncertainties. From his arrogance, his escapism, his vulnerability and coldness. The fact that all these aspects of him can coexist without eclipsing the other.

Maybe some people like to paint him as an unfeeling monster from the start to be able to better align their feelings about what he ultimately becomes.

However doing this is reducing the beauty of the writing of this character into a two dimensional trope and is a slight disrespect to the work of art that has been presented to us.