but i love that speech and i think it was perfect for this

honestly, exo’s speech at mama really confirmed what i had first thought; they were expecting to be replaced by the newer groups.

i think it was all the small things that made them feel like this?? like the really long time between love me right and monster/lucky one and obviously, the rapidly rising popularity of groups like bts, got7, svt , monsta x, etc etc
it’s the change in demand of boy groups as well. a pretty face and nice vocals and good dancing will no longer pull it off, you have to have a pretty face, perfect vocals, perfect dancing, perfect rapping, perfect songs, and a perfect personality. chen, baekhyun and chanyeol’s ridiculous improvement in dance really shows how hard they worked to keep up with the others.

when baekhyun said that he didn’t think that exo did a lot this year, i think he means that , compared to other groups, it seems like they haven’t done a lot this year.

it breaks my heart to think that exo expected to sit at the awards and watch the younger groups get the awards. i think they’re finally doing what they really want, with the composing and creating they’re finally doing.

i really really want them to know that we appreciate what they’re doing. that despite the painful setbacks and letdowns, we know how hard they’re working. i want them to know that we know how hard they’ve been working these few months, how little sleep they’ve had and how much they’ve sacrificed.

an idol’s number one fear is usually losing popularity, but i don’t think exo is that shallow. i think they’re scared of letting themselves and us all down.

i want them to gain confidence from this year. i want them to know that they will always be at the top for all of us, and they’ll never ever let me down


“ This actor is already much loved, but with this performance has achieved the status of the very best among us actors. And that’s why this year’s Evening Standard Natasha Richardson Best Actress Award goes to Billie Piper for Yerma. ”


As far as Destiel goes, I am super torn between shipper Sam, and totally oblivious Sam:

Either, he has known they love each other for years (longer than Cas and Dean even), has been trying to drop subtle hints for ever, is so done with the staring and sexual tension whenever they go anywhere, owes his perfected eye-roll to these two idiots, probably has an account on some Supernatural fan site where he vents, has already half written his best man speech, and is THIS close to locking them both in a cupboard until the penny drops.

Or, he has always prided himself on his observation skills as a hunter, but where his brother and the angel are concerned he doesn’t have a clue. Dean gets up with a hickey on his neck and Sam wonders when the hell he had time to go out last night. They are sitting, staring at each other, and Sam just thinks, thank God for some quiet, I can get on with this research. He does frown when Dean insists on booking a separate motel room to him, but Sam’s got a cold at the moment so hey, maybe his brother doesn’t want to listen to him snore. In the end, it’s a tiny thing that gives the game away. The faintest brush of Dean’s fingers over Cas’s knuckles as he serves dinner one day in the bunker. And every little thing from the last six or so years suddenly slots into place, and Sam almost falls out of his chair laughing. 

I feel like the show doesn’t give Ruby enough credit, the fact that she was able to defy fate, to make the predictions of a perfect seer wrong… that’s an amazing power.

Do you think Ruby gave speeches to other gems when she and Sapphire joined the rebellion? “If I could change fate then so can you!”

I would love to see that.

Nice to see that Ruby has never been hesitant to grab that booty ;)

Okay Sapphire tone down the anime a little bit.

You’re gonna make Ruby explode into flames.



Seventeen Reaction To Their GF Not Eating To Lose Weight

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Requested by anon

Seungcheol: *After she passes out he makes her meals and makes sure she eats every meal. he would also tell her everyday that she is beautiful just the way she is*

Jeonghan: *Can’t believe she think’s she needs to lose weight. Jeonghan only sees her as beautiful so when she doesn’t eat he is hella confused*

Joshua: *On tv and anywhere he could he would remind her to eat and tell her he loves her* I love you my angel remember to eat well

Jun: Baobi I just don’t understand how you don’t see how beautiful you are… *Honestly doesn’t understand*

Soonyoung: *Takes care of her when she passed out but when she wakes up he begins a speech about how perfect she is* Jagi I love you, just the way you are and you should love yourself, just the way you are…

Wonwoo: *he doesn’t know what to say because he understands the pressure but can’t understand how she could not love her body*

Jihoon: Jagi… why would you do this to yourself? *tries not to cry while telling her how much he loves her*

Seokmin: *After she passed out he skypes her to make sure she eats and to make her feel better about eating*

Mingyu: Honey I love you! *Tells her how amazing she looks 24/7*

Minghao: *Takes care of her and constantly telling her he loves her*

Seungkwan: *Watches her 24/7* Jagi are you hungry? you haven’t eaten lunch yet

Vernon: I love you so much so eat okay? *Gives you love, love and more love*

Dino: *When she passes out Chan stops everything to make sure she is okay and takes care of her*

Loki Speech- After a huge argument

( I wanted to try a thing…so hope you like it. This one is more of a sweet Loki I guess, maybe I’ll do a rough one, who knoooowwwss)

My dear, are you awake? Hmm, don’t think that being quiet will work. I can hear your whimpers from down the hall. I can see you hiding… Come from under the covers, you needn’t hide your face.

Come now, don’t be stubborn. I said to come up! Ah, there’s your beautiful face. My love, I did not mean to say the things I’ve said. My anger is sometimes uncontrollable and I regret it. A person of your charm and stature shouldn’t shed a single tear at the expense of hurtful words.

“But I’m a god”, you say….what does being a god have to do with making a perfect creature like you upset. My sweet, when I am with you, I am only a man…and real men don’t make their lovers cry. Please don’t cry my love.

Our argument was silly, I am a fool to believe a wonderful thing like you would ever even think about betraying me. I was wrong…

What? Don’t look so surprised. Part of being a god and a man is realizing mistakes, a lesson I’ve come to learn while being with you my love.

No, not another tear. Let this be the last one you ever shed over my foolishness. Let me wipe your sorrows away with me hand, take you in my arms and hold you until your aching soul heals,my sweet.

Relax your breathing. I know that you could have chosen any man or being, but yet you chose me. I am the luckiest god alive to have perfection in my midst. Even with your so called “bed head”, your interest in strange programs on the moving picture box…PFFT I know what it’s called! A Tele-…teleph-

Oh! So you laugh at my lack of knowledge of midguardian objects, hmm at least I can see the smile that brightens my dark soul. My love, I am deeply sorry. Rest assured, I promise to never make you upset again.

Pinky swear? What?…Oh right. Stop laughing at me! You haven’t taught me everything about Earth, not that I’d want to learn bu-

So you feel bold enough as to kiss me in the middle of a sentence…cute? My love I am a god! We are not cute.

Haha, I truly am sorry my love…now..let’s take our mind off this troublesome night. You’ve been shifting around on my lap a lot…and I think you should fix it, don’t you think so my sweet?

(Okaaay….err like? Don’t like? I’m probably gonna keep doing these anyway, but drop an ask homies!)

A Thank You

The way the piano started playing right when Maggie said “I almost died”.

The way she was reduced to a blubbering mess and the roles were so wonderfully reversed.

The way Alex was confused 99% of the time Maggie was saying her speech because she respects her as a friend and woman and would never force herself on Maggie despite such strong feelings because she made it clear beforehand she just wanted to be friends.

And the kiss. Oh my goodness the kiss. Alex pulling back and asking, “so.. you like me?” and Maggie smiling as wide as ever as she admits, “yes. You’re not gonna go crazy on me now are you?” AND ALEX JUST SAYING “MAYBE” AND TUCKING HER BANGS AWAY AS SHE SWOOPS IN TO KISS HER AGAIN.


But before I go ape crazy, I just really want to say something.

I want to say how… how much I related to the episode. How I had to fan my face to keep from crying as I sat on the bathroom floor and watched the episode with utmost excitement. The writers know what they’re doing. They know how we feel, what we want, and they know that we deserve a beautiful journey as much as Alex Danvers. 

To see Alex come out to her mom, all choked up and unable to speak (her mom did most of the talking). God, it was me on that screen. It was me and you and all of us. When her mom said “why would you being gay ever let me down”, that was it. Heart strings were pulled, tears fell and I just felt so happy and hopeful. Hopeful because to see such a beautiful relationship manifested on a screen means one day, I might also get to live that dream. I want show up at her apartment one day, with a box of pizza and a pack of beer. I want to kiss the girl I like. I want to live just like everybody else. I want to be loved for who I am and be able to say “gay” the way Alex Danvers can now say it without stuttering or shame laced in the three-letter, life-changing, liberating word. 

Thank you. Truly and wholeheartedly.

It's 2am and I just finished the Gilmore Girls Revival...

Hi all just finished and it’s 2am here and I’m dying to sleep but I need to get out thoughts. These are initial and perhaps not well stated but here’s my opinion on the revival.

I really loved 90% of it and 10% of it bummed me out. And like that 70s show and how I met your mother I am choosing to ignore the 10% and pretend it didn’t happen.

Paris, Kirk and Emily were incredible. I really did love Luke and Lorelais storyline- I believe the lack of communication was over played and I think if she’d left out the lying it would have been perfect- but I really did love it. His speech in the kitchen ❤️ I cried. Same with Lorelais story about Richard ❤️

I loved Rory’s career storyline because I think for most 20/30 somethings it’s super relatable - for me at least. And the dean scene was perfect. I even loved the life and death brigade stuff!!

My 10% was Jess still pinning- they could have at least made him happy!! Or given him some hope- why put in that in line at all?! It was so cruel.
Logan got so much story and her baby?! And Jess gets nothing?! I can’t with that - and I choose to ignore it- because at least in the original Logan was a fairly decent guy- I hated the way they portrayed him in this. I’d even been happy with her ending up with Logan if they hadn’t assassinated his character. I feel like both teams got tragic storylines. Neither felt right at all.

Also the last 4 words were not my cup of tea. But over all I’m happy. 8/10 👏🏻 that’s just my opinion, feel free to disagree.

Omg what a way to start!!! I am ecstatic!!! N the speech was so perfect. He thanked everyone he was suppose to and them beautifully thanked his family. Just a great moment.


Scarlet, before you go through this, I want to remind you of September 7th, 1988. It was the first time that I saw you. You were reading Less Than Zero, and you were wearing a Guns ‘n’ Roses t-shirt. I’d never seen anything so perfect. I remember thinking that I had to have you or I’d die… then you whispered that you loved me at the homecoming dance, and I felt so peaceful… and safe… because I knew that no matter what happened, from that day on, nothing can ever be that bad… because I had you. And then I, uh… I grew up and I lost my way. And I blamed you for my failures. And I know that you think you have to do this today… but I don’t want you to. But I guess… if I love you, I should let you move on.

anonymous asked:

Well, since you mentioned that you don't get enough asks about V...how affectionate of a partner do you imagine he'd be? I'm asking this bc I find it a bit strange that there's not even one CG of him kissing Rika or holding her hand or whatever. And aside from their first meeting and the first VN from the DLC, almost all of their interactions are a bit over-the-top or just plain unhealthy/abusive. Because of that, I feel like we haven't really gotten a good look at V as a romantic partner.

their relationship is definitely……no good. but in a Perfect world in a healthy relationship with someone else…

  • pda-wise i think v would be lowkey. he’d easily be flustered? we know he’s very humble and tries to brush off compliments. the thought of v blushing might give me an actual heart attack though so i’ll stop there
  • but!!! if someone asked him about is s/o then be prepared for a speech about how lovely they are. he loves with his entire being so the love will spill out like word vomit here and there
  • his friends and honestly anyone around him and his s/o can tell how much he loves them just by the way he looks at them, the way he smiles around them…….he’s already light personified but he just lights up at the sight of them. so good so pure
  • everything v says is pure poetry? his s/o would drown in it. like…he might be flustered by compliments but he will compliment the crap out of them in stanzas.
  • and then there’s the actual poetry he writes for them. if this is a no r*ka universe then it would be hand-written by him. if this is after r*ka then they’d be from a typewriter. eventually his s/o would encourage him to write them himself though cos they love him and his terrible handwriting (this is my world, folks. his s/o is gonna love the fawk outta him!!! healthy relationships only!)
  • remembers the little things, so he’d be giving his s/o small gifts of stuff they briefly mentioned, inside joke-related things, etc. he’s always thinking about them……clutches chEst
  • lots of photos of them. definitely his muse!! he needs to be stopped from putting huge ass prints of their face everywhere around his house though lol. that’s a bit much pal
  • in private he’d probably like to rub circles idly on his s/o’s hand w his thumb. i can see this 👀

soooo yeah. i think that’s how he’d show affection. this man is full of Love 💙 let him love someone who deserves it lol!

Call from Brian

I talked to my dearest friend yesterday. I just vented and unloaded about the last month and a half with the new job. It helped me realize how grateful I am. I can’t sugarcoat it. This job is intense. It’s tiring, controversial, stressful, and gratifying. This job is everything at once. There’s a lot of work and everything is intimidating, but I think I could love it. I went on the most honest rant about it and then asked him how he was doing. Like the perfect friend he is, he said he was happy for me.

He said life’s busy as could be for him. He mentioned school and work being being exacerbated by man of honor duties. His other best friend is getting married this weekend. I love the fact that she exists. I love that she made him her maid of honor. I like it because it’s appropriate and gives him an excuse to have some real fun. I know ladies in that wedding are gonna be on him like white on rice.

I hope he has the most fun. I hope he kills his speech. He had me look at it. I think he has the elements he needs. The success of it depends on his execution. I think he can pull it off. If it goes like I imagined, it will be the most adorable thing a young man could do. I want it to be a fantasy. I want him to unleash himself from the tidy box he’s kept himself in. I want him to drink and dance. I want him to meet his future wife, or some crazy girl that will ruin him. I want this to have as much impact on him as possible. I think this wedding might be crucial for my best friend.

We’ll catch up some other time. Meanwhile, I’ll just pray he’s having the craziest time of his young life. He deserves this weekend.

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💜- messy or dry sneezes? in-between?

already answered!

💿- describe ur perfect wav ………. things u like in a wav if that’s 2 awkward for u

hmmmm. i’m definitely thinking some sort of cold talkie, one where there’s a decent amount of hitching/holding back, but also a good payoff where they result in really wet nd messy triples/other multiples? they talk abt how and what they’re feeling, you can hear the congestion and hoarseness in their voice, with really deep, sick-sounding snuffles to punctuate their speech.

or some sort of made up scenario that isn’t awkwardly scripted where they’re talking abt possible contagion, purposeful or otherwise.

🌈- preferred gender for fetish stuff ? (at the moment, always)

i’m a bi girl, but generally into written male fetish content??? altho i do love my girls nd the quality of female wavs are generally a lot better imo. the main way i’d be into female written content is exclusively f/f fic.

👑- COME UP WITH A SNEZARIO FAST (doesnt have to be good/detailed/anything … just meme it if u want)

OOOOH this is one of my faves, which was spurned months and months ago when me and @poorsickies conjured up our OC bbys august and elias.

basically two ppl going on a first date, and one of them is stubborn enough not to cancel even tho they have this horrendous headcold thats just been creeping up on them and building in intensity all day during work. they turn up super apologetic? unable to hold back these tickly, messy doubles and triples and desperately muffling them into increasingly soaked napkins, their lil flushed face, how watery their eyes are and so unbelievably congested and sniffly. they blush with the embarrassment at being this gross at the dinner table in a public eatery.

they didn’t have a fever when they checked earlier but wait- does it feel cold in here or is it just them? would it be weird of them to put their coat back on?

they’re scared to sit too close to their date, or move to touch them in any casual way, insecure and anxious about their date thinking they’re disgusting/picking up the cold themselves.

they apologise profusely throughout the date, and get all self-deprecating and blushy and self-conscious.

their date is a snezfcker. all of the insecurity is in vain. in actual fact they’re secretly finding this more and more adorable and lovable by the second.

⭐️- favorite real life ob / something u remember from ur life that’s fetish related?

i don’t think i actually remember many obs from throughout my life? i’m sure they’ve happened, but often i’m too concerned with finding myself creepy for obsessing over it for too long so i don’t make a note of them anywhere and tend to just enjoy it in the moment and let it pass me by.

however i do remember this one time a couple of years ago back in high school, one guy in my english class (nerd-cute, a bit of an outspoken class clown) was weirdly quiet one day and everyone was a bit dumbfounded that he could go so long without talking. he eventually owned up to having had this awful cold/flu thing and ended up having this 5 minute long fit of sneezes, where he sneezed about once every 30-45 seconds? i just remember squirming in my seat, avidly worrying about blushing, and determinedly trying not to look at him, even though everyone else was because sneezing that long wasn’t unremarkable, even to vanillas. 

the sneezes were nice, from what i can remember. light even tho he was sick and caught in his hands. he eventually was advised to just leave the room and go to the bathroom or something to sort himself out.

I am nowhere near a perfect body.. Or should I say a body society thinks I should have as a mid 20’s gay male.
But I have learn to accept & love myself, yes I know it’s not easy and self love is something that you have to work on every single day, and yes you aren’t always gonna feel good about yourself but the more you practice self love the more we will all be able to love one another.
Sorry for the cheesy speech 🙈 lol

tfp spoilers ahead~

overwhelmed by TFP tbh i did love it, it was so intense and provided so many emotional moments, i mean it definitely wasn’t perfect:

1. they missed a HUGE opportunity with the three garridebs to use some variation of that speech. like pls.

2. i felt the ending was really rushed, obviously i’m overjoyed they’ve decided to live together again in 221b + take on rosie as 2 father figures (they are a family unit now lmao fight me), but after the intense stress of the whole episode i really wish they had taken the last 5 minutes to sit them both down, alone in 221b, to have a quiet emotional moment (much like the end of the lying detective); did love the repetition of ‘it is what it is’ by the well tho

but yeah overall it was damn good. this season’s been a lot darker than the previous ones i think? as for john + sherlock, honestly sherlock’s line about john being family at the beginning killed me. also the scene where euros makes sherlock play ‘him’ and then immediately assumes he’s had sex… idk about anyone else but i immediately assumed they were inferring some johnlock (similar to the fade-to-black cutscene after the hug…) so. and anyways at the end of the day, they’re now living together with a child? they’re literally a family now? (don’t touch me it hurts)

honestly this felt like the longest week of my life waiting for this episode, but now it’s over i’m faced with the abyss of the hiatus and i want to die™ lol. i honestly even kind of hate that this one didn’t end on a cliffhanger, they gave it a wrapped up finale that could serve as a final finale which is nice and all but all i really want is a season 5, oh my god. i really hope they eventually do one even if i have to wait another 3 years (but honestly i would to kill get one next year. i would kill a man with my bare hands.)

i know we are all still shaking from matthew’s “trash” speech but can we all take a moment to appreciate the sizzy clip too? like, it’s perfect it’s exactly what sizzy interactions should be like in the beginning! he’s totally overwhelmed by isabelle and she’s just there looking at him in her red lipstic and little black dress and high heels thinking how cute this little mundane is with his strange t shirt and glasses and i love it i really fucking love it yes producers yes this is the way this show need to be going

Sterek Week Scene Stealer!

Derek: I guess there’s a part of me that wants to believe in perfect good, happy endings, and hot-blooded passion. The part of me that loves Gekigangar-
Stiles: Is the part of you that’s in love with me, isn’t it?
Derek: Look, I’m just about to make a major and very profound speech here, dammit! But, since you mention it, yes I do, you wacko.

This scene is from my all time favourite anime! Martian Successor Nadesico (if you haven’t seen it, it’s a must! Complete classic and if you have seen it high freakin five!) so this is the scene when the main characters confess their love in a giant mecha!
I’m think I’ve fallen into another AU I regret nothing! *runs off into the sunshine*

10x19 The Werther Project


  • Where are Cas and Charlie?


  • 70s flashback cold open! Awesome and creepy!
  • From diseased killer puppy to neighborhood watch, Dean you’ve come so far.
  • The direction and editing are spot on perfect. The atmosphere is really great. And everything looks soooooo good.
  • Susie’s speech! It’s so great! The Winchesters are so bad are thinking ahead about what consequences their actions might lead to. Also bringing up their toxic codependency!
  • I like this parallel, too; Dean killed Benny to save Sam and Sam killed this lady to save Dean. Both are somewhat roundabout or inadvertent or indirect, but the parallel still stands.
  • PURGATORY HALLUCINATIONS!!! But aww that it’s Dean’s happy place. “I did always love it here” D:
  • LEVIATHAN!!!!!
  • YAY Dean and Benny! “Need and want are two different things.” WOW
  • “Kill Cas, Kill Sam” and “it would ruin them” to kill Dean. D:
  • Dean trying to kill himself with an empty bottle of booze. Hmm looks like a metaphor … (but what could it mean??? :D)
  • I like that Dean breaks free of his own hallucination but Sam would kill himself without even thinking to save Dean. D:
  • Sam no more lying. Dean said you better together and then you lie to his face. Come on.


Another great episode from Berens and beautifully directed by Stefan Pleszczynski! I can’t wait to see where all of these little threads lead!!!!! Next week looks great too!!!!