but i love patti too


Patrick: *coughs*

Pete: Oh my gosh you’re sick, wait I’m gonna take care of you.

Patrick: No need, Pete. I’m good.

Pete: No you are not doing good, I’m taking care of you whether you like it or not because that’s what I am for and I love you, Patty Cakes.

Patrick: *blushes* fine, I love you too.

Brendon: *coughs*


Brendon: Will you take care of me?


I Promise

Could you maybe do a Patty imagine where he is your best friend and he finds out that you cut and you both end up in tears and then just a happy fluff and maybe end up together?

A/N: It’s a short imagine, but I think it’s pretty cute.<3


Trigger Warning: Self Harm

You moved the blade slowly down your wrist, the feeling burning through you. Tears streamed down your cheeks.

Sometimes you didn’t quite understand why you endured the blood, and the pain, and the burning; but the answer was obvious, because you believed you deserved it. You believed you deserved the pain.

So, you moved the blade deeper into your skin, watching as the blood trickled down your wrist and drops landed on your clothes. You winced in pain, trying your hardest not to scream out. But you couldn’t stop yourself.

Now you were sobbing and screaming, the pain growing sharper and sharper the closer to the vein you got. Part of you wanted it to end, but the other part of you needed to continue.

“Y/N!” a voice called. “Holy fuck…”

You spun around, not expecting to see Patty behind you, his eyes following the trail of blood creeping down your wrist. The bloody razor dropped out of your shaky hand, and onto the ground where drips of blood sank into the carpet.

Patty Walters was your best friend of three years, but he was the last person you wanted to see right now. He didn’t know, you never wanted him to know. You didn’t want to upset him.

“Patty…” You said, your voice barely above a whisper. “What are you doing here?”

“It…” Patty said, his voice hitching. “It doesn’t matter.” His eyes didn’t move form the blood, “What the fuck are you doing to yourself…?”
You didn’t answer; you didn’t need to. The broken look in Patty’s eyes already knew. You looked away almost instantly; it was too painful to stare.

Patty’s eyes were laced with tears; you and him had been best friends for years now, you had kept it from him ever since the day you met… and now that he knew, he looked heartbroken.

“I’m sorry…” You sobbed, tears pouring down your cheeks. “I’m so sorry Patty… I didn’t want to tell you… I didn’t want to see you hurt like this…”

Patty didn’t say a word, he just crossed over to you, hugging your body close to him; his one arm wrapped around your body, stroking your back, and the other stroking your hair while you cried.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Patty repeated. His hands were shaking, and tears were starting to fall down his cheeks now “You don’t have to apologize… it’s okay…”

Eventually, he pulled away, looking down at the blood on your skin, “How long have you been doing that to yourself?”

“A few years…” You confessed, still teary-eyed.

“I’m sorry you’ve felt that way…” He replied, his voice growing soft and quiet.

“Me too…”

“Hey,” Patty put a hand on yours, “Can you make me a promise?” he questioned while ripping off part of his shirt to wrap up the wound.

You were a little confused, what could Patty possibly want you to promise right now? “Okay, what is it?” You asked while he wrapped the fabric around your wrist.

“Whenever you get the feeling to do this…” Patty looked up and into your eyes, “You call me. And no matter what time of day, no matter what I’m doing, I’ll come over.”

You smiled a little, “Okay… I promise. Thank you, Patty.”

Patty didn’t respond, instead he leaned in, pressing a kiss to your lips; surprising you. However, you kissed back; a final tear running down your cheek.

“I love you, Y/N.” Patty confessed, his voice in a whisper.

“I love you too.”

And for the first time in a long time, you actually felt like someone meant it.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a Toltzmann fic that has Patty loving the size difference between her and her Holtzy.

“You make an awesome big spoon,” Holtzy says out of nowhere.  Patty grins into Holtzy’s hair and squeezes tighter.

“You’re not such a bad little spoon yourself,” she says, placing a soft kiss on the back of Holtzy’s neck.  Holtzy squirms with pleasure.  Even in bed, about to fall asleep, Holtzy is alive and always in motion.

Patty splays a hand out over Holtzy’s stomach and kisses her again.  She’s always been a big woman, never apologized for it, but she couldn’t deny there were times when she felt awkward.  Times when she felt too big, too loud, too much.  Holtzy never makes her feel that way.

Holtzy’s a tiny spitfire, barely comes up to Patty’s chest when they’re standing next to each other, but she’s loud and brilliant and confident, and next to her Patty feels like they’re both giants.

When they’re alone, though, she loves how small Holtzy is, because it means she can pick her girlfriend up when she hugs her and hear Holtzy’s bright, delighted laugh.  She can curl around Holtzy at night in bed like this, wrap her up and hold her so close, and Holtzy fits in her arms like no one ever has before.

Instead of feeling big and awkward, Holtzy makes her feel strong and beautiful and loved.

“I love you,” she whispers into Holtzy’s hair.  She feels Holtzy’s toes curl in pleasure from down by her knees, and one of Holtzy’s smaller hands slips into her own.

“I love you too,” Holtzy whispers (or tries to, and Patty loves her for that too).

Marvel has a Feminism Problem, and That’s why They Renewed Agent Carter

I was really excited last night when the news broke about Agent Carter being renewed for season 2, and then it hit me, the primary reason they renewed Agent Carter is to pacify the feminists. This is not just me being cynical, it’s a fact. Agent Carter was on the 30-40% chance of renewal scale. ABC renewing it isn’t shocking, what with Marvel and ABC both being owned by the same parent company, but there were plenty of people who last week would have said that Agent Carter getting renewed was a pretty unlikely thing.

Let me give you some background so you know I’m not just pulling this out of my ass. To correctly evaluate shows within a network, you compare it’s ratings to the average ratings for other scripted shows of the same network. What it’s going up against in it’s time slot doesn’t matter. How it does compared to reality TV doesn’t matter. Traditionally, if you aren’t hitting that average number of every other show on the network, advertisers are gonna be a lot less interested in buying ads during that show, and advertising is what pays for most of network television. Agent Carter was getting about 78% of the average ratings for ABC shows, which if it aired on Fridays would be good enough to be a fair bet to be renewed, but on Tuesdays is pretty lack-luster.

So let’s make this clear, Agent Carter getting renewed has nothing to do with fan movements or polls. Critic reviews have a slight impact, but that’s negligible on the whole. Agent Carter was renewed because of a very simple fact - Marvel Studios/TV has a very very big feminism problem right now. This beautiful show was renewed to appease us. To make us stop crying out about the treatment of Black Widow, and her lack of both merchandise and a solo movie. To make us shut up about the total erasure of Janet Van Dyne - who could have been a middle-aged voice of comfort to Scott Lang regarding his daughter, but oh wait, it’s supposed to be a heist movie. To make us shut up about the fact that Captain Marvel got delayed to make yet another fucking movie about Peter Parker.

Marvel wants us to shut up about the apalling lack of female characters in Daredevil compared to the men. They want us to shut up for being upset that two of the female characters we got are kidnapped, beaten, and have to be rescued by a man. They keep throwing us cute little dog treats asking us to be happy, while keeping the 11-course meal of steaks (AKA the MCU movies) to themselves.

Am I happy about Agent Carter getting renewed? Of course I am! But I’m not going to let it pacify me into shutting up about everything else that’s still sexist in the MCU. I’m not going to celebrate ‘our victory’, because this isn’t victory. When 50% of the characters and stories in the MCU are female and female-centric, then I’ll celebrate. But until then, I refuse to stop fighting and loudly complaining about the blatant issues with the MCU, because media representation is one of the most important things in modern-day society. Because media representation is what establishes our outlook on what we expect to see in media. Because if we don’t fight to change these things, they will never change. So I’m going to keep fighting, because I want to someday show my future children the movies and shows I loved and not feel ashamed of them.


Slap/Kiss Part. II

  • Friend: so who's your favorite ghostbuster?
  • Me: Holtz bc she's funny, hot, smart and gay af
  • Friend: lol yeah me too--
  • Me: but I also love Patty bc she's the funniest and most sensible. Plus she's the sweetest person ever
  • Friend: yeah she's pretty--
  • Me: and Erin is the best. My little awkward duck. I love her so much. She's bi you know
  • Friend: oh. I didn't know that act--
  • Me: and Abby! Omfg I love my big dorky soup mom!!! She's so underrated I love her
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: so then they're all your favorite????
  • Me: pretty much yeah

so it seems that every artist under the sun has drawn this actual ray of sunshine, but i still needed to join the party (also i needed to fit patty in somehow bc i LOVE HER TOO)

if you haven’t yet, go watch ghostbusters y’all!