but i love my followers so much

So I played Dream Daddy and what can I say..Damien is my absolute favourite. He’s such a precious cinnamon roll! ♥

(Wow I haven’t posted in months huh? I still love Yuri on Ice, but if you followed me for YOI only, feel free to unfollow. I have so much more fandoms (and original stuff) I wanna share here! I will definitely still post YOI fanart now and then tho. So if you actually followed because you like my poopy art, feel free to stay <3))

your gurl not talented at all so I gotta bust out that good ole text and paste skills. 

In all seriousness, thank you so much! I am doing my second follower forever because there have been more amazing mutuals I know and more blogs I really love. I am nothing, I swear I am the lamest person out here but it is nice to know there are some cool people on this hell site. Each and every single one of you are beautiful and the best in the world! You all matter and please never forget that! I hope you all have an amazing day or night!! ~ Please ignore me if yall do not even know why this random blog just @ - ing people. I changed my URL a lot sooo yeah!

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i hit 2k followers recently which is crazy!! thank you all so much i love you lots!! to celebrate, i decided to do aesthetic blogrates!

here’s what you gotta do:

  • mbf me!
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask with your favorite song, tv show, or movie! 

and heres the format if you’re wondering!

color: | pastel pink | deep blue | forest green | bright yellow | burnt orange |

time: | late late nights | when the sun rises | sleepy afternoons | as the sun sets |

season: | winter | spring | summer | fall |

place: | the sea | county fair | snowy mountains | city | space |

sound: | busy streets | rain | birds | piano |

scent: | flowers | coffee | cookies | candles

music: | redbone | writer in the dark | the wii theme | summer friends |

book: | to kill a mockingbird | romeo and juliet | frankenstein |


i’m just one kid so i might not be able to answer them all be patient lol

((i’ll use the tag morgan does blogrates in case you want to blacklist it idk))

mythicalfather  asked:

Your brother's short film hit me hard man like damn I'm in my feeling n shit but 12/10 such a good boy would pet hope he wins

thank you soooo soo sooooo much! I’m glad the appeal to emotion worked :D 9/10 blog, definitely follow this blog if you love hot boys ;p


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

link: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch?search=Evanescent

It’s your totally funny, not so great or up to date gifmaker, Ama here! you may have seen me on such blogs as @kihqun and…well that’s it.

Basically i hit 4k and i was like ‘hey that’s decent considering you are a piece of garbage’ so i wanted to do a follow forever because that’s the norm and i wanted to tell all the blogs i follow i love them and they are what keeps this blog alive.

Thank you all that followed me and actually listen to my ramblings, really, i super appreciate it. 

So strap in folks and let me stfu as i list all the blogs that make tumblr great

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anonymous asked:

it's 3am and i'm getting married tomorrow at 10am and i am TERRIFIED yet super excited!!! my fiancé and i both follow this blog and we're always sending each other gay stuff and i just wanted to say thank you for being so awesome!!! you give my soon-to-be-wife and i a ton of stuff to talk about and this is such a positive place for wlw and i know i'm rambling but i love this so much (almost as much as i love her which is a lot!!)

this is such a wonderful ask I think I might be too late and you two might already be married but I’m so happy for u!!!!! congratulations!!!! that’s amazing omg best wishes to the two of you I hope your wedding was lovely omg congrats wow!!!!!! 👭👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👰👰❤❤🌈🌈🌈

silverteresa  asked:

Your edits are really really beautiful!! 😍

Arigatou yaannn!~  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Sorry for my break guys, Ari is back now > w <
Also, thank you so much for over 550 follows!
Never expected this many… I’m speechless, you guys are amazing.

allys0n-w0nderland  asked:

Yooooo I just watched your brothers short film and gave him a vote! It's such a cute video, tell him I loved it!

thanks sososo much! I shall let him know ;D 10/10 FOLLOWED AS SOON AS I SAW A DOGGO hehe


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

link: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch?search=Evanescent

anonymous asked:

Fuck Trump. And fuck every member of the Republican party. Assholes. #TransRightsAreHumanRights

John McCain got out of his hospital bed just to snatch healthcare away from millions of Americans.

Members of the transgender community can now no longer serve in the military.

Donald Trump rescinded rights and protections for transgender students in public schools.

Donald Trump exploited the fear and the pain of the Pulse shooting to gain popular support, only to turn around and sabotage every sector of life for transgender people in America. It’s positively abhorrent and so terribly, terribly sad. My heart aches.

Just a reminder to all of my LGBT+ and particularly trans followers, I stand with you 400%. Whatever it is that I can do to help - apart from writing all the letters and making all the telephone calls that I have been to my representatives - please let me know. Sending much love your way, all of you <3 #TransRightsAreHumanRights

wow, this happened so quickly, thank you all so much!! anyway i wanted to do something fun for y’all so here are my 200 followers blogrates!! i know 200 isn’t that much but i’m grateful for every single one of you.


  • must be following me
  • reblog this so it doesn’t flop
  • send me an ask about something that you love, song/book recommendations, anything you want really?? 

. thank you so so much again!!

if you don’t want to see this just blacklist #httphaniel’s blogrates

url: i don’t get it soz | okay | great one! |i love it!! so!! much!!| how did you get it it’s Perfect

icon: meh | okay | good one i like it a lot!! | i’m in LOVE | i want to MARRY whoever made this, wow

theme: doesn’t work | still better than dan’s tho | cool! |  incredible i’m soimpressed | work of ART where can i find it

mobile theme: okay | good | great, v aesthetic, | AMAZING | YOU ARE AN AESTHETIC GENIUS

posts: ok i guess | good content yeah | interesting i enjoy your it a lot!! | GREAT I LOVE IT | the BEST POSTS I’M IN LOVE

what your blog reminds me of:

following: nope but ily!! | how could i not follow you before? |of course i am! | forever, you are an Angel, ilysm <3

httphaniel is my side blog so i can’t follow from it!! you can private message me for my main tho


ignore the banner

oh my god I’ve spent four months on this hellsite and I can‘t believe that 100 people let alone 1000 people decided to give me and this blog a follow. what is wrong with you all? the past few months have been one hell of a ride with lots of screaming that dan and phil caused me to do, but i’m glad that along the way I’ve made such a good connection with so many wonderful people that like to scream along with me. thanks for putting up with my extreme demon phannie moments, shitposts and the occasional very dirty humor. I was debating whether I should do a ff or this because I’ve met so many new people since my last one when I hit 200 but I wanted to do something new so without further ado here’s what you need to do if you want a blograte:


  • must be following me
  • rb this so it doesn’t flop
  • send me an ask off anon about your favorite dnp moment

if you don’t want to see this all over your dash then blacklist: #phreckledphan’s1kblogrates

format under the cut:

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I honestly don’t know what to say, this is such a big deal for me!

A huge, gigantic thanks to all my followers who have stuck with me for these great few months! I want to give an extra special thanks and shout out to a few people:

@geekyowlet You were my first true friend on tumblr, and are an amazing, inspirational artist! Thank you for being so kind and loving towards me.

@straightforparsp You are one of my closest friends on this site and you’re a blast to be with, and also an amazing artist! Thank you for sticking with me, I know I can be annoying haha.

@baintastic I love you so much???? Like wow you have always been so amazingly kind to me and you’ve helped me through so many tough times. Thank you so, so much for that!

@bothepunx & @thestarryeyedsailor (happy (late) anniversary you guys!!!!) YOU ABSOLUTE POWER COUPLE. Y’all are like the most accepting and kind people I’ve met in a while. So happy to be talking with you guys!

@chergio14 I don’t talk to you too much, but when I do it’s always a joy! Thanks for talking to me, I hope we can become closer.

And finally, @puffli love you so much. <3

Thank you all so much!!!!

anonymous asked:

I've been looking for new blogs to follow and do you have any blog recs?

hm, here are some of my favorite bloggers that i can think of. they post either a bit or a lot of what i post. mostly multifandom / aesthetic / harry potter blogs.

@argentsxarrow, @alrightpotter, @persrephone, @hardfeelngs, @aecate, @auroremus, @jaimelannistre, @goldstiens, @celebrlan, @rcnbweasley, @prongsfooot, @elizabennets, @flntwood, @howlingremus, @ronweasiley, @albuspotthr, @mollywealsey@keiraknighltey, @rhysahd@reykaenobi@krvm, @strawars, @dvurmstrang, @kingscross, @smolclaryfray 

first things first, thank you so much ava @hermioneganger  & charlie @siruisblack for helping me with my banner??!! i really really love it so thank you so freakin much for helping me out!!! 

if some of you haven’t noticed, this egg right here reached 400 yesterday which is so freakin crazy and amazing??!! and since i didn’t celebrate 300, im doing a kinda huge celebration??!! so, rules and stuff are below & this egg will dramatically fall off the wall if this fails so please don’t let this flop.

my celebration will consist of the following:

  • joining my bday page 🌈  
  • blogrates 🌊
  • ask me anything 🌧️
  • blog compliments ☂️

rules / guidelines:

  • mbf me
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • maybe check out my friends listed on my nav page (optional)
  • send me an ask with the corresponding emoji or what u want if you can’t send me the emoji
  • there is no limit to how many you choose
  • please remember though that it might take me a while to get through it all 
  • it would be cool if everyone joined my bday page
  • join my bday page by sending me your name + your bday
  • people who join will be featured on the bday page (duh!)
  • get a spot on my updates tab (currently in the works) for a month
  • a lil promo (url playlist or name playlist)
  • bday wishes + an infinity amount of imaginary cute animals
  • blograte format are under the cut
  • for ask me anything, remember to include your question & that there are certain boundaries to what you ask
  • blacklist #eggcelebrations if you dont want this on your feed

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dewytrees  asked:

i watched the film and almost cried... so sweet! I was so afraid the dog was going to be found dead but he wasn't.... so grateful for that. 10/10 would watch again ❤I'm sure it will do fantastic at the festival! definitely has my vote 💓💓💓

thank you so much for the support!!!! we are glad you enjoyed it :D 10/10, love your posts + followed!


hey guys, my little bro entered a film contest and he needs help getting votes! if you vote, just msg me and I’ll give you a blog rate! i just wanna help him out and it’d mean the world to him if he wins since he’s only 17. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!!!!

link: https://www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch?search=Evanescent

I’m genuinely so angry about the ban on trans people in the military like I feel sick bc of how angry I am

To all of my trans followers: I love you all. So unbelievably much. You are so valid and capable and wonderful and nothing that coward Trump says or does will change that. You have more strength in your pinky toe than Trump will ever have in his lifetime.

I love you. I support you. I stand with you.