but i love it.. sorry

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I admire your style so much. I love your you can draw Asians in a cartoony style without it actually being remotely /anime/ imo, a good thing, because anime has such a bad stigma. I really aspire to have an original style like yours too and draw Asians peacefully without it being "anime" no matter how not-anime my style is

thankyou for your nice words, but there’re a lot of things that you’ve mentioned that….disturbed me?

1. my style and passion’s roots started with anime, it’s where many of us started, and there’s nothing wrong with having an ‘anime style’ and you looking down on it only perpetuates the stigma worse. I have friends in animation who struggle so hard because their teachers keep telling them that their style has to be more ‘western’, more ‘cartoony’, and you have no idea how damaging it can be.

2. asians do not look “anime”…… if you draw asians looking anime it’s just in your style,,, ever considered that?

3. i’m more familiar with asian features because i am, in fact, asian.


Why would she give the ship to you? 

I’ve commanded Star Destroyers

            Well I’d say you’d answered your own question then

Time for an unpopular opinion ™ with the rat!

Taking insp from another artist’s work is not the same as reposting or tracing.

I don’t own my style, it’s a slow burning stew of inspirations from other artists and I’m always adding ingredients. 

 The idea that someone owns a style to an extent that another artist using similar colors/shapes/aesthetics/animals is seen as a personal attack…is beyond incomprehensible. We all got here taking from others, art is not a one person development. 

Seeing discourse on my dashboard right now, vilifying an artist for taking that inspiration from a very popular artist….scares the hell out of me. It raises the question of who owns the way a line is drawn? Who owns brushes we can make and customize on a second by second basis?

If you’re so terrified of your style being copied to the point of actively discouraging others from learning from it, perhaps it was never that unique to begin with.

This is not an attack, it is a defense of artistic freedom. 

Honestly I’m so fucking over the guilt trips that PB gives us for not spending diamonds on certain choices.

Sorry that I don’t have the money to play as Frank in a relationship that has .05% to do with me, but do not put them “calling it quits” ON ME

I REFUSE to spend my money on choices that don’t affect my character. People break up in high school, people get together, people move on.

Stop trying to guilt me into spending more money just to see my fave characters together because it’s so not worth it in the long run (Abby and Tyler anyone??)