but i love it and i rewatch it often anyway lol

star crossed rivals

this post is not only about princess allura and prince lotor being foils, but also keith and acxa being set up as rivals season 3

for related tweets, check out these threads !!   

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Recap of the Defenders panel at SDCC, pt. 2 (aka just a beat by beat recap of episode 1...)

If you missed, it you can catch part 1 here. I’m sure you can find videos of the panel out now, but if you wanted my additional commentary, there you go, haha :).

I’ve been writing bits and pieces of this since Friday night, so needless to say, I’m starting to get a little fuzzy on the order of the scenes and specifics b/c I was in such a state of shock while watching (and I don’t get the benefit of rewatching it right away 10 times in a row, lol), but I’ll try to recollect as much as possible, as best I can. I’ll also share some of my opinions and theories at the very end.

Some brief, non-spoilery thoughts: This was definitely a set up episode for everything that is to come, so as much as I know everyone wants answers to certain questions, you’re just not going to get to them right away. The show doesn’t hesitate to pick up the threads left from each individual series though, so don’t expect it to be slow at all. They also did a lovely job making each Defenders’ scenes look and feel like their own shows, while still bringing them all together into a new kind of feel and style for The Defenders. I was impressed by that. Anyway, if you have any more general questions, feel free to send me an ask or note.

And now…I shouldn’t have to say this, but just in case…HUGE SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST EPISODE OF THE DEFENDERS UNDER THE CUT!

(Apologies for any mistakes, I wrote too much and just want to get it posted rather than spending even more time editing!)

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I finally found it! I think I had mentioned this moment to you before. But just look at Jared, he clearly makes smooches at Jensen. It’s a good moment….


Hey, Thank you for letting me that you have found the gif! Yes, i remember that you’ve mentioned the moment to me before. If i remember correctly, you talked about this under the post about Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud and the Js’ hand-holdings?

Anyways, yes, this moment is really lovely. Like they themselves often say, they don’t need words to communicate with each other; they only need to throw the other a look, a rise of eyebrows, a smile, or a tiny little gesture, and then they know exactly what’s on the other’s mind. It’s so incredible and beautiful. Btw, the moment happened at Nashcon this year, didn’t it? I have also seen for many times this gif passing through my dash, but i still couldn’t make the connection and was completely clueless when you talked to me about it. Lol. I couldn’t recall when exactly the moment was, but anyways, here’s the video if you’d like to rewatch:

There were some other cute J2 moments during the panel, such as Jared dancing to his imaginary rhythm of Shake it Off and Jensen looking like a disappointed husband (lol); Jensen teasing Jared about his sitting position on a plane and Jared revealing a well-suspected fact that he’s “bendy” (lol); And the Js talking about their date-night on the previous evening after SNS (a guy watched them passing by and said to his girlfriend “that’s Sam and Dean!” lol).

I don’t know why but Jared looked extremely like a love-struck prepubescent girl (or boy) through the panel and was literally all over Jensen. Guess they must have had a wonderful date last night. ;)

Some sightings of the pre-con date night in Nashville (that i saved links of) : [x] [x] [x] [x] . They seemed to be in a very good mood, didn’t they? :)

mitarashiko  asked:

Your conversation with 50cyg makes me want to ask you something~ What do you think Yamato likes the most about Taichi? What is your favorite scene of them?? Do you think they think about the reasons why they two can form omegamon??!! I'm very curious *^*

You know, at first I thought these questions seemed harmless, but when I got to thinking about them…they took me a while to answer lol

I already know these answers are going to be long. So I’m just going to put them under a cut. 

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Steph Rewatches Veronica Mars - 1.01 Pilot

about the hugging scene

it really is wild to me that a scene as sweet as this has caused so much controversy in fandom. and not because of the dialogue exchanged between keith and allura, but because allura ‘had the audacity’ to hug a boy she holds dear to her heart. fandom seems to think allura was out of line, that by touching keith at all she was making him uncomfortable and disrespecting his personal space. fans willfully ignore the fact that keith hugged allura right back. and that allura’s goodbye seemed to have meant a lot to keith, judging by the determined look on his face after allura pleaded for him to return to the team in one piece.

anyway, fandom’s bullshit aside … i actually do want to talk about this moment. and in depth. while i loved everything about this scene aesthetically, i did feel like allura’s apology could have been written better, and that keith should have apologized to her as well. allura was upset, after all, because keith hadn’t shared the possible truth about his heritage with her even after she’d opened up and put her full trust in him.

still, this is also one of my favorite scenes :) !! so here’s what i liked about it, what i didn’t like, and what i loved ♡

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theblackabyssofme  asked:

This is probably a really pointless question that has been asked before (so feel free not to answer lol), but what anime (animes?) would you recommend and why?

!!!!!!! Oh my gosh, that is NOT a pointless question! Friend! FRIEND!!! I have been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me for anime recommendations!!

Like, 90% of the reason why I even have this blog is because I watch So. Much. Anime. And I kept wanting to talk about it with people, but there was no one I could talk to about my deep love of anime, and how much I wanted to recommend them things, but no one cared about my anime recommendations, so it was like, “oh, ok, fine, I’ll just go obsess quietly in this corner of the internet for a while…”

So, THANK YOU. Gosh, I will try and contain myself but I was really so excited to be asked. (You are probably already regretting asking the question. Sorry.)

But I watch so much anime that I literally have recommendations in any genre. You want to watch something that will break your heart? Got one for that. You want something that’s just funny and dumb? Got that too. Mecha? Historical fantasy? Shoujo? Shounen? I have them all!!

I’m going to try and limit my recommendations to my top four. And I’m going to offer up a wide range, just for fun. I’m also staying away from sports anime, because at this point, I just assume it’s a given that I recommend all the Sports Anime Ever. (I apologize ahead of time for the length of this post).

The most important thing to me with anime I watch is the story; as a big reader in all genres, it is not often I am surprised by where a story is going, and one of the reasons why I love anime so much is because their stories do surprise me, all the time. All the anime I recommend here have incredible stories and amazing characters. So here are the top four anime I recommend, based on my deep love for them, how much I wish they had a bigger fandom, and also how often I rewatch them:

1) Tiger and Bunny.

Originally posted by ali-chaaaaaaaaan

If you like: One Punch Man and My Hero Academia, you should really watch Tiger and Bunny. I was so excited to see it on my dash.

Why: It had a new take on the Super Hero trope that I hadn’t seen before. It also has an amazing cast of well-developed, interesting characters. And it has one of the most inclusive casts I have ever seen in any show: kickass ladies, kickass people of color, kickass canonically gay characters—and all of them were well-developed, complex people. The story itself had a lot of interesting twists and has a really refreshing look into the Revenge Motive. The villains are all kind of fascinating too. Plus, Kotetsu and Barnaby are married af, and that’s always nice.

(Also, I just watched the Movie for the first time last night and I’m still sobbing. I have never seen such a respectful focus on a genderqueer character in a movie/show where being genderqueer was not the focus of the movie/show.)

2) Princess Tutu

Originally posted by imnothereee1

If you like: Fairy tales, or you’re interested in story-telling, you really have to watch this anime.

Why: I periodically rewatch this anime because I just love it. So. Much. It really is like watching a new fairy tale. It’s also an amazing metafictional look into what it means to tell a story, and what it would be like to rebel against the story and the role that is written for you. And it’s probably the only anime I’ve ever watched where the ships I shipped in the beginning are definitely not the same ships I shipped at the end. Also, you should watch this AMV, if you’re not convinced.

3) Erased

Originally posted by kidomarus

If you like: Time travel, or complex psychological dramas, this anime is for you.

Why: Yes, I am slightly biased, because I just wrote a fanfic about this show, but I really do think it’s amazing. I think in so many stories we are used to hearing, the story is about how things started out Right and then they all went Wrong. And this anime is the story about how things were Wrong, and one man does everything he can to make them Right again. And I really like that.

4) Ore Monogatari!!

Originally posted by goku-z

I saved this one for last because it’s going to be long. Largely because I just re-watched it and I have ALL THE FEELS. And I’ve been wanting to talk about it.

If you like: Pure, fluffy, romance. This is the anime for you.

Why: This is the story of how Two Cinnamon Rolls Too Pure, Too Good For This World, fall in love with each other. And their salty asexual friend who will shank anyone who gets in the way of his cinnamon roll friends’ love.

So, OK. I have read a lot of romance, either in shoujo manga/anime or in YA lit, or chick lit, or just unrepentant romance novels. And my biggest, biggest problem with romance (especially in shoujo manga and YA) is the fact that I almost always hate the love interest hero. Because I just hate, hate the trope of “beautiful, mysterious man who is an asshole, but everyone falls in love with him anyway.” And I hate that these women keep falling in love with beautiful men who are assholes to them. And I also kinda hate how there’s never really a reason why the beautiful asshole likes this woman in particular? It’s always like, “Oh, this girl. She’s different than the rest.” Because of course everyone is in love with the beautiful asshole, but only the heroine Can Win His Heart.

Takeo completely subverts that trope. He is set up as a guy who is not good-looking, no girls ever fall in love with him, but he is just genuinely kind. He’s nice to everyone, he’s 1000% respectful towards women, and he’s always happy to help anyone in need.

Originally posted by hyouka

I also love Yamato, because you never wonder why he would fall in love with her in particular. She is pure sunshine, but at the same time, she is also very assertive, and that is *so* rare in romance stories. This girl sees her man, wants her man, and does everything she can to *get* her man. Like, damn, Yamato. Girl knows what she wants. And I just love how she is always the one to make the first move in their relationship. I also love the fact that she clearly has a libido and openly lusts after her boyfriend. It is amazing how often women aren’t allowed to feel sexual attraction in their own romance stories.

This show also challenges the idea that established relationships are boring. And the idea that a good romance story has to have a lot of drama before the couple can get together. These two refreshingly love each other, trust each other, trust other people, and communicate their concerns when they have them and it is just So. Nice. Not to have needless drama in a love story.

Originally posted by hyouka

Equally important, I love asexual best friend Suna. One of the things this anime does is that it emphasizes that Takeo’s friendship with Suna is as equally important to him as his relationship with Yamato. And I just wish that was emphasized more in romance? Because it really seems that in a lot of other romance stories, True Love is the most important thing, and everything and every one else can go to hell. But Suna’s platonic love for Takeo is as defining as Yamato’s love for Takeo, and Takeo’s love for both of them is the most important thing to him.

And I’m going to have to stop myself there, because I could seriously go on and on and on about how Ore Monogatari!! Is the best love story ever and I could keep going. (And I want to, I waaaant to) but this post is already long enough and I apologize to everyone on my dash.

Thank you again for asking! Please ask me for recommendations! I have so many!! Also, if you want to recommend me anything, please do so!!

TV Recommendations by Type

Hey guys!  Sorry I dropped off the face of the planet!  Anyways, I’m back with some recommendations of TV shows I think each type might like.  Granted, I’m an ISFJ and I like all of these shows (I watch too much TV, I know, I know), so it’s not as if they’re specific to a single type.  Watch what looks interesting to you, even if it’s for a totally different type.

ISTJ- The Middle

The chaos that is the Heck household is sure to make the ISTJ both cringe and feel 1000% better about their life choices.  These people are clearly not the organized and put together individuals that Si and Te make ISTJs, but watching the Hecks misadventures never gets old.

ISFJ- Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec is not only ridiculously funny, but also has the most heart of any other recent comedy series.  The show is clever and warm, with a plethora of unique characters that ISFJs will enjoy getting to know and love.  I can’t say enough good things about this show, because it combines humor and emotion in a truly fantastic way.  

INFJ- Orphan Black

Oh man, this show.  So good.  Probably my favorite on this list at the moment.  Anyways, Orphan Black has an intricate and deep plot that the INFJ’s Ni will love unwinding.  It also raises a number of questions about the moral implications of scientific advances, which would appeal to both Ni and auxiliary Fe.  

INTJ- Revenge

The intensely complex plans of vengeance Emily Thorne takes are sure to excite the INTJ’s Ni and Te.  Unfortunately this show went a bit downhill from the second season onwards, but the tightness of season one is really something to behold.  Later seasons aren’t terrible by any means, just not as strong as the first one.  

ISTP- The Amazing Race

Every leg of the Amazing Race features teams traveling to different countries, completing tasks that test their nerve, intelligence, and social graces.  All of these things would excite the ISTP’s Se, and trying to figure out the most efficient ways to get around the world would be perfect for a dominant Ti type.

ISFP- Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is always great for a bit of romance and a bit of excitement, whether that comes in the form of a hospital shooting, a plane crash, or a flash flood.  These will appeal to the ISFP’s Fi and Se, and title character Meredith Grey is an ISFP as well!  

INFP- Happy Endings

Very kooky show that was gone too soon.  The oddball humor will surely appeal to the INFP’s auxiliary Ne, but the show is understated enough to suit the style of an introvert.  So sad that this show only laqsted three seasons, but at least the episodes are so packed with jokes that they necessitate rewatching.  

INTP- 30 Rock

Another very strange, very layered show.  Arguably the wittiest show on TV in the past few years, which will work well with the INTP’s Ti.  Also does a great job satirizing and skewering societal trends and illogicalities, which smart-asses will find wildly entertaining.  Oh, and Tina Fey is an INTP too!!  

ESTP- Survivor

Survivor is the ultimate adventure, which is exactly what Se craves.  What’s really interesting about the show (which I have devoted far too much time and thought to lol) is how variable every season is, which would similarly excite the adaptable and quick-thinking ESTP.  Some seasons are stronger than others, and for first time watchers I would recommend Borneo (1), Amazon (6), Pearl Islands (7), China (15), Philippines (25), or Cagayan (28).    

ESFP- Friends

A classic show about, well, friends, which are extremely important to the social butterfly ESFP.  The ESFP will appreciate the flawed but lovable group living in the ever-exciting New York City and can indulge in the constant humor of this television titan.

ENFP- Gilmore Girls

Another personal favorite, the ENFP’s Ne will give it as good a chance as anyone of keeping up with the wicked-fast paced dialogue on Gilmore Girls.  The show also has a ton of emotional moments, often centered around familial matters, which will operate well with Fi.

ENTP- Summer Heights High

Incredible, incredible satire, which will be immensely appealing to the Ne-Ti combination of the ENTP.  The format of the show itself is intriguing, with Chris Lilley playing the three main characters, and the ENTP is sure to appreciate his ability to embody such cutting caricatures. 

ESTJ- Scandal

It’s realllllllyyyyyyy satisfying watching Olivia Pope get shit done, and I don’t even use Te like the ESTJ does.  Scandal will also appeal to Si because of its monumental, presidential nature and the characters’ attempts to navigate through the bureaucracy of Washington.

ESFJ- Parenthood

SO. MANY. FEELS.  Every episode of Parenthood is packed with family drama and emotion, which suits the ESFJ’s dominant Fe and auxiliary Si.  Additionally, the acting on this show (especially that of Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman) is absolutely beautiful.  A fantastic drama about family and life in general.

ENFJ- Heroes

A show that is devoted to the idea of having a greater purpose for the good of humanity, Heroes works perfectly for an ENFJ with Fe and Ni who feels like they’re meant to do something big.  Like Revenge, this is a show that kind of crashed after the first season (Season 4 made no sense.  To anyone.  At all.), but man was it amazing in its prime.

ENTJ- How to Get Away with Murder

Rounding out the Shondaland trifecta is the newest show of the bunch, which the ENTJ will find appealing for its intricate plot and intensity.  Annalise Keating is BA, like the ENTJ is, and she refuses to back down from anything or anyone.  This one only has 15 episodes, so you could finish it by tomorrow! 

So those are my suggestions!! Hopefully you’ve found something that looks interesting to watch this summer.  I really love all of these shows and think any of them would be a great choice.  

queenheiwa  asked:

Rivamika for the ship thing! XD

YASS BITCHES!!! LES DO DIS!! please forgive my excitement i was waiting for this tbh >w<

I’m answering these in the “Living Together” universe (a fanfic of mine). *flails arms*

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave

Omfg Mikasa. She sees it on youtube and decides to try it. She just puts an exaggerated amount of peeps into a bowl. Times it for seven minutes and sits there with a camera phone, and it just creates this huge sticky mess. In which Levi just loses it later complaining on how horrible it is to remove burnt marshmellow residue from the interior microwave surface. 

He’s scrubbing it off while Mikasa sits on a chair rewatching the video with a look of amusement on her face.

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex

Levi forgets. Mikasa doesn’t care if their cat, Revi, is in the room, but Levi hates it. He has Mikasa pinned against the bedpost doing teasing foreplay in the dim room and suddenly the cat starts meowing loud ass hell. Levi curses when notices that the black cat is at the foot of their bed staring at him with his bright yellow eyes. ((LOL))

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit

Mikasa because she’s secretively mischievous, and Levi is a dork god plz. *cries* 

She likes to  fiim his reactions to stuff. It can range from prank-like vids like, his reaction to opening a jack-in-box of glitter. ((ohh that really set him off cuz glitter is so messy)) to just secretly filming him as he heavily criticizes a movie they’re watching on netflix. ((because his commentary is hilarious)) 

Catching him snoring after he comes home working overtime. Or when he falls asleep sitting up. Virtually it becomes Mikasa’s hobby, she ends up not posting most of it, because she starts feeling a little guilty and for the most part, she finds it endearing and re-watches them when she misses him.

“Levi.” Mikasa holds her phone up to him. The red light blinking, as Levi’s face shows up on the display.

He wrinkles his nose, “Ugh, please tell me you’re not filming me again.”

Mikasa smiles softly watching him through the screen. “You got a booger on your shirt,” she teases.

“Shit where?” He quickly checks his t shirt looking down feeling the slight embarrassment burn on his cheeks. Until he realizes it was just a joke.

Mikasa just giggles.

“Ugh! Seriously what the hell!”

“I love you, honey,” Mikasa replies sweetly.

Levi jerks his face away, his face burning slight pink.

who breaks the most phones

Believe it or not it’s Levi. Easy explanation. When he cleans. He’s super cautious about his phone, and puts the screen protector on super nice sans any air bubbles. He’s got a case for it, but bulky cases are bothersome for him. It looks too clunky he hates that. 

He confident that he’s good at caring for it without it anyways or at least with just a simple plastic case.

But when he cleans, and he has it clipped to his shirt listening to music, and he aggressively sweeping his mop left and right, and pole snags on the headphones and yanks at his phone and clatters to the floor.

Or when he drops it in the toilet while he’s cleaning the bathroom.

And when he’s determined to climb to the top shelf in the supermarket and it slips off his back pocket and falls to the floor.

Or that time when he carrying a bunch of bags back home by himself (because he insists) and the phone falls to floor and it accidentally steps on it.

Needless to say his lifetyle is one of the major causes for these accidents.

One can be attributed to the cat, Revi. Who once sitting on the kitchen counter (when he wasn’t supposed too) pushes the Levi’s phone with his paw to the floor and Mikasa slips on it. 

Levi always gets his phone insured, and had backup files of his contacts on the computer. His buddies in the office (Erwin, Mike, Auruo etc) will never stop teasing him about it when they see him with a new one.

who dies first

Oh god my heart. Well, I’d have to say Levi. ;A;

He has a bad habit of not really caring for himself, and often prioritizes Mikasa’s health over his own. He ignores the signs his body give him until it’s enough to make Mikasa worry. I have imagined a scenario where he is diagnosed with high blood pressure after going through some dizzy spells at work.

If he doesn’t take care of himself, he’s likely to develop cardiac problems as he gets older. 

Mikasa was careless about herself after the loss of her family due to suicidal thoughts and depression but later on she is very attentive to herself, Levi and their cat Revi.

which one I could see as being lactose intolerant

Either one to be honest, but I see Mikasa.

But it would upset her because she loves the taste of whole milk and cheese. But if she would have any, it would give her a terrible case of gas. Levi would keep a carton of Lactaid in the fridge all the time for her and regular milk for himself, and she’d still drink his milk mixed in with hers.

And in the middle of the night, Levi can’t sleep because it stinks and he wakes her up slapping her with the pillow like, “How many fuckin times did I tell you not to drink my milk!?!?” 

((my bro is lactose intolerant so I can relate))

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t

Levi. OMFG.

Levi is the type to act like always knows what he’s doing. When at times he really does and at other times. He really has no fuckin clue. But you know what he’s the older one and he wants to set the example so who can blame him lol. And when he starts fuckin up he sees her quiet lips slowly turn up into a smirk he becomes torn between having sex with her or having starting an argument.

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed

Oopf. Well, Levi kicks himself out the bed. If they have a bad argument Levi just lets Mikasa have the bed and sleeps in the guest room or downstairs in the sofa.

who uses the computer most

Levi for work related purposes. Mikasa borrows Levi’s laptop a lot until she gets her own, but on her leisure she just watches cat videos, and how-to fashion and makeup tips on youtube.

Analyzing possible hints in 5x10

So yesterday’s episode was not really what we hoped to see, but it definitely wasn’t a bad episode for Beth clues either. There’s a few things that caught my attention that I’m going to discuss here.

  1. The opening credits theory
  2. Bethmobile theory
  3. It’s all a dream theory
  4. Coda theory
  5. Daryl’s one true love
  6. Writing style

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anonymous asked:

I've been rewatching the 100 lately, and do you think Abby and Kane are a good parallel to Clarke and Bellamy? Cause watching them lead over arkadia together in season 2 remind me of bellamy and clarke.

They are the ultimate parallel to one another. I’ve been wanting to make a post like this for a while so here we go.

Let’s start with obvious similarities.

 Both Bellamy and Kane are/were guards. Both become leaders of their people. Both had the “gel hair” while “bad” and transition to loose, wavy beautiful locks as they became “good”. Both Bellamy and Kane wear black or blue and sometimes brown. Both men feel responsible for the deaths of their mothers. 

Both Abby and Clarke are/were medics/doctors. Both become leaders of their people. Both wore braids for a bit in Season 1 (Abby wears her braid often). Both were blue often, usually a blue top and blue jeans. Both wear physical reminders of Jake (Abby his wedding band, Clarke his watch.) Both women are responsible in part for the death of the men they loved (Abby tried to save Jake, which resulted in his death, Clarke mercy killed Finn to save him from a harsher fate)

Now let’s get more specific. I’m going to record how long this takes me to write, lol. I’m starting at:

Let’s go:

Both Abby and Clarke utilize logic when discussing things the first time we see them meet up with their respective men on screen. (Abby in reference to the delinquents vital signs and Clarke in reference to opening the Dropship door.) Both Kane and Bellamy are skeptical of the truth behind their rationale (Kane with “Would you agree if it was radiation we’d see fatalities climb fairly quickly?” Bellamy with “If the air’s toxic, we’re all dead anyway.”)

Both Bellamy and Kane hide behind their respective “laws”. (Bellamy with “Whatever the Hell we want.”, Kane with “I followed the law, the law is hard.”). Both Clarke and Abby admonish them for this. (Clarke with “We can’t just live by whatever the hell we want.”, Abby with “Hiding behind the law absolves you of nothing.”)

Both Bellamy and Kane have a moment of “bad guy doing the right thing”. (Kane with “You all think I’m the bad guy, but I’m the only one who’s willing to do what it takes to save us.”, Bellamy with “You don’t have the guts to make the hard choices, I do.”

Both Bellamy and Kane have a “you can’t be weak” moment. (Bellamy with Charlotte, “Down here you can’t be weak.”, Kane with Jaha, “You’re too weak.”)

Both Abby and Clarke “defy” Bellamy and Kane. (Clarke when Bellamy tries to convince her to take off the bracelet, “The only way the Ark is going to think I’m dead, is if I’m dead.” to which we get the “Brave Princess” line, Abby with “Breaking the law to keep you from becoming Chancellor was the easiest decisions I ever made.”-Kane responds by arresting her.)

Both Abby and Clarke stress the importance of hope, while the men despair of it. (Abby in reference to the survival of the delinquents, Kane: “We don’t have time for false hope.” Abby: “Hope is everything.”, Clarke in reference to getting in touch with the Ark, “There’s still hope.”-to which Bellamy responds “This isn’t about hope.”)-Abby has always been the hope bringer actually. 

Bellamy tortures Lincoln. Kane has Abby tortured. (Abby says to Kane: “We don’t have to do this down here.”, Clarke says to Bellamy, “This is not who we are.”)

Both Bellamy and Kane often feel as if they “had no other choice.” (Bellamy in reference to shooting Jaha, throwing the radio in the river. Kane in reference to floating Abby and other things.)

Both Abby and Clarke lie to Kane and Bellamy about a woman. (In Abby’s case she lies to Kane about meeting with Raven and why. In Clarke’s case she lies to Bellamy about Octavia being in the Dropship during the Bioweapon caused illness). Both lies used the cover of illness (Abby told Kane that Raven had strep throat and so to see her he would have to be inoculated first, Clarke told Bellamy he needed to stay away from Octavia because of the possibility of him getting sick.) Both lies are discovered by Bellamy and Kane when both women (Raven and Octavia) “escape” (The Ark and the Dropship respectively) and both men react with anger. 

Both Abby and Clarke used another woman to find safety for their people. (Abby sent Raven to the Ground in the hope of finding the Delinquents safe and live. Clarke sent Octavia to Lincoln to find the cure for the sickness caused by the bioweapon.)

Both Bellamy and Kane make a decision that leads to the death of 320 people on the Ark (Bellamy when he tosses Raven’s radio into the river, Kane when he suggests and then implements the population control maneuver in the first place.)

Both Abby and Clarke react to the above in similar ways. (”They’re getting ready to kill 300 people up there.”-Clarke to Bellamy. “Those 320 people will be murdered.”-Abby to Kane.)

Both Bellamy and Kane try to salvage the wreck caused by their decision. (Bellamy attempts to help find the radio in the river. Kane says we’ll wait as long as we can for Raven to radio in to us.)

Unity Day was ripe with Bellamy/Kane parallels, so it gets it’s own little section:

Both Bellamy and Kane are blamed for their actions. (Kane is accosted by a group of angry relatives of those who volunteered to die on the Ark. Bellamy is yelled at by Raven “This is all your fault.”). Both Bellamy and Kane thought they made the right decision at the time but later openly regret it. (Bellamy with “I didn’t know that would happen” to the hallucinations in the Unity Day episode and Kane with “I was so, so sure.” to Jaha. Both Bellamy and Kane are called murders with Jaha on screen (Bellamy is called a murderer by hallucination Jaha, Kane is called a murderer by someone who points a finger across Jaha’s shocked face.) Both Bellamy and Kane react in an extremely passive manner. (Bellamy is pushed by hallucination Jaha/real Dax.  Kane is pushed by an Ark citizen. Both Bellamy and Kane then look up at their attackers from a sitting view.)

Bellamy and Kane both feel lost. (Kane tells his mother, “I don’t know who I am any more…..I’ve done some terrible things”, in front of the small tree of his mother’s, to which she responds, “You are my son…..God will forgive you Marcus, the question is will you forgive yourself.”, Bellamy tells Clarke “My mother, if she knew what I’d done, who I am…she raised me to be better, to be good. Now all I do is hurt people. I’m a monster.” to which Clarke responds “If you need forgiveness, fine I’ll give it to you, you’re forgiven, okay?”

End of Unity Day parallels. 

Both Bellamy and Kane will sacrifice themselves for their people a million times over. (Bellamy trading himself for Jasper’s life with Murphy. Kane sacrificing himself for Jaha when L/xa pits the two of them against each other in the prison cell thingie.) Both are saved before they can actually die. (Kane by Jaha. Bellamy by Octavia and Jasper.)

Bellamy and Kane both have a moment where they sympathize with Abby and Clarke about the hardships in leadership (Kane with “Abby, I know this is hard.” and Bellamy with “It’s hard being in charge, isn’t it.”)

Both Abby and Clarke have been questioned by Bellamy and Kane about doing the “right thing”. Both Abby and Clarke have responded that they are doing the right thing.

Both Kane and Clarke respect and believe in Abby and Bellamy. (Kane has said that “Our survival depends on having a leader who can inspire them to self-sacrifice.”, Clarke has said “They were willing to fight and die for you, you inspire them.”)

Both Bellamy and Kane have been near someone they care for dying and have had Abby and Clarke tell them it was too late. (Bellamy with Atom after the acid fog-Clarke gives a small, negative head shake. Kane with Vera after the Unity Day bombing-Abby’s eyes tell the story of a negative.)

All of them are extremely determined, regularly show concern for the others, (typically Bellamy to Clarke, Kane to Abby and vice versa and then Abby to Clarke and Kane to Bellamy and vice versa).

Both Kane and Clarke have left Abby and Bellamy at the gates of Camp Jaha (Kane on a mission to find and speak with the Commander and Clarke because of the weight of all of the deeds she committed while trying to survive on Earth.)

Both Kabby and Bellarke have an emotional reunion right inside the gates of Camp Jaha. (Bellarke with the infamous 205 hug and Kabby with the more restrained: Abby staring at Kane in amazement as he walks out of the woods and back into camp. ) In both reunions Bellamy and Kane are wearing blue tops and black pants and Abby and Clarke are wearing blue jackets and blue jeans.

Both Abby and Clarke have been told by their current love interests that they sound like their future love interests. (Jake told Abby she was sounding more and more like Kane in a flashback, Finn tells Clarke she sounds like Bellamy to which both women respond with a variation of “He’s right.”)

Some physicality:

Kane and Abby are almost always shown walking next to one another, usually either behind or in front of Bellamy and Clarke walking together. The camera is typically positioned so we can see all four of them in the wide shot together, most typically with one couple in the front and the other blurry but in the shot behind them.

Both Bellamy and Kane have a habit of reaching out and grabbing the Griffin women by an arm when they charge forward to protect someone else. 

Both Bellamy and Kane have cradled Abby and Clarke’s faces. (Bellamy in 208 and 302 and Kane in the episode after the Dropship detaches from the Ark and he finds Abby unconscious.)

Both Abby and Bellamy have placed a comforting hand on Kane and Clarke’s shoulder. 

Both couples also have an undeniable emotional connection. They find hope in each other, they rely on one another. They need each other. Kane and Abby’s relationship developed quicker than Bellamy and Clarke’s because they have known each other longer and also have the benefit of the wisdom that comes with age and experience, but it’s extremely obvious that Kabby and Bellarke followed ridiculously paralleled paths (there are no mistakes in film making and editing-all of the parallels I listed above (and all the one’s I missed but that are present in the show) were put into the show on purpose.)

Kabby is showing us what Bellarke will eventually become, a relationship built on mutual trust, affection, want, need and love. It’s beautiful isn’t it?