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who/what are 5 bloggers/blogs you love and recommend to follow? what are some reasons you like them or their muse(s)?

It’s pretty much impossible for me to only recommend 5, I interact with so many equally lovely people who write really interesting portrayals but I’m going to name off some of my great loves.

Of course there’s my beloved @neveroutofsight, I personally feel she’s a really understated Belle, but she does such an incredible job. I love the way she writes and Scout is just about the nicest person I have ever met in RP. If you don’t follow her, please do.

Some of my other beloved Belle’s to write with are: @thebeauty @finalpetal, @stillnotfree @coxragexs and @strangespecialmostpelicular @namemeansbeauty

My beastly babes are: @roseruin (SENPAI), @bcastmade, @xevermcrex and really every Beast/Prince around. I’m terribly shy and I haven’t actually had the balls to talk to these beauties, but I love stalking them.

And some of my other lovelies are @lcfou @lefoc LEFOCK @antlerdecor @bxstiion @the-delusion-of-a-dreamer (who followed me over from my Star Wars blog and has been my bud for over a year), @jcligarcon, @xcapableof, @reinemalheureuse (MOM) and…yeah just so many. I couldn’t possibly think of everyone off the top of my head.

I will say this, I really, really want to interact more with some servant blogs, I think so far I have only threaded with one. Again I’m horribly shy and I think many are not mutuals with me but if you play a servant and want to do a thing…please don’t hesitate to reach out. Sometimes it can take me a while to work up the courage.

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last fic you read? (would you rec it to us?)

the goon squad’ by kingkiwi :) i’ve… recced it before on this blog actually xD amazing fic tbh, graffitti artists and a café and cute ot7 dynamics where everyone wants to protect jimin, seokjin’s neighbours are amazing, and jungkook is jimin’s Petty Criminal Bf lmfao :’)

i was re-reading their ‘writers’ series bc i was missing it so much ahaha :’)

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I don't have any friends who like kpop and I don't have anyone to talk about how much I love iKON. I just want to say that I fell in love with Bobby, i know it sounds delusional and childish but seriously he's the first boy who has made me feel this way. I want to thank you for your gifs, you don't know how happy you make me. You guys never fail to conjure a smile on my face. Thank you very much! ♥️ (tbh I think I'm also in love with Hanbin, I can't choose...)

Girl you sound adorable and not delusional TvT ♥️I actually feel the same lmao 😂 and I’m already 22 .. If you’re 10-20 it might be worse since you’re probably still in your puberty ☺️ Bobby just makes everyone fall for him, young and old. You can only embrace it and start loving him more and more haha ✨and the fact you start to feel the same love towards Hanbin shows that you’re slowly becoming an ikonic ♥️

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Ok. So who IS the cast member you are especially fond of, Emy? Haha. Please share. And don't hold back. I love it when you ramble. Xx

Ahahahaha I mean, still, I don’t ACTUALLY know them, so I can do limited squeeing. But I would LOVE to go out for drinks with Gale because I’m pretty sure he would unlock the secrets of the universe and it would be insightful and hilarious and I would struggle to keep up but WHAT A DREAM. ALSO great music recs, into that. He seems like a giant hipster intellectual dork and I am into that. Then of course there’s Randy, who just seems like a sweetheart who loves cats and that’s an A+ thing. I really admire how he’s been using his increased visibility since Cabaret to take a stand for the LGBTQ community, so we could have talks about that. Plus while Gale’s giving me music recs, I feel like Randy has some solid book recs. So basically while I’d want drinks with Gale, I think coffee and a good philosophical/political rant with cats would be a great way to spend an afternoon with Randy. Scott just seems like an absolute doll, incredibly sweet and welcoming and makes no secret of how much he still loves and appreciates all of QAF’s fans and what the show meant to them, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously, so he just has a HUGE place in my heart. And I can’t forget Peter…I’m just so PROUD of him for doing so much behind the camera. He’s hardworking and thoughtful and doesn’t shy away from politics, but he also still loves a good laugh. (PLUS it warms my heart that he still includes a QAF cast photo as his Twitter icon from time to time.) They all just seem like really good people who’ve stayed humble and are trying to do good in the world but can still be silly and ridiculous, so they have my heart forever and I would be honored to buy them all drinks and/or bake them some cookies.