but i love him so it dont matter

20 reasons to love min yoongi

1. his super gummy smile

2. I mean, have you seen him in skinny jeans??????

3. lets not forget his mega pale but super adorable knees

4. if you still don’t love him after seeing his blue hair then literally just block me

5. or his pink hair????

6. or his blonde hair????

7. or any other hair colour for that matter

8. look at this little bare faced muffin

9. his laugh will make you weep

10. and lets look at that smile just once more

11. so even when he’s grump he is still cute AF

12. SEE?!??!?!

13. SEE?????????????

14. his profile can revive the dead, i s2g

15. dont even get me started on his aegyo 

16. his forehead is sacred

17. LEATHER PANTS!! enough said.

18. he is super cute with the other memebers

19. n lets face it, he’s hot as hell

20. But honestly, there are so many more reasons to love this boy. He is more talented and hardworking than you’ll ever be able to comprehend and he never fails to show us how passionate he is about what he does. He cares about every single fan and always wants to please us. Even though he can seem grumpy at times he is actually incredibly thoughtful and loving, especially with the other boys. He looks after hobi as if he were his own brother and wouldn’t let anyone give any of his band members a hard time. Honestly if you don’t love and appreciate this boy then thats you’re loss because he’s so so so so precious, please show him all of your love, he really does deserve it.

The never ending which-wife-did-henry-viii-love-the-most discussion is in the Jane Seymour tag… again…

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hey I love that this blog is a thing ur so great - i was wondering your thoughts on chris' current situation/mental state/depression? I know that's a touchy subject but it seems (as fans) it's impossible to make him happy, perhaps we need a plan of action idk (u dont have to reply to this publicly if u think it's too private a matter)

Thank you darling! <3

It’s so lovely that you all think he is depressed as fuck. Why would you think that? This boy is full of sarcasm and jokes, we can’t never know how he’s actually feeling and tbh we shouldn’t be so invested in his mental state.
1) We don’t know shit about his private life
2) If he has problems, his lovely mother and sisters are by his side
3) We are making ourselves depressed. We really care about him, I KNOW! But being too invested in something impossible to know is really dangerous. We think TOO MUCH ABOUT IT, IT MAKES US SICK.

BUT we can make him happy with:
1) being nice in the comments, twitter, tumblr
2) don’t harass him with questions like “ARE YOU OKAY?”
3) write a post about him, draw him, make a video for him, he will 100% see that.

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The guy im with can be judgmental of other grls he says bad things bout them when he is tlking to me I think he tries to make me feel better about myself but wenever he says smething that he doesnt like bout another grl it makes me more insecure bout the things tht I think are wrong with me for the past few days I have been thinking of leaving him cuz I dont ever want him to see me, Im scared he will leave me wen he sees all of the things that are wrong with me. i was wondering if u could help.

I had a problem like this with my ex before. He spoke about all this exes before me in a way that I just hated, he made them out to be so crazy, and I became so scared and insecure that I would one day become one of those girls he talked so badly about, no matter how much he claimed to love me.
But anyways, I get it. what I suggest you to do is straight up tell him how you feel and have him reassure you that it isn’t like that, I’m sure he will and it’ll all be peachy again. :)

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I am struggling with depression and I'm hiding it from everyone around me. I also struggle with jealousy... It's so overwhelming. I was wondering if you could lift up a word of advice or a bible verse.

Hi dear anon. :)
I can google bible verse about depression right now but I know it would be greater if I would just share with you one of my favorite bible verses:
“The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
No matter what happens, GOD IS WITH YOU. -Deuteronomy 31:8

You don’t have to be jealous about anything or anyone because GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH that it can cover everything in our lives, all you need to do is accept Him in your life. How? Please read the prayer below with all your heart.

“Lord, I know I am weak, I know that I am struggling and I dont know what to do, it is so overwhelming and it affects me. I want you to be my Lord and Savior because I believe that you are the only One that can save me from this. Sorry for all the sins that I have done. Be Lord of my life. In Jesus name, AMEN.”

Praying with you! You are God’s beloved. :) ♥


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"no offense but i really dont care about whos bday is also tomorrow because the only thing that matters is cristiano" Um it's also Neymar's???? Or have you given up already on trying to win him over? 😜

Maya never gives up but tomorrow is Kings Day (cristianos bday) so I, as a hard working foundation founder, am taking a day off to appreciate and love and support my wonderful King Cristiano

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if you're still doing the ship thing; im agender and greyaro, demisexual! I like driving too fast with the windows down, 80s music, and puppies! I dye my hair too many colours too often and I love the beach (and have freckles because of it). I pretend to be an extrovert, but I really love being by myself & if I'm with people, I like doing mundane things like having lunch or driving along the beach. I dont like bugs, but I love how pretty sunset moths are. Mostly, I love bad jokes and dick jokes.

I ship you with Danny!

You two are perfect together. No matter where you’re going you turn that music up and roll the windows down, driving for hours wherever the road takes you. You’re obnoxious, loud, annoying, and don’t give a fuck.

Dan always takes the dogs on walks to the salon when you get your hair done, but you make him wait outside so it’s a surprise.

You go out all the time together with friends and family but miss being alone sometimes. You will typically stay at home with the dog while he’s at the Grump space.

Daniel always has to kill bugs in the house for you but when in public you’ve learned to deal with it.

You also both love bad puns and jokes. Bad dick puns are the best. You annoy everyone around you when you make those dumb jokes but it’s still funny to the both you.

continued from x with @matsu-mom

“As much as I love the fact you’d avenge me, killing people isn’t exactly…legal. Or moral, for that matter. I’ll raise your allowance if you don’t decide to become an assassin. ”

“But mama…”

Despite being so unemotional most of the times, he felt really bad for not having the option to help or avenge his mother; she was the person who gave birth to him after all, and who loved him even though he was vermin. Of course, he was weak for her.

Mama, please… I want to help you… I can’t do much… Let me do something I can do right…” More money sounded nice, but this was about pride and regaining respect from that asshole who thought it was funny to hurt his mommy.

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3 / 44 / 51 ~~~~

3. Favorite childhood game?
THAT’S TOO HARD….I love so many. Maybe Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. o:

44. Do graphics matter?
Nah, i’m more into story/characters. I happily replay horrible looking games from my childhood for the fun factor c:

51. First character you’ve had a crush on?
OH GOD,, probably Axel from Crazy Taxi?? ? lmao (dont ask I dont know why I even liked him,,)


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you dont think jimin looks good with the piercings? i think he looks great. why no love for jimin :(

ofc jimin looks good no matter what he’s wearing! but his style is so idk how to explain but soft? i dont think it fits him as good as jungkook or yoongi

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naruto/sasuke LMAO



Like I’ll always be enthusiastic about them no matter what kishimoto does to fuck it up!! Because they were baby’s first real, strong-feelings-about-it otp??? I hated Sai for SO FUCKING LONG i love him a lot now actually (and I feel bad that kishimoto made him raise that hideous egg child??? with that woman he canonically wasnt attracted to??? U G H) but as a Very Young Small Early Pea, I was in bitter, hot, angry tears. How could they just REPLACE sasuke??? in naruto’s life?? no way????

I dont get as HEART EYES EMOJI about it as I used to bc im jaded and tired, but MY BUDDO RYSSA always makes me feel enthusiastic about it again like EVERY TIME I GET A TEXT FROM RYSSA im 13 year old naruto/sasuke garbage again its so embarrassing 

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You tagged something with "delete 2013 dan" and I was wondering why? You seem to not like past Dan very much :(

i was joking, sorry, i sometimes just type ‘delete this’ (or something along those lines) if something’s cringe-t to me, like to imply ‘delete the memory of it’ ahaha

past dan isn’t my fav (looking back at it, i mean) but hey, what really matters is the present and i gotta say I love Dan lots now :)

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Hey i have a problem. I became friends with this group of guys. One of them and i got really close. Then i found out him and the rest of the guys arent really friends and hate eachother. But i was already good friend with them. The boy and i are dating now and the other boys and i still hang bc we're friends but my boyfriend doesnt like me hanging with them no matter what. These boys have been here for me through so much. They wipe my tears away and help me get back on track. I dont know eifindk

Every couple has their struggles. He is a person and you are a person. You have your friends and the people you are close to, and he has his. Along the way, some of those people end up being the same, but can be at opposite sides of the spectrum. There is nothing wrong with that.

You should have a conversation with your boyfriend where you explain to him that these people are a part of your life and that they were a part of your life when he came in, it’s not something he didn’t knew about.

You have your personal freedom and he has his, so if you’re not telling him who he can or can’t be friends with, then he shouldn’t be doing it to you.

There’s always a way to compromise. It’s ok if he doesn’t like it, you can send him texts when you’re with them if it makes  him feel better or something like that, but your friends are your choice.

~ Bea

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Shushil and Shirin? :3c

Thank you ♥ !! Aah ~ The devilish yet adorable twins X’D ! Shaka is still proud… But I love these two so much ♥ !


Shushil :

  • 01. Full name: Shushil, also knows as Idon’tgiveashitaboutanything-kissmyass Shushil
  • 02. Best friend: Shirin ♥
  • 03. Sexuality: Pansexual
  • 04. Favorite color: Orange and Blue
  • 05. Relationship status: Single or taken õvõ  It really depends: Sis and Lulu ships him with Daneiros and he’s cute with Linos too SO I DONT KNOW X’’D !
  • 06. Ideal mate: Someone who’ll show respect towards him no matter his choices: if he wants to quit the Sanctuary for exemple ovo. ALSO, he likes cute people ♥ and being teased is not something he’s particulary fond of >v>. Physically…he doesn’t very care o^o.
  • 07. Turn-ons: Whispers have some magical effects on him ~
  • 08. Favorite food: Everything spicy
  • 09. Crushes: //
  • 10. Favorite music: Traditional music
  • 11. Biggest fear: Losing his sister
  • 12. Biggest fantasy: Finding out what he calls The Ultimate Truth
  • 13. Bad habits: He lies A LOT.
  • 14. Biggest regret: Lying to his mother (SHUSHIL WHY U DID THAT ?)
  • 15. Best kept secrets: He knows who and what Pheobus really is. (Not even Phoebus knows that >v>”)
  • 16. Last thought: “I hope father will forgive me.”
  • 17. Worst romantic experience: He never falls in love with anyone but he has some dates…once he falls asleep.
  • 18. Biggest insecurity: Being reminded from whom he is the kid.
  • 19. Weapon of choice: His cosmo when he really has to fight XD.
  • 20. Role Model: //


  • 01. Full name: Shirin // Cancer Shirin
  • 02. Best friend: Shushil
  • 03. Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • 04. Favorite color: Red and Green
  • 05. Relationship status: Single or taken…Just like her brother XD.
  • 06. Ideal mate: Fluffy hair is something she LOVES. Calm, down to earth and as playful as her.
  • 07. Turn-ons: Caress on her legs ♥
  • 08. Favorite food: VERY spicy food
  • 09. Crushes: // coughfudocough
  • 10. Favorite music: THIS.
  • 11. Biggest fear: Losing her brother
  • 12. Biggest fantasy: Sharing her prestige with Shushil
  • 13. Bad habits: Her whole behavior? Cracks her knuckles when nervous.
  • 14. Biggest regret: She once had an argument with her father… ovo
  • 15. Best kept secrets: Her little brother’s insecurities and problems ♥
  • 16. Last thought: “Death never sounded so funny.”
  • 17. Worst romantic experience: She also falls asleep …wat is wrong with these kids /-\
  • 18. Biggest insecurity: Her choice to become a Gold (It’s the first time she choose something without her bro. It’s weird for her and for him too TTvTT)
  • 19. Weapon of choice: Gold Cloth and cosmos blah blah
  • 20. Role Model: //

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so like... im not sure if im aro or not. i currently am in a relationship but i havent felt "romantic" feelings for him (or anyone for that matter) in a really long time. we do all the things normal couples would do but sometimes hell be like telling me really lovey dovey things and im just like Cool thanks. I feel bad that i dont love him the same way he loves me. So do you think i could be? this has happened in nearly every relationship of mine

Hey! So it sounds like you could be aromantic because you said that you haven’t felt romantic feelings for anyone. Maybe you could just sit down with him and explain what’s going on and that it’s not his fault?

Best of luck! :)

i love to wake up at 5 im the morning and not be able to go back to sleep so you just decide to bingo bango bongo i dont want to leave the congo ooHnNononoNonooooO bingle bangle bungle im so happy in the jungle i refuse to go dont want no bright lights false teeth doorbells landlords i make it cLeaar that no matter how they coax him i’ll stay right HEeReeeeeee play fallout 4 and cry

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hey alicia, i can see that youre really upset with all this, i am too,but dont get too stressed due to all this bs. like even if the baby is real,louis will be happy bc he loves babies and if its not real, its just a shitty stunt. ik theyre dragging louis but he'll be alright. we've all got his back, and the new teams got his back and harrys with him and hes got a great and supportive family and bandmates. so the assholes dont really matter at the end of the day. so dont worry too much ilysm <3

sigh you’re right i just…… ugh. i hope louis is alright 💕 and i love you too :-)

TO BE DESTROYED http://nycdogs.urgentpodr.org/donte-a1053638/

DONTE - A1053638

TO BE DESTROYED 01/23/16**NEW HOPE ONLY**A volunteer writes: It’s hard to believe Donte is the same dog I met when he first arrived! He was initially very nervous and seemed shell shocked. He would shy away from touch and pancake whenever it was time to go back into the noisy adoption room. Now, he solicits attention from his cage, and as soon as I turn him loose in the yard he seems to do a play bow with every step! He is a little cross eyed, so when he does lingering ones it isn’t obvious who his target is – but with this out-of-his-shell Donte, maybe it doesn’t matter, he’s ready to play bow at the world! He loves treats, seems VERY housebroken, and is a pro at “sit” and “down.” He is reported to be well behaved when left alone, relaxed and gentle around children, and to hide during thunderstorms. He has skin allergies and can be a little sensitive to touch, but seems to love human company and likes to be pet in the right spots. On our most recent time together, Donte shuffled my way, put one paw on my knee, and licked my face! When I thanked him, he gave me an even bigger kiss, re-defined the play bow by doing one with his front paws on the bench and back paws on the ground, and then scampered off to play with a ball. Donte has acclimated, but he’d really love to move back into a home with a family of his own! Please come meet him at Brooklyn ACC!