but i love her oufit

lightdusk  asked:

Out of curiosity, which are your favourite Zelda designs?




Let’s start with this one:

Her Twilight Princess design is like. One of my ultimate faves. She’s so regal and beautiful and she’s got a sword and she’s basically ready to fuck Zant UP for trying to mess with her kingdom. Everything about this design screams royalty and badass. Plus, she’s just…so stunning. I like that they darkened her hair and gave her a more mature look because it fits with the game pretty well.

I’ve actually made this costume for cosplay (her standard outfit in Skyward Sword). Soooo, that should explain how much I adore the design. This was a nice, fresh take on Zelda. First of all, she’s got this super cute look. They gave her a fringe, lightened her hair to a golden blonde, and gave her a more village girl look. It’s cute as all hell. At the same time, she still stands out compared to the others, as Zelda should. 

Her goddess costume is super simplistic, but still somehow regal and distinguishable. It’s just a beautiful design all around, and one of my favourites.

Okay, I know it’s just a spin-off, but this design? Honestly amazing. I love that they gave her a kind of battle attire oufit with actual armor. She’s still a princess, but now she is ready to kick your ass. And the HAIR. Zelda has gorgeous hair, the stuff from fairytales, honestly. I love the little shoutout to TP’s design there with the braids, as well as OoT Zelda’s pinkish/purple hue to her dress. UGH. She’s just a total babe.

Something something OoT is the most overrated LoZ game, blah blah blah. Listen, idgaf. OoT was the first videogame I played and beat on my own and I played it like, a bajillion times over. Yes, it’s stupidly nostalgic for me, but for its time, it was a GREAT game. OoT Zelda is where I first fell in love with this princess to begin with, so how can I not include her? This girl was basically the reason Link did everything he did to help her and save Hyrule. Like him, I could understand why. I’d probably have done the same. She’s just…beautiful? She’s got that ‘love at first sight’ vibe, and honestly, it makes perfect sense. 

Spoiler alert! Tetra is Princess Zelda, lol. I love Tetra. Like SS Zelda, she’s a complete breath of fresh air and a unique spin on a very classic character, had she had a different upbringing. Pirate, spunky, badass, and a complete tsundere, Tetra’s pretty amazing. She’s ballsy and tough, but also a complete sweetheart just trying to do the right thing. The design is simplistic but cool enough that it gives her a tomboy appeal. 

Last but not least, her Breath of the Wild design. Did I mention that I screeched like a little girl when they showed her in the trailers? I love her adventurer/explorer look! Again, still regal like you’d expect, but she’s also ready to go take on the wild. Her goddess dress in this game was also a stunner. 10/10, definitely got my approval. Also, her HAIR. God, I love Zelda’s hair. Somehow, they always manage to find a way to make it so pretty and silky, and man, you just want to touch it. 

There are way more Zelda designs, ofc, but these are the ones that come to mind as faves. I don’t really think there’s been a Zelda concept I didn’t like, tbh. But hey. I’m pretty biased; she’s one of my fave characters in gaming history, so.