but i love eli with all my heart

Girls  A 4-hour playlist which includes upbeat, slow, and cover songs all focusing on girls who crush on girls, girls who love girls, girls who have had their hearts broken by girls, and other lesbian things.

i. Jenny – Lily Sevin | ii. I Like Girls – Monica Raymund | iii. Closer – Tegan and Sara | iv. She Keeps Me Warm – Mary Lambert | v. The Only Exception – Paramore | vi. Accidently in Love [cover] | vii. She Looks So Perfect [cover] | viii. Sex – Lauren Aquilina | ix. Underneath a Beating Heart – Rosi Golan | x. Rude - Kina Grannis | xi. Hey There Delilah – Jasmine Thompson | xii. I Do Adore – Mindy Gledhill | xiii. Do I Wanna Know – MS MR | xiv. Electric Feel – Katy Perry | xv. Stubborn Love – Ciara Catalla | xvi. I Miss You – Lauren Bonnell | xvii. Tell Her You Love Her - Echosmith | xviii. Get Lucky (ft. Tanika) – Naughty Boy | xix. Kiss is on My List – The Bird and the Bee | xx. Come and Get It – Jamie Dee | xxi. Sophia – Laura Marling | xxii. Valerie [cover] | xxiii. The Girl – Emma Taylor | xxiv. Sweater Weather – Kina Grannis | xxv. Riptide – Sarah Close | xxvi. Everybody – Ingrid Michaelson | xxvii. R U Mine? – Charlotte Williams | xxviii. Kiss on My List – The Bird and the Bee | xxix. Addicted to You – Avicii | xxx. Cupid’s Chokehold – Shannon Saunders | xxxi. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance – Kate Nash | xxxii. Stay With Me – Madilyn Bailey | xxxiii. Love Love Love – Of Monsters and Men | xxxiv. Laughter Lines [cover] | xxxv. Teenage Dirtbag – Mary Lambert | xxxvi. 2 Atoms in a Molecule [cover] | xxxvii. Let Her Go – Jasmine Thompson | xxxviii. Creep – Monica Raymund | xxxix. All of Me [cover] | xl. Everybody Talks – Maddie and Julia | xli. Girlfriend – Icona Pop | xlii. Little Numbers – BOY | xliii. In Your Arms – Kina Grannis | xliv. Losing My Religion – Ceyda Tokgoz | xlv. Can’t Help Falling in Love – Ingrid Michaelson | xlvi. I Choose You – Sara Barielles | xlvii. I Wouldn’t Mind – He is We | xlviii. Girl – Daisy Nicole Clark | xlix. Girls – The 1975 | l. Chocolate [cover] | li. Can’t Stand It [cover] | lii. Counting Stars – Angel Haze | liii. Teenage Kicks [cover] | liv. Girls – Beatrice Eli | lv. I Didn’t Just Kiss Her – Jen Foster | lvi. Tattooed Heart – Ariana Grande | lvii. Fireproof [cover] | lviii. A Part of Me – Kayleigh Lazzara | lix. Bloom – Nikki Melcher | lx. Anyone Else But You [cover] | lxi. Toxic – Jayme Dee | lxii. Say You Like Me [cover] | lxiii. Hold On We’re Going Home – Pia Mia | lxiv. Baby Blue Eyes [cover] | lxv. Photograph – Laura Rocca | lxvi. Back to Life – Dresses | lxvii. Anchor – Mindy Gledhill | lxviii. She’s So High Above Me – Alison Tusik | lxix. You And I – Ingrid Michaelson | lxx. Love is Easy [cover] | lxxi. Sunset – Ka Lia Lang | lxxii. You Always Make Me Smile [cover] | lxxiii. You Make Me Happy – Lindsey Ray | lxxiv. Crimson and Clover – Alison Tusik | lxxv. Hot Venom – [cover] | lxxvi. Merry Happy – Kate Nash | lxxvii. Us – Regina Spektor | lxxviii. Flowers In Your Hair – Natalie Bart



] // [




Till the End of Time: Sometimes a boy just needs his dad.

Words 3.4k - Second Person

Warnings: few swear words

“You don’t think I care,” Harry scoffed his eyebrows shooting up into his hair line. “I always see when you’re upset, but you go to your mum first before I even get the chance to talk to you and by then she tells me that you’re fine. I heard your voice in that voicemail, I could have called your mum and told her that you left a message for her but that wasn’t my first thought. My first thought was to come here and see if I my son was okay and if I could help him and it wasn’t just because I was few doors away it was because I could feel your pain and I wanted to make it go away.”


Eli’s ears were ringing as he walked into his New York hotel. Sunglasses’ were covering his stinging eyes although the sun had gone down long ago and there were small tufts of his brown curls peeking out from under his dark hoodie.

He gave a quick wave to the girls that were waiting behind a barrier and they screamed an assortment of ‘I love you’ back at him, making his ears ring even more. He had been used to this his whole life though you had done your best to protect him from all the media and fans imposing in on his childhood. Now he was twenty and about to release his second album and all these girls were there for him instead of his father.

Eli was grateful for the way that you had protected him growing up, he remembered a number of times where he cuddled against your chest, his ears hurting as all the girls screamed his dad’s name. You were the one that held him when he was upset, his three sisters preferred their dad’s hold but he always found that when he was upset, scared or needed something you were the one he sought.

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OTP problems

When you see your OTP being broken up and paired with other characters, and you literally get angry because it’s like they are cheating on each other.


Worthy of you & Wanted by you: Dual POV fanmixes for Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by Kazliin

Her fic is beautiful and I’m so excited for the last chapter!

Worthy of you

(Yuuri’s POV)

Mr. Big Shot by Anarbor: Do you mean to tell me I’m not worthy?

Thnks fr th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy: Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes.

Hit Me Where It Hurts the Most by Every Avenue: I’m wound up tighter than your jeans fit, you got me lit up like a cigarette.

The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty by Panic at the Disco: I’m gonna keep getting underneath you, and all our friends want us to fall in love.

Got to My Head by WATERS: I’ve been a jealous friend, feels like I’m always sinking.

This Love (Will Be Your Downfall) by Elie Goulding: Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?

Clarity by Zedd: And I drown in you again, cause you are the piece of me I wish I didn’t need.

Burning Bridges by OneRepublic: I want you to burn my bridges down, set me on fire.

Wanted by you

(Victor’s POV)

Animal by Neon Trees: What are you waiting for? Take a bite of my heart tonight.

Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt by We Are Scientists: My body is your body, and I won’t tell anybody.

Spit It Out by IAMX: The past is weakness, don’t beg the question when the answer is war.

Complicated by Fitz & the Tantrums: But I can take it, I love to hate it babe, I can’t say no.

Strangers by White Lies: A whisper that knew my name, is it how your heart treats all strangers?

Temporary Bliss by the Cab: Cause I can’t keep sleeping in your bed, if you keep messing with my head.

All to Myself by Marianas Trench: I don’t want to be the bad guy, I’ve been blaming myself and I think you know why.

An Honest Mistake by The Bravery: I swear I never meant for this, I never meant…

Nancy takes Mike and his friends out to a rollerskating rink (Steve and Jon end up coming along). They play crappy disco music and shine multicoloured lights.

Mike and El hold onto one another’s arms and spin in a circle. Not far off, Lucas and Dustin tease them by doing the same thing—until they fall on their asses. Lucas busts out rad dance moves, and even ends up teaching Steve some.

After, they go for fries and milkshakes, all nine of them sitting around a red linoleum table, trading inside jokes and having mini food fights, hearts full of love and laughter.

Songs You Wish Your Ex Would Listen to After Your Break-Up

• Repeating Days - R5
• So Soon - Marianas Trench
• Lover Dearest - Marianas Trench
• I Wish You Would - Taylor Swift
• Last Kiss - Taylor Swift
• Photograph - Ed Sheeran
• Over Again - One Direction
• First Heartbreak - Tori Kelly
• All Too Well - Taylor Swift
• Nothing Like Us - Justin Bieber
• Amnesia - 5 Seconds of Summer
• If This Was a Movie - Taylor Swift
• Dancin’ Away With My Heart - Lady Antebellum
• Never Say Never - The Fray
• Ungodly Hour - The Fray
• How You Get The Girl - Taylor Swift
• Lasso - The Band Perry
• Peter Pan - Kelsea Ballerini
• Rainy Season - Hunter Hayes
• This Love - Taylor Swift
• Should’ve Been Us - Tori Kelly
• Still The One - One Direction
• Sunburn - Ed Sheeran
• The Way I Loved You - Taylor Swift
• When It Rains - Eli Young Band
• Colder Weather - Zac Brown Band
• When You Were Mine - Lady Antebellum
• Why Ya Wanna - Jana Kramer

anonymous asked:

Hi! :) After the no Fitzsimmons nonsense of this season, are they seriously thinking about separate them AGAIN or even break them up?? They have done nothing as a couple, except crying... and let's face it the apartment thing was a prank. I won't lie, I won't take it anymore, if the season begins with them apart, I will shut down the tv... If it is a "forever love" but they only show it the first day and in the very last ep without nothing in-between, following the journey is useless. :/ :(

Hi Anon!

We don’t know what they are going to do with Fitzsimmons when we first come back…there is a very good chance that the writers don’t know what they are going to do either.  I think that they have an endgame in mind…and its a matter of what route they take to get there.   And as they go into Season 5 they stand at a fork in the road as to what direction they want to take.  

Its okay to feel upset and even betrayed right now.  I did, and I still do a bit.  I’m getting better as I re watch and have a few metas under my belt.  But I definitely am going to be a lot more careful with anything they tell us from now on…good and bad.  I do hope the writers and show runners are more careful too.  Seeing the hurt.  IE don’t put things out there you don’t intent on paying off or worse lead us to believe it will be paid off when you very well know you won’t.

The way I’m looking at it is if they were going to break them up we would have seen the break up in the finale.   We saw Philinda take the step back, if Fitzsimmons were going to do the same I think we would have had a heartbreaking scene where Fitz pushed her away and said that he needed time.  But we didn’t.   We got a scene where he point blank said that there his his love for Jemma would never fade and that there was only room in his heart for her.  With the “other woman” who had orchestrated things so that she would be his “whole world” sitting right next to him and she meant NOTHING romantically to him.  Nothing.  He had the same amount of time worth of memories and “transferred feelings” for Ophelia as he did Jemma, and Jemma won hands down.

Originally posted by alfonsosherrera

We saw Jemma go through hell to get him back.  That her feelings hadn’t changed either, that she didn’t blame him for anything.  It wasn’t him.  And she saw that affirmation as well.  

Did we get a chance to see THAT desperately needed conversation.  No.  And not gonna lie or sugar coat it.  That totally sucks and the writers dropped the ball.  Not only did they run out of time, I think they honestly thought that what they did was “enough’ of a pay off.   Don’t get me wrong, that pod scene is now one of my all time favorite scenes.  It was amazing and powerful…and had that been the last thing we saw of Fitzsimmons this season I think most of the fandom would be good right now.  Because there it ended with them holding each other in that silent affirmation that they were there for each other through it all.   They really had no idea how much of a toll the Framework Arc would take on the Fandom.  And in the past we really haven’t been a hard fandom to please.  They are used to giving us epic moments that are spread out and we’re content to gif the heck out of it for a few months.  But we’re expecting more now because Fitzsimmons have grown both as characters and in their relationship and we want to see moments that reflect that.  

We did get some great moments, where they HUGE moments we had all been excited about going into the season?  Again,no.  But in more of Fitzsimmons fashion it was those little moments that spoke to their love and deep connection.

  • Bed cuddles
  • Adorable in the lab with the boxes “Cue Jemma Gasping”
  • Love Nest Shopping
  • Fight
  • “She’s out there all alone and I’m gone”/the ENTIRE team affirming how much they mean to each other.
  • Beautiful Reunion hugs
  • Fitzsimmonsing to stop Eli and double gun shot
  • Tormenting Talbot
  • Comfort Kiss
  • I mean the whole of 12 for me I just love WITH bonus “Your the best” face grab kiss.
  • “Don’t do that” with you didn’t die hugs and working together
  • Comforting Fitz and we’ll fix this together
  • Rip our hearts out but yet look he was thinking about Marriage before this all went to hades.
  • Jemma digging myself out of a grave to get to my man Anne Simmons
  • “If you do this I lose him forever” “I love him”
  • Pain, more pain, but we started to suspect that AIDA had stolen Fitzsimmons relationship for herself. along with Fitz.
  • Uniting behind our collective hate for Papa Fitz and cheering Jemma on as he went after him….after totally sneaking out when Daisy said they had to leave him behind.
  • More pain but Jemma would rather die than say she meant nothing to him.
  • Fitz woke up from a nightmare he was the monster in we need to get to him
  • Confirmation AIDA stole Fitzsimmons relationship for herself
  • Leopold “I”ll only ever love Jemma” James Fitz….with Jemma hearing it.
  • Beautiful reunion crying hugs
  • Tricking the obsessed, crazy android with a fake fight.
  • Jemma getting to unload a ton of bullets into AIDA
  • FItzsimmons getting to watch The Rider and Dad Off Front runner Coulson take care of the contrived roadblock in epic fashion.  
  • Jemma’s “amen” to that they weren’t letting him face whatever alone, didn’t blame him, and were going to help him heal.  

I likely missed some but we had something in nearly every single episode this season.  Again, no not the big sweep us off the feet and make us swoon traditional shipper moments.  But the more quiet Fitzsimmons ones we’ve had all along.  Again, I’m not saying I wouldn’t love me a really nice over the top shipper moment (because really writers would one good proper kiss have killed you, no), but they did give us something in nearly every single episode (which is uncommon for a show like this) and I would be bereft if I didn’t mention that here.  

Yes, they took the Love Nest from us…and now I know why.  Because its not time for Endgame yet…they let us and them get THIS CLOSE.  Not only were they looking to move off base but Shield was back on the up and up, they didn’t have to hide anymore.   Then,they and we lost it.  Jed and Mo constantly talk in interviews about the cost of the job and the toll it can take, how Fitzsimmons is one of the best ways for them to show it, this was a way of showing that.   We started the season so close and now they’ve been pulled deeper into the shadows by whoever took them than they were before.  And I’ll take losing the Love Nest to losing them together…sorry breakfast nook.   

  • The Love Nest is the Seychelles of this Season, that thing we lost because of the crap that happened.
  • This continues to give pull to my theory that eventually Fitzsimmons will say enough is enough and choose each other over the job once and for all.  And they had that decision taken from them in this finale as they were whisked way by who knows who to god knows where.

As ‘betrayed’ as I feel by the writers right now believe it or not I do have faith that they are going somewhere with all this.  That Fitzsimmons with Perthshire, Wedding, and Babies is all in the cards.  But its Endgame and until they are ready to have that happen, they will continue to put roadblocks in the way.   I’m honestly okay with roadblocks to endgame but they do need to give us Hope in between and need to let them face the next ones together as a couple.  

The one that seems to have been set up is now getting Fitz to forgive himself.  They’ve set it up that Jemma is the one who will help him do that.  Real couples face difficult situations all the time and don’t break up because of it.  This is their chance to show a couple dealing with a traumatic event while staying together and helping each other heal.   I don’t think they’ve set up them breaking up and getting back together, that is a traditional trope and if anything AOS doesn’t do traditional tropes in the traditional way.

  • Take the “love triangle” we had this season.  The ‘traditional’ or easy way of doing this would have been for Fitz to fall for AIDA in the real world.  But NOPE in order for it to even happen…he had to be kidnapped, brainwashed, and manipulated while being thrown in to a nightmare hell world designed by a Robot who wanted his mind and his relationship with Jemma.  

I do have concerns they will have them split up physically or make it so even if they are together the situation they’ve been forced into is somehow keeping them apart.  Be it they have physically been taken to separate locations or whoever took them won’t allow them to be together outside the lab kind of thing (though Coulson seemed to have some sort of freedom on there).  

I know none of what I just said will take the pain away or ease that distrust for the writers now.  They made their bed and have to lie in it.   A lot of this comes down to us and them having very different definitions/expectations of words like reward and soon.  Its okay to be tired of being given the run around too, because I’m there too.  They have made it so its more frustrating than fun.  They crossed a line thinking what they had was enough to make up for it, and for most of the battered fandom it wasn’t.  I’m ready to see them be a couple dealing with this stuff, not fighting to get back to each other.  There are plenty of interesting stories to tell there.  

However if you really feel empassioned and want to make your voice heard you can do that. Just like when we were fighting for renewal.  And I can not emphasize this enough that if you choose to send feedback to do it  POLITELY, POSITIVELY, AND RESPECTFULLY! We learned from AIDA that throwing a tantrum doesn’t get what you want.   

  • ABC has a feed back form that you can fill out on its shows.   We busted this out a few months ago to fight for renewal, now you can do it if you want to send in your opinion.  HERE is a post that has the link and instructions…just change from renewal to your thoughts on the story. 
  • Tweet at ABC and Agents of Shield.  Using #fitzsimmons and #agentsofshield
  • DO NOT tweet at Jed, Mo, Colo, Mark, the other writers, or the cast personally with this stuff. 

Going forward I’m going to be incredibly careful with ANYTHING we get from Jed and Mo.  I pretty much already disregard anything from the Jeff’s since they troll us so much.  I don’t want to get burned again.  I will not go into next season expecting kisses, romantic dinners, and heartfelt conversations about recovery, love, and forgiveness.  That is what fan fic is for.  

Rather I’ll watch for and appreciate those small moments while reveling in the big ones.  They like to surprise us with the BIG moments, Sandwich, Maybe there is 2.22, Sunrise/Perthshire 3.7, First Kiss 3.8 (we wouldn’t have seen that one coming a mile away had they not released that pic to EW), Handhold in 3.15,  Kisses 3.17, Undercover and ensuing sexy times 3.18 (again we had the undercover tease and waited MONTHS to see that…and most of you likely though I was downright crazy for that prediction too) Love Nest 4.4, Thinking of proposing 4.15.  So I’m going to sit back and wait for the next one to surprise me!  

And I will hope that the writers see they did hurt us and dial back the trolling, teasing, and pain.  Don’t tease things they have no intention of delivering or be a bit more honest about the timeline of such things (cough engagement cough).   Not only throughout hiatus but into next season.  

Lily White is Lesbians

we all know the connotations of lilies and lesbians right ok

the given reason for the name “Lily White” for Umi, Rin, and Nozomi is because of “purity” but im not sure any group with Nozomi Tojo in it is exactly pure

read more for lots of lesbian theories

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stupid shit my friends say, a draft

alejandro: [imitating liza] i can’t go to hell, im a vegan

evan: so they like, scooped up the eggs with this concave half sphere device-
liza: a… a scoop??
evan: no scoops are only for ice cream

darren: so in conclusion im going balls deep into the matrix with the red pill

alejandro: dont laugh at my english im an igerment :((

victoria: the characters mom died so he’s like, a half orphan

liza: yeah Get Out is racist against black people right?

julia: [about french club, where we do exactly nothing] I PLAN to be the HEAD OF FRENCH CLUB

me: sir, does the d [orbital] have to be full for the switch to happen? liza: [CACKLING]

alejandro: [about some1 he has beef with] yeah i told her happy birthday but with lowercase letters and i ended it with a period ://

alejandro: she sent me a picture of her heels and they were on point!! by that i meant they were pointy

alejandro: no you should edit that post. make me sound more stupid y’know?

alejandro: same love by macklemore makes me cry every time

claire: isn’t jabroni a gay thing???

jeevs: i’ve been watching a lot of bob ross lately and i drew this picture to give to this girl with my number and its honestly the best thing ive ever drawn (ELI: MY HEART IS SO WARM)

lisa: [walks up behind me, whispering] mr. m is ripped

claire: honestly i’ve never seen mr. olive out of a tracksuit and seeing his arms is seriously throwing me off

claire: i seriously want to send a page to all the girls in the committee that just says SMASH OR PASS

henry: [after squad swarmed jeevs yelling SMASH] i want to die

henry: [after seeing a picture of danny devito] oh, thats a HARD smash

justin: hey we should get 50 chicken mcnuggets claire: isnt that illegal

henry: hey look at this picture [shows me a picture of jeevs’ face, up close, with the caption “girth”]

henry: SpiCY

alejandro: do vaginas like, nut

julia: [about snow] fresh powder? no one’s giving that up

Be My Little Sugar and Love Me All the Time 

by eli_ssabeth (4k)

Published : 2017-08-27

“It’s Louis,” comes the answer after the second ring.

“Well, that’s a relief,” Harry responds. “It’d be a new low to get a wrong number when I’m calling for work purposes.”

“Ouch, Harry,” Louis says. “Is that all I am to you? A customer?”

Harry’s heart skips a beat before he can remind it that Louis is joking. “Of course not. You’re also Mr Tomlinson, teller of awful pick-up lines.”

Louis Tomlinson’s modeling career is Harry’s favourite thing and Louis quickly finds his way into the position of Harry’s favourite person through the use of bad puns and general charmingness.

                 art cred. / alright kiddos ! i heckin did this shit finally, so here we go ( feel free to ignore this part, it’s just me bein A Sap ). i haven’t even had this blog for a month ? actually, i’m just shy of a month since i made the blog june 12th and it’s july 7th. i love jeremy so much.. i say this all the time, but he’s by far my favorite muse i’ve ever had. he’s sweet and nice, though complex with his morals and emotions and thoughts. this nervous wreck of a teenager is so similar to me that i adore it, and i would gladly die for jeremy. i hope to continue writing him for a good while because i’m overfilled with muse for him all the time and i love him so heckin much, it makes me honestly emotional !! anyways, continuing on, the bias list is continued under the cut. sorry for the length, i just have so much love.

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DC’s newest Trinity: Melissa Benoist aka Supergirl, Jeremy Jordan aka Winn Schott Jr. and Chris Wood aka Mon el

I am so excited for this team up, Winn’s genius combined with powers of Supergirl and Mon El especially when the cast are such good friends too. (my monwinn heart)

P.S. The entire cast are all such sweethearts