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Miraculous | Ladybug and Cat Noir | The Love Square

     Lady luck tied two lovers together.
           But bad luck set them apart at odds and ends.

hey gamers its ya boy Eli. this is a quick Mutual Appreciation Post cause im love u all and wanted to tell u all at once!! some of you i have been mutuals with for YEARS since i first made this blog and others recently became mutuals but you all have a very special place in my heart and i adore the fuck out of u. i consider every single one of you as a friend in varying degrees and im so glad that the stars aligned so we could make this connection by chance!!

all the url’s are in alphabetical order and mutuals that i hold very near and dear to my heart are bolded!!

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i hope i didnt miss anyone but if i did please let me know cause it wasnt intentional. thank you for being mutuals with me!! 💖💖💖💖💖


Here you have a LOT of Love Live edits that I’ve previously posted on Twitter and I’m now bringing to you wonderful people!

Here you have a bunch of background for you to enjoy freely, no need to ask! As long as you don’t republish them as your own, of course ^^
All reblogs are welcome and little hearts too ♪

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Things about 6x13:

  • “I know you only had my best interests at heart. You always do.”
  • Harvey just not holding anything against Mike, he just greeted him like nothing happened??? Harvey didn’t even want an apology, and I am so glad that Mike insisted??? 
  • I am ALL in for Mike talking about his new job, Harvey being super-supportive and the whole “uh so you have a you” thing. JUST MENTOR/MENTEE RELATIONSHIP OKAY.
  • Marvey. Banter. Man purse. Yes. 
  • Rachel and Donna. Sign me up. I love it when Rachel has intections with people instead of just Mike, and I love it when she has her own story. 
  • Mike’s wedding is gonna be at Harvey’s apartment and I am just so emotional about that okay
  • Alright, I don’t ship Darvey but honestly even enjoyed that scene they had together, they sounded so much like their season 1 selves, it was so awesome. Give me Harvey and his secretary BFF.
  • ALL THE HARVEY/LOUIS INTERACTIONS. I am so up for all of that. Amazing. 
  • Can we all appreciate how Harvey just jumped on the very first opportunity he got to get Mike into the Bar? 
Lily White is Lesbians

we all know the connotations of lilies and lesbians right ok

the given reason for the name “Lily White” for Umi, Rin, and Nozomi is because of “purity” but im not sure any group with Nozomi Tojo in it is exactly pure

read more for lots of lesbian theories

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Summer, Please Don't End.

guess who has two thumbs and a ridiculous bias for slow jam bibi? it me!

singable english lyrics for Natsu, Owaranai De. under the cut

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oinky-torrent  asked:

im sorry i keep sending hcs but i live for this au so like what if as a gift you give him a teddy bear with a hat and hes all like "im too scary for this" but like you end up catching him sleeping with it

PLEASE I OWE YOU MY SOUL AT THIS POINT nine million candids are taken but not even for blackmail just to keep and look at because your boyfriend is a softie at heart and hes also the cutest man alive

or: songs that speak to my gay heart [listen]

girls // beatrice eli – kiss me // sixpence none the richer – drove me wild // tegan and sara – somebody loves you // betty who – you make me feel like a star // the beu sisters – all the things she said [dave aude remix] // t.A.T.u – cheerleader // 96onedream – i wanna dance with somebody // glee cast – downtown // icona pop – teenage dream // katy perry – toes // lights – the way you love me // faith hill – stop desire // tegan and sara – breathless // the corrs – show me love // t.A.T.u – i think we’re alone now // tiffany – wild // 96onedream – mad love // the veronicas – she keeps me warm // mary lambert

The reason I started reading Fairy Tail years ago was because Rave Master ended and I loved it so much.

I already spend too much time drawing parallels between the two, especially with the recent time travel reveals, but the title of the next chapter has me so eager (as if the plot as it is right now wasn’t enough) because of its relation to Rave!

My little shipper heart hopes that all these parallels will leave Natsu and Lucy with a romantic ending like Haru and Elie, especially since it looks like we might be facing another “the only way to save the world is for the male protagonist to sacrifice himself and only the female protagonist had the power to make it happen”

Adventures in Babysitting

Word Count: 1610
Summary: Dean and the reader babysit her nephew for the weekend. 
Warnings: The usual – fluff. Dean with a baby, naked Dean, showering Dean. Watch out for your ovaries, ladies.

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Because I always mishear “moments, oh dear” as “moments, so dear”, and I think it works better.

A mix for my dear friend Q, and her heart-warming and heart-wrenching fic about baseball, musical theatre, and that saccharine feeling where you feel like you’ve known someone all your life, even if you’ve only just met.


Track List:

01 Young Love - Eli Lieb | 02 Be Mine! - Robyn | 03 Love Somebody - Maroon 5 | 04 Love Is A Drum - Cider Sky | 05 Falling Slowly - Once OST | 06 Someday - Rob Thomas | 07 Ugly Heart - G.R.L | 08 Here Comes My Man - The Gaslight Anthem | 09 I’ll Cover You (Reprise) - RENT OST | 10 Everything - Lifehouse | 11 This Isn’t Everything You Are - Snow Patrol | 12 Come To Your Senses - Tick, Tick … Boom! OST | 13 It Was Always You - Maroon 5 | 14 Say It To Me Now - Once OST | 15 A Thousand Years - Karl Michael | 16 Home - Phillip Phillips | 17 Coming Home - Firelight | 18 Seasons of Love - RENT OST


Sunflower Cinnamon Bun!

Named Aelianthas; a mash of Helianthus, the latin for the Sunflower genus, and the Greek/Roman name Aelius which means sun, derived from Helios. Happily goes by the nickname Eli though.

Her whole persona is centered on being a fun-loving, warm, lively Sylvari who just loves life. Despite being this gleeful, happy thing she doesn’t fall under the stereotype that bubbly equals naive or airheaded and has survival, cultural and adventuring knowledge to rival even the most world weary traveler.

While not something she gets to indulge in often, Aelianthas is a talented chef and not only specialises in, but also takes great joy in making comfort foods from across the continent.

Fun fact: Like her namesake, Eli’s ears will point towards the sun, curling downwards in shade and at night.

I am ready to take at least 12,000 artistic liberties with this dumpling.

If you’re in the Arlington tx area please look out for Eli Phillips. He’s a friend of mine on the swim team and he’s a wonderful kid. He went missing around 6 PM today and left a concerning note. I love this kid with all my heart and even if you don’t live in the area please signal boost.

queer up // listen

stressed, oppressed, and ready to protest: a mix about being queer

i. i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - black kids ii. girlfriend - icona pop iii. boom - le1f iv. these boys (bonus track) - adam lambert v. dirty king - the cliks vi. drove me wild - tegan and sara vii. same love - angel haze viii. girls - beatrice eli ix. she keeps me warm - mary lambert x. take me to church - hozier xi. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson xii. all the boys - panic! at the disco xiii. brave - sara bareilles xiv. boys in the street - greg holden xv. and darling (this thing that breaks my heart) - tegan and sara xvi. kiss the girl - ashley tisdale