but i love delirium

1. Calvin and Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love.
I can’t even explain how much I love this song. I was in school when the mv came out and I literally cried it was so beautiful. It was also the first time Calvin had appeared topless (trust me) with that beaut body. Note the part where Ellie kisses him on the shoulder *digs grave* 😩

And Ellie is such a beautiful, talented lady. I shipped these two so much haha! They have a beautiful friendship too so thank you Ellie!


from Repaces (Birds of Prey)
by Joyce Mansour

Can you still remember the sweet aroma of plaintains
How strange familar things can be after departure
How sad the food
How dull the bed
And cats
Do you remember those cats with strident claws
Screaming on roofs when your tongue passed into me
And rose up when your nails skinned me
They vibrated when I gave in
I no longer know how to love
Dolorous bubbles delirium fainted on my lips
Let go of my leafy mask
A rose bush agonized under the bed
I no longer swing my hips among the stones
The cats deserted the roof

greenhouse-nurse  asked:

Fav sickfic question: I cant remember what fandom it was for, but i read a sickfic where one of the characters brain was addled by fever, and they were disoriented and shot their friend, because they were starting to hallucinate. I think it got deleted at somepoint but it was one of the first sickfics and one of the best i ever read.

omg, that sounds so amazing. I love delirium as a symptom more than a human person should.