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Hi! I have a bday fic request? Allura being the lovely woman we all know she is & giving the team a day off? Lance is so relieved cuz he woke up a 'little' off. Despite protesting, the others drag him into playing games and telling stories, until someone notices Lance has fallen asleep and is twitching while dreaming. They try to wake him up but find him running a high fever. Surprise, its a fever dream! (I love fever induced delirium and caretakers dropping everything to take care of the sicky)

Hooray! I’m finally getting around to this–Happy Birthday, my friend! I hope it is as lovely as you are!

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Masterpiece | 02

Taehyung wonders between insanity and reality.

The part two is here, hopefully you’ll love the ending. Once again, like if you enjoy the reading and let me know what you feel/think about this. From now on, I’ll be posting more of my scenarios and you can make requests too.

pairing: taehyung x reader
genre: angst
word count: 1.9k
part one

“Y/N?” He managed to mumble between heavy breaths.

“Why are you so surprised, Tae?” She laughed looking at him with a wide smile. The girl stepped in and pecked the boy’s lips quickly, as she did in the past.

Taehyung stood there, eyeing Y/N while she took her shoes and coat off, he was shocked and nervous. His mind had a thousand ideas and the main one was that’s it, he finally went crazy, for real, this time.

“My love, why are you standing there? Close the door and get here with me.” She said, still smiling, thinking the situation was really funny. Taehyung was her favorite weirdo.

After the shiver that ran through his spine because of her voice, the artist did as she told, his actions automatic as he couldn’t believe his sight. Is this a dream? No, of course not. However, he knows it isn’t real, either. In the back of his mind, he wonders if this is the hallucination his masochistic self has been longing for.

“Y/N, I’m not trying to be rude but what the fuck is going on?” If it is to be crazy, then he would be it, Taehyung thought.

The girl looked at him nonchalantly, her smile fading away. “Why are you acting as we don’t see each other every day?” She frowned, worried. However, the smile that left her lips seconds ago has appeared again. “Have you finished the piece you started last week? I want to see it!” She asked and headed to Taehyung’s atelier. He followed her and entered the room, admiring what his insanity had to offer.

Y/N seemed to be mesmerized by the piece on the canvas in front of her. However, she couldn’t stop her words. “Wow, Tae… You know me so well! All these little details and the mess behind my face, this is my favorite one already.” The girl took a glance at the boy, only to find out he was staring at her, his eyebrows close to each other in a frown. His lips were parted, his damn mania to breathe through his mouth. “Why are you so confused, my love? Your strokes can’t hide your feelings from me, you know.”

Taehyung wondered if he should give in and be insane, or if he should just ignore all of this and try to sleep. Of course he has chosen to be insane, his guts loving every second of this. He smiled warminly while walking towards her, their chests were now touching and her smell made him close his eyes, If this is a sin, then he was happy to be a sinner.

The girl looked at him in admiration, even when he was tired, he looked breathtakingly handsome. She could see his eyes traveling from her eyes to her lips and felt loved. Taehyung finally touched her lips with his, the artist’s mind melt in happiness, after eight months of painful sadness. Their kiss was just as special as ever, both of them knew every inch of their body. It felt like heaven to be under the Y/N’s touch, this was all the boy could think of at that moment. His hands, painted of purple and yellow, were softly resting on her neck as her hands were drawing tiny stars in the small of his back.

All good things must come to an end, so they broke the kiss and were absorbed by each other’s galaxy hidden in their eyes. Y/N was the first to look away, as she spotted something familiar behind Taehyung. “Do you keep it here in the atelier?” She said while grabbing the book in her hands, she looked at it with sparkles in her eyes.

“Yes, I reread it from time to time. I get my inspiration to paint you from your… our book.” He crossed his arms and bit his bottom lip, swallowing a smile as the memory of the first time he read that book came to his mind.

“I have been your inspiration for so long, I feel loved.” Y/N stated and took a glance at the space Taehyung kept his pieces, she could count fifteen canvases that had her figure painted. Some focused on her face and others on her entire body, but all of them contained impressive details and deep emotions: sadness, confusion, love and anger. Why was he so angry at something he couldn’t stop? She thought.

“You are my muse since the day I first met you at our cafe, I couldn’t believe how intrigued you made me since the very first second.” The boy confessed. If this is madness, he loves to be mad. Having her here with him feels so surreal, it brings balance and peace to his messed up head.

“I have the tendency to observe your little details since that day, that’s how I fell in love with you.” Y/N continued her lover’s lead, but her eyes haven’t left one of the pieces. Before she could look at Taehyung again, the girl felt his arms around her waist and his nose caressed her left shoulder as his lips planted tiny pecks around that area. The tall man behind her was enchanted by her presence, could this be real, after all?

“I miss you. Where have you been?” He whispered the question as softly as he could, never hesitating or thinking of the consequences of this question.

“I have been inside your mind this whole time, where else would I be?” Her voice sounded genuinely curious, her tone changed slightly and Taehyung noticed as soon as he heard her answer. He turned her around so he could look at her chocolate eyes, they seemed different from before, moments ago they were full of life and love, but now they reflected the boy’s disorganized brain.

“Right, I’m always thinking about you, my love.” He said and smiled, but she didn’t accompanied him this time. Y/N’s semblance held worry once again and sadness was added too.

“Tae…” She started but her voice trailed off, the girl felt her stomach hurt as she remembered what she came here for. “I have something to tell you.” His response was an encouraging nod for her to start talking. “You seemed to be so shocked when I arrived, why was it?” The writer asked before telling him what she has been keeping for herself since she entered the apartment.

“Well, I don’t know.” Taehyung did know the answer, but he just simply couldn’t put it in a coherent sentence in front of her. She would laugh and call him silly, for sure.

“You never lied to me before, but there is always a first time to everything.” Y/N took a step back and sighed. “Since you have been patiently waiting for me, I forgive you.”

Taehyung was confused, that light cloud Y/N has brought is now getting heavy in his chest and the room felt small. There was a slight tension in the air, clearly, but the boy couldn’t decipher what was going on. Suddenly everything was different from the moment she got here, his vision got darker and the air couldn’t complete its way to his lungs.

“Where have I been, Tae?” The beautiful woman in front of him asked again. “How have I been?” Shots of realization hurt him everywhere as the words left his lips fastly and honestly now.

“You are dead, Y/N.” Taehyung answered, the truth tasting like blood in his tongue.

Y/N’s semblance softened, but Taehyung’s heart was hurt. When the sweet relief finally came to him, it was actually a huge trick from his damn enemy, insanity. He was caught off guard once again and was now living a delirium.

“Tae, my love… I have been watching you for the past eight months.” She said and his head spinned a thousand times in two seconds, the boy felt the poison of madness burning his skin. Damn, insanity. How have you tricked him this hard?

He was frozen in the spot, but his mind was full of explosions and bright colors hit his eyes every instant. All Taehyung wanted to do was scream wildly, but he couldn’t. “You are dead!” He shouted, repeating his answer from before. Y/N winced at his voice and smiled faintly, in disappointment. She couldn’t blame him, she knows that too well.

“Taehyung, I wish this moment was real…” The girl admitted, although she was only a part of his imagination, or whatever this was inside his brain. “I know you miss me and I miss you too, but you need to let me go, my love.”

It felt so real, so real. But Y/N was right, he needed to let her go. Slowly. Necessarily. Easier said than done, her words felt like hell in his soul — soul that belonged to her, once. Reality has no mercy on poor hearts and insane minds, like Taehyung’s.

Their eyes met after what felt like ages, his body immersed in that same poison, however, the burn was softer now. “Then go, Y/N, for God’s sake. I can’t stand your presence being just a hallucination.” He finally confessed and let the tears stream down his face.

The girl made her way towards his frozen body and planted a kiss on the tip of the boy’s nose and then pecked his lips, for the last time. “You will be happy soon, I promise you. I always keep my promises.” She was right, after five years together, he knew that too well about her.

And with that, Y/N walked away. Taehyung heard the door open and close and only then he sighed. The burning poison now only tingling in his toes, it was all gone. Everything.

“KIM TAEHYUNG!” The tan skinned boy opened his eyes, wide awake now, Hoseok’s voice making him aware of his massive headache. “What the fuck are you doing? You have been sleeping for the last couple of days. You scared me!”

Taehyung looked around him, he was lying on the ground of his atelier. He took a glance up and saw the piece he finished the day before yesterday, before dreaming of Y/N. Fuck, he thought.

Hoseok was looking at him desperately, but softened when Taehyung looked up at him with sadness across his semblance. “Y/N was with me last night.” Taehyung said, shocking his friend with his statement.

“What?” The other boy asked, was his friend going crazy?

“I mean, she appeared in my dreams. Or was it a hallucination? I don’t know what that was…” He stared at nothing. “Whatever, she asked me to let her go. But I have to gather up the courage.”

Hoseok nodded understandingly, Taehyung was a mess, he has been for a while now, but the boy would refuse any help that people would offer. However, Hoseok understood it, so he just gave him space and let him be. Months have passed by, though, and he started to worry about his best friend. Y/N’s death wasn’t something to get over quickly and everyone else knew that Taehyung would suffer the most, the longest and the deepest.

As the girl asked the artist in the epitome of his frenesi, he would start to accept she is gone now. Nonetheless, the memory of her will never leave him. She will always be a part of him and he would never erase their story from his soul. He loved her and always will.


Lacuna Coil - “You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You”

Third music video in the Delirium series. Watch “Delirium” [x] “Blood, Tears, Dust” [x] and “You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You” [x]


I think Lacuna Coil’s music video for You Love Me ‘Cause I Hate You is so so so good. Especially recently I found most bands not really making huge music videos with a story line, but rather lyric videos or just performance videos. I don’t mind them but I think LC has done an incredible job, especially with their Delirium music videos. Also I really want a movie based on the video now.

1. Calvin and Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love.
I can’t even explain how much I love this song. I was in school when the mv came out and I literally cried it was so beautiful. It was also the first time Calvin had appeared topless (trust me) with that beaut body. Note the part where Ellie kisses him on the shoulder *digs grave* 😩

And Ellie is such a beautiful, talented lady. I shipped these two so much haha! They have a beautiful friendship too so thank you Ellie!


Anon wanted some Chud love so I delivered. The character I used for this is a work in progress. She doesn’t even have a name yet, but I plan on doing more with her and Chudnofsky later on. Her job is to fix up our Russian bad boy when he done fucks up like going after the Green Hornet alone, or just being an idiot in general. Also, I didn’t include the whole “let’s stab Christoph in the eyes” thing because one he would not have survived that. And two, ew, eye gore. So, without further ado, here is Delirium!

The first thing she’d noticed at the club was that a lot of the dancers were high off their tits. The second thing she’d noticed was the nearly always absent owner finally showing up. She’d heard some things about Benjamin Chudnovsky (or however the hell you pronounced his name), and from what she’d made of it, a lot of them were true. He’d paid a man to kill himself, he sawed off some schmuck’s hand, you name it and dear old Ben did it. He was a scary motherfucker, though he appeared unassuming to most. She recalled her old employer Crystal Clear telling her about him, how he was harmless, that he was washed up and ought to just retire. Now he was in ashes along with the club that had been blown sky high and she was stuck working for Benjamin Chudnovsky.

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