but i love dan

dan and phil when they finally get a dog

- dan teaching phil how to take care of a puppy bc he never had one growing up

- getting overexcited about cute little dog outfits

- who’s a good boy

- being really extra and getting customized dog bowls

- helloH

- dan wanting to get fancy ass collars

- dog selfies

- tweets about dog antics

ignore the banner

oh my god I’ve spent four months on this hellsite and I can‘t believe that 100 people let alone 1000 people decided to give me and this blog a follow. what is wrong with you all? the past few months have been one hell of a ride with lots of screaming that dan and phil caused me to do, but i’m glad that along the way I’ve made such a good connection with so many wonderful people that like to scream along with me. thanks for putting up with my extreme demon phannie moments, shitposts and the occasional very dirty humor. I was debating whether I should do a ff or this because I’ve met so many new people since my last one when I hit 200 but I wanted to do something new so without further ado here’s what you need to do if you want a blograte:


  • must be following me
  • rb this so it doesn’t flop
  • send me an ask off anon about your favorite dnp moment

if you don’t want to see this all over your dash then blacklist: #phreckledphan’s1kblogrates

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dan talking about how other kids in school threw actual x-acto knives at him literally broke my heart and when you think about the fact that he was bullied at school just for being different and that he went through his entire childhood and teen years without having a best friend, without having anyone who understood him and was there for him and you look at him now being happy and confident and himself and not only having a best friend but living with him for almost 7 years and having someone who’s there for him no matter what and someone he can laugh with for an hour over a broken terrarium and i’m just so happy that after all the shit he went through he finally has something good in his life cause he more than deserves it