but i love a lot of leafs

okay so i’ve actually figured out which teams i’m ready to see more of on my dash and those are:

  • new jersey devils
  • philadelphia flyers
  • nashville predators
  • edmonton oilers
  • boston bruins
  • colorado avalanche
  • tampa bay lightning

so if u happen to post abt any of these (preferably more than 1) u should like/rb/whatever so i can check out your blog!!

You Dated Him?! ~Auston Matthews Imagine~

Summary: Auston doesn’t know why you love baseball so much. Especially the L.A. Dodgers. When the world series come around, he finds out why you love baseball so much.

Author’s Note: Not sorry about this imagine. I honestly was debating on whether to publish this or not.

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You loved the Dodgers. You supported the team a lot and had some jerseys. When you met Auston, you had small knowledge of hockey. Enough to know how the game goes but not the players. 

You met Auston in Arizona when you went to visit some family and he was there during off season. He liked the fact that you didn’t knew him as much which led you both to a date. Which lead to another date and another. After the third date, you both were officially a couple. 

“How come you like baseball?” Auston asks you as the Dodgers were on. You wouldn’t let him change the channel, even when it was during commercials. 

“Just because,” You shrug. You wanted to tell Auston but didn’t know how he’d take it. 

“You like hockey more right?” Auston joked. 

“Nah,” You teased, causing him to chuckle.

“Relax, I love them both equally,” You tell him.

When you went to Toronto to visit him, you met Mitch and his girlfriend who adored you. 

“So, Auston tells me that you’re a big baseball fan,” Mitch says.

“Oh yeah. I love the sport,” You tell them.

“Wow, for once, a girl who likes other sports than hockey,” Stephanie joked. 

“How come you like baseball so much?” Mitch asked. 

“Just because,” You shrugged. 

“Told you she’ll give you that answer,” Auston said before you nudged him. He kissed your head and got up.

“Come on, Mitch. Let’s go get the food,” Auston tells him.

“Alright. Be right back ladies,” Mitch said before the both of them walked away. 

“So what’s the real reason why you like baseball?” Steph asked. 

“Don’t tell Auston though. He’s going to get jealous,” You tell her. 

“I promise.”

When you told her, she gasped in shock. She stared at you as you nodded. 

“Oh he’s going to get jealous alright.”

When the World Series came along, you were beyond excited. You wore your favorite baseball jersey and you sat in front of the TV.

“Okay, why are you so obsessed with baseball? You don’t even play softball,” Auston asked, dying to know why.

“You really want to know why?” You asked. 


“Okay. It’s because…” You mumbled the last part. 

“What?” Auston asked, not hearing the last part.

“I dated Cody Bellinger,” You tell him.

“You dated him?!” Auston asked surprised.

“Yes. We dated for like five weeks but we were better off friends,” You tell him,

“Do I need to worry about that?” Auston asked. 

“Oh god no. He’s happy that I’ve found you,” You tell him before kissing his cheek. 

“Good,” Auston says before kissing you on the lips. Right when the game came back on, you quickly pulled away and looked at the TV.

“Now, I gotta watch to see if they win,” You tell him.

“Fine. But we’re cuddling,” Auston tells you. 



Arashi 🌸🍃✨

Autumn/Halloween Sentence Starters

Feel free to suggest conversation subjects for a part two.

“Autumn is my favorite season.”
“Do you call it Fall or Autumn?”
“I love it when the trees change.”
“Don’t tell me you’re not dressing up for Halloween.”
“It’s the mooost wonderful tiiime of the yeaaaaar~”
“I miss when it was actually warm outside.”
“I’m in pumpkin spice hell.”
“How many caramel apples do we need? Two? Twenty? Four hundred? I’m buying four hundred.”
“I’m having a bonfire tonight. Wanna come?”
“If you don’t carve pumpkins with me this year, we’re not friends anymore.”
“If you don’t carve pumpkins with me this year, I’m breaking up with you.”
“I drank a gallon of cider all by myself. I regret nothing.”
“Let’s do a couple costume this year.”
“Did you know they used to carve faces on turnips?”
“There’s nothing quite as satisfying as stepping on a super crunchy leaf.”
“October is when the creeps come out of hiding. Hence, I am here.”
“Want to have a horror movie marathon with me?”
“You ever realize that the fall smell everyone loves so much is just the scent of dying plants?”
“We need to add more Halloweens to the year. 30 more to be exact.”
“I’m not really superstitious. I think the whole ‘spirits returning to earth’ thing is ridiculous.”
“Whether or not I believe in ghosts, I’m not going to risk it with a Ouija board.”
“Let’s go to the Halloween store.”
“You know, there are a lot of spooky legends about this time of year.”
“Everything just seems more eerie in the fall.”
“Ooh! I like this pumpkin pattern. I’m getting it.”
“Something about Autumn just makes me melancholy.”
“October is the best time for blankets and [hot beverage of choice].”
“Take a walk with me. It’s so crisp and nice outside.”
“Ah, October. The harvest season. Perfect for harvesting souls.”
“Let’s go get lost in a corn maze. It’ll be fun!”
“I want a pumpkin spice latte and I don’t care what anyone thinks.”
“I’m still undecided on my Halloween costume this year.”
“I don’t dress up anymore. That’s for kids.”
“I’m so excited to see all of the adorable trick-or-treaters.”
“I’m decorating the house as terrifying as possible to scare away trick-or-treaters. More candy for me.”
“You give kids apples for Halloween? What kind of monster does that?!”
“If you jump in this leaf pile right after I finish raking, I will spear you with this rake.”
“Tell me the scariest story you have.”
“Do you want to hear something scary?”

A redraw of my Animal Crossing OC Amana!!

I saw a very kind persons comment on the old pic recently on DA and it resparked me to wanna draw her again! That and I found a brand new copy of ACNL hidden in my storage while I was moving and damn wasn’t that a cool find!

I GOT DRAGO! Best start village ever.

Amanas a police officer with a crush on Copper.

Dealing with species dysphoria


I wanted to make a nice post for all you lovely kin dealing with some species dysphoria.


-Try making your room, or at least an area in your room, look like your habitat!

Forest dwellers could try painting trees on their walls or making hangable paper trees, get lots of potted plants, lots of leaf decorations, forest themed stuff, etc! You could also paint your walls brown, green, or grey to make it appear like a den. I suggest brown or green sheets and blankets!

Ocean dwellers could try painting their room blue, adding ocean themed decorations and things like that. Blue, purple, brown,  green, and sheets should work nicely!

For all you space dwellers i suggest painting your room a dark shade of purple or blue, and getting a space projector! Black, blue, purple, pink, orange, and grey sheets are good, and lucky for you, there’s also plenty of galaxy themed bed sets!

Cave dwellers can paint their walls grey or brown, and grey, brown, green,  or black sheets should work well! You could also try sewing pillows to look like big rocks! Potted mushrooms are a nice touch!

If you can’t paint or get new sheets, you should try making a den! Basically making a pillow fort in your room and decorating it appropriately helps a lot!

Nesting is also fantastic i sleep in a blanket nest and it’s very comfy.

-Now that you have a comfortable area:

-Try doing makeup that resembles your kintype (there are loads of tutorials on youtube)

-Try wearing clothes that resemble your kintype (orange shirts and black boots for foxes, big sweaters for bears, eye masks for raccoons, etc.)


-You can try not talking, or if you’re alone, making noises your kintype makes

-Make your kintype’s favorite food! (Meat and berries is fantastic coming from a bear therian, and most animal treats are edible to humans- things like birdseed, homemade dog treats, catnip, rodent yogurt drops, etc.)

-If your kintype eats insects go for it, just make sure they’re safe- i recommend store bought

-Watching videos of your kintype helps a bunch

okay, that’s about all i can think of, hope this helps!


dreamt of @dripped‘s vibrant and magical town quartz! this town was stunning and beautifully crafted, the decorating was really gorgeous, and walking through it felt enchanting and inspirational ♡ the layout of the town was put together in a way that made it feel huge and never-ending, which made it more exciting to explore! it was clear that a lot of love went into creating this town! thank you for sharing this with me~!

♡ 5E00 - 0044 - 2A18 ♡

Weekly Spread Ideas

Hello my lovelies. (We should probably talk about what we want to call our little fan base) I have been inspired by Pinterest again and have tried to recreate some fantastic page ideas. Most come from one or two ideas meshed into one, so bear with me. 

All of these ideas are for the month of October. 

1. The Minimalist- I put a little calendar tracker up in the corner of the left hand page and a habit tracker on the right. I love that this month started with Sunday being the first. And before anyone asks, yes. It was awkward putting Wednesday in the crease.  

2. Artsy Minimalist- This is the next step up from being minimal in your spread. The days are neatly placed and highlighted for an extra pop. I also added a tiny monthly tracker because I need it. To add the artsy part, I’m sure you completely missed it, but I added a cute little quote that covers most of the second page to encourage myself.

3. Doodle Bug- I looked up “leaf doodles” on Pinterest and found lots of cute and easy ones to draw. I colored them in and tried to give it an autumn theme. Don’t get so overwhelmed by all the plans I have this October, I know I take on so much. (Kidding!) I also added a sweet little quote to both inspire me and fill up the blank areas. 

4. Color Pop- This is probably my favorite spread that I have tried for this month because it’s more my style. It has just enough color and space to add goals, a small habit tracker, and notes. You can add your own fun things to the blank spots, but these are just a few ideas. 

5. The Overachiever- If October had ended with a full week, this page would have been loaded. I tried to get all fancy like the ones I saw on Pinterest, but let’s be honest, I don’t have time for that. This is probably the most decorated page in my journal currently. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being an overachiever. I just thought that this is the page for those who like to go above and beyond. 

And that’s my October. If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest and see what other things I have tried out, click [here]. Have fun! 

Witch Tip

ok. this is something that i personally had trouble realizing when i first got into witchcraft.

loose dried herbs and loose leaf tea are absolutely fantastic to use. taking the time to individually think about each ingredient, freaking great.

but so are tea bags and they are so convenient and they can be just as successful!! 


celestial seasonings’ Sleepytime is pretty popular and for good reason!! the ingredients are chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorne, and rosebuds. purification, cleansing, aiding in sleep, i sometimes use it for self love spells, the list goes on!!

herbal tea blends have a lot of ingredients and can be used in a multiple of ways. just look at the ingredients and correspondences. and remember!! INTENT. and you can always add things in: lemon, honey, cinnamon, milk, orange, sugar, lavender, mint, rosemary, rose, ginger, and this list is getting too long, haha.