but i love

We chilled on the trunk of my car, smoking weed and watched the stars until the sun rose..

Random spontaneous chilling.. Just enjoying the company, talking about memories, having a few jokes. This has been such an amazing ending to the summer. I love stargazing. I love care free people. It got extremely cold around 4am and I killed the vibe a few times by answering emails lol.. But still.. 🌻❤️

imagine student!luke being this sorta popular dude at school bc wowie was that boy pretty, but but but he just never smiles so your ultimate goal would be to get him to do just that bc you’re sure his smile was probably like sunshine and happiness and all things wonderful so during one of your shared classes you’d sit next to him and nudge your knee with his as you told him a super lame joke like “how many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?” and he’d just continuously tap his pencil on the desk and respond “oh god not this again” and you’d place your hands on his cheeks and yell out “TEN-TICKLES” and luke would just roll his eyes (while everyone else in the class looked at you confusingly) and go back to taking notes and you’d huff bc nOTHING WAS WORKING ok so you’d go home that night and find the absolute worst joke that was so horrible he would have to like it omg so first thing the next morning youd run to lukes locker but before you even had the chance to say anything luke would shut his locker and say cOMPLETELY MONOTONE “the dyslexic devil worshipper sold his soul to santa” and it would be so out of nowhere you’d just drop down to your knees and be laughing so hard, to which he’d say “aw that wasn’t even a pick up line and ive already got you on your knees” which would make you laugh even more as luke helped you stand back up and all of a sudden lukes smirk would turn into the brightest smile ever as he watched you continue to giggle and tuck your hair behind your ear and the second you saw that you’d be on your tiptoes to boop his nose as you yelled “I KNEW IT I KNEW YOUR SMILE WAS THE EPITOME OF SUNSHINE” and he’d grab onto your hand and pull you into him and say “sunshine huh? well, now im pretty happy michael told me to act like myself instead of pretending your jokes weren’t the funniest things…you think im sunshine” and you’d blush and laugh “and happiness and everything wonderful” and he’d smile some more and then lean down and kiss your cheek and whisper “say it again, sweetheart” which would make the two of you burst into fits of laughter again as you just kept sing-songing ‘sunshine’ over and over and i dunno about you but i hate luke hemmings wow


Make sure you are registered. This handy Elections Canada tool will tell you if you are registered to vote and if you aren’t it will automatically register you. 

We need to reverse the trend of increasing voter apathy. 


So, today marks a full month since coming back on the 2nd. I decided to do this because of said title. These blogs are on my forever follow list:

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