but i looooooved that moment

Well, well, well… this case is just a happy family right? for fun, let’s decode their body language and symbolism.

Let’s start with saying, this is a symbolic picture if that wasn’t already obvious. Ok? let’s go:

Naruto hasn’t changed a bit, his confident pose given by the stance of his legs, dropping his weight on one of them, with his right arm on his hip, relaxed shoulders, widen eyes and a smile. This guy is happy because he has it all. What comes into my attention is the position of his body, left arm and his head. His body turn slightly to the left and a little far away from his family, but his hand is on her wife’s back, this not only denotes the affection to his wife but also protection, and shared authority over their children. His head is tilted also to the left, this is a sign of gentleness, kindness and is also a sign of desire to be close to his family.

Hinata’s stance is difficult, since Himawari is in the way. But if my eyes don’t fool me, her weight is also dropped on her right leg, leaving her left leg a slightly bent which is a sign that her shy and controlled nature has not changed, although her shoulders are relaxed as well as her arms, this denotes confidence. Eyes widen blushing and a smile, denotes happiness. Is also interesting to point out that (but this is not much of body language but is still a huge role on her mental state) her clothing accentuates her figure, she doesn’t feel the need of hiding, but accentuating her curves.

Himawari is denotes her mother’s personality at first glance: from the position of her feet(both on the ground), her hands(interlaced in front of her), and shoulders(contracted), all signs of a controlled, well mannered, kind personality. What’s even more interesting though, is her tilted head, smile and slightly bent left foot: her personality is cheeky and also a little mischevious. (Little Princess typical stance) Probably, she wants to be like her older brother.

Boruto’s stance says: arrogance and confidence, almost like a teenager on a japanese young gang from Osaka, at first glance, that is. His left foot apart but resting his weight in both of them denotes power. His hands on his pocket is a sign of intimidation but also forced confidence. The combination of the two are signs of trying to fit expectations of his closer friends and family by trying to defeat others expectations(he is a punk xD). His face denotes confrontation, but also could be a sign of self-induced confidence since his face looks a little forced. I see Neji’s mood, for some reason, probably because his expression is a sign of contempt.

In conclusion, this is also a family portrait in which depicts the dynamics of this family. Naruto loves his family, but can’t be with them too much Boruto’s drive seems to be his dad’s recognition. While Hinata is closer to both of her children meaning she is the one they have to seek for approval. Himawari seems to be closer to Hinata than Boruto, though. The NaruHina relationship is still very close and personal. (Meaning: we can expect that third child at any moment lol)

Oh also ALLLLSOOOOOO and then I'm going to bed, promise:

I looooooved the Barry/Cisco moments in this. Like the tiny little things. Let’s count them out (and I will insert gifs because I just recently learned I CAN MAKE GIFS WHOO): 

  • OF COURSE the hand-slap and the ‘gimme some!’ when Barry got back from stalling motorcycle dudes at the beginning
  • Cisco’s line about Hartley not lasting ten seconds against the Flash CUT TO Barry’s pleased little smile in response
  • Barry’s leaning all up in Cisco’s space to wake him up. (Man I wish we’d seen him finding Cisco after he got knocked out)
  • Okay this is literally how they looked at each other COME ON: 
  • Barry being all worried about Cisco post-concussion - 'Cisco, you should be resting!’
  • AND THE ONE THAT GOT ME - Barry listening in on Wells’ pep-talking Cisco about why he hired him and smiling in approval or agreement like WHY WAS HE LISTENING IN he was so worried about Wells not saying the right things or something IT WAS SO CUTE. It’s a whole series, look, there’s 'oh man this is srs he better not upset my bro any worse’
  • And then there’s 'my bro still looks upset but he’s on the right track’
  • And then the ending, the 'okay, I think this fixed my bro’

They’re just so supportive of each other and I adore it so hard. I mean Cisco is absolutely Barry’s number one fan (Flash!Barry, at least, we all know he’d have to wrestle Iris for the general Number One Barry Fan position) and Mr Yeah-of-Course-Barry-Can-Do-It-Barry-Can-Do-Anything-Like-How-Is-This-Even-A-Question and Barry is totally ready to protect and defend and of course have loads of fun with Cisco and ugh. I love it.