but i looked for a long time to find these illustrations

Lorca Romieux - for @apicturepaintsakajillionwords

So this one has been a very long time coming! (sorry!) Lorca is a bard from a pretty obscure (I had to dig pretty deep into the Pathfinder wiki to find any info on this race!) race of vaguely angelic winged humanoids.  Lorca’s are reminiscent of a monarch butterfly’s so I started with those colours as a basis for his whole look.  @apicturepaintsakajillionwords said that Lorca keeps his wings hidden with a special harness (which is not visible - I feel like if you could see that it would kind of defeat the purpose).  I did a little research on how insects typically are able to fold their wings and it is usually pretty limited (especially in butterflies).  So, instead of having the wings completely hidden, I figured they’d only be folded along the downward lines and disguised further by the interior pattern of his cloak.

Lorca avoids physical confrontation whenever possible and tries to use his charm and arts instead.  He plays a mandola (although what I’ve painted is more akin to a lute) and fights with a rapier and crossbow.  His lute (or similar) is decorated with vaguely arcane images on the sound holes as a nod to the fact that bards cast magic using their music.  He typically associates with aristocracy so I wanted to have that reflected in his costuming (lots of gold, embroidery - all things associated with wealth). 

(I chose not to include the crossbow as I think it would have really complicated the image.) 

Anyway, he was a fun challenge to design and draw! I’m always on the lookout for more character suggestions so please keep them coming! (although it might take me a while to get them finished!) 


rockruff-dailys  asked:

How do you draw your doggos so cute?

MHi @rockruff-dailys! OKAY, WHEW! This may seem long-winded, but please bear with me, and I hope this answer is satisfying :) 

This part is a little more subjective; what I personally find interesting or cute or something that I want my own style to strive to is unique to me, and will probably be unique to you, but I think it does help to take the time to look at other art, and contemplate what you like about it, what maybe you’d like to emulate, or what you don’t!

So one of the big sources of inspiration for me are children’s books; there’s a wide range of talent and styles that art directors will look for, so there is reallly a niche for everyone (as long as you can get your foot in the door, which is a post for another day)

Some favorite illustrators and their takes on dogs:

Christian Robinson, Gaston, Last Stop on Market Street, Leo: A Ghost Story

Kristine Lombardi, Lovey Bunny and The Grumpy Pets

Japan Wave stationary

Their styles are not perfect one-to-one matches for my own style, but there are brush strokes and textures and expressions that they pull off effortlessly that I personally adore and find inspiration in! The point is that it’s art that excites me, and that I try to emulate in my own work somehow, all to keep the creative flow going and to keep being open to new ideas and color palettes.

Other cool sources for inspiration:

Catbird Literary Agency – a cool resource for anyone who wants to get a look at a lot of different art styles in one place (and dream illustration agency ;’D Haha maybe someday) Artists of note on Catbird: Camille Garoche, Kerascoët, Mike Yamada

Shiyoon Kim

Claire Keane

Olivia Hyun – Especially her Inktober 2016 challenge, which is very much appealing to doggo fans

;’D Again, it’s all subjective – but kind of making inspiration maps or knowing what inspires and excites you vs what repels you can help with developing your own approach to what makes a “cute” dog that you can personally be proud of.

After my tiny rant, here’s a little w.i.p. of a new painting I’m working on. Already taking about 3 times as long as my other paintings and I’m not even halfway done. o.o Ima say there’s a little bit of improvement going on, at least mental health wise for me. I decided to paint the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio because when I was younger, she was the most mysterious and wonderful character from any Disney movie for me. I was read Buratino when I was small and when I got older, I read another version of Pinocchio, illustrated by a super wonderful artist (I can’t find the book online! Gonna keep looking), and I was very much in love with the story and characters, especially the Fairy with Turquoise Hair in the woods. Going to paint the Disney version just because I thought she needed a little spicing up. From a quick look through deviantArt, no one has painted her! 

I used a pic of myself for reference and as always, painted in Krita with my Huion WH1409 tablet.


There was like 3 steps and some rules: 


I compiled like a collage of all the pearl outfits I could find to illustrate my point but basically what I did was look at every official instance of a pearl from Kat Morris’s potential pearl regen outfits and pilot pearl to Yellow and Blue pearl in the last week. PEARLS ARE FANCY and homeworld is basically just as fancy! So after looking at all of em I boiled down 4 design rules:

  • Identical anatomy
  • Generally form fitting clothing
  • 1 or 2 sheer elements that seem to be the feature of each design
  • Diamonds, Diamonds everywhere
  • Aim for simple elegance (I strayed from this rule a couple times but it was a rule)


Honestly most of the pieces came together pretty naturally once I saw Vivertido’s diamond murals. Even in some of the diamond/homeworld designs we’d seen in previous episodes I’d read a lot of Deco from them?? Maybe just because I like art deco, who knows, but more or less around 50-60% of the pearl designs stem from or simply are callbacks to a lot of art deco and more specifically Erte’s fashion sketches which are simply wonderful. 
Additionally I had an inherent sort of design-meandering back to some of the fashion I’d seen from when I was researching for Cordless/Moonstruck– Gareth Pugh is a huge influence on a lot of these designs. Also basic ballet costumes, gymnastic leotards, and various cirque du soleil costumes kind of wormed their way into some of the concepts.


That was pretty much it, like I picked elements from designs and costumes I liked and mashed em together. SEEMS KINDA DISAPPOINTING but like they all just kind of came out :|
Some of them were straight homages to fashions I liked (ie: Olivine and Forest Green reference specific Erte pieces) but most of them were just mixing design elements with common themes. 

What I like, 2017/02/09
  • sitting at the kitchen table 
  • my white iPhone 
  • finally having found a name and a concept for something I was wondering about for a long time 
  • letting go of things and people 
  • how nice yesterday evening with Martin was 
  • playing the piano 
  • learning new songs on the piano 
  • video calling with Majd Magic 
  • informative YouTube videos 
  • decluttering 
  • my new shiny long velvet skirt 
  • getting lost in music 
  • my new black hat and that I got it for only 3 euros 
  • how much Martin and me are looking forward to living together 
  • LUSH Lust perfume 
  • the song Take Me Out by Scissor Sisters 
  • how beautiful Majd is even through a shitty phone camera 
  • Martin’s things 
  • how nice things are between Preston and me 
  • being angry because it makes it easy for me to distance myself from people and situations
  • my whole life 
  • playing with Fino 
  • decluttering, decluttering, decluttering 
  • long skirts 
  • witchy outfits 
  • returning things 
  • nice illustrations 
  • being alone with Fino 
  • being alone with Yannik for some time at parties 
  • 2017 so far 
  • my current facebook profile picture 
  • rethinking things 
  • Moleskine notebooks 
  • cockering up plants 
  • finds 
  • being grateful