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Dazatsu Week 2017- Day Four: Free Day

So I made this for the Dazatsu Week: Sleeping Atsushi with Dazai, and I’m super late T-T but here is my entry anyway.

Oh and a bonus!!


Dru ft. her weight

ok so I just want to clarify that I have never ever seen a single post about how Katniss Everdeen was clearly starving and malnourished (in the books), therefore making her unhealthy, but she was skinny.

but Dru is out here working out just as much as any hard working shadowhunter and is fat but people are out here writing essays on how she’s not fat because ‘fat = unhealthy’ though it was confirmed by Cassie herself that Dru was fat??

guys. Dru’s fat. she’s not unhealthy. get over it.

I’ve finally gotten around to reading The Last Unicorn and my favorite part is how 95% of everything thats happening fits perfectly into the generic medieval fantasy time period- chain mail, dragons, castles, wizards etc. but then theres:

  • Prince Lír whipping out a magazine and reading while having lunch in the forest with a princess
  • Haggard firing his court magician/wizard and Lír offering to write him a reference
  • Everyone using swords but at one point its mentioned that they’re being held up by two people with pistols

Happy Birthday to David Dastmalchian, an amazing and humble human being who is passionate about acting, comic books, his family & his fans.

Endless List of Favorite Characters: Livia Blackthorn (The Shadowhunter Chronicles)

I want to take care of people, other Shadowhunters, people who need me”

Your Honor, Mr. Ackles has made a mockery out of these proceedings....

….and we can see he has perjured himself, as his testimony in Chicago clearly shows he knows good goddamned well what a cup is, where it is located and how to check for proper application technique:

The prosecution rests, and you know what? Furthermore, and stuff? The defense can suck it. Well, shit, that was a really poor choice of…. I mean, I meant it, but not…. what I was trying to…. it’s…. it’s… sweet lord, it’s hypnotic.

whenever I feel really scared or sad or hopeless or uncertain about the future I listen to the Rincewind audiobooks at night and I wish I could thank Pterry for writing an anxious depressed loser who doesn’t get to do what he wants and spends most of his time terrified but survives anyway and moreover desperately /wants/ to live even though his life is a trainwreck

I really don’t think I can quite sum up how much it is sometimes exactly what I need

A guy I kind-of know from college found out I like Thrawn, and he texted me on Facebook about it, and now we’re in a weird game where I’m trying to figure out exactly how much of his soul he’s given to Thrawn and he’s trying to decide if I’m a Real Fan™ or not.

I briefly considered linking him the dance fic just to see if he’d start screaming in terror, but decided to let him keep his life for now.

He made a sloppy “so artistically done” reference (twice) that I didn’t react to outside of an emoji so he asked me if I recognized the quote.


anonymous asked:

Yes, I believe in the fea in all their forms you are not the only one who believes. Where do you go to get your information? I had a few books but,don't have then now. What do you think of Soulmates AU? Big sucker for them. Thanks again starting your blog, your writting is really great. -Nox

Woohoo!  High five!  :D  I’ve been a fan of faeries and various folklore since I was a little kid, so I’ve read a ton of various books on the subject.  All of my faeformer headcanons are sort of a hodgepodge of everything I’ve read about.  I actually collect old fairy tale books and stuff.  If you wanna chat with me off anon I can recommend some of my favorites.

As for the other thing, I’m not a fan of the idea of soulmates in real life, but I have read one or two soulmate au fanfics that I really enjoyed in the past, so yeah.  I guess I like them okay in fiction lol.  XD


here’s netherworld. I dont think I ever saw the intro…. omg I thought it was fanmade or something… 

Dissected Soul ~ Poetry by Liliana Torre. Written on the 16th April 2017.

Fun Fact: Background is a painting done by none other than the wonderfully versatile, Mr David Bowie. 

“I feel like an open theater operating surgeon…gather around, my students! if you come a little closer…you can see the painfully honest dissection of my broken and battered soul. Beautiful, isn’t it? 

You can see the remnants of my shit!

This is where the students get all their magnifying glasses out and start conspiring quietly amongst themselves on how it got there in the first place.

It’s so endearing to be a freak of nature.
Haha, just joking. Not really.”

I’m only two chapters into the BatB novelization and I can’t help but be annoyed at Lefou’s characterization