but i liked this book

  • me, over break, time on time to write, literally no responsibilities, nothing to do but write: Writes Nothing.
  • me, the day before classes start up, 200 pages of reading due by 2pm tomorrow: ALL INSPIRATION, WRITES 1K IN 40 MINUTES, CAN SEE ENTIRE SCENES IN MY HEAD, ULTIMATE WRITER MODE ACTIVATED

I’ve been wanting to write a horror Until Dawn inspired au for so long and then Bts Outcast happened and I’m kind of even more inspired.

What if I let you guys help write the story, essentially, by adding a poll at the end of each part of the fic to let you guys vote on and decide what should happen next?

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Ok, so in airplanes, is theo gay? Or Bi? Or just liamsexual?

Theo doesn’t like to label himself
Nah I’m just fucking with you.
In the show I always felt Theo had the most legitimate chemistry with the male characters. We never saw him have a proper love interest when he wasn’t just using them for something. But like he definitely had an interest (romantic or not I don’t care) in stiles/void stiles and just seemed all together more real even in his ‘fake’ interactions with the male characters so I generally assume Theo is gay (or pan)
I was meant to have a scene in airplanes where Theo actually mentions that he’s gay while at a party but ended up tossing out the party idea in favour of going to Idaho earlier and haven’t put in another sexual identity confirming moment yet but yeah. Airplanes Theo is gay and I’m going to have to find a place for him to fly the rainbow flag eventually so it’s not just ‘implied’ because I really don’t wanna be like jk Rowling and dumbledore

this was gonna be part of a much longer vent post I deleted bc it was tedious but I’m sharing this bc I’m still mad about it:

When I was about eleven or twelve I wanted to read the Harry Potter books because they were all the rage and, you know, I wanted to know what everyone was talking about. I discussed it with my mom, who still pre-read much of what I wanted to read to see if she was going to allow me to read it or not. I was nervous bc I knew she thought Harry Potter was a “bad influence” (this was back when the hot take was that it was somehow satanic, I don’t remember why except there were good witches in it).

My mom told me she thought I was succumbing to peer pressure rather than expressing a genuine desire, and therefore that I was being worldly and she’d thought she’d raised me to be a good Christian. And, she said, she wasn’t sure I was ready for this because she wasn’t sure I “knew the difference between reality and fantasy” and she was afraid I might start thinking I could do magic because I’d read the books.

It’s been twelve years or more and I’m STILL angry that she heard my desire to read a popular series of children’s books about a wizard and thought “hmm, but is my normal twelve year old who read Lord of the Rings at ten REALLY aware that they can’t do magic by waving a wand? I’d better tell them I don’t trust their perception of reality just in case”.

…he would never have dreamed, after those few minutes, of doing anything to upset that little child. He was her servant for life.

My Mum loves the gesture drawings I did since, I quote “They are so lively and flexible!”

“Mum, they are just hasty sketches to practice…”

“So? I like them! Lemme take a picture of that one, I will show it to Grandma”

And that’s the story of how my Mother takes pictures of my scrappy doodles and quick drawings to show them around my family. Lmao.

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if were blessed with an 8th season, what are you excited for from MOBY?

If we are blessed with an 8th season, LOL.

WELL. Reunion sex in some kind of garden shed. Jamie in his auld age never needed her so badly. I felt like I needed to go to church after that showdown. 

And then, this might just be me, but that scene where Claire runs into that frenchman and then ends up at dinner with all those generals, and George Washington is there and Jamie storms in and is all ‘Ye ran off with some kind of frenchman Sassenach!’ 

And that scene where she watches him ride off to battle remember every time she’s done it before and then he turns around like her soul was calling his and is all ‘It willna be today either’ and then kisses her in front of all those men and they get applauded

And I’m SUCH A SUCKER for Claire almost dying and Jamie being like ‘WTF DO I DO WITHOUT CLAIRE’

I think I love reddie so much because I read the book and started liking reddie at the same time I started questioning my sexuality. And I came out for the first time (not to my fam yet tho) around the same time as the movie (2017) came out and I remembered “oh yeh those were the gay characters (reddie) that i read as i was questioning myself lmao” and the IT fandom became a whole active thing then. Idk is like, reddie came into my life as i was questioning me and coming out and it was an lgbt+ ship I’ve had since a long time. What I’m saying is, I know reddie is pretty much canon on the book and mini-series and all, but like I think in contrast to other ships that are canon from other fandoms I’m in, reddie is the one I think about when I think about me coming out and my journey. Is that weird lmao?? Idk I think that’s why reddie is so special to me in comparison to some of my other ships.

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Hey I just wanted to let you and everyone that follows you know that if you want a more accurate portrayal of depression and mental illness, read It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini. Once you have finished that, look up the performances of the songs on YouTube for the musical that is in the works at the moment. It's an amazing story from someone who actually went through depression and suicidal tendencies. And Colton Ryan, who standbyed in DEH, is playing the main character and he's great!

Yo, I read that book. It was great!! And I didn’t know it was being adapted into a musical. Ahh,, that’s exciting!!


Halfborn leaned toward me. “There’s no shame in being attracted, Magnus.” 

I choked on a piece of feast beast. “What? No, I wasn’t—”

“Staring?” Halfborn grinned.


“I suddenly realized that we were on borrowed time, that time is always borrowed, and that the lending agency exacts its premium precisely when we are least prepared to pay and need to borrow more…”
André Aciman, Call Me by Your Name

Sometimes I am quiet around you.
Not because I’m sad,
I’m afraid.
I’m afraid that if I start to talk, I won’t be able to stop,
and I’m afraid that I’ll say all of the things I’m not supposed to say and reveal all of the things that I promised I wouldn’t.
Because I’m not supposed to feel this way,
and you are not supposed to know.
I sit in silence, giving you a closed-lip smile every so often to reassure you that I’m alright.
I know you worry.
I just can’t open my mouth or I may tell you how beautiful you look tonight.
I just can’t open my mouth, or I may tell you that you invade my every thought throughout the day.
I just can’t open my mouth, or I may tell you that I love you, love you more than you think I do.
So I smile, mouth closed.
And I go home, and I sob into the sheets of paper, because you are the subject of everything I write, despite how desperately I try to stop it - to stop all of this. Your name floods my mind and flows out with the ink, and it is out of my control.

I can’t stop it.