but i liked the way it came out


because sometimes life is like a movie… just not the one you thought.

includes movie parallels, those gorgeous s4 scenes, and how even bech næsheim came into isak valtersen’s life when he needed it most. tell me this song wasn’t written by isak for even?

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List of things I love about the HP fandom
  • not afraid to mess around with things that have been assumed canon for years 
    • like harry’s scar
    • or race
    • or hermione’s race
  • every character is bi as heck!!!
  • when one person makes a headcanon and then like 50 people latch onto it and there’s a tumblr fic and comics and even more headcanons like woah amazing
  • fixation on characters that are mentioned like twice
    • particularly in the marauders era
  • still finding new ways to break my heart
  • seriously the last book came out 10 years ago and you guys are still finding sad things and like I would hate that but it’s impressive and heart wrenching and i love it
  • house discourse
    • not like angry or anything, but like when you make assumptions about a house and then people come in like ‘thats good but WHAT IF’
    • I’m talking about that four horsemen post that is gOOD SHIT
  • the amazing fanart that’s still going round like you guys are so good!! I love it

I just love this fandom and all the work it does! Feel free to add your own, let’s get some fandom positivity up in here

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Soo, ya boi gotta question that's been bothering me. So y'know how several fan art depicts Dark with red hair? In a way it makes sense, but like aside from one video, the only time we've seen Dark is when Mark had black hair. So wouldn't it make sense for Dark to have black hair? Does he only have black hair? Has he ever had red hair? I'm super confused.

dark has had red hair! in a date with mark, when dark gives you four choices, one of the choices is to a video of dark with red hair.

it’s a video called ‘relax’ and most people thought it just another silly mark video, but judging by this choice, it’s actually a canon dark video! 

my guess would be that before a date with mark came out, people used the red hair to create their dark and they decided to stick with it since it’s a way to tell the difference between mark and dark.

personally, i like dark better with black hair because it fits more with his dark appearance and black suit and tie. ❤️

as for a pure-red hawke, i like the idea that even the reddest hawke didn’t start out that way, even in the game. like hawke was a bit more neutral at home, but when the blight came and they had to flee for their lives, that’s when Hawke realized they had to become tough as nails–having to fall back to the ideals of no mercy, no hesitation, no trust in anyone else, and survival of the fittest. if someone or something wanted a fight or to take something from them, they’d step up to the plate without hesitating because they don’t want to take the risk of losing anyone else.

but the thing is, red Hawke couldn’t go back to being a neutral nice-ish person when they finally were out of ferelden and safe from the blight. they had to fight their way into kirkwall, they had to do things to survive and live, work off their debt of servitude for a year. kirkwall’s society and job economy is a little vicious since there’s a lot of mistrust with the ferelden refugees and such, and people are constantly trying to rob and hurt them and their family, or take advantage of their vulnerability.

hawke being and staying red is a form of protection, a necessity.

Because I don’t want to hijack a super cute post, but it prompted some thinking here…

I don’t necessarily think that if Liam and Kaidan existed in the same game, they’d get along. I don’t think they wouldn’t get along, but I don’t necessarily see them being buddy buddy right away. Kaidan’s all about thinking about your choices, not cutting corners, and he’s very serious. He takes some time to let his guard down. Liam isn’t so much that way. He makes rash judgements and decisions that often result in some colossal fuckups. I think that a person like Liam would actually make Kaidan kind of anxious.

However, that being said, there’s enough in common. Both of them are pretty chill and nice and like grabbing beers and the like. They both came out to where they are to do some good, and make a difference. They just clearly approach it differently.

I think that what I personally see more is a relationship where Kaidan takes on almost a big brother approach. He’s got quite a few years on Liam and he probably remembers what it was like to be a bit younger, maybe confused, maybe trying to figure out who you are and what the best way to accomplish your goals is. He probably sees someone who has a lot of anger and fear inside, just like he did, and sees it being handled with rash emotional decisions, and knows that there can always be a cost to it. I think he would be more than happy to befriend someone who is so similar to him, and really be somewhat protective and caring for someone who is still learning the ropes and where they fit in.

And of course they’d get beers together and hang out, be bros, but I think that there’d be another level to it where Kaidan just really wants to look out for someone like Liam.

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Okay I posit you this: Lena supposedly has no idea Kara is Supergirl, which means she's fairly oblivious to things right in front of her when it concerns a certain blonde, so what if Lena is Hella Gay(tm) but has no fricken clue because years of being a Perfect Luthor(tm) have taught her to shove everything way down (because let me tell you, if I didn't keep a diary I would still be convinced I was straight from years of that Catholic repression, so it's not an unfounded theory)?

i literally repressed everything n when i was 17 i figured out that i liked girls n it all came back and i was like what the fuck

something I think is interesting in regards to socialization

(Forgive me for being super all over the place & inarticulate lmao)
I used to go on omegle a lot in my earlier teens. I mostly just wanted to have interesting conversations with people. I didn’t talk to anyone who had their dick out (duh) & would leave a conversation as soon as misogynistic slurs or comments were thrown around which usually happened within the first 20 seconds.
Anyways, one time I was doing the video-less chat, & I came across a person who I assumed to be a girl. I assumed this because of the way they spoke (typed). They were having a conversation with me, not giving a TED talk the way men act like when they talk. I was surprised to find out this person was a man, which I learned only when they told me they were a man. I admitted i thought they were a girl. They said, nope, I’m a man. The conversation continued about whatever.
All of a sudden, they said “I have to go. But yeah, you’re right, I’m a girl lol. I lied.” & disconnected. I thought it was super interesting that I could tell through TEXT that this person was female. I’ve noticed I still usually can tell if the person is a woman or a man (or if they were socialized as a girl or boy, if you prefer) by the manner in which they write.
My dad always talks to my mom like she’s fucking stupid, which is infuriating. It’s almost funny because my mom is incredibly intelligent, way more so than my dad. They both work in academia, my dad has a higher position than my mom but they work in the same department & they discuss a lot of what’s happening at their school & in their department. It usually starts off as a casual disagreement but turns into my dad doing a huffy breath & explaining loudly to my mom why she’s wrong & why it’s her fault. I’ve noticed it more & more as I get older. I also noticed my brother (who is a white male who IDs as non binary so clearly they’re ~mega oppressed~) doing it more & more, specifically to me, as we reached late high school & into college. Both my dad & my brother also both behave as if Their Opinions Are Law, & that any opposing ones are just plain wrong. Especially my brother, who is a gender studies major at a prestigious university, & thinks they know exactly what is right & wrong when it comes to gender stuff.
I read an interesting post on here once that was like, men tend to see conversations as something to dominate & win, to show how smart they are, while women view conversations as an exchange of information & ideas, like sharing. My dad is a prime example of this. He can go on for literally like 10 minutes & gets really mad when someone interjects with like “oh yeah I heard that too” or to ask a question or offer their opinion. Like when he’s talking, it’s our job to listen & absorb the information without disagreeing or asking anything.
Plus, sometimes me or my mom will be like “I read a short article about a baby who was born with a foot in his brain. It had toenails & everything. They removed it & he’s totally fine. Isn’t that funny/interesting?” & my dad will be like “how did they know he had it? How could they possibly remove it without any complications? Where was this? Who was the doctor? What was his credentials? What year did he graduate? What’s the baby’s zodiac?” Like wtf I don’t know!! He questions us as if we were the doctor who did the surgery. Like we just wanted to share a funny thing we saw but to my dad it’s not worth hearing unless we have EVERY detail.
I just think it’s really really interesting how men & women are so different when it comes to conversing.

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Can you make a fanfic of Stanford and Fiddleford's first date. Stanley tries to encourage Stanford to ask him out but Stanford was still super nervous, he buys flowers but they get ruined in the rain. Fiddleford loved the flowers anyways and he thought it was so cute to see Stanford so nervous.

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 599

Have some old Fiddauthor if’n you don’t mind cause I thought it would be cute like they came for a visit after some time at sea.

“Poindexter, listen to me.” Stan slapped both Ford’s shoulders getting him out of his muttering. “This guy likes you. You won’t be making a fool out of yourself, I have seen the way he looks at you and it’s just as sappy as you look at him.”

“Stanley,” Ford hissed before Stan waved him off.

“When you two talk over the computer, both of ya light up. I have seen that man smiling for almost 30 years and you make it finally seem genuine. And god knows how long its been since I saw you really smile.”


“Yes, really, ya knucklehead.” Stan rolled his eyes pushing his twin toward the Shack’s door. “Now go over there and ask him out. You aren’t getting any younger!”

Stan slammed the door saying something about how he won’t wait up when Ford was on the porch. He looked at the keys Stan slipped in his hand, took a deep breathe, and walked over to the car they rented.

~ ~

He regretted stopping for flowers. What was he thinking? He regretted parking a bit away. He was really starting to hate Gravity Falls weather and the rain that came with it.

When Ford got to the door of the now McGucket mansion, he was soaked. His twin insisted on somewhat nicer clothes that now clung to him uncomfortably. His hair was sticking to his forehead as Ford tried to brush it out of the way with little success.

The small bouquet of flowers was pretty much ruined. He sighed in defeat as he decided to trek back to the car and wait for the rain to pass.

But the door opened.

“’m gonna check on the garden!” Fiddleford pushed the door wide open getting ready to open the umbrella in his hands when he saw the other man. “Stanferd?”

“Uh…” Ford quickly shoved the flowers behind his back. “H-Hi Fiddleford.”

“Stanferd! Yer soaked to the bone!” He grabbed his arm dragging the other inside. “Come in! I’ll get ya a towel.” He rushed them both into the nearest bathroom making Ford sit on the toilet as he grabbed a towel. “Ya should know not ta be out in a storm! I ‘member more than one accasion you gettin’ sick!”

“Sorry…” Ford mumbled as Fidds started to dry out his hair.

“Just don’t make all us worry bout ya, ya big ol’ silly!” That’s when Fiddleford noticed the flowers that Ford was trying to keep out of sight. “Who those flowers fer?”

Ford was grateful that the towel blocked his face cause he could feel the heat raising to his cheeks. “W-Well, you see…I-I-I thought maybe s-since we-we’ve been talking a-again…I just…” How did Stanley make this look easy??

“I-I got them for you.” Ford pulled them in front of both of them not looking up. “S-Sorry…they got soaked…”

“Oh Stanferd, that was mighty sweet of ya.” Fiddleford took the flowers from the other man with a gentle smile and took the towel off of Ford seeing his bright red face. “I love ‘em.”

Ford looked up confused and Fiddleford chuckled at the way Ford’s hair puffed up in some places.

“Let’s get ya into dry clothes and you can check on the garden wit me.” Fiddleford grabbed Ford’s hand helping him up and made their way into the hall. “We can talk bout goin’ out fer dinner a’ter I know ya ain’t gonna get sick.”

“O-Okay.” This wasn’t really how Ford wanted the ordeal to go but it seemed the end result is the same. “That sounds like a good idea.”

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Just curious your view on that bill nye "believe in science" post. For me, believing in science means I have a say in how things may turn out (don't like the effects of global warming? Research ways to lessen/reverse the effects. Heartbroken that there are still terrible/incurable diseases out there? Get to work and help find a cure)... but I'd love to hear your opinion

I mostly just don’t like the glorification of Bill Nye in the year of our Lord 2017, but also, I don’t like the association of atheism and science, because they are not the same thing, or even necessarily related (see, the cited source on the image for where that came from I guess).

Some people also don’t like the association of “belief” with science because science should be about evidence and not faith, but honestly that doesn’t bother me because no one has time to go out and find the primary evidence for everything science tells us and we do take a lot of things on faith (predicated on the peer review system generally working, which is another debate in an of itself).

Personally I don’t like that particular image because it’s like everything I hate about the glorification of science in certain circles. I tend to think that glorifying it is both unhelpful because it doesn’t actually disseminate actual information, as well as actively harmful because it sets science above and apart from other parts of society, which it isn’t. 

like science is awesome, please continue to like it and believe in it, but that image is also the worst 

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99. “I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” with LaSalle? <3

When LaSalle came stomping into the office, you didn’t bother to look up. Even as his heavy boots made their way to your desk. “What’s this I hear about you leavin’?” He demanded, concern edging his voice.

You let out a low sigh, shaking your head as you looked up from your box of possessions. “I’m being transferred.” You answered bluntly. The weight on your heart was too heavy to joke or dance around the subject. And Chris didn’t look like he was in the mood for that, either. “The higher ups said-”

“I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!” LaSalle barked back, and you knew he wasn’t angry at you. Especially after losing Brody, you could understand why he didn’t want to lose anyone else. But losing you… “They can’t just take you away.”

You gave a smirk, but there was nothing funny about this. “They can.” You replied. “Pride already put in a complaint, but how much help do you think that’ll be?”

LaSalle fell silent, knowing you were right. There wasn’t anything that could be done. So you put your attention back on gathering your things, not noticing that Christopher had circled around your desk. And then he was hugging you, holding on tight, as if he can stop you from leaving like this.

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At long last, it’s time for more Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! Well, almost.

First, just in case you missed it, my “live”blog of Madoka Magica: Rebellion is up! If you missed it, please click this link to read it, if you wish.

Second, I’d like to give one more shout out to Killi Cat from the Discord who made a splendid FMA:B AMV that is a tribute to this liveblog. Check it out here!

Third, this is Episode 28. It came to my attention that Episode 27, which is a clipshow recap episode, actually spoils a reveal made here in this episode. After much debate in the Discord chat, the matter came down to a literal coin flip! It has been decided that I will watch Episode 28 before Episode 27. To be honest, I’m glad I’m doing it this way because this is the way the original author intended whatever this reveal is to be revealed.

Because Episode 27 is a recap episode, I might actually just liveblog it immediately after this episode is done. There probably won’t be much to cover.
We’ll see.

Right, then. We’re starting off with the show’s third OP here, so that means I must close my eyes to avoid spoilers and take a listen to the song. See you on the other side!

honestly though i know i get gushy sometimes with you guys and it’s like oh hippy dippy leah-scea’s feeling cute again but like it’s honest to goodness love

five years ago i hit rock bottom in terms of my mental health, to the point where i came this fucking close to giving in and checking out and it’s been a fucking journey to get here in which i had to turn my life, my soul, my body, my mind upside down and inside out and rebuild myself from scratch

and honestly one of the best things i ever did was deciding pouring in and out as much love to and from the world as i could was the only way to truly live

so when i say i appreciate and love you goats it’s a true expression of love

there’s not a day that goes by since i started this blog that i have not beamed at the screen at a comment someone wrote on my fic, that i haven’t had a beautiful message or a lovely chat, or met someone new and fantastic, or discovered amazing people making amazing content

so like i fucking love you goats and if all i can do to give back to you is stick around and write fic and make gifs i’m gonna do it to the best of my ability bc i want to make sure i thank all of you for helping me find such a beautiful space to inhabit

Isn’t it weird to think that these two kids (which ages I’m about to be even though when the books first came out I was like 9 crazzzzyyyy) had sex????? Like…..they have two kids?????? I honestly don’t know. 


I just have to remind myself sometimes when I think of all these memories that Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark had sex and I know this but I’m always still like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ disbelief????? Where is that scene????? We’re STILL MISSING DELETED FOOTAGE!!!!!

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It’s okay children. Now you can take that frustration out in ways that are more fun ;)

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Catherine I need some help. I want to tell my family I'm Asexual but they hate any sexuality other than straight. I've heard my parents hating on them and I'm honestly frightened. Please help.

Oh man, sweetie, I’m so sorry to hear this D:

As sad as it may be, if you’re scared to tell them, don’t. I still haven’t told anyone in my family other than Scribby what’s been going on in my romantic life, because I’m afraid of what will happen.

Then again, this is just what I would do. There are tons of LGBTTQQIAP people who came out when they were scared of what their parents would say.

Though if you’re afraid they won’t take it well, prepare for the worst. Ask someone if you can stay with them in case you get kicked out. Make sure you have ways to protect yourself in case it goes south, like someone to be there when you tell them and get help if needed.

Scary stuff to think about, but I’d rather you be safe than sorry, anon friend <3

But it could go the other direction, where they slowly start to realize they’ve been douches and start to try and change their tune. Some people do change when it’s something they care about.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: do what you are comfortable with. :)

I’m wishing you all the luck and love in the world. And know, even if your family poops on your sexuality: you are not broken. You are normal. You are loved. You are strong. And I am proud of you.


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Is it okay to come out to someone through text/leave a note? I feel like I want to say it face to face because it will make it more real in a way. But I just can't do it, I've had so many perfect chances but I just can't get it out! I think what's holding me back is that I'm scared of that first reaction, what I will see in those eyes looking back at me.

It’s absolutely okay! It’s whatever makes you comfortable. I came out to my cousins (who I’m very close with) through text. I was most nervous about my Dad’s reactions, because he means the world to me, so I wrote him a letter and left it in his car before work. No one has a right to be upset about HOW you come out. It’s your moment, your life, your comfort. I’m so proud of you

Shaky Chihuahua

My anxiety was so bad today I was shaking just picking up my fucking latte. I probably shouldn’t have gone out to get caffeine but I wanted to try to calm down in a social environment. To kind of face it. I couldn’t drink it without quivering. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I sat inside the coffee shop. If someone came up to me I would’ve started to cry. I had a great weekend but anxiety really creeps up out of nowhere, FOR NO FUCKING REASON. I guess I have way more subconscious stuff to work on. I usually don’t get nervous with people but I was just like a shaky chihuahua today, talking very light and just trying to avoid any interaction.