but i liked the idea of each row being the two of them reacting to one another

sexual release - spideychelle smut

Michelle and Peter haven’t seen each other in a few weeks. They decide to go out on a date to the theater and possibly release some sexual frustrations.

Michelle could count on one hand how many times she’s been on a date with Peter, a total of three. She wasn’t sure if the third should even be considered a date, since he whisked off into the air ten minutes after arriving, promising to make it up to her.

The thing was, she didn’t mind not going on those fancy dates. Just being able to spend quality time with him snuggled up with each other as Michelle teased him about how good looking a good majority of the Avengers were, especially Natasha and watching him whine about how he was the cutest. But no matter how much she tried convincing him of that, he refused to settle for it.

Which is what lead them here, standing in front of a movie theater, Michelle grilling him for forcing her to even come here. “We could’ve just watched a movie at your place.” She groaned, crossing her arms over her chest as a cold breeze hit her. Peter noticed, wrapping his arms around her from behind. Even though he was a tad bit shorter, he loved the height difference. He brung her back until there wasn’t any space between them, laying his head against her.

“Michelle, I promised i’d make it up to you, this is me doing that.” He mumbled into her shoulder, Michelle shivering from the vibration. She squeezed her eyes shut, tilting her head back against his. Even though she’d rather go home and find a rerun, she loved that he wanted to do little things like this when he had time, which was rarely. His time is always spent saving the world or working in the stark tower for hours on end. They’d go days without seeing one another but Michelle understood. It was time for her to push her pessimistic attitude aside and enjoy this moment with him. “Fine, let’s go.” Unraveling his hands from around her, he walked beside her towards the theater, his warm hands intertwining with her cold ones.

One they reached the ticket booth, there were two couples and a group of teenage boys ahead of them. They decided to use this short period to choose a movie. Peter scanned his options, skipping over horror movies but Michelle seemed to be doing the opposite, finding which horror movie was the best choice.

“Let’s watch Rings.” She suggested, a smile etching on her lips as she side eyed him. Michelle knew that he wouldn’t dare to pick a horror movie, which is partly why she chose it and also because all the others were less appealing.

Peter snapped his head in her direction, “What? No way!” He exclaimed, shaking his head.

“Peter, we’re watching it.” Peter groaned, letting it go. He knew he couldn’t win. Michelle was never one to give up.

The line moved up quickly and before they knew it they had retrieved their tickets and went to go claim their seats in the back of the theater. Once they were seated and comfortable, the previews started. There were about thirty people in total spread around. Their row and the one ahead of them had been empty and Michelle couldn’t be happier. She hated being bunched up with lots of people.

“I can’t believe you forced me to watch this.” Peter whined in a low voice. “Peter we could always see another movie.” Peter stood up quick, preparing to grab their belongings. When Michelle didn’t move an inch, he tilted his head in her direction, “You weren’t serious, were you?” He asked, pouting. Shaking her head, she pulled him down into his seat. “Should I at least go get snacks?” He would try anything to get out of here but Michelle wasn’t having it.

Grabbing her bag from the seat beside her, she placed the leather material in his hands. “Open.” She demanded, eyes focused on the screen ahead. Peter obeyed, opening the bag to find all his favorite snack inside the medium sized purse. “I thought the theaters didn’t let you bring your own snacks?” He questioned.

“They don’t but i’d be damned if either of use spent a shit load of money on two items when we could spend the same thing at the deli and get way more.” Peter smiled, returning the bag to the seat, before sitting back and laying his head on her shoulder. “You’re so smart.” He whispered as the movie began. “I know.”

Twenty minutes. That’s approximately how long it took before Peter started shielding his eyes behind her shoulder. Michelle tried to refrain from laughing. “Peter, calm down.” She tells him in a gentle voice. “No.” He whispered, wrapping his arm around her waist. For someone who fought creatures from different planets and battled people with unbelievable abilities, she couldn’t understand how he’d be afraid of horror movies when they were far from real.

Her attention returned to the movie. Peter stood in the position for a good five minutes before he peeked over her shoulder to see what was happening now. He may have been frightened but he’d grown oddly curious in what direction this movie would take. From the horror movies he’s been forced to watch with Michelle throughout the years, they seemed to all end the same way.

The savior decides to take it upon themselves and get rid of the killer once and for all. They believe they succeed until a short time later, they realize they never did. The spirit or whatever would plant themselves into someone else and kill the savior. The same thing in all horror movies and it was becoming tiresome. But he couldn’t talk much considering he was still scared of them regardless if he knew how it would potentially end.


“But i’m scared…”

“Well let me sit on you.”

“Wait, what?” Peter sat up, staring at her with wide eyes. “I’ll be comfortable and you’ll be shielded from the screen.” She explained before settling into his lap. She slouched down a tad bit, dangling her feet across the empty seats ahead of them. Peter held in his breath as she rubbed against him in the process.

Leaning her ahead against his shoulder, she tilted her head upwards toward him. “Comfortable?” She whispered. Peter couldn’t mutter out a word, he just nodded, staring down at the armrest. Michelle looked at him weirdly before turning back to the movie, covering herself with his sweater. Peter was unable to focus on anything but Michelle’s bottom against him. Even when he tried focusing on different things, his mind continued imagining her grinding against him. What was wrong with him? Michelle sat on his lap countless times before, what was the difference now?

Peter thought back to the past few weeks. They’ve seen each other twice and even during those two times of spending time together, it didn’t make enough time for them to catch up or satisfy their sexual needs as they would usually do.

That’s when it hit him. He was sexually frustrated. Masturbating hadn’t been doing a great job at craving his needs. He needed her, to be with her, to be inside of her. Michelle moved her hips against him to readjust once more, and Peter wanted to vanish in that moment. His member decided it wanted to react in that moment, growing hard. He prayed to all things holy that she didn’t notice.

Luck was not on his side because Michelle had indeed felt his bulge pressing against her. She tilted her head in his direction, trying her best to suppress a laugh that was demanding a release “Peter, seriously?” Peter looked at her nervously, “I- i’m sorry, I can’t help it!” His voice came out childlike and it was making it harder and harder for Michelle not to laugh at his current situation.
“Calm him down.”

“I can’t….”

“And why not?”

“Not with you sitting on me like that.”

“So, what i’m hearing is, i’m the problem?”
Michelle was well aware of what Peter had been going through, she’s been dealing with the same thing, except for the bulging penis of course. She just couldn’t help but find the situation to be amusing.

“What? Mj, of course not.” His hand rubbed his face, laying his head back against the seat, “I just… we haven’t had sex in a long time and it’s getting to me ya know? I’m not blaming you, I know i’ve been incredibly busy with work and being Spider-man… Michelle, i’m just sexually frustrated..” He spoke fast and low, Michelle was even surprised she’d heard a word he said.
Moving her head towards his, she pressed her lips against his jaw, smirking. “Well, let’s have sex.”

“You can’t be serious?” He questions. Michelle planted gentle kisses along his jawline. “Oh but I am. Live a little.” Even though the idea was insane, he found her offer hard to resist, especially with her kissing on him the way she was currently doing. Her lips traveled down his neck, pressing kisses against it before she located his sweet spot and began sucking on it.

“M- michelle.” He moaned out. “Let’s go find somewhere more private..” Michelle didn’t waste time. Grabbing her bag and sweater, she and Peter quickly rushed out the theater. When they stepped into the hall, it was completely empty. Peter looked around for a good private area when he noticed the supply closet reserved only for employees.

Peter, not caring much at the moment, lead Michelle into the closet, locking it behind him. When he turned around, her belongings were dropped on the floor. She stared at him with a lustful look in her eyes, tempting him more to rip her clothes apart and fuck her senseless but today, he wanted to take it slow. He wanted to make this a moment she’d never forget.

Before she could blink, Peter had her back pressed against the wall, hands on either side of her head. He scanned her from bottom to top before his eyes flicked up to hers. A smirk played on his lips, affecting her in ways she didn’t know possible. Her legs clenched tightly as a tingling sensation traveled throughout her. Peter noticed this and took this as his cue. He began placing delicately sweet kisses on her neck, making his way down further.

Michelle gasped as one of his hands grasped her breast, massaging it gently. Using his other hand, he unbuttoned her shirt, not daring to detach his lips from her skin. Once each button had been undone, he swiftly removed her breast from the black laced bra.

Not waiting a second, his tongue worked it’s way around her nipple. First he flicked it a few times before sucking on it as his tongue traced circles around it. Michelle moaned in pleasure, hands clenching.

Peter continued the process for a few more seconds before he moved down completely, positioning himself on his knees. He kissed along her waistline, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down at the same time. Michelle helped, pulling her long legs out the black jeans.
When they were completely off, Peter tossed them to the side. “Spread your legs.” Michelle didn’t hesitate, instantly separating her legs from each other.

His hands trailed from her waist down to her thighs. The tingling sensation returned once more but when she went to clench her thighs together, Peter quickly halted her movements. “Peter.” She whined, which is something she’s never done.

Michelle wasn’t a whiny person, she’s the person that causes it. Her underwear were completely soaked. This was the perfect time for entry but he refused to settle for that this early on. He wouldn’t enter her until he had a waterfall running down her legs. Hand gripping her thighs softly, he took her panties between his teeth, tugging them down to her knees and letting them proceed to fall on their own.

Michelle watched his every move and she couldn’t deny how sexy that was. That made her crave for him to take her more and more but she wasn’t oblivious, Peter planned to make this worthwhile and that came with him teasing her tremendously.

Staring intently at her flower, it was perfect in every way. Flowers deserved to be treated with endless amounts of care and love. He planned to do just that. His thumb pressed against her core, massaging the precious area. She shuddered from each stroke. Using his free hand, he lifted her leg over his shoulder, giving him a better view of clit. Licking his lips, he dived in, immediately sucking her tongue between his teeth. He loved the feeling of her clit twitching against his mouth, he craved each one.

His lips made out with her clitoris wildly, sucking and twirling his tongue around all at once. Reaching up with his hand that wasn’t massaging her clit, he wrapped his palm around her chest, massaging them while he worked her magic flower.

Along with the continuous moans, Michelle kept slapping her hand against the wall. Peter never noticed though, completely invested in pleasuring her. Peter was pleasuring her in all her favorite spots and she was bound to go crazy if he kept it up. She wasn’t used to this, to Peter being this way and she loved every minute of it.

“Oh m- PETER!” She moaned loudly as he licked her sensitive spot. Peter peered up at her, never stopping his process though. A random person would believe he did this for a living from how much of an expert he appeared to be. He smiled against her, enjoying her reactions a little more than he should he. Continuing to hit all her sensitive spots, Peter was determined to have her orgasm. He applied more pressure with his thumb to her clit and rubbed his fingers against her nipple in a slower motion.

Peter didn’t expect it, neither did Michelle. She tried preventing it for long as possible, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of her giving in yet. She always seemed to find a challenge in something but this happened to be in Peter’s favor. As Peter went for another lick, Michelle climaxed all over his tongue.

Pulling himself back, he stood up slowly and stared her in the eyes. Michelle didn’t know how to react after what she’s just done and she couldn’t predict how he’d react. Of all the times he’s given her head, she doesn’t recall climaxing on him. They watched each other intently, neither of them moving an inch.

Then he did something she didn’t expect. His tongue licked around his lips before he moved in, closing the space between them, leaning close to her ear, “we should do that more often.” in a sexual tone. It was in that moment that Michelle realized she was completely and utterly fucked and they haven’t even gotten to the actual fucking part yet.

Her heart pounded hard against her chest as his hands roamed her body once more. She tried predicting what he would possibly do now because he seemed full of surprises tonight.

“Peter…” she whispered into his ear. “Hm?” He hummed in response, breathing against her ear. Leaning her head back, she was able to get a good view of his face. Around his mouth was sticky from her orgasm but he didn’t seem to mind. Looking up into his eyes, he had been staring back, awaiting her to finish what she had to say. “Fuck me, please.” She breathed out.
With no hesitation, Peter unbuttoned his pants and slipped them off along with his boxers. His member poked out as soon as it was released from its shackles, ready for entry into paradise. His arms wrapped around her waist and unexpectedly he grasped her ass in his hands causing her to gasp.

“Do you want this?”

“Yes, I do.”

Nodding, he pressed a quick but soft kiss against her lips. His strength came into play, lifting her up, he entered her as she wrapped her legs around him. They both gasped at the same time. Michelle has been craving him for weeks and after all this time, she finally got him. Peter slid his hands down underneath her thighs and began pumping in and out of her. Her insides were tight against him as it had been during their first time.

Her hands grasped onto his hair, gripping onto it but not to the point where he was in pain, well not anymore at least. They’ve had sex plenty of time where Michelle would be so into it, she’d yank on his hair. He hated it at first but after a good few times, he had grown used to it.
The kinky part of him actually liked it but he’d never admit that to her. She’d never let him live it down. “Ye- ooh- yess!” she moaned loudly. Peter would’ve tried to convince her to quiet down before she got them caught but he could care less at the moment.

The way she began moving with him at a quicker pace, forcing him to speed up with her. She bounced up and down aggressively and Peter couldn’t deny how much he loved when she got like this.

By now the sounds of their skin slapping against each echoed throughout the room. Peter was almost certain the entire theater could hear it, including the ones where the movies were currently playing. He continued regardless, thrusting into her roughly, how she loved it. Each thrust, a loud moan escaped past her faint pink coated lips.

Arching against him, her eyes rolled back. She had creamed against his length and he wasn’t far behind. Pressing her back against the wall, one of her legs dropped down, the other held up by him. He jerked himself inside and out repetitively, his legs growing weaker with each movement.

Michelle cried out in pleasure with each thrust. “Fuck!” Peter moved his face in, pressing his lips against hers. His free hand gripped her waist and brung her into him. “Mi- I love you!” He cried out against her lips as he finally released.

They stood there for a few moments trying to catch their breathes before they separated from each other. Michelle pulled on her clothes, trying to fix herself without staring at a reflection in the mirror. Peter never removed his shirt, pulling his jeans up, he button his pants and ran his fingers through his hair to make it appear as if it was this way purposely and not because his girlfriend pulled his hair during sex.

Once all fixed up, Michelle pushed herself up against him, smiling brightly. Peter laughed, pushing a strand of hair from her face. “That was amazing.” She admitted, lacing her hands with his. “I agree.”

Her smile turned into a smirk. “How about we head home and do that again?” Peter was drained at the moment but the short journey home would give him enough of a break to proceed with another round. Plus, he couldn’t just turn her down, especially when he wanted it just as much.

Pressing a kiss on her cheek, he smiled cheekily. “Of course, lets go.” They headed out the closet, grabbing their items they dropped along the way. When they opened the door, they halted and stared down. There stood a boy, who couldn’t be any younger than nine, staring at them confused. “What are you doing?” He questioned, peering past them into the closet.

Peter scratched the back of his neck nervously, not sure what to say. Michelle smiled evilly, leaning towards the little boy. “The thing your parents do when they think you’re sleep.” She said, the smile never leaving her lips.
The little boy looked lost in thought for a moment before he realized what she meant and quickly backed away. “I’m telling!” He shouted, running off to find his parents.

Peter eyes widened as he looked at the little boy run off. “Why did you do that?” “Because it was fun.” “He’s a kid.” “Live a little, now let’s go so I can release a little bit more frustration on you.” She smiled seductively, walking towards the exit. Peter laughed, following close behind. God, how did he get so lucky?

In all his years of both competitive racing and working for the Executioners, Beaux couldn’t recall a time he had pushed himself to run faster than in his current predicament. His footsteps slammed against the rooftops frantically, and he leapt across narrow gaps between buildings without a single thought given to his safety. Any fear of heights left in him was overridden by the fear of his assailant catching up.  

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***Bet y'all weren’t expecting 2 in one day huh 😘***

“Hey girl, I’m gonna run over to the clubhouse real quick. You wanna come? I just have to drop something off for Gemma then we can go out for breakfast.”

Your best friend smiled and nodded.

“Sure. See what all the hypes about.”

You rolled your eyes and waved her off, her turning around and heading off to the guest room she was staying in to get ready. She’d been on this side of town for less than a week and already, people around town had found out she was new and were warning her about SAMCRO. She’d been your friend since the two of you were children but life happened and the two of you ended up going about your lives and getting separated. Only in terms of distance though, as she was still your best friend and you still loved her as much as you did the day she moved. But now she was back and in need of a place to stay until she got everything settled to get back on her feet. Things had changed in both of your lives and you’d discussed them over coffee one day when you realized that every time you said ‘the guys’, she didn’t know who you were talking about.

You’d spoken to Kozik first of course, making sure that it was ok for her to stay with the two of you. It was the house that you’d bought together and you wouldn’t just bring someone in if he wasn’t comfortable. He was though and had encouraged you to bring her, having no problem giving her a place. She was your friend and if you trusted her, he wasn’t too worried.

Having her in the house though, you’d realized there was a lot she was unfamiliar with. The stash of weapons in the house being one of them. But she wasn’t problematic about it, simply curious. As anyone would be. She was investigative but respected your space, only asking about things she didn’t understand and last night you’d spent explaining to her that the club would have a fight tonight. Not a bar fight, or a brawl outside of a club, just a fight. A club fight. A concept your friend was having a tough time grasping. But she was more than understanding and accepting and you figured you’d take the day to show her around and let her see what your life was like now, club included.

With her dressed, the both of you hopped in the car and made the short drive over to the clubhouse. As you pulled in, she looked out of the window like a small child, looking at all of the motorcycles parked in their neat row.

“That one is Kozik’s.”

You looked at the bike she was pointing to and nodded but she wasn’t asking. More of just pointing it out as she got used to everything and started feeling accustomed.

Getting out of the car, you saw Gemma standing over by the office door of TM, watching you. Keeping your face neutral, you talked out of the corner of your mouth to your friend.

“Don’t let her see you sweat. She’s a tough bitch but she can be nice. She’ll try you though. If your uncomfortable, just shoot me a look.”

Your friend laughed softly but nodded. As the two of you came up to the door, Gemma smiled and reached out to pull you into her arms.

“Morning baby.”

She pressed a kiss to your cheek and smiled softly.

“So this is the fresh meat.”

With a roll of your eyes, you nodded towards her.

“This is my best friend.”

Gemma stuck her hand out for the girl to shake, which she did.

“Im Gemma. Y/N talks about you often. Been looking forward to meeting you. We all have.”

Your friend nodded and smiled.

“She talks about you all a lot too. Couldn’t wait to meet her family.”

The three of you smiled and Gemma stuck her hand out to grab the paper from your hand.

“The boys are inside. Most of them were up last I checked.”

“Good. I’ll go get the introductions started.”

With one last hug for Gemma, you turned with your friend and began walking with her towards the clubhouse. From a distance, you could already see Chibs sitting on the picnic table, a cigarette hanging from his lips. He saw the two of you coming and stood with a smile, opening up his arms to you immediately.

“There she is. How’ve you been love?”

“Good. Just bringing my girl by so she can meet everyone before the party tonight.”

“Ah. Good idea. Nice to meet ya lass, I’m Chibs.”

They shook hands and you could tell that she wasn’t afraid of him. You just wanted to see how she’d react to Tig. You hoped he’d retain himself, at least for the first time meeting her. You walked into the clubhouse with Chibs and her, ready to introduce her to the men that were your family now.


“Do I look ok? It’s not too much right?”

“You look fine.”

She smoothed her hand down over the front of her her dress, reaching over to grab your hand as you walked into the clubhouse together. You gave her hand a squeeze and smiled.

“You’ll be fine babe. Just stay by me. If you wanna leave, just tell me or Koz and we’re gone.”

Hand in hand, you walked further into the clubhouse, the music blaring. You watched as she looked around, taking in her surroundings and smiling every now and then when someone smiled at her. She looked at the guys gathered by the bar, laughing and talking and drinking. She looked at some of the older members, sitting off in the more calm corner, discussing things amongst themselves. She caught sight of two Croweaters, effortlessly swinging themselves around the poles in the corner, Sons watching them. She even laughed as she noticed another Croweater on her knees in front of a prospect, right on one of the couches.

“A lot of confidence and freedom around here huh.”

Her grip on your hand loosened and you took it as a sign that she was not as nervous anymore, maybe even beginning to enjoy the atmosphere. Walking over to the bar with her, Jax, Chibs, Tig and Juice noticed the two of you, the boys waving at her as they remembered her from earlier. She waved back and took the beer that Chibs was offering her, taking a seat on a stool beside him. You smiled as you saw her open up and begin having a conversation with the guys, them wanting to know when the two of you met and how. Kozik came to sit next to you as well and the both of you smiled as you saw her slowly but surely open up.



You laughed lightly as your friend flinched and gripped onto you after Happy landed a particularly nasty blow to Tig’s jaw.

“They just beat each other like that? I thought they were friends!”

“They are. They’re brothers. They love each other. It’s just for fun. Entertainment if you will. They give everybody a show and they get to let off some steam. They’d never seriously hurt each other, not on purpose anyway.”

She nodded hesitantly and turned her attention back to the ring where now Happy took a shot to the ribs. Bobby hurriedly intercepted the two before it got too out of hand and the two of them pushed him out of the way, roughly embracing each other and laughing together, congratulating each other. You looked over at her from the corner of your eye and saw a small smile beginning to form as she saw you were right. It wasn’t something that she would get used to in one night. Not with the sex and the violence, but she was being open to the new experience and you could see that beginning of a twinkle in her eyes. The same one Kozik always said you had when he first met you and you had a feeling that before long, she’d be one of you.

episode 9, clip 1 ☽ guru

“You’re judging,” Sana says, leaning back in her chair, coffee cup pressed against her bottom lip. They’re sitting outside, at the café that Sana had taken Noora to just a few weeks prior. The season had changed quite dramatically by now, and the mid-morning sun was bathing the both of them in a bit too much heat to be comfortable.

Jamilla rolls her eyes, takes a sip of her own drink and crosses her legs leisurely. She tosses the edge of her scarf over her shoulder. “Am I judging?”

Sana fixes her with a blank stare, and then sets her coffee down on the table. “You’re not acting quite happy for me, then,” she concedes, restraining herself from crossing her arms across her chest.

“Literally, Sana, have you even listened to what you’ve said?” Jamilla asks. Her calm is always punctuated by just a bit of underlaid hostility, which is usually comforting to Sana as someone who often feels hostile for no good reason. Today, it just prickles along her nerves, already irritated by a lack of sleep and a half hour long interrogation by her mother.

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The Game - Tony Stark x Reader

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

Words: 1174
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Featuring: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: Like, sports, kissing
Requested: no i came up with this idea last night and wanted to write it so bad and i needed inspiration so here we are
Authors Note: yo i thought this was kinda cute. I love writing Tony. Kinda/mostly platonic. Set before AOU/when they still had avengers tower as the main base and JARVIS was still a thing so yeah lol

Masterlist. Request List.

“Come on; I have two amazing tickets and you know I have to go because, it’s me, and I would rather go with you than anyone else!” Tony chased you around the tower.

You laughed and rolled your eyes, “What, no Rhodey?”

Tony shrugged, “He’s busy.”

“Oh, so I’m your second choice?”

“No! Do not use that against me. You know I owe him, so I asked him and turned out he’s busy. Come on, (Y/N), just go with me.” Tony started to plead.

You laughed, “Oh my gosh, are you- Tony Stark- begging me to go with you?” You raised an eyebrow; this didn’t happen often. Tony was used to getting what he wanted, but you were one of the only people who could tell him no, and when you said no, it made him upset.

Tony crossed his arms, “Fine; you don’t want to go? I won’t help you improve your suit,” A smirk crept onto his face. Lately, you had been asking if he would make your suit more indestructible and he still hadn’t done it.

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Jimin x Reader

Word count: 5970

Summary: You have everything in your life planned out ever since you’re in high school. But life is such a playful little shit, she pulled you into the world of the ‘untouchables’, if she wasn’t cruel enough, you’d became the favorite of your least favorite person, Park Jimin. (Or is he?)

Warnings: None

Themes: Fanfiction, OC [possible additions of other themes on later chapters]


The lines inside the brackets [] are either phone conversations or text messages. 


Your second and third period were a breeze. Both of your professors from those subjects used humor to gain your attention which made you felt comfortable. Sure, you don’t have friends yet but you’re hopeful that eventually you’ll have one.

Lunch time came and you saw a cafeteria nearby. Surprisingly, there are more vacant seats than what you expect. You chose to eat a meal with rice. You decided to seat on the farthest table from the door.  You were eating silently when a bunch of male voices overpower the sound system the cafeteria has. You didn’t paid any attention to them you just continued eating. When you’ve finished your lunch, you checked your phone. A couple of messages from your parents are waiting for you to read but not from Z.

Your parents were asking a selfie of you eating. So you took a picture of your empty plate. You were about to leave when you heard saw someone entering the cafeteria.

“YO JIMIN, HERE!” one of the boys from the ‘noisy table’ caught the person’s attention.

You decided to leave the cafeteria to visit more of the school’s facilities like the library, study hall, and computer room since you only have classes in the morning. You placed the empty tray on it’s proper place and headed to the door but you bumped into someone.

“Sorry.” You responded.

“ I don’t accept.” The other person replied.

You looked properly to the person you bumped. It’s your classmate from the first period, now the hoodie of his grey jacket doesn’t cover his head, you know saw his hair. And it’s in silver.

“Oh, it’s you. Sorry.” You said flatly. You were about to exit when he blocked the door.

“You don’t owe me an apology. You owe me something else” he said with a smirk.

You tried to recall your encounters with him and you are sure that the first was at class.

“How am I supposed to owe you something? I don’t even know you.” Your growing annoyance is evident.

“I think it’s better if we sit down and talk this over a drink? Perhaps, coffee?” he coolly replied.

“No, thank you. If you’ll excuse me, I have tons of things to do.” You pushed him to the side, so you managed to open the door and left the cafeteria.

That place is now off limits to you.

The library of this university is impressive. It occupies three floors of one of the oldest buildings built. As you observed, there’s a wide range of books from classics to the popular titles were available. The second floor’s dedicated for research. And per session so it’ll be fair to all of the students.

The third floor is where the archives are.

After you’ve explored the first floor, it’s time for you to go home. You just enjoy the different structures of the buildings from old ones with intricate designs to the newly built ones. Until you reached the gates and finally your dorm.

You went straight to your room to check if Z’s around but she’s not. You start to worry. But it was washed away by the flashbacks of what happened on your first day as a college student.

You were supposed to be late.

No, you were supposed to be in a hospital too, if it wasn’t for that person who pulled you.

Then you realized something.

Could it be that savior of yours was that silver haired boy? You tried to recall his name,

Was it Jim?

You tried brushing off the thought by watching TV. But in the end, your thoughts wander towards that boy in your head until you fell asleep.

You woke up in the aroma of meat being fried. You slowly sat down and settled for a bit. Assuming that the one whos cooking is Z.

You felt a sense of relief when you saw her smiling at you.

“’bout to wake you up. Had a long day?” she probed.

“Quite.” You lazily responded.

“Wanna talk about it?” she questioned.

“Okay, I guess.”

The two of you talked about what happened to your day, in between your narration of events were Z’s comments.

“I want you to be careful. Not next time but everytime. You’re lucky somebody was concerned enough to save your ass.” She said while dipping beef on soy sauce.

“Do you have an idea who is it? I mean have you seen that person?” she questioned while looking at the TV.

You shooked your head. “No, i didn’t saw anybody. But I have someone in my mind, still not sure though.”

She shrugged.

Now you think it’s your turn to ask her.

“Um, I’ve been texting you, and calling you you haven’t responded to them. I’m kinda worred.”

She sighed and looked at you.

“Sorry, my celphone’s dead for two days. It fell and the screen smashed. Thanks for worrying.”

“Don’t you have classes?” you probed further.

“I do. But I have the same professors since freshman year. They’re boring. And every first day of classes is boring for me.

The dinner ended there and you volunteered to cleanup. After doing so, you get ready for bed, trying to avoid being late again.

Z offered her food for you to bring for snacks but you declined politely. You watched for a bit more then went to bed.  

You woke up before your alarm, you felt like you won a million dollars.  You glanced at Z’s bed and she’s not there. You planned on eating toast for breakfast but Z left a nice breakfast, plus tons of snacks for you to bring at school. You smiled at her generosity and mother-like nature.

Now you can take your time preparing for school. You wore what was supposed to be your outfit for yesterday.

As you entered the school’s premises, you remembered what your classmate told you so you walked in the innermost part of the pavement until you reached your first class which is (subject which requires application of skills example, a lab subject ). As you settled yourself on the third row near the windows, you entertain yourself by counting what seems like ‘couples’ as they pass by.

You again smelled the familiar sweet scent from yesterday. They occupied some tables at the back.

Once again, each table is beeing filled as the time passes. You don’t want to know if your table was the least occupied. So you continue entertaining yourself by looking outside. You  heard squeals from the back you looked at them and you saw why.

The silver haired boy that you called ‘Jim’ was approaching. But this time he’s not alone. He’s with two other boys which you assume are his friends. One with a brown hair, and the other is fire truck red. He took the nearest table available and occupied it. You returned into daydreaming when your professor came in.  As the discussion starts, your focus is on the teacher.

Then he decided to group you by two’s. Half of you wished to be partnered with anyone else except those girls at the back and ‘Jim’. But half of you wants to be partners with ‘Jim.’

So tables were shuffled, you pushed your thoughts away and you focused on what’s happenning in your class.

“Mr. Park, choose your your table.” Your teacher commanded ‘Jim’. You tried to avoid watching him. But as soon as you look at his way, your eyes met. And he let a small smirk form on his lips.

He chose the table where you previously occupied.

“You’ll be partners with Ms. Y/L/N.”


Was it just your imagination? You looked at everybody trying to convince yourself that maybe there’s another person with the exact same name as yours. When nobody’s reacting, you then looked back to your professor, still indenial. He nodded that it was you. Half of you felt a sense of relief, half of you felt annoyed.

You approached your table, not saying anything.

Two of his friends were called next and to your dismay, they decided to sit with you. Now you don’t have a choice but to sit closer with your lab partner.

When everybody has settled down, your professor called your attention to spend the remaining time getting to know each other because that group will last for the entire semester.

“Hi. I’m Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. Pleased to meet you.” The handsome boy with red hair said, extending his hands at you. You responed with your name and shook hands with him, earning a cute, boxy smile from him.

“Yo, Jeon Jungkook.” He fist bumped with you.

“Hi, Y/N.” You replied.

A hand slowly showing in front of you which made you look to your right.

“Hi. I’m Park Jimin.” He smiled.

Oh. So it’s Jimin. You mentally corrected yourself.


“Nice to finally meet you, Y/N.” He replied, offering his hand.

You shook his hand briefly and that’s it.

You’re trying to not mind him because Taehyung decided to switch seats with Jungkook so he’s now sitting beside you.

Your focus now was on the projected topics that you’ll be covering the entire prelims and now highlighting your syllabus when Taehyung poked your arm. You turned your head in is direction, your sight bouncing from the board to your syllabus.

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N…” Taehyung said.

When you’re done writing, you kept your things on your backpack then faced him.


“Where are you from? I bet you’re not from here.”  He stated cooly.

“Well, yeah I came from (your hometown, province even, or a place you call home that’s far away from the city)”

“Oh, I’ve never been there before. But I bet it’s beautiful there.”

You noticed Jungkook, whose busy on his phone glanced at you then leaned in.

“Because you’re beautiful.” Taehying winks.

You cringed at his remark but can’t help but smile.

“Indeed she is.” Said by Jimin.

“Oh, there you are, Jimin. I didn’t know you’re still here.” Taehyung flashed a teasing smile.

“Of course I’m still here the class hasn’t ended yet has it?” He glared at Taehyung. You were now being entertained by Jungkook who watches dubsmash.

“Y/N, what’s your next class?” Taehyung called your attention.

“(most hated subject).”

“Is that Mr. Yoo’s class? Room 503 Kang Building?”

“Yes. How did you know?” you asked.

He reached for the inside pockets of his class card, showing it to you.

“Classmates.” He smiled.

The idea of knowing that there’s a familiar face on your next class is something good to look forward to.

You smiled back.

“How bout you kook, you have another class same as us?”

Jungkook showed his class card and you have the same lecture class with him on this subject.

You’re kinda hesitant to ask but you turned into Jimin, one of his hand under his chin, looking outside. You slightly tapped on his arm. He doesn’t look at you so you poked his arm. Then he looked at you.

“Um, do you have another class the same as ours?”

Slightly frowning, he removed one of the earphones and answered, “What?”

Taehyung interrupted and responded for you,

“She’s asking for your class card, dummy.”

Jungkook laughed and Jimin faced Taehyung.

“Seems like you’re not making an excellent job in keeping her entertained?” he looked at you, he showed you his class card. You saw most of his class were all majors and he only have three minor subjects. In which you’re sure you’re classmates.

Taehyung was about to retaliate when your professor ended the first class.

You immediately stood up to transfer to the next building for your next class when Taehyung caught up with you.

“Shall we walk to class together?” he asked.

“Yeah, okay.”

You glanced at towards the now deserted classroom and you didn’t see either Jungkook or Jimin behind.

The walk from your next building was sure long if you’re not with Taehyung. The funny thing is that almost every student you bump into, knows him.

You’re kinda curious but you’re gonna keep those questions piled in the future.

When you reached your classroom, he opened the door for you. You smelled that familiar sweet scented smell and you know for sure that the girls from your previous classes were present. You looked at the seats and yes. They are there.

And they are looking at you with sharp eyes.

You brushed it off. What would be the reason they would do that right?

Taehyung called you and he already found a seat for the two of you. You really don’t want this subject.

“Are you excited?” he asked showing his signature boxy smile.

“About what? This subject?” ugh I hated it.” You sighed.

“Really? This subject is fun though.” He pulled his phone from his jacket. He’s now busy.

You also checked your phone, a message came from Z. And it says:

[From: Z

Ayo! Decided to buy  a new phone.>///<

Good luck on your studies!

Stay away from handsome boys with colored hair.]

You frowned at the last sentence of her text and looked at Taehyung’s direction who’s still busy with his phone. You replied with a short thank you  message.

After a few minutes, the professor came in and the introductions began.

That subject felt like forever. You really hated it so much, you wanted to drop it but it’s a required subject for a freshman like you.

You noticed Taehyung’s waving at your face. You’ve probably daydreamed too far.

“Yeah? Sorry.” You responded

“Oh there you are. You suddenly went into a daze. You really do hate the subject don’t you?” he stated, a smile on his lips forming as he stood up and stretched.

You just tilted your head slightly to say yes.

He smiled at you and handed you a piece of paper.

“If you’re having trouble understanding the subject, here’s my number. Call me anytime. As in anytime, ill help you.” He reasuringly said.

You appreciated the generosity of this boy and smiled at him.

You walked together in silence until you both exited the building. You were about to speak when he asked.

“Do you still have classes?”

Before you even answer, a car stopped in front of the two of you. You frowned at the loud music that can be heared even the car is shut.

“Oh, gotta go. See you in class.! SAVE MY NUMBER!” He said as he waved goodbye to you. You continued walking until you reached the last class you have.

That subject is the second most boring class you’ve had. Because the teacher just introduced himself, collected your class cards, and let you do what you want until dismissal so you just wasted your time looking at the window, watching other students passing by, or sitting on the nearby benches, creating scenarios in your head. Then you heard a familiar voice that’s about to pass by.

That loud voice definitely belongs to Taehyung. You waited until you finally saw his fire truck read hair. He’s with Jungkook as well as  several other boys and then Jimin.

You just remained there, looking as they pass by. But jimin stopped. He looks like he was texting someone. Within seconds you saw something flashing. He looked at your direction and he successfully made eye contact with you. Then he smiled at you  and walked away.

You realized he took a picture. You don’t want to assume but you  started to feel nervous. You don’t really want your pictures to be taken ever since you were young.

You wanted to run after him. You just want to ask. If it’s your picture he took. You became conscious of the time. As your dismissal draws to a close, you felt more anxious.

Exactly thirty minutes after Jimin took a picture, your class is now finally over. You walked as fast as you can. When you’ve left the classroom, you began dashing towards the service elevator.

You began running again towards the direction you saw he took. You stopped half way, thinking where could this person be, of all places. You checked on the cafeteria where you bumped into him. He’s not there. You doubt that he’ll go to the library but you still checked, just in case.

You’ve checked every place you can think of until you remembered Taehyung’s number.

You looked for it inside one of the compartments of your bag. After you’ve fished it, you just stared at it for a bit, contemplating wether you’ll gonna do it or not.

There’s nothing wrong in asking him right? They’re friends anyway. You thought.

Your hands began to sweat as you hold your phone, ready to dial the number. You don’t understand but a bit nervousness made your hand shake a bit. When you completed dialling the number, you pressed the call button and exhaled slowly. Then your heart started to beat a little faster than before when you heared the other line ring. You waited until it directed you to voicemail.

You sighed. You decided to go home but your phone blared your ringtone that made you almost drop it. Taehyung’s calling you back. You swiped to answer the call.

[Hello?] the other line said.

You frowned. Despite the loud music on the background, you’re certain that this is definitely not Taehyung’s voice.

“Is this Kim Taehyung’s number?” you responded. You heared the other line chuckled at your question.

[Maybe, but may I know who’s calling Taehyung?”]

“Can you please just give the phone to him?”  Your patience starts to lessen by the second.

[Hang on.]

You heard him shouting Taehyung’s name. You heard him responded an annoyed ‘what’.

[Yeah?] Taehyung finally, on the other line.

“Taehyung? Sorry to bother you, this is Y/N.”

[Oh, Y/N, having problems already?”] he teased.

“No, I have something to ask you.”

[Anything.] he responded, his tone assuring.

“Do you know where Jimin is, Park Jimin?”

You heard he cleared his throat a bit.

[Oh, JIMIN? You wanna know where JIMIN is? Yeah, I know.]

Your senses heightened up upon hearing what Taehyung said.

“Can you tell me where he is?”

[Yeah,he’s beside me. Why?]

You frowned, fighting the urge to facepalm at his statement.

“No, no, I wanted to ask him something,”

[Wanna ask me something? Meet me.]

That’s what you really wanted to happen. So you agreed immediately.

“Okay, where?”

[I’ll text you the address. It’s near the school.] he responded.


[See you soon, Y/N.]

Then he hanged up. As soon as the call ended, you recieved a message with the address. You moved as soon as you’ve read it.

You typed it in the maps app that you have and started following the directions.

A few minutes passed and it led you to the familiar alley of the food establishments.

You walked until you reached the coffee shop you visited a few days ago. And your phone notified you that you’ve reached your desitination.

It brought you at the coffee shop and a familiar voice greeted you.

From the outside, there are customers but you noticed that almost all of them are at the barista’s counter. A few students who looked stressed already were on the plushy chairs typing while drinking or eating sweets.

You entered and a familiar voice greeted you.

“Welcome! Oh hey.” He’s wiping the counter this time.

“Hello Jin.”

“Feel free to choose seats.”

You chose the table at the furthest right from the counter, the one beside the window, so you can see if he’s approaching. You sat there quietly. You texted him that you’re already there.

a reply followed.

[From: 0xxxxxxxxx

Look to your right.]

You saw that grey hoodie again, covering his head. You’re surprised that he got there first.

You stood up and approached him.

He looked up, a small smile was about to form on his lips.

“Please have a seat.”

So you did. You looked at the table to avoid his gaze.

“Shall we order first? What do you want?”

“No thanks.” You replied.

“Come on, my treat.” He tries to convince you.

“Wait here.” He stood up and walked towards the counter.

You noticed that all of the customers followed him with their gaze. Even the ones who seemed busy earlier enjoys watching him.  

Some gasped at his presence.

And you find it funny.

He returned with a smiling face.

When he sat down, he removed the hoodie from his head, again, showing you his silver locks.

“To what do I owe this meeting?” He started.

You suddenly at a loss for words. You don’t want to assume and you don’t want to embarrass yourself but you are quite certain that he really did took a picture.

So you glanced at him, fixed your gaze to the table napkin placed in front of you.

“Um.. did you just—uh..took a picture of a tree earlier?”

You looked at him, his lips now in a slight pout, you think he’s trying to hide a laugh.

“What tree?” he feigned ignorance.

You sighed and try to recall what happened.

“Well, you passed by with Taehyung and Jungkook on the building that I’m at, and I’m guessing that you took a picture of a tree near the window where I am? Uh you saw me I think.”

When you looked at him, he was already  looking at you, listening attentively.

You felt blood rushed to your cheeks, you avoided his eyes because for sure, he’ll notice that you’re blushing.

He got his phone and pressed or probably typed something. And he showed it to you.

“You mean this?”

You leaned closely and saw yourself, looking directly at whoever took the photo.

Jimin retreated his stretched arm and placed his phone away.

“ I did saw you. That’s why I took a picture.” He leaned back.

“What do you mean?”

His answer was interrupted when your order arrived.

He orderd Americano for himself and Mocha for you.

Which made you a bit surprised he knows your preferrence.

“So where are we? Oh, yeah. Picture.”  I saw you daydreaming right there. So I took  a picture.”

“Please delete it.” You uttred.

“Sorry Y/N but no. I’m keeping it.” He teased.

You looked directly into his eyes.

“Why? That’s me on that picture, not you.” Your patience is starting to dissipate.

“Exactly hun, it’s because there’s you in it.” He teased.

“The more you have to delete it!” your patience now gone.

“No.” He stood up and walked away. He threw a salute to Jin and disappeared. You quickly followed him. You stopped to wave goodbye to Jin and run. You saw him walking towards a dark alleyway. You run towards him.

“I’m not done talking to you why did you leave!?” you shouted at him.

“I considered this date is over.” He stated.

“Please delete the damn picture already! And this is not a date!” you almost shout.

He faced to your direction, now approaching you.

You were surprised when he leaned towards your face, you automatically closed your eyes.


You slightly pushed him away from you.

“Go home hun, it’s already dark. Walk inside the pavement.”

He walked away from you. While you, still annoyed at him, managed to release a growl

“Wait until I get a hold of that damn phone, Park Jimin!” 

You returned home, still annoyed so you let out again another growl. You went straight to your room. There’s no sign of Z.

You prepared mac and cheese as your dinner. You slumped on the carpeted part of the living room near the coffee table and you’re so annoyed still, you banged your right hand on the table.

You texted Taehyung

[To: Taehyung

Taehyung, Y/N here. I HATE YOUR FRIEND!!!]

A reply was sent to you immediately.

[From: Taehyung

Can you specifically name this friend? ]

[To: Taehyung

Who else, PARK JIMIN!!!!!!]

[From: Taehyung

May I know why?]

[To: Taehyung

I know this is a bit childish but he took a photo of me, I asked him NICELY to delete it but he doesn’t want to.]

Then another text message appeared but this time, it has an attached photo.

[From: Taehyung

You mean, this? *smirk emoji* ]

He sent a screen cap of the thumbnail from his camera roll.

[To: Taehyung

You’re not Taehyung aren’t you?]

[From: Taehyung

*wink emoji*]

[To: Taehyung

May I know who are you?]

Another photo message was sent to you.

[From: Taehyung


You saw a photo of jimin, winking.

[To: Taehyung


You immediately deleted his number.

To your dismay, you threw your phone to the sofa.

You cleaned up and prepared to go to sleep.

The moment you wake up, you heard something broke. It’s already 5:30AM

You brought with you your pepper spray just in case.

It was Z.

“Watch out! You might hurt yourself.”

She just laugh, stench of alcohol and kimchi overpowers her perfume.

“Whoa you’re too drunk.”

You helped her changed her clothes and into the bed.

You also changed her clothes.

You’re worried about her so you tried cooking hangover soup for her.

After doing so, you get ready for school.

You dropped by at the nearest convenience store to grab hot dog on a bun and yogurt milk for breakfast.

You settled yourself on one of  the tables, you saw Taehyung entered and he’s alone.

A bit of annoyance rise into your system. Though he’s taller than you, you managed to grab him by the back of his shirt.

“Ow, ow, whoa.” He exclaimed

You dragged him towards the table you’re occupying. He sat down. You did as well, facing him.

“You!” you exclaimed.

He flashed a very playful smile at you.

“Good morning to you too, Y/N-ah~. How did the date with Jimin went?” He replied sweetly.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you? And it’s not a date!” your voice a bit loud.

“Care to share what happened? And please, lower your voice.  We’re not the only ones here you know.”

“I don’t care. Answer my question.” Your voice gets a little bit louder.

He sighed in defeat.

“I don’t wanna do it but I have to. I’m sorry, okay? I really am.” His face became serious.

You wanted to be careful this time but you have this feeling that he is being sincere.

“To compensate, I’m not just going to help you via phonecall, I’ll tutor you even. Please forgive me Y/N-ah, please…”

“Why did you do it?” you questioned him.

“Y/N.. I have to. You’ll know soon enough. Can you forgive me? Please?”

You breathed slowly, and noded.

He flashed his boxy smile at you and you can’t help but smile back at hiim.

“That’s more I like it, oh, may I borrow your phone? I’ll put my real number now.”

You unlocked your phone for him.

He dialled his number and called it. He fished his phone from his pocket and handed it to you.

“Is that your number?”

You looked at the screen and confirmed it.

“Do you want to walk to school together?” he casually said.

“I don’t know. I have a class at Kang building.

Oh,  I have a class there too. Third floor. Let’s just eat while walking shall we?”


He bought two doughnuts and a large sized coffee for himself while you munch on your hotdog. He asked again about what happened yesterday and you just gaved in and told him everything.

He laughed so hard it irritated you so you smacked his arm.

“That’s not even funny why are you laughing?!” you said while throwing your trash.

“Sorry.” He continued laughing.

“I think I’m starting to hate you.” You stated.

He stopped laughing in an instant.

Now it’s your turn to laugh.

You run to the building’s entrance but he caught up soon and ruffled your hair.

“C’mon let’s take the elevator. We just ate breakfast.”

There’s only the two of you inside and you started fixing your hair but he’s touching it again.

“Taehyung, stop. Seriously. And it’s your floor.”

“See you later, Y/N.”


You went straight to the female washroom to properly fix your hair.

You proceeded to the classroom and saw Jungkook waving at you. So you make your way to him.

He actually saved a seat for you.

“Heya, Y/N.” He smiled at you.

“Hey. I thought you’re on a different class?”

He sighs, as if he was stressed, he looked at you.

“I dropped it and I transferred into this class. I don’t like the professor.”

“I see.”

The both of you watched again those funny dubsmash videos, when he asked something out of nowhere.

“Y/N can we take a selfie?” he innocently suggested.

“Uh, I don’t really like taking pictures of myself though. I’m sorry.”

“C’mon, just this once? Here, i’ll add many filters and effects. Please?”

How much you declined, you know he won’t stop so you just agreed.

He scooted closer to you, you managed to take a whiff of his shampoo. Manly with a sweet scent.  

“Smile Y/N! Ready, 1, 2, 3.”

He really did add a filter, you’re a bear and he’s a bunny.

“Thanks!” He smiled at you .


He haven’t retreated to his side, and still near you, almost leaning to your right arm. Not that you mind but you’re sure that the girls at the back does.

You just pretend that you’re texting somebody when Jungkook speak again.

“Y/N, what’s your number?”

You asked for his phone and he handed it to you. You dialled your number and his phone number registered to yours.

“This is your number?”

He looked at it and noded.

You saved his number. And the professor came.

This subject is your second favorite. The professor was very smart and he gives an insight that you all understood. He tries to explain your future projects in a manner that you won’t feel pressure and that what makes the discussion light. He dismissed you five minutes early, gaining approval from everybody.

“Let’s go Y/N.”

You followed Jungkook out, when you checked your phone, a text message from Taehyung caught your eye.

[From: REAL Taehyung

Y/N-ah, where u @?]

[To: REAL Taehyung

Just finished class.]

Jungkook’s phon rang and he answered it right away.

“Yeah, Just finished class. Yes, she’s with me. Yep. Yep. Okay.”

“Who’s that?” you probed.

“Taehyung. He’s asking where I am and if I saw you around.”

“Why? I don’t know.” You’re free right?”


“Great. Come with me, let’s hang out for a while, yeah?” he offered.

“But I wanna go to the library.”

“Do that later. You have a lot of time for that.” He insisted.


The two of you went to the coffee shop, you noded politely at Jin. Taehyung was already there. as you approached him, you saw a somebody else is with him.

For a moment, you forgot that they are friends with Jimin. But you’re not there because of him, you’re there because Taehyung invited you.

“Wow. You’re really here Y/N-ah.” Taehyung smiled at you.

You smiled back at him.

“I’m still free so yeah. Might as well hang out.”

Jungkook placed his bag on the chair across Taehyung which left you with an option to sit to the chair across Jimin.

You felt that they’re doing it on purpose. But you don’t say anything. You still sat there.

“What do you want, Y/N?”

“I’ll go with you.” You offered.

“No, I insist, stay here. What do you want? I know what they like so, how about yours?”

“Iced Mocha please, thanks.”

“Okay.” Wait here. Kook, you come with me.

Silence fills your table when Jimin cleared his throat, as if he was telling you he’s there. He’s wearing a black hoodie jacket this time.

You don’t looked at his direction. But you got your phone. You sent a text to your parents to assure them that you’re eating properly, and texted Z as well.

You’re just browsing your phone’s built in dictionary when Jimin grabbed it from you.

“Give it back.” you said flatly.

He smiled at you, and mouthed a “No”.

“I don’t have time for this.”

You don’t wanna deal with this so you grabbed your bag and was about to leave when you bumped into someone.

It’s Jin.

“Whoa, easy. Is there a problem… what’s your name?” he questioned with a worried tone.

“I’m Y/N, well,um, we’re okay.”

“But you look upset what’s the matter?” he probed further.

“Nothing really.” You managed to smile back at him.

“I saw you last night, you haven’t touched your coffee. I thought you didn’t liked it that’s why I’m visiting your table for feedback.”

You felt a bit of guilt so you placed your bag back to the chair and said

“Sorry I’ll give you feedback later.” You sit back down.

“Thank you, enjoy your stay.” He retreated.

You placed your bag between  you and Jimin just to block him from your view.

You just sat there, staring outside. Taehyung and Jungkook came back with trays of ordered food.

He placed your mocha and a plate of cinnamon roll and those strawberry filled marshmallows on your side, you placed your bag behind you.

“Enjoy everybody. It’s on me.”

“Thank you.” You replied.

Jungkook scooted again closer to you, now watching random funny videos that he could find.

You giggled with him on the last video he showed when Jimin ordered him.

“Let’s change seats, Kook.” His tone a bit serious.

Jungkook hesitated for a bit but he moved anyway.

You focused on eating.

Jimin didn’t fixed the chair so he’s sitting close beside you,  your arms almost  touching.

So you rest your arms on the table.

Taehyung called your attention about your day and all so you two had a proper conversation. Jungkook listens and gives comments from time to time while Jimin remains silent.

“Excuse me, it’s mom.” Jungkook walked  outside and answered the call.

Taehyung went to the washroom.

“Y/N.” You looked at his direction, he’s handing your phone to you.

You slowly get it and shoved it in your bag. You continued eating.

In your peripheral vision, you can see that he’s enjoying watching you eat.

You can’t resist so you faced him.

“Don’t you have anything else to do? Watching someone eating is kinda rude you know.”

He let a full blown smile at you.

“Oh, I can watch you eat all day.” He replied.

He really enjoys teasing you.

You smacked his harms a lot of times which earns a chuckle from him.

You growled.

“Jerk!” you leaned back on the cushioned chair now sipping your coffee. It really calms you so you finished what’s left in one go.

When Taehyung returned you asked him if you can go you said your thanks and write your feedback on the counter, said your thanks to one of the other baristas there, waved at Jungkook then went straight home.

As usual, Z’s not there, you went straight to the bathroom to shower. It might cool your head down.

When you finished taking a bath, it did make you feel a lot better, with the help of the lavender scented Z offered you to light whenever you’re stressed. As you checked your phone, there are a few messages from your parents, and a thank you message from Z., Taehyung and Jungkook. You’ve replied to all of them telling you’ve returned home safely, and you’re okay.

You loceked your phone and when it light up, to your horror, your lockscreen wallpaper is a picture of Jimin, posed cutely. You sighed in defeat as you stared at it.

“Fine, if you want me to play your game, i’ll play it.”

You placed your phone on your desk, and try to find some sleep.


Please imagine that his hair is silver. The lockscreen wallpaper of Y/N

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Unrelated: I've been reading regency romances like it's my job, and I just finished one that would make a brilliant sterek AU. This couple is having a fling, and out of nowhere the dude comes to the lady and is like "We should totes get married because my sister needs a society sponsor and because we fucked on a beach" and the lady is like "THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS ASSHOLE." The words are much more polite, but you get the idea. Later, the dude talks about his plan to drench the lady with his seed.

I worked REALLY HARD and had a CRANKY DAY of annoying nonsense so definitely let’s DO THIS.  

This definitely feels like a Derek Hale Dumbo Plan.  I love love love the idea of Derek and Stiles, sneaking around, loosening each other’s cravats, kissing in stables, fumbling in the darkened corners of a widow’s dusty library W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R because Stiles is impulsive and daring, and doesn’t care about his reputation when it comes to handsome Mr. Hale with his pretty eyes and a sharp tongue to match Stiles’s own.  

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Companions react to: the sole finding a plant in the wild and naming it after them! Bonus for what kind of plant (mushroom, flower, tree, etc) Romanced or not is entirely up to you ^_^

There’s a link to the Wikipedia pages, Google Images, or video of each plant right next to their names :)

Dogmeat: [Dogweed] After a particularly refreshing rain, there always seemed to be a flush of green in the Commonwealth. Sole was taking a break, sitting on a rock in the warm sun. Dogmeat curled up for a nap in a green patch with yellow daisy like flowers. Sole smiled at the serene picture. They picked a flower to catalogue it…they could name it Dogweed.

Codsworth: [Dancing Plant] “Sir/Mum, what a peculiar plant.” What looked like a large oak tree was standing before them. Sole was prone to listening to music while they were wandering during the day, but in a heavier wooded area…this tree looked like it was dancing. The leaves were jolting to the music, picking up the vibrations of the songs. “It’s so cheery, just like you Codsworth! That’s what we could call it! Dancing Codsworth.” Sole smiled and could tell that if he could blush he would be, but instead floated in circles, dancing as well.

Preston: [Shy Plant] Just up the hill from Sanctuary, on the way to Vault 111, Sole had day by dad watching this plant sprout. It’s flowers were fuzzy white tufts. The leaves were very small, and sat next to each other all in a row along the stem. As the plant got bigger, Sole took more interest. They leaned down to touch it and suddenly all of the leaves laid themselves along the stem, almost as if they were shy. Sole reveled in their discovery, immediately running to grab Preston. “I found a plant that reminds me of you.” Sole said. They walked up the hill, and Sole showed Preston their discovery. “Why does that remind you of me,” Preston laughed. “Well you can be so quiet,” Sole muttered. “I wanna name it after you. Garvey Plant.” Preston just smiled to himself, proving the point, and walked back to Sanctuary.

Piper: [White Baneberry] “Hey Piper this berry kind of reminds me of you,” Sole said as they trekked through the brush. The berry was white, and it’s stalks were bright red. “It reminds me of your jacket,” Sole smiled, plucking a berry from its home and smashing it in between their fingers. “Blue! Be careful, those can kill you!” Piper said, smacking them out of Sole’s hand. Sole rolled their eyes and smiled. “Reminds me of another dangerous lady I know,” Piper smirked. “We could call them Wright Berries,” she joked. “That’s not a bad name,” Sole laughed. Piper spend the next few hours insisting she was kidding, but not really putting up a fight.

Nick: [Blue Passionflower] “Hey kid, don’t mean to bother you, but take a look at this.” Nick was reveling in this hanging flower. Bright blue with an explosive pistil and stamen. Nick seemed transfixed on the flower, and Sole had never seen Nick take such an interest in flora. “Amazing that radiation gave us Deathclaws and ghouls but also gives us things like this.” Sole smiled at his curiosity. “We could call it a Blue Valentine, if you’d like.” Nick raised his eyebrows at the idea, then smiled. “I’d like that very much kid, good thinking.”

Hancock: [Witches Butter] A lot of odd things grew in the Commonwealth but some of the weirder things tended to be fungus. Hancock and Sole had a bad habit of tasting things they found along the way… It almost seemed like Sole had a lead belly. They stumbled across a yellow fungus, loopy and smooth. Hancock laughed that the browner patches looked like him a bit. The two ripped off a chunk and took a bite. “It would be good in a soup,” Sole remarked. They held it up to Hancock, laughed and said “Hancock Butter.” Hancock didn’t like being teased like that, but secretly reveled in the idea of a fungus being named after him.

Macready: [Bleeding Tooth Fungus] “Uh Sole…either something happened here or this plant it bleeding.” Sole looked closer at this fungus. It was white and bumpy, drops of red liquid were pooling in the cavities of the plant. “Kind of reminds me of your mouth,” Sole joked. Macready scowled, always just a little self conscious about his rotten teeth. However dentists were few and far between in The Commonwealth. “Provided no ones claimed a name on it yet, we should just call it Bleeding Macready Fungus. How does that sound?” Macready still didn’t look impressed. He turned on his heel and shuffled off, muttering something about how Sole was gonna be bleeding in a minute.  

Cait: [Cape Sundew] After a particularly rough rad storm, Cait and Sole emerged from their hide out of three days- a small run down cabin that was only just good enough. Outside where the sun shone, carcasses of animals who weren’t so lucky we’re being bleached by the sun and picked by the flies. As the two packed up Sole noticed flies becoming stuck to certain plants surrounding the cabin. The leftover rain was glistening on the green stalks, the plants red dots and juices devouring the flies. Sole noted that these must be flytraps, telling Cait that these plants physically ate small bugs unlucky enough to get stuck. She thought that was the most amazing thing, so Sole named this particular one the Cait Sundew. She gave them a playful punch in the arm but was beaming the rest of the day.

Curie: [Aloe] One thing that Post War Commonwealth didn’t have that Sole desperately wishes it did was sunscreen. Long days wandering in the sun meant sunburns. They tried their best, wrapping rags around their head and wearing masks, trying to stay comfortable in full coverage clothes without overheating. But when they weren’t so lucky, and they laid down at night with no covers because they were so sunburnt, they wish they had sunscreen. One particularly rough night while they were lying in their bed groaning in pain, Curie came in holding leaves of what looked like a smooth cactus. The insides of the plant were gooey and soft. She sat on the edge of the bed and told Sole she found something that could help. She started rubbing the stalks juices on their arm and on their face. There was instantly relief as the cooling plant counteracted the burn. “I do not know what zis plant es called,” Curie explained, “But I saw a Radstag rub itself on it so I thought you should try!” Sole joked that they should call the plant Curie, because it was an angel just like she was. She blushed and continued to help Sole but smiled the rest of the night.

Danse: [Lamb’s Ear] “What is that.” Sole was tending their little planter that was given to them on the Prydwen. They liked to collect little samples of plants in the Commonwealth, and try to grow them in the labs. Danse was pointing to a patch of oval shaped leaves that were…fuzzy? “Touch them, they’re very soft.” Sole said. Danse ran his finger over the leaves and asked what they were called. “I haven’t really given them a name yet. I was thinking of Danse’s Ear though.. Because they remind me of a big softy I know, and they’re kind of ear shaped.” Danse furrowed his brow but turned slightly pink. “Sounds like a fine name. Carry on.” He shuffled away while Sole giggled.

Deacon: [Duckweed] “You know, we passed this pond a few days ago and I don’t remember it looking so….” Deacon paused. “Green?” Sole asked. “Like a swamp monster was going to bust out was more what I was thinking.” Deacon finished. “It looks like these plants multiply real fast,” Sole noted. “Soon they’ll take over and be everywhere at once!” Deacon joked. “I was thinking Deaconweed would be a good name for these,” Sole joked back. They started to walk off but turned to see Deacon scoop up a handful and put them in a safe place.

Strong: [Fernleaf Fiddleneck] There wasn’t a lot of life in the Glowing Sea, so imagine Sole’s surprise when they found plant life near the Crater of Atom. It was green, long, thin and curled at the top with small purple blossoms. The Children of Atom just shrugged when Sole asked, insisting that they had always been there. Strong didn’t really care. When Sole said they were going to name this plant after Strong, Strongleaf, he seemed to brush it off until Sole said that it must have taken a particularly powerful plant to grow in a place like this. He beamed the rest of the day!

X6-88: [Oleander] Sole spent a lot of time with the plants in the Institute, liking to watch the mutations that were occurring 200+ years later. They had asked to have to bio department let them know when they created something deadly. Once they were notified they were looking at a bright pink flower. “As a token of my gratitude for all of the help you’ve given me,” Sole declared to X6-88, “I name this plant 88-Bane.” Sole could tell his eyes lit up behind his glasses, but was still attempting to keep a straight face. “This is a very thoughtful gift, thank you.” He grabbed the small planter pot and excused himself to put it in his quarters.

Two AM and Kissing in the Rain

“Oh, my God, Cameron! I-I can’t take it anymore!”

“What? What is it that bothers you so much?”

“You will not stop being over protective! I tell you all the time that I’m okay, but you never listen! You are constantly telling me to be careful and treat me like a child.”

“I’ve told you, Kirsten, that I have to protect you. It’s my job to keep you safe. So, I’m sorry that I don’t like you chasing down a criminal at gunpoint!”

“That was one time. If it wasn’t me, it would’ve been you!”

“And I’m okay with that!”

“Yeah? Well I’m not.” Kirsten sighed heavily and ran her fingers through her hair. “God, Cameron…” She shook her head. She took a deep breath and leaned against the table. “You say I’m reckless, yet you don’t even care about your own life.”

“Kirsten, that’s not what I—”

“No. No, I know that’s not what you meant. But I’m not okay with putting you in danger because you’re afraid I’m going to get hurt. And I think part of it has to do with us being together.”

Cameron became silent. He didn’t know what to say, how to react. “Kirsten, no. No, it doesn’t. I has nothing to do with us…” He took a step closer while she took a step back.

“No? Not at all? You can say with complete confidence that you aren’t protective over me because you love me?”

“I-I mean, of course some of it is because I love you. But even if we weren’t together, I would still protect you the way I do now because I want to, I need to.” His voice was softer now.

Kirsten sighed and rested her head on the wall. “I’m sorry, Cameron…” she said softly. “I-I can’t be the reason you lose your life.” She turned around to open the door.

“Kirsten, no.” He ran up and blocked her exit. “No. Y-you can’t leave. Please, d-don’t leave me…”

She could see the hurt in his eyes, but she knew what she was doing was right. “You’ll see me tomorrow. You’ll see why we can’t be together anymore by then.”

“And what if I don’t?” he challenged.

“Then you will by the end of the week or the end of the month. You’ll realize eventually that this is the right thing to happen.” She gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek. “I’m sorry.”


The next day came and went. Cameron didn’t think them breaking up was a good idea and Kirsten was realizing her mistake. All he thought about was the rain that continued to pour outside.

The week passed and neither saw the positive side of breaking up.

The whole month passed and it still didn’t make sense. Kirsten wasn’t over Cameron like she expected. It was like a piece of her was missing was gone. She was over Liam within a few moments after their breakup. Cameron? That was a whole different story…

For Cameron, it was horrible. He hated waking up alone and only cuddling a pillow. He hated not having to make breakfast for someone else. He hated not having Kirsten.


It was two in the morning. Cameron couldn’t sleep. It was the third night in a row that he didn’t sleep. He got out of bed, throwing on a hoodie, some sweats, and a pair of Vans that were stretched out enough for him to slip on. He grabbed his keys off the counter before going out to his car.


Kirsten hadn’t slept in days either. It was worse for her because she didn’t realize how late it was until it was morning. She got up to get some water when there was a knock on the door. She looked at the clock on the microwave. “Who the hell…?” she muttered to herself. She placed the glass of water down before going to answer the door.

“Hi,” she said shocked when she opened the door.

“Hi,” he responded.

“Um…w-what are you doing here?” She scratched her head nervously and messed with her hair.

“I can’t sleep. I’m guessing you can’t either.” There were dark bags under both of their eyes that were more than noticeable in the dim lighting.

Kirsten opened the door wider for him to come in. “Might as well keep each other company, right?” she said with a slight smile.

He smiled back. “Might as well.”

Kirsten closed the door behind her. “I was going to have some water, but we can open a bottle of wine if you want.”

He shook his head as he sat down in the couch. “Do you mind getting me some water?”

She shook her head. “No. Not at all.” She disappeared into the kitchen, taking deep breaths to calm down. What was Cameron doing there? They had barely exchanged three unnecessary sentences in the past month let alone hang out. She got out another cup and put some ice in it before filling it with tap. She carried both glasses out and handed one to Cameron. She sat down next to him and sighed. “Can’t sleep?” she asked, even though that’s what he just said.

Cameron didn’t mind her asking, though. He simply nodded and sipped on the water. “Yeah. Haven’t been able to for days.”

Kirsten nodded. “Me neither.”

There was silence between them for a moment. Cameron was the one to break it. “Why can’t you sleep?” he asked.

“Stress, work,” she lied. “Just been having a hard time since that last case.”

Cameron nodded, feeling hurt that their reasons weren’t the same. “Yeah, that was a tough one.”

“Why can’t you sleep?” she asked.

“Stress and work. Just like you,” he lied. “Maggie keeps pressuring me to improve the system, as if I’m not doing that already.”

Kirsten nodded. “Well, it works fine. If you ever need to talk to try and see what needs to be improved, I’ll share.”

Cameron nodded back. “Thanks.”

Another moment of silence.

“You wanna watch a movie?” asked Kirsten.

He nodded, reaching over for the remote that was on his side. “You pick,” he told her. She turned on Netflix and selected a random movie. He stayed on his respective side, just like her.

Kirsten propped her arm up and rested her head in her hands. She curled her legs up onto the couch and began to fall asleep. Somehow, just knowing that Cameron was a few inches away calmed her. She was asleep within a few minutes.

Cameron watched her. He smiled over at her peaceful state. He reached behind him for a blanket and placed it over Kirsten. Once the movie finished, he got up to leave. He stared at Kirsten for another moment. “I still love you, Kirsten Clark…” he whispered ever so softly. “I haven’t realized what good breaking up has done for us, but I hope you see the bad.” He sighed heavily before walking out the door.

Unfortunately, it was pouring down rain. He parked his car on the side of the road in case Camille came home at some point and needed the space.

He began to walk out, getting drenched by the second, when a voice calling his name stopped him.

“Cameron!” yelled Kirsten from the door, standing with the blanket still around her.

Cameron turned around immediately but didn’t move.

Kirsten dropped the blanket back in the entrance of the door before walking out in the rain. She met Cameron in the middle of the driveway. “Why are you leaving…?” she asked softly.

Cameron sighed. “The movie finished and you were sleeping.”

The rain, now, was a minor inconvenience.

“You don’t have to go…” Kirsten told him softly.

“It’s okay. You go back to sleep. You need it.”

“I can’t. Not without you.”

Cameron’s heart skipped a beat. “Why not?” he asked.

“I miss you, Cameron. I miss having you next to me every night and every morning. I miss talking to you. I miss everything about you, Cameron. I miss you…”

Cameron took a deep breath. He cupped Kirsten’s cheeks and pulled her into a kiss. It was rough, it was needy, but it was real and it was passionate.

Kirsten kissed back once she processed Cameron’s action. Her hands were in his wet hair and the rain almost made it better. She twisted pieces around her fingers but pulled away after a moment. “God, Cameron, I’m so sorry…” she whispered. “I was wrong.”

Cameron brushed their noses together. “I forgive you.”

“I still love you too, Cameron Goodkin,” she smiled.

He grinned back. “I love you too,” he murmured before kissing her once again.

Maybe the pouring rain was good.

A HOUSE OF BLACK GUIDE: Managing a Group Para

Received this a few days ago:

I’ve been going through your tags and I don’t think you’ve addressed this before, but I was wondering if you have advice for para-ing with multiple people. My character is supposed to get together with his three mischievous best friends (hmm who could they be?) and I can only imagine how all of the topics are going to bounce around between the replies. Do you have advice for staying on track? It would be so helpful! Thank you! – anonymous

Read on for some tips and tricks in regards to handling a group para – as a participating roleplayer and for yourself. 

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The Cuddlers

Both Marinette and Adrien are kept awake late with another akuma attack. When they both fall asleep on a field trip the following morning, Nino and Alya decide to take advantage of their friends’ tendency to cuddle.

(AO3) (FF.net)

“You look like shit, dude,” Nino informed his best friend as soon as he stepped out of his car in front of the school. “Did you sleep at all last night?”

Adrien shook his head as he pulled his shoulder bag and a pillow out of the car and shut the door. Seconds later, it pulled away. “No, I-” He yawned widely. “I was too excited. I couldn’t sleep, and so I turned the news on and Ladybug was fighting an akuma, so…”

“So you stayed up and watched her,” Nino finished. He shook his head. “You’re such a fanboy. Couldn’t you have recorded the news and watched it after the trip?”

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Comfortable - Suga Twoshot

This took me a while.

And you guys might not like it.

But i felt really inspired to write this today… And it’s my first time writing Suga who, for me, is kind of tricky to write? (even though he’s my 2nd bias jeeze wtf is wrong with me)

This might be a good basis for a series that I might write after Loser and Eat are finished? It depends.

So yeah…


When your job had relocated you to South Korea about a year and a half ago, you had no idea what life had in store for you there.

And you certainly had no idea that you would suddenly cry from homesickness in the middle of a coffee shop in the middle of the night on one of your first nights in Seoul.

And you definitely didn’t know that a certain guy would end up asking you if you were okay, in English no less.

And you would never have guessed that certain guy was known as Rapmonster.

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Third Time’s a Charm

an: A Halloween prompt, based on this ask. Enjoy!

ps - I will try to post more of The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of soon!!

“Were you mad?”

“Oh, I was very mad,” Claire answers. “Extremely mad.”

“What did you do?”


“I can’t believe you made us do a couple’s costume.”

“What are you talking about?” Owen shoots her a look before redirecting his eyes to the road. “Everyone does couple’s costumes!”

Claire rolls her eyes. “They’re cheesy and cliché. Watch – there’s going to be another couple in these exact outfits.”

“King Tut and Cleopatra are badass,” he argues. “We’ll be the best dressed ones there.”

“This wig is already making my head itch.”

Owen throws a hand up. “Well, Cleopatra wasn’t a redhead.”

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5 Things (8/3/14)


1. When I was around eight years-old, I pushed my cousin Crawford through a glass window.

I wasn’t angry with him. He wasn’t angry with me. It was an accident. We were in his room, on the second floor of the house, spinning to make ourselves dizzy.There was freedom in being disoriented. When we got dizzy enough, we pushed one another trying to make the other person lose their balance and fall. It was a game we played whenever I visited which seemed often, though I can’t remember for sure. 

I can’t recall the force behind my hands, but I remember the push. I remember the look on his face, how it changed when he went from falling down to falling out. His eyes got big, his mouth opened wide, there was no sound. I don’t remember hearing anything after the glass shattered. I remember his eyes. I remember his mother pulling him from the window frame, I remember the tiny red rivers traveling from his shoulders to the small of his back. I don’t remember moving. I don’t remember what came next.

We never played the spinning game again. Sometimes we went into the neighbor’s treehouse and Crawford would take off his shirt and let me stare at the scars. I don’t remember being punished for what I did, and I wonder if this is how I punished myself. I let my eyes follow the lines of hyper-pigmentation. I’d reach out to touch the keloid scars. My doing. My hands. My bad. I let the guilt wash over me. I would say sorry over and over until he’d put his shirt back on and tell me to stop.

“I’m not mad at you.”

The anniversary of Crawford’s death just passed. He was shot and killed in our hometown. I hadn’t seen him in years. I did not know him as an adult. We weren’t angry with each other, but our lives took drastically different paths. We were close in age, only months apart. As children, he was my closest link to my father’s side of our family. My brother and I sat in the front row at his funeral. We held hands and I cried into his shoulder. For a moment, it seemed our legs grew shorter, our hands smaller, and we had regressed significantly in age. I began to cry for the loss I would have felt when I was eight years-old. I did not know Crawford the man, but there was a boy who I pushed through a window. He showed me his scars in a treehouse and said over and over. “I’m not mad at you.” He said, 

“You’re my best friend.”


2. Here’s the thing about family: they love you. Sometimes. They want the best for you. Sometimes. But sometimes they confuse what they want with what YOU should want, and that’s not your problem, baby. You are not selfish for wanting a life, an adventure, or the chance to be the full expression of yourself. You’re human and passionate and you’re good. You’re good and you’re okay. I don’t care how much it sounds like I got that from Oprah.

Families are important. I love mine to pieces. But if I’d listened to certain members of my family, I would be miserable. There are some things I’ve never wanted, and I’ve always been expected to want them. I don’t know how to explain that what I feel is as valid as what they feel. We are different, we have different desires, and me not wanting your version of my life won’t kill either of us. 

There is so much fucking life to be lived. There is a picture in my head, clear as day. There is a house, and a passport, and there is him.

I am living in that direction. 

Ashley/Joy - Spencer/Peace

3. When I am in a bad place emotionally or mentally, and I’m craving something beautiful to get me through a few more moments, I watch this. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that two of my closest friends are obsessed with beauty. Real beauty, all kinds, in many different perspectives. Both are always trying to get me to do a little more, care a little more, try a little more when it comes to how I present myself to the world. With me, they have small victories. With them, I am perpetually in awe. 


4. I’m writing a script for a television show and I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I’m trying. There is an opportunity out there–MAYBE–and if I can do this right, if I could make it something good and decent and doable, maybe I can have something that I’ve secretly always wanted to do and never had the confidence to give my best effort.

There are few things I’ve given my best effort. In this way, I have been cowardly.

I have a big bad habit of saying no to myself before anyone else can say no to me. The past year, I’ve tried to get out of that habit. I’ve been trying. And it’s been…working. Good things are happening all of the time. Yes, there have been some bad things. Of course. But I don’t think my life is about striving for things to always be good. I think it’s about knowing the bad will come, and not letting it ruin the present. I think it’s letting the bad be. 

I would tell you more about this script, but there are some things I want to keep to myself for awhile. You understand.


5. Kelly is reading “An Untamed State” and I am beginning to feel like a broken record. Do I talk about trauma here every week? I believe I do. I would apologize, but I am not interested in that tonight.

We talk about the book, because we must. It’s so deeply personal to me, I have to know how he is reacting to it. I love him. I want him to see me. I’ve said it before, but there is so much Miri in me. If he rejects her, if he rejects the book, I feel like he will reject me. This is nonsense. I know. But I’m lying to you. I don’t really know that the way I should.

Really I want him to see why I may sometimes be the way I am. He loves me this way, but there are things I can’t tell him as well as this story can show them. That was one of the most important things for me to see in this book. The distinct understanding that trauma forces you to love differently. Sometimes, you love people so much, you truly do believe you have to protect them from what you’ve become in the wake of that trauma. You’re not always unlovable, but perhaps, unsafe?

There is a thing between us. A chasm, A difference in emotional extremes. I know how far I can go. I know how dark I can get. I know what it looks like when something is broken inside you and because it isn’t visible, you suffer. You suffer from compound abuse, dismissiveness, and emotional neglect. I know what it feels like to watch the beloved walk away. Lucky me, his feet seem firmly planted.

He moves here after Christmas.

Imagine: Reader telling Dean about a guy who cheated on her and then Dean and Crowley hunting the guy down because they’re furious at him for hurting her.

Requested by: katieswinforddiaries

—-Deans pov—–

God, she always looked so gorgeous in the morning. I loved opening my eyes to see something so beautiful laying right beside me.
I’ve been awake since 5, but I didn’t get up. I wanted to be there when she opened her stunning y/e/c eyes. I could stay here forever and just listen to her heart beating. To stare at the beautiful features that created her face.

I lifted my arm from around her slowly, so she didn’t wake up, and moved a piece of hair from her face and put it behind her ear.
I left my hand on her face. Rubbing small circles on her cheek with my thumb.

Her eyes started to flutter open.

——readers pov——

I slowly opened my eyes.

I loved waking up. Reason being…i loved opening my eyes and seeing and feeling Dean pressed against me. I love him and he’s makes me feel beautiful. He’s my everything.

I looked at him as he smiled back.

Dean: Morning, sweetheart.

Giving me a peck on my lips.

Y: Morning, baby.


You both stayed in bed. Just gazing into each other’s eyes.

Dean: god, your so beautiful.

You blushed.

Y: thanks, baby. You aren’t so bad yourself.

He winks at your comment. Biting his lip and kissing yours softly.

Dean: Can I ask you something?

Y: Yeah. Anything.

Dean: Have you ever been hurt before?

Taken by confusion by the question.

Y: what do you mean?

Dean: has anyone ever hurt you?

You stayed quite.
Should I tell him?

Dean quickly realized how quite you became.

Dean: baby…Has anyone ever hurt you?

You looked away.

Y: Before I meet you I was dating a guy. His name was y/ex/n. He…

You let a tear fall from your eyes. Feeling Deans warm tender thumb wipe them away. Looking back at him and seeing his worried stern face.

Y: We had dated for about 2 years. I was on a hunt one day. I was so tired and couldn’t wait to go home and see him again. I finally got home and I walked into the house and heard noises coming from our room. I went upstairs to find him completely naked on top of another women.

I covered my face with my hands, crying at the painful memories flooding back. Remembering the pain he caused you. Making you feel worthless.

He pulled your hands away from your face and kissed your lips. He whispered in your ear.

Dean: I’m sorry, baby girl. You didn’t deserve that.

Y: You have no idea how much pain I was in, Dean. When I saw him on top of her…I felt my heart break. Everything stood still and it was like I died and no one could save me.

You took another deep breath.

Y: I felt so stupid and worthless. I started to let myself go. I believed I was no longer beautiful and special. That i was all alone.

You continued crying and Dean stayed quite. You cried yourself to sleep.

Being so fast asleep, you didn’t realize that Dean had left the room.

——Deans pov——

I could feel her pain. I wish I could just take that all away from her.

I had to something. I couldn’t let the asshole that left my girl in so much pain, just get way with it.

I needed someone’s help. But someone who will help me find and torture the piece of shit who hurt her.

I went into the bunker dungeon and grabbed the spices and items I needed.
I mixed the spices and herbs and then lite the match and tossed it into the bowl.

Crowley: Hello squirrel.


Crowley stood in front of Dean.

Crowley: it’s always a pleasure, seeing THE Dean Winchester. How’s that beautiful celestial being you’ve been boning doing?

Dean: Shut the fuck up! You don’t get to talk about her. Now, cut the crap, Crowley!

Crowley: Touchy touchy…geez.

Dean rolled his eyes.

Crowley: So what can I do for you, squirrel.

Dean: I just need some help finding a douchebag and then showing him what a piece of crap he really is.

Crowley smirked.

Crowley: Your talking about y/n ex boyfriend…aren’t you?

Dean: yes. How the hell did you know?

Crowley: King of hell, hello! I can help but I want a front row seat of the torture scene.

Dean annoyed. And grunted.

Dean: fine.

Within a blink of an eye, Crowley and Dean were at a bar.

Crowley: So this is where you take me out on our first date?

Dean: shut the hell up, Crowley! Damn!

Crowley: there he is.

——Deans pov—–

Crowley pointed to a man who looked like he tried way to hard to get laid and seem to fail each and every time.

He was flirting with some blonde chick. I was furious. I could feel my blood blocking under my skin and I was getting ready to burst.

I march up to him.

Dean: hey you!

Y/ex/N: what the hell do you want asshole?

Dean: Revenge.

I didn’t even think twice. I punch him square in the jaw before he could even take a step closer to me.

He fell hard on the ground and blood started to spill from inside his mouth. He tried to get up but I quickly pinned him to the ground and repeatedly punched him.

Dean: That’s for Y/N! You stupid son of a bitch.

Y/ex/N quickly realized what I was talking about.

Y/ex/N: Seriously?! That was all for that stupid ugly bitch! She deserved what she got.

Crowley was suddenly in front of y/ex/n and muttered.

Crowley: that was a mistake.

Y/ex/N looked at Crowley and didn’t even have time to react because I had already kicked him in the balls. As he fell on his knees he looked up at me.

Dean: She perfect! You worthless piece of crap! She deserved so much more than someone like you. If I ever see you near her, or touch, or talk to her in anyway. I will be right on your front door step with a shotgun in my hand.

With that I punched him one last time and he fell hard onto the ground. I walked out of the bar with Crowley following behind me.

We appeared outside of bunker.

Dean: ok, well thanks for that. Now get your ass out of here before I send you back to hell myself, Crowley.

Crowley: oh dean, such a flirt.

Crowley smirks. Snaps his fingers and disappeared.
Dean rolled his eyes and huffed as he walked back into the bunker. He slowly walked inside and heard someone from the kitchen.
He peered through the corner to see my beautiful girl making coffee.

——readers pov——

I hadn’t seen him half the day since I told him about my stupid ex. I was afraid he had done something.
Making coffee and lost in thought, I suddenly felt a pair a warm arms wrap around my waist from behind me.
Dean put his lips on my neck. He traced my bar strap along my shoulder. And turned me around.

Dean: God, I missed you.

I couldn’t help but smile.

Y: I missed you too.

You made two coffees and both sat down on the table. He couldn’t stop looking at you and smiling. And you couldn’t help but blush and smile back. It was quite but the eye conversation you both were having was filled with a million words.

Y: I’m sorry about the whole thing with my ex. It was so long along and I-

Dean cut you off.

Dean: y/n, you have nothing to be sorry about. You didn’t deserve that kind of pain. You are worth so much more. You are incredibly beautiful and sexy. I love you. And I would do anything to make you see that.

Y: thank you, baby.

Dean: of course. Anything for you, beautiful.

Dean got up from his seat and put his hand out. Gesturing you to take it. You grabbed it and he lead you to the bed you both shared.

Laying there you intertwined your fingers with his and both of you closed your eyes. But neither one of you was asleep.

Y: hey, dean?

Dean: yeah, baby girl?

Y: where were you today, anyways?

You didn’t see Dean smirk.

Dean: I was taking care of some much needed business.

He kisses you once again. Shutting your eyes, smiling, knowing exactly what he meant.

My first request! OMG! Thank you so much! Love ya guys <3 Like I said before I’m open for requests.

CrissColfer Fic-a-Day Advent 2014: Day One

Pairing: Chris/Darren 
Word Count:
Chris is 16 years old and failed his first two driving tests. Darren is 17 and willing to risk his car to teach Chris how to parallel park. (Best Friends [maybe more] AU where Darren teaches Chris how to parallel park)

Read the fic on AO3. 

“This is embarrassing,” Chris mutters, slumped in the passenger seat of Darren’s car. “Why are we doing this again?”

“Because.” Darren takes a turn into an empty parking lot. It’s early on a Sunday morning and the shop they’re heading toward won’t open for another two hours. “Last time your mom tried to teach you how to parallel you didn’t talk to her for two weeks. And I’m awesome at it, man, come on. I got the skills.”

Chris snorts. “Sure.”

“Okay, fine. Then I have a reward system.” Darren smirks over at him, turning the engine off and pulling the keys out of the ignition. He tosses them over at Chris, who isn’t paying attention until they land on his lap. “You’re gonna love it.”

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