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pokemon meme -  favorite legendary 1/??

This Legendary Pokémon, with wings like thin sheets of ice, is believed to possess the ability to freeze water vapor and create snow.

Season 2 is confirmed to pick up a year later, in 1984. 

There were many reasons why Stranger Things became an unprecedented hit for Netflix, one of them being its loving homage to films of the 70s and 80s.

Fortunately, the planned follow-up - which is yet to be officially confirmed - will continue in the same vein with creators The Duffer Brothers knowing full well the direction they want to go in.

Season 2, Matt and Ross Dufffer told IGN, will be set in 1984 - a year on from events of the first eight episodes.

The Duffer Brothers stated they’ll have “a license to go a little weirder” and expressed their excitement over the potential addition of “more VFX to play around with.”

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently stated the streaming service would be “dumb not to” commission a second season; unsurprising considering it was recently confirmed to be its third biggest original property.

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Wirt laughing while grading his students’ papers Friday night, and Dipper bringing him some hot cocoa and being all like, hey, baby, I’m pretty sure those papers can wait for a day or two, it’s Friday night, relax! But Wirt will be all like, oh my gosh, you just look at what Tim wrote here! And they would eventually proceed to grade everything, cause Dipper would get into this as well, since he’s a writer and all that. Just a nice evening! So yeah, this is a story behind this art.

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Hi! I hope any of you Royai writers see this. Maybe any of you are interested on writing a oneshot regarding the headcanon that people often mistake Ed as Hawkeye & Mustang's love child and Team Mustang hears it and thinks how hilarious it is! 😊 Anyway, kudos to all you Royai writers (as well as artists)! You guys keep the fandom alive 💓

Ooooh! You heard Nonny, everyone! Anyone interested in writing a one-shot on this? Or maybe everyone can do their own interpretations of it?? I love the headcanon so much to be honest >w<

And thank you, Nonny! We try to keep it going ^^ <3

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@astilbe: do you feel any guilt for chopping off Andante's poor innocent tail?

[[Sorry bout this but I’ma take this chance to let peeps know ;w;;;]]

[[I’d like it if I didn’t get this ask anymore, I’ve gotten it a few times and Andante has expressed his view on this topic ;w; They both agree tho it couldn’t have been helped as the tail was dead beyond that point, and would have rotted off and prolly caused an infection if not amputated. It wasn’t something anyone did for luls, it was something that needed to happen ;w;w;;’’’’]]

[[So, no they don’t feel any remorse or guilt, they moved past it quickly ;w;]]


I just saw a post saying that destroying the nuclear family would be “good for kids” because it would allow for communal living and polyamory and having multiple adults watching a child is ideal.

Lol okay. You ever been to a family pool party? You know what happens when you have 7+ adults “watching the kids swim”? You actually have 0 adults watching the kids swim because they all assume someone else is doing it. Let me tell you, a single adult watching 5 kids swim is much less likely to let one of them drown than 7 adults watching 1 kid swim.

  • me:aww I haven't written anything or drawn anything yet this vacation oops
  • me:BUT smh I managed to plot out yet another dang oneshot fic that's a continuation of my artist au but focusing on keith this time, and I also outlined my superhero au comic plot and thought of an origin story for every paladin and I think it's gonna be pretty awesome
  • me:I gave myself more work to do lmao rip
  • me:why am I talking to myself again