but i liked the idea

  • Teahyung:bro, help me with this crossword puzzle. I need a eight letter word for "thirsty"
  • Yoongi:*watching Jungkook grind himself on Jimin during national live broadcast*...Jungkook
  • Taehyung:it fits

Concept: Black market baby trade of Pearlcatchers, within Pearlcatcher culture, where a poor couple might sell their offspring to a higher-class Pearlcatcher who, through some tragedy, lost their own child young. The purchased child has their pearl taken away, and replaced with the dead child’s pearl. For all intents and purposes, it is understood that this child is now the deceased- they are called by the dead child’s name, treated with the same favor as the dead child, and expected to act accordingly. Their own pearl is usually buried with the dead offspring- in essence, a life is traded for a life.

Final chunk of the modern AU fic is up!

Here’s a link to the beginning

And here’s a link to chapter 10!

Once again, all my gratitude for @reasonablyspookyatbest for beta-ing and cheerleading and all that good stuff. 


I promised to make a text today! And I keep my promises! 
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So, important question… what actually is the poiny of this? I mean point of course. Typos amiright?

Headcanon: Asymmetrical Wings, etc.

Okay so I don’t know if anyone has talked about this before, but please hear me out? You know, we humans are not symmetrical at all with our body (different sized eyes, breasts, maybe even feet and legs sometimes). But imagine dragons having the same “problem”?

A snapper whose left wing would possibly be big enough to make him fly, but his right wing is just as small as it’s supposed to be, so they are still stuck on the ground.
A fae with two enormous wings, with one of them being even bigger than the fae itself.
An Imperial that should be unable to fly because of its smaller wing but someone invented an appliance for them so they can still fly like all their siblings.
A Mirror whose left front eye is the same size as their second pair of eyes’ and who wears a monocle so it seems larger.
A Bogsneak with asymmetrical and uneven fins so they look kind of funny to some dragons but it actually makes them very special.

Please accept my headcanon ;o;

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Besides the sinful scene we've gotten in the Soviet Spies AU already, will we get any more deliciously sinful scenes in the future?

Depends. I’m starting to feel a little burnt out, so I’m going to finish this arc with one more comic update later this week, and then work on writing the next part of Prohibition AU just to give myself a bit of a refresh.

Sometimes the wolf falls in love with the lamb, and the lamb falls in love with the idea that the wolf will not hurt him.
—  Wineblood by artilleryflowers (ao3)
soulmate // jinyoung

so you’re the person i’ve been having lovey dreams about all my life.

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desc: In this AU, everyone has reoccurring dreams and thoughts during the day and night about their soulmate, and it’s their job to find them. With no hints or help find the other person, it’s quite a tiring ride, but worth the wait.

He stood close to your face, his hands wrapping around your waist securely. You looked at him, your eyes sparkling due to the bright lights. He smiled at you and his forehead rested against yours. It felt perfect, and it was like a fairy tale. A fairy tale that could possibly come true with enough patience and confidence.

“Do you think… we could happen?” You asked quietly, slowly losing hope of the boy in front of you. His face was blurred, but you could make up some things of his face. His face was basically etched into your brain, and there was no way you could miss him if he passed you. “Do you even think we could meet?”

The male looked at you with soft eyes as he caressed your head with his left hand and chuckled quietly while shaking his head. He kissed your cheek with his soft lips and you smiled.

“We will definitely meet and happen, without a doubt.” He said reassuringly. Just with his soft tone made you smile and believe him. Although not having one clue of who he was, you could tell he could be trusted.

“I…I’ll believe you,” You smiled shyly, looking down at the floor and you tightly held his hand. You both were closer than ever, and you could hear his heartbeat speed up when you put your head on his chest. “Don’t break your promise, please.”

“I wouldn’t ever lie to you,” He spoke quietly, his words flowing out of his mouth with sincerity. “I won’t ever hurt you or dare break a promise.”

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Seeing as Chara's real knife is red reminds of asgore's trident, which is also red... Is there a relation to it? Maybe those that have gained LOVE or are with the full intent to kill incidentally make their weapons change color. The more flashy like Chara's knife the more damage it does?

(undertale spoilers)

While that is an interesting idea, we have to be very careful when taking the Real Knife’s Steam art into consideration! An inconsistency with canon can be seen with the Steam art for the Tough Glove.

The Tough Glove is described to be “pink,” yet it’s colored a light brown or tan in the Steam art.

Although the idea that weapons would glow red with more LOVE is an interesting idea, Frisk never wields a red glowing weapon, even if they gain LOVE in the neutral route. Additionally, Frisk can gain just as much LOVE as Chara can by the time they get to NEW HOME, but they will always refer to the blade as the Worn Dagger in a neutral route. The Real Knife, however, is exclusive to Chara and the genocide route.


Two saiyan siblings, being cute and gross together :D

I like daydreaming about mine and @percyofnom girlfriends story!! All the time. And also thinking about these two growing up together as sisters. I remembered Percy imagining them getting along really well together, teasing and playing, being very protective of each other and shoving gross things in each others faces >:D