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Nightmares (Steve Harrington x Reader)

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Request- “Can you do “I need a place to stay.” & “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” with Steve Harrington? If it’s okay to ask for them together (like in one piece of writing)?”

Words- 1007

Warnings- Nightmares

You wake to the sound of something, or someone, at your bedroom window. You figure there aren’t a lot of this out at 3 am on a Saturday, so either it’s a serial killer, something that’s crawled out of the upside down, or Steve. Considering it’s Hawkins Indiana, and the gate to the upside down is closed (for now), it’s probably Steve. Yeah, it’s probably Steve.

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You know, Zingo…she’s pretty particular about the people she likes. She likes me, too. You know why? It’s cos we’re special. We are. There’s a lot of folks in here, just walking around. You can’t even tell they’re mutants. Not us. I got my eyes, my ears–you got your skin. And Zingo here is covered in fur. Covered all in hair, aren’t you, Zingo?

Here’s a currently untitled little ficlet based off of recent spoilers (ya’ll know the ones) and the possibilities that it may not be as it seems. however, this is all speculation and an excuse for me to write some bed sharing! :D

The Sinnerman grips Chloe roughly by the forearm. They stand on the edge of Lux’s penthouse balcony, wind whipping at Chloe’s hair.

“You will regret this.” Lucifer growls, fury barely restrained. How he wishes for his Devil Face, a flash of his true face and the human would be gibbering and useless.

“Maybe.” the Sinnerman man shrug. “But I really doubt it.”

Lucifer steps closer, tries to get a read on Chloe. She’s holding herself still, ready to act the moment she can, but her eyes are scared. He tries to wordlessly communicate to her not to worry, that he’ll get them out of this somehow. The Sinnerman’s gun presses harder into her side.

“I wouldn’t get any closer.” the Sinnerman cautions.

Chloe closes her eyes and bites at her mouth. Lucifer stops, unwilling to endanger her.

“What do you want?” Lucifer says between gritted teeth.

He laughs. “What do I want? I’m afraid you little tricks won’t work on me, Morningstar. But I’ll be lenient, just this once, and tell you.”

There’s a beat of silence stretched out between them and the Sinnerman’s smile goes cruel.

“I want you to answer a question.” he says.

“Anything.” Lucifer replies instantly, desperate.

“Does it terrify you? That she will finally know what you are?” the Sinnerman grins triumphantly and pushes Chloe off the edge.

She screams.

Chloe!” Lucifer yells, her name torn from his throat. He sprints to the balcony and launches himself after her without any hesitation.

He spots her easily, free falling just below him. He angles himself, streamlining in order to catch up to her. Her eyes are wide and terrified as he cuts through the air towards her. He is close enough to reach out to her, straining, and then his hand closes around her arm and he pulls her to him, arms enfolding.

She clutches at him, desperate. “Lucifer!” she gasps in his ear.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. I’ve got you.” he says and goes to unfurl his wings…and there’s nothing. He looks over his shoulder to see nothing, blood soaking through his shirt in two wet patches, hot and sticky.


They tumble helplessly through the air, the wing muscles along his spine cramping as they try to move limbs that aren’t there. “Father, please.” he begs, wrapping himself around Chloe more fully.

There is no answer. His wings remain absent.

“I’m sorry.” he tells her, distraught. “I’m so sorry.” He doesn’t know if she can hear him, the wind tearing the words away the moment he utters them.

He keeps her face tucked against his neck. He doesn’t want her to see how close they are to the end. They plummet, tangled up together, the ground rushing up to meet them. Then everything goes dark.


Lucifer comes awake with a strangled scream, jolting upright, lungs heaving. He’s drenched with sweat, trailing down his back, collected in the hollow of his throat. His sheets are soaked with it. He shivers, chilled.

He pulls his wings into the physical plane, curls them around himself. A built-in safety blanket of feathers, glowing slightly in the darkness. For the first time since they’ve been stuck unwillingly to his back, he is grateful for their presence.

It was only a dream.

Bloody hell, that was horrible. Fright still curls in his veins, frantic. He can’t just sit here. He has to know, he has to make sure she’s alright.

He kicks away the tangled bedding and gets to his feet. He slides on a pair of pants, snatches up a shirt from off the floor and throws it on, barely bothering with buttons.

He reaches for his keys out of habit and then stops. It won’t be fast enough, not to sate this unrelenting panic. He walks out to that same balcony, but there’s no Sinnerman, no danger. Even so, he can still hear Chloe’s phantom scream ring through his ears.

Lucifer splays his wings out, feeling the way the wind drifts through his feathers. He gives them an experimental flap, reveling in the smooth motion, the flex of muscle.

For the first time, he flies.


There’s an insistent knock at her door. Chloe blinks blearily, her mind slow to understand the noise that drug her from sleep.

Her phone tells her it’s an ungodly hour and that means it can only be one person. She supposed she should be grateful he didn’t just break in like he normally does.

She hauls herself out of bed, looks at her threadbare pajama pants and her oversized LAPD shirt and decides if he’s going to bother her at this time in the morning he can deal with her appearance.

She shuffles over to the door, nearly rattling with the force of his knocking, and opens it. Lucifer stares back at her, leaning against the side of the door frame. He looks disheveled, hair wild, his shirt buttons mismatched. He’s barefooted, toes peeking out from under his pant legs.

“Lucifer, what -” she starts.

“You’re okay.” he breathes, like it’s salvation. Then he’s moving forward, fingers on the side of her face first, then the rest of him as he steps through and embraces her. “You’re okay.” he repeats and she realizes he’s trembling, holding her almost too tight.

It’s the first time he’s ever initiated contact like this. She returns the hug, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“I’m fine, Lucifer. Everyone is fine.” she tells him, mostly muffled by his chest. Still, she lets him hold her, far past the point of propriety. He’s warm and solid against her, banishing the chill that the still open door is letting in.

He finally eases back and now he looks embarrassed. She doesn’t let him go far, catching at his wrist and keeping him near.  

“What’s this all about, Lucifer?” she asks when he won’t meet her gaze.

“Just a nightmare, Detective. Nothing more.” he says dismissively. “I shouldn’t have bothered you.” he begins to tug himself loose, but she tightens her grip.

“Don’t.” she says, voice firm. “Stay.” she commands in a voice that expects obedience. His feet remain rooted where he stands. She steps around him and closes the door, sealing off the cooler night air trying to sneak in. She turns back to him. “Now, what was this all about?”

He shifts. “It is foolish.”

She pushes back in his space, almost a hug except that their arms remain at their sides. His head dips down towards hers, like the pull of gravity. 

“Tell me anyway.” she says softly.  

“You were falling.” he says hoarsely. He closes his eyes tight. “And I couldn’t catch you.”

Chloe sighs faintly and rests her head against his sternum. It rises and falls slightly with his breathing. Then she straightens. “Well, come on, then.” she says and starts to walk back to her room.

“Detective?” he asks, uncertain. She looks back at him, standing there, looking lost and unsure.

“Are you coming?” Chloe asks, raising her brows. She gives him an impatient gesture and that finally spurs his feet after her. He halts again at the threshold of her bedroom, seeming bewildered at this sequence of events.

“I’m sorry, I think I’ve misunderstood.” he says.

“If you went back home, would you get any more sleep tonight?” she asks.

“No.” he replies quietly. Yeah, that’s what she thought.

“And then I would be up all night worried about you after you left, so this way maybe we both can get some rest before we have to go into work tomorrow, alright?”

The fact that he doesn’t argue with her or make a lascivious comment tells her that this nightmare really shook him. He just brings his hands up to slowly undo the buttons on his shirt. He hangs it on the back of her doorknob while she gets back in bed. He reaches for the covers and pulls them back, sliding carefully into bed beside her. 

There’s an odd swoop of sensation in her stomach at the mattress dipping with his weight. It has been a long time since she’s shared a bed with someone and nerves flutter briefly in her belly before she pushes them away.

He settles himself, tense and holding his body carefully away from hers. Well, she’s not having any of that nonsense and rolls close. His eyes are shadowed and unfathomable in the dark, and she meets them for a moment before she wriggles down against him, nose at his throat, sliding an arm around his waist. She forces herself to relax and, after a moment, he gradually eases and winds his arms around her, too.

He exhales a shuddery breath into her hair and Chloe makes a small humming noise of contentment, pressing soothing patterns into his back with her fingertips. They fall asleep like that, tangled up in one another, and nightmares do not visit them.

No makeup, my gown looks like it has a clown collar.. but I don’t care. I am feeling fantastic :) As I mentioned earlier, there have been some very rough patches due to pain medication alterations and today the issue all morning was fairly severe abdominal pain.  The laxatives finally worked though and I feel a lot better now this evening. I did feel overwhelmed today and cried for about 10 minutes. That feels like it was kind of the turning point though. I even told my mom I think I needed a good cry. As far as the big changes to my body, I am happy with what I can see so far. I would still most definitely do it all again despite the bad moments of pain and the discomfort from bowel issues. The stomach issues showed up even though I was taking medication to prevent them. It’s in the past now though! The turn around today was kind of amazing. I went on two walks on my own in addition to the scheduled physical therapy time. I was able to shower, hence the reemergence of my curls. It doesn’t look as nice because it air dried while I laid in bed. That did not stop the nursing staff from showering me with hair compliments though. They are all great here. At times they are very busy, but I can feel how much they do care. One of the nurses commented to me in the hallway with a smile.. “my, you are tall.” I later thought with a giggle.. “yeah, but I lost a few inches last week!” -Ari

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My co-worker is one of the most beautiful women I know. She's black and have a big afro and people always compliment her (both for her beauty and personality) but some white people mostly middle aged women try to TOUCH HER HAIR sometimes even without asking. Its a "family" place so customers dont usually cross the line here, old men dont hit on the girls and stuff like that. But some white folks just dont seem to understand that is awful and disrespectful to treat my co-worker like that.

It’s disgusting period that people touch someone without permission but it’s grosser in certain ways, like this. It just has racist undertones, at least I think so. Then you get those people that touch AND don’t hide their racism by insulting your hair and trying to tell you ways to “fix it”. -Abby

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Headcannons for sweet pea dating a smol girl cus damnit im so frickin short

me too girl, me too.

ok so:

  • sweet pea loves the height difference between you two
  • it makes you very huggable
  • and he loves giving out hugs to you
  • he calls you shawty, definitely
  • he also teases you a lot, let’s be honest here
  • he’d love to ruffle your hair
  • babe, my hair.” 
  • “i can hear someone talking to me but i don’t see anyone.”
  • babe.”
  • oh, there you are.”
  • he likes to use you as an armrest
  • he also thinks it’s pretty funny when you can’t reach something
  • “pea, stop laughing. i really need almond milk.”
  • “nah, i’m good.”
  • sweet pea taking long strides on purpose when you’re walking because then you have to basically run after him
  • “pea, slow down!”
  • “keep up, champ!”
  • “are you even allowed to ride on my motorcycle?”
  • “pea, shut up before i make you.”
  • “a gnome on the loose, watch out!”
  • he loves it when you wear his clothes because they look so big on you and he thinks you look adorable.
  • “can i wear this shirt to school? it looks adorable, cheryl would love it!”
  • “that’s a very short dress, babe.”
  • “i thought i looked adorable in your clothes?”
  • sweet pea always keeping you close whenever you go out because he is scared to lose sight of you 
  • it makes you feel super safe
  • he loves cuddling with you and holding you close to his body even if it means suffocating you
  • “pea, i can’t breathe.”
  • he’s the best big spoon in the world
  • people asking you if the height difference doesn’t bother when you’re kissing or when you have sex
  • “i mean, if we do it in the shower, i’ll just lift her up and -”
  • “PEA!”

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Have you read cursed child? Any thoughts?

Ohohohoho yeah I have thoughts, I have a hell of a fucking lot of thoughts and very very few of them are good. 

The good things first: Draco Malfoy redemption arc, Slytherin Albus, Scorpius Malfoy is the world’s cutest fucking bean, Hermione Granger is the Minister for Magic, Ron Weasley makes Dad jokes… oh, and Harry’s scared of pigeons which is very logical and which I appreciated.

The not good things? Buckle up bud, we’re going for a ride.

First the fuck off (just to clarify my angry sweary tone in this post is directed at CC, not at you, you, I am sure, are very precious and lovely and have never done anything worthy of being sworn at ever), the treatment of Hermione’s character in that alternative timeline where she teaches at Hogwarts? 

Appalling. Disgusting. It makes me a bit sick in my throat.

This is Hermione fucking Granger, brightest witch of her age, most hardworking fucker you’ve ever met, unfathomably Goal Oriented, tough as fucking nails (remember when she fought a war knowing that her parents didn’t even remember who she was and wouldn’t grieve her if she died, wouldn’t even know?), and they turned her into a Snape-wannabe abusive teacher, every awful reductive stereotype of ‘spinsterhood’ ever, because she didn’t end up with a bloke? Which basically reduces the fact that she’s Minister in the main reality to a side-effect of her being married to Ron? Let me be clear—I love Ron, this isn’t a criticism of Ron at all, it’s a criticism of the barbaric reduction of Hermione’s character and achievements to being dependant on her husband. It’s fucking gross and it appalls me. 

Second the fuck off, Cedric. Cedric fucking Diggory, who was moral and fair and just, who called for a rematch of a Quidditch game he’d won fair and square because a player on the other team got injured, who agreed to share the glory with Harry in the tournament, who helped Harry out with the second clue because fair is fair and Harry helped him… became a Death Eater. Not just became a Death Eater, but became a Death Eater because he was embarrassed at not winning something? Fuck off. Literally just fuck off, go shit on the grave of someone who deserved it, keep your fucking piss-poor excuse for writing away from Cedric Diggory.

Third off, Harry. Oh. Fucking. Boy. Like… I can’t even realistically begin to explain this one, apart from to state that I don’t believe whoever wrote him in this ever read the actual books or considered Harry’s character at all. Harry James Potter would never treat a child the way he treats Al in Cursed Child, he would never hold such a petty grudge against Slytherin after the war and all he went through, and he’d certainly never believe bullshit rumours about an innocent child after the media slandering he went through. He just wouldn’t. And you know what? Even if in the real world that kind of character development (and by development I mean change or transition, not improvement) made any logical sense (which as previously stated, I don’t think it does in any fucking way), it’s not a fucking acceptable thing for them to have done to the character of a survivor of childhood abuse, of loss, of PTSD, who stands as an idol for so many. I genuinely felt, reading Cursed Child, as though someone had come into my home and pissed on everything I hold dear, and I don’t even rely on Harry as a role model in the way that, as I just mentioned, real world abuse and trauma survivors might. Yes, every parent has flaws and fucks up sometimes. Yes, Harry might face some unique challenges considering his lack of secure parental figures. No, the shit they made of his character in CC is not the result, and not something I accept. Except the pigeon thing, because pigeons are gross and not liking them makes sense as I previously stated.

Fourth: Why the fuck was Rose such a socially manipulative, snotty, and generally shallow little shit? That is not the child of Hermione “stick up for the underdog” Granger and Ron “here take my food and my family’s love even though I don’t have enough to begin with” Weasley. Just bollocks.

Fifth: Voldemort and Bellatrix have a secret purple-haired baby with a stupid fucking name that I can’t even remember, I’m sorry, just… I can’t. 

Six: “Hey, you know what would be fun? Lets write a romantic relationship between these two characters but then, because they’re both boys, just shoehorn a het relationship in there and say JOKES! Wasn’t a romance all along, even though it’s chock full of trademark romantic tropes and would have been the perfect opportunity to use this enormous fuck-off franchise that reaches so many people to do some good and show support for diversity and the LGBTQA+ community, but you know what, we’re money grabbing arseholes who don’t want to lose the money by pushing the boat out”. I can’t begin to handle the bullshit on this one, it’s such fucking crap and such underhanded, nasty crap too, I was so fucking angry because Al and Scorps’ relationship was actually so tender and lovely and I’m not trying to say it’s not important to write fulfilling supportive male friendships, it is, but that’s not what they wrote: they wrote a romance and are too fucking chickenshit to call it what it is.

Seventh: where the fuck is Teddy Lupin? 

I could go on, I could go on probably for literal years because I am filled with incandescent rage and I know loads of people say it’s better on stage and that’s great, I’m really glad the director and set and costume and cast managed to salvage something from the fucking wreckage that is the appalling writing, but in the end you can’t polish a turd and the Cursed Child is a load of fucking shite.

Anyway, I hope you have a good evening and again my apologies for the Tone of this I just have a lot of feelings but genuinely thank you for the question that was really cathartic…

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Can you imagine laying on Harry’s chest, maybe his eyes are closed and you’re falling asleep. He’s playing with your hair and tracing patterns on your skin. He would giggle a little every time you yawned. “Sleepy?” He would whisper and you would just nod. He would brush some hair out of your face and kiss the top of your head and hum. You could feel his warm, tattooed chest rise and fall until you drifted off


“Sleep, my love.”

You kiss his neck and snuggle closer. “I don’t wanna.”

He hums, scratching at your scalp. “Why not?”

“Wanna stay like this a little longer.”

His voice is so soft and you can feel his chest vibrate when he chuckles. “M’gonna be here when you wake up.”

You smile and scratch his tummy affectionately. “Can we sleep in?”

He snorts. “My sleepy girl. ‘Course we can.”

“And can we stay in bed all day?”

“Mmmm.” You can hear the smirk. “‘Course. I can think of a few things we could do.”

“Like sleep?” You tease, and he pinches your sides.

“Yeah. Something like that.”


So here is my first try of Christine. Take for now a modern one, because I have no historical correct clothes so far to give her. I personally prefer the brown hair, but since she is blonde in the Leroux’ book, I made both versions.

Hope you like her. Maybe she is listening to something … or someone ;).

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Since you're bored, what's your favourite wincest headcanon? (ps your blog is so awesome)

Aww, thank you lovely!! ^^ And okay, I have a few. This was all I could come up with at the moment, but here you go.

* Dean fucking loves using Sam’s shampoo and flowery soap. He also likes it when Sam washes his hair; it feels therapeutic to him. And sometimes he convinces Sam to shower with him to save hot water so he could have Sam’s hands on him.

* When it was time to leave town, Sam and Dean would fuck each other in a restroom stall whenever it was time to move to another school. Both boys wanted to leave a memory and their scent behind wherever they had been.

* Dean was drunk the first time he kissed Sam and then forgot about it. Literally. Sam didn’t though. So whenever Dean asked who was his first kiss, Sam would reply with “Someone special.” Dean was jealous with the special guy who kissed Sam. Even though it was him.

* Sam wanted to take Dean with him to Stanford. He even looked for apartments ahead of time. Sam just never had the courage to tell him, even when Dean found the letter and yelled at him for his betrayal. Sam just took it in because he knew Dean would’ve said no anyway.


The real mystery of buzzfeed unsolved is the height difference of the ghoul boys. I was curious ‘cause of a screen cap I took during the video 'We Got Exorcisms’ at 5:07. Got bored and did the math.

 As you can see, I fled to an editing app where I estimated where the hair growth starts, and from there a put a straight bar going from Ryan’s red line to Shane. It hit Shane about mid-chin. I took a ruler and photocopied down to size (it looks over sized here because of editing/saving to photos complications) and slid it along the black bar like so. I then zoomed in, counted the centimeters down to Shane’s red line from the top of the ruler, went back to I ruler I had sitting in my room, and made the conversion of centimeters to inches.

 If my math is correct and my editing skills are decent, this means Shane is AT LEAST 9 inches taller than Ryan.

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YES WE CAN TALK FLUFF! How about Harry back from Shangai and he's SO jetlag and honestly you just wanna sleep but he's there with just sweatpants telling everything he saw and suddenly he sees you're fighting against sleep and it's like "ok wanna cuddle?"

Nope nope nope

He pulls you onto his chest and giggles. “Baby why didn’t you tell me to shut up?”

A you speak through a yawn while you feel his fingers playing with your hair. “Becauuuuuuse. I like listening to you.”

“Your eyes are closed, Love.”

“Doesn’t mean my ears are.”

And that makes him snort and pull you closer. He kisses your head. “God I missed you. Go to sleep.”

“But…. you’re jet lagged.”

“Don’t mind layin’ here with you. You sleep. Don’t worry about me, yeah?”

And you’re already asleep before you can answer, which makes him laugh and pull you that much closer.

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I feel like I should defend Splat a little bit here. I've been using it for years, and my hair is still as soft as silk. The color does fade after some washes but that's normal with semi dyes. Seriously, I think I've been dying my hair at least twice a year if not more since I was 13, (I'm 20). The first time it did burn my scalp a bit, but I also have really sensitive skin. As long as you're careful and don't smear it all over directly on the skin, you should be good fam. Maybe test it firsttho

That would be most hair dye things anyway, yeah? Especially with bleach. Thanks for the info though :)

Kaitarou: Papa! The sunset was beautiful!

Sanji: Oh, really? *smiles and pats his son’s head*

Kaitarou: Daddy said Papa’s hair looks like the sun.

Zoro: O-Oi. *embarrassed*

Sanji: *grins* Is it now?

Zoro: Shut up, Curlybrow.

Sanji: Well, you could’ve said you like my hair, Damn Marimo.

Zoro: I don’t!

Sanji: *laughs* Whatever. Here, eat up, two Mossheads.

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Hey, I'm just really confused about my gender. I really like wearing men's clothes because they just feel right. But when I look like a woman I look really good and I fell good about my self. But only when I'm not feeling dysphoria because of my long hair or skirt. I prefer to have a flat chest because my breasts make me uncomfortable. I'm not trans man. I at least know that. I just kind feel uncomfortable about my gender normally. Help?

Kii says:

We can’t tell you what your gender is, but here’s a page that might be helpful!

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How you feeling about Vader being visited by pre-Clone Wars wolf man Obi? I mean how can Vader resist that red hair when it glows so pretty in the lava light. Plus who doesn’t want to have their former master interrupting an holo Skype call to your new master?

LOL, well for one thing I love how this ask was phrased. I am feeling pretty good about this, anon! (As is Vader. But don’t point it out. He’s in denial.) 

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Draw yourself as you are today and how you want to be. Anon here °>°

  Ok ewe~

That’s how I’m:

I drew myself with hood cuz I really don’t like my current hair. It’s not like my hair is ungly… It just doesn’t suit me. And well, my mom don’t wanna let me change it for now.

I would want to be like..

(I’M SORRY THE BAD QUALITY my phone isn’t good to take pictures and I really wanted to draw sthg on paper)

Tattoo, piercing, hat, shor hair.. I’m the shame of the family.. lol