but i liked my hair here

"Perhaps one day I shall deck ye in laces and jewels,” he said softly.

“I havena been able to give ye much, ever, save a wee silver ring, and my mother’s pearls.”
“You’ve given me a lot more than that,” I said. I wrapped my fingers around his thumb and squeezed. “Brianna, for one.”
He smiled faintly, looking down at the deck.
“Aye, that’s true. She’s maybe the real reason—for staying, I mean.”
I pulled him toward me, and he rested his head against my knee.
“This is her place, no?” he said quietly. He lifted a hand, gesturing toward the river, the trees and the sky. “She will be born here, she’ll live here.”
“That’s right,” I said softly. I stroked his hair, smoothing the thick strands that were so much like Brianna’s. “This will be her country.” Hers, in a way it could never be mine or his, no matter how long we might live here.
He nodded, beard rasping gently against my skirt.
“I dinna wish to fight, or have ye ever in danger, Sassenach, but if there is a bit I can do … to build, maybe, to make it safe, and a good land for her …” He shrugged. “It would please me,” he finished softly.
We sat silently for a bit, close together, watching the dull shine of the water and the slow progress of the sunken lantern.
“I left the pearls for her,” I said at last. “That seemed right; they were an heirloom, after all.” I drew my ringed hand, curved, across his lips. “And the ring is all I need.”
He took both my hands in his, then, and kissed them—the left, which still bore the gold ring of my marriage to Frank, and then the right, with his own silver ring.
“Da mi basia mille,” he whispered, smiling. Give me a thousand kisses. It was the inscription inside my ring, a brief quotation from a love song by Catullus. I bent and gave him one back.
“Dein mille altera,” I said. Then a thousand more.”

-Drums of Autumn

Just some of the looks I went with from this past week. It was a busy one leading up to the Pride Parade in Chicago (posted about that earlier). I wore the black dress while visiting some local small businesses to talk to the owners. I do websites on the side for small businesses and I am looking to get some local clients instead of having them spread all around the country like the few that have now.

I have another busy week ahead of me here but hope to stream some gaming time on Thursday night (probably about 9 pm central).

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Oh, and I wore that new dress I bought to the office this week too. One of my friends saw me step off the elevator and yelled down the hallway from a large group of people with her, “OMG Ari I love your hair!” I turned beat red and tucked my hair behind my ear with a big smile said “Thank you” :) It was a nice moment! The photo below was taken at the end of the day when my hair had been more dry (the recycled air from the buildings A/C is so dry!) and wind blown.


There’s this lady that works in my office that’s been there for almost 20 years. She’s hilarious, a sweetheart, and damn smart to boot.

Today we got to chatting, mostly because I opened up to her about the fact that I feel like I’m not going anywhere with my life.

“I feel like I’ve wasted this year,” I said (my birthday is in a couple weeks, and I’ve been kinda sorta dreading it). “I have all these friends that are graduating college, finding their careers, getting married, having babies, and here I am, doing nothing with my life.”

She raised an eyebrow at me, rolled her chair a bit closer across the short-haired blue carpet, and replied, “You still have a long way to go. It’s okay to feel like you’ve wasted time. It took me 28 years to get my highschool diploma! You’re still young. Don’t worry about things, because what does that get you? Just keep going forward, and things will come when they’re meant to.”

Then she gave me a cookie and I buried my unnecessary worries about the future in delicious chocolate chip goodness.

Sometimes people don’t suck as much as they normally do.


Today is my 5 month anniversary, I can’t believe I’ve been here so long and I also hit 3.4K whilst I was gone that’s so amazing, thank you so much! ♥

So to celebrate I’m opening sim requests, there’s 6 spots available, to request a sim please send me an ask with the sims gender, race, and any other details you’d like me to add (i.e freckles and red hair). Please also specify whether you would like the download to be public or private thank you!

It’s first come first served so be quick. :)

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Belle French Appreciation Week - Day 4 Favourite Outfit(s)

I have several!

Season one

Season two

Season three

Season four

Have to use the “Secrets of Storybrooke” image of Belle’s “Best Laid Plans” outfit because you can hardly see it in the episode.

Season five

Two green Camelot dresses, because when I went looking for a good image, I noticed that they were slightly different. There are more pearls and beading around the second one. Not sure whether they made Emilie two dresses because of her pregnancy, or whether they didn’t like the decoration on the neck and cuffs of the first dress. The second one is more embellished, like Regina’s dress.

Season six

My favourite season for Belle’s wardrobe, I have to say. There are other outfits I liked that I didn’t include here. I loved her hair in season six as well (and five). I think the wig was a more consistent colour, and the hairstyles were simpler.

Siriel: Part Three


Lyria stalked down the hall, her magic radiating around her in a lethal cloud of ice. She almost paused when she felt the presence of someone coming up behind her. Lyria squared her shoulders. “Don’t bother asking, Artemis. The answer is no.”

Her cousin caught up to her, his dark hair bouncing off the back of his red leather jacket. He side-glanced her, his hands clasped behind his back. “Is it true? There are witches trying to evade?”

Lyria stopped abruptly, pulling Artemis in front of her. She looked down at her cousin. His eyes gleamed. Her lips thinned. “Yes it’s true.” Artemis opened his mouth before Lyria cut him off. “I said no. It’s an order, Artie. You stay here.”

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hi angie how are your cats

G thank u for giving me this opportunity to gush like the proud parent i am….. a True pal……

my kitties are doing great, jasmine continues to be quite small and raja sometimes mistakes her for a rodent or perhaps a dirty sock

can you believe this???? 8 weeks and a hair bigger than the poppies on this kitchen mat

she also continues to vary between extremely photogenic

(ignore her nose crusties she likes to Dive In when it’s chow time)

to looking like the dumb baby she is

and speaking of dumb babies you know who’s a Giant Dumb Baby??? this fool right here who’s clearly not meant for this litter box but damned if she’s not gonna do it!!! bc queen Raja does as she pleases!!!

smh she’s practically tipping it over. raja we get it you have Previously An Only Child syndrome

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Hello my sin friend, can i ask for a svt reaction when he is in a tour And u call him, but in the middle of the call u say another name like "Simon" or something like that, so he is angry And start to think u are cheating, but in the end u only adopted a cat. Thanks, Sorry my awful english, Hope u understand!!

Hello, Evil Empress of Sin here! Don’t worry, I understand! Your English is good! So I chose a Korean name for the cat because Simon the Cat is a YouTube series, so writing the name as Simon made me laugh really hard. I hope that’s okay! Thank you for your request! 

“The acting in this is faker than Jihoon’s hair colour,” Jeonghan sighed, flopping back against the pillow where Seungcheol was already dozing off. The members all collectively tensed, eyes wandering over to where Jihoon was perched in the desk chair looking at his Instagram.

“Do you wanna die tonight?” Jihoon asked softly, not even looking up.

“My feet are killing me so I wouldn’t mind it too much,” Jeonghan answered snippily, popping a jellybean into his mouth without a care in the world.

They continued ‘watching’ the movie, half of them on their phones by this point when a loud buzz vibrated on the bed between Hansol and Chan. Hansol leapt to his feet, careful not to step on Mingyu on the way down. “Excuse me, excuse me,” he rambled as he jumped and tripped his way over the stack of boys on the hotel floor.

“What’s your big hurry?” Soonyoung mumbled through a mouthful of peanuts, looking back at the television.

“Y/N is calling me!” Hansol exclaimed, throwing open the connecting door that led to his and Seungkwan’s room.

“Dude, it can wait! We can’t rewind on this TV!”

“Y/N’s been busy all week and hasn’t called me once, I need to go talk for a little bi- heeey, babe!”

Soonyoung rolled his eyes as Hansol disappeared into the other room. “They’re gonna sext.”

“you’re so gross, Soonyoung,” Wonwoo muttered, scandalised.

Soonyoung shook his head. “Nah, they gonna sext.”

“Hansol!” Y/N exclaimed, “Oh my goodness, I’m sorry I haven’t talked to you much. It’s just been so busy over here.”

Hansol closed the door softly behind him, just in case Seungkwan was in bed. He and Seokmin had been in there earlier, but noticing the silence, he guessed they went off in search of a vending machine.

“Oh, no, it’s totally okay!” he answered sincerely. “I get it. We’ve been promoting a ton too over here, so we’re all sorta just done.”

“I’m sorry, Honey,” Y/N sighed. “I heard you and Jisoo on the radio yesterday. I meant to text, but I was busy.”

Hansol flopped down on his bed, noticing all the Starburst wrappers Seokmin forgot to pick up. “It’s okay, I promise! What’s been keeping you so busy?”

“Oh, just little things. Cleaning up my apartment’s been a hassle the past few days. Also, I’m getting a new couch.”

Hansol frowned. “Why? I like your couch.”

“I know, but it’s just kinda old, I guess.”

Hansol was still frowning, but he nodded. “I guess I understand.” Plucking up a pink Starburst, he continued on more brightly, “So aside from busy stuff, have you done anything fun?”

There was lots of shuffling on the other line. Hansol guessed Y/N was getting into bed or changing into a sweatshirt or something. “Um… no, not anything too special.” More shuffling. “I just ate dinner.”

Hansol smiled. “What did you have? We found a cool sushi place by the hotel. The owner’s daughter knew us so he gave us free ice cream.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet!” Lots of shuffling and a slight grunt. “Just ramen. I didn’t have time to cook much, so we- I! I- I decided to just stay in and watch a movie.”

At that, Hansol perked up a little. “Did your friends come over to watch with you?”

“No, they were busy tonight. I just wanted to be by myself.” There was a small grunt again, sounding something between a laugh and annoyance, and then much more shuffling.

Hansol laughed slightly, more in confusion than anything else. Something was not right in how his partner was talking to him, and it was worrying him a bit. “What are you doing over there? It sounds like you’re doing gymnastics, Babe.”

Y/N laughed easily. “No, I promise I’m not, I’m just kinda-,” The phone was jerked away, and a slight, “No, let g-!” was heard before it was returned. Y/N’s voice came back far too loud, “Sorry, I’m just antsy right now.”

Hansol was sitting up now. “Is someone with you right now? Because if I’m being honest, I’m actually kinda worried right now. Tell me the truth, is something up?”

Just as he said this, the hotel door clicked open. He glanced over to see Seungkwan and Seokmin entering with Cokes and potato chips, but he ignored them when they waved.

“No, Hansol, I promise there isn’t, I just-,” Y/N actually yelped, and Hansol was on his feet in an instant. Seungkwan and Seokmin noticed and stared at him, their expressions obviously questioning him.

“Y/N, what the hell is going on?” he demanded, worry and aggravation written plainly on his face and edging in his voice.

“Hansol, I,” Y/N faltered, sounding ready to spill everything when they exclaimed, “I gotta go.”

“Y/N, wait-,”

“I gotta go.”

The phone was yanked from Y/N’s mouth, and just before hanging up, Hansol heard loud and clear, “Ji-Eun Seongsaengnim, you need to knock it the hell off-,” before the call ended angrily.

Hansol just stood there, feeling like a total idiot, and without saying anything just let the phone fall to the bed.

“Hansol-ah…?” Seungkwan started. He and Seokmin watched him carefully; his back was to them, but they could see the tenseness in his arms and shoulders. “Hansol, what happened?”

Hansol turned around, his brows furrowed so tightly that they looked ready to burst. “I… I don’t know yet,” he mumbled. Seeing their confusion, he said slowly, “Y/N doesn’t sound well. Something was wrong. I think someone was in the apartment, but when I asked, Y/N kept telling me ‘no’. Then right before hanging up, he/she yelled at someone. Do we know a Ji-Eun?”

Seungkwan and Seokmin stared at one another, their brows now knit similarly. “No,” Seungkwan said, immediate accusation flooding his features.

Seokmin coughed. “But Y/N doesn’t lie like that, Hansol,” he said comfortingly, setting his Coke down so he could sit. “You don’t really think there’s cheating or something, do you?”

Hansol was still frozen, brows still knit. “I really don’t know.”

His friends were quiet for awhile. Finally, Seungkwan murmured, “I’m sorry, Hansol.”

“We’ll be going home soon,” Seokmin added kindly. “You can talk about it then, right?”

Hansol smiled, just enough to upturn the corners of his mouth, but his brow didn’t loosen. “Yeah. I hope so.”

Seventeen returned to Seoul the next week just as the sun was setting. The members were all exhausted and Chan had to be carried from the van upstairs by a very disgruntled Seungcheol.

As they all moved their luggage upstairs, Hansol hurried over to Seokmin. “I’m running to Y/N’s place, okay? I already got permission from the manager.”

Seokmin nodded with an encouraging smile. “I hope it goes well, okay?”

Hansol smiled. “Thanks, man.”

Turning the corner from the dorms, Hansol ran all six blocks to the apartment despite how tired he was; he had been worried sick since the day of the phone call, and the worry had only increased with each passing day. He had tried hard not to think about it, he really had, but so many concerns plagued him. Hansol knew it had always been hard on you with him always being gone. Time together was near impossible with his schedule, and even when you could see each other, it had to remain hidden so the public- mostly his fans- would not lash out at either of you. Hansol almost tried to convince himself that cheating would be okay under those circumstances, but he knew that it really was not; if you could not handle the lack of company, he would just hope for you to break up with him. He would understand why you were struggling and not be nearly as sad as if you were actually with somebody else, something he knew his heart could never handle.

All these thoughts swarming around his head with each step, Hansol practically sprinted up the steps to the gate of your apartment. Pressing the buzzer for number 12, your apartment, he stood frantically tapping his hand against the side of his thigh, awaiting your answer. Soon enough, a crackle fizzed through the speaker, and he stood petrified as you spoke, “Hello?”

Hansol almost broke the button as he held down to speak. “Y/N? It’s Hansol- er, yeah, me. I’m home. Can I please come up?”

There was a moment of silence. Then the intercom crackled to life. “I- of course! Yes, that’s fine! Come on up!”

The door unlocked, and Hansol tore through it, pounding up the stairs to the thirds floor since the elevator was too slow. Reaching your door, he pounded down hard with his fist, still bouncing on his heels with nervousness. Then the door clicked open.

You popped your head out, trying to keep your apartment hidden. You smiled brightly quite aware of your flushed cheeks and messy hair. “Hansol! I didn’t expect you tonight!” You stepped out, throwing your arms around his neck in a tight hug. He hugged you back, but you could feel how tense he was, and it put you on edge. You pulled away, slightly confused. “Are you okay? I’ve missed you!”

Scratching the back of his neck uneasily, Hansol smiled. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine, I missed you too. Just- could I come in real quick? I swear I won’t stay long, I just have to talk to you real quick.”

At that, you froze. You motioned feebly at the door as if you’d never seen it before. “In there?”

At that, Hansol looked thoroughly distraught. “Uh… yeah. In your apartment.”

You peeked behind you pathetically, taking a deep sigh before stepping aside to let him in. He stepped inside and took off his shoes, but you could see his eyes carefully scanning everything. He took a few steps in, taking far too long to glance over your kitchen counter.

“Hansol?” You stepped in after him, not sure what to do with yourself. “What’s wrong? You’ve been acting funny since you got here.”

Hansol turned and looked at you, and he looked ready to vomit. “Can we please sit down?”

“Um, sure.” You led him into your small living room, to the new sky blue couch you just moved in. You could see his dark hazel eyes staring at it before sitting down.

“Oh my gosh, could you just please tell me what’s wrong?”

Hansol looked up at you, that weird look still on his face. “I, um… I… ugh.” Pulling you down next to him, he said slowly, carefully, “Something is wrong. Or at least I think so. Last week when you called me, you literally sputtered and couldn’t talk the whole time, and then you kept saying how ‘busy’ you’ve been, but you couldn’t tell me with what, and then you even mentioned someone’s name. A guy’s name, and um, and…” His eyes scanned the living room desperately, falling on the couch you both were sitting on. “And this!” he cried suddenly, causing you to jump. “This couch! You got it because the other one was too old, which is understandable, but… it was the way you said it. And you hung up on me.” Seeing the total alarm in your eyes, he sighed and hung his head. “Look,” he said, “I just need to know if something is wrong, mostly between us, because I feel like for some reason all that stuff you were mumbling about has to do with me. And I get that I’m basically the world’s worst boyfriend, because I’m never here for you, but if you’re unhappy then you have to tell me. I can’t just sit here and guess how you feel. And also, I don’t know who that guy is you were yelling at, but if you’re into having him around then we need to break up right now, because I refuse to be cheated on no matter how bad of a partner I might be, okay?”

At that, you could feel fear, sadness, and laughter building up inside you, and in a shaking voice you said softly, “Um… you’re not wrong, but you’re not right either.”

Seeing the total alarm on his face, you actually laughed slightly. “I wasn’t planning on telling you this early, mostly because he’s not being good these days, but I have a surprise for you. Come with me!”

You stood up quickly, grabbing his hands and ignoring his confusion, and dragged him down your small hallway to your closed bedroom door. Turning the knob excitedly, you threw open the door and tugged him in, watching as his face went from confused to very confused to sudden shock, then total joy. The small gray munchkin cat curled up on your bed looked up from his sleep softly, his round eyes locking with Hansol’s equally round ones immediately.

Hansol looked at you, his eyes watering and mouth wide open, then back at the cat, then back at you at a complete loss at what to do with himself. You just giggled, relief finally washing over you that he was not angry anymore. “Surprise!” you sang in a small voice, waving jazz hands feebly.

Without even waiting for you to say anything else, Hansol practically threw himself onto the bed to pet him. “This is the surprise? Oh my god, where did you get him?”

You sat next to him as he let the cat lick his finger in total awe. “I got him at a pet store,” you said wide-eyed, like it was a big secret. He almost rolled his eyes at you, but was too pleased by the cat to do so. “His name is Ji-Eun, and he belongs to the both of us. I know you miss your cat back home, so I figured Ji-Eun would be nice. And honestly, he’s nice company to me for when you can’t visit. He’s bad though; he shredded up the old couch entirely, so I had to get a new one and get him a scratching post.” You motioned to the corner where you had kept it. Hansol didn’t look though, he now had Ji-Eun buried in his jacket and looked like he was ready to cry. You put a hand on his shoulder, preparing to speak again, when he cut you off with a soft kiss.

He pulled away slowly, watching the blush spread over your cheeks, and he said immediately, “Y/N, I can’t say sorry enough. I accused you of cheating on me when you were trying to hide a gift to me, and I…” His head hung, and you could see him searching for words, something comforting to say, but you just rested your head on his shoulder.

“I can understand why you would think that,” you laughed with embarrassment. “I wasn’t good at hiding it at all. I mean, Ji-Eun clawed my leg when I was on the phone with you and I about screamed.”

Hansol bolted straight up, eying you in shock, like he put something together inside his head. He swallowed. “He did?”

You leaned over to roll up your jeans, revealing the bottom of five long red streaks on your calf. Hansol gulped again.

“I thought, that, um, I thought someone was tou-,”

“No, no, but I can understand! I’m sorry about that. And it’s true, I’m lonely when you’re not here. I needed someone with me. But it would never be another man, and I can swear to God on that.” You lifted his chin to look you in the eyes. “I love you, Hansol. Even if it’s hard, please don’t doubt that, and I promise I’ll never doubt you, okay?”

Hansol smiled softly, his eyes watering slightly in the corners. He started to laugh a little bit, something he always did when he was trying to overcome any sad feelings, to cheer himself up, and he pulled you into a hug. “I feel so silly now… You were having an affair with a tiny cat.”

You laughed at him, hugging him tighter, reaching up to wipe his tears with your fingers, making him laugh in turn.

You both sat there, petting your new family member, and even if Ji-Eun was just a cat, he was a promise between the two of you to not doubt again. 

Seungkwan and Seokmin were sitting in the kitchen, distracted by their worry about Hansol when a Snapchat rolled in. Seungkwan pulled out his phone lazily, opening it. His eyes lit up.



“Hansol is a dad!”

Seokmin dropped his water all down his shirt and he almost slipped running over, the need to vomit, scream, cry, and swear like a sailor mixing together inside his head when Seungkwan shoved the phone in his face. On the screen was Hansol, a tiny gray cat latched to his face by its sharp baby claws and him simultaneously screaming and dabbing with #1 Dad stickers everywhere.

When Hansol returned that night, the other ten were cleaning the dorm, which confused him since they had not been around long enough to make a mess. Nobody told him that when Seungkwan screamed, “Hansol is a dad!” as loud as he could, they all collectively dropped, ripped, crushed, or snapped whatever they were doing. They were even more concerned by the deep red claw marks all over his face as well. It was a night of surprises, indeed.

Hi my name is Tamora Dark’ness Dementia Raven Augustus and I have long raven black hair (thats how I got my name) with gold streaks and red tips that I wear on top of my head and icy black eyes like the depths of the Tyrrhenian Sea and a lot of people tell me I look like Livia Drusillia (AN: If u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Caesar Augustus but I wish I was cause he’s a major fuckng hottie. I’m a warrior queen but I don’t sacrifice children to the gods. I have pale white skin. I’m also an empress, and I married the Roman emperor Saturnius in Rome this year (I’m thirty four). I’m a Goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly armor. I love my armor and wear it everywhere. For example today I was wearing scale armor with overlapping silver mail, my longsword strapped to my back and high boots. I was wearing green eyeshadow, pink rouge, and black eyebrow liner. I was walking outside the Imperial Palace. It was raining and storming and there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of Andronici stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them. 

ggranitefalls  asked:

I know this was posted a bit ago, but I was going through my likes to see dls and I noticed I liked this post, and I would love to know wcif that hair? I love it! Thank you in advance! /post/161718190520

hey no problem, i love this hair as well! you can find it here, the creator made another version too that doesn’t have the braid, they’re both beautiful!

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hi yes nyello are we talking abt klance children bc I am Here for klance children. (my girlfriend and I have this entire universe set up on our rp accounts where keith and lance adopted tiny galra triplets okay I'm lov parental klance)

Toby is my new hyperfixation and everyone gets to endure me ranting about him and his infinite perfection.

He starts to get bullied at school (in my head he’s like 5?? 6?? Also idk how he came into being? Surrogate mom or something? who the lordt knows?) for how he wears his hair and because he paints his nails and he’ll come home in tears, red faced and holding them back because he doesn’t want to cry but he’s really upset. Lance is ready to find the kids and snap them in half but Keith is like “calm down and let’s talk about this with him and the teachers” and yknow how that shit goes w the conference and the letters home and the everything but it doesn’t get much better. And Toby’s a tough kid but it’s starting to get to him. Then one day he comes home and he’s smiling and Lance is like !!! “Did you have a good day, kiddo?” and Toby grins and ONE OF HIS FRONT TEETH IS MISSING and he’s like “I pushed Nathan off the slide!” and Lance shrieks and calls Keith and oh boy this kid is wild he resorted to VIOLENCE but when they tell him why that’s wrong, he tears up again and is like “It wasn’t because he was making fun of me. He was making fun of you for being my dads.” and they look at each other and die inside bc. this angel??? God. They obviously tell him violence isn’t the answer but still they have to treat him to ice cream (his favorite is mint chocolate chip) and snuggle with him in bed for the rest of the afternoon.

Son of Hagger 11.5

Lance looks at Hagger (or farla). He finally have the opportunity to forget everything about Hagger, even lotor. But, he saw the pain in her eyes. Lance started to feel bad. Lance took Hagger’s hand. “I-I don’t want to forget you….I just…hate who i am……“ He said looking down tears coming down his face. “Why do you? Human or not your friends still love you right?” Hagger said running her hands through his hair. “But…my life….it’s a lie….I know nothing about me…” Lance said his ears going down in sadness. Hagger frowned and before she could speak Lance said something. “I don’t want to be like you…following Zarkon…trying to destroy Voltron…I want to help….I don’t want to marry Lotor…I-I like someone else” He said sighing dreamily thinking of that person. “I understand completely dear…just remember…I’ll always be here….just a tick away” Hagger flicked his nose and laughs when Lance did his pout. “What’s your choice darling?” Hagger asked. Lance sighs, he almost forgot he even needed to make a decision. “I choose……..”

ths is so fuckin big whoops bt im too lazy 2 resize it So Uh


ivr nvr painted in my Life (if ths even counts as painting bruh idfk SHIT) nd i was like “well i guess i should do smthn like tht Eventually” nd also ive been so caught up in learning how 2 make video game tht i havent been actually Drawing anything.

so heres a vek painting thin.g,


And here she is now!! I redid the twists on the side the best I could but left the one at the top off so she could wear the sunglasses the fashion scene set came with. I’m sad she laid a lot of hair but I’m happy with how it looks now, it’s so full and bouncy and nothing like the matted hunk it was… Her face looks a lot better too!

I’m still not 100% on this outfit but who knows maybe swapping the socks and sandals out for boots would look better? The sweat pant trouser things have grown on me with their 60s vibe.

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*sneaks up, cuts a lock of your hair, runs like hell*

Okay, real talk from the mun here…this kind of stuff is annoying. Please do not send asks like this anymore. The tail poking and hair cutting, well, let’s just say I have a muse who be all too happy to poke a few holes in people for stuff like this. 

Now, random hugs in my box are fine but can we please for the love of the Goddess above and below stop doing stuff that is more damaging to my muses body.