but i liked her better before she turned back in to princess luna

I’m not sure why I hate the epilogue of Harry Potter so much, but I always imagine Harry getting completely BORED of normal life a year into it. He can’t handle it. His life has always been filled with trouble, kind of like Lord Tennyson’s view of Ulysses, and he goes stir-crazy, engaging in reckless behaviour almost daily. Hermione is worried sick because it’s causing Harry and Ginny to fight. ‘You got through all you went through in your 19 years just to kill yourself on some bloody dare?!’

Draco Malfoy shows up on Hermione’s twentieth birthday with a story of how he can’t handle how he was a coward and talks of how he killed a demon that tried to devour an old lady on the outskirts of muggle London. He says he wants to do this again; the thrill of it was amazing but he needs a partner or two. Harry and Hermione are all for it. Hermione, too, has grown tired of the Ministry life. After all, she has already secured rights for elves and goblins if they want them; that only took her a year. Hunting evil things is appealing, and she’ll be helping not only the wizarding community but the non-magical one as well.

Ginny is furious and leaves Harry for Blaise Zambini. Ron is not keen on more adventure, either. He decides he would rather help George at the joke shop than work with a Malfoy, although he, Harry, and Hermione will stay in touch. ‘Write to me every week,’ he threatens, 'or else.’

Harry, Hermione, and Draco go on to live their lives doing the things Gilderoy Lockhart only claimed to do: battling demons, ghosts, poltergeists, sirens, urban legends, vampires, and more –all with a magical tent and three wands instead of a Chevy Impala and guns.

They call on Luna Lovegood whenever they encounter a creature they know next to nothing about, pop in on the Weasleys from time to time, and even allow Ginny to write books of their travels based on Hermione’s obsessive journal-keeping.

They become animagi. Hermione watches in surprise as her patronus changes into something unexpected. To her utmost delight, they learn about different forms of magic, even gain new magical abilities whenever they encounter a wise tutor well-versed in the more obscure magical arts.

Odd things happening while on the road are completely normal: one time, this crazy drunk American fangirl dressed up like Supergirl, who went by the name of Charlie Bradbury, latched onto Hermione’s back like koala bear when they were investigating a case at Comic-Con and wouldn’t let go, proclaiming as loud as that Banshee that one time in Ireland that Hermione was her idol, and that she was so glad she didn’t actually marry Ron.

'She reminds me of you when you were around Gilderoy Lockhart,’ Harry had said with great fondness afterwards. The backhand he took to the gut and death glare from his best friend, he thought, were completely worth it. 'Look at it this way, Hermione, she was so drunk she got a Princess Leia tattoo. She won’t remember anything.’

Imagine Hermione frustrated and flustered with her head in her hands as Harry and Draco’s school rivalry almost cost them their lives yet again. Then, she loses her temper, and both boys shrink back in fear. 'Has she always been this scary?’ Draco mutters out of the corner of his mouth to which Harry can only nod furiously. The disappointment the both of them feel is almost childlike. Draco and Harry become very close. Killing creatures will bond even the worst enemies together.

It changes Draco. All of his prior prejudice is smashed having spent so much time with his childhood rivals, and he becomes a much better person for it. Harry is reminded of Snape, and how Dumbledore once voiced he thought they sorted too early. Maybe Draco belonged in Gryffindor, too. Though the pain etched deep within Draco is visibly fading, it will never go away completely, and Harry often wonders what would have happened had he been sorted into Gryffindor with them.

Harry, however, is fully satisfied in that moment. They are in the middle of a hunt. Sitting against the front of the tent in a small forest on the east border of Paris, Harry lets out a long sigh. It is the first time he feels truly at ease in a while. Adjusting his glasses, he takes in the loving and relaxing company of two of his closest friends.

Draco is fiddling with the old radio, and tears of laughter escape Hermione as she reads. This is normal night for all of them. 'Albus Severus?!’ she hollers, unable to keep her grip on the novel that has her undivided attention. The pumkin-coloured book falls, still open, flat on her stomach, and she dissolves completely into a fit of giggles. 'Muggles have quite the imagination these days, don’t they, Harry?’

'It’s not that bad of a name,’ Draco says, rolling his eyes. He turns the dial on the radio, and a hauntingly familiar tune sounds through it. His annoyed frown is replaced by a smirk, 'Your song is playing, you two.’

Harry can’t help but snort. Hermione throws a sarcastic remark towards Draco over the name Scorpious, before Harry finds himself being dragged to his feet by his childhood friend. Green eyes meet brown ones with a grin. They can’t not dance to 'Oh Children.’

Holding Hermione’s body close to him and swaying to the music under the stars, not all that different from the time they did a little over five years ago, he knows he made the right choice in going on the road. He is drinking life to the lees. This brilliant life with all its scars, beauty, and constant excitement is magical. It has made everything well again.

—  Non-Canon Epilogue : Drinking Life to the Lees
I’ll Help You (Draco Malfoy x Reader)

She’s not eating. Why isn’t she eating?

It’s breakfast in the Great Hall and Draco is sipping his usual cup of tea while he surveys the Gryffindor table. His eyes are locked on [Y/N] [L/N] as he half listens to Pansy nattering on about the latest fashion trends in France or whatnot. He arches an eyebrow when he finally sees you reaching for your spoon but frowns when you make no move to put any food in your mouth.

It’s been going on like this for a while now, you coming down to the feasts only to sit quietly by your friends as you stare off into space. It also frustrates him that he seems to be the only one who has noticed your odd behavior.

“Pansy.” He says suddenly, interrupting her rather animated rant on leather skirts. “Does she look thinner to you?”

Pansy scrunches up her nose in confusion. “Does who look thinner?” 

“Her.” Draco gestures in your direction with a piece of toast.

Pansy raises her finely plucked eyebrows at him skeptically but obliges him and regards you thoughtfully. “That’s [L/N], right? She does look a little bit on the light side.” She observed. She then swivels in her seat to look at Draco. “Why has that suddenly piqued your interest?” She asks slyly, a smirk slowly making itself home on her face.

“No reason.” Draco says quickly, making a show of devouring his last piece of toast. “You’d better eat up, class starts soon and I have no intention of waiting for you.”  He tells her, eager to change the subject. Thankfully, Pansy decided not to pursue it instead choosing to continue he earlier rant. When he was sure that her attention was fully diverted, his focus sidled back to you. He really didn’t like this weird clenching feeling in his chest and he resolved to keep a close watch on you for the rest of the day.

The day passed and everything was relatively normal. True to his word, Draco’s attention never strayed from you and by the time lunch finally arrived, he was just about ready to tear his hair out.

Why hasn’t anybody noticed her condition?

You moved around sluggishly as if in a daze. Tiredness was written all over your face but no one so much as voiced their concerns. 

“Eat for fucks sake. Eat.” He murmured under his breath. You frowned suddenly as if hearing his thoughts and for a split second, your eyes were locked onto his. The eye contact didn’t last, however, seeing as Draco quickly looked away praying to both things holy and unholy that no one had noticed how his skin had gone an unnatural shade of pink.

Dammit, I’m acting like a blushing maiden.

“Draco, you’re staring.” Pansy commented nonchalantly as she examined her reflection in the back of a spoon.

Draco glared at her halfheartedly. “Of course I’m not, shut up Pansy.”

Pansy merely stuck her tongue out at him in response, then her expression turned weirdly sympathetic. “If it makes you feel better, I have noticed that [L/N] has been acting a little oddly lately. She looked particularly unsteady on her way out of Potions, but then again, it could have been just the ghastly fumes omitting from that place.”

Draco perked up immediately. “Exactly, there’s definitely something going on with her! We just need to figure out w-” He stopped short at the look Pansy was now giving him. “What?”

Pansy just shook her head slowly while turning back to her reflection. “Has it occurred to you that you might be getting a little obsessive, darling?”

Draco spluttered indignantly.”I just think she’s acting a little off! That’s not obsessive, it’s healthy curiosity!” He retorted. “Besides, she’s a Gryffindor. Why would I be obsessive over a Gryffindor?”

Pansy stared off dreamily into space. “It’d be just like that muggle story.” She sighed. “Romeo and Juliet.”

“… Pansy.” He ground out through gritted teeth. “They both die you utter bint.”

“So? I happen to love tragic love stories.”

Draco groaned and didn’t even bother trying to look dignified when he let his head hit the table.


Draco’s worry was starting to wane as nothing out of the ordinary happened to you. Sure, he was still concerned but he figured maybe you had just caught a nasty sickness somewhere.

The incident occurred in the last class which happened to be Defence Against the Dark Arts (of course it was). Everything was going fine until the last half hour of the lesson, when the professor decided to test the students on the new spells they had been taught by organising a short dueling session.

To his chagrin, you got paired up with Theodore Nott, and Draco ended up with Looney Lovegood.

“No need to go easy on me, okay Draco? I can take care of myself.” Luna informed him in her usual dreamy like voice.

Draco caught his sneer in the last moment and instead gave the girl a strained nod before looking back at you. You were starting to look pale again, and are your hands shaking? These are not good signs.

“She doesn’t look good, does she?” Luna’s voice, laced with concern drifted into his ears. He turned to look at her in surprise.

“You noticed? Why haven’t you said anything to her? To her friends?” He snapped harshly.

Luna didn’t so much as flinch. “Why haven’t you said anything?”  She countered.

Draco stared at her in disbelief. “Are you crazy? They’d hex me on the spot if I so much as got within seven paces of them!”

Luna tilted her head slightly to the side as she regarded him. “You’re right. I forgot that they didn’t like you much.” She said finally.

“They hate me, Looney.”

“Hate is a strong word.”

“Yes, that is why I used it funnily enough.”

Saving himself from the conversation, Draco turned away from the Lovegood girl and strode over to stand next to Theodore so that he and Luna could duel side by side to you.

You eyed him curiously up and down but didn’t say anything choosing to send a wicked smirk to Theodore. “Have you ever dueled before, Nott? I wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

Theodore looked taken aback at the jab, but took it in stride. “I would worry more about yourself, princess.” He teased, his tone bordering on flirtatious.

Draco was not okay with that.

Thankfully you seemed to take that as an insult because you expression cooled rapidly. “We’ll see.” You said quietly and without warning, you cast.

Locomotor Mortis.

The Leg-Locker Curse hit Theodore square on the shoulder and he went down less than gracefully. His arms were still free though and he threw his own spell at you.


You didn’t miss a beat. “Protego.” You pointed your wand at a desk. “Oppugno.” It began mercilessly hammering Theodore on the head.

Said person had completely forgotten his wand in favour of using his arms to shield himself from the attacking object, while his legs were still pathetically glued together.

It was very clear who won that round.

“Go [Y/N]!” Luna cheered, clapping enthusiastically.

You gave her a tired smile in return, and that’s when Draco noticed your sudden pallor.

“How did react so quickly? Teach me your techniques!” Lovegood buzzed excitedly, not noticing how you were now swaying slightly.

Draco did notice however and he tensed.

You ran a hand through your hair as you gave Luna a strained smile. “T-there’s not much to teach, really. You’ve just got to mov-”


Draco was by your side in a heartbeat. He tapped your cheek lightly but you didn’t stir. 

“Someone get the professor!” He yelled, ignoring the strange looks he was getting from his classmates.

“What’s happening, what have we got? Oh my.” The professor copied Draco’s position and kneeled down beside you. He took your wrist gently and paused for a moment listening to your pulse. Draco hadn’t realised he was stroking your hair but he didn’t stop, imagining that if you were awake, you would have found it comforting.

“Everyone, give Miss [L/N] some space please!” The professor declared. “We need to get her to the Hospital Wing.”

“I’ll do it.” Draco offered immediately. That finally got some reaction.

“Why you, Malfoy?” Weasley spat. “What gives you the right, huh?”

Draco glared at him hatefully. “Maybe because I actually noticed that she’s been feeling off. Unlike you, since you were too busy stuffing your fat face with whatever snacks you can get your filthy hands on!”

“You take that back, Ferret Face!” Weasley drew his wand, his face having gone a very unflattering shade of red that clashed horribly with his hair.

Draco drew his own wand in retaliation and was about ready to throw a hex at the twat but Potter stepped forward.

“Stop it! Stop it both of you! This isn’t going to help [Y/N] and Malfoy’s right, Ron. We weren’t exactly paying attention…” Potter stared shamefully at his feet leaving Draco slightly unnerved that The Boy Who Lived had actually stuck up for him.

“Enough, all of you.” The professor intervened. “I’ll be taking Miss [L/N] to the Hospital Wing. Class dismissed.”

“Professor, may I come with you?” Draco asked hastily, schooling his face into a hopeful expression causing Weasley to snort. Draco paid him no mind and continued to silently beg the professor. “Please sir, we don’t have any more classes anyway…” He pressed.

“All right.” The professor relented. “Come now, we’ve dawdled long enough.”

* * * * * * * * *

Draco never left your side. Not when you were lowered onto the bed. Not when Madame Pomfrey began casting spells on you. Not when she force fed you a potion (he had helped). Especially not when he had been told to leave.

The nurse had given in to his stubbornness and he had been allowed to stay for as long as he wished, on the pretense that he had no classes so that it wouldn’t be a problem.

His hands had somehow gravitated back to your hair and he was still stroking it when you awoke.

“Malfoy?” You inquired a little croakily.

“Y-yes?” He replied a little unsure of himself now that you were actually awake. 

You and him weren’t really friends and he figured it was weird for you to be seeing only him right after gaining consciousness.

You sat up slowly and he didn’t stop you, mostly because he was afraid of what your reaction would be if he did. You took in your surroundings with a slight frown marring your features before turning back to look at him.

“What the hell am I doing here?”

“You fainted.” He said firmly, not able to think of any other way to explain it.

“Ah.” You said, stumped.

“Ah.” Draco echoed.

You gave him a weird look. “Why are you here?”

Thrown off guard by your forwardness, Draco frantically searched the recesses of his brain for a good answer. “Madame Pomfrey made me keep watch.” He lied.

You raised an eyebrow. “And you didn’t throw a fit? I’m impressed.” You mused. “I’m awake so you can go now.” You told him but he didn’t move.

“You fainted because you haven’t been sleeping and eating properly, according to Madame Pomfrey.” Draco said in a rush.

A flash of discomfort crossed your face. “Sooo?” 

Draco stared at you incredulously. “So, why?!” He questioned.

You folded your arms across your chest and avoided his gaze, fixing your eyes on a bedpost instead. “That is completely none of your business, Malfoy. Why on earth do you care?”

Draco stood his ground. “Why?” He repeated.

“Go away.”

“Tell me.”


“That’s my question.”

“Sod off, Malfoy.”

“Tell me what’s going on.”


“Tell. Me.”



“Oh for Godric’s sake. Fine!”

Draco smirked in triumph while you looked like you’d very much like to punch him. He waited patiently while you gathered your wits about you and let out a breath of frustration.

“It’s nothing drastic….” You began quietly.

Draco nodded slightly to indicate he was listening.

“You know my family, right? Well, they’ve always stuck to the oldest traditions and I recently got a letter from them saying that they had arranged a marriage for me and a boy from the Rincewood family.”

Something sharp twisted in Draco’s gut at that and his throat dried up. “They’re quite prestigious.” He managed.

“I declined.” You said flatly.

There was a pause.

“You… declined.” Draco repeated slowly.

You nodded. “They didn’t take it well and one thing led to another. So they may or may not have disowned me now.” You finished in one breath.

Draco sat back in shock. “They really disowned you?”

“Yup.” You confirmed. “The not eating and sleeping was unintentional on my part. It was just the stress building up.”

You sounded quite detached about it all, resigned even. Your eyes had a glossy sheen to them and it seemed to him that you were trying very hard not to cry.

For some reason, he got a really strong urge to comfort you and before he knew it, his hand had already moved to place itself tentatively on your arm and when you didn’t shake him off, he found your hand and gripped it reassuringly. A voice in the back of his head told him that this was very unlike him but he silenced it.

“They’ll come around eventually.” He said as supportively as he could.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes but your fingers curled around his a little tighter. “You obviously don’t know my parents, Malfoy.”

Draco took a chance and used his free hand to thread his fingers back into your hair again. He couldn’t quite hold back his smile when you relaxed into his touch almost immediately.

“You’re right, I don’t know your parents.” He agreed. “But parents are parents. They can be fuck ups- I mean look at my parents- but at the end of the day, they’ll always love you… in their own twisted way.”

You fell silent for a moment but when you spoke again you sounded hopeful. “You think so?”

“Yeah.” He said, shifting uncomfortably. This comforting business really wasn’t his fort but then the smile you gave him afterwards ruled out any other thought. Damn that was bright.

“Besides,” He continued. “If it doesn’t work out, you could always come stay at the Manor for a while. There’s an empty room next to mine you could- wait- wha- why are you laughing?”

You shrugged helplessly, letting go of his hand to cover your mouth with it. Draco tried very, very hard not to frown but figured he didn’t quite manage it.

“I didn’t really believe Parkinson when she told me you had a crush on me, but now you’re actually asking me to move in with you and I just- “ You dissolved into another fit.

Draco scowled, his face heating up rapidly. “Pansy is a fucking traitor.” He muttered darkly.

You sobered up after a bit and looked at him gratefully. “Thank you, I really appreciate it but this is kind of my problem. I should be the one dealing with it.”

Draco arched an eyebrow and stared pointedly at the hospital bed you were currently on. “And how is that working for you?”

A beat.

“Not good.” You admitted.

Draco sighed and left his chair to sit on the bed next you. “Look, “ He said. “It’s quite clear that it’s out of the bag that I might… fancy you a little bit and you had to find out from Pansy making it downright humiliating on my part. The least you could do is let me help you.”

You narrowed your eyes at him. “You really are a Slytherin, aren’t you?”

“I wonder why the Sorting Hat decided to put me there?” 

“Cut the sarcasm, dollop head.”

“That’s not even a word.”

“Sure it is.”

Draco crossed his arms over his chest. “Fine then. Describe dollop head.” [A/N: This is a Merlin reference because I like it and I want to.]

“In two words?”

“If you can.”

“Draco Malfoy.”

“…  Ah. Ha. Ha. Do we have a deal or not?”

Your eyes glinted in mischief. “Only if you can tell me where this phrase is from.”

Draco blinked in confusion. “What phrase?”

You cleared your throat dramatically then fixed him with a mock glare. “My father will hear about this!!”

“… “

“… “

“Do you want to die??”

* * *

The Anatomy of a Blowjob

please place all blame squarely on the shoulders of @caramelkru WHERE IT BELONGS

rated M
read on ao3 here

If there’s anything Bellamy has learnt in all his years of life, it’s that the more alcohol someone puts into his friends, the more ridiculous the texts they send him are.

For example, one time Miller messaged him at half one in the morning asking him if he knew where he could find breadfruit because it was ‘super important’. Another time Murphy sent him the entire Bee movie script, which resulted in his number being blocked for at least a month.

Honestly, those aren’t even the worst of it.

Tonight, he’s decided to stay home, so he’s expecting the usual barrage of texts, as well as a slurred phone call around 1am from someone asking if they can either crash on his couch, or for a drop home.

Sometime after nine, his phone buzzes, and he’s halfway through getting ready to tell Octavia that no, he can’t spare a few hours to come hang when he has a veritable mountain of grading to trudge through, but stops short when he sees that it’s Clarke.

[9:24pm] Clarke: are giving blowjobs like riding a bike???

[9:24pm] Clarke: as in, you never forget how to do it no matter how long it’s been??

His phone doesn’t quite slip out of his hand when he reads it, but comes startlingly close to, and he finds himself fumbling to keep it within his grip, accidentally opening his camera in the process. Meanwhile, the pen cap he was gnawing on while marking essays falls out of his mouth.

The text is still there by the time he rights himself and gets back to his messages, and he fucking pinches himself to make sure he’s not dreaming.

Finally, he manages to gather his bearings long enough to type back,

[9:28pm] Bellamy: How the fuck am I supposed to know???

He’s still staring dumbfounded at his phone, trying to wrap his around all of this, by the time she replies, sending several texts in quick succession.

[9:30pm] Clarke: because you’re the only other mga person in our friend group

[9:30pm] Clarke: well, besides raven, but she only ever dated guys before luna and idk luna that well to ask her about this

[9:30pm] Clarke: but you’ve only hooked up with girls for a while before hooking up with a guy right?

[9:30pm] Clarke: so like, was it hard??

[9:30pm] Clarke: pun intended lmao

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Shelter [LuNyx]

Ahhhhhh I’m so excited to be finally able to share this collab that me and @annaoi​ worked so hard on. This little idea came up from our usual screaming about lunyx, and omg I’m so proud with how this came out! She did the gorgeous drawings and animations of course, but I hope this fic will do them justice!

SHIP: Luna/Nyx



No matter the rain
her eyes still reach out
with love…

They ran, creating small splashes when their feet met the rain soaked floor. Nyx grasped her hand, fingers intertwined as he pulled the princess through the falling rain. His jacket was draped over her shoulders, in hopes to provide the littlest bit of warmth and shelter. Nyx didn’t mind the rain, it was a common thing back in his home-land and he enjoyed the feeling of having droplets fall upon his skin. But the princess, for someone he was assigned to protect getting her even the slightest bit sick would cost him.

The sound of soft chuckling entered his ears as he ran. He turned his head to face to land his sights on the smile which graced her lips. Her eyes too began to glimmer, like a piece of blue sky hidden away from the clouds of grey.

“What are you laughing at, your highness?” Nyx asked, not that it bothered him. Seeing her smile sent a tingling warmth within his being.

“Oh, it’s nothing Nyx.” Lunafreya replied. “The rain was just so sudden, I just find it quite amusing.”

The downpour was quite a surprise. The day started off as per usual, with blue skies and the beaming warmth of the sun. ‘A perfect day for a picnic.’ as her royal highness had stated, and that was what they did. But before the picnic blanket even met the grass floor, grey clouds began to darken the once blue sky, blocking the sun which blessed what was supposed to be a sunny day. A sudden cold chill was starting to fill the air, giving way to the droplets of rain which followed next. At the sound of clapping thunder, that was all it took for the two to make their speedy escape.

“Laugh all your want, your highness. But we gotta get you back inside the palace before the storm starts brewing.” But despite his words, the glaive couldn’t help but chuckle back.

They soon reached the palace as intended. The soaked soles of their shoes created small mud tracks along the marble floor as they padded through the halls. Light illuminated these long halls, but not for long. A crack of thunder was all it took to take it away, leaving them to stand in nothing but darkness.

“Well, great.” Nyx muttered. “Just what we needed.”

“Should we wait until the power goes back on?” Lunafreya suggested.

A more logical suggestion as expected from the princess, however Nyx shook his head in disagreement. “There’s no need. Better to make our way now than stand here for hours.” It wasn’t like this was the first time he had been inside the palace. As a guard, it was expected for him to have it’s grounds memorised. How much of a difference could it be in the dark.

Or so he thought.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” Lunafreya asked, a common question since they entered the palace.

Nyx tightened his lips, a gesture of his own frustration. He didn’t want to admit it, but they were lost.


That was a lie, and the princess could tell from the hesitance in his voice.

“We’ve been walking for quite a while don’t you think?” she further asked. “It usually doesn’t take this long.”

“Well, being in the dark and all we gotta be more careful.” That was partially true, being in a dark environment did require more caution. But being inside the palace was far different from the battlefield.

“I understand. The palace is quite vast. One can really get lost.” she only further pressed.

She was onto him. Even in the dark he could tell that there a smirk forming on her lips.

“Okay, fine.” Nyx grumbled. “We’re lost.”

Luna giggled. “Oh well. My quarters can wait. Let’s just find the nearest room for now.” And much like he did before, she lead him down the halls, careful to avoid another chance of getting lost.

Upon opening the heavy doors, their eyes met nothing but empty darkness, much like the hallways they were carefully walking through not long before. The only light source visible was the crack from a nearby window, yet that was not enough to illuminate the pitch blackness they were enveloped in.

“I’m going to go find a flashlight or something.” Nyx announced.

“Do you need my help?” Lunafreya questioned the glaive. “It might be difficult if you can’t see.”

However Nyx rejected her offer, giving a shake of his head even if she couldn’t see it. “Don’t worry about it. You just stay here.” Though she did have a point, he would hate to have the princess trip over something in the dark.

“Oh, alright then.” Lunafreya responded. “Just, be careful.”

Nyx let out a snort like laugh. Even amongst the dark, his laugh was something she recognised dearly. “I’m just finding a flashlight, your highness. I’m not going into battle.” and with those words, the fingers which held her own disappeared, along with the comfort she felt while he was by her side.

But she knew he was near. He could hear the footsteps of his heavy boots as he shuffled through the room, the opening of what sounded to be drawers and then a sudden tumble followed by a loud thunk to the ground. A hiss and groan entered her ears, the voice of pain the princess had heard many times before.

“Nyx?” Lunafreya immediately called out. “Are you okay? What happened?”

A response of silence. Her heart stopped.

“Nyx?” she called out again. “Are you hur—”

Suddenly a flash of light belted through the sky. And within seconds her voice was replaced by the menacing cry of thunder rolling through the looming clouds. A symphony of a storm was commencing outside. But the melody it played was far from pleasant to Lunafreya as an unsettling surge of panic began to form in the pits of her stomach.

Fear. It was an emotion she thought she had conquered so long ago. Yet, here it was, returning to her with it’s merciless blow. Her heart was beginning to pound, its thunderous beats rattled against her chest—like bolts lashing the open skies. She breathed sharply, in dear hopes to calm these creeping nerves. However air was doing very little in entering her lungs like she wanted and the terror only continued to build. She stood there unmoved yet her body started to quake along with the tremor of her bones.

This blanket of emptiness and thrashing of rain beyond her shelter, wrapped around her like a smothering hand. She didn’t feel safe, she couldn’t feel safe. Without her sworn protection by her side, Lunafreya was no longer the brave princess she was born to be. She felt like the little girl she thought she had hidden away, small, terrified and lonely.

Fingers gripped at the jacket which draped her shoulders, pulling it close as if it would further hide her from the dark. Her vision, though already blinded in black was starting to blur as tears began to glass her eyes. Another cry of thunder, and a whimper sounded from her trembling lips. She closed her eyes tightly.

“M..Mother…” she cried—small like the voice of innocence—for a guardian who no longer walked among mortals. She was alone, as she had been such for all those long years. It was the same, it always had been…

“Your highness?”

A call of her name and then a sudden grip on her fingers—warm like the embers of a flame. Lunafreya looked up, and her bright blues met the glaives very own. His face spoke a look of concern as he gazed back at the princess. The furrowing of his brows were etched by the shadows painted with the glowing fire burning ever so brightly in his opposite hand.

“Are you alright?” Nyx asked.

Lunafreya didn’t respond at first for she had lost her voice in her moment of terror. “I’m…I’m alright.” words finally left her lips.

However to Nyx’s ears, they didn’t sound as cheerful as they did when they ran from the rain. The crease in his brow ceased and his steel-blue eyes softened. With his fingers already entwined with her own, he tightened his hold. “C’mon.” he spoke softly. “Let’s go find somewhere to sit.”

He led her through the room, the burning embers in his palm illuminating their every path.

They stopped in front of the single large window.

“Sit.” Nyx said, gesturing to the windowsill.

Lunafreya settled herself down on the ledge, however Nyx did not follow suit. Instead he stepped back, opting the princess to quickly take hold of his hand. “Where are you going?” she asked, oblivious to the slight panic in her voice.

Nyx chuckled and a smile graced his lips. “Don’t worry, your highness.” the glaive reassured. “I’m just going to light some candles I found. I’m not going anywhere.”

Hearing his words, Lunafreya relaxed and released her grip on her glaives hand.

The candles, now lit by the glaive’s flame gave light to the once dark room. Though not the brightest in comparison to light bulbs, it was more than enough. From the flickering of the small fire, Lunafreya could make out the room to be an old study. Bookshelves filled with journals, and novels lined the marble walls. The silhouette of a lone desk was stationed, coated with a layer of dust. From above she could make out what appeared to be a chandelier, but it’s light had been robbed by the storms power outage.

She averted her gaze from the room back to the window. It’s glass though streaked with the rain’s racing droplets, still gave a clear view of the storm brewing outside. Black clouds remained sprawled across the skies. From above she could see that the city streets were no longer a bustle. People much like themselves had departed for much needed shelter. Leaning her head against the glass, she could feel the coldness prick against her skin.

“Looks like this storm isn’t letting up anytime soon.” Nyx spoke, joining the princess on the ledge of the window. Leaning his back against the wall, he mumbled. “So much for a sunny day.”

Lunafreya turned from the view outside back to her glaive. Even in the dim light, she could still see that sense of calmness on his face that she longed for—a look of bravery she wished she knew how to wear at this moment.

“Y’know, it’s okay to be scared sometimes.” Nyx said softly. Looking away from the window he turned his gaze to the princess.

Lunafreya tightened her lips and lowered her eyes. Though she knew there was no point in hiding, he could see right through her, he always had. “Do you…” she stopped. “Do you get scared?” she asked softly. She was expecting an answer of denial. He was the hero after all. Nyx was one who rarely spoke about his fears, and yet…

“Yeah, I get scared sometimes.” Nyx’s reply surprised the young royal “I’m scared of snakes.”

That only further bewildered the princess. “Snakes?” she questioned. “The hero of the Kingsglaive is scared of snakes?” An unexpected fear from a glaive like he, she found it hard to believe. 

“Shocking, I know.” Nyx mumbled, clearly embarrassed. “The way they just slide everywhere, and those beady eyes.” Nyx could feel a shudder run up his spine from just thinking about the curse reptile. “Libertus makes fun of me about it all the time.”

Lunafreya laughed, covering her giggles with her palm. In an instant the fear she felt a short while ago seemed to disappear like it never happened. At the sound of such, a grin spread across the glaive’s lips.

“Looks like you’re going to need the protecting then if we ever encounter a snake then, dear glaive.” she continued to laugh.

Nyx could only bring his hand sheepishly to his neck, but the grin he wore did not falter. Being protected by the princess herself, he couldn’t argue. It’s not the first time she had saved him. Still flustered, he turned his attention back to window, in hopes to hide the sudden warmth that began to dust his cheeks.

The princess’s laughter resorted to a smile, and her eyes now lay their focus on the glaive before her. Though she had watched him many times before, his appearance now seemed a little different from how he usually presented himself. It wasn’t just the jacket which he had shed to lay on her shoulders, but also the casual stance of his elbow propped on a raised knee and the way his back leaned in a slight slouch—a clear sign of weariness. But that wasn’t that only thing that caught her interest.

“Your hair…” The words tumbled from her lips in a soft whisper. However soft her words may be, they didn’t go unheard to the glaives ears.

“My hair—” Nyx stopped, and was silenced when he turned to see the sudden closeness he and Lunafreya were sharing. “Your…your highness?…”

“It’s all messed up from the rain.” she giggled. It was the first time she had seen it in such disarray. Her slender fingers reached out to his dark tresses, and gently brushed away the slightly damp strands to their rightful place.

Nyx could only do so much but stare at the royal highness, noticing the concentration she suddenly had on combing his hair. But his gaze on her eyes did not last long, as they began to wander, down from her nose until they lingered on the slight parting of her lips. Within, burned a sudden urge to feel them on his own—soft and warm. Yet as quick as the feeling came, he swallowed them down. Biting his lip, he turned his eyes away. A stupid thought he knew that would never be. Even with the soft pattering of rain, and the burning of candles to set the mood,  for him—a mere glaive—to kiss a princess like she was only something that came in his wildest dreams.

But not only that, he was scared. Scared of what may come to pass if he ever dared to approach her with feelings she may not even return.

“That’s better.” Lunafreya murmured. However upon averting her eyes away from him hair, she only met the gaze of his very own. They stared at her, holding a glint of longing she had never seen before. Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to tear away, and only returned it back with a look that spoke much the same. With a gentle hand, she brought it down to rest on his cheek, and instantly he leaned into her caress. “Are you cold?” she asked, noticing his slight shivering.

The hand which rested upon his cheek sent a sense of warmth upon Nyx’s skin. “Not really…” he replied.

She watched, gaze falling to his lips. Her thumb, lightly grazed against the surface, stubble prickling her fingertips. Leaning close, she leaned her forehead against his.

“Are you?” Nyx asked, his warm breath ghosted against her lips like a silent kiss.

“No…” Lunafreya whispered. And amongst the dim glow of candlelight her lips found his, stealing away his breath in a single kiss. Slow, soft and gentle were the lips that melded against his own, laced with unspoken endearment.

Like the small flicker of flames, a certain glow warmed the inside of Nyx’s chest, melting away the biting chill from the rain upon his skin. Resting his palm upon the curve of the princess’s waist, her drew her close to kiss her back with acceptance to her feelings that he himself had feared to express.

But this warming sensation wasn’t bound to him alone, for Lunafreya could feel it too. In the arms of her protector, came that sense of safety she had dearly missed as a child. However, this time, she didn’t feel like she was being held by the arms of a guardian, moreso the arms of a man she loved dearly.

No longer were they glaive and princess in that moment. But two beloveds who had sought for shelter away from the raging cold of the rain, only to find tranquility within each other.

let's go back to our cocoon

Summary: Post 4x03. Bellamy, trying to get back to sleep, wakes to Clarke entering his room. Rated G. WC: 2220

A/N: this is my first work in the fandom & it’s been a long time coming. likes, kudos, reblogs, and comments are all very much appreciated. let me know if i should write a pt. 2! / title taken from “cocoon” by milky chance

tags: fluff & angst, sleep cuddling, canon compliant


He stirs at the sound of his name, eyes opening into darkness. This is usually how one of his nightmares starts: Clarke running, calling his name—her voice filtered through the blackness as if nightfall could be a physical place that blocks them in. He can’t get to her, can’t see her. She just keeps calling his name, the sound of her voice made tinny as it ricochets off walls that keep her in and keep him out. These walls are impossible to find, even running straight at them with his hands stretched out, as if breaking a bone is the least of his problems.

But this is no nightmare because this time, a door opens. The rectangular plane shifts, becoming thinner and thinner as light begins to burst from the hole it leaves behind. Bellamy, raising his head, props himself up on his elbows and squints.

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Soulmates are BS

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Clarke was honestly annoyed when her soulmate mark showed up on her eighteenth birthday.

Most people got them by the time they turned sixteen, so when Clarke’s didn’t, she thought she would be one of the lucky ones who never got their soulmark.

Clarke didn’t mean to be ungrateful or whatever, she just liked having options, okay? Having a soulmark means you get one person and that’s it. While that’s nice in theory, there’s the potential that your soulmate is a total asshole or, like, dead, so Clarke always thought it’d be better to have her pick of the non-marked people. That way, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if the relationship didn’t work out. Other fish in the sea and all that.

But if she had a soulmate, she was suddenly limited to one freaking fish. It was too much pressure.

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xswordeyesx  asked:

“Is it alright if I call you princess?” Diakko & Chariox! :"D

“Is it alright if I call you princess?” Akko asked Diana out of nowhere. It made some sense to Akko, Diana was a princess in everything but title.

“Princess?” Diana asked, looking up from her book she was studying, they were in the library and Akko decided to accompany her and even if she can’t fully study well, she is willing to stay quiet as long as she can be with her.

“Yep,” Akko smiles at her sending Diana a warm but excited grin. “I mean you’re like one and everything, you’re beautiful, kind, smart, you’re a descendant of one do the 9 witches and you already have a princess name Diana, all you need is a the title Princess!”

Diana couldn’t fight the blood rushing to her face as Akko compliments her. “Well, it would be rather conceited if I just called myself a princess.” She murmured, looking away to hide her blush.

“Then it’ll be a secret between us Diana, you’ll be my secret princess Diana!” Akko grinned as she went around the table to hold Diana’s hand and push her face against Diana’s blushing face.

“I suppose I have nothing against that,” Diana murmured, face getting even redder by the second, “However, what would you be Akko if I was a princess between us?”

Akko smiled, going down on one knee and kisses her hands, her lips staying there longer than needed before she lifts her head and winks. “I’ll be your loyal witch knight in the Luna Nova Uniform.”

“Akkkooo, ” the new princess said, hiding her full red face against her shoulder as Akko stands up laughing before she kisses her again but on the lips.


“Is it alright if I call you princess too?“ Croix smirks at Chariot from behind a few shelves. Croix was there holding books that Chariot needs to relocate, well she was carrying three, the roombas carried most of them.

“Absolutely not Croix,” Chariot chided but that didn’t stop her cheeks for flushing pink, nor did it stop Croix from seeing it.

“Princess Chariot Du Nord,” Croix sighed dreamily, her eyes locked with the embarrassed glare from Chariot, “It sounds pretty royal to me.”

“Princess Meridies sounds much better to be honest,” Chariot murmured under her breath as she placed a few more books back, hoping that Croix didn’t hear.

“Princess Chariot Meridies,” Croix said out loud, pink tinting her cheeks as Chariot turned around to face her cheeks as red as her eyes. “I wouldn’t mind that would you ma chérie?”

Waiting - Miles Luna x Reader

Name: Waiting

Pairing: Miles Luna x Reader

Word Count: 2,810

A/N: This is a commission for the resident Miles Luna Stan @adamantium-ellis​. I had a lot of fun with Miles in this one. Thanks <3 

I am still doing half off commissions, so shoot me a message if your interested! More to come soon. <3

Miles leaned back in his desk chair, his eyes still trained intently on the blank word document on the screen in front of him. He had been staring at the blinking cursor for well over two hours now, and he was starting to feel like his sanity had been lost in its incessant blinking. He rubbed his face with both hands and sat there for a long moment. The day before had been incredibly productive. He had kicked ass the day before. That didn’t seem to be possible this time around. He closed his laptop, but the image of the blinking cursor stayed.

A change of scenery would help, he decided. He had tried everything else. He had listened to music, eaten snacks, bounced ideas off of Kerry and Grey, sat in different rooms around the office… He had even started to look up inspirational writing quotes online, to no avail. If a change of scenery didn’t help him, nothing would. He stood, hastily shoving his laptop and notebook into his bag.

A few people looked up to say goodbye, but most were unbothered by the sudden movement. With the pressure of crunch and deadlines looming over everyone, they had quickly become accustomed to several abrupt exits a day. Sometimes it was the only way to keep a level head.

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The Night We First Met


The soft voice interrupted the sound of dull, continuous pop-sizzling of the fireworks that went on overhead, and Nyx turned to see his wife approaching, her ivory gown swishing around her feet like moonlit sea foam in the semi-light of Tenebrae’s summer evening.

Her ravishing sight took him aback for a full couple seconds before he caught himself staring. He quickly stood to attention and snapped off a crisp salute by way of covering the unprofessional slip. “All clear on the roof, My Queen.”

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Act the Part

A LuNyx Fanfic based on this prompt posted by @otpisms. But I gave it a slight change.

Kingsglaive AU: Everyone’s Alive and Nyx works as bodyguard for Luna on a daily basis. 

Summary: Nyx meets one of his neighbors while he’s at the convenience store and things happened unexpectedly (lol sorry I suck at summaries, but please read the story)

Nyx was in the middle of putting a bag of chips in his shopping basket when someone called him. He couldn’t help but cringe when he heard the familiar voice. The only thing he that could do was turn around and wear a fake smile.

“Hey, Mrs. Collins.” he greeted.

Mrs. Collins, a neighbor in his apartment building, looked the same as always. White curly hair, short built and wore glasses as thick as the bottom of a beer glass. She always looked at him with some sort of a ‘eurika’ expression and the glaive knew exactly why. The old woman approached with a silent glee while carrying a basket full of her own things she had picked to buy.

“Oh my dear, it’s been a while since I last saw you! How are you? You look a bit haggard! Have you been sleeping?” Mrs. Collins exclaimed rapidly.

At least the motherly questions made him smile genuinely. “I get enough sleep, Mrs. Collins, don’t worry. I’m just assigned to more missions lately, that’s all.” he answered kindly.

“Ah yes! Being the best of the Kingsglaive would make anyone busy.“ she complemented.

Nyx just reacted with a bashful laugh.

“I rarely see you in the morning nowadays.” the old woman continued. “Have you been assigned to an earlier time as a guard in the palace?”

“Yes, I, uh, I’ve been assigned to an earlier time.” Nyx said while he forced the smile to stay. He always felt bad lying to the old lady, but it was better than admitting he had been avoiding her. Still clueless to his discomfort, Mrs. Collins maintained her excitable demeanor. She pushed up her glasses and moved closer with tiny steps. Meanwhile, he mentally braced himself for the upcoming question he knew all too well.

“Have you called Sharon yet?” she asked.

Sharon was first brought up when the old lady found out that the hero of the Kingsglaive didn’t have a girlfriend. And as old ladies would often do, she started mentioning the single granddaughter and almost immediately begged him to go out with her. The old woman had pestered him with it whenever they met and the glaive had always turn the down the offer. Today was no exception.

“I didn’t have time. I’ve been busy.” he excused as he scratched the back of his head.

Mrs. Collins frowned. “You should call her soon! She’s perfect for you!”

He gave a nervous laugh. Maybe the truth would make her stop once and for all.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Collins.” he sighed. “But I’m not interested.”

“Oh don’t be such heart breaker.” She countered. So much for finally telling the truth. It seemed like nothing would never make this old woman falter from ever pushing him. And with a teasing tone she continued. “Don’t tell me you already have someone else.”

Another nervous laugh. There was nothing he could do but to just continue turning her down as always without hurting the grandmother’s heart too much.

“I’m afraid he has.”

Nyx turned to see the woman who made the bold remark. The blonde woman stood at the end of the aisle with a smile he recognized. She tilted her head slightly and looked at him with the confidence that made him pay attention to her next move.

Luna approached the two quickly and wrapped an arm onto Nyx’s before he could ever react. Mrs. Collins looked at her from head to toe with her shaky fingers holding up the thick spectacles. If the blonde before her wore the usual royal garb, she would fall to her knees like anyone recognizing her. However, the Princess Oracle in a casual coat and boots was effectively disguised to the old woman’s eyes. Somehow, nobody seemed to recognize the princess as long as she wore casual clothes. In fact, in the few months of her sneaking out at night with her glaive escort, the disguise has never failed.

The grandmother looked at the glaive and expressed a question with a face. Luna giggled and softly patted the man on his broad chest. Nyx could only observe what was strangely happening before his eyes.

“Oh Nyx, aren’t you going to introduce me?” she uttered demurely.

And so he started to, but with a slight arch on his brow. “Mrs. Collins this is –“

“Stella…” Luna finished as she held out a hand, but then the cover name wasn’t the only thing she made up. “…Nyx’s wife.”

Nyx remained composed as he tried to hold back a chuckle. “Yes.. my wife.” he introduced. He felt warm saying the last two words. “And honey, this is Mrs. Collins - one of my neighbors at the apartment bulding.”

Mrs. Collins took Luna’s hand and shook it as expected, but the old lady’s eyes widened. “Wife?” she uttered, like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing or seeing.There was a hint of disappointment on her face.

Luna smiled kindly. “Yes. We got married just last month.”

Finally having caught on with the cover, Nyx nodded before copying the princess’ smile. He put an arm around his pretend wife to add effect.

Mrs. Collins looked at Luna and then at Nyx. She gasped as if she was just realizing it the first time. “Why didn’t you tell me you were married?“she croaked. “Oh you didn’t even invite me to the wedding!”

“I apologize for that, Mrs. Collins. It was just a small wedding and it happened so quick. We just couldn’t invite everybody.” the glaive stated. He couldn’t believe he was saying it all so smoothly.

Nevertheless, the old woman formed a warm grin. “Oh don’t be sorry! You found yourself a beautiful wife. And I can tell, you are very much in love.”

The faux couple gave an “aww” look before a cheery smile appeared on their lips. Nyx couldn’t help but hold Luna closer. And she reciprocated by giving him a peck on the cheek. He felt her hand tremble slightly while she did so. But the nervousness was mutual.

At the sight of them, The old woman placed her frail hand to her chest. “Even though you missed a chance with my Sharon, I am so glad to see you finally in love.” she commented, even sounded genuinely.“I’ll leave you two then. I hope to meet you again.”

“You too, Mrs. Collins.” Nyx replied while he still held luna.

“It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Collins.” Luna said warmly.

Mrs. Collins finally gave the princess a soft pat on her arm. “Such a beautiful lady you have here, Nyx. You are both so lucky.” she gushed.

Then finally the old woman moved on to the cashier with those tiny steps of hers. The supposedly married couple waved good bye at her. Only when her tiny frame disappeared from their sight did they drop the act. He finally let go of her and she took a step back from the intimate proximity.

The first thing that Nyx did was laugh. Luna looked at him curiously. “What?” she asked.

“Nothing. I just can’t believe we were able to pull that off.” he replied discreetly.

The princess shook her head. “Maybe old ladies are easy to fool.” she stated with an equally hushed tone.

“I guess so.” he muttered. “But I owe you one, your highness. It would take an hour or so before I get rid of her, if you hadn’t come in.”

She hummed a note as she began to look for the snacks she preferred among the ones display. “You don’t have to owe me. You have saved me countless times from danger.”

“But that’s because it’s my job to save you from danger.” he commented while he put another bag of chips on the basket. 

Then something came to his mind. “I guess I’ll have to think of excuses for my wife being always out.” he said. “She’s my neighbor after all. She’s gonna wonder why Stella isn’t always at home.”

“Then I suggest you find another apartment.” she lightly suggested. 

He gave a soft laugh. “Well, it’s better than finding a girl that looks exactly like you and is named Stella.”

The comment made her grin. 

They went silent for a while as they looked for more snacks to buy. Luna picked a small bag of biscuits and placed them in the basket he held. She gazed at him with much of her notorious curiosity.

“I wonder.” she started. “Why don’t you go out with Sharon? As Mrs. Collins had put it, she’s perfect for you. Well, she might be right.” Her teasing tone didn’t escape him.

“No can do, princess.” he answered with a smirk. “Too busy with the job.”

The princess laughed as she tugged his arm to drag him onto the next aisle. The glaive could only let her. Somehow, he could never think about her soft touch the same way again since the act they did together. It would always remind him of the moment he held her close as he would if she was indeed his wife…

… And how her lips felt on his cheek… And how they might feel when touched by his own.

He suddenly stopped his stride.  

“What’s the matter?” the Luna asked.

Nyx cleared his throat and avoided looking into her blue eyes. “Nothing… Uh, Let’s just get those sodas.”

Again, he had to pretend. But this time, he wasn’t so sure if he can still pull off another flawless act.

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In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.

Bellamy has been focusing on his breathing so much for the past half an hour that he’s way too aware of his own body, of the way his chest moves and his arms don’t, how he stares at the ceiling and forces himself not to shift on the bed. He inhales one more time, slow and deep and awkward, and it turns into a sigh. Or perhaps even a small whimper. He isn’t sure, when all he knows is his own body, and Clarke’s only a few inches away.


That is how the man had called him as he’d shown fucking Wanheda were they would sleep for the night. Bellamy has never bothered with the language, and so the translation was lost on him, but the meaning was not. Because there was only one bed in that room. One bed for two people. The meaning was fucking clear.

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Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Previously: AO3 LINK

Words: 6297

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 5: Nyx and Luna take a little break, and even if Nyx knows by now that Luna hides a secret, he just can’t help but staying at her side, supporting her. Even in front of the Lord of the Storm.

Personal Comment: this time the chapter is longer than I expected, yet I decided to not split it in two. I hope you like the romance because I will kinda push it from now on ;) Thanks as always to @loveiscosmicsin for being my beta reader and @ramibriidge for the love and the amazing arts (this time it’s really amazing OMGGGGG love it!)

Nyx streched a bit in the bed, rolling over to his side. The sleep was good for once and he never felt better. How much time pass since he slept this well? He didn’t remember. Actually, he couldn’t answer on why he felt so good now. 

A thought crossed his mind and the image of Titan from afar appeared. That Titan. Oh, right, he and the princess infiltrated the Disc of Cauthess the night before and she forged the covenant with the Archaean. Now that they were back in the motel, they were having the rest they deserved.

He quickly opened his eyes and found himself in a motel room with dark green walls and a not-so-pleasant odor. He was sleeping with heavy blankets over his body and not far from where he was, there was another bed where Lunafreya was resting. 

He finally remembered what happened after they faced the Titan: they were both exhausted when they barely arrived at the motel. They didn’t even ask for separate rooms. They just accepted to sleep under the same roof so they wouldn’t have to arrange the schedule again. Anyway, they both fell fast asleep with their clothes still on their backs. 

Nyx sat on his bed and rubbed his eyes. He checked the clock: it was 9AM. He didn’t actually sleep long, just six hours. 

He looked at the princess, covered in her blanket, the hands tucked under the pillow. She had a very calm expression, her face still dirty from the debris from the Disc, her hair loosely tossed on the sheets. The morning light was literally make her shine as if she really was the moon and Nyx lost track of time watching her. He stood there like that for awhile, maybe thirty seconds, maybe five minutes, he couldn’t tell. But it was relaxing. 

It wasn’t the first time he had slept next to a girl – he grown up with his little sister, Crowe was in the same military unit as he was that it wasn’t unusual to bunk up on the field, and he also had several one-night stands. But whatever the relationship was with those girls, he never would have stay the entire morning watching them sleeping. With the princess now, it was different. 

He shook his head. What the hell was he doing? He hid his embarrassment with a silent laugh, then he stood up and headed to the bathroom. He had a cold shower - which was greatly appreciated - and watched himself in the mirror’s reflection. He adjusted his braid and checked the wounds of the precedent day and—

Wait. Wounds. Where were his wounds? He touched his left arm, then his face, going as far to check his limp. Everything was gone. He was perfectly healed. How…? 

He rolled his eyes and sighed. He quickly pulled a t-shirt on and walked out. 
The noise he made slamming the door woke Lunafreya up, sparing the Glaive the effort of waking her up himself.

“What happened?” Still half-asleep, Luna spoke with her delicate voice. She really wasn’t a morning person.

“You healed me.” Nyx crossed his arms and tried to look pissed. He wasn’t really mad, of course, just worried.

“Excuse me…?” Luna rubbed her eyes and then watched him. 

“I specifically asked you not to heal my wounds. Yet, I woke up as good as I never was.”

“You make it sound like a terrible thing.” She yawned.

“It is!” he replied, opening his arms.

“How? You’re healthy and in good shape now!” She mimicked his gesture in a very funny way. Nyx really had to make an effort to not start laughing.

“I’m serious, Princess. Even though you will never admit it, it is clear as day that healing people takes a lot outta you. And whatever that is, I don’t want to be the cause of it.”

“I could say the same for you! I don’t want you to fight and get hurt because of me!” She paused, averting her gaze briefly before noticing the Glaive’s stance didn’t change. “It looks like we both are not very happy with the way we use our bodies to save each other, and yet here we are. And we are a team, Nyx Ulric. From now on, I’ll let you help me only if you’ll let me help you.” 

“I..” Nyx put the hands on his hips, dumbfounded. “I am your guardian! It’s my duty to protect you!” He tried to say.

“Yes and I’m your future Queen, so it’s my duty to act in your best interest.”

Nyx turned around and then faced her again, frustrated that the royal card was pulled on him. “You can do your talking very well, I’ll give you that.”

She did an half-smile, and with some self-satisfaction, boasted, “You know, politics and my adept navigation in compromises.”

“Please, don’t do it again.”

“What? Speaking like a politician or healing you?”

Nyx smiled and sat in the bed in front of her with his elbows on the knees.“Both.”

“I can’t promise anything.”

“Man, you’re stubborn as hell, really.” Again, she smiled like he was complimenting her. “So, how do you feel?”

The question make her concentrate back to her health and she tried to listen to her body. “Tired as I expected.”

“Nothing new then.” He grimaced. “So, what do you want to do now? Take a day off, sleep all day? Maybe you deserved it, you know, after speaking with deities…”

Luna thought about it for a few seconds and then she fell back on the bed.
“I’d love to, but we have to go after the next Astral. The Lord of the Storm. Ramuh.”

“Yeah, wow, sounds like a lot of fun, but if you’re tired, you’d better get some rest. There’s still time. Surely the prince hasn’t even figured out what he has to do. Probably he’s still having fun somewhere with his friends.” 

Luna looked somehow surprised hearing that. She sat upright again and fixed the Glaive with an inquistive stare. “Why are you saying that?” 

Nyx hesitated one second and then decided to share what he heard. “Someone may have told me he was in Hammerhead with his friends the other day. Having fun. Joking around.” Luna frowned a bit, but didn’t say anything. She didn’t look upset, only surprised, and that pushed Nyx to add, “He’s still a kid, Princess. Give time to him and he will do what he has to.”

“You…” She started, slowly at a question. “Have you ever met him?” 

“The prince? Well, yeah, of course. Sort of. It’s not like I ever had a drink with him, but I did escort him sometimes. It was part of my job, when I was not in the battlefield against the Niffs.” 

Luna suddenly looked sad and shy. “And what is he like?”

Nyx felt uncomfortable. “You know, it’s weird you have to ask me to describe your future husband.” 

“I know, it’s just…” She started, looking even sadder. “I didn’t have the chance to meet him in the past twelve years and all I know was what he wrote in the notebook. And trust me when I say Noctis isn’t a really entertaining storyteller.” 

“So the marriage really was arranged.”

“Yes but I really care for him and—” Luna stopped when she noticed she was giving to much away. Nyx was staring at her, waiting her continuation, a respectful expression on his face, he really seemed to care. Yet, he was not allowed to. Nyx wasn’t her best friend. He was only her bodyguard. “It is of no consequence,” she said, standing up. “I’m going to refresh myself. Would you mind to… go out and find me some Ebony, please? If you can…”

Nyx crossed his arms and scrolled his shoulders.“Okay, I’ll go but …” He looked at her with his insightful grey eyes, “You shouldn’t keep everything for yourself, Princess. You need to talk to someone, and the longer we’re in this road trip, the more you’ll need a friend in where you can put your trust.”

He stood up, gently patted on her head like she was a little girl, and walked out of the room. 

Luna crossed the hands over her heart, her fingers casually caressing the necklace in a moon’s form that he gave to her and her face grew hot. Since he was so kind to her, she felt so ashamed for not telling him the truth, for not telling him a lot of things in general. She looked for the Ring of the Lucii in her pocket, not only to remind herself if it was still there, but also to remember the duty she was born into. She suddenly felt herheart ache too, a feeling that she hadn’t particularly felt towards anyone, a kindled connection. Her breath was stolen away for three long seconds. She glanced at her hands and saw her veins in her wrists turned black before the blue faded behind pale flesh. She gritted her teeth and sighed.

“I’m sorry, Nyx. I’m so sorry.”

For so many things, she didn’t even know what exactly.

Nyx took a little longer for coming back with the Ebony, and he found out that Luna went back to sleep again. She must have been really tired, he thought. 
He drank his coffee alone on a wooden chair, watching her from afar. Again, he found her so beautiful that it was calming, but not only that. She was so distant now, too. She was clearly hiding so much from him and all he wanted in that very moment was to burn the distance between them and being the only person in the world she could trust. In the end, frustration and boredom ruined his day. 

Nyx didn’t have other choice than allow her to sleep until late afternoon. When he finally decided to wake her up, he touched her arm and shook her a bit.

“Mh? Oh no…” She said, understanding immediately what happened by only looking at his face. 

“Well, maybe we still have time for dinner.”

“Why didn’t you wake me up before the sunset?” She tried to sit up but Nyx carefully pushed her down again, easily winning over her.

“Because you needed rest and you would never admit it.”

“We can leave now.”

“During the nighttime? Oh, no, we won’t. I’m not in the mood to fight daemons now.”

Luna hid her face in the pillow, but watched him with an accusing eye. “So why did you wake me up now?”

He raised an eyebrow. “I told you. We’re still on time for dinner. Not hungry?”

Nyx insisted for her to wear a foulard again. It gave him some peace of mind not compromising the Oracle’s identity when they’re out in public.

Luna didn’t argue too much because she found it cute, almost felt like a diva with it. She had to complain when she found out where he was taking her though. “I don’t know if this is the right place for me…” She began, looking confused.

Nyx laughed at her expression. “You mean, it’s not appropriate to take the mighty and graceful Princess Oracle to…” He cupped a hand around his mouth in a hush-hush manner before whispering with a freakish expression equating to an iconic mascot, “…Kenny Crow?”

Luna covered her ears and smiled back. “This is so creepy, please stop, I hate that bird!”

“Oh, now this is interesting. The model of harmony and piousness here is actually saying she hates a living creature?” 

They were passing next to the bench were the statue of Kenny Crow was positioned and Luna looked at it with digust. “Please stop.”

Nyx couldn’t, she was just too cute to watch, all frightened by the creepy mascot. Teasing her was actually funnier than he thought.

“Don’t worry, Princess, I solemnly vowed to be your bodyguard and see you safe to Altissia. The big bad bird’s not gonna grab you on my watch.”

Luna glanced at him with disbelief in her eyes and they both entered in the restaurant. That really wasn’t the place for a princess, and yet it was funny to see her there, ordering some fries with mayonnaise at the counter.

Nyx got closer with the excuse of helping her choosing the menu. “I’ll have a hamburger instead. You should try it someday, too.” He whispered at her ear.

She was all red, the whole situation was so new and weird for her. “Okay…” 

“You never had a burger?”

“I… Guess… Is it something typical of Lucis?”

Nyx laughed, shaking his head. “Common staple cuisine at diners and drive-thrus. Oh man, what did they feed you with back in Tenabrae? You never lived if you never had a burger.”

In the end, they were both sitting on the table, one in the front of the other, Luna with her fries, Nyx with a giant hamburger, sampling from each other’s dish. Nyx kept teasing her for awhile but stopped when Luna began to answer back, tired of being mocked. Suddenly they were such in a good mood they didn’t stop laughing for the entire dinner time. Nyx told her a lot of funny anecdotes about the food back in Galahad, about him and Libertus stealing it from the market, and about the way they were caught by their mothers right after. And again, he told her about Galahad, the beauty of that forgotten land, about the nice little house they used to have there.

“Selena was having a garden in the back, full with all sorts of weird flowers. She had a thing for botany and I never understood why. Me and Libertus prefered to go out. The parties took place on daily basis, you know, chatting up girls and eating trash food.”

“That would explain why you took me to Kenny Crow.”

Nyx gave her a beautiful large smile. “Yeah, it looks like I didn’t lose my bad habits.” 

“You know what? I had a beautiful garden in Tenabrae too. I collected flowers there but my favorite ones were sylleblossoms.”

“Awesome. My sister and you would have got along well!” He said that smiling, but he turned sad in the end. “Yeah, really licked.” 

Luna understood she was truly enjoying his smile only when she saw it disappearing from his face. 

“You surely were an amazing brother, Nyx” she said, her voice delicate and comforting. “You still have something to fight for. You have to find Libertus, right? And then, when Noctis will reclaim his throne, you’ll have your homes back. You all will have a home to build a new future.”

Nyx glanced at her. “You sure? You mean, you’re gonna fire me as soon as all this is over? Might need a bodyguard in times of peace, too.”

Luna smiled, looking at her fries like they suddenly became the most interesting thing in the world and said nothing. She didn’t have an answer to that. She didn’t want to talk about her future.

Nyx lengthened on the table and tried to meet her eyes again. “Maybe you can come to visit Galahd instead. You’d love it.”

Luna smiled, looking amused.“Maybe…” She whispered. “…Will you show me the lake full of leeches you were talking about?” 

“Hell yeah! And we’ll throw Libertus in it!” 

“Poor sir Libertus!” 

They laughed again and finished their dinner. When they had to go back to the motel, there was some embarrassment this time. They slept in the same room two times already, but after a dinner like that - something that incredibly felt like a date - it was weird to enter in the same chamber. 

“I’ll ask at the reception if they have another free room.” Nyx said. “Let you have some privacy.”

Luna agreed and was actually relieved when they told him the room next to hers wasn’t occupied. At the same time, watching her Glaive moving in another room was surprisingly sad too. She was truly enjoying the evening in his company and maybe she didn’t want it to end.

“I’ll knock at your door at 7, so we can leave soon” Nyx explained, when they were in the corridor. He probably didn’t want to end their good time so soon either. “I think it’s about time you tell me where the next deity is.”

“Somewhere near the Malacchi Hills.” Nyx tugged his ear. 

“We’re not far,” he said. “I’ll wake up earlier to buy some things like potions and stuff this time though. I’d prefer you to save your energy for emergencies.”

“That is a sound plan.” She rested her hand on the door handle but didn’t open it. She looked at him again and stood still, making Nyx wondering if she felt the same or if she had something on her mind.

“Anything else… I can do for you, Princess?” 

Luna’s face was so red now, she almost felt blood pulsing underneath her cheeks.

“No, nothing important, it’s just that… It was fun. I haven’t done anything like that in ages. So… Thank you.” 

Nyx stared at her, not caring if he was shameless. He just wanted to photograph in his mind every detail of her in that very moment, when she was thankful and happy. She truly wasn’t in a very long time, he could tell. 

“I thought you hated Kenny Crow,” he smiled, raising an eyebrow. 

“Yes, but I felt safe by your side.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m so much better than a restaurant’s crap mascot.”

Luna giggled and pushed the door to enter in her room, when Nyx hold her back, grabbing her wrist. He didn’t know the reason of that gesture, as a matter of fact he immediately let her go.

“I’m sorry,” he said, really mortified. He felt like such a jerk, but Luna puckered her lips.

“It’s fine. Goodnight, Nyx Ulric.”

He hesitated and then lightly waved at her. “’Night, Lady Lunafreya…” 

Luna closed the door behind her and sighed. Her heart was somehow beating on a different pace, slower yet faster. That interaction had flustered her. She suddenly remembered something and gasped, turning back to open the door again.

She found Nyx there, ready to knock.

“Oh!” They said simultaneously and laughed. 

“You first.” Luna gestured at him, calmly easing away from the embarrassment. Not one of their valiant moments to share.

“No, it’s just that I was wondering…” Nyx began, stuttering a bit, “If you never had a hamburger before, you probably never had a beer either, right? Maybe …?” He trailed off as he pointed at the exit. 

Luna wide opened her eyes, very surprised but also pleased by the offer.
“Yes, I’d love to. Well, it’s late but I slept until 6 PM and… I hope you will stop me before i get drunk though, otherwise you would be so…”


“Yes, sort of. Discharged would be a more polite term.”

Nyx couldn’t believe she was actually accepting his invite.

“I’ll take the risk.” He was already biting his lip so hard it would have start bleeding very soon. “So, Princess,” he began, releasing his lip, “Shall we…?” 

“Nyx, wait, there’s something I wanted to ask you before.” He stopped and waited for her to talk. She looked so serious now, it was difficult to guess what she was about to say. 

Luna took a deep breath and then took out from her pocket a little chain, insignificant if it wasn’t the Ring of the Lucii in it. Nyx stared at it like it was a corpse or a death sentence.

“What is that suppose to mean?” he mumbled, surprised and confused. Actually, he really had a funny expression on his face right now.

“I was wondering… If you can help me in… bearing the weight of the future.”

Nyx froze and stared at her with wide eyes, not sure if what he was hearing was true.“Excuse me?”

“Last night, when I woke up the Archaean… I thought that if something happened to me, then who would have bring the ring to Noctis? Or what if I simply couldn’t have the strength to fulfill my destiny? I … I need someone to help me in this. Even though it may not be necessary, I need to know there’s someone helping me in my time of need.”

She held the necklace to him, but Nyx stopped her by holding her hand in his.

“No, I can’t do it. The power of this ring confuses me too much… You told me about the Old Wall. About the Kings of Lucis. They… watched Insomnia burn and did nothing! They were no kings! And I’m so mad about it. I can’t be objective. You should be the one holding the ring.”

“You’re right, the power of the ring is something beyond your control. But here’s the truth, it’s something beyond my control as well. In any case, it is our only hope. If Noctis doesn’t receive it, all our efforts… all our sacrifices will be vain. That’s the reason why you must help me. If I won’t be able to fulfill my destiny, please tell me you’ll be by my side, ending what I can’t.”

“If you can’t, nobody can.” Nyx really meant it. He was so genuinely convinced that she was the only one up for the task, he simply never doubted it. He never thought she would ask him something like that, because in his mind he already pictured her like almighty and unstoppable. But then a thought crossed his mind: he was expecting from her too much, exactly like the ill people who he used to deplore some days before in Lestallum. He swallowed. “And even if someone else could, that wouldn’t be me. It should be someone you trust.”

Luna’s eyes were almost wet when she admitted, “That’s why I am asking you.”

Nyx stared at that beautiful face, so different from the smiling one he saw just a couple of minutes ago. His stomach burned and his throat turned dry.

“You were planning to ask me this all along or it’s something you came up with now?”

“I do not jest, Nyx. I really trust in you enough to ask something like this.”

“We just met a week ago. I don’t think that’s enough time to go around waving a promise ring.”

She thought about it and realized that was true. Yet, that short time was so intense, it felt like ages. “It doesn’t matter. I trusted you with my life and you didn’t fail me. I’m sure you never will either.”

Nyx was about to give up, Luna could tell by the wavering strength he was using holding her hand. He looked down at the ring, fearing it but also admiring it.
“So much trust in a person who dared to take you to Kenny Crow for dinner and who offered to pay you all the beers you want just so you can relax.”

Luna smiled, taking it as a yes. She got closer, so she could gently put the little chain around his neck. Doing so, she ended up caressing his collar and got herself lost for a short while. “Thank you.” She whispered. 

“I…” Nyx said, closing his eyes and bit down on his lip. He grabbed her wrist and waited a second. “I don’t trust myself as you do, so please don’t give up. I’ll take the ring for a little while, but you should be the one to take it to the Prince. You can fulfill your destiny and you will.”

He looked at her and that was scary. Or better, Luna felt so terrified. His eyes were so deep and expressive, so intrusive and breathtaking, she barely knew how to react. She swallowed hard and stepped away, before she could do something nonsense. 

“Very well. We should have that beer now.”

Nyx nodded, adjusting the necklace on him. It was really heavy, in a lot of ways.

“Yeah, I need it more than ever.”

Nyx wished he never accepted the ring. Having it on the neck gave him goosebumps every time he thought about it and also made him feel more responsible and less reckless. Now he understood why Luna wanted to entrust it to someone else. 

He hid it under his t-shirt and left his motel room. The sun was shining through the corridor’s window as he knocked at the princess’s door, like their new daily routine included by now. “Milady? Are you up?” He heard a small noise, a grump and then her sleepy voice:

“…Kind of.”

Nyx smiled. “I’m going for some Ebony in the meantime. See you in five.” 

When he came back with the usual coffee and croissants, she was at least awake and dressed up. She let him in and they had their breakfast.

“The cream in the Ebony for Your Highness.” Nyx said, giving the largest cup to her. “I chose this size because I thought you would need it after how much you drank last night.”

“Hey, you talk like I got drunk.”

Nyx raised an eyebrow and sit back on his chair, smiling at her beyond his cup. “That you did.” 

“No, I didn’t” she replied, pointing at him with the finger. “I was just a bit tipsy.” 

Nyx decided to let her win this time, even though he remained firm with his opinion. “Okay, enjoy your breakfast now because we’re not gonna stop until we arrive to our destination.”

“Can I change my clothes there?”

“If you insist in using that uncomfortable but fancy dress for your rituals, I guess we’ll have to. Titan liked it, didn’t he?”

Luna smacked him on the arm but didn’t change her mind about her Oracle outfit and was determined to use it whenever she could, even though she testified by now how much unpractical it was. That was her only request and Nyx couldn’t deny it. 

They left very soon for the Malacchi Hills, their destination. 

It was a beautiful day and they enjoyed every single breath of fresh air they got. They were both kind of thoughtful so they didn’t need to talk too much. They turned the music on and listened to it for almost all the time, only commenting from time to time their respective personal taste on the subject. It turned out they were both very elastic about music and didn’t mind to try new genres, so they kept switching from one radio station to the other in order to find find something they like. All of a sudden, they tuned into a radio conference which released the interview Luna conceded to Vyv a couple of days before:

“Thought I am still young, my blood is true. As my mother before me, I’ll work to bring peace to one and all. …”

“That’s enough” Luna said, switching to another radio station.

“Why?” Nyx flatly complained. “The best part of your interview was coming.”
Luna preferred to listen to a lame country song than crediting the Glaive of the compliment. Nyx glanced at her very quickly and then insisted, “You really did a great job in telling people what they want to hear.” Luna narrowed her eyes and waited, making Nyx smirk: “I mean, in giving people hope.”

“That’s an improvement.” She replied and then sighed to the distance, “I only hope Noctis will hear the interview and find encouragement in it …”

“Well, at least he’ll know you survived.” Nyx kept being distracted by her sad and thoughtful face. “Hey, you’re doing a great job in passing a good word or two to him, too.” 

Luna smiled, acknowledging the way Nyx managed to ease her concerns again. 

They parked the car near to a famous chocobo ranch and it took a lot of self-control for the both of them to not waste time with the adorable big birds. They had more important things to do and the night was too close to delay. 

Luna quickly changed her clothes in the bathroom of a caravan - with a lot of obvious eye-rolling coming from Nyx - and then they moved on foot. Luna didn’t know exactly where to go, she just knew Ramuh was close. Nyx followed her and made sure she didn’t trip in that ridiculous dress. He started to worry only when dusk settled in and the light of the twilight was barely visible in the forest they entered. 

“Your Highness, you sure this is the place? It feels like we’re gonna have some daemon-related problems here pretty soon.”

Luna didn’t say anything and kept walking, concentrate as she has never been. The humidity in the wood was so thick she started to perspire and breathed heavily. She was very weak already, but now the external conditions made it worse. She leaned down a tree log to catch her breath. 

“Are you all right?” Nyx asked, gently touching her back. Luna grabbed his collar and use it to stand up again. She nodded and stretched her hand into the distance, summoning a trident. Nyx whistled and opened his mouth in wonder. “What’s that?”

“The Trident of the Oracle. It belonged to the ancestors of the Fleuret family, a weapon bestowed by the Draconian.” Then she smiled: “But now, it’s going to be our torch in warding off daemons.”

“Awesome, that’s my Oracle. Your ancestors would be proud of you!” Nyx commented and smirked, helping her walking. They arrived to a puddle, shining of silver and white under the light of the trident.

“This is the place.” Luna whispered, stepping away from Nyx and slowly entering in the small lake. Nyx reluctantly let her go.

“Be careful.” She nodded but then stopped and turned around to watch him in the eyes.

“Nyx, you have the ring, right?”

Nyx pulled out the necklace and showed it to the princess.

“Good. Please, whatever it may come now, don’t interfere. And if something bad happens to me–”

“Not going to happen!” 

“No, you must allow it. I’m ready to take whatever it will be, and so should you.”

“Why are you even talking like that? Is speaking with a God that dangerous? They should be the protectors of the world, not cause more pain!” Nyx objected, opening his arms in a gesture of frustration.

Luna didn’t have an answer to that so she repeated herself again, “Whatever comes to pass, don’t interfere. If a stranger interrupts the ritual, the God may decide to not give his blessing to Noctis and we can’t have that.” 

She didn’t wait for an answer this time and slowly slide into the water, which was cold and transparent. The trident began to glow even more, reaching the shining level of a sun. The white and soft material of Luna’s dress floated in the water like the tail of a siren, which would have been an appropriate description of her in that specific moment, since she was indeed intriguing like a siren, beautiful, yet powerful. And like a mythological maiden of the water, she started to sing. 

Nyx stood in the distance ready to enter in action, but even from there he could hear the beautiful harmony which that song inspired. Maybe it was a prayer or maybe it was the inverse result of a lullaby, he couldn’t tell. It was probably an enchantment. Still, he would have listened to her voice forever. Forgetting all the anxiety he just had talking with her, he couldn’t do anything else now, but close his eyes and relax. He let the song overwhelm him with its emotional melody. Luna’s voice became soon all he could think about, the most beautiful voice he would have ever been allowed to hear. 

Then, something happened. Nyx was a hundred percent positive that the night sky was clear yet suddenly bolts stroke out of nowhere and the frightening sound of thunderstorms filled the air with its terrible noise. This confused him and also made him rush towards Lunafreya, because something weird was happening in the spot she was standing: small lighting poles surrounded her, and even if it didn’t look like she was suffering, the sight of her illuminated by them was preoccupying. 

Yet, in the moment Nyx started to run, he realized he couldn’t ever reach her because the bolts were systematically forming a barrier between him and her. He punched the shining wall and roared:

“Princess!” That unexpected situation turned out to be even more frustrating than his lack of magic. Luna was basically alone in the front of an unpredictable God now and he couldn’t have help her in case of need, rendering him to feel useless. “Lunafreya!”

Luna wasn’t listening. She kept singing her melody, raising the trident towards the source of the lighting bolts. It started to rain hard, so much that it was hard to breathe. Dark clouds gathered in the night sky and finally a huge human figure appeared. It had the appearance of a old man with a long white beard and the wise witty eyes. His robe was long and made of bolts and he carried a scepter in his hand. From all Luna could tell, Ramuh looked pissed in the beginning but as she continued to sing, he relaxed a bit, too. He took her in his giant hand to look her closer and then started to speak in an incomprehensible language. Luna sang her answer back and since Ramuh fell under the spell of Luna’s voice, the alliance was sealed very fast. The Oracle’s song was his most sensible weakness from yore. Luna learn that from her mother, so she could use that information now, without any fear to being rejected. While she held herself to the huge fingers which surrounded her, she already felt the cost of that alliance, the consuming burden that would have left her exhausted in the end. She inhaled a deep breath, grasping for air like she was trying to survive in spite of every odd. She closed her eyes, feeling the pouring rain covering every inch of her skin, leaving her soaking wet. She felt cold. It was so cold now. 

Ramuh said something else and then gently put her down in the puddle, like he was dealing with an injured little bird. He downed the barrier which prevent Nyx from running in her help and the Glaive immediately took advantage of it and stomped in the small lake, refusing to let his water-soaked trousers weigh him down. “Princess!”

Ramuh looked at him and nodded, understanding that leaving the precious Oracle in his care was for the best. As Nyx took Luna in his arms, Ramuh moved away, slowly disappearing in the clouds. Yet, the storm didn’t stop and it wouldn’t have for days, as sign of his quick blessing for Noctis.


Luna had fainted already, she couldn’t hear Nyx’s voice anymore. She was still holding the trident in her hand but her arms fell limp on the water, her beautiful song had ceased and so did her white magic. 

Around them, suddenly there was calm, interrupted only by the regular noise of the pouring rain. Nyx was breathing heavily, agitated by Luna’s unexpected fainting spell. He hold her with one strong arm, while with the other he searched for every little sign of life on her face. He caressed her forehead and her cheek with urgency and then rested his thumb on her pale lips. Pale, too pale. “Please, Princess, tell me you’re still alive.” 

His expression showed a deep anguish, which sucked away every hope in two only seconds. He felt so stupid for letting her go alone in that mess, and even though he mentally knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway, he just felt guilty. 

He got even closer, resting his forehead on hers, almost hoping to sacrifice his breath to give it to her.

A selfless wish like that wasn’t necessary. Lunafreya gaspedbefore fainting again, her chest rose and fell with a vengeance. It was a horrible sight, but at least meant she was still alive. Nyx sighed in relief and caressed her lips more gently, to brush away the dirt. While he was moving away a lock of hair from her cheek, he swallowed hard, frowning. Looking at her now didn’t seem alike the day before. She was just as beautiful, that’s for sure, but now she almost died for the chance to speak to a divinity and since Nyx couldn’t figure how could this even happen, he didn’t feel calm at all. On the contrary, he felt so scared, realizing he didn’t want to lose her. Yet, that he risked. 

“Lunafreya…” Her name escaped from his lips in that moment of tension and Luna responded to it not waking up but grabbing the Ring of the Lucii on his necklace, like it was a lifebelt. Nyx nodded and pulled her closer. “Okay… Okay, Princess, hold on tight, I’ll take you somewhere warm and dry. You’ll be fine.” He lifted her up, putting upon himself all her weight. She wasn’t that heavy actually. “You are all flesh and bone, girl, remind me to feed you more carbs.” He murmured, knowing of not being heard. He looked around, feeling the rain slipping underneath his clothes, and closed his eyes.

The Glaive lifted his face to the sky, enjoying for a brief moment the sound of the storm in the distance. The adrenaline started to fading only now that the princess was breathing in his arms, but that didn’t help him to feel better. He wouldn’t have until he knew what was going on in reality. “Yeah, but I guess I’ll have to wait for that, right?” He asked, turning his face to watch her. Her expression was softer now, like she was simply sleeping after another long day.

Nyx smiled, but his smile was sad.

Ron Weasley X Male!Reader- are you sure?.

Ron Weasley X Male!Reader
warnings: sexual themes [barely there tbh]
he/him pronouns used for reader
*set during ‘8th’ year for returning 7th year students after the war
**reader is an actual 7th year and is a muggleborn
***Also reader is a ravenclaw and ron is probs a little ooc

“You’ve been staring at him for an awful long time,” Hermione chimed, grinning at the redhead.

Ron flushed, “I have not,” He denied, “I just don’t understand why someone would read at the dinner table.”

Both Hermione and Harry gave him a look that only resulted in his face rivaling his hair color, “I didn’t see you having an issue with it since we’ve become friends.” Hermione commented. 

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Something More

- a threequel to “Act the Part”

A LuNyx fanfic set in my Kingsglaive AU where Nyx works as a bodyguard for Luna regularly unless ordered to battle. He also helps her sneak out of the palace to explore the city when she wants to.

Summary: A night out gives unexpected twists for the princess and the glaive.

Author’s Note: 8,900+ words… I’m like “what the heck!? I have no chill!” Anyways, I hope the length of this story doesn’t bother you. I’ve been writing this on my phone most of the time while I go home from work and also when have some free time left at work and at home. I have no idea if this will have another sequel but we’ll see. If not then please accept this is the last chapter of this particular series.

I hope you guys like it. 

You must read the following before you proceed (Otherwise you won’t get some of the things in this story):

  • Chapter 1 - “Act the Part” 
  • Chapter 2 - “Meddling Rumors and Hidden Truths.”

You can search those chapters by their titles on my blog (this website doesn’t seem to want me to add links to them -_-)

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Stay With Me Tonight

A LuNyx AU Fan Fiction

Recommended Music


Summary: Nightmares plague Nyx from the fall of Insomnia. The glaive finds himself at his breaking point when he turns to a certain princess for comfort.

Author Note: In the AU Nyx is currently residing in the Fleuret Manor as Luna’s guardian until further events change this. His and Luna’s relationship is that of an intimate one, but still mostly respectful and formal for the time being 😏

Nyx jolted awake in bed, breathing heavily with beads of sweat trickling down his face. Images of Insomnia burning, him and Drautos neck and neck fighting for the future, and that fateful moment of staring off into the sunrise waiting for death to claim him all replayed in his mind. Nyx tried to bring his left arm up to rub his face and brush the sweat away, but cursed himself remembering that that arm had burned, a sacrifice far less precious than his own life.

He left his prosthetic off while he slept, but in that moment he regretted it, just wanting some sense of comfort in being whole. But he wasn’t whole. He was broken and he had to fight through it. He was still a glaive, he was still a warrior and warriors do not falter. Nyx closed his eyes for a moment, trying to reel himself back into the here and now. A gentle face appeared in his mind, one that could always soothe his battered soul. His princess, Lunafreya.

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ramtiger  asked:

CindyLu - "Hold on tight, Miss Oracle, cause here we go!"

I’m finding more and more that I like writing these two. Lunyx will always be my first love when it comes to Luna, but I definitely have a limb or two on this ship. 

Vague mention of Promptis. 

Word count: 529

“Hold on tight, Miss Oracle, cause here we go!”

Lunafreya barely had the time to grip her girlfriend’s waist before she revved the engine on the bike and away they went. Summer winds whipped her braided pigtails against her cheeks, and she was able to catch the scent of citrus and motor oil that was weirdly alluring and uniquely Cindy Aurum. Before long, Lunafreya found herself resting her chin on Cindy’s shoulder as they sped down the highway in the direction of Galdin Quey, and placing playful kisses on her neck and smiling brightly every time Cindy blushed and giggled in response.

“You keep that up and I’ll end up crashin’ this thing,” Cindy warned with a soft smile and firm side glance. It was hard, Lunafreya admitted, but she did cease teasing her for the time, and instead took in their surroundings as they passed. It was a pretty long ride from Hammerhead to Galdin, and it was a side of Leide Lunafreya didn’t see much of. Most times she visited it was she almost never made it anywhere that wasn’t between the garage and Insomnia (of course she had to stop and see her two favorite kings). If she did, it was usually to Lestallum for a night to pick up parts with Cindy.

Before she knew it, early afternoon had turned to dusk, and the sunset painted the sky in purple and orange hues that one could only really ever see when at the shore. Cindy parked the bike under an awning, and greeted a weapons seller she seemed acquainted, then took Lunafreya’s hands.

“Well, c’mon on, Highness!”

She was led down the beach, and somewhere between the dock and the shore they had lost their shoes in favor of sliding their toes into the sand as they ran to catch the last of the light the sun had to offer for the day. Waves crashed upon their feet and Lunafreya relaxed into Cindy’s arms as they came around her waist, and allowed her to rest the back of her head upon her chest.

“It’s so beautiful,” Lunafreya whispered absently. As the warm pigments made their final descent into the water and the stars sprinkled the indigo night, she felt the light drawl of Cindy’s accent grace her ears.

“You sure are, darlin’.” It was Lunafreya’s turn to blush, and she had tried to hide it behind her dipped head and pigtails, but Cindy was too keen on how to make her swoon. Blunt nails lightly dragged up her sides and the princess shivered as a soft gasp escaped her lips.

“I don’t deserve someone as genuine and as kind as you.” Tipping her head back again, Lunafreya searched her eyes. True, she didn’t believe that she was worthy of such high praise, especially when it was all she ever heard from her public, but coming from Cindy, Lunafreya truly believed it.

“Maybe…” Cindy teased. “You probably deserve better.” There was a lilt of insecurity thst Lunafreya knew all too well, and she smiled before cupping her adorable cheeks and kissing her perfectly shaped lips.

“How can I have better, when I already have the best?”

Five Sentence Fics are CLOSED!

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Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Words: 2896

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 2: Nyx and Luna start their journey and arrive in Hammerhead.

Personal Comment: It starts getting more painful to write, but thank heaven I have loveiscosmicsin to help me out with my english <3 So here we are, Nyx and Luna start chatting a bit more, there’s sass (because sassy Nyx is damn hot ok) and some new characters, like Gentiana and Takka (let’s credit a bit more these characters lol). I took the chance to explain some things that Tabata never mentioned like: where the hell did Luna change her outfit? How did Luna travelled around Eos in shorter time than Noctis? (coming soon answers: where is the Luna’s necklace coming from? When how and why Luna went back to Tenabrae before going to Altissia? What about her health situation? etc etc)

The start of lunyx relationship will be slow, I want it to be natural, so no wonder if they still don’t act like lovers. Let’s make them go deep in the knowledge of each other, in the caring of each other, let’s make them growing in affection, friendship, respect, and sense of duty, etc etc before throwing them in an angsty romance xD Also, I hope I’ll treat Noctis right in this because he suffered enough in the canon already. Stay tuned, babes, updates are coming <3 be patient <3

The road was empty and the atmosphere was calm. Daylight started to spark in the distance as the sun came out. The dawn didn’t care about how many people died that night. The dawn didn’t care about Insomnia being lost.

“Don’t look at me as I change my clothes, understand?” Luna said, moving a bit in the backseat of the Tenebraen black car. Instinctively, Nyx glanced at the rearview mirror. “I said, don’t look!”

Nyx forced himself to keep his eyes straight on the road ahead and smiled sheeplishly, “Wasn’t that reverse psychology?”

She giggled a bit, even though she clearly was very tired: “No, it was not. Sir Ulric, please.” It’s that ‘please’ again. By the Stars, that girl knew how to manipulate him.

“All right, all right! Sorry. You know, I’m not really a maniac. It’s just very hard for me to follow orders. I instinctively do the opposite.”

“Oh, is that so? Then, please, Nyx Ulric, watch me taking my clothes off!” Nyx smiled widely, keeping his eyes on the road this time.

“You know, inverse psychology’s really working out for me.”

Luna took five minutes to change her tattered outfit with a clean one. This one was pretty cute and also a bit more comfortable.

“I knew that leaving a clothes changing in the car was a good idea.” She commented, adjusting a pin with the crest of Tenabrae on her white lace. She found a black band somewhere in the baggage and she decided to put it on her arm to remind her of the tragedies that took place last night. “Nyx Ulric?”

“You can stick to just Nyx.”

She tried again, uncertainty encircled one syllable. “Nyx?”


“I’m sorry that I dragged you in all this. You surely left family and friends in Insomnia. You would have preferred to stay with them, right?” Nyx bit his own lip.

“I’ll catch up with Libertus again someday, I’m sure he didn’t die. He may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but he can take care of himself.”

“That’s it? Libertus is all you have left in Insomnia?”

“Yeah, no family, remember?”

“Right, you told me about your little sister. So, no father, no mother?”

“They both died years ago, too.”

“No wife? Or girlfriend?” Luna’s tone changed when the Glaive grimaced. “Er, a lover?” Those are probabilities.

Nyx smiled. “Getting personal already, princess?”

“Oh sorry… I didn’t mean to be unprofessional, I was just…”

“Nah, it’s fine. Actually there’s nothing to tell about it. No wife. No girl. Life at the Kingsglaive department is pretty similar to a losers’ one.”

After the initial embarrassment for neglecting her manners, Luna relaxed a bit. “Don’t say that.” She smiled.

“What I mean is… It may sound weird but …” He stopped for a moment, looking for the best words to express his thinking. “If I got it right, by carrying that ring, you’re carrying the future of the world in your hands, princess. I’d be honored if I can support you even without my magic. If I can have a small part in all this then… I’m glad that I’m the one you dragged in with you.” He scratched his nose and added, “Also, King Regis asked me first, not you. I’m here because he told me to and I will do anything to pursue one man’s last wish.”

Luna stretched out a bit because she wanted to see his eyes. She wanted to make sure he wasn’t deceiving her. He had no reason to lie, but she needed the assurance. When she saw them in the rearview mirror, she sighed her relief, “You really are a hero, Sir Ulric.”

“Nyx.” He corrected her again.

“Nyx.” She smiled. “We will see the ring to Noctis. The future of all will be safe, I promise.” Nyx seriously nodded.

Suddenly, Luna winced and wide opened her eyes: “Nyx, watch out!” she screamed making him pushing on the brake. He lost control of the car for a moment and when he was able to use the wheel again he was out of the road already.

“What the hell, princess?” he shouted back, turning to see her getting out of the car as fast as possible: “Hey, what happened? Are you okay?” He followed her out, under the light of the lighting sun. Luna was stepping ahead to meet two beautiful dogs, one white and the other one black. She immediately kneeled down in front of them, making clear her intent. Nyx opened his mouth and his arms, in an hilarious expression of disbelief. “Dogs? We almost crashed the car and got ourselves killed because you wanted to pet some dogs?”

“They’re very special dogs. The white one is Pryna, the other is Umbra.”

“Oh, special dogs. This explains everything!” He quipped sarcastically, rolling eyes.

“Umbra has a message from Noctis.”

Nyx stopped, suddenly curious. “You mean … The prince?” He got closer, watching Luna as she took a red notebook from Umbra’s collar and brought the cover to her forehead. She seemed so happy to have that object back, treating it like a priceless relic. “You do this… often? These dogs just carry back messages you send each other?” Even if Nyx wanted to take it seriously, there was incredulity in his voice.

“It’s the only way Noctis and I could stay in touch. We did so in the last twelve years.”

“Twelve years?” He blurted out. This time he was totally shocked. “You two couldn’t talk in person for twelve years? I thought that…” Luna lifted her eyes, watching him with a strange expression which was a mix between sorrow, anger, and expectation. In the end, Nyx lost the words he really wanted to say and all he said out was something lame, “Sorry, I thought the marriage was something the two of you had a say in.”

Luna was about to reply something back when a woman appeared in front of them. She had long black hair, her eyes were closed, her outfit black as well. Even though a mysterious aura surrounded her pretty figure, Luna seemed to recognize her well. The Oracle simply rose to her feet and showed her the Ring of the Lucii she was carrying in the palm of her hand, like she was showing a long-yearned memento.

The mysterious lady nodded, silently continuing a conversation she and Luna probably had before: “The time has come and the Oracle’s fate sealed. The One is waiting for you to fulfill your duty.”

“I know and I will.”

“Much I can expect from you. The Six will adhere to the strength and purity of your heart. Awaken them from their dreamless stupor. Pave the way so the King of Kings may reclaim his throne and defeat the darkness once and for all.”

“That I will.” The woman suddenly opened her eyes, like she heard her name be called in the distance. She looked ahead but she wasn’t really looking, a faraway look in her emerald eyes, but gravity of their expression was heavy in her gaze.

“Is she blind?” Nyx asked in a whisper at Luna’s ear. He must had got closer in the meantime and since he didn’t understand a thing about the subject of their conversation, he was pretty determined to learn more with a sequence of irreverent questions.

“No, she’s not.”

“So she talks in her sleep?” The situation was too serious for her to start laughing. Luna really had to struggle to keep her self-control.

“The wolf will never take his eyes off the moon so fate could not have found a better loyal guardian than he.” The dark-haired woman casually added, before closing her eyes again and turn away. Lunafreya watched her go with a certain apprehension this time. She glanced at Nyx, put at unease by something said by the mysterious lady. Nyx returned the stare, even more curious now.

Luna couldn’t avoid an explanation this time. “She’s Gentiana and she is known by few people as a divine messenger. In reality, she’s one of the Six.” Nyx wide opened his mouth.

“I just stood in front of a goddess?” Luna nodded.

Nyx couldn’t believe it. He really had a lot of questions like. The Six really existed? Why were they sleeping and why that Gentiana was awake already? Lunafreya really had the ability of speaking with the Six? What were they talking about? How was he supposed to protect a woman which was exposed to such supernatural events he never dealt up with before? Suddenly he understood the real weight of what they were going to do and this made him thoughtful. When he couldn’t bare the stressful feeling of powerlessness anymore, he said, “This may be the right time to discuss the details of our mission, princess.”

Back again on the road, Luna took a little nap before they arrived in Hammerhead. She was exhausted after all what happened, so she couldn’t resist. Nyx kept glancing at her in the rearview mirror, watching over her like he was fearing some supernatural force could hurt her somehow out of a sudden. After their meeting with Gentiana, Luna explained him what they were going to do now: no going to Altissia to have a ball at her wedding, no, something far more dangerous. They were going to look for the divinity in their world, wake them up from their sleep so they would ‘probably’ helped the Chosen King Noctis Lucis Caelum to succeed in his duty. Easier said than done, but all this would actually have required time. The Astrals were tempermental beings and don’t bestow their blessings to humans easily. To make matters worse, the Empire was tracking them down. And they were alone against it. Nyx didn’t know if he was able to see the princess safe to Altissia like he promised to King Regis. Back at that time, he still had his magic. Now without supernatural powers, would he be able to protect Luna from supernatural dangers? He glanced at her once more. She was sleeping in the backseat of the car, looking like a golden angel. She seemed so vulnerable now. He knew she actually wasn’t (he remembered too well about her courage - or better said, unconsciously) but still in that very moment, she was. And he felt like he was ready to give his life to safeguard her graceful and strong fragility.

He finally saw a colorful sign, which reported Hammerhead location. He thought about going straight ahead, without any break, but honestly he was tired too and this place looked safe enough to offer them a bit of rest. He pulled over and parked the car as far as he can from the restaurant and the famous garage.

“Princess?” He gently moved her arm, rousing her awake. “We’re at Hammerhead.” She slowly opened her eyes, looking around like she had forgotten the basis of talking in that very moment.


“Yeah. You should get a proper bed for that beauty rest, don’t you think?”

“Is it safe?”

Nyx looked out of the window. “There’s not a huge crowd. You can stay in the car while I go exploring the area a bit, anyway. I can also buy some food if you want and over there we can rent a caravan.” She didn’t answer so Nyx turned to look at her. “You can relax. The caravan’s for you. I’ll sleep in the car.“

“No, this was not what I was thinking, it’s…” Yes, it was. This was exactly what she was thinking. She never shared her bedchambers with a man before.

Nyx decided to ignore her embarrassment and continued: “I only have few gil, but I’ll score some favors to earn more, I suppose. Stay here, I’ll do a perimeter search.” Nyx wasn’t comfortable with leaving her in the car but he didn’t have a choice. He took directly the restaurant direction, avoiding every possible stare. Surely his dilapidated kingsglaive outfit was drawing enough attention to him already, even without his jacket on. The guy on the counter introduced himself as Takka and highly recommended him the menu of the day. Nyx decided to follow his advice and spent all the few gil he had in his leather pants’ pockets for it.

“To go, thank you,” he specified and then waved at him to come closer. “Listen, I have a very special girl waiting for me in the car and I’d like to offer a proper bed for her to rest. Do you have a job which will allow me to pay for it?”

Takka took a long second to answer, in which he probably wondered what ‘special girl’ could mean. Nyx had specifically chosen that definition, leaving it up to free interpretation. If he was lucky enough, Takka would have assume his secret date was waiting for him, so he wouldn’t have asked any more information.

“Well, uh… Yeah, I could pay you 1500 gilif you kill off some nasty monsters around this area. They’re called Reapertails. You sure you’re up to the task?” Nyx smiled smugly.

“Reapertails? Really? For something so simple I won’t even need magic.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s fine. Consider the job it done.”

“I like your enthusiasm, son, but honestly, it will be dark in two hours. You shouldn’t stay out at night. Nobody shouldn’t.”

“So, I guess I will complete my mission… in two hours?”

Takka seemed to panic a bit.“You’re crazy. No, no. Okay, listen. You said you need a bed for your girl, right?”

“That’s not what I said, but whatever. What’s the point?”

“I’ll give you the caravan for tonight. You’ll pay me tomorrow.” He held up a hand, enunciating sternly of the condition that followed with the charity, “After you’ll finish the job.”

“And who guarantees you that tomorrow I’ll actually pay you?”

“You seem to be a man of honor, that’s the guarantee. Talking about trust here so don’t let me down. Anyway, I’d prefer to lose gil for an unpaid debt than to lose another human life to the daemons. I know the feeling, son. Please, don’t go out in the dark. So, here the keys for your girl.” Nyx took the keys Takka gave him and was about to thank him when Takka added: “So, do you know what happened to Insomnia?”

Nyx swallowed hard. “No, do you?”

“Nah, the communications have been interrupted, I’m still waiting for some news. Prince Noctis was here yesterday, but he seemed just having fun with his friends, he really didn’t look worried at all, I don’t know…”

Nyx was surprised by that.“Prince Noctis was here?”

“I shouldn’t have told ya, sorry…” Nyx wanted to ask more, to learn more, mostly because of curiosity, but even though Takka seemed pretty naive, he didn’t want to make him suspicious anyway.

“Well, well, royalty mingling with the commonfolk! Isn’t that nice? Maybe his princess is here somewhere too,” He kept his tone light-heartedlike a common citizen talking to his barman. “Whatever, who cares about royalty?” Okay, that last one was a bit exagerated, better to cut it off now. “Have a good night, Takka, and thanks. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you the Reapertails stingers.”

After that, Nyx ran to the car, tapping on the window and Luna quickly lowered it to talk with him. Nyx leaned in.

“Okay, princess. This is your meal, I bet you’re starving” He said as he handed her a very welcomed boxed lunch. “And these…” he added, showing her the keys with a smugly pride, “are for the caravan. So you can stretch your feet and make yourself comfortable while I’m on guard duty.”

“That’s surprising! How did you do it?”

Nyx smiled her.“You said that once: not all miracles are made by magic. I guess I made a good first impression. Also, I promised to take care of one job tomorrow. I’ll try to fit it into the schedule, don’t worry.”

Luna cautiously got out of the vehicle, she didn’t want people to see her now.

“Are you going to sleep in the car? Really?”

“What’s the alternative? Are you going to invite me in? Don’t worry, princess. This car is far better than the appartment I used to live in Insomnia.”

Luna smiled delicately, keeping the boxed lunch and keys close to her like they were special gifts. She should have say goodnight now, but she foolishly chose to prolong the moment somehow.

“Thank you so much, Nyx Ulric…” The Oracle shook her head, ridding herself of the habit.“Nyx.” The Glaive raised his eyebrows slightly, noting that she seemed to actually enjoy saying his name even when she had his full attention. “All this would have been very trying without you.”

Nyx bit his lower lip, suffocating a smile instead of correcting her. He always felt sort of uncomfortable when people used thank him. This time was nice though.

“That’s good to hear. Go to bed now and have some rest.” They glanced at each other for a very short moment and then Luna stepped away, headed to the caravan. She didn’t turn back as she entered.

Nyx watched her go, keeping his hands on his hips.

He chose not to tell her about Prince Noctis being there in Hammerhead just the day before and - as he sighed deeply - he started to wonder why.

Rainy Day

It was weird – after years of living in domes and looking at man-made skies – to see actual rain fall from the sky. Cinder hadn’t realised that she’d missed it, but standing in the safety of the palace walls and watching the rain pour down in heavy sheets not a metre away from her bare feet – with no foreseeable end to the wet weather – made her heart ache a little. 

Having just moved permanently to the Eastern Commonwealth, and temporarily residing as a guest in the royal palace, she supposed she would have time to get used to wild, uncontrolled weather. There was no longer a throne on the moon waiting for her to return.


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Tu imagen me llegó con su magia, su perfume y su color

I really can’t believe ficweek is almost over! This one was so freaking cool to write. A big thank you to Bianca @from-red-string for proofreading and being so supportive and a shotout to the gc: you girls are the best cheering squad ever.

Ficday 6:  “We stumble into the mirror of erised together. we look into it. neither of us know it’s anything special. we just see our reflections”

Luna’s head still hurts a little, but at least she didn’t kill herself on the way down. Everything had been a blur: one moment she’d been speeding towards the golden snitch, the next she was knocked out of her broom by a bludger. Luckily for her, Nina, who’d been cheering from the stands, had acted quickly and cast a quick cushioning charm on the patch of grass directly below her, preventing Luna from any major injury.

The only thing hurt was her head and her pride. Madame Pomfrey wasn’t very convinced, though. So that is why Luna is currently bored out of her mind, laying on a bed and hoping for the woman to come back and tell her she can get the hell out of the hospital wing.

The sound of footsteps interrupts the stillness of the room and she can’t help the little smile growing on her face as she sees Matteo approaching.

“What are you doing here? I thought Pomfrey said no visitor when she wasn’t around. Did you sneak in?” Knowing him, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

Matteo sits at the edge of the mattress and grins. “Angel, do you really think me capable of such thing? I am a law-abiding wizard! I found Pomfrey in the hallway and simply asked her if I could come in.”

“And she said you could? Somehow I don’t believe that.” The matron may be very nice, but she’s incredibly strict and her love for the rules is well known.

“No woman can resist my charm, as you very well know.” She rolls her eyes at him because the idiot does have a point.

“Anyway, how are you feeling? That was an ugly fall,” he says, a concerned look taking over his features.

She sighs and scoots closer to him, resting a hand on his knee. “I’m fine, really. Nina’s charm made sure I had a soft landing. Only my head hurts a bit, right where the bludger hit me. Pomfrey gave me something for the pain, though, so I’m sure I’ll feel better soon.”

Matteo looks as he isn’t entirely convinced, but he nods and moves her hair away from her face, his hand coming to rest on her cheek. “I was really worried. For a moment there, seeing you plummeting to the ground, I got scared I’d lose you.”

Luna’s breath catches in her throat. They’ve been dating for three months now and she still hasn’t gotten used to the way he looks at her like she’s his whole world. She moves even closer to him to rest her head on his shoulder, to reassure him that she is still there and isn’t going anywhere. “You never will. Besides, things like this happen all the time in Quidditch, it wasn’t such a big deal.”

He lets out a long breath before answering, “I know, but that will never stop me from worrying about you.”

They pull quickly apart as Madame Pomfrey barges into the hospital wing. Luna is about to ask her if she can go now, but Matteo catches her eye and shakes his head, willing her to let him do the talking. It works, because the nurse lets her out of the infirmary a couple of minutes later, if a bit reluctantly. Sometimes it is useful to have the most charming boy in all Hogwarts as her boyfriend.

As soon as they’re out, Luna asks Matteo about the match’s result, as she had been carried to the hospital wing right after the incident, a gangly second- year replacing her as seeker.

“Fer caught the snitch for Gryffindor, but you guys still won by forty points. Simón got pretty mad after you got hit and it sure made him step up his game. Jim made some pretty great passes, too, and Nico didn’t let a single Quaffle in after you left. Even out of the pitch, their captain still makes them all better. You really are something else, aren’t you?” He gives her a proud smile as they walk down a dark hallway.

Luna just laughs, because it is just like him to think that she’s the responsible for the victory of her team even when she isn’t playing. “You give me too much credit, snob.”

Her boyfriend just grins at her. “You deserve all of it, princess.” She just shakes his head at him.

“So it is Hufflepuff vs. Slytherin for the Cup, huh? That will definitely make for an interesting game.”

“I am sure it will. Don’t get me wrong, you guys are great, but we are going to annihilate you,” Matteo says with a confident smirk.

“Oh, sure you will! Exactly like last year, right?” Slytherin had lost against Hufflepuff the year before. They’d played a good match, almost beating Luna’s team until she’d caught the snitch before Ámbar. It was safe to say the blonde seeker had been extremely furious.

“Last year was a fluke, love. There’s no way you’ll beat us this time.” Luna resists the impulse to retort something back. She knows by experience that arguing with Slytherin’s captain about whose team is the best always ends in a very long discussion and she frankly has no energy for that.

She changes the topic to something that isn’t the upcoming match. “So, how did Gastón deal with the loss?”

That earns her a chuckle from Matteo. “Oh, Merlin! He’s so mad! He really thought this was going to be his year. And Delfi! She almost hexed Fer for catching the snitch too early on the game. Jazmín had to run out of the commentator’s booth to stop her… That was actually pretty funny.”

“Cauldrons, really? And here I thought I had been the most interesting part of the match,” Luna says, raising an eyebrow.

“You were to me. Gastón sends his apologies, by the way. He says he’s gonna talk to Jordan so the idiot apologizes for sending a bludger to your beautiful head.” Matteo scowls, probably thinking of “talking” to Jordan himself, but Luna doesn’t really want her boyfriend getting in trouble for going after the beater.

She’s about to say as much when she looks around for the first time and realizes that she has no idea where they are. Matteo notices her expression and takes a look at their surroundings as well. The corridor is very dimly lit, and the paintings and statues that serve as decoration are covered in a layer of dust. Open doors lead to abandoned classrooms, probably covered in cobwebs. It is clear that not even the house elves come to this part of the castle.

“Uh, do you have any idea of where we are?” They had been so engrossed in their conversation that they probably hadn’t even realized where their feet had taken them.

Matteo surveyed the space for a few seconds and then turned confidently to her, “My guess is one of the unused wings on the third floor, I think I remember this painting over here from prefect rounds.”

Luna tilts her head at him. “You think, snob? I think you’re full of hippogriff crap.”

He holds up his hands in mock offense. “Don’t you trust me, Angel? I have never once gotten us lost, have I?”

Luna can’t argue with him on that. Ever since they started dating (maybe even before that), Matteo frequently takes her on “strolls” around the castle, looking for deserted rooms and hallways to make out. Luckily for them, Hogwarts is full of those and he has a special talent for finding them, besides a great sense of direction that guarantees they always find their way back to her common room before curfew with no problem.

“You better not make this the first time, snob.”

He grins at that, his eyes taking on a familiar spark that makes pixies fly around inside her belly. “Wouldn’t dream of it,” he murmurs, getting closer and taking a hand to her waist. She has neither the willpower nor the desire to deny him what his devilish smirk tells her he’s looking for, so she just gives in, as always.

The kiss starts slow and sweet, but like everything concerning the both of them, it escalates quickly. He keeps one hand on her back, pulling her closer, while the other has moved to cup her cheek, his thumb moving in lazy circles against her skin, causing a shiver to run through her spine. She hears him let out a quiet moan as she runs her fingers through the hair at the nape of his neck and she can’t help but smile into the kiss. Every time she gets even the tiniest response out of him, it feels like a triumph. One would think that with how often the two of them spend kissing each other, she would already have gotten used to it, but she hasn’t and doesn’t think she ever will. Being a muggle-born, there is nothing about the wizarding world she doesn’t find miraculous; she’s seen flowing water turn to delicate glass, conjured burning fire out of thin air, summoned a wispy hummingbird as if made of joy turned to smoke, and felt the wind blowing through her hair as she leads her team to victory; but no supernatural experience or sensation can compete with the pure magic that is Matteo and the feeling of his lips on hers. He has become the center of her universe. It is not that she can’t imagine a life without him, it’s that she doesn’t want to. She loves all of him and there is nothing she wants more than to stay with him for the rest of her life. She wants him in every dream, every fantasy, in every memory and every single moment. She might just be sixteen and they haven’t been officially together for long, but she is sure that whatever she ends up doing with her future, she wants to do it with him by her side. She doesn’t believe in soulmates, so she knows they were never fated to be together, but they chose each other, and that makes it even more special for her. Out of all the people in the world, she’s found the one she doesn’t ever want to let go of, and he decided to love her, out of everyone else. There is no wish burning brighter in her heart than for him to keep choosing to be hers for the rest of their days.

They pull apart to breathe and something shiny catches Luna’s attention from the corner of her vision. “Wait, what’s that?”

They are at the doorway of one of the empty rooms, and she can see a huge mirror in one corner of it, reflecting the little light coming from the candelabra. She glances at Matteo just in time to see him roll his eyes, clearly not amused that he’s no longer holding her attention. Still, he takes her hand and leads her inside the classroom in order for her to have a better look at the object. The mirror is a lot taller than her, with an ornate golden frame and clawed feet. She steps back to read the inscription carved around the top. “Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi… What do you think that means?”

Matteo’s annoyance has turned to curiosity, his eyes examining the mirror intensely. “Huh? I don’t really know, it definitely isn’t in any language I can understand.”

His eyes, as well as hers, have gone to their reflections. She doesn’t know what she was expecting, but it seems this is just an ordinary mirror since she can only see the both of them on its surface.

Matteo narrows his eyes, and his reflection does the same. “Don’t you think this mirror makes me look a bit older?”

She’s about to mock him for his vanity, but then she takes a good look and realizes he’s right; the both of them do look a little older in their reflections. “Maybe,” she says, “Perhaps it’s just the lighting.”

Matteo doesn’t look entirely sure, but he shakes his head and murmurs, “Yeah, you must be right. I think it’s time for us to go, your friends are probably waiting for you to celebrate the victory.” She lets him lead her out, a hand on the small of her back.

Later at night, surrounded by the celebratory screams of her housemates, she thinks back to their reflections in the strange mirror. She wonders if that’s how they’ll look when they are older, still together, their hands intertwined. She hopes so, there is nothing she desires more.